CBC NL Here & Now Tuesday January 16, 2018

CBC NL Here & Now Tuesday January 16, 2018

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You. You. You. Welcome. To here now for Tuesday, January 16th. We start tonight in Deer Lake where some residents are preparing for a possible evacuation tonight. Because. Of rising water in the Humber River town. Staff along with RCMP, and the fire department, are going door to door handing. Out colorful, flyers and checking. With residents, who may have any medical emergencies I want, to show you why, an evacuation, may, be necessary. The. Water is rapidly, rising, in certain areas, of Deer Lake the town wants, residents, to be able to move quickly if, the water levels, continue, to rise, riverbank. Road will be closed, to the public limiting. Access near. The water water. Is flowing into people's backyards. The local RV, park is flooded. The, water level is exceptionally. High near Nicholasville Bridge. Just. An hour ago here's, what mayor Dean Bal had to say this. Is likely to happen right right right now we we. Are looking at the wind and ice. It's. It's, and we don't want to wait, too, long we're starting, to want to do this in the middle of the night. Again. We are still very. We. Are preparing, for the worst oh and. But. You. Know it's, so, obvious now that. That. The, worst-case scenario was is it's starting, to play out so we. Are preparing for that now to to. Get those people that, ball. Says it is important, residents, preparing, some belongings, now in, case they have to leave very quickly. Today. They, were checking out the dangerously. High water level, here, on Pine Tree, Drive the land is starting, to give way residents. Move their trailer from the back yard but the land is slipping, into the rushing water and ice. Many, people have fishing, platforms or, wharves, along the Humber River today, people tried to take up their Wharf before, it washed away the, heavy rain Saturday, pushed massive. Amounts of down the Humber River near, Nickelsville, Bridge the, water has not stopped, rising just. All the ice from the upper Humber broke up and came down all the 1-shot so it was it. Was pretty crazy you know I lived here for 35 years now and you. Know I've never ever seen the river that high or or that much ice come down through there at one time usually, it breaks up in, the springtime, and you, know it comes down and in smaller, pieces and you know it's not so much danger but, yeah.

It Was pretty crazy the amount of force. And power that was you know behind the water, that. Sounds pretty serious Ryan, what is the latest on the rising water well talking about again the rising, water but also that ice coming in and last night we talked about municipal affairs an environment talking, about the fact that while things, were dropping a tree viler appeared, to be they were worried, about some of the ice holding, some of that water back and it appears, that some of that ice and water has let go today let's have a look at the latest here this. Is of course what we were showing you last night and a great tool that we can use to zoom, in and show you there's of course the Humber and we'll, zoom in and show you that readville, location, and notice. How last night we were talking about it dropping, but a spike. Today and there may be an anomaly here with some of that ice coming, in and messing, with the sensor a little bit but nonetheless. A bit of a rise here in water levels at readville, certainly, through the last 12 hours or so and perhaps so that's why getting. Folks, at least prepared, for the possible evacuation further, downstream, now here is of course the Deer Lake generating. Station which continues, to rise still, not quite to that one in 20 year flood level but getting, awfully close and we'll back things out here a little bit further and down towards, of course, the Humber Village Bridge it also, continues to rise here further downstream, again, above, the high flow alert, line not quite to the one and twenty year flood flow but obviously, keeping, very close eye on the situation here, our officials. On the Humber River in western, parts of Newfoundland, and. Thanks. Ryan, well as you can imagine there's a lot of construction, work happening. On the west coast as a result. Of the weekend flooding, earlier, today Anthony, Germain headed, to little Rapids, to speak with one of the people, doing that work the. Challenge the workers here faces they've got to take all these busted, up old culverts, that were destroyed, by the pounding, water when it came through and they have to replace them with new pipes these brand new ones over, here the difficulty, is it's getting really really cold and talking to some of the workers over here that means a few problems one, of which is that the equipment. Freezes up it's pretty hard on the men as well who are working on it so far I've seen only, men and, the. Issue is that down this way on route 450, yesterday, they were worried about the road caving in so they weren't even allowed to bring in the heavy rock and fill to actually fix, this to connect both sides of Route 450. Tell. Me what happened here well. We had that unusually. Warm, temperatures and in torrential. Rainfall the. Brook hair Rattlers Brooke got, overwhelmed, with snowmelt from off the top of tablelands, came, down for the valley here and overwhelmed, the pipes that were in the road and watch the works out okay, so what, is it that you guys have to achieve, here what do you what are you trying to do well we're trying, to fix the road but also trying to put back infrastructure, that would be capable of handling large volume of water so. That matter we're putting in there was two pipes here originally now we're putting in three, two. Of them are considered as overflows, one will be the main pipe okay so that means when this is all said and done the the capacity. For handling the water will be greater it will be increased yes right it's, obviously a, challenging that's getting cold right now what are some of the challenges of actually getting the work done well, you, know you got your water's, freezing. Again your, ground is freezing, it's slippery for the men working around here it's hard to run the equipment it's, just time of the year this is not the season to be doing plate work right now notice that truck that just came here it sort of dumped its load no problem but can you hit the rock sometimes freeze up in the trucks they can if left eating a little bit too long and traveling when they will sort of freeze to get in the back of the truck and dump goes up and it doesn't come out so, then you have to use an excavator to convince, it it's got to come out convince it good words so the people on that side of the road what's their situation, over there they're completely cut off by Road right now their only access is by helicopter provided.

By The provincial government and there's, a couple of locals who are running back and forth between York, Harbour lark Harbor and Frenchman's, Cove interpersonal longliners now. You're from this area I take it all I believed here on the west coast for over 20 years right the, weather that we've seen over the last few. Have you seen this kind of thing before not. To that extreme I have seen January, thaws as we nicknamed but not to that extreme right all, right I know, no one likes being asked this question why is this going to be finished when we're finished best. Answer I can give you all right listen, I appreciate your time thank you very much no problem. Well. Now to the section, of the TCH. Where that was washed out near little Rapids this, is where the road completely washed. Out now new culverts, are installed and the land filled in operators. With Transportation. Works Department are, working around the clock to get the road open there. Is a big difference in culverts, the new ones in the front the, old crumbled. Ones, behind. It that were destroyed, by the large force, of that, road collapsing, one lane of the highway is passable but slow it, could be a week before this, is open. Well. Four communities, are still in a state of emergency at, this point and that's not likely to change tonight, trout. River York Harbor Lark harbor and Woody Point are all dealing with emergency, situations. Severe, flooding is causing concerns, in trout river and Woody Point York. Harbor Lark harbor have been cut off by a washout, for four days now it. Could be a week to ten days before this road is repaired, on a family-run. Farm, in little, Rapids the, property, damaged, two hemmond farms, was caused by huge gush of water and debris left a, hole about ten meters deep and essentially, cut the farm in half owner, David, Simmons says he's spoken with provincial government, officials, who, say there may be financial. Help available because. The rush of water was caused by the collapse of a nearby highway, culvert. He. Says it'll take upwards of ten days because, many of the contractors, and heavy equipment in the area are tied, up fixing, and repairing other, roads, and highways. Well, the show must go on that's the mantra at marble, mountain right. Now after, being devastated, by, flooding that tore deep crevices, in the mountain this weekend, the, ski hill is getting back to business, lower runs will be good to go for tomorrow's. Big hockey day in canada event when, a Stanley, Cup will, vote for a slide, all, the major problems, are now fixed so, crews are making more snow helped. By colder, temperatures, they hope to fully reopen. By the, weekend. While. Western Newfoundland is dealing with the wild, weather from the weekend parts of the Avalon walk up to a blast of snow and, freezing rain this morning something, that made for a slippery, commute and led, to some frustration. Over the decision, to keep schools and st. John's open, by. Mid-morning it was cleanup, time, but earlier hail, snow, and freezing rain made, for a messy mix for drivers, the, english school district, says it didn't shut down schools in the city because its weather provider, AMEC, indicated. That conditions, would be safer travel to school, and while, bad weather was expected, during the day a mecca shirred the board conditions. Would clear up before dismissal. Time but. The Board says ultimately. Parents. Are the best ones to decide whether or not kids should stay at home when. The weather is a concern, a. Former. Surgeon, who worked in Labrador, has been sentenced to probation for. A jailhouse assault. The, 55, year old doctor raised his, fists, at an employee of her majesty's, penitentiary, and pushed. Her a year ago James. Lewin, guy has, been sent to jail 3 times on, charges, of impaired driving and driving. While disqualified, last. January, he was in prison when he became agitated a, st., John's Court heard today that he pushed a civilian, employee of, hnp, unprovoked. Woman. Says she hasn't been back to work since and a suffering from post-traumatic.

Stress. Disorder, judge, jacqueline, Brazel says all employees, deserve a, safe. Work, environment. Clothing including those who work at the pen muin, gah will serve 12, months probation and, will have to attend counseling, for his substance, abuse issues, his, lawyer says he lost his license, to practice. Well. The controversy continues. Tonight at the Liquor Corporation. There, are new questions about, a, $160. An hour job, given. To a man with connections, to the Liberal Party he, renounce Peter Cowen explains. The. Liquor corporation, is preparing for when cannabis, becomes legal, in July and in order to help it get ready its hired Kevin Casey in order to do that he, founded the idea factory and for six years he worked with NLC, on their marketing, and at. Issue here is the contract, he's got let's break down some, of the details he's. Been hired for ten months he'll, be paid nine, thousand, dollars a month but, it's not full time he's only expected, to work 14, hours a week so, he ends up being paid a hundred and sixty, dollars an hour the. Chair of the board says that's about half of what Casey initially. Proposed they talked him down to, that rate and he, says the expertise, are needed I'm satisfied. That, his compensation, is effectively, at or below what I consider, to be market, for his experience, and expertise, level now. The new head of the NLC has been asked, to try and cut costs, and that is the opposition wondering. Why, they're, giving up big contracts, when they're trying to keep costs down we've, seen a new CEO brought, in apparently, to reduce, expenditures right. Now we understand. That there's a contract of nine to ten thousand dollars per month for. A private, contractor, to come in to, do some work related to, activities. Going on at an LLC which. Doesn't make any sense when you put it in the context of reducing, costs the Finance Minister Tom Osborne, says he has no issue with the contract, he says I trust and, support the board of directors of the NL C in securing. The resources, they need as they undertake the monumental task of preparing for the legalization, of cannabis in just, a few short months the other concern, that the opposition is raising is around Casey's, connections. He, was at the idea factory when they worked on this the liberal. In advertising during the last campaign, they're wondering whether his work there helped him get the job here, Casey. Wouldn't do an interview but in a message he says that before he worked for the Liberals he worked on the three PC, campaigns. Peter. Cowan CBC News st. John's. What. Started out as a small bit of fun for a few bearded, fellows and st. John's turned into a giant, amount of money donated. To a good cause there's. No doubt you'll remember these guys they, were part of a creative, calendar, that caught worldwide. Attention, last. Year members, of the Newfoundland, and Labrador beard. And mustache Club posed as merb eyes a bearded, male answer, to the mermaid for, a fundraising, calendar. It was, an international. Hit and on, the weekend the club donated, more than three hundred thousand. Dollars to spirit, horse NL, which, uses, horses to help people develop mental, health and life skills. Lark. Harbor it's one of the communities, on the southern shore of the bay of islands, that still, cut off. You. You. Larke, Harbor and the neighboring, town of York, Harbor and the bay of islands are still under a state of emergency tonight, route. 450. Which connects them to the rest of the island is still not passable, but, things, are looking up and we've, reached mayor Melanie, Joyce of Lark harbor for an update so, mayor what is the latest on getting that huge road washout, repaired. So, I guess. Earlier. Today, the. Road in John's, Beach was, opened, again so which meant that, tractors.

Were. Coming out with materials. For Rattlers Brooke so the progress is, starting, in there now any. Idea. When, the, road will, be passable. I. Really, don't have an idea right now I, was in there a little earlier about an, hour ago and had a look at the situation there, they're making really good progress so. Hopefully, in the next day or so we, may you know hopefully, we'll have even one lane open but, I can't, really give a timeframe as, to win right I'm sure it can't come fast enough for you and, the town's folk oh absolutely. Now, I understand, you were running sort of some things and, you've, been getting, some supplies in today, by boat how have you managed that yet. So actually. We have a we, put a bow on this morning, it's. Actually, this this vessel, is part of Coast Guard Auxiliary so. They'd done a run this morning where they picked up supplies in, Bennett's Kohl's, you. Know the essentials, the milk bread, eggs. And. Actually. We had to get pure furnace, fuel, too for a few, individuals, that ran out of that so we, had that transport, it to lark Harbor here and, then. They went back with some, people that need it to get into. Into. Them West Coast okay. Well talking. About transporting, people yesterday helicopters. Were, air lifting some people to hospital, in Corner Brook what. Is the status, of that today well. We were hoping to have the chopper running all day today but unfortunately the, weather, didn't cooperate so, we didn't get any runs, until, around two o'clock this afternoon, and. It. Ran for. A couple, hours and, transported. People back and forth to to. Bennett's Cove there so and actually tomorrow we will have two choppers on because we have our dialysis, patients, going, once again tomorrow too as well and how, are you we talked about food supplies and fuel, and everything how are you fixed for medical. Supplies for, prescriptions. For instance yes, so the same thing so we any. Individual. That is needing a prescription, they've contacted, the town either the town of lark rubber or your cover and we've, arranged, to have those medications. Transported. By chopper, through. Western Health and, once. We get those we just distribute. Them to the residents. Mayor, Joyce just to conclude what's. The mood like among, people there in lark harbors you, can see the light at the end of this very, long tunnel, absolutely. Yeah it's, you, know what it's it's amazing to see how the town the two towns have pulled together. In. Such need, anybody. That was needing help everybody was out there to help we had individuals, that were without water people. Came and helped, them and yeah. And it was really good to see so, the, mood has been pretty good mayor. Melanie, Joyce thanks, once again for giving, us an update thank. You. Standing. Right literally, at Deer Lake of course as you heard earlier in the on here and now some people here very worried they might be evacuated. By the latest on that Plus meet, the brains behind the company that gave you the bird's-eye view of some of the horrible damage here, on the west coast. You. You. Welcome. Back once again before we get to all the weather details, let's have a look at some video, recorded.

On The weekend during the flooding on the west coast on believable. We. Know Newfoundlanders, tend to make the best of any situation and, that was certainly true of Stuart Lam and Andy Sweetland, Saturday, night in Corner Brook Lam. Says they were kind of bored hanging, out in the sheds so, they decided to test their new dinghy and go, home for a Chloe dinner parking, lot tied. On to a truck. They. Are all ready, for the summer season whenever, that comes around yeah only. About six, months. Wow. Yeah. So what. A wild swing of weather they've had on the west coast and what a wild swing of weather we've had here in the East as well this morning was a bit messy you alluded to that earlier about the of, course some parents, not wanting to send, their kids today it was, a torrent, of ice pellets coming. Down in Metro and. Melissa. Royal snapped. This shot of folks. Skiing to work that's one way to get to work safely, hi-ho. Ohio off to work we go and this, fellow, was in downtown st. John's a skiing a way to work we, never did get into the ice freezing. Rain here in the metro region, in the city of st. John's anyway it looks like just to the south that, freezing rain line stayed enough. To give a solid, coating down in the Tripathy area, this was the scene in, Tripathy, thanks, to Clifford Orin you can see that ice accretion, and that, lighter. Pink color shows. Those that freezing, rain line that was just south of st. John's for. Most of the morning and even into the early afternoon the, darker purple there with the ice pellets and snow for st. John's and looks like more than 30 centimeters did track through places like Claire and Ville and out towards the Bonavista region where, that snow bullseye was expected, to be it did land there but again a little more in the way of ice pellets for st. John's then freezing, rain perhaps, a good thing because boy, freezing, rain potential. Never a good thing now as we take a look at your latest, satellite and radar shets, not a shot that is that, low is departing, area of high pressure coming, in and clearing. Things out. On down for oh I don't know a couple of hours and then we are of course watching our next system to move in Wednesday. Night in through Thursday, here's how things, timeout a couple of flurries on the go tonight but by the time we get to Wednesday morning, it's a very quiet start cool -. 7 - -10 for. Inland, areas of the Burin and Avalon closer. To minus 5 - -7 for coastal, regions, -. 10 to 12 for. Central, parts of Newfoundland tonight closer to minus 8 in Corner Brook and back into the - 20s, and 30s, for you folks in Labrador that extreme, cold morning. Continues, in effect for Labrador City now watch, as we start through the day on Wednesday, continues, quiet some onshore flurries for the west coast, increasing. Clouds through the day so do keep that in mind a little brighter to start and leave the sunglasses as you head, to work not, so much as you head home mainly, because the Sun sets so early although it is getting a little bit later now as we take a look at your forecast a for Wednesday, again.

Building Clouds - - in the southeast, - for 2-3 for, Central and West -, 22 in Labrador, City and lots of sunshine across most of Labrador tomorrow real. True Labrador. Day tomorrow a large day lots, of sunshine but. Cold temperatures, now Wednesday. Night in through Thursday our next system tracks in with snow it is going, to be accumulating, for the west coast into central the northern peninsula and southeastern. Labrador, here but this looks like another mix - some, ice and then rain and drizzle for central, and eastern. Parts of newfoundland temperatures. Are gonna rise into the 4 5 degree range probably even above 0 for a time along the west coast but, more snow than not here, and especially, into southeastern, Labrador, just getting grazed by this one in Labrador, City and here, is a snapshot, of, that next, system so lighter snow for most of Labrador, potential. For 10 plus for Western. Into central parts of Newfoundland, it'll. Be a tough call for Central where you will get into that mix, line with a bit of ice and rain on the, go and again more rain than not I think here across the Avalon and the East will talk about that coming up more with your long range right through the weekend now let's head back to Deer Lake and let's, check in with here and now is Anthony, Germaine and Colleen. Conners who have had a busy, busy day on the west coast how's, it going guys. Thanks. Brian it's going okay a little bit cold Colleen's been out here all day here, in Deer Lake you can see the power plant behind us pretty. Tense here very. Much so so just so people have a sense Anthony we are standing on Deer Lake right now we, are very close to the water's edge ice and very, cold water right behind our feet here tonight, just. Kind of behind the camera this evening is where I was most of today and that is where this thick thick, ice and water is starting, to rise, and rise along. The Humber River along main, residential, streets in Deer Lake and it, is scary even in the few hours that I was here today I noticed that the water was rising you've, got this thick ice that's jammed almost, like a dam and that ice has got to move and that is the problem here tonight it's quite the scene and you should see people out here today absolutely, cauli appreciate that thank, you very much also driving here with Colleen this night even looking at the Humber ah to our left as we're approaching to your lake much higher than it was when we drove here a couple of days ago I'll be talking to the mayor of Deer Lake in just, a few minutes first, though I want to bring your attention to a different story you may have noticed some of the footage of the, disaster. Zones for lack of a better word the damage some, spectacular footage, from the air well, that is not just about showing you serious, damage it's also about finding solutions to that damage I want you to meet the brains behind the company of the people who made some of that video possible, so. Adrienne when you realize what was happening little Rapids what were you thinking the. Extent of damage actually, went our team originally. Went up there. You. Know I didn't expect it to be in this area I mean with the extent of damage was much, larger and to be honest with you I think, I didn't even know over the brook there so, to see the nor does a brook there and that is actually, completely. Washed away I mean the extent of damage was absolutely. Mind-boggling, that's. One of the advantages we found with the UAV, or the drone of course is that once, you get in the air and actually, be able to see the site the. Extent is what really becomes apparent because I mean when you stand on the ground and have a look, you. Know you can see yeah there's a hole in the ground but when you get up in the air and see you, know actual length of destruction, it's, pretty, pretty severe, so that was little rapids what about Rattlers Brooke Rattlers.

Brooke The same thing I mean the, amount of gravel. And sediment. And the amount, of stuff. That's washed away it was, absolutely, extreme when, we got up in the air again it was to, get an idea the sense of scales not. Even explainable, until you actually see it one, of the cool things with drones is that yes you you, get a good, bird's. Eye perspective, but. You also get some really really good data so when you take the data back to the office and you do some initial processing you, can get some really really, accurate, very precise 3d, models and point-cloud data sets, what we call right now what people might not know and this is what I think is really interesting of course everyone's seen some of the spectacular imagery, that you managed to capture on the west coast but, also you can actually tell. The Department okay you've got this big a crater you're, gonna need this much Phil right yeah absolutely so what happens is that when we take the data back and we actually do some additional analysis, what, we can do is actually measure the, amount of change so for example if you've got an area like down Frenchman's cold weather year old is eroding you, can actually continuously, fly that area and measure the amount of change that occurs in that particular, Lancelot or a floodplain that sort of thing what's the value of this to the engineers, so, what happens if you do a typical, say topographic. Survey and you'll get a top a point or a measurement of the earth at every five meters we're, dealing with you know multiple, points multiple, points XYZ, points per, square meter or cubic meter so the, amount of data you get is immense. And a precision that you get is incredible. So, you're getting the same level precision, as your survey but, your amount of data is you know and you get your kind of your before and after because you, know for the time that would take to go in and actually survey that's conventionally, versus your 15-minute, flight you've, got all your data your data is backed up you know you, go back and do it again and again last, question for you you're a local guy this. Weather is quite something what are your overall impressions of, what's happened in the corner work here in the West Coast over the past few days this, is definitely, the worst that I've ever seen, I'm a snowmobiler, skier, as well so to, see this amount of destruction is disappointing, when you look at you look at Marable you know and it's. It's very disappointing but I haven't seen this amount of destruction. You know an amount of flooding this is it's unreal I can't can't, even elaborate, thank. You very much oh thank you. Well. A drone I might be handy here in Deer Lake to actually check out the Humber to see some of the accumulation of ice that to Colleen Connors are telling you about but bit earlier I'm joined now by the. Mayor of this. Fine municipality. Thank, you for coming thank you so, have. You had any drone footage taking a look at the Humber and the ice no and we actually in an over in a no-fly zone we, are gonna, gonna seek some some. Information. To try and see if we can get a bit of that tomorrow pine, tree drive now. This evening we, reported that you were actually talking to people warning them of the possibility, of evacuation, what's it like when, you go door-to-door deer-like and say hey you might have to leave your home well.

You Know a lot of residents are used to hearing I water marks and I and, and. Flooding. My. Voice tonight is yes and we got to take this, serious. We're. Used to this in April. Months and this and this kind of timeframe, very, rarely do we ever see this in January, when our ground is froze the, water is actually, on top of the on top of the hoist that means that in the event that you have water and a lot of it has nowhere to go right exactly, and this is what's going to cause the the falling, is seeking in the basements, and and personal, property and houses, so we are very concerned it is just. You know a residents have been very patient with us today, we've, left, notices, in houses that the, families, are weren't home we've, talked to a lot of a lot of people and again, people, are you know are understanding, where we're coming from that this is a safety precaution right, now and in, the event we have the Red Cross everything. Is in order and evacuation. Building. Has been the Pentecostal, church here is going to be the the, the, place for that so we're. Prepared, all, right as far as options go is. Dynamite, something, that can be used in this well one of our conference. Calls today we were told that dynamite, is not going to be an option, we're, out there seeking other sources. Now whether it's a long-arm Escovedo, on a barge. We've. Made that would be to scoop out as much as I could we need a channel from, the river down through through the ice pack that's in that's in our lake behind us and if. We could get a channel down through that the whole open, up and relieve some of that water pressure then, the water is backing up always disturbing as a damn now we could get some of that pressure. Off of that we could get that water elevation, down so. That's. What we're continuing. To work on tonight and and thro tomorrow morning did you call the premier and say hey what's going on the, primers around, the. Premiers been around all day at Santa's listen it's it's it's good to have a voice. You can you can you can ask questions back, and forth and suggestions. And ideas it's, it's it's it's a growth he's a great sounding board. Mr.. Ball thank you very much and good luck we'll keep our eyes on the story I appreciate, your time tonight, thank you very much all right well, that's the mayor we'll keep our eyes on a story and Debbie I guess I'll say hi, to you and throw, things back to you Debbie Cooper okay thanks so much Anthony and you'll be back here in st. John's tomorrow, so look forward to seeing you here weather. Permitting. Okay. Thanks. Ma. Che Eddie Joyce breaks, down how and when federal, assistance will, be delivered. You. The. MHA, for Bay of Islands is back in Confederation.

Building Today, Eddie Joyce has spent since Saturday, in his district, surveying, the devastation. Following, all that rain and flooding, which, impacted, roads and so many towns and communities in, the area and, mr. Joyce is joining me now. We. Have just heard the, latest on Deer Lake but what about other communities. In your districts, well in our district, right now there's two on there still under stated emergency, you're carbaryl archiver, they're cut off from. Lou 450, the town of Humber South three. O'clock lifted, their state of emergency, so, in earlier there's, two on there's a state of emergency, choke, River woody point are still in another state of emergency and, that's the only four right, now let's, talk about, assistance. To, the, towns the communities, individuals. How. Does the federal assistance, work. The. Way it works is of. Course we had to apply through the federal government for the assistance, at. The first. One point six million dollars is total, one hundred percent the provincial, share the, next 3.2. Million, is. Cash share between federal, provincial, the, next 3.2. Million is 75, 25 federal. Provincial and above, that anything, above that will be ninety ten from the federal government so we're very confident, that we're going to reach, well over the one point six million dollars and this, disaster. Application. Will be sent to the Minister I want, to talk about infrastructure. A lot of culverts were replaced, after, Igor, and. Some. Are wondering how come these didn't. Last, didn't, hold or withstand all. This flooding, well, Igor was an example of why it should be changed, the. Change now is that there's, a 15%, variance, in the total cost or 15%. In you, want to make something bigger for example, covered if you put back the same 20, inch covered there's. A good chance that may flood again but I'm you can put back another 15% of 30-inch covered which is has greater capacity, or a bridge a bit bigger so the, federal government did change the criteria, before. In the disaster mitigation, program. You had to put back the exact same piece, equipment that came out now, you can make a much larger, you can make a decision yourself fifteen, percent doesn't seem much larger, though and and our storms seem to be getting it works but. It's 15 percent of the total project so. The project was really million dollars you you make a 15 percent, solved, you where you want to spend it okay, 15 percent of the whole project a lot of covers did they make them bigger so it's 15 percent of the project, itself and a lot of other cases you can make the covers 15 percent the bridges 15 percent but, you can if some places, where you don't need to put in that extra money you could put it in other parts of the disaster, okay let's talk about individual. Homeowners. I did. Hear one man saying no. Insurance are, people. Like him out of luck or what can the province, do for someone like that well, this is where the disaster. Program. Comes in place is that you don't have insurance and once, we apply and meet the threshold for the federal government we, will be making an application and, actually. That's why I'm in here in st. John's now there's. A process we had to go through to. Get the website and get the applications, ready so we. Pull up this morning about people and towns that, need applications. Or need apply Wassa. Wassa available. What, the criteria, is an actual fact that i'm bringing back a box load of applications, dropped them off to the towns tomorrow, on, the in the social or North Shore and in Deer Lake area tomorrow so there's still hope for somebody, like that person, those people have fallen under, the federal, disaster, program and it, for. The disease at federal disaster, program it is for infrastructure. Of in towns and also, individuals. So, it's both so yes, we, are well aware of the individuals, I've, been through this several times before what, I have told people on many occasions, everything. You got if you got if you got to take out your carpet, keep, it there like it make, sure when the appraisers, come by you have proof that it's done and then, applications. Are underway, to all the individuals, and towns, Eddie Joyce thanks, very much for being here thank, you very much and thanks to all the volunteers that, helped out during this disaster. Hell. On a day like this when Ryan, went, to school it's not hard to guess what the most popular, question, was. You. Okay. Let's meet a young, athlete, of today, this. Is a troll, quality, waltz of Satan's. Kiley. Plays tackle, football with the Avalon miners football league and also takes part in competitive, cheerleading, way, to go Kylie here today's young athlete, of the day, the. Weather update is brought to you by Beltone. Hearing service. St. John's helping.

The World hear, better. So. We're getting back on track with your school, visits, who were in another classroom this morning how does that go it went great I was in st. Matthews elementary school in st. John's now I went, in there with, my head low not. Just watching for the kids but the teachers, I went, into the staff room but everybody had a great distance of humor of course that could, have been maybe a kind, of a snow day here in st. John's or a delayed opening but anyway everyone trucked in and, we had a great visit and here's, a little welcome, from the kids. Oh it's. Of enthusiasm. There absolutely, go Tigers. So thanks. To st. Matthews Elementary and the, grade five classes, and the teachers that were very, very welcoming, even, on this potential, snow, day and did you get some really interesting questions. As always I really did like why wasn't today a snow day but also we, talked about precipitation. Types and ice pellets versus, freezing, rain and, all and we didn't get hail today we didn't get hail today hail only in the summer. Anyway. That's. Like the one thorn in my side constantly. Right now. Speaking, of cold weather and mixed, precipitation how, about the u.s. I was just showing you this map unreal can you imagine if you were say, down in southern Texas trying to beat the heat this January, have a look at this right, now Houston. Texas is the same temperature, as st. John's Newfoundland, minus. Three uh I would, not like to be vacationing. Looking. For the warmth and getting that about being in Myrtle Beach right now seven, degrees even Arizona. Which is usually, you know kind of shielded, it's only 23, in Phoenix right now which, you know is not, hot that's for sure now. This. Is going, to ease for those folks in the southern US by the way snow today in Oklahoma Texas, Louisiana and, Alabama as this cold air plunges, down the jet stream I've got it overlaid here you can see where it is dipping, down along, this frontal. Boundary where we have the cold air and the warm air clashing, this is where we're gonna be seeing our next, low, developing. Hasn't, developed yet but it will do so over the next 24 hours that's, gonna be shooting into our neck of the woods and bringing. Us some snow but also some ice pellets freezing, rain and rain not quite as much as we had just this last round last, night into today which, is now departing but the next low will be bringing some, snow. For some of us and here's how things will play out increasing, clouds tomorrow pretty, quiet day overall, watch your timeline Wednesday evening into the overnight this, is when our next snow, moves, in by Thursday morning a bit of a dry punch here possible. But this could be filled in with a bit of mixed, precipitation some, ice pellets and freezing rain this is just one forecast, model of course and you can we're better chance we're into some showers, and even, some periods. Of rain not out of the question into the afternoon for a time central, and eastern. Parts of Newfoundland snow, continues, up into southeastern, parts of Labrador, looks like the best chance of 10 centimeters, or more will be the northwestern, half of the island especially north of Corner Brook towards the northern peninsula and southeastern.

Labrador, Lighter snow for most, of the big land and. It looks like a good portion of the island especially, the avalon and eastern, newfoundland getting into that, rain and mostly rain i think after, a little bit of ice pellet freezing rain action into, the early morning hours of Thursday now, for, Friday bit of a clear out some onshore flurries still, possible on the west coast our weekend, system if you do have some travel plans keep this in mind looks like a quick mover but some snow accumulation. Possible for, some of us perhaps another. Brief. Mix over for Saturday, night into Sunday on the avalon and then. That one clears out pretty quickly as well so, not. A big system for the weekend but it's certainly one I'm going to keep you posted on over, the next couple of days is lots of folks traveling this time of year and here. Is a look at that seven-day which you can see we're bottoming, out temperatures, into the Friday, Saturday, time period and then that system comes in bit of a rise and then some cooler air greets, us for early next week but a bit of a calm. Spell with another system potential for Wednesday into Thursday of, next week that will dive, into more over the next couple of days and there's, your a trend for Labrador which again best snow potential, certainly for Thursday and into Friday. Thanks. Very much Ryan, well a fishing, captain from this province who made international, headlines in. 1986. Has, died Gus. Dalton, was the man who discovered and, then helped, save, more, than a hundred and fifty tali refugees. Who, were drifting and open lifeboats, six miles off the coast of st. Scott's Dalton. Took half of them on his long liner and called, the Coast Guard to help rescue the others I'd. Pay you for letting men, sitting. On the bar as far as always concerned wasn't will be sound first we were just sitting under our no Sun then they boat without you know so. I still, can say you can see that in my mind and. I, also you know tink. That any people that that for freedom a further afraid um I mean I say, my favorite, contraceptive. The services I would say that. At. A reunion a few years ago many of the Sri Lankan refugees. Returned, to the province to thank Dalton, for his efforts thus, Dalton, passed away last night at the age of 87, his, funeral, will be held Saturday in. Admirals, Beach. And. Now. South of the border a California, couple is facing charges of torture and child endangerment. In. What police call a horrific. Abuse, case it came to light when a 17, year old girl escaped. Her family home over the weekend, today, authorities described. What they found when, they rescued, her 12 emaciated. Brothers, and sisters, steve Futterman, reports. This. Is the home where it occurred, imposed. Pictures, it may have looked like a normal, and happy family the. Reality. Authorities, say was much different three. Children, shackled, with chains and padlocks two beds and other furniture, there, was very little light there's, a very foul smell inside, the residence. It. Was extremely. Dirty and as. We reported, previously. Many. Of the children were malnourished at, their, first news conference officials. Described, how one of the children made initial, contact, with authorities, a 17, year old girl called 911. Activated. Cell phone and reported. That her siblings were being held against their will and some. Were chained and she, explained that she had escaped through a window. From. From that residence, when. Police arrived, at the home at least one of the parents seemed, confused, but, it seemed that the mother was perplexed, as to why we, were at, that residence meanwhile. At the home neighbors, continued, to talk about things they'd seen things, that might have been clues as to what was taking, place all. 13. Of the siblings ranging. In age from 2, to 29, are now all in hospitals, they seem to be doing well they, are safe right now I think they feel safe I can share that with you the parents, though remain in jail as the district, attorney prepares, to formally, accused, of a series, of crimes that, could possibly, put them in prison for, the rest of their lives. Steve Futterman for CBC News Paris, California. Nominations. For the Canadian, Screen Awards, were announced today, they're, for the best in both film and television, production. Like, a combination, of the Emmys and the Oscars, the winners will be announced in, March, Madhi a film shot in Newfoundland. Is up for seven Awards including, Best Motion, Picture. It's, about Nova Scotia artist, Maude Lewis, the.

Breadwinner, Is also, up for Best Picture it's an animated, feature about an Afghan, girl who disguises, herself as, a boy to, support her family in, television. The series and, based. On Lucy, Maud Montgomery, classic. Novel has 13 nominations followed. With 12 nominations each, our Cardinal, adapted. From the detective, novels set in Northern, Ontario and. Kim's. Convenience. A comedy. About a family running a downtown, corner, store. Well. I can. Tell you this, when. We put together our, top, 50 pictures, of the air at the end of this year this will certainly be on it it's beautiful. I love this pic and of course with the freeze up on the west coast, ice ice everywhere. That's, my only clue that it's on the west coast try and guess where. You. Welcome. Back everyone, well can you dig it a group of nine volunteer. Explorers, from a Calgary based expedition. Have found what's believed to be Canada's, deepest, cave. It's, called bizarro anima. And it's on a remote plateau, near, fernie, bc, it's. 670. Meters, deep and, 5.3. Kilometers, long it's, the longest shaft, its. Longest, shaft rather works out to the equivalent, of a, 35, story office, building the. Crew had to spend a week underground, to map it all out and, they, still haven't reached the full depths, of the system, leaving, no stone unturned in. The name of scientific. Explorations. Woohoo, glad, somebody could do it, well rescuers, went above and beyond to save a herd of endangered, caribou, just have a look. That. Is a helicopter. Rescuing, a caribou, off an island on Lake Superior the. Animals need to be airlifted and. Relocated. Because they're being targeted by a pack of wolves the, Wolves came across the frozen lake in 2013. Since, then the caribou herd has rapidly, depleted, from, 700. To just 100. The Ministry of Natural Resources and. Forestry says, they. Are hoping to rebuild, the herd and sometime. Return, them to the, island. Wow. Amazing, what can happen when one species comes, into an area that they haven't been you, know yeah. It was great, for the Wolves yeah, really, 700. To 100, and what was that less. Than four years, amazing. Amazing, you, wonder - with. More. Coyotes, wolves. Coywolves. Is David Suzuki calls them because they're all mixed now what, influence that will have on the island is numbers, seem. To be rising in sightings anyway so over. The next couple of years on the caribou and moose population, anyway, I digress. We want to show you now, our beautiful. Weather picture, of the day I love. This shot it is it, is so nice and pure. Joy. Absolutely. For, many such a, smooth, surface. Which, is really. Hard to get lots of times with our windows always ripples, all over the other that's right now this was taken importa bask of course they had the big warm up there and then the big freeze, and, a rapid, freeze and so like. You said the ponds are like glass now and no. Need for a Zamboni, with with, that and I want to of course I give, a big shout out to treat a cook from Porter Baskin. Thanks. For taking. The time to send that picture along to facebook.com. Slash Ryan dots Noddin where so many of you have been doing that thanks. So much and that's how you can enjoy winter yes, when the weather cooperates. Yes. Thanks, very much Ryan, thanks to all of you for joining us have a great night we'll be back here tomorrow. You.

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