CBC NL Here & Now Tuesday January 30 2018

CBC NL Here & Now Tuesday January 30 2018

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An. Unlikely ally a prominent. Businessman, support Snape's a tentative, deal. Misinformation. And. And and scare. Tactics, about bankruptcy, I think, are not legitimate. The. Director, of Jason, Momoa was latest, film Falls for, Newfoundland, I, saw. Photos it. Was an easy decision a no-brainer. As, Newfoundlands. A gorgeous, place. Our. Latest system tracks into Labrador tonight blizzard warnings winter storm warnings in effect there the island will see rapid, temperature rise tonight and then falling, tomorrow, the details are coming up let's. Get to our top story nape. Has raised the ante in its disputes, with the st. John's Board of Trade the Union launched a campaign today, that calls on businesses, throughout the province to show their support for public sector workers or risk. A boycott as, here now is Terry Roberts reports it's the latest salvo in a tense few weeks on the provinces, labor front this. Is a clear, message to st. John's Board of Trade you. Poked a bear this, beer can do more than growl if, you're a business, owner in this province nape wants you to display one of these on your front door otherwise, you, might feel it on your bottom line let, me know who's not supporting. My services, and I. Really, don't to do business with those individuals, this. Restaurant, owner was the first to display a decal, today just, days after a group of 40 mostly, nape members, canceled, a reservation because of his connection, to the Board of Trade I'm just a middleman or, small, business owners trying to survive Barry. Bennett does not want to take any sides says, times are tough and he can't afford to be boycotted, we're talking maybe tens of thousands of people it's. A strong organization and same with the Board. Of Trade members strong organization, I'm, just feel, like I'm just caught in the middle this, is about, government. Maintaining. The ability to manage. Its affairs, the, campaign, is in response to criticism from the Board of Trade about a tentative agreement between nape and government. More. Specifically, a clause, that prohibits, government from large-scale layoffs. In order to deal with the deficit Earl says union members are furious, at the board's interference. The, support, dirty keating or do. You actually support, people, that work for Newfoundland and Labrador in services and clearly. The message that we've gotten, messages. From our members, is they, don't want to do business with someone number one that's opposed. To them nape. Has written letters to more than two dozen companies that do significant, business with the Union those, companies have until the end of the week to demonstrate their support for, public sector workers otherwise. Earl, says the union will take its business in some, cases several, hundred thousand dollars a year elsewhere. If, an organization, targets, our membership, we. Are going to respond, with, the full might that we have as an organization results. Of the ratification vote are expected, to be known on Wednesday, but Gerry Earl says there's very little mystery, about how nape members are feeling he says criticism, from the st. John's Board of Trade has all but guaranteed, strong support, for the contract, Terry, Roberts CBC News Saint Jones now. The st. John's Board of Trade declined, our request, for an interview to comment on this campaign, later on hear now you're going to hear from a successful leading businessman, who says the nape deal is a good one for the province and there's, no need for the Board of Trade to panic a small. Community on the west coast is still under a state of emergency tonight. 200. Homes have no running water and Howley here, in aus Coleen Connors was on the scene today and learned the lack of water is bringing, the community together, a. Community. In, crisis. Volunteers. With the fire department and the town build, a tarp shelter, and cut, holes in the ice for the diving team, the. Goal fix. A valve in the water intake, pipe that's possibly, cutting, off the water supply, to about 200, homes ne.

Takes Down an eight-foot. Screen. Box for feet that is in the mud so. Our plan of attack is to as, a flexible hose to cut that off and put a new check valve in and then free float it by on. Top of the water until we get back in the spring and get the cage, rebuilt. Certainly. No easy task, in this weather divers. Will brave the frigid, temperatures, and hopefully. Fix the valve before, pipes, start freezing underground. While. Crews work away the community, east of Deer Lake has, come together in, a big way the, haole shopping center is still open to the public with, shelves, and coolers, stocked, with goods a. Community. Center is buzzing, with volunteers, handing, out water mousse soup made, this morning, sandwiches. And fresh apple, and peach pie. All. These bottles of water are for drinking and most. Residents, have buckets at the end of their driveways, waiting, on refills, we keep going we keep, all the water to the residents by. Kelly and Sons tanker, truck now going around and delivering, flushing. Waters to the houses people got two buckets a to the road, water. Hasn't come out of the taps since Sunday night anyone. Needing a shower can, take advantage, of the water well at the RV park while. The mood here is certainly upbeat, it, may not stay that way for long the. Water system is 40 maybe 50 years old and there is no quick fix on, Sandy, Lake today, the. Mayor says the state of emergency will, stay in place until February. First, but, hopefully things, will get resolved, long before, that and water will be running through people's taps, again soon, divers. Are trying to assess that mechanical, damage below, the, water here, but of course this stormy, weather is certainly, making things much worse and, making, things go a lot slower than planned. Calling. Connors CBC, News Howley. It's. Been five years since hunting of the George River caribou, was banned the, number of animals left in the herd is even lower now for, thousands, of years indigenous, people in the big land relied on those animals nowadays. Their descendents, contemplate, a world without an animal that is vital to both their culture and their livelihood here, now is Jacob Barker takes you now to northern Labrador to, meet the people that this ban affects most directly. Just. A few decades ago you didn't, have to travel far outside, Hopedale to find Caribous to feed your family in, the late 80s this whole area there was covered all, de demain caribou herd was they, see all.

Around Town we would have to actually come, out here and drive slow because the herd caribou, were there and they, would hacks they have to move, to let us come through there, were an estimated. 800,000. And the George River herd then but. It's not like that today, the numbers are down by 99, percent only. 9,000. Remain the. Anur still kill no the. Wolves are still killing them the Bears are still killing them they're still getting disease, and sickness still killing them so, I can't, see this herd lasting, it will become in a matter of years it'll be gone the. Innu continued. To hunt for ceremonial, purposes that's. Prompted, the new Nazi abouut government, to speak out against, them but, they still want to work with the Innu nation to find a solution new, Nazi abouut has asked the province to allow a 1%, hunt of the animals 90. Caribou, would be divided amongst Labradors indigenous. Groups this, my belief that we should be allowed to kill him I think of our incumbent went. Ahead and had a bit of backbone let, us do a subsisting, hunt that we could still do it that. I don't think our subsisting hunt would go ahead and make. These animals extinct, I think, they're gonna get extinct, no matter what happens. Well. It may be near impossible to find a caribou around Hopedale to, the north near name you may catch a glimpse as I was driving up to the third pond here I come, up onto the caribou. That were, just, grazing, here along the third pond and. 15. To 20 maybe took, off with a leader up front up here it's, an experience, that brings a smile to David Dicker's face it was pretty good to see one, that made him think of hunting caribou, with his father as a child him actually taking. Me out as his, son and showing me the, way of life and how, how, we hunt, caribou as, a people, you know and in getting. Me teaching, me the ways of how to hunt dicker respects. The band though it's been difficult to, hurts to, not, be able to hunt them even though it's. Been in our diet I mean our way of life and a lot of my people want, to hunt them and are, craving the meat for me to respect the ban it's like. I said it's mixed emotions for me but he believes. The ban with, proper management, he hopes things could turn around it helps, in, saving. The caribou it helps in making, people realize that it. Is wrong and if people was to go out and hunt, the caribou the numbers would decline, for sure whether, or not the provincial government would allow a limited hunt, of the animals remains, to be seen but, for many that missed the animals, so much even, a small hunt, would make a big difference. Jacob. Barker's CBC News knew, not seafood. Now. Still on the story this afternoon the, provincial government issued a statement saying it will not, be listing the George River caribou, herd as an endangered species the province, says it made the decision based on recommendations from, indigenous. Groups the, government does say it wants to come up with a long-term survival plan as soon, as possible. St.. John's has lost another, direct, flight overseas. WestJet. Has canceled, its direct flight from st. John's to Gatwick, Airport, in London England it's. Disappointing, news not only for people looking for inexpensive, flights, to the UK, but, also for businesses, that cater to tourists, visiting, the province, here, are now is Carolyn Stokes reports. The. West jet counter at st. John's Airport, will need a marketing, update sure, they still have a direct flight to London Gatwick but not from st. John's not, anymore now, that flight, has been moved to Halifax the news came as a surprise to, this avid traveler, and blogger every time I flew the flight I flew, it three, times in, the last two seasons and every, time I was on it seemed quite full so, I thought the flight was doing well but, not well enough, WestJet, says the decision was based on supply and demand and there's more of both in Halifax, for Melissa Hogan the flight was a convenient.

And Inexpensive way. To visit London and access, all of Europe says, it kind of just feels like one more thing. You. Know the economy, it's not great and now we. Had this direct flight it was great and now they're taking about taking it away it's hard once you've had it to, lose it restaurant. Owner and in, operator, Todd Perrin, is more concerned, about people getting on the island, than getting off it's, a door closing. To Newville and a Labrador so there. Needs to be more and varied, ways to get here for more in varied places to grow D industries, he says the provinces, advertisements. Have been a great enticement. For tourists, but government, should also invest, more in access, I think, it's time for government to. Spend, more time looking at tourism, as a business and less of it as a PR opportunity, you know like it's all well and good to, market, but, if people can't get here what's the point of them seeing an ad government's. Goal is to grow tourism to, a 1.6. Billion dollar industry, by, 2020. But the tourism minister says they, can only do so much but ultimately these decisions, are made by the airlines. Is an industry, decision that's driven by their business case we, can work with the authority, to help with marketing and promotion, and the, incentives, to work with them and but. Every case is different and they make that on a, case by case basis, it's not well enough to say oh it's a private business and they couldn't make a go of it you know if we said that right across new phone and a Labrador we would have shut down a long time ago you, know so we need to make smart investments, of, time energy and money to. Grow what, it is a huge. Potential for the future and this, may not be the only bad, news the, st. John's Airport Authority says WestJet, has also decided, to cancel its direct flight to Ottawa, Carolyn, Stokes CBC, News st. John's. Wells. Disappointing. News for many as Carolyn. Was indicating. Of, course Ron is joining us now to, talk about the weather. There. Snow blowing thanks to you thank you but. You were right. In. The list of many that goes on you have a bull the next one you remember this okay, why. Don't we start with the warnings which have debby and Anthony been expanded. To Labrador. And that's where we have our winter storm warnings our Blizzard warnings and, of course the extreme, cold warnings, are in effect for western Labrador the blizzard warnings in effect for Goose Bay and all the way up the coast to Hopedale. And winter. Storm warnings in effect for the Straits down towards the blowing, snow advisory. For the Straits that is and Norma. Beta Lodge Bay under that winter storm warning, now wind warnings are in effect for Porter bass some gusts to a 100 km/h is set for tomorrow and we also have rainfall warnings, and this is one, of the areas I'm most concerned about BER geo deramian across to connect or this is the gem.

Regional It's a Canadian forecast, model one. Of many that is showing, a 50-plus. Millimetre, bullseye here from bur Giotto remya to connect grid tonight and that coast, of bays that connect Peninsula I think will be the bullseye local. Amounts here could top 80 millimeters, or perhaps. Even a little bit more locally, the Burin peninsula still a risk of getting into some of those 50 millimeter plus amounts, but it looks like the bullseye will be just west of that Buuren peninsula and again Koenig aura appears to, be at most risk therefore that 50 plus so it's going to be either rain the story in the southeast tonight snow and ice continued for the northwest half of the island with, some ice pellets and freezing rain mixing, in tonight even up towards the northern peninsula and. By tomorrow morning in the Straits 15, to 25 centimeters now for the southeast parts of Labrador and amounts, will drop off quickly for, central. Parts of Labrador and we'll talk more about this in a complete timeline coming up in just a few minutes Debbie thanks. Ryan now to the first-degree murder trial of an Norris, the, words odd vacant. Distant, and lost, were all used, and repeated, today to, describe Norris, demeanor, in May of 2016. The. Month she killed Marcel, Reardon, with a hammer he, renowned peut, reports. The. Evening before an norris killed Marcel Reardon, she went into the Walmart on Topsail Road and bought a hammer and a knife Norris. Was still in the store after closing time today. One of the managers, testified, that when she approached Norris, she looked really distant, kind of lost not, all there a cashier. From that night said Norris had an empty drink container, a kool-aid jammer in her mouth she was caught on video at the nearby orange, store with what could be the same one the. Cashier, said it seemed odd unusual at, the time Norris. Was no kid she was 28 the, cashiers, said at one point Norris, looked at her like she was seeing a ghost, four, days after Norris. Killed Reardon, she went back to that Walmart, the word was out that she might be shoplifting. So, the assistant manager. Followed, her around the, or he, said he confronted, her when she tried to leave with a backpack, without paying. He said she just smiled, that it was creepy, and she, dropped the pack and went back into the store he, testified, that Norris, said he had done something to a computer. Because, her debit card wouldn't work another. Staff member said, that when he looked at her it seemed, like there was no one home and she, was talking to herself. He said he wondered, if she was mentally ill it. Was also, learned, that when Norris was arrested, that day and charged, with Reardon's murder she, did ask to speak to a lawyer. While. Obviously, the Walmart employees, aren't mental health professionals. Their testimony, could help the defense its arguing. That Norris, isn't criminally. Responsible for. Reardon's death claiming, she was suffering, from a mental disorder at, the time glen, Payette cbc, news say. Charns. Well. Turning to other, news now, of, the sports kind Stacey Curtis has recorded, her first loss. At the Scotties Tournament of Hearts the Newfoundland and Labrador skip, faced Team Canada, this afternoon, and came, out on the losing end 8 to 5 despite. That loss though of course no one likes to see a team it's two undefeated lose, the team is still tied for first place alongside, Team, Canada and Alberta they, all have records of for one of four wins rather and one loss well, yesterday when, Stacie Curtis was still perfect, at, 4 no she. Talked to reporters about her team's performance. For. Know how does that feel it feels great it's kind of a little surreal right now you, know we had a really great game just now against Alberta they're a really tough team we. Figure they're gonna be in the mix at the end of the week so we came out and we played well and I'm really proud of the girls yeah what was the attitude this morning obviously 2 3 and no teams you guys must there must have been a little extra, jolt of adrenaline going, out there you know what you don't really need an extra jolt of anything to play here at this level we're always up for all the games and really.

Excited To be here and we're really excited with where, we are but we've still got a long way to go coach. Trickett took you out last night and made you throw a few rocks and, it, was a good tune up you know from what you were saying yeah, absolutely you. Know we had a couple games yesterday and I wasn't throwing quite as well as I wanted to so. When out had a little bit of extra practice and it never hurts. Seven. In a row now if we go back to last year's Scotties and that's, that's that's a pretty good ride and what. Schooling right what do you think is kind of a thread that links all of these victories I'm, not sure if there's one thread you, know our team dynamics. Is just fantastic, and, you, know we just continue to pick each other up and, you. Know continue. To believe that if we don't make a shot perfect, we'll make the next one so. Yeah, just trying to keep your old going and. Having, fun we like to laugh. It's. A great attitude good, luck to them and. If you want to take in some curling, closer, to home, don't forget the men's tankard, is underway the Remax Center in st. John's yeah between now and Sunday the top men's teams in Newfoundland and Labrador are playing to see who's going to represent the province at the Brier this year. Doesn't. Mean that there's no layoffs there are layoffs why. One prominent, businessman, supports, napes tentative, agreements, as next. You. You. Our. Top story earlier, Terry Roberts report on how nape is playing hardball against, the st. John's Board of Trade the union is encouraging, businesses to show their support for public service workers or else, they. Could risk losing business, well Paul antal a well known businessman, who also happens, to be a liberal wants, the rhetoric between both sides to die down but, he, says the Board of Trade should tone down its, message, of doom and gloom.

Well. Paul Ann told some people the business community have a problem with this no layoff clause how come you know. Well. Look you know I was I was, just watching what was going on between nape, and the, Board of Trade and the information I, found was. Erroneous. False. And. Just didn't do anything to help things so I decided. To speak out and, just. Voice my own opinion and I did it publicly and, so. You don't think that this no layoff clause sends, any negative, signal, to New York so that our ability to borrow what are we boring to anybody two million dollars a day right now you're, not worried about that well. If the no layoff clause is, restricted, so I mean, I read the text. It. Doesn't mean that there's no layoffs there are layoffs. There's, the attrition program, that government has in place that's going to result in. Gained hundreds of 2,000, jobs in the next couple of years. There's, layoffs, if there's efficiencies, found in government if there's a reduction, in demand for a service, right layoffs, are on the table so the the, layoffs class is very restricted, in its application. And the. Claims that it's going to cause it us, to go bankrupt they're just fictitious, you know you're not an upstanding, business leader in the province, and the, circles. Of people in your tax bracket are pretty tight are, your, fellow business, friends are they giving you any kind of like Paul what are you doing well. You know what I think, everybody is looking for the optimism, I'm, optimistic I've invested, in the province I have a lot. Of business. Interest here and I continue to do more yeah we'd, like to see things be better I mean government, does have a spending problem we, know that our, debt is too high Muskrat, Falls is coming there's there's major issues, that we need to tackle but, I think we can do that collectively, dealing, in, the. Government, and private, sector together we've got a lot of brilliant people here, I think, we can find solutions, together but, nonetheless as, you know there are the, Board of Trade the employers counts a lot of business people not, as optimistic about this whole thing is used so far are you talking Paul, antal the businessman or Paul antal the liberal. I. Mean. I do have a political, strife but I'm not hiding that yeah, but I mean the fact is is that we. Have a lot of great things that are happening there's, a lot of opportunity, here and misinformation. And. And and scare. Tactics, about bankruptcy I think, are not legitimate.

Mm-hm Especially. When it's involved, surrounding. A collective, agreement that I mean that's just ridiculous. All. Right I guess we'll. Figure out things after. The next budget well. Well, the next budget yeah we'll see thank. You thank, you. It wave. Oh my. Gosh. Poppy. To the big screen. The. Hollywood director who filmed Jason Momoa as new movie right here in Newfoundland. You. Do, you buy Newfoundland, and Labrador tourism. 5,000. Kilometers of groomed trails are waiting to be explored, and breaks winter today. As. The ad says embrace, winter today we, are embracing it sort of is no choice we embraced it today tonight, it kind of falls off the tracks especially, here in the East and into Central we're gonna, see a rapid, temperature rise rain, coming in but. Before we get to the weather forecast did. You guys know there's a new children's, book out oh really and one that you might want to pick up, when. I, posted, this a Facebook. Page today I think it's making the rounds on Pinterest, and some of the other social, media. Rounds. Out there and so she thought I would get a. You're. Not. Know. I'm. Hoping that it wasn't a, knock, on me but I'm. Taking, it as a laughs and I was it was intended for Eddie don't worry about it. So. Anyway. It might be one you want to pick up for, for your kids yeah a story. Of exaggeration, and deceit the best part about that one now. We, do actually have blizzard, warnings in effect so thanks to Linda for the laughs today, where. We. Had the blizzard warnings in effect is what, we talked about just, off the top of the show 15. To 25, centimeters on the way for southeastern, parts of Labrador now. Blizzard warning in effect for Cartwright, rig, alight and up towards makovica, and also, Hope tale with some very strong winds gusts up to 100, km/h there plus, the snow happy, valley-goose Bay likely, in the 15 centimeter range as well amounts really drop off towards Churchill Falls snow. And ice pellet accumulation, tonight in the 10 to 15 centimeter, range for the northwest half of the island including, Corner Brook we, are looking at the southeast, half of the island it's rain tonight and that rain will really, stream in towards, the coast of bays area as I mentioned earlier that's where we have the rainfall warnings, in effect current, temperatures, the, warm air is finally now pushing in Cape races up to +1 unfortunately. There are no active, weather stations, functioning. On the beer and peninsula so we can only guess that it's above zero there as well you can, see some, your precip working up into the clarin Ville Bonavista region Terra Nova as well likely gonna be seeing some steady ice pellets freezing, rain action there before temperatures rise through this evening gander into some ice pellets badger, that, darker purple, to back towards the Stephenville area likely starting, to hear some tap tap tap on the windows and it's snow for, the northern peninsula tonight and there is the latest radar return which does show some of that steadier precip, working up towards clarin Ville and Bonavista some of that could be coming down to some heavy freezing rain so do keep, mindful. Of that double. Digit temperatures at Sable Island right now the, warm air it's out there and it's going, to be moving in through the evening into the overnight have. A look at temperatures flirting. With the double digits for tomorrow, morning for Central especially, eastern parts of Newfoundland definitely, can't rule it out my, official forecast, is a little, bit shy of that as we take a look at your bust time temperatures, in at, least the eight nine degree temperature, range not. Ruling out some double digits so winds certainly, gonna be gusty in from the south 70, to 80 kilometres per hour winds, southeasterly. A little, bit northwesterly, though for the northern. Peninsula and, northerly, for the Straits and up towards the Cartwright region it's, a very chilly start again by the way-. 41.5. In Wabash this morning. Mild. - 36. Though tomorrow morning, so not quite as cold have a look at your timeline here 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning the rain is coming down at times heavy across, Eastern Newfoundland and the Avalon starts, to move off into, the late. Morning cold, front comes through looks like about midday in the lunchtime hour temperatures, will go from again the seven, eight nine degrees in the morning to minus, 3 and minus 4 into the afternoon so it is really going to drop in a hurry into, the afternoon chances. Some flurries in the mix cartwright. Clerval. Rather and out towards Terra Nova Bonavista. Gander Grand, Falls winds with the coast. Of the Bay of exploits, rather sunny. Breaks not out of the question but again temperatures, really dropping from. Above. Zero to minus five and seven into the afternoon onshore, flurries for the south west coast and especially the west coast tomorrow temperatures.

Into The afternoon in the - 7 a - 8 range by home time winds, will gust to 80 for most but gusts to 100 and Porter bask where that wind, warning is in fact ice. Pellets freezing, rain mixing in early on for the northern peninsula, back. To some flurries temperatures. Into the afternoon minus 3 to minus 6 gusts to 100 cartwright and, up the coast towards, mackovic. Where again, we have those blizzard warnings in effect really really nasty, day there a happy, valley-goose Bay not. Quite as strong but gusts to the 70, 80 kilometer, per hour range there and minus 12 minus. 23, sunshine, one, spot in Labrador. City well we'll walk you through your long range coming up, he. Is an imposing, presence, actor. Jason, Momoa of Aquaman. And Game of Thrones Fame, is back in the province to sheet season, 3 of frontier, a Discovery. And Netflix. Project, and it, seems Jason, Momoa loves, Newfoundland. He's been sharing pictures like, these from Grossman, where scenes for frontier, are being shot and with, over 5 million, followers on Instagram, that's, not bad promotion. For this province. Remember. The plan. Memo. Is latest film Bravin, was partially, shot in Newfoundland as well. And. Where's Dre. Ruthie is soon set for release and, we, reach the director, Lin Oh ting in Los Angeles, well. Welcome back virtually. Lin - snowing, of Finland thank. You daddy thank you when, were you here shooting, this film by the way. We. Began. Scouting. And pre-production. In Newfoundland, in November, of 2015. And, we finished end of January. 2016. So we were there about four or three months before. We talk about Bravin, just tell us a little bit about your, work in the film business I. Started. Off going, to film school back and I, finished, film school in 2001, around. That time I was competing at mixed martial arts and there, was only one TV show in Texas where I grew up and that was Walker Texas Ranger it. Was a Chuck Norris crime. Fighting series and so I sent my mixed martial arts video to them and, I started working. For Chuck doing. Martial arts and fight scenes with him and then, from there it branched off into stunts and other films, in Los Angeles and, Hollywood and. You. Know I did stunts for quite a few years and then in 2011, to 2014, for about four years I was, a stunt choreographer. For a movie such as the equalizer, Straight, Outta Compton, and. A. Bunch of other films Olympus, has fallen and, so, from there I started. Making, short films all along and then Jason had contacted, me about directing, this film, as. It was a heavy, action. Picture. Okay, tell us about brave and the trailer, looks as you said heavy, action.

Yeah. It's, a it's a, it's a cool film set in beautiful, Newfoundland. But, I think the film actually takes place somewhere in the Canadian border but. Newfoundland, is just such a stunning. Stunning, backdrop in, a stunning city and, so that's, where we shot and I, hope, audiences, like the film and it's a it's. A family drama at, its core, but. There's also a lot of cool, action. Set-pieces which is great because that's what Jason next. Sells at and did, Jason, really influenced, your decision to come here to shoot. In Newfoundland. Well. He was already filming front here there so it may it made sense for us to film. There and I think the reason they filmed, frontier, there is because that's where the, director, of frontier, is from, so. That's. That's my understanding I'm not exactly sure but when I sold photos it, was an easy decision no-brainer. As, Newfoundlands. A gorgeous, place so what was your experience like. Working. In Newfoundland, being on the ground here, and did you work with the locals. In the film industry here. Yeah. We, did we work with a lot of the crew members most, of them from the TV show Republic, of Doyle which I'm sure you guys are familiar with absolutely. Yeah. And it. Was great I had a wonderful, experience I'm from from Texas originally which is hot in sunny SoCal, which is warm. And so it was my first experience, gearing. Up with the Canadian goose and the alt o. Geer. But, I adjusted. It quickly and had, a great time you mean you didn't have a fur, coat. My. Letters. And a, jacket but the producers. Got me a Canadian. Goose pants, and boots and jacket. Right away so I didn't die, of hypothermia yeah, something you really need here, in the dead, of winter for, sure. You. Are as you say out in sunny California. Now you're networking with, others out there in the film business does. Newfoundland, come up as a potential location for. Other projects. Potentially. Yeah for sure you know I, think, there's. Places, like Newfoundland, or other parts of the world that people don't know of yet, but I'm sure when this movie comes out a lot of people will see the stunning backdrop. And, go on the internet and say where was that shot and then as soon as they find out sniff and then that, will be on their consideration. List for places to film so it's, very possible that more film productions will have. That way that would be really good for the locals local. Industry, here so Lin when do we get to see Jason, Momoa and braven, on the big screen. I'm. Not sure the release date in Canada but I know it comes out on. Theaters. On February 2nd that's coming Friday, and, so. Internationally. Domestically, in the US for. Canada may be the same that. Informations on the internet but, it probably, is this, Friday I'm assuming as well and you're pretty excited about it I guess yeah. About. It it's gonna be a fun film and you. Know I think audiences, are gonna see Jason. Kicking. Butt and then. I think everyone can relate to a father, who at, the end of the day just wants to protect his family, who's, in danger and so that's a sort of a universal theme that transcends. All cultures, Lin. Odin thank you very much for joining us all the way from, Los Angeles. Thank. You Debbie have a great day and you too. What. A down-to-earth guy it. Was. Enjoyable having, a chat with Lynn, so where do they actually, it. Was in and around the st. Johns area there's Kitty that he got you, could see Leo's, fish and chips face pops, up Bloody Bay so not, too, far afield but it's interesting with Jason Momoa and Aquaman, and there's, gonna be a spin-off movie. For him so, that's good for us yeah a lot of people look forward to him seeing, this intricate. Plot driven movie, and a lot of acts as a parent. City. Is a city for all no. Matter what your faith and beliefs no. Matter where you were from a message. Of tolerance at, last night's remembrance, service. You. Welcome. Back the Muslim community in Saint John's and its supporters, gathered on Logie Bay Road yesterday for, an emotional service and here, now was their live last night for part of a vigil that marked one year since, the deadly mass shooting Quebec, City six, men were killed 19. Others were injured the, mayor of st. John's spoke at last night's service saying the city stands in solidarity with, the Muslim community here's more.

Amina. Shape, on, you, Raji. Six. Victims are as. A Dean Sufjan, mama. Dewa Newberry call. It Belkis Jaime Abubakar. Top T Ibrahim. Abadi abou. Abdul Kareem Hassan. He. Was. Today. Your. Presence, here not, only highlights, but. Also signifies. That how, traumatic, that, tragedy. Was which. Had shaken the soul of the nation to the core. This tragic, and unspeakable, shooting, was an act of hate and we, stand strong in solidarity, with the Muslim community to, show that this will not be tolerated on, behalf. Of City Council, I think it is important, that you know that. Our city is a city for all no. Matter what your faith and beliefs no. Matter where you were from all. People are welcome and all cultures are celebrated, in the city of st. John's. Wouldn't set. Up a lot. Well. Cheering, for the home team. Karl English, goes back, to school, to. A warm welcome. You. Let's. Meet our young athlete, of the day here. Is seven year old Riley brewery, appearing, Riley, is in his second year of minor hockey with the mary's town Mariners, Riley. Also enjoys playing softball, as well as boy ball hockey rather during, the summer months, way to go Riley you're today's young athlete, of the day. Well. A few members of the st. John's edge staying with some sports here went back to school today but, they were hitting the courts not, the books they took on the students at optic and Pond Elementary, in Paradise here now is Jeremy Eaton, was there. Well. You're playing a game with a lot, of kids a couple of Karl's kids, but. You know it's always, great to give back to the community I always had idols growing up you know even high school kids I looked at them when they're on varsity like wow I want to do them one day and so, just giving back to these kids and giving them that experience, that I had when I was young is just it's just amazing. I'm, holding the st. Johns edges, flag a few. Of the T teams. Teammates. Came, to our school today and I, just want my fly because I thought it I could just cheer for them. It. Made, me feel very excited. This, is the first time I like to played with the edge team, and.

It Was really exciting. I got. To put the st. Johns edge it was so, fun. What. Was it like seeing him play here at octagon Pond elementary very, very. Very, weird weird. Why. Was it weird cause. Like I, think, they're supposed to play in your own stadium, or somewhere, else. Yeah, it's so important, you know just coming out here and we, all play for a reason and we all love the game but you know when you can impact, someone else's live pasta, positively. It's just it's, just nothing. Beside. The. Weather update is brought to you by Beltone. Hearing service. St. John's helping. The world hear, better. It's. Pretty incredible before, I get to the weather one, of those kids sort of got a three-pointer, there nothing, but net caught. Watching. A. Lot of excitement they were having, a ball yes, good on Carl, and the other members, of the edge so. Before, we get to the weather we want to talk about a possible future, contender. For your job, absolutely. Yeah take a look at this mr., snot and see what you think because you, never know whose. Future is where. Okay. And. It's, kind of windy. Looks. Like I've, got some competition, from. An old. Floor, model, TV. That's. Kidding that is of course Quinn, series. She. Is 5, years old and lives in Arnold's, Cove and. Yeah. Somebody. Said getting ready for your retirement I think that's a way in the future few. Years to go. Some. Days we all feel like that but get more great. Great. On you Quinn I'm glad you love the weather and hopefully enjoy a watch in the forecast, I know many, kids including, Quinn, they're probably looking forward to some snow mm-hmm, we, had some today we're gonna lose some tonight, with the rain coming. And then pretty wondering okay so January's. Been really weird and st. John's in the east and even Central with not much in the way of snow even the West has been kind of snow, hungry how, does February. Shape up well here's, the weather setup we've got that system coming in now of course the mix to rain for most of us tonight note, the system that's coming across the Canadian Prairies a southerly. Flow ahead of that and another, warm-up. On the way for Friday and, into, the Saturday time period there's the low that we're dealing with right now in case, you missed it earlier there are your highlights. For, tonight and through. Wednesday, again. The rain is the story for tonight into Wednesday morning across, the island, that big bullseye, there for the south coast getting keeping, an eye on that snow, mixed with ice pellets for the northwest half the islands some freezing rain mixing, in here as well the snow is the story for Labrador tonight and through the day tomorrow, blizzard, warnings in effect for the coast of Labrador there. Are your temperatures, for tomorrow afternoon we. Are waking up to plus. Side temperatures. Seven, eight, degrees, even eight or nine not, out of the question to see some double digits for the eastern parts of the island tomorrow morning but temperatures will, tumble winds, will be in from the southwest gusting.

To 80 km/h, a little bit later inland and again, some gusts to a hundred along the coast of Labrador tomorrow, here's, how it plays out there's the mixing, through. Tonight for, the Northwest Central and then the northwest note the rain and that it will be at times heavy through tonight into tomorrow morning across, the east snow, and blow across Labrador. And the coast will be really, stormy through the day on Wednesday even, into happy valley-goose Bay, starting. To taper off Wednesday, evening, into the overnight the. Cold rush of air comes back in across the island, as we roll into the Thursday, time period note that the winds are gonna be a little bit southerly increasing. Clouds and by the end of Thursday, our next, system is starting to roll in lots, of moisture still off to the south and west as of Thursday evening though we will see some flurries edging. Into as far. As central. Parts of Newfoundland some, light snow beginning in Corner Brook and pretty, quiet through Labrador, some flurries though underway for, you folks in Labrador City at minus, 16 now watch the, track of this next system once. Again well to the west and it does appear that even for, Corner, Brook and the west coast we will mix over to some rain here after, a little bit of snow on the leading edge that, most of the island changes, to rain it's back to snow for Friday night and there is certainly, the potential to see some accumulation. On the backside of the system with this cold front and the way it's set up even. For Saint John's and the Avalon for Saturday morning, pick up a quick, shot of snow here as that cold front departs, we'll be keeping an eye on that and then, for the next system Sunday into Monday well forecast, models obviously this is a long way out but are flirting with yet another warm, up here for eastern parts of Newfoundland if you can believe it so. The. Roller, coaster, ride that was January does, look, to continue at, least into early February, as I mentioned a couple of nights ago it does look like cold, air is gonna try and push back towards. The middle of the month but certainly it's kind of the same old same old for the next seven days as we kick off February, a little. Cooler in the West and better chances some snow potential especially, into early next week and for Labrador big-time. Cold especially, in the West that is a high of minus 30 on Saturday, and even. In happy valley-goose Bay snow, and cold the name of the game through the weekend. Thanks. Ryan winter olympics are coming up but it's going to affect here now schedule will give you some more information about that as we are closer to the games let's. Hope we don't see too much of this a, Swiss snowboarder, who won gold at Sochi is recovering, today after an especially, scary wreck at the X Games. That's. Yuri put like ovitch better, known as iPod that's. Easier to say now, medical personnel, took about 20 minutes to stabilize, him eventually strapping. Him to, a sled and taking. Him to hospital Wolf's bite how, bad that slam looked officials. Say he only has a broken nose it's. Credible. Just a broken nose when I met really look too serious it's unclear right now if he still if you still defend his halfpipe gold in, Pyeongchang, once, those Olympics, get going.

You. You. And. Welcome back everyone, while a hearty group of Ottawa based divers, are plunging, into the record, books they. Have set a world record for deepest. Ice dive, they, broke through the surface of a lake in Bona Echo Provincial, Park and smashed. Through the previous record, nearly, doubling, the depth to 132. Meters, no beautiful. Shots down there the team chose this particular site because it's very close to some indigenous pictographs. And they, think there just might be some artifacts, at the bottom of the lake now, they didn't turn anything up this time around but this was just the first of many such dives and so, we'll be keeping our eyes on them to see just what, they uncover in that deep and. No doubt frigid, water. Long. Way down you have to have nerves, of steel to, do that Absolut's. A long way. Cold. Frigid. I once, did a polar. Bear dip into. Ontario, which, was literally. You know where they you know great, obviously a freshwater lake so they cut the hole out of the ice remove, the ice and then you jump in. Once. And only and, then of course when I got here I was challenged, to go and jump into. Topsail. Beach I guess it was in, October that, was cold too but not quite as cold as that great lake not quite yeah. The. Freshwater lake where I literally just. Froze and then they pluck, you out like this put. You in a hot tub yeah. Yeah, not. For me I don't like the cold yeah that's right. Have. A look yeah that's okay yeah I know rowdy I do Roddy, giving me the heads up you've he said where's the guess there's no guessing I'm just giving it away here tonight but our beautiful, viewer picture of the day is from. Topsail, Beach Stacey, Tuttle thank you very much for. The wonderful picture, and, a. Little, bit of ice there I thought, there was a splash when you actually jumped in there yeah yeah. That's right I go actually, obviously the way I go swimming every morning at Topsail Beach the. Rain or shine. 365. That's very pretty yeah lovely. Thanks very much Stacey. And I, wonder Stasi living, in that area it's a beautiful, view no matter what time of the year it is a great beach -, anyway. I guess keep the pictures coming absolutely, facebook.com. Slash shrine dots non so, many great pictures and like you said keep, them coming thanks, for being with us everyone, have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow good night everyone bye now.

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