Changsha Night Walk | A City Flooded With People In Holiday | 4K HDR | 网红长沙

Changsha Night Walk | A City Flooded With People In Holiday | 4K HDR | 网红长沙

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If you love pepper, you have to visit Changsha. If you love shopping, you have to visit Changsha. And if you love milk tea, definitely visit Changsha! Changsha is the capital of Central China's Hunan, famous as being the home province of China's former leader Mao Zedong and an important revolutionary base. During this year's May Day Holiday, it proved that it has turned into a popular new tourist attraction for young Chinese.

The city is turning years of internet marketing into cash. According to media reports, Changsha has for the first time become one of the 10 cities with the highest number of hotel reservations and one of the top 10 destinations on May 1. This is demonstrated by the lines dozens of meters in length of people waiting to buy a cup of Sexy Tea, a ­local milk tea brand that has become a huge hit on Chinese social platforms; crowded buses heading to the statues of Mao on Orange Island; and the highly sought tickets to the Hunan Museum.

Many of the old houses are currently being repaired. On the streets, there were local government notices explaining that they would rebuild the old communities while keeping their ancient style and charm. Not far from the hotel is the most famous shopping area in the city's Wuyi business district. At least seven huge shopping malls making up Changsha International Finance Square (IFS) are lined up on the main streets, a paradise for visitors and shoppers.

Visitors queue up to take photos with Companion and BFF, creations by American artist KAWS, sitting back to back on the top of the IFS tower. The statues overlook the bustling district and nearby quiet old communities being knocked down. Another taxi driver complained that he didn't understand what was so attractive about the statues. He said Changsha was not a busy city, but in recent years visitors have continually flooded in thanks to the marketing ability of Hunan's television station.

Hunan's main television station, known as Mango TV, is the pioneer of China's state-owned stations in developing entertainment shows, talent shows and homemade dramas, and make full use of the celebrity effect to promote local special products and culture, such as spicy crayfish and Hunan cuisine. The station itself has also become a tourist attraction for visitors, especially groupies. Their popularity has led to mixed feelings. Previously, there was a shop that sold stinky tofu, a famous Changsha snack with a strong smell that spread all over the street. Now, there is one shop every few steps but you can't smell anything. During the May Day holiday this year, tourists crowded into Changsha, which made its trending topic online again, with 5th highest passenger flow volume nationwide, the number of hotel reservations ranked among the top10 in China and over 30,000 people queued in line for a famous restaurant.

“Taking high-speed train for a cup of milk tea; waiting a whole day for a plate of crawfish”... In recent years, several viral hit restaurants in Changsha represented by Sexy Tea and Super Wenheyou (A restaurant full of local food)have attracted lots of people to visit Changsha. During the national day of this year, Super Wen he you, who swipe the Internet, offered more than 30,000 service number a day However, not only those fashionable places favored by young people are popular, the visits of all scenic spots and restaurants have set record. For example, visitors to the Orange Island have exceeded its capacity, and only those who made appointments were allowed to visit. In addition, Yuelu Mountain attracted 386,300 visitors. The above mentioned two scenic spots are among the top 3 in Hunan Province in terms of tourist reception. v

Tourists lined up for hundreds of meters every day at Hunan Provincial Museum for it to open. Other activities enjoyed the same popularity, for example the “Chinese Carnival” in Colorful World. This is only one aspect of the strong recovery of Changsha cultural tourism market after the pandemic. Changsha repeatedly became a hot search because of the considerable consumption on cultural tourism. experience the colorfulness and magnificence of bar streets; find different life sty le sand gourmet in midnight restaurant.

Nowadays, in Changsha, night life options such as “night tour”,“ night banquet”, and “night party” are becoming more various. All these made more tourists long for visiting Changsha. Vigorous night economy also made Changsha rank the first among “Top 10 Most Influential Cities of Night Economy in China”. Wuyi Business Circle, with more than 20 commercial streets and more than 20,000 commercial outlets, is at the fore front of Changsha's“ night economy” development.

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