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CBC NL Here & Now Tuesday March 20 2018

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You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. Flatlining. Western, Health loses, its only cardiologist. Patients. Cases, will need to be reviewed. Poaching. Charges drop. Dramatically. The. Impacts of this if not addressed, are, gonna be fast furious, and devastating, is a bureaucratic. Decision, to blame I was. Using little pieces, of wood that I had around the night a bit. Of a nuisance and that's, why a West Coast entrepreneur. Is now selling, thousands, of these. Well. Spring has sprung we're, looking at a lovely, day tomorrow, just, ahead of a nasty, system. That's bringing snow and rain to the island Thursday, afternoon all the details, coming up for. The first time in our history a woman, will be the Queen's representative in. This province Prime, Minister Justin Trudeau announced, that his former political stalwart. Judy, foot will, take on the role of left 10 of iners Newfoundland, and Labrador foot. Was this problems as representative, in the federal cabinet until, she quit politics, in 2017. As here, now is Janelle Kelly reports she's already making plans for how she's going to carry out her new role. Judy. Foote announced her retirement from politics, last August at the time she said she was compelled to spend more time with her family because of sickness and also, because she spent years traveling, and working as a provincial, and federal cabinet. Minister now, seven, months later Foote, has accepted, a new high-profile. Job, she says she took her family into consideration, in accepting, the appointment, this, job allows me to continue, to be close to them otherwise. I couldn't do it because my reason, for stepping. Down was, to be close to them and that will. Always be my. Priority. Foote. Says she knows many people consider the left-handed governor to be a ceremonial, role but, she sees it as an opportunity to advocate, for issues like mental health and literacy and as, the first female to hold the position in our provinces, history, she, plans to send a strong message to young women I always, say it's not that women do things better. We, do things differently based, on our experiences. So I think it's it's the time is right it's. Also right because it sends a good message to other, young. Women. And girls in. A formal announcement this morning Prime, Minister Justin Trudeau said he's confident, foot will serve the public with passion, and commitment premièred. Wife ball says he's proud to see her appointed, as our first female, representative. Of the queen since. Retiring Foote has collected provincial, and federal pensions. From her time in politics, she, addressed that question today, you cannot double-dip. So. My salary, will be the salary that comes with the job outgoing. Leftenant governor Frank Fagan hosted one of his final events today as he and the RNC recognized, nine of its members with police exemplary, service medals if, you're wondering how Judy foot was selected as Lieutenant Governor the, Prime Minister's office says there's no formal selection process, the, appointments are made by the Governor General's, Office on the recommendation. Of the Prime Minister. Typically. In this province, leftenant governor's serve a term of five years but. That can be extended janelle. Kelly cbc news st., john's the. Only full-time cardiologist. On the west coast has quit now, Western Health is scrambling, to help patients in need here, in aus calling Connors has the details, on the temporary plan for patients who have heart problems and she joins us live, Colleen why did this cardiologist. Decide to quit well. Dr. Ishmael was on holidays, when he decided he had had enough he sent his resignation letter, to, the staff at Western Health in February, when he was off on six weeks of leave now, the staff at Western Health do not know why he decided, to quit but they do say, that the, cardiologist.

The Full-time position on the West Coast is a very cumbersome. Position, with long hours a long list of patients and they, work from early in the morning till quite late at, night each day so, what is going to happen to all of his patients that's the big question, Western health says it will ensure they get the care that they need until. Another full-time cardiologist. Is hired other. Doctors, can help with certain things like stress tests, or echocardiograms. At the hospital, there in Corner Brook and of, course there is some, help coming, this summer. We. Have recruited. General. Internal medicine a. New grad from Memorial, who has, done extra training and so specially trained in general internal medicine will be able to do some. Of what dr. Ishmael has done we, have two physicians in. The, community, that have slowed. Their practice, down, but. Their continued to practice and will help out and we also have local coverage coming, in between. Now and at least the summer, well. The goal now is to have dr. Ishmael returned for a short period of time and go, through his long list of patients to, determine who needs a follow-up appointment or certain, types of treatments, now some of those follow-up appointments, will be done by family doctors, but, certain treatments, will have to be done in st., John's live. In Corner Brook I'm calling, Connors for here and now the. Community of Maine is mourning, the loss of, a 14 year old boy and, worrying, about a possible, tuberculosis. Outbreak Gussie. Bennett's family says doctors told them they were treating, the teen for TB the. 14 year old was flown to the Janeway, Hospital in st. John's over the weekend, where he died an autopsy. Is being conducted and, the Health Authority says, it can't comment until that's done three. Years ago someone, in northern Labrador died, from TB. Leaders. And nain say there's, been a lot of work to counter, the disease so they're anxious Lee awaiting answers. Tonight. Our CBC, investigates, team uncovers, some startling, new details, about Inland, Fisheries in. This province here, and now has reported extensively on, how wild salmon are in trouble has, investigated, producer Rob antal reports the number of charges is way down sparking. Concern, about the impact on efforts to prevent poaching. It's. Like a scene from a tourism ad, casting. A line for, that elusive catch. Salmon. Fishing is a big industry, with big stakes, and now, potentially. A, big problem. The impacts, of this if not addressed, are going to be fast furious and devastating, in our opinion these. Salmon may be jumping, but, the number of charges, against poachers, is not, violations. Are down way. Down, provincial. Enforcement, officers laid 31. Charges, this past year, for inland, fisheries I lay shion's the year before the, number was 195, that's. A drop of more than 84, percent. We're, amazed that those numbers were, more amazed that the government is not amazed, fewer. Charges, means fewer seizures from, poachers taking. Boats motors. And illegal, Nets the, salmon, Preservation. Association believes, a key bureaucratic. Decision is behind the big drop a year. Ago enforcement. Was moved from justice, to fisheries John. McCarthy, says dysfunction. Was the result I think that fair to say that he still is convinced, that there is an issue with, the department, when the facts don't line up with that the. Provinces fisheries, minister, steers questions, about the big drop in charges, laid by his department, to a familiar, foe, Ottawa. DFO. He says laid just ate and federal. Policies, Byrne says had, negative, results for this provinces. Rivers fewer. Fishermen, fewer, fish meaning. Fewer violations. Spotted, resort, less fish in the rivers, when. You have less fish you. Have a lot less activity, when. You have a lot less activity, you have a lot less violations. It's kind of the old analogy you, don't put your hand into the cookie jar when there's no cookies to grab I believe, the first step, is for government to acknowledge that, there is a problem if, they acknowledge it then we deal we find out what, are the solutions the, province will look for those solutions Gerry Byrne says by, working to get a better arrangement with, the feds Rob. Antal CBC, News st.. John's the. Fate. Of seven trapped dolphins, has gripped people, in the heart's delight Islington. Area this weekend, the Dolphins were driven into the harbor by advancing, sea ice now, the Dolphins, are stuck, in a small area of open, water next. To the town wharf here, now zach Gowdy was there today. It's. Beautiful, and sad, all at once seven. White Beach dolphins, swimming, together near the wharf in heart's delight Islington, there's.

Nowhere Else they can go it's. Heard it's, just heard too much and I'm, a lover. Big, lover. The. Dolphins have been trapped by sea ice in an area of open water near the wharf, they've, been drawing a crowd many of whom are keen to help out they got a bit more freedom just this evening this morning now they were pretty, jammed, up there he was poking up tree oh he's trying to get some room. So I had. A young fellow there Tim Tim sooty came in with his boat and broke. Up the ice there and they got a bit of room to move around now so they're doing pretty good for now but that, may be the most that people can do DFO. Officers, and the provincial whale release and strandings, group are monitoring, the dolphins but, the harbour is too shallow for an icebreaker and the ice is so thick that any opening, would likely close up before the Dolphins could pass through it's, a hard one because what, it really needs to happen is the wind the change and hopefully, it's going to go east and strong and breaks, up this ice so, that's like. Nature's nature to come in there and hopefully the nature. Will. Cooperate take him out. For. Now a steady stream of people are keeping watch snapping. Pictures and hoping. For the best it's, nice to see them up close as it said to know that they're trapped and if they're not gonna be able to get out terrible, terrible. Yeah. It's a, little heartbreaking but, for now they're safe let's, let's. Hope that it stays that way and the wind turns tomorrow, well. As long as those dolphins are here they will have plenty. Of company but, even the people who are enjoying the show would much rather see, those dolphins swim, away, Zack Gowdy CBC News and Hertz the light is lifted. Beautiful. Animals, but. A Zack said of course Levin want to see them beyond, that ice and the fate of those dolphins possibly, depends on, a change in the wind okay as you can see Carolyn, is here, what.

Are You seeing when it comes to winds well, it looks like the winds are going to change late tomorrow night the, question is will it be enough to move that ice out yeah, so we'll, have to wait and see about that but let's have a look at at, these winds here, so here we are with that southwesterly. Wind, heart's, delight is right around here, so you can see those arrows pushing. You, can see how it would push the ice into the harbor there so by the time we get to tomorrow, night around midnight you, can see that those arrows change directions, so, it'll, go to a northeasterly. Wind so hopefully. Hopefully that. Will be enough to to. Help those dolphins, out and move that pack ice out as for. How the weather is looking, well, today is the first day of spring tomorrow, first full day of spring, and it's turning, out to be a really nice-looking one we have lots of sunshine for the entire island more a chance of flurries for, some areas early in the morning should clear off during the day chance, of flurries as well for coastal, Labrador, so things are looking great tomorrow things, change though Thursday, afternoon, we have a special weather statement, in effect and that's because of this system that's going to be heading towards the southern, part of the island Thursday. Afternoon it's going to bring snow it's gonna bring freezing, rain and it's going to bring rain, so I'll give you all those lovely, details coming up later. I've. Come to beautiful twirling, gate to meet a man who was involved in the fishery for seven decades, this. Was back 2530. Years ago we talk to you where today a bill Jean he's got quite a few stories to tell how does your wife put up with you that's the real question well I staked out reporter debate a few times. That's. Coming soon on here and now. There. Are small fish and we're seeing them in smaller, numbers the, amount of capelin, in the waters off Labrador, is down 70%. Scientists. Say the numbers are down because, of environmental, factors and late spawning, not. Because of the commercial fishery, but, nuna to Abood President, Todd Russel disagrees, he says people in southern Labrador have, noticed capelin, are smaller, than usual and look, unhealthy so. Nina to Abood is calling on the government to take action the. Action, we have recommended is to suspend the, commercial, cap on fisheries. For. A period of time until, we, can fully look at the science fully integrate, in, our case southern inner with knowledge, to, do more science and and. These are very very important. Steps that we need to take to, preserve the, Capon yes but, also to protect other fish species that depend on the caper, from.

Calling For a halt to the commercial capelin fishery to getting into arctic surf clams nuna two of it is busy it's, one of the Atlantic indigenous, partners that was just awarded the lucrative and controversial. Surf, clam quota it's, the only group in this province to get a piece of that pie Clearwater. Seafoods, held a monopoly on the quota with a processing, plant in Grand Bank the fisheries, minister is asking Ottawa to reverse that decision saying, the whole process was, wrong I. Would, hope that nobody. Would posit, that the. Only way that, Grand. Bank is going to be, sustainable. As that Clearwater, seafoods, maintain their monopoly, and the Arctic Circle on fishery I don't think anybody is saying that but, I believe that the concern of the province needs to be sorted out with. With Clearwater. Searchers. In Labrador, located. A missing snowmobiler. Late this afternoon, search, and rescue volunteers. From Hopedale and. Aashish found, the man in the flowers bay area at 4:30. This afternoon he. Was one of four men who left Hopedale around, suppertime Sunday. Heading, to nut with sheesh they were all later reported, missing two. Of them were located, safe and sound yesterday, afternoon, and a third who needed medical attention was, found just before, midnight last night, the. Waiting game continues, for students, parents and staff at Bishop Field Elementary a report, about the school's structure, was expected, this month but, the school district now says the review isn't. Quite ready, the. Downtown st. John's School has been closed for about six months now after. Part of the concrete ceiling in the gym collapsed. Now that, section, of ceiling has been removed and engineers. Are scanning and testing the concrete, students, have been going to the old School for the Deaf in the West End ever since and it, looks like they're going to be there a little while longer. Well. Newfoundland, and Labrador is population, maybe the fastest, aging in, the country, but internationally. That title goes to Japan, and, in an effort to lessen the effects of a demographic tsunami, businesses. Are turning to robotics here, and now as Adam Walsh has the details, from Tokyo. Kenji. Taki Mura has been lifting boxes his whole career trip. After trip can take a toll as the years go by that. Special device he's wearing is supposed to help lighten the load, he says the machine cuts the weight in half quota God thought I have buddy, I'm. Going to retire in five years time and this machine will permit me to stay on the job until then he says if. You didn't know about it already looking, around Japan's bigger cities like here in Tokyo you'd be hard-pressed to realize there's a demographics, issue but, the reality, is Japan's, got a labor shortage, it's got an aging and a, shrinking population and it's trying to deal with it so that's why owners of this freight company are investing, in ways to keep their people on the job taki, Maura's device is one step but, the company director, says, there are plans for more that will even help people's arms with lifting, the.

Device Being worn in Osaka was designed at this lab its. Engineers, have some big plans this. Is their, prototype, the. Company seized, demographic. Mess as a business, opportunity. The. Developer, hopes a version of this will be lifting pipes and heavy materials, within three to five years he says in this, land where baby diapers, are being outsold, by adult ones a shift, is also coming to health care at. This care home on the edge of Tokyo many of the patients have dementia, in Japan, it's a crisis, that's growing estimates. Are that by year 2025. One. In five seniors, will have dementia, growing. Care needs coupled, with the growing labor shortage, has facilities, looking, for a robotic, assist, this. Little guy is Toyota's human, support robot, we. Often hear about labor shortages, in nursing care facilities, this, support robot is designed to help out with that he says, director. Hideki takubo, says, we shouldn't think that robots will replace us but, they can play a key role in providing care an example. Is this little companion, robot he's, been around for a few years now and is a hit with residents, could. The same robotic technology, that Japan is testing, work in Canada Toyota. Is bringing its human support robot to an international, competition in Montreal this summer after. That maybe. A care, home near you, Adam. Walsh CBC, News Tokyo. That's. Fascinating. Yeah we always think of automation if something's going to replace us but, the Japanese is obviously looking at how it can. Nice. To see Adam Walsh reporting. For us all the way from Tokyo love, the Hat. Jessica. Heppner landed, in st. John's three years ago she hasn't been seen since. Real. Theory I do, not have a real theory. You. You. She. Traveled, the world and, in May of 2015. Jessica, Heppner touched down and st. John's her, trip wasn't meant to be long just a few days but. When police opened the door to her hotel room all they found was half packed suitcases. The, 21, year old Ontario. Woman was missing, the, big question, is did she ever leave the island, here annouce Ariana KELOLAND brings us episode, 3 of last, seen. May. 25th. 2015. Jessica. Heppner arrives in st. John's from, a flight from Halifax, International. Airport, she. Takes a taxi to the Sheraton, Hotel in st. John's but. Why, was she here and more, importantly, where, did she go. No, flight records, this is a she's left. Place. Emergency. Three. Days after Jessica, Hebner came to st. John's a call, came in to the Royal Newfoundland, Constabulary in. St. John's. A. Man. Named, Norbert, cazza says, he was travelling with the 21 year old he. Returned, to Ontario. Jessica, Hebner did not it. Was a phone call that was made between him and a civilian and burn our communication, center we, tried to follow up on the phone and receive of Ardis, unsuccessfully. At. The Sheraton Hotel they, tell police jessica. Heppner had booked one night there the, next day the, 26th. She reserved, another, night stay but. Jessica, Heppner would never return, to sleep there a second, night. The. Fact that she was a missing person we came in treated hotel room which. Time we found two suitcases and. A laptop, with. Her personal belongings, they're. More or less exact, somewhere as there are portrayed right now one. Was nicely.

Packed The other was like it was just thrown back, into the suitcase. She. Also left behind this, a laptop. And her, IDs there. Were some emails and some other information there, but there was nothing that was relevant to our missing person investigation I, think. As result, could, assist us in locating Jessica, Abner. So. Where did Jessica Hefner go. Police. Say she left the hotel and got a cab to Topsail Road in paradise. She. Was meeting a friend at, a house this. Is, where she was last seen at, the time jessica was here in st. John's it's, done information, we've received we. Believe that she was using at, least two. Prepaid. Cell phones she. Was not the subscriber we. Either subscribers, name was fictitious, address. Is associated, these prepaid phones cell phones we believe also fictitious. A. Week. Or so after she was reported missing one. Of those cell phones was, used in Ontario. CBC. Has learned hepner may, have been involved in the sex trade. Whether. Or not that was her reason for coming here is unknown, and if, she caught a plane, out of st. John's there's. No record, of it there's. No flight records, yes she's left however, one. Of the countries that we believe she visited prior to who being enough land was. Germany, at. The time she was here in st. John's we believe she was using at least two. Prepaid. Credit, cards, and. In July of 2015, one, of those credit cards were used in the transaction, in Germany. On. The mainland, her family, is worried, no matter where she was jessica, would always check, in. It's. Been three years now and they haven't heard a thing there. Are warrants, outstanding for, other provinces, I had. No information to, even suggest that she met with foul play here in st. John's so. Real theory I do not have a real theory is it possible that she traveled elsewhere, and left st. John's yes I think that's a very high. Possibility. Later. On here and now I'm going to tell you about a business story here on the west coast of Newfoundland, a man is hoping to strike a major deal, barbecue. Scrapers. You. Welcome. Back everyone. And we're, just talking off-camera about, the, beautiful weather, that's coming, and. It is a special day tomorrow, the first full, day of. Spring it, we had to switch over earlier, today but tomorrow, is the first full day of spring and it kind of looks like it temperatures are a little bit cool but overall, it's looking like a really nice day lovely so let's have a look at your weather on the way headline, so as I just said tomorrow, first full day of spring a beauty, day coming, lots of sunshine for most areas of the province then, things which over to quite a messy, Thursday, and Friday and with. That will bring some wind to the west coast so, we still have this winter storm warning. In effect for the Hopedale to. Makovica. Area winds, not as strong as they were 50. To 70 kilometres another, five to ten centimeters of snow expected tonight. But that should taper off and start, to clear away by tomorrow so you can see that for tonight we have lots of flurries, on the island, lots of flurries, in Labrador. Of course at heavier snow in the makovica, area but, then things will start to a clear off tomorrow so yes a chance of flurries for, most areas, tonight winds fairly breezy 30 to 60 coming, from the southwest in the east so, yeah lots of lots of flurries cold, temperatures in lab city minus 12 as the low tonight so Wednesday. Is looking just, great, you. Can see how things are just starting to clear, off, temperatures. Around one or two degrees, on the island, and we. Will still have some flurries there along coastal. Labrador. But overall it's looking like a really nice day chance of some flurries in. The southern area in the morning, but it should clear off and then we're looking at lots of sunshine in the east lots, of sunshine for central. Areas getting up to three degrees and gander. Grand Falls Windsor, and for the west coast a chance of some morning, flurries as, well there, but that should clear off same, story up in the Straits could see some some. Morning flurries but then it should clear off nicely, a little bit more persistent, flurries along the coast, there, but overall, looking like a great day for Labrador, as well with some nice light, winds, so then we do have this special weather statement in effect and that's for Thursday, afternoon. So you can see the system heading, our way Wednesday. Evening, and it'll make, landfall, on Thursday. Afternoon, it'll, bring that band of snow freezing. Rain and rain rain. Similar, story that we've seen really all winter long same, kind of system lots of snow there so we don't have amounts. Yet, but, yeah. We'll have a closer look at the long range a bit later Anthony. Thanks. Carolyn to a Newfoundland small business story on the west coast now a man in the Humber Valley saw, an opportunity because of a dangerous health hazard, in the barbecue industry, jason.

Jane Says what started, out as a hobby then quickly grew and now he's. Not just the chief executive, officer he's, also the chief scraper, maker. Jason. The juniperus BBQ scraper where'd you get the idea for this well, we, hear on the news all, the dangers, of using, bristle, brushes for cleaning barbecues, the. Little bristles come off get, stuck on your grill cotton, food end up, ingesting, them caught in your throat things, of that nature the surgeries occur health hazard health hazard it's really really really bad ok so the first thing I'll say is Tasha, wire brush right away get rid of it of, course you have a self-interest in that yes, I do you, turn this into kind of a family business tell me about that did so last. May. I. Was getting ready to clean my barbecue and I was using little pieces, of wood that I had around and I said, this is a bit of a nuisance so I call it my dad and said do you piece juniper he, said yeah I guess I'm juniper, up here so I, have some juniper, up here so. I went up to deer like picked up piece juniper from my dad came, back and I shaped it into what. I thought would be good for cleaning to barbecue right and this is the basic, design that we came up with for scraper. Yeah and that's how it came about as you know some of your competitors in the mainland they use cedar why, why juniper, yeah, well, first, off I mean juniper, it's just so beautiful every, single piece is unique. It's, like a piece of art. Secondly. Juniper. Has a very high heat resistance, okay so when, you use it on your barbecue it doesn't burn as fast meaning. It will last longer. Than a cedar, barbecue. Scraper will also. There, is no such thing as from Landseer you, know it doesn't exist here this is a local, product that's right if it's cedar it's important, now, how do you sell these, so. We sell them online via. The Juniper. Barbecue scraper comm website, but, mostly, we sell them through retail outlets so if you go to places like the, bee's knees. Coleman's. Those. Stores, are differently yeah all the beautiful, stores in Neuville and that support me there fantastic I love them so we have 60 retail outlets now throw it with lamb and we're.

Hoping To announce real soon a national, distribution with, one of the big chains no you started, this as a kind of a small thing with your family did, you expect, to sell many of these things you know when, we started this it. How. We use the phrase that started there's a little bit of a not, a joke it was serious, but I didn't ark alarm, yeah that's a good word to use for it so, I made it I posted, that online and said hey anyone want a Juniper BBQ scraper yeah I then got on a plane and left and went on vacation, for two weeks when I came back I had hundreds, of orders and how did you sell last year we, sold just, shy of five thousand, I felt good yeah it was pretty good and you've got a bigger goal yeah we're aiming for twenty five thousand, units this year and if, this national contract comes through we, met that already alright keep our fingers crossed, yeah now back to the family he's, a tree had to lay off your father yeah. So. November. Got, really, busy so my dad stayed on through October. November but, we wound down really quick then so, I laid him off he'll be coming back on payroll. Pretty sturdy take it when you had on the pink slip he was happy. He's. Already retired so this was a favor, yeah, well, listen all the best and keep, here now posted about the the national deal yeah and make sure that Ryan uses. A wooden bar be used scraper cuz we don't want him choking on the air especially. For a bristle brush okay, thank, you very much thank you I. Get. The feeling he could do an infomercial, he's. Perfect. For sales, now. Your dimension, you heard a mention that I'm supposed to give this to Ryan but I happen to know for a fact that Ryan already has one of these and Caron Stokes is a big fan of like 12 ounce steaks on a nightly basis so I'm, going to give it to you. Thank you, it, is also the value that actually meets the CBC ethics criteria, so it's completely, legit I'll be daydreaming about barbecuing, maybe tomorrow maybe we can barbecue tomorrow, very nice forecast looks, good. The. Chester Hsieh new nation gets a new use home. You. Well. It's been the subject of a lot of concern, in Cheshire she children, being sent out of the community for foster care now, a new group home is set to open in, Chester she for, older, children returning. From outside, the province Eugene. Hart is the chief of the shesha she a new First Nations, chief, heart thanks very much for joining us. What. Sort of facility, are you opening, up and who's it aimed at. Now. How long have, they been living. Out of province. And chief what, might have been lost during, that time. From. Between. Ten, years. So. Some of these children, then will be, perhaps. In, foster, care for eight, years, yes. What. Has that. Potentially. Done to them. Speaking. From experience I would. Say there's a big loss in culture, and. Majority. Language. Now. I understand, there are twenty to thirty youth, in care outside, the province but how, many are you going to be able, to take in at the group home. And. Is. There, a particular. Young. Person, you're looking for what's the criteria. Well. There could be a family, I. Try, to keep them together and. Hopefully. Soon. As this transistor, level 4 passes, through the province we. Will be starting, to fly. Them back home to our own community, woody what. Are probably more they blog, now. What, services. Will you be providing to, these young people once they do get, here. St.. John's they did. Our training for our staff, there's, 22 staff, is being in, training now for. This. Training first, day. Then. We have a social, worker on, staff as well it's, sort of a, certified. Social worker and, basically. All. The staff there were training. It's from Chester Hsieh itself, so, what kind of a difference do you think this home is going to make for the young people who go there with all these services, and for. Their families, who are right there. In Chester, Hsieh. We. Do have. A. Sheet. On board now that's. True SIF, and the. Staff, you'll be working with the parents, in the group. Home and, just. The transition itself, will, blend in as we call and. Chief, heart is finally last, year you and other chiefs held protests, you lobbied the provincial, and federal governments.

For More resources for. Foster care in the. Home communities, how, satisfying. Is it to, be on the verge of having this home in cesta C I think. When everyone's help around us with nations nation. Marvel. First. Chief. Heart thank you very much and we. Will be following the progress of this new home. So. Anthony the chief added, something else that's happening, in the community, and of course everyone, will remember a coverage, of the provincial, Winter, Games just a week ago well, team indigenous. Was a first time entry, in that competition, and the community is so proud of them that's going to hold a big celebration Thursday, night to say congrats to, everybody that was involved it's a great, positive story, absolutely. It's. Not kiddie porn this is child sexual assault imagism, more, from our stealing, innocent series and the importance, of the words we choose. You. This. Time now to introduce, you to our young athlete, of the day and tonight our athlete. Comes to us from air Bay there's Braden Collins he's ten years old and he plays hockey with the globert own tornadoes at the atom level we, hope, you had a great season, Braden. Congratulations. On being today's young athlete, of the day, the. Weather update is brought to you by Beltone. Hearing service. St. John's helping. The world hear, better. When. L Carroll has a barbecue implement. The question is will, it be okay to bar I love barbecuing, in the Hunter meet you yeah, absolutely and, you, know if you're gonna barbecue tomorrow might, be and it's gonna, be a bit chilly but we're looking at lots of sunshine tomorrow. That'll. Make the difference in supper time it's still, lightly. Yeah so let's have a look at, how, things are shaping up for tomorrow it's looking like a gorgeous, day chance of flurries for, some areas along the south coast and along the west in the morning but things should start to clear off then we're looking at a largely, sunny day particularly, in, central. Newfoundland, with some nice temperatures. Around you, know between 1 & 3 degrees, so, not too bad at all looking, at a chance of flurries in. Southeastern, Labrador. In the morning that should clear off as well throughout the day a little bit more persistent, flurries along the coastline, they're cooler. Temperatures, but overall looking like a nice Wednesday. For sure then we, have a change a special, weather statement, in effect for Thursday, afternoon affecting. The island, first we have this system that, is moving up hitting the south coast of the island around, 2 o'clock on, Thursday, you can see this band of snow to. Start then, we'll have some. Freezing, rain and those winds are gonna start, to ramp up 75, there in porta, Basques so witness particular gonna be it particularly going to be an issue on the west coast then we're gonna start seeing a change over to, some rain and freezing, rain throughout. Thursday evening, into Friday not, affecting Labrador, until.

Friday, So yes Thursday, is looking great for Labrador, a mix of Sun and cloud pretty, much everywhere, and on, the island we have more, of a chance of snow for, west and central areas and then in the east there's that mix of rain, and snow so. Thursday, night. Into Friday you, can see some of that snow moving up into southeastern. Labrador. And that real change over, to rain here. In the east and heavier. Snow, here, along the northern peninsula and. Northeastern. Part, of the island, so yeah. That, will persist there until Friday afternoon, move. Farther, into, Labrador. And those showers, will continue here. In the East so yeah we could have rain showers we, could have some flurries temperatures. Not too bad a high of two degrees in the East could get up to five in, central, areas so it'll be fairly mild, on Friday, afternoon. And periods, of snow there in that Eastern the Labrador chance of flurries in the. West so a quick look ahead to the weekend, we're looking at some flurries there on the island for Saturday, afternoon looking, pretty nice there in, Labrador. And also chances, some flurries here in the East on. Sunday. So here's. The 7-day, as you can see those chance of flurries there for Saturday and Sunday and we could get some clearing there as we head into Tuesday looks like lots of sunshine there so hopefully that will hold and as, well for Labrador, looking like a decent, weekend. There with lots of sunshine that will continue, as the Work Week begins. Tonight. On our stealing innocent series here and now analyzes. The words that we use to define child, sexual exploitation, words. Make, a big difference in how we see this issue, Ramona, Deering speaks with Angela crock well with thrive as well as with Leslie McLeod with a coalition against, the sexual exploitation of, youth so. I think we should get right to it Leslie, if I say kiddie, porn or child. Porn well. How do you react it makes me extremely angry because, that, puts. It into the. Realm, of pornography. Choice adults. Buying something that they're entitled to, it's. Not kiddie porn this is child sexual assault images. Or child sexual abuse images this, is violence, perpetrated, against children in the, worst horrible. Way that anyone could imagine so it makes me very angry to hear the, wrong language applied, to it all. Right Angela let, me try one of these on you if I, say child prostitute, your, reaction, oh yeah. It's really really inappropriate because, I think again we. Are then, you, know when we think of prostitute. Is actually an inappropriate, word to apply to anybody, but, particularly, a child, that. Is always a, child who is. Experienced. In sexual exploitation, or human trafficking and it's not prostitution. If. We. Use the word human, trafficking, I think, a lot of people would say that, doesn't happen here you. Leslie, would say it happens here every day human, trafficking, isn't, stealing. People, from, other countries and and putting them in Chains and bringing them to another country, to do something they don't want to do human, trafficking, is selling, a person, for, either labor or sexual activity. When, they don't want to be involved with this it's about. Literally. Selling people keeping, the money and and, controlling. The individual, that you're selling and it happens here every day and can you give us examples of how it may play out a, fella, could groom a young girl to be, his girlfriend, and then. Manipulate. Her into, having. Sex with his, drug. Buddies in and. It exchange for some money in his hands she, has now just been trafficked. Now. Angela, I think some people might say why, do we need to pay so much attention to, language, when we, don't, have such a big problem here in Newfoundland and Labrador with, child exploitation, well. I think our words really do matter and how we then. Respond. Is. Is, really, reflective, of how we interpret, what's happening so when we use language. Like kiddie, porn, or child. Sex workers. Then, our community, response is really different than if we actually really, understand, the, vulnerability. And the abuse is happening to people so, our.

Words Really do matter and they, impact, the people we're talking about profoundly, and, that. Statement, that I made that it's not such a big problem here, in Newfoundland, and Labrador is, that something you might challenge, oh I would definitely challenge. That again, as Lesley said this happens every day and we need to be really. Aware and, really in tune with that because. Again if we're not looking for it we don't see it we're missing victims all the time and. And, we, we think of an exchange of money when. We think about young, people, involved in the sex trade that's, not always happening, right so can you can you edify, us about, some. Of the other scenarios, that people need to be aware of yeah, so you, know people are it doesn't have to be money it can be a place to stay it can, be a cab, ride it can be access, to drugs. So. Moany, definitely does not have the exchange hands and, how, common is that. Again. I think it's extremely, common and certainly. Here at thrive we're hearing stories like that on a daily basis, I just think this is such an important, topic and, it's. It's so pervasive. In our province and the other thing I would add is this is not a st. John's issue this has happening in every corner of our province so all. Of our citizens need to be in tune with this. And. Thanks. To Ramona Deering for that item now tomorrow another part in our stealing, innocence series we'll, bring you the story of one woman who was sexually, exploited, and then put out on the street at the age of 16 and we'll also look at her path to coveri. Well. Here's a look at today's you were a picture of the day any ideas where this was taken Whoville. Boy. I'll give you a hint it's, in Labrador. And. This. Area is under a winter storm warning, right. Now just at another community, farther, along the coastline, their time, to google labrador storm warning. Hopedale. Close. All right I'll load the answer up next. You. Welcome. Back to hearing now while a man and Regina had, an unexpected. Visitor this, weekend, a really, cute one he. Came home to find a great horned, owl perched, on a lampshade innocent, living room what happened was this magnificent.

Bird Had crashed through the apartment window apparently, while, hunting a pigeon the bad news. Pigeon, didn't do so well and didn't survive but the owl is okay although she. Did suffer some minor injuries, to her head and her feet a local wildlife volunteer. Got the bird and took her to a rehab, center in a few days she'll, be released back, into her natural, habitat looks, like it's almost looking, for the remote there. They. Are so beautiful, gorgeous animal. I wonder if the Wildlife officer brought the pigeon, because you. Know how when, after the pigeon but he actually. No, well we, saw the remains you missed it smashed when smash, okay. Yeah, I think when I went through the glass that's, nature couldn't. I. Don't. Want Carolyn to cry. It. Is nature, there. Are some, magnificent. Creatures, well speaking of nature, here's a beautiful, natural. Shot. This is our viewer, picture of, the, day. Coming. Up there we go beautiful shot does not look like that I would imagine right now in. Mackovic. I was, off there is a winter storm warning in effect there, this evening and it's kind of nasty there for the past few days so I think this was taken a few days ago a beautiful sight might have been when someone's coming back on a snowmobile because, that's taken, outside of town yeah, quite a ways right quite a bit of snow there yeah, thank you very much Robert Anderson. For sending, that in you can breathe the air look, at the sky. Gorgeous. Very, nice so you're always looking for pictures of course - Ryan's Facebook, oh absolutely, any. Anyone, has any pictures, of anywhere in the province we would love to, see ADA especially, now that spring is here I'm really hoping looking right fit and the next time some monstrous bird of prey flies through your kitchen window with another animal, send that one too we like those as well nature's beautiful. And. Yeah. So we I guess we'll all enjoy the nice weather that's coming tomorrow, and. Hunker. Down for what's coming on Thursday and, Friday so I guess get out and enjoy tomorrow, we're all going to your place for a barbecue. Thanks. For being with us everyone, great bit of fun and that enjoy the evening and, tomorrow, because. This Carolyn says go to the gorgeous all right see, you back here at 6:00 tomorrow okay, see you then good night.

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