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Folks. Today in crossing south we visit, a hospital, specifically. Made to care for the children of Baja I also, put myself through some, dental, work oh boy, and it's coming to you right now. So. We've heard a lot about this place that's been in TJ, for a while helping. Kids. It's, a it's a specialty, hospital, that, deals, with infants. With children, the, children of Baja making them healthier making, them better. And the. Person behind all this is this. Nice gal right next to me rady doctor. Are, you doing dr. Elizabeth, Joe very. Nice to meet you, well it's really a story of a group of us particularly, a doctor gabriel chongqing, a pediatric, surgeon well. Acclaimed here in tijuana and we literally. Jumped in over our heads and we've been trying to swim to shore ever since right we, are the only pediatric. Medical, specialty. In northwestern. Mexico, where, we have several specialists. Altogether so we're not here competing, with the general, doctors, or the regular ones, we're here to complement, and to provide an additional, service. So children don't have to go all the way to Mexico City right or to, the US for, some, of those needs, then we have a lot of people that are donating, their services, here a lot, of volunteers, that are not. Most of our OBO know most, of our specialists, are not paid right Wow, for, the good of mankind dr., Chong is one and he was the. Pediatric, surgeon for the country, two years ago, and. So. We have some very, very qualified. People and, the Foundation's, the donations, if it Mexican money where does the money come from well, companies, in Mexico sometimes. Companies some, from privately. In Mexico, it's a little bit harder, because they don't private, people don't get the tax deductions you know and can people abroad donate. They. Can we have tax deductions, states, in the States in Canada and Mexico all, of. Them what, kind of kids are you teen care of you well. We take, care of T a lot of kids with surgery. The surgery does a lot, of orthopedics, a lot of ears, tubes. A lot of eye surgery a, lot. Of general, surgery, okay. Take us on a tour of the, hospital sure, happy happy - it's crossing South folks is the hospital.

In Funding, there's California's. The. Children's. Hospital here in Antigua, it's, crossing South Sea well this he's, a neurologist at, very very special. Very, nice we. Have many, children, with cystic with, cerebral. Palsy different. Problems and he's the, one I think there's very few things. There's no left to do you. Know things for, little kids like you guys are doing it so you could choose any field, and you chose this one so. Endeavors. Like this typically, happen, due, to nice folks, it, takes a self-sacrificing. Spirit, a selfless. Determination. And an. Uncompromising. Belief, that it's the right thing to do even. If at a disadvantage or, sometimes, a loss this. Playground, over there was put in by rotary, Golden, Triangle okay, and this, new one was. Donated. And then put in by a German. Engineer from, the United, States we've, had wonderful, people that, have. Helped us but. It's a it's an incredible. Collaboration. And. We still have this land. That. You saw so someday, I'm I can see nurses. Training center, I'm, at Ronald, McDonald, House maybe, a full-service. Hospital I, don't know but we can grow so, each of these squares. Yes. Okay so that really adds up to a nice mouth. So when you receive donations especially, from abroad, you. Know that that money goes a long way, yes at, least goes three times that's the least it goes but it goes up to 15 times, so. We have two more exam rooms here which I'm not going to open but, like. This place was my acute that, is four drawers I had four kids so we just i jumped, all this when. They left their stuff for the door thing was, her, own it, was her kids. My. Husband built that and, then this is our rehab, so, this is this is for fits, and rotation. Okay. Yes this little guy here I'm not sure what he's getting but supposed, to be getting something that he's not getting but. But. This. Is not busy right well there's one, one therapist, is working at saw. And. This it's, a happy it's a happy place you. Rarely hear a child, cry, it's a happy environment yeah yeah I mean here my kids would walk in here they go crazy running, I mean try to play with everything. Now. You have to go jump in the balls. We. Do a lot of Education, we really have felt that education is. The prevention, and. If you mean for patients. Families. The community. For, young doctors, I used, to go to the university to give lectures heck, now they come here which, is better because then they get to see Phil out of the grades they get to see what we are and they, guest expose it. Lousy but I do yeah I just. Got back from speaking out doing, a lecture in Mexico City and, we've. Seen five hundred thousand, consults, here, and. Done, thirteen thousand surgeries, so this. Is pretty well held up for a, building. That costs, us I think it was 1.7. Million. For this building, it. Cost yeah. Thank. You dollar goes no far yeah. So. This, is obviously. Your dentistry. Area. Yes and we chose me ordered, two more chairs to, go here so we can expand, the. Number of patients, seen but. This is they, do a very nice job here, and they do a very good. Job. Of not. To. Intimidating. No. They don't they have a very very nice way of working with the children that isn't causing our problems, anxiety, we rarely. Hear, them cry. Or, agreement, for their lives. So, there, you have sensitive, dentists, here who who. Are, empathetic, with children yes they're, very very. Good what yes you have to like children, to work here we're just opening up hopefully. For. Orthodontics. What is this it's for therapy Wow. This is why you didn't see more upstairs, isn't that's wonderful, because. Some of these kids can't walk and, they can't but they can feel free and, move here.

Yeah. Well it has to be. And. My department, keeps. All these nutrition, messages around. These, are bathrooms, and this, is our social worker, because. If you can't pay it the price you go there and she, determines, quite sure what's, your priority. And. This is a lot of rotary equipment. Here, a lot. Of this. Donated. And. These, and the fifth this. Is the top-of-the-line service, yes it's, not you're. Not compromising. You. Know that what is it shiny eye service, is that the one in San Diego oh oh they, have a place in here and their doctor comes here Oh. What. Is this club this is ent. Park pretty much your nose throat part. In here okay. But. It's miss of London is the company that I bought it they pay close attention to a lot of the details, so the environment, is, pleasant. For the little ones. They. Are also equipped, for major surgeries. So we, wanted to see that side of the hospital three, doors to, the right in that wall down there are the operating, rooms a lot of years lot of eyes a lot of plastics. A lot of orthopaedic. Plastics. The wood plastics. Facial. Cleft. Lip palate. Man. Deliver, things ear. Formation. Too, many fingers, toes, let's. Say you brought your child you, come in here and your child would go in here. Yeah. They put anaesthetic. Here and get, them all prepared, then when they're ready to go they go through these glass doors to. Them, to. Which ever, room the, one two or three wherever they go till, we open this no we. Can't go. There. They're. Pretty careful. On. Sterilization. I am going to give you a peek here though okay this. Is the recovery room and, then, we try to have them out that door so, your child coming in the front door doesn't see mine going. Out. It. Scared yes I can. Remember. You, don't want to keep kids. Contamination. Is possible, even as clean as we are. Okay, the Rotary Club from. Torrey Pines collects. The. Animals. And the different things that, people have one and don't want, oh really, and they give them to us I think they get half - rabies and half dress in this last year we got 2,000, so, every, child that goes home from surgery so. They go home with stuffed toys they go home with a stuffed toy this, is candy bodies and they do the all. Of the necessary. Radiology. For, Shriners. And for our patients, and then, even for adults they're, willing to take them to Tecate, for. PET. Scans or MRIs, or things, that they'd like I think they suggest. It's about 22 minutes, transportation. From here to there I have to show you on our roof that we've got the only health message, on the roof, any hospital, I've ever known with, the Apple ball with the Apple of Health and the jump rope okay, it's. About 18 feet tall oh I, didn't, miss it doesn't look like it up there getting it up there was a real. Challenge. Well. It's a beautiful place you know from landscaping, to architecture, it's, just a pleasant place to go to. 50%. Or, more, psychology. And it, is you know what it's true if you're not stressed, out as much as you might be it can make a huge, difference in, the treatment and. Compliance. Of a patient, you know what I was read a quote from the, American. Journal of Medicine, a hundred-year-old, quote and it. Was that a calm heart can. Heal. The body like, like. He said basically 50%, maybe. More like the the, positive, outlook could. Just heal. The bodies I. Think in nutrition, it might be 95, percent and. They'll cry sometimes, when they have to go home Wow. Okay that's that, means you've got a good job, well. Dr. Jones it seems like you've got some, special going on here thank. You I will, congratulate you for that and, good. Work okay thank, you it was very, nice to meet you well thank you it's always, a pleasure to let. People know what we're doing and hopefully, give. Everyone, a chance to, join. With us and be a part of this wonderful help. For children all you shouldn't lead doing that and, folks, it's. One of the many things that make this place special and and, dr., Jones has certainly contributed, to that the children, of Baha will be forever grateful crossings, out folks don't go anywhere more to come so. After spending time, with, the wonderful. People of this, Children's, Hospital, we. Decided to explore some. More of the medical services, in the region. We. Hear figures, that over 10% of the visitors to Baja are here, for medical reasons, now that amazes. Me and. These. Travelers, aren't always from border cities they. Come from all over the, United States and Canada. Dentistry. In Baja from what we know is very, frequented. By American, patients, we. Decided, to dig a little more, how. Is dentistry, compared to, the states in Baja. In general okay one of the men thinks is the, price again, no, there's no time, and the second people really, want to have a service. In a place where they be treated like a person like you do me more, contact, with the doctor not too much to the people, in front and they are in seventeen and they come to the chair in the doctor work ten minutes and God yeah they want to participate they want to be sure they want to understand, what they need why, they need we, need to go back to the back seat we treating people we are dreams and we are and, understanding.

Their Feelings, and emotions and we listen to them what they need we can accomplish them the. Majority, of the business in the city comes. From the from the medical, tourism because. From there they need. Hotels. Restaurants. Taxi. Pharmacy. And then, they go to the doctor to the eyes everything. Meaning. The subject. For a while and I'm glad we finally got to I didn't, realize it was this prevalent, it was, this predominant, so pretty significant, to, know now. More curious, I want to kind of dig deeper into it it's crossing South folks don't go anywhere people. Ask us if there, is some kind of medical, or dental association, which, a good doctor should, be a part of from. What our team has researched we, didn't find much in the way of associations. But it is good to confirm, your doctor has a valid, license to practice, for. Future, reference I mean if you ever go, down apparently. A license. An old license, for instance nothing, the doctors old, but apparently. Old license says this honey looked like. I said, which is called a Sybil, that means you're licensed, already they, look at the newer ones look now if you have a young doctor in Baja, they, should have this, kind of settled life that's, right here with. So many options, for a dentist, it's really hard to decide we. Asked our viewers what, method they used to find a good dentist across, the border it, seemed like the most common response was get. A good referral, sites. Like Yelp seem to be helpful in this way but, disclaimer folks we do not endorse any particular medical. Professional, we, suggest, you carefully, research, all your choices and make your own decision. With that said let's. Dive in. Anyways. Dr. Martinez, offered to show us his clinic and dig around in my mouth a bit, I fear, that once I enter I'm no, longer going to be blissfully. Ignorant of, treatment. That I may need please. Don't call me aunt identites. But. Please does, anybody actually like going to the dentist. Well. Let's just make this, cup. Half full situation. Shall, we starting. With the medical, questionnaire. Signing. Lay my life here are, you trying to get pregnant no. Do. You use controls, I was in OOP, like. If yes explain I. Shoot. Up my. Drug. Has been food unfortunately. You. Think or have anything any friend. Finn or redux what is that. No. Finn, Finn now, what I'm looking to those. Like. I don't. But now what I look at, if they're so probably. To where you have them in your. In, your entry, you, know question yeah. Hey. Yes. I. Think. I think it's a pretty. Unanimous consensus. Right that if we could avoid going to the dentist if teeth could just be pretty on their own I think, we'd all avoid going. But. I wanna try to do that for it for a moment I'll try to do that. Okay. How you doing I do, my friend pretty good so now you, have me in your clutches. Okay. Says light. The. Light that he shines from his heart it's. Too bright well I mean not sure the shine, medical. ID so, he's gonna be these these, specs, here these shades. Which. Is like a green a very, dark a green hue, on. The inside. So. That's. Why I look like The, Terminator. Alright so, I'll. Be back so. Do. I look ridiculous. Ah. Let's. See open wide, and, turn, to face a little to me okay, thank you. You. Know I can't stand being in this position, if, here comes that crazy, sharp, hook thing but. After all they did talk to me a lot than, effort to make me feel comfortable see. My hand they're clinching.

The Armrest in case of in, case of pain to hold on for dear life I. Escaped. Unharmed, this time I. Reminded. Myself of, the importance, of healthy, pearly whites, doc. I need. You to help me there's a lot of food to be eaten in Baja and I. Mean good choppers, for that is that a relaxing, flower it looks like. It. Looks like a prehistoric, insect. Just dropped, and squashed. They're. Saying I need braces are, they how am I gonna look on TV with braces oh. Boy. And. Here's where my ignorant, bliss is shattered, by reality, and the. Main problem, is obviously, this dude with the diet big decay today right need a. Minimum. Rebuild. The tooth in a crown hopefully. You know needle cannot but you need it so I guess you're confident. Enough that your, procedure is so. Relaxing. That. I'll get, my beauty sleep in, and. Take a nice little nap right. All. Right, all. Right folks I'm going under. I understand. That schooling, to become a doctor or dentist in Mexico is different, than the u.s. one, can go straight into medical school right after high school, reducing. The time and cost for becoming a licensed, practitioner, perhaps, that's a large factor, as to why there are more doctors, per capita in Mexico. Compared to the US and lower. Costs, for patients, like me I've, even heard that students. From the u.s. go to medical, schools in Mexico to, save significant. Dollars on tuition. So. They took stuff out they put stuff in they drilled stuff out and, patch things in the. Tooth grinding sound, resonating. Through my skull woke me from my beauty, rest. Right. On my mouth a little bit now so if I speak differently, you. Know why I think. They stopped me procedure, wait what's going on like he's, first no. My. Mouth was fully open, and I was snoring yeah. I. Can. Go to sleep very easily, so, I was, relaxed like it's good I guess, that's a good time you, know of what they were doing but. We were not done I still, have something to be done. Way. To figure what's that thing, what. Are you doing with. So. The offer to give me a deep cleaning they're like we're, gonna stay behind this, protect, the face shield while, we neutralize, the situation down there. But, that's not all, be. Not afraid boys and girls this, part of the episode is called the, whitening. Yep. They put me through the gauntlet I had never had my teeth whitened before and it showed. My. Teeth really won't know what hit them, first. Blasted. With ultraviolet, light so. Then dr., Evil's, red laser came, out what's. The bottom line I wanted to know if my teeth are whiter or not now give, me a big smile. I. Wasn't. Done yet after. Getting the basics, I wanted, to know what else was available as. It ends up I could. Be a good candidate, for a tooth implant, the, doctorally. Explained, to me the procedure and filled me in on. Some, of the latest dental techniques, available here, in Tijuana it, was quite fascinating really, enough, so that I agreed to go over and get some 3d, imaging done of my, jaw for analysis, this, is probably part, of the process, to, get. An implant. Scanning. And, we'll see. Just. Like Star Wars I. Felt. Like I was abducted by aliens for, strange medical, tests. Look. At this thing, imagine, it's spinning super fast and me transporting, up to the enterprise. Wait. A second so you're saying that with this technology you, could print my whole skull yeah. Sure. Do. It. That's. Me little skull there, watch. Me bones right. You. Can make a pirate flag off of that I. Know. This ain't mine, please. Just give me a sample. To. Be you or not to be that is, it I questioned. To. Have a print of your skull. And. You know you weirdos, out there you know who you are 150. Bucks that's. Pretty good deal right. Anniversary. Gift break honey. Happy. Anniversary my, skull. Who, knew that dental, technology, could, be so much fun. Like, I said before I can only speak of my experience. Meeting, some of the people in one, of the noblest, of professions here. In Baja and it makes me think of what other nice folks will meet the, next time we, draw south. Silence. That. Land. Like. To know more about the places you've just seen maps videos, podcasts, and, more at crossing, SOUTHCOM. We, also do Facebook Instagram, and YouTube.

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$150 for a 3D print of my skull! That should be a thing in Tijuana. Tacos and 3D prints of your skull

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