Champions Tour [Hell] - Superstar Shakeup - WWE Champions

Champions Tour [Hell] - Superstar Shakeup - WWE Champions

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Hello. Everyone and welcome to another video this is going to be the hell mode for Champions, Tour Champions. Tour is, like, an appreciation tour which used to happen regularly but these days it's only available when there is a huge. Outrage. From the players if, they don't agree with some of the events or contests, or anything that happens in the game and. This, time rightly. So. When. We talk about the showdown contest that happened last weekend I think. This tour. Compensates. Some of the rewards that we couldn't get because, the milestone. Targets. Were huge the numbers were not. Reasonable. In my opinion as well. So. I'm just going to talk, more about it during this gameplay I'm just going to go through with this with random, superstars, that I, think. Is okay, and. And. Back, to. My workplace I can, make more videos now I didn't. Record anything from. The last weekend. Because. Just. By looking at. Just. By looking at the, first. Milestone. Which, was. Huge. Target. I. Think. We. Could have achieved that by playing 80 games just the first milestone in itself, so. 80 to 90 games which is huge. I. Couldn't. Even complete, that because I was kind of busy so, anyways. That weekend, he is supposed, to be forgotten, I think this. Is. Just. A. Band-aid. For. All the players. Who. Are disappointed with the showdown contest. Next. We have MS. Just. Going with sting for this one as well I think. This. Is the first time I'm doing a gameplay power. The. Stinger at four stars. He's. Going to bash, me with all those purple gems I don't. Have sting max nor his, trainers, are maxed, right, now not. Even his levels is just a premature, four, star. Not. Much of. A change from, what, his moveset was at. Three. Star gold. But. There's a huge difference between the. Three star gold more damage, and also, than the first half, so. The, area also has increased. Five. By. Five. That's. Good. Enough for me. Jinder. Mahal I. Don't. Know I think the blue moon make choose. Choose. Red. By. The way the trainer's amazing, arse NXT, Seth Rollins and. Striker. Austin. An. Extra set has, maximum. Training, capacity. But my, striker austin is still a two-star. Silver. Have. Not used my submission. Yet. Not. Required because the talent, is huge for sting against, these guys. Next. We have Bray Wyatt, Stryker. Normal. Moves at. Having. Migraine, jumps. He. Is going to go forwards, or blacks of course blacks. It's. Good that he has taken blacks. My. Turn. They're. Going to my finish. It for her for the first time. Doesn't. Have any help so. Tap. Out right away. How's. Next who's, next. Nakamura. Let's. Switch let's use someone, else. Let's. Collide. With. The power gems. Ricky. Steamboat. Alright. One. Anymore make power jumps. So. Many yellows on the board. Now. I already. Forgot that I made. Triplets. F4 star silver. All. Right he can make another Power Jam and Triple H will be at 5k so I will. Have to max, out two plates at some point. All. Right he started to make power John's I guess. That. Is, going to make black jams okay. No. He did not use his other move. Now. Let's just use the finisher and and this. All. Right that was Ricky Steamboat against. Nakamura. Next. Is Cain. Okay. Sami, Zayn we have at the node and also Brock Lesnar I, skipped. It, let's. Switch Ricky. Steamboat with, Razor, Ramon, because, these powerhouses will definitely, have red jumps on, the board. Ricky. Steamboat. Causes. A lot of health damage, and also. Health. Loss to himself so, it's, better to switch him out. Razor. Ramon, is. Not. Matched in all his trainers as usual I'm. Using sting, at, two-star cold. And. Undertaker. Anderson. For now. Geez. Arn. Anderson and Collins and usually make you confused. Instead. Of Carl Anderson I could, use, in there and I also need to max words in there. So. A. Lot. Of, prospects. That I need to upgrade I don't.

Know When I'll make, it happen. All. Right Brock lesner tapping out Razor Ramon. Next. We have Sami Zayn or, K. IND. Powerhouse. Cane. Sam. Is in I. Hoped. He would give me red John's on the board but I. Guess. I will too I have to wait for it. No. Purpose, as well. There. We have words and he takes it. So. He's, taking, away my dreams little, by little. This. Is going to make heel, jumps. By. The way last couple of updates they, made, changes. To the. Special. Icons. That, you see now they are clearly visible. And. Also your. Heel jumps well placed over the load jumps they are also visible. Obviously. I cannot show that with the Razor Ramon but I. Guess. You already know if you, have played, with any haegeum character. So. The last update has these changes. Which wasn't. Reported. Anywhere. When. These are good changes you could have added on the patch, notes or something in, the blog. Should. Have the update notes also. That. Is not the case. All. Right Sam again taps out now we have the power of, kin. The. Boss from the hell mode of Champions. Tour oh. He. Doesn't give me red gems as well. But. At least I have purple jumps. Nice. Cascade. It's. Going to take reds. Got, my rights that. Moves ready, I. Can. Level, sting up anytime but I am still waiting for that fuse of three star fuse up, slowly. Getting his shots from the showdown, shop. Little. By little it's, just ten charts but it's something. He's. Going to match yellows, and there are no matches, of his color so I'm going to do some. Purple's I guess. If, he doesn't have his gems he is going to take mine I. Think. This is going to end this. Okay. Now, start out and that is, the entire, head mode for Jack in store quite, easy anybody, can do this it's. Just. A compensation, for, the last, weekend. And. Overall. This. Tour, has given, us a lot of keys like, 7,000, or 6,000, keys and also a lot, of shake up Queen's shake up coins on, just the hell mode it is, over. 50,000. Shake. Up coins and also on the hard mode we had a lot, of shake of coins as well I.

Haven't. Counted these. We. Also got. Keys, for it for playing those and I think. It's a good conversation. And. The. Most important, rewards during the showdown, contest. Was the, four star silver tokens just. By looking at them I think they are not as. Common as it, should be right now and. It. Still. Has some time to be, I, mean. Lose its, exclusivity as. I call it because. I. Remember. The time when two. Star gold tokens were very. Rare now. They are not even looked at. It'll. Take some time to. Make, four star silver tokens look that, normal. Okay. All I want, from this is to start still have tokens so. Anytime. Now. Turn. Off one star world and. There it is six tokens, that's good enough I guess. All. Right all. I care about is the two, star silver tokens but. Six. Is, good. Enough I guess. All. Right time to end this video but before ending, this I should say if you are disappointed, by the last. Week's. Showdown, contest, I should, say. If. It stems. I mean, the reason why, it's. Was disappointing, is because of. Not. Getting the nearly released super star Vokoun Matt Hardy I think. I should say that. Newly. Released superstars, are actually. Treated. In this game as early. Access. Early. Access which we usually see in PC games, like. You. Have to pay, to. Get the stuff early, before. All the players and I. Think that's the thinking with the new superstars they, are going with I mean. Every, new superstar that has awesome moves and quite, frankly, the best in, its, class the players, are going to be spending, on him so, in. Order to get him before every other player does so. That's. The kind of. Desire. That. Players usually. Get. On and. Begin. Spending and, when. You don't have it I know. Other disappointment, I have done it like, two years ago and. From I keep. Bringing. That up because I, know. How it feels to spend, and not get what you know know what you want but. If. That's not the reason why you were disappointed, if the. Disappointment. Was because of the, crazy. Milestone. Numbers that we had on the showdown contest. And that is rightly so because if. You. Are giving, milestone. Targets, and the. First milestone, required. 8 to 90 runs itself. That's. A lot to ask it was quite gettable. But. The. Other milestones required, another, run. Of huge. Commitment. I. Mean. That. Was huge if. You, are, not willing to give away the milestone, targets at least reduce the rewards. It's. Not hard, to. Give. Us something, reasonable, and let. Us play and. Let us enjoy the. Milestone. Rewards at least which, are reasonable, from. Both. Perspectives from, the developers and up for the players I mean. At. Least they admitted in the. Twitter. Feed earlier. Today. I read, that they, are going to change the milestone, structure. And also for, the future events they are going to keep in mind because the player outrage has been huge and a lot of players.

Already. Say that they are. Willing to quit this game so. For. Me I, don't, take, this game that seriously, I don't field, I don't spend. Much I, want. To spend for the characters that I need and new, superstars I have admitted that several. Times before in my videos that, you, only have, so, suppose. To us newly released superstars. Are, directly. Going into my cannot have him list that. I have. Just. To make sure that they are not going to join my roster anytime soon I have to wait or, grind a lot just. To get them and. That's ok for me I mean AJ Styles, who as. Soon as he was released I thought I'd never get him I still have the screenshot when he was released you. Guys were to see it I just, place, it post, edit. Or. Maybe not I'll keep it keep that for future videos maybe a flashback, video or something I'll make it happen and. Now. He's available at the showdown so. You, never know. It's. Just. Testing. Your patience and. Anyways. Next. We. Have money. In the bank themed event. On this, weekend. Hoping. For the best and expecting. The worst. Just. To not get disappointed, but. Not. Expecting much reward from this this time around but, we. Should have something for. The, event. Anyways. Enough, rambling I think I should end this and, this might, take a while to end this so. Thanks. For watching I'll see you guys in the next video bye bye. You.

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Bhai naye phone me wwe champions old account kaise ad kare

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agar fb se old account linked tha to naye phone pe same fb account se login karo. sab progress update ho jayega.

they need to give us more

more is what we all want. devs, players. but this shouldn't always be one sided.

Yeah ma'n ur are ryt... That event is jst hk as crap... Me prsnlly got like 5 milestones nd wid the fuck'n shit we can giv get a one in the faction event i believe no one achieve that... Day by day this game is jerking.. #Scopelysucks✌

@Cra5hBuG thanks Bhai

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