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Chicago Auto Show 2020

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Get your first look at the flashiest. Wheels, ready, to hit the road there sleep there Salish lit the dazzling, displays, transport. You to faraway, places what's, there not to like about it and, get an adrenalin, rush on rides that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. We've. Got it all so. Buckle, up because. ABC 7 presents, the, Chicago, Auto Show now. Here, are your hosts Mark. Giangreco and, Jim, Rhodes. Hi, everybody and good evening I am Archie and Greko of ABC 7 along with my co-host James. Our Rose fellow. Gearhead, as always and you know what we are pretty much obsessed, with all things cars, and so for, us and for so many other folks this, is opening day of the 2020, Chicago, Auto Show and it couldn't come fast enough for me oh you know it partner this is the 112th, edition of this amazing automotive. Mecca the doors are now open here, for the next 10 days and. The mccormick place is just full of over a thousand, flashy new vehicles you can look at them touch them you can sit him if you're nice we might let you drive a few Drive one well maybe not you I got my you. Know we couldn't cover it all alone so we've enlisted some, of our abc7, colleagues, to, help you take it all in so take it away guys, we're. Gonna give you an up-close look at some of the hottest new vehicles making a splash here at the show from, hybrids, to supercars so stylish SUV, is alike this one we've, got them and I'm, checking out jeeps new take on the pickup truck, there's. So much fun to be found here find out our favorite we're, putting the pedal to the metal with heart-pounding, rides. Thanks. Gang along with all the shiny new vehicles. There are indoor tracks outdoor, rides dazzling. Displays in fact there's, so much that we rounded up a tour guide right mark hey we absolutely need one there's no better guy to help Tracy and myself navigate, this place than the new chairman, of the, 2020, Auto Show mr. Tony guide Oh. Cars. Are truly two stars at the Auto Show we have over 1,000, cars on the floor just like this brand-new Chevy Corvette I'm telling you people have been anticipating. This CH series for ever mid-engine. I mean it's screams sexy, and exotic for. Sure this is one of the most anticipated cars, at the show. Electrics. And hybrids are big at the Auto Show this year and, this is the first in a Mustang line blow away that's a Mustang, it's the all-new Mustang, Mach II and it's just a really cool looking crossover. This vehicle will get over 300, miles to a charge and, forget about the gas pumps. This, is the first time for Volkswagen have a test track here at the show and you're introducing, the all-new Atlas.

SUV, Well what, are we waiting for let's see what this can do on the dunes. This new track took tons of sand dozens, of cactuses, furs head cap top it, even has iot scorpions, and tumbleweeds. It's really, sweet minute, it, takes these boulders and they do in Seoul. Sitting. Too close to me he's breathing my air. Yeah. Then, it was time to try one of the fun simulators, here as we hit the Hyundai, racing, challenge and, I put five quarters, in here I hope that's enough it's. Just like being on the Dan Ryan without, potholes, the. Behind stone well I stopped to get a burger I think we got a winner I think once again and I just cleaned this claw. Alright, it, looks like mr. wizard just pulled up here what kind of a man is this it's the first-ever steam machine from Florida it's a transit, van it's, got a science, lab for kids I really want this to take on skubick right, up your alley full of hot air takes. Hot air to no water. Hey. Kids get fun lesson on magnetism, then, inside the van that's about kinetic, energy, captain. We need more power. My. Bike ride powered, the neon signs cool huh, hey check this out. For. Even more fun in Ford we worked in a round of bag. What, are you doing look at that shave those legs put, it on his head I'm gearing up for the Honda miles per hour here February, 16th right here on this show floor you, run as fast as you can for one hour and there's nowhere you, know what I'm gonna let you run solo because I got to run and get a sandwich. Run, Tony run, yeah. This place is so massive I hope you didn't have a heart attack over a million square feet here to park all these vehicles and, I got to tell you the ones that I really like over, 70%. Of the people who come through the turnstiles, here are actually, in the market for a car they're not just window-shopping well. I'll tell you what there. Are some beauties, on this floor here but while the cars are the stars the automakers. Have really stepped up their game to. Both while the crowds and show up their vehicles with some dynamic. New displays, I toured some, real standouts, on the show floor if. You build it they will come that. Is the hope of car makers going big to get consumers, into their booth the, games would raise a little bit if everyone. Around you is raised in your game you need to do so in order to get the people into your display Subaru. Hit it out of the park this year we, want to follow our customer whatever what is our customer do this, what they do they go to parks they go camping, we, wanted to bring a little bit of like that kind of life into, the Auto Show experience, visitors.

Can Wander through, 10,000. Square feet of the sights sounds, and even, smells, of America's, national, parks we, have a pine scent that comes in there's, actually fake snow you're gonna feel different cool breezes and it's, to create the environment once. You've seen the sights it is time to feel the love at the Subaru Pet, Adoption Center. A few. Steps take you from the lush forests of our national, parks to, the Arizona desert where Volkswagen, gives a nod to Baja, desert racing, Volkswagen. Also has a long history in. The Baja, desert race we want to tie back to that heritage it, is the first venture, into a test track for Volkswagen and a chance to get lots of consumers, in their new Atlas, the, interactive, element gives us an opportunity then for people to get a little bit of the flavor and character above you Camp, Jeep, started. The test track phenomenon, 16, years ago and is still going, strong it's, a great way to connect with our customers in a way that's authentic for, the the, Jeep brand, we call this our natural environment. Over. At Toyota, they're turning heads they, actually have a 360. Degree rotating stage it's, almost like a theater in the round for, the people who are seeing and viewing the stage it, takes everything, from high-tech. Innovation, to, magical. Landscaping. To make these booths come to life so if you're looking to take a ride a journey, or maybe, find a new friend, this year you can do it all at, the Chicago, Auto Show. Nice. Job there man listen we're just starting we got a lot more to come and we'll be back after this. Coming. Up Jeep, refreshes, a rugged, hauler and Volkswagen. Gets sporty, with a new SUV. They'll search out their top attractions, on the show floor it's, all still to come on ABC, 7 presents, the Chicago, Auto Show. Experience. The Chicago, Auto Show for yourself just buy your tickets using the official Chicago. Auto Show app and have your own virtual tour, guide in the palm of your hand be. Sure to download it before, you go. To. Everyone, at the Chicago, Auto Show, we've got your next category these are your nominees for, best of show best, exhibit. Doug. Herbert has made a name for himself as a drag, racing, champion, but, a tragic, car accident more. Than a decade, ago caused, him to change course. He. Was going too fast and he lost control of the car. Both, things. They, were killed instantly, right, on the right. They're. Losing. His two sons compelled. Herbert, to try and make a real change do, something, to help other kids try faith that, something, is called, breaks are you responsible and keep everyone, safe we're, a team proactive, drivers goal Herbert's, breaks program Chris crosses the country each year taking. New and student, drivers, behind, the wheel to teach them skills that could someday save lives and they. Do it for free break, set up shop at Harper College last fall and put nearly 200, teens through the paces. My. Boys were actually in this car just I opened from the minute that we saw the. Video and the pictures of, the car accident the team's take turns behind, the wheel with, professional. Driving instructors. In a variety of scenarios. There's. A panic, stop and, crash, avoidance training. All. These simulations, are aimed at chipping, away at, a very sad teen driving statistic. Car, crashes, are the number one. Cause of death, for teens I think. I gained. Me way the. Things they're doing here are not things that you get to do with, regular cars brakes. Has, brought its program to 23. States for more than 10 years now, we have trained over, 37,000. Students, brakes, graduates, are 64, percent less likely to get in the car crash in their first three years of driving 100. Percent worth doing I would recommend it to everyone, we know. And welcome, back to the Chicago Auto Show I'm Cheryl Scott here at Volkswagen a big name in the import, world but this impressive, midsize SUV, actually, made right here in the US in Tennessee, and joining me now to talk more about the Atlas crossbar, is John crane owner of Chicago's, own hawk Auto group thank you so much for being here Cheryl, it's good to be here I love. This car I especially. Love the color but also this style tell us about the styling, of this new SUV.

Well, The cross sport is a little bit more sporty, it's got a kind of a sculpted, look to it just, a little bit more rock and roll than a standard Atlas and it's, designed, to be a five passenger and, it goes on sale starting in March so we'll get in and talk to your VW dealer but it's still very spacious, in terms of cargo and passengers, absolutely. It's made and designed by tall people for tall people it's one of the biggest midsize. SUVs, out there what, about cutting edge technology. And safety with this SUV well. It even includes some, safety systems, called traffic jam assist believe. It or not so if you get stuck in traffic the car will actually approach, up to the next car and you can have, your hands and feet off the off the wheel and off the gas anything. Else what's your favorite feature of this one my favorite feature of this is the audio system of course it's got a Fender audio system and. The great thing about it is most. Wagons pretty committed to keeping prices, down and they do a great job with nice lease number, so you know you'll be able to get one affordably thank. You so much thanks for being with us now we're going to send it over to Tracey thank. You so much Cheryl and I'm here, in Jeep, to talk trucks, and this is the gladiator, Mojave, it's, a cool cross between the classic, Wrangler and a pickup. You know the Mojave. May give it away but, you, know this thing is really ready for some sandy, terrain or when you want to go deep into. The desert so joining, me now to talk a little bit more about it let me introduce to you JC Valen, hi there with. Jack Baylin Chevrolet, in the western suburbs a lot of Jeep owners know the term trail. Rated but this one has the first ever desert, badge, so, the Jeep brand is absolutely, on fire the. Mojave this is desert rated, the first ever desert. Rated, vehicle. Here, right here at the Chicago Auto Show and this is a world premiere it's, a world premiere, so the. Chicagoans, are getting a first look at it it. Is it is the most capable Jeep, ever made unbelievable. And a lot, of Jeep off-road lovers. Are gonna love the new suspension, the, shock right. So this Jeep has been tested, in the desert under, all the elements, wind rain all. Of it and it. Can go at high speeds through the sand, it's very capable. They've. Raised the bar once again I think we're ready for a beach trip what do you think sounds good let's, go well there you have a JC Phelan thanks for joining us tonight so here we go I'm ready for a beach trip but now I think we're ready to go over to the ABC 7 booth where, Val and Ryan, are take it away guys hey, Tracy, you're exactly right ABC 7 has it all both here at the Chicago, Auto Show it's our home base and make sure you come visit us as you enter the North Palm that's right on the weekends, you can meet some of your favorite ABC 7 personalities. Get a picture get an autograph, you know every, single year Val this, is really a highlight for our city and it's for us too because we get to check out the latest and greatest vehicles, anything. Us standing out for you oh man, a couple of things that caught my eye Ryan. But that's the beauty of the Chicago, Auto Show there's so many other fun attraction.

That Bring people out to the Chicago Auto Show each, and every year but you know what we did get a chance to crisscross, the Auto Show floor and pick, out a little bit of our favorite, yeah you know it was tough for me but I got a chance to experience this, thing right here that you're seeing on your screen this is the Ford Performance driving. Simulator, it's a full motion platform, with hydraulics. Which means you really get to feel what it's like to race against, the clock and a Mustang gt500, and you know Ford is known for using similar, tech to help their drivers, prepare for races Val I got that baby up to about 200 miles an hour oh well check out this baby right here my favorite is an institution. Around here it's. Camp Jeep show, open. For. This one and why not. I'm. Stealing Camp Jeep Mountain it's, an 18-foot. Tall rim, with a 35, degree approach and you see my face, it. Is really like an indoor rollercoaster and now we're going over boulders. That were built into the ground just to show you the stability of that Jeep that Jeep is amazing. You look like Macaulay Culkin, at home alone it was incredible, we, got a lot of fans out here right. Had a chance to, yes. Are we gonna take a short break thanks, for hanging out with us plenty more from the 2020, Chicago, Auto Show. Coming. Up seen Nissan's new take on a classic pickup. Truck, Toyota, updates a standout SUV, and see how some high-tech tools are helping pack plenty of fun into, the Chicago, Auto Show it's, all still to come on ABC, 7 presents, the Chicago, Auto Show. Hi. Shaco I'm ginger Zee from Good Morning America to everyone, browsing, the new cars at the Chicago Auto Show tonight these, are the nominees for best of show best. All new production. Vehicle. We, want them to experience what, makes the Porsche Porsche so, to do that we bring them out here, the, place is Autobahn, country club the name sort of says it all primarily. A private, Motorsports, club but, five times a year, Naples and Porsche Westmont, rents out this exclusive, auto, racing, club so it's Porsche clients, can put their supercars. To the test it's, a 15, year old Mapleton, tradition, all meant to thank their buyers. Instructors. Brought in straight, from Porsche North America, teach, the drivers how to wind their way through an autocross. Course the. Drivers, ultimately, make their way to the track where they can really push the limits of their supercar. The smiles on their face they're unbelievable, even, Porsha's, professional. Drivers appreciate, what a unique event this is for, a dealership, to host this is one of the finest, facilities in, the country it's like a country club we, don't play golf we drive our cars but, what a great opportunity to experience, the cars in their natural, habitat. One of ABC 7 zone took part in this special Naples an event to, phoniest, I obtained, hobby you're, learning how to take what they built and use it properly so you can enjoy it more. This, unique track experience also helps the naples and customers, feel, a little safer out on the open road once you can push the limits of the car you got more confidence, when you're on regular. Streets way above what ordinary, dealerships. Provide and for, Naples in happy, loyal, customers. Are really, what it's all about we, believe in the brand we, have a great facility we want to create a relationship that. Will have for a long time. Hey. Everyone, welcome back to the 2020. Chicago, Auto Show I'm here at the buzz hub. Wall, it is a 20-foot, wall that's right here next, to the abc7, booth. And this is basically where, you can see what's trending, do you know that the Chicago, Auto Show the nation's largest Auto Show trends. Every year, at number one year after year people see the beautiful cars and the excitement here at the Auto Show and then they have on social media. And they tell us what you think you can see this wall behind me with trends, that are happening right now in fact I want to read a couple to you right now this is from Facebook this, is Jason, who said I'm, so excited, for the Chicago, Auto Show 2020. I'll be flying in from Florida just. For this event I haven't, missed a Chicago, Auto Show in. 19. Years, that is, amazing and that's just the sample of what folks are saying about, the Chicago Auto, Show come on out and share your, thoughts about the Chicago Auto Show but right now I want to send it over to Roz. Here. You will find shiny, new cars to sit in you can ride, in one of more different test tracks but I'll tell you what automakers, are getting really creative when, it comes to, bringing that driving, experience.

To Life with some high tech experiences. And rides from. Virtual, reality, to simulators, I went, in search of lots, of interactive, fun. This. Is not your parents Auto Show. This really we got the bird's-eye view and, the front view camera. The, 2020, Chicago, Auto Show is filled with interactive, displays making. Your head spin with dreams of what could be you're. Actually, immersed. Into this different worlds, through goggles. One. Of the great things about the interactive, displays when the show floor is is it gives kids. Something. Else to do from simulators. To test drive I like that bird's-eye, view with the parking, so this way you don't tear, up your rig. Experiences. Okay. Let's, see if I am a safe, driver. Okay. Speed limits 35. 35. This. Is really just like a young assistant we want to make it fun but it's really based around our Drive takes a that and, based on their safe driving habits take it up to a 30% discount really State Farm is all about safe drive. Safe. Driving, yes video. Racing, not so much hit. The gas and make, sure you but really really hard around okay. Wow I didn't even make the first curve. Okay. That good, either. Clearly. I am NOT a gamer but that was a lot, of fun okay, so now we're gonna have some rugged, fun because we're over at Nissan and we're gonna take a look at the new frontier. Pickup, truck and I want to introduce you to Priscilla Melendez, and you're gonna tell us more about this especially all this power under the hood yes well first of all welcome to Nissan and we do have a brand new engine for 2020. You're looking at a brand new 3.8. Liter v6. 310. Horsepower which, is best-in-class, and, 281, pound-feet, of torque so we're really excited about that on a frontier, what, is not to like pickup so so popular and a lot of style of here - exactly. So not a lot of styling changes for our 2020, frontier, but there's a really, good reason why people love the frontier as it is it's just the right size it's known for its outstanding.

Durability, And. Its outstanding value as well and, this is a little sneak peak as to the, next generation, of frontier, so this will carry on to the next generation of frontier so say stay tuned for that very. Exciting, thanks for that little tease we'll be looking forward to that thank you so much well, in the meantime we. Are gonna check back with Mark who I think has moved over to Toyota what's, going on there mark, ROG. Thank you very much you know everybody, loves SUVs, they want to crossover that drives like a sports car Toyota, has decided to jump in with its highlander line with this new XS e joining, me now is ed Lucas the group, vice president, of Toyota in North America and a family friend by, the way I just found out I'm. Assuming, a that s in excess e stands for Sport Sports special, edition whatever you want it to be X, se is you. Know a pretty popular brand, with us into it and we usually use it for special editions, it's, really cool now it's, always been a neat model and Highlander is like an iconic nameplate, why a bumper, to bumper makeover. This year well we got a completely new, I'll endure the came into the market just now a Highlander, Hybrid we just started building in Princeton Indiana and, we wanted to build other variants, so that people say hey, Clara these are really cool features, and things you can add make it a little sporty make it a little more sexy so there we are yeah I would say athletic, it's really cool but you know you're gonna be hauling a bunch of kids and they got to plug in all their devices so if you accommodate, them so every single time we engineer any vehicle, that's family friendly that's, always one of the big things because we know that kids love their electronics, is fun BAM checks all the boxes that thank you so much hey listen keep your seat belts fastened much more to come stay with us, coming. Up Chevy's, iconic, Corvette gets a total remake, that propels it into, the ranks, of supercars. See. White crowds turned out all over the country to get a glimpse and, see the luxurious new, touches, to Chrysler's, classic, family, hauler it's, all still to come on ABC, 7 presents, the, Chicago, Auto Show. Experience. The Chicago, Auto Show for yourself just buy your tickets using the official Chicago. Auto Show app and have your own virtual, tour guide in the palm of your hand be. Sure to download it before, you go. Hi. I'm, Kelly Ripa I'm her friend Ryan Seacrest, - all the car buffs checking out the Chicago Auto Show these, are the nominees for best of show best. Green, vehicle. From live music and four-legged military. Fans have, lots of kid-friendly, fun and, mouth-watering cookout, spreads and of course cars there, isn't really a better way to spend a nice summer day while you lift up our men and women in uniform events. Such as these played out at neighborhood auto dealers all over Chicago this, past July we, are throwing barbecues, at over 150. Dealerships. Throughout Chicagoland. We're, just thrilled with a partnership that we can insight that kind of enthusiasm and, so, many hundreds, of folks out there doing things to give back it is all with one goal in mind to give our troops a helping hand by supporting, the USO, the USO, of, Illinois serves, over.

325,000. Servicemembers. And their families every year the USO, runs five centers, where servicemen, and women can relax or enjoy a meal the, UFL, gave me a place to go away from the base I will get out of the military for an hour or two it. Is no surprise that some of the most loyal guests, at these summer barbecues, are veterans, who appreciate, the important, mission of the USO there's, a lot of things to give back to but I don't know that there's anything better to give back then to the military folks, in our society there, is actually, a healthy, rivalry between, our dealerships, I have a bounce house I have a 50/50. Raffle I have a barbecue, I have a car show and, in Elmhurst, that, is exactly, what helped to bring out the crowds with, a rusty lugnuts car club showed off their vintage models, at this festive gathering local. Businesses stepped up and donated most of all of the raffle items here and all those tickets helped to rack up thousands, of dollars all, for the USO your money goes still good purpose, and I. Figured gee I still, needed I think it's great if there's the second year that the group has been here. The. Dealers combined efforts on all these barbecues, over the past summer managing. To raise a hundred and forty six thousand dollars all to help keep the USO submission going it's, just one more way Chicago's auto dealers rally, support, for the communities, they serve. Welcome, back to ABC, 7s coverage of the Chicago, Auto Show the 20/20, version, you know it's no surprise that SUVs. And crossovers are, dominating. The market and in keeping with that trend Chevrolet, is going big folks I mean really, really, big with all new versions, of both the full-size Tahoe, and the suburban, with us to tell us now more, about these two vehicles is Maria patio and Chevy left nothing untouched, Maria that's right she really created the SUV category in, 1935. With the industry's, longest-running, nameplate, the Chevrolet Suburban and you can see behind us the redesign, of the 2021, Tahoe and Suburban it, is bold sculpted, athletic. It has LED headlamps, an extended, track and wheelbase, even, an available dual exhaust and when you step inside you step, into an upscale quiet, cabin with premium stitching and craftsmanship. One of the things that I've always had a sort of peccadillo about is the size of an SUV but these big, haulers, got big there's more cargo and passengers a lot, more space we had vesting class third row legroom at 10 inches longer inside our Tahoe the, Tahoe also has best-in-class, cargo capacity behind.

The Third row with a significant. Increase of 66, percent and the suburban has gained 19 percent, overall, with a max cargo capacity of, about 145. Cubic feet again, best-in-class. We. Took tech to the next level we have a three liter Duramax diesel being, introduced, this fall which no other competitor currently. Offers, and inside, you have tools at your fingertips like a 15-inch, head-up display a 10 inch infotainment, system, and available. Twelve, point six inch seat, mounted, rear touchscreens that interconnect. With the front screens all told so very well Maria thank you so much, these, two beautiful, vehicles, here today, now these SUV, folks are big, heavy hitters right, now another iconic. Model is getting a whole lot of play here, at the Auto Show and around the world it's the first ever, mid-engine. Chevy, Corvette, it did not disappoint, and even, before the Auto Show began Chevrolet. Toward this much-anticipated car. Including. Right, here in our own area. The, name's been around since 1953. Once, you drive one it just sort of goes right into your soul, after. Nearly 70, years on the road the iconic, Corvette has never, lost its appeal nothing. Looked like before of that and I've always been in love with them this is the greatest American beautiful created right now and, 2020. Marks a massive, milestone for. The model with the arrival of the corvette c8, stingray. Audiences. Here at the show are getting their first glimpse of, Chevy, actually. Offered, exclusive, sneak peeks, we, get cross-country, tour in fact last. Fall the c8, pulled, into hawk Chevrolet, in Joliet, it, was something, that General Motors offered, to the lead dealerships, at our big mural, and Corvette, sellers, and we're one of the top there's. A line outside when I pulled up here I couldn't even park my car and I showed up early so that, greater. Chance meant a big crowd and Hawk to, see this american-made. Supercar. The, biggest change for the iconic, model is easily, its mid-mounted. Engine. It just gives a whole different, driving experience, that brings you to the exotic the supercar, level seeing the engine through the glass pretty. Cool. This, eighth generation vet. Boasts, zero to 60, miles per hour in, 3, seconds, and a price tag starting, at 60 grand gotcha it's no surprise Corvette.

Fans Just, keep get enough into, the reaction, this Wow Paul it's phenomenal. Also, incredible. This is jaw-dropping everyone. Pops it it's gorgeous. All I can do is like starett I would drive it out of the showroom right now. You, can see this much-anticipated. Supercar. For yourself, with a visit to the Chevy exhibit, right here at the 2020, Chicago. Auto Show I think, it's gonna be the star. Now, Maria already knew this but this is really the must-see vehicle, of the show it absolutely. This this is arguably. The most anticipated Corvette. In Corvette 67. Year history I've been following this for a long time through seven, iterations. Of this in the c8 is just fantastic why, do people love just, afford it I mean what's not to love but, this mid-engine. Corvette it features, an all-new LT, to 6.2. Liter it has a naturally, aspirated v8 engine. The only one in the segment and it is the fastest. Stingray. Production, vehicle, going 0 to 60, in under 3, seconds, and this. Unprecedent. Performance. Is starting, under, $60,000. That's outstanding Maria thank you so much so folks you've seen it it's amazing the 2020, Corvette let's go over to Christ I'm going to get in the car. Har. Come down off the space shuttle you buddy I am over here at Chrysler and what's the first thing you think of when you think of this automaker, minivan, right they created the concept over, 35 years ago continue, to pioneer new innovations, this, is the latest entry Wow. This is the Pacifica, pinnacle, and here to talk about is my old buddy Kelly, and right Kel good to see you again mark listen, I hate to call this a van because it's so luxurious it's like a rolling living room really it really is this is our brand-new pinnacle, as you said which is the highest and luxury nappa. Seating, and the inside has 97. Standard, safety features it, is such, truly, a comfortable, ride it's gonna be safe for your family we also offer our stow and go seating so. You can put the seats, the second and third row I love the snow and go and the fact that it's an all-wheel-drive. Band, it's, really, a great concept, we just announced here at the Chicago Auto Show that we'll be offering, an all-wheel drive version of this minivan later this year it's, great so you can get that on four different trim levels including this new pinnacle, but, we also offer a hybrid version so if you're more green and you're interested, in having, the capability, of both gas and electric, we still offer the hybrid you know what isn't fair though the kids can't really pull anything behind your back in the in the way way back there fooling around you have a thing called fan, cam, Sam. Cam how fun is this so if you're the driver, there's. A camera located in the ceiling of the second row that will look directly down especially, if you have a rear-facing car. Seat you never really know what that baby might be meeting he's sleeping or he's awake, so this is the camera that will look down upon the, passengers, in the second row and it will come on your touchscreen right, on your radio in the front of the vehicle, awesome Kel thanks so much as always thank, you all right let's jump over to our abc7, booth ryan valor standing, by, so. Much you know we've shared our highlights of what we love but you know everybody out here at the Chicago, Auto Show has a favorite, absolutely, want to bring in Myron here we were just chatting with him off-camera you're in the market for a vehicle what are you looking at I'm looking at the Super Bowl a saint, I love. The vehicles very sleek very nice it has all-wheel drive I really love it okay. Well have you picked out a dream, car like is there one car out here you, know it's out of your reach but you're like one day that's the one I want a rolls-royce color. You. Got good taste, when. You get one get me one - all right Myron want to bring in another Auto, Show attendee, what's your name Lauren, Lauren what are you looking at out here I really. Liked the new Corvette you, and. My father I. Mean. In, reality a Honda Odyssey would be nice but I mean that Corvette hey why not forget, about that out of see what color do you want that Corvette Oh blue. You didn't like that orange one. What. Do you think the best thing about come, out to the Auto Show is every year I'm, seeing. All the different cars there's, it's a very big family event they, have a lot to offer a lot of things to do. I really, like the Subaru like, the, fact that they did pro, at the National Park and they, had the puppies there so that was really fun you see a couple, kids over here where did he go where's that little guy go that wanted to be on camera I lost, them, oh there, it is.

The. Lamborghini and. How old are you have. Eight you're. Eight so do you know how much of Lamborghini cost a million. Dollars. So, when you grow up and make a million dollars what color are you gonna get your Lamborghini hello. Oh what's. The best thing about the Chicago Auto Show. Now. You can look, at that cars, that. You can look at the cars what's your name know when Nolan, thank you so much now only hope you're having a blast at the Auto Show I tell you what for all ages, enjoy the Auto Show and guess what we can all dream, we're, gonna have more from this 20/20, Chicago Auto Show stick, around. Coming. Up get, a glitzy, sneak peek of the nation's biggest Auto Show jeonhwa, refreshes, a classic, roaster, then, see, how to take a test-drive direct, from your driveway, it's. All still to come on ABC 7 presents, the Chicago, Auto Show. Hello. Chicago, Auto Show I'm Jimmy Kimmel this is Guillermo, we love cars, we've even driven them which makes us the perfect, duo to present, the next award here. Are the nominees for Best concept. Vehicle. We're. Coming. The, Chicago, Auto Show is the absolute, perfect place, for visuals. Like. Posting the Ford GT on Instagram we're gonna get a ton of likes on that people, want to share what they're passionate about they want to share those pictures I think it's just a really good place to get, creative with what you're doing with your phone I'm. Really excited to see the new Corvette I think I'm definitely the first amongst, my friends to see it so I can't wait to put this picture online and, bragging. Rights for that we. Deploy, a social, squad so you'll see them walking around with enlarged, Instagram, frames and they're actually rewarding, you for posting your Instagram, pictures so use hashtags, das 2020. And win prizes also, walk the. Bus hub is a designated, social, media space on the show for you can get by, the minute update on what is going on live from the show floor we also have a great Twitter feed that give minute, by minute updates, on where people can park so if you just engage with the show whether that's through our mobile app or through social media we can help you out. We. Added a Chicago Auto Show app to, help attendees, get the most out of the Chicago Auto Show not. Only can they get a three dollar discount of an adult ticket, but, they also can see all the vehicles on display they can see the show floor map it even includes a list of all the interactive, displays that you can do and even, has a schedule, of events so people can see what time their favorite celebrity, might be at the Auto Show the, my garage feature on the app I'm able to add all the cars that we like at the Auto Show. It's. Really a tradition, in Chicago, for a lot of families and we love to hear those messages, on social media people sharing their fun at the show this, is our first time actually to the Auto Show it's a great father-son, day out. Welcome. Back to the Chicago Auto Show right, here on ABC 7, where there are, 1,000. Sparkling, new vehicles, for, indoor, test tracks outdoor. Test drives and lots. Of excitement on this opening, day and, all. Of the crowds are, here to enjoy one. Of the great really, the greatest Auto, Show, in the country, and you know there is a way you can actually get a sneak, beat while, you sample, some of Chicago's, best, foods and the, proceeds go to lots, of great causes. Put, on your tux or ballgown. Bring. Your appetite. Your. Dancing, shoes. And be. The first to see the stars of the Chicago, Auto Show first, opportunity, is the annual kickoff for the Chicago Auto Show you see everything that the public's gonna see the next day the. Night before and a lot of great food and beverages on the show floor as well so it's it's really ready yes, walk among a million, square feet of new vehicles.

All While, they sample food and drinks from more than 20, local restaurants. They're walking around champagne, they're tasting all the great food from Chicago, the, great restaurants, they're there and. They can walk wherever they want to look at vehicles and take pictures there's, so much stuff that they can do it's a red carpet event just like it is in Hawley. 70,000. Pieces are going out just for the gala we're gonna start off on the belt, and we're, gonna run the petite arts which is soft brie and cranberry, and a savory tart we're gonna run close to 10,000, on these the hard work is worthwhile, because all. Of the proceeds, go to local, charities it's, a great great. Cause and a great function so I think it's important for the community to do stuff like this we have 18 cherries, that we raise money for over. The past 29. Years we've raised over fifty million dollars, charities, like the JDRF. A chance, to see all. The work that we're doing and. One. Lucky, guess, goes home was what, else a brand, new car, as. One. Of Chicago's largest, single-day. Fundraisers. Comes to a close the, real winners, are the charities, tonight, was fantastic we were able to raise over 2.8, million dollars for 18 local charities the people of Chicago showed, what, they can do we are so very proud of what they've done. Thank. You Tracy we've looked over to Honda and we're talking about a model, vehicle, that is wow it has been in production longer, than, anyone. Else that you can think of more than 40 years for the Honda Civic right 40, years okay so let's introduce you to Kevin key from Honda. From, brilliant Honda Subaru to tell us more about this sporty. Civic, very, sporty, this, is the fastest, production front-wheel. Drive vehicle in, the world this, is a new color for Honda this year it's the boost, pearl which is an absolute head turner they, also made a, nice, redesign, with the front brakes for a two-piece rotor, system, they, opened up the front drilled so they can bring a little more air in to cool off that engine it's, a hot car that was good I love, that color but it's very powerful to a lot of power under the hood it's got a four-cylinder, turbocharged, engine, with 306. Horsepower this thing moves and, it is so sleek and beautiful thank, you Kevin thank you okay. We're gonna head back over to Tracy and I guess you've moved over to Jaguar. Thank, You Roz well you know Jaguar has a nearly 100, year history of, rolling, out luxury, sedans, and really. Beautiful sports cars, well they remain on the cutting edge with high-performance roadsters. Like the f-type, so, joining me now to talk more about the makeover. Of this gorgeous sports car is head of product planning Ruffalo. Povitch thanks for joining me wonderful to have you here well I'll tell you what muscular, on the outside, but luxurious. On the inside. Absolutely, when, it first launched, f-type. Won the World Car design of the year and we're pretty sure that this one takes it to another level oh no, doubt about it but f-type. Drivers. Typically, they're looking for the speed right absolutely, and we're pretty sure this delivers, anywhere from 300, horsepower up to 575. You, can get anywhere you need to go as quick as you want good gravy, no kidding, what's really interesting just like you, know progressive. Technology. Is with, the software, your. Customers, won't even have to go into a dealership to get it tended to right no not at all we've we've updated all the electronics, and software everything, can go over-the-air now some.

What You have on your smartphone. That's just absolutely, amazing well Rob thank you so much for joining us really appreciate, your time here today thank you there's more heads stay with us. Coming. Up a classic. American muscle, car rolls out an all-electric. Model then, see how one luxury, automaker, is letting owners bypass, the maintenance, shop altogether, and see, how some Auto Show guests, are going, home with a furry, new, friend it's, all still to come on ABC, 7 presents, the Chicago, Auto Show. Experience. The Chicago, Auto Show for yourself just buy your tickets using the official Chicago. Auto Show app and have your own virtual, tour guide in the palm of your hand be, sure to download it before, you go. Amani, had called so look I'm looking up another store would. You guys be interested in being, a partner and you guys would run that story since, the guide old brothers opened up the doors of Arlington, Heights poured back in 1984. The formula, behind this family-run. Business, is one that terrorists, and we really, never ever ever had an argument I saw some of the great things that buy my dad was able to accomplish my uncle is able to accomplish I. Thought it was only gonna go to the right direction and, I was excited about getting it not, long after that launched two, generations. Of guy toes were growing, the business and grow, it heads, when. John senior, and Tony began, here they were selling, about 100. Cars a year and, now we're over 200, 250, vehicles a month which, puts us in the top ten for dealers in the Chicago market they're. There for you they just take the time to sit, and talk to you and make sure that your says but we're. Fortunate by when the President's, Award for Ford Motor Company for 30 consecutive years, the only dealership, in the country ever, say they can do that of any manufacturer. Achieving. That elite milestone, was cause for celebration recently. Family, held a banquet for their dedicated. Arlington, Heights 14. Another. Key to their success is reaching. Out to their community, we're, able to give back I mean that's what makes coming to work every, day is so special this. Dealership, has raised more than. $25,000. With, the annual USO, summer BBQs it, has helped raise. $60,000. For several, nearby high schools through the schools and, for, every test drive that they take, $20. Is donated up to a $5,000. Along. With giving back this, family gets real satisfaction, helping, people, become car, owned and, smile, on their faces with their new fare makes, you feel pretty good you're, helping people and helping their, families. And welcome, back to the Chicago Auto Show I'm Cheryl Scott well one thing in the market that is exploding. In popularity right. Now is the, hybrid, as people try to cut down on trips to the pump and hande just keeps improving it Sonata HEV. Look Vic NZ with me now to talk about the Sonata and solar, thanks. So much for being here. Talk. About this eco friendly technology, yeah so. It's quite unique for Hyundai where we've incorporated a, really efficient solar panel onto the roof of the vehicle that's, going to boost your mileage, it's, gonna give you a certain amount of extra free range every day which, accumulates, per year and that's in a vehicle that's also got some other really. Interesting features, such as our digital key where. Your phone will give you access to the car you, can share that key with friends and family and it's, all in a package that is as you say quite unique, awesome, going green solar, what about the, mileage how many extra miles can you get so. The combination, of these technologies, allowed us to boost the mileage by 24 percent so you're at 54, miles per gallon and from. Sitting in the Sun for around about six hours a day you're gonna get three miles free per day which, beats about 800 miles free per year that's, amazing and an awesome start right yes, absolutely. Thank, you so much - Luke Honda is also making news with an innovative program that simplifies, the buying process because, automakers, know convenience. Is key for shoppers. You. Just booked the test-drive through the Hyundai app or online and take it for a spin on your own time you have three days to exchange it at the dealership or simply, stop in two by taking. A lot of the hassle out of the process, and just making it convenient for you, another. Powerful tool that keeps potential, car buyers on the cutting edge is a Saturday, morning radio show on wls, a.m. called, drive Chicago, I when it's time to browse for new wheels there, is a companion, website that puts all that information, right at your fingertips, at, Drive Chicago, it kind of brought a ton of information all for one website we've, got reviews on all the latest cars that are coming out all of our viewers inventories.

Are Out there, Lincoln. Is shaking up things when it comes to servicing, your vehicle Lincoln's. New pickup, and delivery program. It means their clients, don't have to head back to the store for, simple maintenance when. You purchase a car the, pickup and delivery is, part of the four year 50,000. Mile warranty. Anything. From maintenance or basic, warranty needs customer. Calls we will set up a time that's convenient for them I can. Just get out and do, whatever I want to do and not have to sit in the service room. Waiting for my car to be done Werner, Tillman has driven Lincoln's, for decades but this new program, is a game changer for him he uses it every time his car needs to be serviced, now. Routine, oil changes, are a breeze they'll. Come, and pick my car up leave, me a loaner take my car get it serviced bring it back and it just makes it so easy huge, convenience factor, hypothetically. They could never see the dealership, again winners. Never without, a set of wheels and in a couple of hours his freshly maintained, and polished, vehicle, is dropped, off right in his driveway the convenience, of it is wonderful, I love it. Thanks. Cheryl for more than 50 years the Ford Mustang has ruled the road is the classic, American, sports car now they're breaking out of that mold and adding onto the pony brand with an all electric Mustang, maki joining. Me now to talk about this groundbreaking, crossover. Is dave paris sack of Ford and Dave I got to tell you something this is a pretty revolutionary departure. As we have not touched, the Mustang ran for over 55 years and now we're doing it in a big way all-electric, four-door SUV, okay let's talk about the battery first, how far can it go well, this is gonna have a 300, mile range and, we feel that that's where customers, feel very comfortable about that so. You've got you know anything 300, miles you know 300 miles on the church what about the speed like 0 to 6 3.5. Seconds, that are on our GT mom wow that's quick so. What's, the touring distance of this car you talked about it being 300, miles yeah you how long does it take to charge it up well you know if you're using a 240, volt charger, about eight to nine hours you get a full charge from zero all they have two hundred why was it important, for Mustang, to, introduce this into the world of electronic, vehicle well, we at board one of the lean into electrification in the big way and only four can bring the Mustang to life this way fifty-five years we want to celebrate a 55, more this is a leaning into the future we're adding a new pony to the stable outstanding. Dave thank you so much let's get the keys and go for a ride do it and let's toss it over to Val and Ryan. Jr, we were looking at that vehicle, and that might be balance new ride but we're hanging out at, 7:00.

But We've been meeting some fans taking some pictures with people it's, really a family affair. It's. Really a backdrop, a lot of other fun things that are happening here at the Chicago, Auto Show yeah last year this was a huge hit Friday night flights, it's an event that is every, craft beer lovers dream it, returns for a second year and for added ticket price gets gets to browse the vehicles, while these sample beers from, a dozen, local breweries and that happens on Valentine's, Day that. Sounds like fun for Valentine's, Day well listen pet lovers, listen, up subaru has, brought back it's adorable, adoptive, Pet events this is the first year lovable. Four-legged, friends, will be available, for adoption every. Day of the show right, and the Subaru loves pets this play how, cute. Is that you get a car and a pup oh man, that is tempting, Val and also, February, 16th. For all you runners, out there this, is a first, for the Auto Show it is the Honda rpm. Run you, actually get to lace up the shoes run, through the vehicles, it's a two and a half mile course so you get some exercise while, you're here too you know this is gonna sound crazy but that sounds right up my alley, so. You got you got running you got pets and you got beer and you got some of the latest and greatest beautiful, cars I think they got it all covered busy now you mentioned Valentine's, Day this might be a great date for Valentine's Day, to come down to the Chicago Auto Show listen, we've got a little bit of time to talk to some folks come, on don't, use, your charge, guy, here all, right oh here we go this, little one what's your name Ashley Ashley. Are you here with your family yes. What, are you looking at. What's. The what's your favorite car so far. Cheeps publish. Did. You do the test truck. Did, you survive it was scary right. Alright. We're gonna take a break we, got more from the 20/20 Auto Show come right back. You. Have bullying teen suicide, on the rise frightening. Realities, for kids growing up these days but thousands, of teens just looking, for acceptance, and comfort are finding, it at a true, oasis. In Orland, Park the, place rose, up and said hey we care about you and we love you and we're gonna create this place that you can call your own and you can discover, who you are that. Special, place is called the bridge teen Center they, can participate in, our program, they. Can do a culinary, demo a trades. Focused, program, and our life skills workshop, they, can just hang out and just be with their peer new, friends, I first started coming to the bridge teen Center on the middle school when I was bullied there's a great environment, just for me to be myself. Now. She has, returned to help run the programs, that help teens in, the decade it has been open the center has attracted, kids from 128. Communities, surrounding. Orland Park over. 8,000, different students, we've served some. Of the operating expenses, are covered with proceeds, from the teen centers neighboring, thrift shop but businesses, and community, members have stepped up to keep the bridges doors open, in fact, the, center operates, without any state. Or federal funding. Some, of that loyal support, has come from auto dealers. Car dealers is one that's been really, integral, for us the Chicago automobile trade association, recently, toured the unique facility, and contributed. To its mission and Benton. House in Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, even, offers, quarterly, vehicle, maintenance classes. For the young drivers, at the center, just, basic knowledge about Paris - they're not taught in school anymore, so and, it's hard to fix cars nowadays but kind of gives you a really good sense of satisfaction, knowing, that you're teaching them something that they could maybe use for, the rest of their lives. The Berg is a place for students not just to be but. To become. Maybe. Some 7s continuing, coverage of the 2020, Chicago, Auto Show another action-packed, hour go on like that Mark, Giangreco along, with jim rose and you know we've shown you so much of the show and our entire ABC, 7 crew is still out on the floor let's check in with them one more time. Exactly. No matter what new wheels you're in the market for they're, here like the Volkswagen Atlas, cross sport and the.

Cheap Gladiator, is shaking. Up the truck world you're, definitely gonna want to bring the family for all this fun bit hard you're gorgeous but I just love the rise. All right time now for a huge shout-out to our 87. Crew giving us around this fantastic, facility, there's all the wonderful cars in the traction and joining us now is Tony Gatto who's the chair of the show bill, Haggerty who's the co-chair, of the show Dave slow who's the general manager of the Chicago Auto Show a gentleman wants, to get a spectacular. Show absolutely. Tony you can spend the entire day here and really just lose track of time right that's right you know Marc but a million square feet a thousand, cars you may need two days and Dave a lot of people are in the market for wheels at this time why is this the place there is no better place on the planet to shop for a new vehicle and Bill you know we're just getting started here but the people are watching at home when can they come down they can show up every day starting, at 10 o'clock from Sunday until next Monday all right that's our show Martine, Greco and Roz and Val and Tracy and Cheryl and Ryan, I'm Jim Rose thanks for watching ABC 7s, presentation. Of the 2020, Chicago, Auto Show from a Cormac place. Hey. If you liked that video, be sure to subscribe to our ABC 7 Chicago, YouTube channel.

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