CBN NewsWatch: March 21, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: March 21, 2018

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This. Is, CBN. Newswatch. Thanks. For joining us for CBN Newswatch. I'm Mark Martin police. In Austin, Texas say, the man behind a string of bombing, attacks is dead, after an early morning confrontation. With police two. People are dead and five injured, after multiple, bombs exploded. This month Heather sells has the update. Austin. Police say that the bombing suspect, is dead after an officer-involved. Shooting north. Of Austin the, suspect, killed himself with one of his bombs just. Before authorities closed, in as members, of the Austin Police Department, SWAT team, approached. The vehicle, the. Suspect detonated. A bomb inside the vehicle authorities. Were still withholding the suspects, name as the day began but, did identify him, as a 24. Year old white male his, motive, they said in an early morning press conference was unknown, so. How, did they find him the. Austin, american-statesman, says. Investigators, used a security, video from, a Fed Ex store in Austin, where they believe the suspect, shipped an explosive, device store. Receipts also helped, as did, cell phone technology which. Traced, him to a local hotel, the. City of Austin has been on edge for weeks since, the first blast on March 2nd, people, are scared, you. Will be too you. Know random, packages showing up explosives. Going off people dying for no reason, four bombs have exploded in, Austin, killing two men and, injuring. Five other people, the, two men were killed by packages. Left on doorsteps then, last, weekend, two other men were injured by, a device, set off by a tripwire, the. Randomness, of the attacks creating, confusion, and fear, when we went for a walk yesterday and said to me pushing her forward I kind, of pulled her behind me because, if I'm gonna set it off I'd rather hit me than hit my baby just yesterday, another bomb, exploded. This, one inside, a package on a conveyer belt at a FedEx shipping, center southwest, of Austin, thankfully. Only one minor injury, the. Concern. That, there may be other bombs, out there, Austin. Police have received more than 1200. Calls about, suspicious, packages. Heather. Sells CBN News. And. Here's a look at some of the other headlines, we're following in the CBN, newsroom. President, Trump says he will soon meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin the. President, called Putin to congratulate, him on his reelection he, said they will meet in the future to discuss what he called the arms race Ukraine. Syria. And North Korea they, did not discuss, Russia's, alleged meddling in the 2016, election, nor, the country's suspected, involvement in, poisoning, a former, spy in Britain, a federal. Judge has blocked a mississippi pro-life bill just one day after the governor signed it the judge issued a temporary restraining, order, Tuesday. It essentially, stops, the law from taking effect for, ten days the, court will consider taking, further action, the new law bans abortions. After 15, weeks. Overnight. Heavy snow, in the Midwest and, there's more where that came from a spring, nor'easter. Is expected, to target the Northeast Wednesday, New Jersey, and Maryland may, see more than a foot of snow this, is the fourth major storm, in three, weeks and you, can find these and other stories at, CBN, a, Maryland. Community shaken new, details have been uncovered, this morning, about the 17, year-old student who shot two others at great Mills High School CBN's national, security, correspondent Erik. Rosales, has more on a possible, motive and the heroic efforts of a school resource officer. The. Chaos began shortly before 8 o'clock Tuesday. Morning police say that a male, student armed with a gun walked on to the great mills high school campus, into a crowded hallway opened, fire he, ended up hitting a female student and a male student who was then a resource, officer, came to their aid open fire and ended. It you, have to wonder what on earth is going on in these people's heads that they think that if I'm upset it's okay to go kill people this mother says she couldn't believe the text from her son stating, what was happening, the things that are happening now are tragic, but. They're it's all because of sin you, know God. Certainly is not doing this to us it is completely. The. Sinful man she, and others are thankful, for school resource officer, deputy Blaine, Gaskell, who quickly ran inside the building, and exchanged, gunfire with the shooter going out into an area where there, was a shooting, and risking, your life to save someone else is that that's.

Hero Today, one day put us on lockdown we all basically, had to be quiet so, nothing also, happened that's when the police start going to every, classroom and make sure nobody else had a weapon police, say the shooter identified as, Austin Wyatt Rowland's, may have had a prior relationship with, one of the victims 16. Year old jaelyn Willie she, remains hospitalized. With life-threatening injuries, the, other student, a 14 year old boy is in stable condition this, is something that we train. Practice. And, in. A reality we hope would never come to fruition is, our worst nightmare, if you don't think this can't happen at your school, you. Are sadly, mistaken. This, incident, comes ahead of a national March which we held this Saturday, as, the results, of the Parkland shooting in Florida, last month Erik. Rosales, CBN, News, Maryland. From. Adding shelters, to arming teachers communities. Are exploring, ways to protect students, from another school shooting one. Sheriff's Department, has taken matters into their own hands with a futuristic. Training, tool, amber, strong has the story and we want to warn you that this story shows simulated. Violence and for some that might be difficult to watch. The. Adrenalin is pumping where's, that where's that the guns are real drop, the gun but, this isn't the latest school shooting, that, officer, down also down, it's an active, shooter simulator, at the Stafford County Sheriff's, Department in Virginia, while, Washington grapples. With the aftermath, of the latest school shooting, local. Police departments, have taken matters into their, own hands. So let's talk about action, versus reaction, 13-year, veteran first sergeant, Joe Bice helps, lead the training, the guy has a gun could. You identify him, from inside is. That the same guy that was in the theater. Dispatcher. Got wasn't ran outside one ran outside, I thought when the one person, inside the theater ran out I thought he was wearing a white shirt once inside, the simulator, officers, like deputy, Dominick Tory's mr. Ed's face, 100. Different scenarios. With, numerous outcomes. Sometimes. It's a school dispatch, minute or in library other times a movie theater make sure you give him commands see, your hands let me see your heads. Surrounded. By sounds, and pictures a vibrating. Floor and, real. Guns filled with co2. We. Don't have unlimited, bullets, in real life if they shoot 18. Rounds, if, they try to shoot it any more they'll just hear a click it's, as close to the real thing as, it gets. It's. Intense, you know I just that's two times in a row I did it and my, blood still pumping I'm starting to sweat a little bit and, you. Know just it's, good training drop the door that emotion, is good, vice hopes the program prepares officers, for the worst, I've. Seen people shot before, it's intense and then, it you, know and, in children, you. Know that's a lot of extra stress, on the deputy. Of the officer that's involved that. They're gonna have to deal with he also hopes it teaches them how to make tough decisions like. When to avoid, lethal, force. Do. Your belly they eventually want, civilians. To give it a try so. I did. Although.

Nothing Compares, to real-life experience. By, says he feels better knowing his deputies are arriving, to the scene with this kind of preparation. Disgust, I got shots fired shot, fired and the cost of taxpayers, not. A cent as, this was all covered by money seized, from illegal, drug operations. Amber. Strong CBN, News in Stafford, County Virginia. The. Sheriff's Department told CBN, News they are opening up the facility to officers, and surrounding, counties and school resource officers, as well. Budget. Negotiators, in Washington. Agree on big spending, items but remain hung, up on fixing, a tax glitch on grain, sales how, much to spend on the border wall and a tunnel under the Hudson River, Republicans. Want to fix an error in the recent, tax bill that subsidizes. Grain, sales to cooperatives, at, the expense of for-profit, companies, in exchange. Senate Minority, Leader Chuck, Schumer demands tax subsidies, to build low-income housing. Negotiators. Continue, to discuss how much money should go towards building a border wall meanwhile. The president, has privately, threatened, to veto the, whole spending, bill if lawmakers, make, a 900, million dollar payment on the, Gateway River project, that is a rail tunnel, under the Hudson River that Republicans, in New York and New Jersey support. If lawmakers, don't, pass a spending, bill or stopgap. Measure by Friday the, government, will grind to a halt. Coming. Up the secret that makes Israel's. Intelligence. The best in the world go behind the scenes of Israel's controversial, targeted. Kills and see, how the nation has fought extermination. After, this. Boko. Haram militants have. Set free the Nigerian, schoolgirls after. Abducting, them from their village a month ago a witness, said the fighters told residents they, had returned, the girls quote out of pity but, warned them don't ever put your daughters in school, again Boko. Haram translates, as Western. Education, is forbidden in, the, local house of language villagers, say about 72. Of the 110, girls have been returned in 2014. The group abducted. 276. Schoolgirls from. Chibok and about, 100. Of them have never returned, to their families.

Since. It's very beginning Israel. Has faced extermination. From its enemies so the Jewish state has fought back in a number of ways including through, the controversial, use, of assassinations. As Chris, Mitchell reports from Jerusalem, for the first time we're, learning why this deadly, technique, plays such a part in Israel's, history. In. 1983. 241. Americans, died in the Marine Barracks bombing, in Beirut Lebanon. Israel's. Assassination. Of Ahmad, Minea the mastermind. Behind that, bombing is one. Reason why many consider. Israel's. Intelligence. Services, the best in the world a new, book tells why the. Book is called rise and, kill first the, secret history of Israel's, targeted, assassinations. Award-winning. Journalist ronen, bergman told, CBN, News the, title, comes from an ancient Jewish writing, he, heard quoted, by members, of Israel's, intelligence. Services, they, used the, phrase from, the babylonian talmud which. Says if someone, comes to kill you rise, up and kill, him first the, mindset, which says when. Every. Decade, your. Prime nemesis. Your. Chief, adversary. Your main enemy, declares. Publicly. That, its main goal is to destroy israel then, there's no other choice but rise up and kill, him first since. Its founding that's been the public goal of israel's enemies from. Saddam Hussein, to Yasser, Arafat. To Iran's machmood. Ahmed indigent all of these when they are your, enemies, you would do whatever you can to, defend. Your, country in your people, Bergman says after the Holocaust, Jews, followed, three lessons that. Permeate, Israel's, intelligence. Services, first, is that there will always be a, Gentile, who is after us kills second. All or, most of the other Gentiles, will not help so, we can rely, only on ourselves and third, is that we need to have a safe heaven a refuge. A country. Of our own to defend it and to defend it we'd only possible. In his book, Bergman. Explains, the secret, that makes Israel's, intelligence, the best in the world but, there's one extra thought, and that, thought is, that they are the, guards on the wall. They. Are if, borrowing, a phrase from Star, Trek they are the final frontier, guarding. The safety, of the, country and the security, of the citizens of Israel and Jews, worldwide not. Just in Israel they, believe that if they don't work today with. Everything. They have. Then. Tomorrow Jews are gonna be killed Bergman's, book takes readers through how Mossad, chief Meir. Dagan urged. Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin, Netanyahu. And then, Defense Minister Abe Hood Barak to, use assassinations. And cyber, warfare against, Iran instead. Of bombing its nuclear, facilities, he. Also describes, the elimination. Of Hezbollah, commander Ahmad. Bonilla the, most wanted terrorist in the world and how, yes Arafat, escaped. Dozens, of assassination. Attempts, we, asked about the dilemma of targeted. Killings there, are two questions that the relevant is it effective, and is it legally. And morally justified. In, describing, an effective, example, he, pointed, to the Second, Intifada when. Palestinian. Suicide bombings. Killed, and maimed thousands. Of Israelis, Bergman. Says Israel, didn't, go after the Bombers but, their leaders, but, when Israel started, to kill all the, layer the the hierarchy, above them the, bomb makers didn't decorators they recruit, the drivers, the regional commands the military commander politically, then these people those, who were, not yet killed, who had no problem, with sending other people to the death, well they had another thought they did not want, to check by themselves, if the, option of the 72 virgin, is true or not. After. 9/11. The rules changed, and the US began targeted, killings with help from Israel's, intelligence, expertise, now. Many Western, nations also follow, the Israeli model targeted. Killings remain an intense debate and only, Israel's, Prime Minister can, approve them yet. With all her success, Bergman. Quotes one ex Mossad, chief who. Summed up their dilemma at the core of what we did every, day in, Mossad, was. That dilemma of. What. Does a democracy. Under. Grave, threats allow, itself, to take, and do to, defend its citizens while, it knows that it's, unfortunately. Might, violate other values, Bergman's. Book took eight years to, write and includes. More than 1,000. Interviews, on the, eve of Israel's, 70th, anniversary, Bergman. The son of two Holocaust, survivors, sees. It as a contribution, to. The ongoing, remarkable. Story sometimes. I walk in the streets of his voice and I say this is really, America I think what was achieved here during, the last, 110.

Years Since. The early 20th, century can. Not, be described. As nothing by, but, a miracle and. I'm, so, happy to be part of that Chris. Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. Still. Ahead chronic. Diseases, and, you are putting it in your body whether you know it or not here, how you can break your sugar, addiction and, restore, your health next. Welcome. Back if you made it your goal to be healthier, in 2018. One doctor, says there's one thing you can do to turn things around with your health as CBN. News medical reporter, Laurie Johnson reports, there's growing evidence that, consuming lots, of sugar is deadly, and addictive and, giving, it up can change your quality of life for years to come. When. We think of addiction. We tend to focus on drugs and alcohol, but more doctors, say we should also consider, sugar. Sugar. Is, the. Source, of all chronic disease it's. One of the biggest contributors and, we, know that solid. Tumors cancers. Feed. On sugar. Dr.. Vincent Padre, is one of a growing number of physicians, warning. Consuming. Too much sugar not. Only fuels cancer, but also heart, disease and Alzheimer's, and. Let me clarify that because when I say consuming, too much sugar people, think well, I don't need dessert so, I don't, have a lot of sugar but, then they're eating bread, rice. Pasta. Or. Scones they're, not thinking of that as sugar but, sugar comes from all of these sources we. Break down the carbohydrates. And they become sugar. An, estimated, three-fourths, of Americans, are addicted, to sugar and don't, know it but, food manufacturers. Do they, add sugar to nearly, everything, including. Things that might not seem sweet like, crackers, and yogurt, to, keep customers, coming back, for more most. People might be shocked to discover they, consume, 100. Times more sugar. Than, their ancestors. Did back in the 1800s. And that's. At the root of their health issues, bloating. Abdominal. Pain. But. Also sinus. Congestion. Mental. Fog. Memory. Issues. Fatigue. Achiness. Joint. Pains these. Are all symptoms, of consuming. Too much sugar in, all of its forms but. People don't connect the two, scientists. Used lab animals, to prove, sugar, is even, more addictive, than illicit. Drugs. So sugar stimulates, the same parts of the brain as cocaine. So. I tell people that sugar, is cocaine for your brain and. By. That I mean it affects the dopamine pathways, and dopamine. Is the neurotransmitter, that makes you feel good things. Are great, a little. Is never, enough, because, that's the design, of the, neural. Circuit, in the brain it's gonna want more, hits and it, keeps wanting more and more because it becomes desensitized, to. Small amounts that's why he recommends, quitting, sweets, cold turkey, the craving, is not. Gonna last longer. Than 10 to 20 minutes. So. If you don't give in to the craving, initially. Eventually, it's gonna pass because your body is gonna realize that it doesn't really need that for, survival, or at least substituting. Whole fruit, now the the, chocolate chip cookie is going to be a much faster hit, for. The brain so. You get that that much that quicker satisfaction. If, you, have a fruit, let's say an orange or some berries, you.

Need To give it a little more time the. Feedback is gonna happen it's just going to take a couple of minutes when. It comes to sugar substitutes. While whole fruit is okay avoid. Artificial. Sweeteners. Because research, shows they're actually, worse than the real thing, in his book happy, gut dr. Pedroia explains, that, artificial. Sweeteners harm, our immune, system, by disrupting the bacteria. In our digestive. Tract it reduces, a type, of bacteria, that tends to be found in lean healthy, people and it increases, another. Type of bacteria, in this Janice called Bacteroides, that. Is found in people that are obese studies. Show people who regularly, use, artificial. Sweeteners, gain, more, weight their, ingredients. Trigger insulin. Resistance, if. You're becoming deaf and you have to turn the, the volume up higher, your. Body is becoming deaf to the signal, the insulin, signal, so. Your body jacks. Up the, insulin but if insulin is high what. Happens is it tells your body it turns on genes that. Say store. Fat, the, good news, intermittent, fasting can, often reverse, insulin, issues, that, means for instance going, without food for 12 hours, the. Idea behind intermittent, fasting is that when you're not eating you're, allowing your insulin, levels to drop, you're. Allowing insulin, receptors, to reset. So. Then what's happening, towards the end of the fast is you're increasing, insulin. Sensitivity, so. You're making your body insulin, sensitive, again. Intermittent. Fasting also, repairs. Our cells and turns, on, longevity. Genes, so. It might not be easy but giving. Up sweets, in their many forms, including, artificial, sweeteners. Could. Pay off big-time. Lori. Johnson CBN News. And. Lots. Of advice there from Lori Johnson we'll be right back with more of CBN, Newswatch stay with us. Operation. Blessing is helping business. Owners in Haiti after a devastating fire, tore through one of the largest, marketplaces. Nearly, 500, people lost their business in the Iron Market fire in port-au-prince which, thrives on tourism, Operation. Blessing stepped, in and selected, 20 beneficiaries. To help restart, their business the recipients, are mostly single mothers who rely on their businesses, to provide for their children, Operation. Blessing purchased, new inventory for the vendors including, fruits vegetables. Spices, and, table, cloths and, you, can find more of our exclusive coverage, of the issues you care most about at CBN. hope. You'll join us next time.

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