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Hey. Hey. We. Pop the wait. For the rain to stop spinning. Honey outside, rim to the hell right - go crazy and wheels the shell-bed right, one, hit in the wind way bad day like try, counting to ten my team came right click, pots like hitting, every tick high, roll. My boy if. You ain't know now you know we do shit it see, why and why she fly under Finland you can catch me in the cupboard like running, through niggas, in the hundred true bitches come up in game terrific, my let me me famous, my hand is no sorry it's my language to make all of us Waldorf, Astoria is, my mother's key for these days you nervous today four out of five and I'm loving and perfect without me Chris, pretty lucky the board they don't take but to get see lovely okay on the top anything above me on the floor. One, trip with the blood -, indigo with a godly drop goodbye. With the ground. Fucking. Motherfuckers. From, POC or. Fuck. Yo. Yo, check this one out. Hey, thank, God I'm. Having fun in the Sun on, the Virgin Islands sip, that remi martan spark, in a filly having, a chick that can silly up in my suite the tele rubbing my belly who see the info over this Ellie increased, the income I need the credit to purchase exotic, portraits, and portions and want admission like most important, value, porches and flying horses, Corey killer, versus. Say. Yo I be in clubs where the gods will Bob to a nice tune, Virgil, in trees boots and tees be our costume, chicks, rockin down and care act up you out of there this jock you spend a hot beat and we howl a year pigeons, be staring hard sit and I swear to God some of them be thicker than them kids from the Terror Squad show. Love but don't slip don't cop I know Chris the only thing slicker than I'm rich cats a broke bitch. Bus. Down without. Looking. Sick sting will chill, Bob a gotcha yo. Shorty. Right here its feather walking, like she's on air we've been glam instead, I'm approaching, like I was their mission minded blunted. And go far my lady hey her actress to this upscale, Valko, Rouge Susie's, you're. On high in the park homeboy call that the anthem, this nigga late for work man's voice go swagger. You're, a Belles man oh. Yeah. I'm, actually on already huh do, ya, go fuck you man. No. No baby we going fuck, you and your fucking a, move on. Don't. Get your black ass over, here man you know you're late already, come, on late bitch your. Name cuz you're standing there talking steady get in the damn car bitch come, on. He's. Wetting is me and, a call. I'll. Be wanna. Fucking shitless at the plane taste me instead of looking now while his spit around these dumbass, niggas man, more. Than late now man get. You wanting dumbass, niggas I won't put in your life. Beside. One of them dumb niggas gotta recognize. Fuck. Up yeah a real trip home he's. Gone. Yeah. You laugh but. K. Went to scorching 98, still, a whole week outside Street rapper. Next. Thing you know somebody from the inside finally. Noticing Letterman, bless. Them with three radio airtime. Tell. Me this bomb nigga gonna make you mad tape enough man paper, try. To bring in two bitches to. Know.

That Nick country and, if he needs my ugly ass niggas. Fuck. Rap man, I think, that shit is gonna laugh, more. Man they could be back in the park in no time. Tell. Me the fucking work man. Shit. We are here. Big. Book walking not Olympic, rhymes in the building I hope he stuck his y'all frog feel all my nuts Jacopo, me and me a nigga the Snagit, are feeding the food it better back your gross. Yeah. I know what are you doing here got, it works on Saturday, comes in at nine o'clock it's, down near 10 o'clock I. Know. I'm late man and I'm sorry you. Won't happen to get me I know it won't happen again because you don't work here anymore. Sheelane, me often, not, layoffs so for union jobs you're, fired, a young. - are you seriously I'm. Serious, come on you're supposed to be here at 9:00 a.m. five days a week you come in here three out of the three out of five like 10:00 10:30 I can't have that. I'm. Sorry come on. Trying. To run a business here so letting. You go. The. Place is empty man, there's, nobody in here nobody comes in here the more income principle, of it 9:00. A.m. is 9:00 a.m. I can't run a business like that. Come. On man you're fired, just go I got, a business to run. Are. You believe me or for our Christmas, here name, a problem. You. Serious voice commands. Yeah, serious. Take. Care. Hey. Hey don't plate itself. My. Tears drag. On. The ground on. The ground, people. Want me see. The. Flow blow, like pebbles Dino, got, a bag from the channel. No. Jumping. To the Ranger. And for this you're like whoa, so more bonus hazel, my candy that's like that big girl in soap. A bit. Witness, the, streets never-ending, hitless, my whole life was like folk down and inches struggling, for yard it's called a bender carnage, problem solvers automatics, bust revolvers. It's a shame you can't dress for pain so maintain, is the game when the murder was raining I can't handle, streets, man with his drug killers, and vandals, and damn soon and this Lance can do now watch Nexus to perplex, but says project, vets the sweats get loaded with text I was groping down beats. In scopus air my local devil. Nice. Ass is, where you can rest in glass or, NASA. Gay old you should appreciate that you see that ass but, you can heave hips with, that ass okay to make that shit don't, you have a small ways it's, gotta be three-dimensional though, it, was in the caption, run right look like an upside down heart. Oh yeah. Yo. Sea, rescue overlapped, at the hips the little core and that was when you. When. You looking dead at the bitch in her face and you like you got a fat fucking, ass. Walking. Away, his. Wife sufficiently. Is. Great. Three. Take what I, need, to Toki. I. Just need you wait. Bullshit. Things out back fully equip rims, dip calling, his own shot. I. Figure, I'm just a product of the streets where, either you rider you bail and niggas got to keep the heat shit his bodies on sale never go where now like gaudy I'm dying in jail see Sammi ask the shoddy nigga hi he gonna tell stats the corpse with a body don't smell of jurors either make, you stop breathing in from you LM, chain-smoking, so I keep the aim scoping, like a sniper keep, your brain focus on so because you might just catch, a straight shot to the head eight shots then they flee I'm in the hoop DJ watches and bread. You. Know what you. Should try them on this, holiday season there are a lot of people I. Got, ahead working, fuck, a fucking mall but what about the ring we. Go through this more and, after that. Worry. Buddy when we get no we gotta worry about that now yo, she'll be on the road I don't, even want to talk about I'm fighting it. Fuck. You just say I'm pregnant. How. The fuck you gonna be pregnant when I pull out all the time, don't start, that sheet you don't always pull out all the time. You. Didn't rid of it I'm not getting three abortions in one you should go fuck me up yeah, ah fuck. You up. Fuck. You. Know you. Get no Oh we'll see nigga just wait just fucking wait. Bullshit. Oh. Why. Be just, a youngin with his gun took proper gets him nodded off a bird at 1 5 1 Barker, I'm from, the same hood it's that nigga funkdoc, turbine repping the south walk with him lil niggas block bus, children, that be missing like they have for cops, want like car leaf wishing, that they can stop us being rollin on being truck sitting on top of my bitches so beat we got a killer baby father. Got. Me to pump it all man. It's about to be on this weekend. You'll. Be. Why. Is that nigga ringing my bell for, you you'll. Be. Forgettin. It may be somebody you're not know. Nothin. You, know why right cuz, you've been talking about us that's why talking. About Oh what you talking about let, me tell you something, if your girl comes up to me I'm not gonna hurt her I'm a hurt - okay so, check yourself.

Y'all. Lost my job huh oh. Man. My. Bad my smartphone, man, you mean get down like that you're, failing. Sherri's, pregnant, oh. I. Got shit to do with that man that's. On you. Did. You check it out. Louis. Candy moiety is New. York. Paid. 1,500. Chopra, jeté. My, body's, and my ain't, nobody talking, about body image, you. Talk like that I even. Strictly. Trafficking. Look. Look. Look, all, you gotta do is take a package, that I watched in over here every. Other weekend, you, come on base test. If. It's that simple, why. You ain't doing it now. How do you think I've got my G look now. Do that shit all the time. Just. What shit is tight, yeah. Marshaling. That time, you. Shouldn't verge attack if you talk about you. Got no money, a killer. Away angry, got no job. King. Says. Who you see. That's right Oh. Abital. Bells on you, happy. You. Crazy patient. Of mine that came a, bit. Strong. Let's. Go. Why. Should. That be. Funny. Coming. Up now smart. Fucker from out the boogie oogie the mother this shit no. Became he popped the none of you motherfuckers up. Chip. See Ike saw Dave. BX. All day long ya know became what number, we give gonna road. Ready. Said yo. This. Is in a place all day, ok. I'm gonna know how I do it, boy. Nobody, want this more than me, 100. Wins no losses you, don't want war with P that's who I dare you to touch the champ slugs, and your girl bro make it look like breast implants, don't I need a wrestling, champ my mother thing and back niggas down faster, than ya mingun, how you blinking, when the hood is broke niggas, I put something hot to the hood of your coat snatch, your shine and cock the strap Lee your spot on the curb now you could say the streets got your back hey I got, this rattling, cock your models, to ask at the language on somebody's, good stuff to the top while hollows played tough case. You wanna breath phone about when you wake up come through black go and watch like Jacob, then we'll keep the things faces, powdered like makeup, no, I know that it's on my. Arms get lifted like I'm bout to put the Yoda right on blue, is the ball it's hard to off me for bucks like keep paying your body or pop up and Milwaukee. Yeah that was good starting with hitting your flesh say my name when you mention the best motherfucker. Okay. That's. How I do it okay, matter. Fact I got a genius anybody, think they wanted anybody. Home. Boy what. What the, worst nigga man imagine, you. Got your gun man you got no time for you bidding mas. Que ha. I, let this nigga beat. I know you don't want a battery oh my son, the Bronx up in there what. The. Undertaker I'm here to kill this rappers career talkin abortions that nobody actually hears, look flat man stop the robber I'm feeling the make the top five fuckin lies you Joe at smash like Cucaracha. You, on my nerves now I'm rubbing you bought the little string for your teeth only way you can floss and, tell me what to do if they made you my boss i watch the light turned green tell, you to cross only metal, on your weights must be your belt buckle the bitch could be your home and she still won't fuck you snitch cops make it look good when they cuff you never to block your hand the only thing you come from shit I battled English, I throw punches at your face two layers fucked up at your Tim Z's.

No, Better than a q-value me. Fucked. Up tems you need to get a whole new suit. Let. Go. That's. Some Vietnam blood. That's. Them dirt colored tins I've seen uh yeah. Yo, you ain't winget nigger don't move so fast my Tim's fucked up but they bout to look good in your ass. Matter, of fact fucking, metaphor nigga. Use the biggest chimpanzee. I ever saw this dumb monkey knew better he would have run from me I'm the one Humphries just a fuckin cum junkie, who, the fuck you rhyming, about you suck dog once you just put the mic in your mouth pull. It out and just wipe it about and show every nigga in here with you like in your house this. Nigga needs work eating them sees hearing eating it all I can see his heart beating through his t-shirt you, when your man need work with your weak first these trucks couldn't bless the track it but sneeze first, just. Like a killing, been ordered this fool was scared to battle so we sent them in to get smartest. Man. I had two done this bitch you'll, never forget PK run this bitch. Oh. Yeah. Just, like I told you man all them niggas out. Leaving. Big breath you're kidding fuckin pimple signs crazy Matt toes your. Became, Jordan, I told you to take leave, big Brandon man. Ate. That kid mate that nigga homer, you see them stuttering on the mic man telling. Them at all crowds your home y'all no matter how far you hike man i'ma show you how right it is right now homeless. -. You don't talk about you did that you know they don't, you'll be you my niggas life. Man, my life I told you hook you up man, you get Stinger on me course. Okay. So. This only like $700, here sir. $300. For managerial fees, mass no doorman. Recognize. Never broke into shit no. Doubt you with their, manager. Now energy, now it's all good that's. Cool that's. Cool don't, wanna, you you want Oh. We. Are cuties want. Way I want to rule. I. Mean. Isn't, long way if they want I. Roll. Though this, is Brooklyn you can't be knocking on the glass. But. You know that was cool the way you took, out that front door, good-looking, boy right where it was. Yeah, what was how was our pleasure. Now plan that know, our plan how, to do that. My. Man right hands one of the hottest rappers around, BK, you. Know they just don't know it go. To local spots, walk. In to have them wearing a funny hat looking like a chump and. You, know walking. Out of them two or three G's annoying, and now you know buddy - hey I'm Loretta. Anyway. -. Are we rolling to go. Back to our plate healthy Alma, I'm jasmine. That's, one girl Sierra. I'm. Dean. And, this is. Ami, way. You. Guys just relax we'll be right back. You. See najara, I had one I'm getting it you get nothing. She. Rocking like she, rocked the. Mind. Of like that I want to see if that myth is true, I let you. See. That I was going on being sweetness you sure and. So emotions. Is all about you. My. Mommy. Got in like that. With. That thang, air for cause he looks a little too hairy for me. You. Deep, not. Man. So. Young. Girl. Either. Where do you control some of the Health Care's I think they're in our plate. You. Look good all. Right here add suspecting. Is everything. All. Right coming up in a minute anyway all right. I. Know. Sweetheart, Shh, yo what up dad, a pep dig deep I call, you our new human, I come back no, no you got to give me a little while because I know how you do you'll be out in a second. Fuck. It above the dog hey pussy. Lovely, Hey. Well, fuck heavy bag. Busy. Busy. See. This, busy, busy. Veromarcos. You. Better be sticking a dick and place it on blondie, Kwan so you already got a fucking baby Andre. That's. What I've been busy doing, so. Be a lot more where that came from. How. Much more a lot. Don't. Play. You. Love you so much unity but ask me where I got the money for. Father. Ready, hey all that matters is you've got the money right. My. Live is lavished, so this money's my only habit rocking five karats my team come through like the average this, perfect, marriage to sex money and drugs affiliated. With dogs that bust nothing but slugs and soften in love so, for the dough I grab the mask in the glove nothing to fear but the Lord above.

Cuz His cash is my first love I know love's the secondary, my money is very necessary so. By any means I pull this game before the team I got big dreams I'm sitting in my soup cast as I've seen freaking, slide to exotic islands, the plane told me whining sitting, back while we watch out don't come another stimulus the rush. You. Gotta toss the salad. I. Have. A tree growing out your mouth. You. Can wash the telestrator go, wash your hands before to, go. I. Was. Raised in the cold streets but Young has known the whole heat so, hot a nosebleed were, mo beefed and groceries, heavy, in the game catching balling like that Cochise toe in heavy flames that be parlors for the police, stolen. Foe deep fuck, the rims take the whole Jeep but don't sleep resistant, get your pack wicked it go. Yeah. Yo, yo. Check it take this off, yo. Been. A long time since I felt like this you want pissed I'm picking up my pendant, sending a message no mercy, the, merciless pick he spit it sick like syphilis so specialist, giving his lesson, impressions. Convincing, been thinking, about doing my thing come swing with me I brought some things with me who want to hit me he, your shorty out shift spot my, my think, brain. Got. On that another. City episode. Unfolds, without a whole day by day we look like victims of our villa in the Seoul city streets criminal, passion possesses without the cash and giving birth to shit crooks people, do with a very fashioned omelet. So, that problem sir that's, a. Shirt. Oh. Sorry. Your blood yo. Check. Once. I begun god damn it damage, done spit like a gun BX. Where I'm from slung, in your slums got the party drugs up in the club get the love in this ball walk with a slow close to toast beef in the street he, stay on my feet stainless, sheets with a freak, speed crime as I Spit this yo, listen close smoke to the roads toke nigga talk I'm about to get loose. My. Leg no good stuff. How. Much man what's up with you now, you know living it up doing, it do some, beat you I haven't, seen you at your boy back at the pit since that night the, pit. Oh yeah. Ug. Megas girl yeah. Now. We haven't been back there in a minute a, man's. Going through some trouble we want some drama with girl, you know how I go mmm. True true I know how it can be I'm going through the same shit with my man - I never. Ever let that get in the way of my paper chase you feel me of course not of course not I feel you so you rollin up, got. Started tell me as, a matter of fact I didn't want you get inside so that I could talk to you. Talk. To me. Yo. Word. Is the. Trin your man set the whole thing up that night, I'd. Sure knew him, man had math skills the, true acted like he was whack so y'all can make bank hold on hold on wait a second, I don't know who you got your information from but now, be merrylegs, relax, yo I didn't, come here to question you man I understand, everybody, gotta hustle, and you ain't mad at you yo that's.

Why I'm here cuz I came, to offer you a bigger Bank. Bigger. Bang mm-hmm. I'm. Listening, I, want. You to bring your men back to the pit I'm. I have a lineup of not enough whack MCS, that I wanted to knock down one by one, when. He gets to the grand finale though, I want, him to take a dive to. The dive dad. For. That you. Want him get to keep all your winnings plus, to. Jesus, a thank you from. Me and G money. To. Jesus, and some cheese I. Run. A bomb and see what he says. You. Do that she. Let that nigga know though he. Said yes. He. Better not fuck us over. Fuck, you over. Love, God, I hear that. Well. Chubby. I'm. Great. She. Bounced out of here like two days ago, I seen, a sense and fuck real Bob makes his back baby, you. Know hell son. We should past. Couple of days I've been there handle crazy and writing everything, down written, but, just like, the past couple of days just made fire like. Yo I'm gonna kill you I'm, gonna kill well, I hope it's not too good, g-man. Invited us back down to the pit himself. Yeah. Would. You be check. This shit if. You're. Willing to take a dive in the grand finales. We. Walk away with $2,000. Plus whatever we make that. Keep. Playing with me right now, this, chance to make some real money D yo. I haven't, yo I have not been in here this. Apartment, just for three weeks writing so, I could just lose on purpose son, D don't try I'm trying to win this shit's not day these no come on man, the pitiful thumbs realize. That, everyone. Goes in there night after night betting, on these bullshit. Ass rappers round, after round nobody, sees big money except for the house, man. This way be guaranteed, you'll see dollars, even, if, you. Don't we, come, off like a fucking, sucker a sucker, with money in their pockets. Think, back. No. Come. On you're, gonna, be honest, and to accent, me right now like it's. Like all this is but. You. Want to make money. What. Do you want me to lose to me you. Know wow, do, dawn get. The fuck out of here help, no no, no hell, no son. Helping. I still my name out there hi Don my name I if I lose do this come on so you don't, be you you understand, you wiling, right now sir they do Tommy, don't. They did he listen Jay, mega got some money invested, into this man he's. Invited, Wesley, he's inviting, record label heads that, he shot you to come watch him battle at the paper he's to Center for production, deal van, dude. On has to win against a rapper the crowd wants to see win who's. Been holding it down you. But. You gotta take a dive know. Anybody. But dude dawn it, do. Your big day yo. That's my name I wanna live if I see, if you do this yeah if you do this I'm. Sure G. Maybes gonna bless you with a record deal after the production dealers, do trust. Me that's if he, gets the production, deal if he. Gets to put it's no guarantee they gonna come down there and they're gonna do the niggas corny. Son. He's. Yo. I'm talking to you Dee. Dee. Oh. -. Jeff - Jesus. Sure yeah. Let's. Run, niggas all. Day so, be real backing this man I knew it encountering, and WK. It's another new day we got a still a new ride and it's another new J looking, sweet on the curve, I couldn't, resist next, thing you know I'm in third next thing you know I'm in fifth you could call it a game not starred in love please pardon the pun but we all in the club so don't be mad you saw and fun it's just more rude to the game if you pop we won I collect, titles, and registrations. And got enough we're just talking. Y'all. Know what's going on right here we, got last week's win. This. Is the semi-finals. We got right here. Now. You know what, wins destroy, the king Vaughn. Alright go down. To. Buy the, winner between. Medallion. Oh and, decoy. Baby. Fuck, that motherfucker got. Money on that expose. It's, in one of them all fuckers. Did. You set up and shot he's probably gonna try to leave a ribbon-like. Team in I I'm solo right Bob fucking bitch. Suck. My dick computer. Swing I got had a speech right in my gun when, I'm hollow points a piece is an erotic unexplained. Corner. On a black horse we shoot the metal tab she can't up with the head car fitting murder a cop god fuck, wad hell of a singer my mother to the judge cry so.

Dude It is ready to shoot it if you didn't get all crazy mind to be nude austrack. Plus we didn't stupid offer than me sick of the cops up when they won't get gonna be in, the street he play dirty I keep the heat on me like a model, Jersey, and he stayed worried shit, I've ever tried no filling who OC and, they don't know from Canada, Oh eat while, I be shaken killers equip get into Colby I fitted, having your black with your boy. Don't. Mr. bean. Fuck. The head I can't fight it we. Don't hear that kids. Huh. Yo. Yo. I don't, fit his drag nigga I don't care what he be bout him talkin shit just me she will bleed new mouth you know nothing you don't know what maybe bout you're not shook until an infrared beam, booth house and all you shook I make noise and now you look you standing on a pop a pound look now you look it damn for blasphemy. I'm jammed for cash but you scared. Of pussy always, jab from ass what's, wrong, I guess you're going taste with your left palm your, finger is the only thing you get on no tracks no collabs, only reason we let you rhombus cuz you've known for life stop it no talking, over Seiken no biting my dick get off it no more fighting no biting your. Career might hurt and jeopardize, I thought ego I might give you one of my first is to memorize go, ahead take it you can have that black matter of fact you're not working, let me have that back to block working, stuff, read and pack that crack is not certain, if you, will I won't get clap so stay focused, everything, you say stay focused, this that. I. Got. Robbin, niggas whether, they were sold for killers what like a bullshit dime I was getting toast in my villa playing, oh he snapped back the light smoke my budding grass the mic I got enough skills the battle price you we've done is true that fee sucks laughing I'm a young nigga I bow for Deez Nuts i fried, nigga it's my time to get knocked over so niggas easy to cook.

They, Selling I'm bringing, here's a few eight six on the roller take know. How we believe that knows how I got, some shit like a pimp every four hours. Fuck, your skills I break your balls you never make the cut so how did you get that skull oh god you, soaking that gunplay, be the same nigga like see you at church on Sunday, you, keep friend its nigga don't warn me i spelling deli but I put a D on the front page motherfucker. Yo. Yo. Good shit do, snicker. Thought he had a friend, why the fuck the bouncers let this corner nigga in when. I get done they're gonna kick you out yellow nigga looking like your mom's pissed you out talking. Guns they got a to the farm what you doing here don't you got school tomorrow, I'm a real rapper chase you with a sword or catch and blow both your arms off bastard, so. When I see you later at the club I'll, be throwing bows your ass to be throwing Stubbs your, flows rusty, trust me you can't touch me got a rhyme over here cuz you're smelling on musty, now. I got two reasons to eat you one for being whack and two for smelling like seafood more. How you gonna see me son but the fuck type of the Lord is that seek a bum snicker. Catch beefy hide in this room, get it tight walk the streets get robbed by a guy with a spoon. I grab the girls slide the room my dick so big and look like I'm riding a broom and. Yo. Turn. Right are we gonna do something she cooled off about five minutes or so and we come back to the grand finale. Like. This is the rack you're quitting the dad I'm in with the flow and sick in the head flicking, the flag you understand, when I'm fixing this into. The legs flash, mid once with. A kick in the head good fuck. Oh. That's what you call missing, let. Off husband, kill him to come to your wait to go call the shipping which is the Gulf it's meeting she hopping on predicting, on the. Dome. With the head get it a job. Awesome. Hey. You. Smile. P. Will race I beat hmm, that's two good questions coming, up lat I shit you - good. Take. A hike at 145, fucking done with my side for just 145. 145. Pounds, 5 + 5 minutes of these different themes just don't. Oh, God. Okay, get on to okay. That's. Not. Right. And. You know why, we'll stick with eco lockers about baby balls for night. Join. The group of seven no. You're. Doing it toran it shows nothing. No. No I'm. Sorry they're not, it. Should, be me, got, skills huh, thanks. RJ. Mercy. I love to make flip the page stop your brains make it with the soreness change maybe your dreams I'm laughing at the street artists in monarchy not, exactly, not you're throwing through the grinding machine, I. Got. A grown man doing, some torn. Which. One is the opening that. 0:02. Afraid, of money. It's. Just the shit you gotta do for it some time. Later. World man got, a long way to go. Me. Ask you a question man a man. Yeah. Five thousand dollars to put on you do dawn. Whose, you put your money on. Alright. I'll write you hip hop junkies, y'all know what time it is we got the Holyfield Mike Tyson. Deep, which. Is rich your. Choice is. Doughnut. City in the house not in Jersey. Car thief capital, oh man. Who the fuck was this nigger date wanna. Smile. Shit y'all I tell them I. Think. These people set you up for failure when they put you up against me one, you a rapper and Duke Donna, MC dropping, lies that I have his mom's wanna French me to have a ass backstage, do another whiskey, eat a gay rapper that sit down to Dimpy tape his nuts after RuPaul. Mini-me, stand tall for this ass and fall down for anything, Don Rock bells he'd be quiet when I'm Cindy's ring see his ass real stiff is when I flows a real gift I can't see you blow unless, you start double for Will Smith, what, I rock is not less than a 10 now you believe, with the loss. First. School universe shatters I hate you whack first rapping stop spitting go back to being the best of the first action. You, were so corny, to me it runs like a little story to me it's so boring to me you think you HOT your georgia rocking you're falling you drop or grab over your socks my floor, with your box. Was. Rosebud, I'm. About to black out with sugar I bet bling Rogers got a warrant, I went to snigger gonna, get fat man you, should get you answer - am i distract, you with a burger hit, you with a backhand. Get. A bitch it was its location. The. Will Smith's McDouble. I was real bullshit, you pulled out back there man.

Yeah. I'll. Be my own man yeah, Brooke last man. She, will make up. About. Everything we have nationally. I guess you met oh. Did. You bet everything then. Cuz. She was the best to lose motherfucker. Know. How to play the game B this. Is the awesome. Russell. He. Said gonna be a man sheep, I cannot believe in your pocket. Probably. Why your girl squeezing your the Dan top good you the fuck up be stay. Up or fuck up. Fuck. You. Fuck. You nigga now, fuck you. A. Question in, a man BFF. Does, now to put on you do, dawn. Whose. You put your money on. It's. Not that hard man would. You put your money on you would be gone. Put. It all on me. But. That's, what I did. You. May call it that number and talk about some business. All. Right. Fuckin. Niggas we're. Fuckin. I, keep. Going back and. Keep. On, winning. Dollars. Oh. Who. LexA get shot, it is this cop nowadays. Robinson. Funny like Chris Rock you should try to play hot folks from where gig boxers would be a rap for the hockey battle enriched by don't, even try to occupy the occupy, you got a bigger than Earth can't tell if you're white or black he's will have to watch. Food alone without you. Get up get up, open bar make, you follow a shot we need raccoons on your face I'm gonna follow this guy keep it cool in summer but I do got hot a little wax forefinger, Peter Bradshaw figured, out a reply, ha ha, hey Brian, runs low fat and peas without using I admit I came, on board a favor boom another, copy of your own bootleg, to you I'll leave that thing Andy, billionaire. Believe it that mean you like running a bone in a piece of bread. It. Never, happened my point teach my own oh yeah. Ok, Oh jello, shot oh yeah, this happen here no, I just, have gone through this young. Nigga. Gone like an, white. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All. You, grip you toss phrases. Haters, but course, doctors. Gotta, statue, of course thanks but if I ever get you a part two part you limit, or limb from limb from in from income, think I'm done up that called cancer. Did you lost, you relax - it's like you just fuck you off you bitch you or two now be your bitch we'll all you can survive ever hit you Lawson, see you talking, these issues. Pistols, bargain, for do or missed. You apart with. The semi cuz I sit down Annie. More, and fucker if I ever see you I gotcha, red, dot dot you or pop pop pop you're my phone go go, baby, on your heart going y'all more casing, of Georgia, but Cisco discipline.

To Shit oh. Well. You're next, HIV. You don't come. Hi. Y'all. HIV. Man I, come. Out swinging, I'm fixing the back trying to take niggas heads off sniffing the track it's oh no no Joe put this in your back cuz you're in the back you ain't a thug he just listening the rest broke, hit me hard cuz you ain't got shit on me like an ATM card, so, for. The rap you won't laugh it on fuckin, suck yo dick our, basketball, I crushed competition. Where the bastard small I'm a gunner I shoot you just pass the ball plastic. You shouldn't see through your wife coming over oh she visit me too, I'm, breaking down the walls in the den and ya how he will block like my balls on the chin if clear the. Winner is me son and you fuck, with me if she wanted a three from bitch. Okay. Alright. Yeah. Girl. Is cool she a silly stunt tell, the truth wish your moms that I really want. Waynebow that is a joke but I bet I palm your mom's head why my dicks in the throat River. On the nipple take it to the crib where I add sound like a winner Tony did. This little kid off the sting I'm here looking like Jason, Kidd with a dr., C it's a slaughter I'm, gonna lose to a dude at a drowning three feet of water try. To get on me on some tall ship if you need a stepladder just, to sit on the toilet now. You're gonna get this brother cuz you so best colors I knew you couldn't be shit I knew, he was gonna lose when I Spit my. Rules. Of the game up in the pick right up get, 45, seconds, and this cat went overtime man. Sneeze cheetah but, it don't matter. No. Bullshit. Me. Oh. Bullshit. Yo then what happened think addy turn around he's robbing some. Anxious. I don't even know the fuck the nigga was saying something something, about Jason Kidd that's all I could remember whatever, and I'm saying but anyway it, was my turn to go I know you told me get that animal yeah she know me but y'all flips and shit about it girl yo. You know that bitch yeah that likes good chick right here son bitch is a whole side anyway, long story short after.

We Done I clearly ate the nigga you know Sam G. Mega or whatever came on stage these niggas yo came on stage and. Announced to the crowd without telling me alright and now to the crowd that nigga had cheated her going over this time so they gave it to me can't, be talked about that shit yes not. To go son Dawg you was dead side you saw me in that niggas career that night said that niggas homeless, then the girl left opana you put them in a group home yes oh I don't know me I don't know where that ik is that Bobby the girl. Ha. Ha. Swedish army Oh. Jerry. She. Ain't here ok. Stop. Playing man I'm almost told me and she's staying with you just. Put on the phones. Hold. On, hey man. Hello. Jerry. Y'all. I need some of that money back. Awesome. Pay phone they. Cut the phone or I need, some money to, put down to get the lights back, y'all. Have any lights either, what have you been doing, don't, worry about that just need some of the money back all right nigga. Ain't got no money for you the, $700. That I gave you it I told you to hold it for me you, know you ain't say no shit like that that money would monitor infest you you, spend all of it yeah. What was I supposed to do. Take, your broke ass down exclaiming, and you try to get a job of something they want. You. Come to bed what. You, don't have any money can't. Take it yourself, I know you want to take care of me, what, a Barbie. You. Don't have to worry about that anymore. You. Got rid of you no I'm keeping it just not yours anymore what. The fuck does that mean is it's not mine anymore I'd love your. Broke ass should be thanking you I took you off the hook and put somebody else on, what. You need to do is, they a fuck away from me and on the grant you any questions, that nigga even almost look like you. Fucking. Trifling. Bitch. Yeah. We. Live. Behind a guy what's up put it. Up. Gay gets me even Jamie. Try. Big, never kill them yeah I was living in the shelter now, word. Yo. Man listen that shit me I guess, a lot a lot of dudes don't like me so you know they spreading bullshit about him in the game homeless, yeah word. Still, got skills, I mean. Yeah I'm still spitting stew still. Doing my thing alright in one of our can. Let. Me hear something oh you, want me to come - nah I spit that shit on the phone who. You. Putting a nigga on the spot man I'm at a pay phone right now. I. See. All, right Joe check, yeah. I be. That brother. In the drawer it's never brother-in-law. And I'll be grinding till I'm signing album covers in stores, told. Their number right that fury provisions. On my assets, and bright-ass jury cops.

Wanna Give me tight-ass jury and prosecute, the kid in from the white ass jury, then. All my people see paper snitch, I rather beat my meat with a cheese grater I know without this heat you'd be safer but I'm a dirty bleep bleep bleep to the 3/8, you and, me stopping not, possible, hope you got more pieces in the hospital, trying, to be the baddest fish for compliments like. An Arab in an airport, manic wouldn't have it to give rabbit with ematic faggots, from get out of this get at it me here to make. You fuckers air walk spitting. Every bursts like you're trying to burn your ears off and, I can switch up my verse to pimping, like Ken I meet a chick by 10:00 I'll be in about 12 like my dick gotta kurtzman straight, to the booth one taken over her see you, filling that, society. That fight expect them hit that night button no. Well. I, am. Really fucking with the pit no more man I'm, trying to make some room. Is. That right actually. That's, why cool cuz um, my. Man had told me you know you'd be paying people the, ghosts right so. You. Know I feel like I'm tired enough to be the, front line nigga but I settle, for whatever you, know if I come clean and holid I'll, let you know. I'm. Saying, we talk about and see what we keep raggin. Looking. Good looking I'm, coming too all right. Baby. To another track. Baby. Look man I retro, rap shit there's no nowhere like, I mean studio times too expensive being. Here fucking around okay. So. Just like, be easy and I'll take a you later you know. Just. Give me Manuel. Just. Come in there let me talk to my people is very quick all right. It's. Not going to take you all over first. See. The bullshit I got to put out Whitman's. Giver I, think. I'll handle it though yeah I'm sure you would man would you like a kind of thing. No. No the exercise. Which, a rest naked, I fuck, out it I got. A girl for that day. Fuck. I'm. Saying so what you want to know, how at me about oh, when. I spoke to you on the phone about you. Know me like you know getting, to do to ghostwriter or even record a song whatever. His option was in the. Irish shit you spit on the phone earlier your, name wasn't as far as the shit you spit to pig but you know make, something happen I mean I got I got more shit but I'm. Saying you got, caught me off-guard, you know what Spitler twofold and all that, sir. Hey now. You don't on ones. Come. I both. I. Look. It's a father Ivan. Saying. Check, this, make. A run for me you. $50. In cash. Some. Studio time. Pretty. Turner put, the other cash, studio. Time. Runway. Let's. Race out of Jersey man just go or y'all go drop the package, get, a pay phone, let. Me know you delivered, it everything's. Good, they. Head back. Like. A nigga I could try smoke. Muffled. Fuck. With the info yeah. That's what's up. Man. This. Was good take, it now you met, some you have some ass. Yo. I need go for it like, the front no very soon, yeah. I'm. Gonna make it happen for you peep game stuff. She. Might come up and that's my speed my shut. Up I. Can't. Go free, but you can't get. The. Train. Will, shotgun, fukijama, say, just, replacing, the chick that selfish in class. Your stinky. Go. Dig one. Oh. Get the car. Rocket. Boy rave. Look. I know you're making it out to Jersey I'm. A transportation. Odd. You didn't say anything about him well it's your first vote nigga he does a lot of shit that are just not gonna say - you.

Fucking. Owe me just cool no do. Not call him you, don't want to talk to him till tomorrow morning he's calling him now he's gonna think you got flushed you trying to set him up and, you know what's gonna happen. Take, it on the car Omega. C. Threatening. Me cosmos, loop but, if the old fuck in, this car. So, are we going, take, your silly we. Get on a bus and, you want to watch it. Odd. You didn't say anything about fully, or washing. Maybe. You gone mad so you want to need-to-know basis. Okay so, put your fucking seatbelt on, let's, go need some cut on the upper some bullshit. Shit. With. You the. Fuck you thinking. Younggu, shuttle for man. Ok. My. Motherfucking, on J man here. For round here. For. Me. He. Just gave me the shit told me deliver it man I don't know nothing, now you deliver shit it I don't territory. Sorry. I'm Sergeant we'll go home me I just will go home they go no Evan in the fucking. Air, this motherfucker, man. You. Wrap me in the bag. Fuck. Me up some more and, then. He bounced, my. Time I got out to see this morning. It's, far more with our Hospital. To, tell people what the hospital, happened, some. Foolish about being, mugged, and. Jump. Before. They bandaged, me up or whatever I try. To call you but nobody picked up I. Was. Just trying to get back after I. Mean. Like it took all my shipment. They. Took everything maybe if. You took my bus fear, this. Loves at the hospital, she felt sorry for me. She. Gave me some money to get back. Maybe. The money from that drop now. Well. Yeah. I smoke that's my bag and but I. I. Know what the fuck do I know who he was you know saying he. Rolled up and shit off I. Couldn't. Just. Stuff. You know say like please. He's. Got me, it. Ain't your fault man I'm just sorry I can't pay you man. The. Money from the drop was the money I was gonna pay you with. Mine. But it's all it's, all fucked up man. It's. $200, man go. Get your phone turned on and, I'll call you if something come up other. Than that so, I could do. All. Right. In. This sports competition. Getting nervous like, an. Stopping. Impossible. You better have more patience, than a hospital, I'm the baddest English sports competition. Getting nervous like, an out of. Every. Way. That you can ask the. Only knife if you see people and snitch I'm at the beat mommy get a cheese grater I know without this heat you'd be safer, but I'm 130 completely. To the three. Me. Stopping impossible. You better have more patience, than your hospital, I'm the baddest in this sports competition. What, that should be. That. Shit roll. Roll. Like one awful done, the. Fuck happen to you. Take. The same trip you took four days ago down a DC. Figure. That shit out. All J Plato's. Seems. Like then they don't want to, fucking, pay us anymore to deliver. So. Right though sorry. Cuz. I got something coming for that ass. Gonna. Do a real slick, and slow. Nobody's. Gonna even know I did it. Nobody. In the know what you telling me for.

She'll. Gonna help me. Fuck. What, what. Happened now what. Happened to being a man handling, yours huh. Yeah whatever has control that talk so to call handle the news huh. You're. Gonna forward you what are you gonna do you're gonna go shoot him damn red you're gonna end up in fucking prison something. Like 15 years running, with the fucking nyet does that's. What you want to do, you. Wanna throw your fucking life away you go ahead you do it you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go back to fucking Winston, I'm gonna beg for my job until. He says yes come. In on time I go to fuck up. Dee, dee. Hold up. Hold. Up. How. Much you got on. Answer. That question ask me now how much you got on $200. Hi 200. Wanna. Flip it, the. Left man you want to flip it this one time fuck the kid from the, pay marrying about the pit soo, bahk Latin quarters next week all. That, new New York City's hottest rappers are going to be there takes, 500 dollars just to get in whether, it takes the pot the. Winner takes. The, pot. Beat. That Dee I. Know. You to do it. That's. Why I'm here. Don't even have 500, and she dude, of. Course you do man, look. $300. From the first time you want plus. Your to you. In. County. Bullshit. The, managerial. Fees. Yeah. Well I am. Your manager. Just. Consider it an investment. Are. You in a word. Second. Grab a me yeah. That's, a fucking dog. Barking. Dog, advice very, now. You're gonna take it this is real money honey, and your bag gonna be spitting fire, on own fat taking them all out one by one man, telling. You man is money in the bank teeth trust, me on this one man this is it this is the World Series man this is the last any man taking, it all the way man money. In the bank baby oh, yo. What, uh what made you keep the money man. Actually. That's a lie. The. Three hundred dollars RJ gave me to get my ass kicked down, in DC. Get. You three. On. The fuck only gave me to. Get. If I got in. This. Body cuz you didn't scream as loud as me yo. Get. Shocked if it's this cop now one day wrap, this with money like Chris Rock you should try to flip hot sofa, where gig boxes, over gear wrap wanna copy battle enriched body, don't even try the racks why the autobuyer yeah cuz niggas in alert and tell if you ride a black people, of the be to move, Illuminati, you, conduct cameras nothing but, make, you swallow a shot so many freckles on your face like a follow the doctor keep it cool in the summer but the hollows aha a little wet or flicker Peters back off nigga y'all no reply my pop-pop they, rioting, ronzo, back and please which I use a diet bitch I came, up on and saying the boom and sell a copy up your own won't take to you I leave that lien and please fulfill you never believe the dead Muse you like mining a bone in a pita bread.

Yo Yo, I'm assessing so bright man you so skinny when you hold the mic with your right hand you look like a mic stand, nigga, I'm like tan looking cuter with white you look like a crackhead who's abusing the pipe using, the mic homing the claim cake but he nmd they gonna help you gain weight nigga use the lame fake bless your Yeomans laws call you the head nigga like you the one in charge you were Lyons bums cuz you ain't come to battle you came to spread this needs that you're dying from it's called no skill and doggies no ill you ain't going nowhere like a car with no will nigga, it's no real the back slack precision trying, to battle me and a crack addiction, nigga you act for lifting knowing, is half the mission you'll get back position, next time ask permission, cuz you little dick what the fuck is you dick looking like a watermelon, on a toothpick, nigga.

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Very nice movie

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It's okay.

........this flick is so independent many sidewalk scenarios strolling within it ....eye with it don't stop so why should we .........DOPE MOVIE!!

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