Chinese Food Tour in Yunnan - AMAZING STREET FOOD and Ethnic Feast! | Yunnan, China Day 1

Chinese Food Tour in Yunnan - AMAZING STREET FOOD and Ethnic Feast! | Yunnan, China Day 1

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There's some very, very interesting dishes. That we got and the anticipation, build up watching them cook all of the dishes in the kitchen it, was breathtaking can see the chiles mixed throughout and they added some citron pepper I think. It's. Absolutely, spectacular. When, you come to Yunnan when you come to Dali, this. Is a dish you. Have to seek out. Good. Morning, I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in Dali and Yunnan China this, is day one of our Yunnan food tour that. I'm taking with Zuba tours a big thank you to Frank for setting everything up today, we're gonna be meeting up with Liu Shi and she's, gonna take us to. Especially focus. On the, by ethnic. Group for, Chinese food. Food. Tour today. We're. Heading first this morning to a place called Chi Joe and we're. Gonna have breakfast, there. That. Was about a 30-minute drive but it was a beautiful, drive passing, by the mountains, and villages, and the, mist. Absolutely. Gorgeous scenery. Yeah. People. Before. We get started eating I just want to quickly introduce you, to Lucy. She. Is gonna be our guide, in. Dali and she's, very knowledgeable. About food, she, has a cooking school yeah my cooking squeeze called the rice and the friends rice and friends yes okay and I'll leave the link in the description, box she. Knows a lot about food, so it's a it's an honor to be able to hang out with her and to walk around and eat okay, let's eat mother, uh-huh and selling the same thing since she was teenager girl, so us whatever yeah. It's like absolutely, my favorite it's my. Telling, this since, she was a teenager right here in the same place yeah helping, her mother Wow, yeah most. Of you just want to ever find. All, right yeah. ASCII I also get her to give me extra cheese. Like. A job. Actually. Extra. Chili is always okay for me. Oh. That's. Fantastic oh it's. Like you. Can taste that it it has that like kind, of starchy, texture. To it every, now and then you can taste little bits of peanuts you can taste the dried chilli I got a choice even that bite oh it's, delicious and you can tell it's really kind of filling, and warming. Mmm, I like. It it's really nice and goopy. This. One is with the the hardened, pea. Cake. And then, also with some noodles and also in all the same, lots of the same seasoning as well it's this fully, fully, coated in that that chili oil and sauce so this looks kind of like a slur pers kind. Of a dish. The. Vinegar, in there is really nice definitely, a totally, different, texture. From. The porridge you, can taste all those individual, noodles and then, the hardened pea porridge is. Yeah. It almost has like a tofu texture to it I. Really. Like the noodles. Hmm, I can. Also really taste the pickled radish that, she had in there that adds another like vinegary sour component to it this. Is delicious. Family. That runs it is so, friendly so nice they. Really loved Micah, too and, we, are on our way to go, eat something called Baba next. We've. Arrived to Lucy's, favorite, Baba shop and Baba is this, it's like a bread, circle. There's both sweet.

And Savory, and we're, gonna have a chance to watch her make it before, we eat it. Can. You smell mini, pizza or pita what an amazing place there are three type of de baba over, here, and, firstly is like this this, is like the plain baba the dough is made from. So Roskam, sweet. Red bean paste and, wrung, sugar. So, impressive, to stand here and watch as he makes this this. Traditional. Kind, of a pastry, at a chinese yunnan pastry, and the dough is very. Good. The. Dough is almost it's, so. It's. Almost like runny dough and she adds in a handful. Of lard straight, lard which provides. Some massive, flavor I can guarantee and then, fall there now she's adding in some minced pork and, some. Green onions. Oh. Hey. Be a mother. Amazing. How she is, able to work that dough and because that dough is so it, has a it's elastic it's almost like elastic like rubber it's amazing, how she works that dough and oh she she's, mixed in like, multiple. Handfuls, of minced pork and green onions and and. Then just flattened it out and then she balled. It up into like almost like a cinnamon, roll looking, piece. Of bread and then she added in some more part pork and now she's rolling it out into like that, pizza shape and that, is there. It is. And. Now it's being brushed with lard also. And. Is the the charcoal, at the bottom, and then one is the charcoal at the top and so he said it was getting too hot, on the bottom so he transferred, it to the to, the the bottom the, bah-bah-bah. And now, he's Fanning that flame. And. Now that the charcoal is of perfect temperature he's. Cooking. It both from the bottom and the top so then the Baba. Is just stuck with in the middle and it's just getting, heat from all directions. Y'all. Are. Salty. And sweet this, is as fresh as could be you wanna really just pull them out of the oven, I think I'll go for that sweet, version first the bread is still steaming it's, really, fluffy yet it feels crunchy, on the outside because, of that lard and then, on this side there's there's more this is the Rose. Jam. Although kind of squeeze go. Oh there's. Red beans in there too sweet beans in there whoo oh. Wow. Oh. That. Is awesome, it's so hot it's so fresh, it's like. The literally. The perfect, consistency, because, it's, slightly. Gooey but, crunchy, crispy, at the same time and you've got that sweet, inner filling and it does have a little bit of a like, floral. Aroma. To it. Wow. So, while perhaps a Western pastry, would, use butter. Too to keep it flakey and moist this, uses just pure lard that pork which you've sort of mixed in as well as there's. Some on the top on this piece, depending on the piece that you get.

That. Gooey crisp, eNOS contrast. This. One you can taste the meatiness of it it's actually rich because there's so much lard in there. Wow. So. Good, so that's lard to write. That. Baba it literally almost has like the, flaky, crunchiness, of a. Kisan but. Instead of butter it's all lard. That. Is just, sizzling, we're having one more version and this, is a very special version, this shop they only make about 20 per day so, you got to get lucky too to get it and, the difference is that the, dough is made with caramelized, brown, sugar which is mixed into the dough rather than just the plain dough and so you can color. It, actually looks like a giant cookie. Very. Hot oh yeah I have. Some molasses, flavor from that roasted, brown sugar. Thank. You, have. A great trip. Okay. Oh. That. Like sets a a new level for a pastry for me old days ba ba ba ba all over. We're. Walking through the streets now and we've sort of transitioned. From the old town to, this looks like we're in just a giant flea, market with everything. People. Are selling clothes, and, tools, there's. Fruit there's vegetables there's, Chinese medicine, and herbs and there's tea stalls, it's. I think I think everything is available at this market that you're looking for. This. Look like gigantic. Lemons. Place. You could it's, just action-packed at this market. I'm, just fascinated we'll. Fish. Out of water, when you walk through the market you'll see all sorts of different exotic, looking mushrooms, and flowers, we're. Walking through the chicken. Station, right. Now, and. We're, on our way to go to a place where they're gonna make the famous. A well known you ninnies type of rice noodle. Squeezes. Out of that grinder, it definitely looks like intestines. That, are coming out what's, totally different and what sets this type of unities very, unique, rice, noodle apart from other rice noodles is that they use a precooked rice to. Make this type of noodle so so you can see all the rice around here it's already steamed, rice and. The, steamed rice she sticks, it this is actually a heading. This is a an old-school sausage. The. She grinds the rice into a case, good, no well if she's actually redoing, it against. They're a couple of different times but. I have a little taste, yeah is like a dough almost, like playdough texture. To it. Well. That's. Really gummy. Right, now it's flavorless because there's no flavor in it but they. Make a variety, of, different shapes, out of it so they'll make thin strips for noodles they, make it into a block and you can like hand-cut your noodles they, make it into a paper thin sheet, which. I think is used almost like a pancake but. It's so diverse so many different dishes can, be prepared, from. This type of rice. Delicacy. Preparation. Okay. Nice to meet you. The. Family business they make cheese became that courtyard. Back here it's filled with textiles, it's, really. Really, picturesque, back here and so he's gonna demonstrate how, they make a traditional, unities. Cheese. Using. A wok and then stretching. It out. In. Most, parts of China dairy and cheese is. Not common, or non-existent. And so you nun is one of the only provinces. In China where you'll find a traditional, form of cheese and there's a lot of history that goes back possibly. It was introduced, by Mongolians. Yes, to this area to this specific. Area. Like. The ad something. That comes. Very. Greeks. Very. And, he's. Usually big chopsticks, and very, smooth, look. At how. Strong his. Subordinate. Are fasiqun, so Sonia. Participated.

Totally, Wrapped he selected it to the boudoir and. This, is where it's. Different from Mongolia. So. The yellow pieces like that okay. From. Here you. Can grid and you can keep Friday and tonight, we're going to have a salad, made from this okay, I'm gonna have a chance real fast to try making, some cheese stir, it in one direction slowly. Until it separates. I've. Never used with my thumb like this ever, oh yeah, oh man, if you're not good with these thick chopsticks. Your. Cheese will come to a melting, point. Okay. And. Now you just kind of delicately, work it with your. Okay. So, you got to stretch it oh we, got a couple holes in my cheese and. Then and then. Wrap it around you, got a little bit of a holy cheese Mike, cheese didn't turn out the most pretty but it was a lot of fun trying and now we're gonna move over to this little corner and try, some of the cheese, in. Different, forms, and styles. We've, got two different types of cheese this one is just the fresh cheese like kind of like the mozzarella, that she, is that I just made fresh and then this one actually, was pretty cool how he made it he took the dried cheese that, the one that dries for. A day and then he. He. Filled it up he he wiped a layer of rose jam, on, to it and then he drilled it over the hot plate raveled, it up onto, a chopstick. Too to make it turn into that, spiral, and you can see it's kind of crispy as well. Kind. Of has a. Yeah. Definitely a dried cheese kind of flavor to it it's kind of mild in cheese, flavor and, then. You taste that rose gem and then it has that smoky taste from being. Grilled. And bubbled. Oh. That's. Really nice that's a great combination that's almost like like. Eating cheese with a cranberry sauce, almost, and then, the final one we have here is deep-fried cheese, and you can see that that, bubbly, skin that almost looks like cracklings. Deep-fried. One, is. A little bit it's. A little strange, it's. Kind of dry and kind, of tastes like actually. Sugar. In it. That. Was a completely, new. Type, of cheese, experience. And both. In the making and in the style of eating very. Very, interesting, in wooda what, a cool courtyard, we jump back in the car we're, just kind of kind of bump you were driving down the cobblestone, road but. From here we're driving, to the village market. This. Looks like a pretty cool market, kind of on the side of the mountain and we're. All gonna see what we find here this market is so cool because it has such a community. Mountain. Feel to it people from. This entire little area, community. They come here to, socialize to sell, things that they specialize. In. Another. Great market, oh so. Much to see so many smells, so. Many, colorful. Ingredients, there's, food. Cooking, there's, fresh ingredients. Okay. Something. That's very common, in the by ethnic, culture, culinary. Scene is pork. Sashimi. Completely. Robbed pig and so she is slicing, up some pork. Right, here that's all gonna be pork sashimi and, she just cut me a piece of the skin it's kind of like a little piece of chewing gum here. That. Is kind of like a piece of chewing gum. Okay.

It's Actually quite awesome though it's, a very leathery, like. Extremely, leathery. Kind. Of like blubbery. With. Some chili oil that could be really good. She. Gave me another piece in this one I'm reaching, in. You. Can mix your sauce but since, we're just kind of standing here eating I'm just gonna eat a little bit of that chili oil on this piece of pig skin. It's. Definitely interesting. It's. Pretty good actually okay. With that chilly all that. Makes it better that's for sure this is some pretty hardcore eating, you're right here just straight-up, fresh, pig just, one minced up you. Get a piece you get some slices, of the fat you get some minced. Rob, Pig and you get the skin the. Skin was pretty tasty but. We're actually going to go to a restaurant, or lunch right after this that. Was a very cool experience. You. Don't know what it's. Called a chicken, mushroom, because it tastes like chicken. Does. Kind of taste like chicken, it's really really flavorful. The. Market was very cool, especially the lady who served me the raw pigskin, she, was amazing. We're, now off to go eat lunch. We, just made it to the lunch restaurant and, we're, in the kitchen now I think you can come in the kitchen. The. Fridge is full it just looks like a rainbow of colors they're flowers. They're mushrooms, vegetable. Very good things are happening in this kitchen we. Have. This. Pine. Needle. You. Can see yourself in the screen. People. And you none are so friendly, to check. This guy out look at the gills on that mushroom and look at that blue color if, I didn't know this was edible I would definitely think it is a dangerous. Mushroom. Now, he's preparing all of the dishes that require, a walk and, his walk skills aren't just, impressive. He just flies on that walk on and off the fire it's, roaring like a jet engine. I think. They are done with all of our dishes they have cooked everything that. Was one of those meals that you watch being cooked and it's just breathtaking. Oh nice. Most. Of the dishes that we ordered these areyou Nani's, by dishes, the, by ethnic. Group, and there's. Some very, very interesting dishes. That we got I'm like, actually this is, one of those meals where I'm starting to to shake a little bit because I'm so excited for to taste all of the dishes and the anticipation, built up watching them cook all of the dishes in the kitchen it, was it. Was breathtaking I got a little taste test a little teaser of the skin back at the market so normally, throughout China. Especially.

Pork, Would be cooked pretty pretty, well done, pretty pretty thoroughly, and I, my. Mother as Chinese and my Chinese. Family, they. Have. Often, they. Always indicate, that you you really need to cook that pork well-done, this is the exact, opposite. Of what, you've been told about cooking pork all the way through this, is pork sashimi that, is just straight-up, minced. Pig red, meat and then I'm gonna go ahead and dip this in the sauce and you can see the sauce is just loaded, as well it there's lots, of dried chilies in there there, you can smell the citron pepper I. Think, there's probably some vinegar and maybe. Some sesame oil in there as well. Oh. Oh. That's. Delicious it's, definitely raw raw, pork you, don't really taste the rawness, of it because it's doused in that sauce and that sauce, is just a, complexity. Of chili, you, taste the sourness you, taste the. The. Floral, kind of citrus, enos of the citron pepper in there the sauce is an absolute must that makes it crazy, good. Mm-hmm. Oh. That. One is a little less chewy. Then. I one add the one before that almost has like a a little, snap, to it and this, is an eggplant salad, so they fire-roasted, the eggplant and then, they peeled out the insides all nice and mushy and and beautiful. And then they mixed it with some dried chili flakes there's some herbs in there and the. Trick the the secret of this dish is he, added a spoonful. Of lard into the wok he brought it to a rolling. Boil and then just poured this all over it and then they mixed it all up and so that's that's, this dish it looks absolutely. Fantastic. It's. Kind of served a little bit cold. But. That's amazing. You, can taste the smokiness of the eggplant you can taste the dried chili in there the, herbs are mixed in there's green onions there are there's. Some cilantro in there too next, up this is also a really interesting dish which, is a pine needle salad, and Lucy was telling me that this. Is one of the only species, of pine pine. Tree that is that, you can eat the needles that are edible they blanched the pine needles and then they mixed it with a bunch of spices you can see the chilies mixed throughout they. Added some Szechuan pepper I think and then again I think he added some lard to this as well too for the dressing, of course. Immediately. The. First thing that you taste is. That kind of like aroma. That you smell, when. You when. You smell a pine tree but, you can taste that in your mouth oh it's. Wonderful, and then the. Needles, they. Have a little. Bit of a crispness, to them, then. You got all that that flavor from the dry chili okay we've got some broad beans which, are also stir-fried. Excellent. Now let's have more of like a silky, texture rather than a starchy texture Yunnan is so famous so well known throughout China for their mushrooms. All. The mushrooms are really really tender mushrooms, are there literally like meat for the depth, of umami. And flavor that they can provide. An. Amazing. Feast and this one is just a classic stir-fry, he added in some dried chilies there, are some are, they spring onions or leek. It. Has such a smoky. Wok taste it's a little oily and, delicious, absolutely. Delicious and one, more dish that they kindly. Offered. Us gave us is a snail, salad. Hmm. Well. That kind of like pops. In your mouth it's not even chewy actually, it's more and, more again it kind of like snaps, in your, mouth without being without, being elastic. Easy at all. Okay. All the food is incredibly, good but, I think as far as like uniqueness. And by. Like. Cultural. Dishes. This, pine-needle. Salad. Is one of them one of the highlights of the meal right here along. With the the pig sashimi, of course. It's. Absolutely, spectacular. When, you come to Yunnan when you come to Dali this is a dish you. Have to seek out okay now I'm gonna move back into the pig sashimi, and I'm. Gonna make, a bike that counts. I'm. Just blown away by. This entire meal, the. Flavour of chilies. Is so well pronounced, the. The. Natural ingredients the. The, herbs that they use in their cooking, I love, the mushrooms, I love. The naturalness, of this, entire feast and. Just. How they've, made such good use of. What's. Local, local. Ingredients, and I, think that's what makes this. Food and this meal so incredibly, good as, well as just all, those they. Cook with love here that's for sure. I'm. Very very happy right now. Wow. That. Was just an, absolutely.

Stunning. Meal I'm, a little off-balance after. That meal that, was a crazy. Good, meal okay, say thank. You. Thank. You. On. The way driving back towards the old town of Bali we are stopping by our high lake this, is a beautiful. High, elevation, like the, water is is gorgeous. And it stretches, really. Really long if you look at a map this is really, a long. And narrow Lake and it's beautiful. Scenery another. One of the iconic landmarks. Of Dali. We. Drove, over to dali, old town and this is a beautiful walking. Streets, there's, shopping there's restaurants, it's very picturesque we're, gonna have dinner lunch was not sashimi. And lunch was not that not, that long ago but. I'm I'm, ready for dinner we got a table upstairs, and, this is like a an. Old style house really, really nice restaurant, I got, a seat, right, here on the wall but, you don't want to lean back too too, far pretty, cool. We. Ordered some of their signature, dishes here and it really is it, looks really. Really good quality this, is a nice sit-down restaurant, we've got some of their spareribs we got this is a dish that I'm excited to try which is chicken. Somehow, kind of marinated. In party. And party, is a fermented. Black, tea, which. Is famous, and you nuns look at all those chilies, just caked up on there that is absolutely. Gorgeous and, citron. Pepper it's just loaded, oh and, there's just layers of chicken as well. Yeah. That is amazing. You can taste a little bit of that tea flavor in there, but. Then that chili is so fragrant perfect. One pepper to eat out of there. All. Those chilies. They. Have so much flavor and they're. Just purely crispy. That. Along with rice is. Just insane. So, those are all thin strips of cheese in this, cheese salad there's carrot, and all, the thin strips, of white I think that's thin strips of cheese but they're peanuts in there oh. That's. A lot of flavor and it, almost has a like. A like. A smoky bacon flavor, to it it's kind of like a papaya, salad but, but. With strips of cheese. No. It's so tender and it, has like this silky texture good and, then, hmm. All. That's just like like, pure comfort porkiness, this one is a die style salad and it. Originates. Near. To the the, Myanmar, maybe. Lao border and there's. Mushrooms. In here there's, sawtooth herb and there are there pieces of ginger as well this. Looks very light and very refreshing, Oh. A. Little dribble I really, like the ginger in there and. Tangy. Astringent. Dressing. Fresh, food really refreshing. Really. Really tasty. Cheese. Salad. This. Is another beautiful-looking, dessert I think it's some type of like it. Looks kind of like yogurt. Well. That is that. Is nice, that's delicious, yeah. Just. Finished with dinner totally, different from what we ate earlier in the day from the meal we ate earlier in the day this is more of a modern. But. Really, really well done restaurant.

A Little bit trendy, delicious. Flavors and it's. Right within the whole town here in Bali wow, that was that was, a lot of food it's, been a fantastic, day of Chinese food in Yunnan oh man. The highlight for me today was probably lunch, that, was a spectacular meal. I want to say a huge thank you to Liu Shi who. Guided us everywhere, today and also, thank you to Frank from Zumba tours he. Put everything together I'll have all the links in the description box below so you can check them out and, thank. You very much for watching this food tour please, remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'd, love to hear from you in the comment section below I'll. See you on the next video thanks again for watching and. Bye. Bye from, Dali China.

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Nothing fan of anything raw? but the tea time dinner looked much nicer.

Wow great video.Thank you!

How can you eat raw pork?

Pork is bad as it is let alone raw. Be adventurous but be safe. Much love MW!

I see Mark, I Watch, I see delicious food, I drool, then I upvote.

Chinese are so stupid! They eat raw pig skin?! Wtf!!!

Please we love you take care of your self go to the hospital to make sure nothing wrong with that row pork may be those people are use to it and some how anti

Sometimes i wonder if Mark actually have a Haters

Coming to China, Mark?

Can anyone tell me where to get this background music or which track is this?

Hello Ying. My name is Irina, I reside in New York, USA. On numerous occasions I wrote to Mark with the few questions/ inquiries on his channel in the past. I been watching his channel for a while now, and I hear you speak English well too. Why don’t you at times create videos on your free time of course & on your own in a English, I noticed people visit your channel, so why not. Good luck to you Ying and Mark

i would say i'd try anything with Mark Wiens, But i have to draw the line at raw pork!

There is raw puer tea (sheng in chinese) its a bit like oolong tea that will get better with age. Since you are in dali.. xiaguan is a tea factory around there. And there is fermented (wet pilled ) cooked puer (shu in chinese). Dayi is a famous company for that.

Mark, I advise you to not eat raw pork again. You don't have to go this far for your fans, your health is more important. For the sake of Micah and Ying.

I never ate raw meat of any kind. Bt seeing mark eat it the way he does, am tempted to try.

Awesome video, but I'm gonna pass on the pork sashimi

The amount of mouth noises made while eating makes me So uneasy.

does anyone know what is the name of the pine needle dish in mandarin? thank you!

5:43 try not to get satisfy challenge xD

Tough/happy guy, nice people but I dare you to try chuuk Marc Just bring back up for ur camera man. And I promise you the foods off the charts especially the bats,tuna, and dogs;)

I love watching your videos. I am always eating whenever I watch the videos.

im hungry and what am I doing I should be studying for finals

And wait to see the sceneries on MARK ABROAD ⛩

Merry Christmas

You make me want to try things I never in my 51 years ever thought I would want. Amazing

Little boy is growing up fast✅

Mark is too hardcore with his food choice

my hometown

Mark I never get tired of watching your videos. I think at times you must have a cast iron Thank you for sharing. Nice to see Ying and Micah too. ❤️ from

those ray ban sunglasses mark has on are knockoffs

I love the pot leaf in the background at 17:55

You need to go to the hospital Mark and get tested for parasitic worms hahaha everything looked delish but the pork sashimi. You are brave

One of your best videos Mark! An amazing food tour with such friendly people : )

Did you meet Trevor James in China?

when you've watch marks video from the very beginning you notice and understand how he reacts to things but man this new one with the "i dont know how to react to this, is it good? is bad? should i be polite and go with it" behavior is funny and disturbing at the same time! especially when he suddenly makes up words or cant describe what the hell he is eating is hilarious!

why don't we have street food in America? Sanitization problems, mebbe? Except at fairs and farmers markets, people just don't stand on the street and sell you meals. I suppose there are the food trucks that sometimes pop up in big cities. But overall . . .

I dont believe everything you eat is delicious, lol! But, it is in the secret of how you relish every bite that makes us drool haha

Poor Micah just looking at you lol


Hey bro you have a good appetite.

Fantastic episode - your very best yet.  But I'm curious about your thoughts on trichinosis!  I guess what I mean is clearly the Dali people are able to eat raw pork.  Three possibilities occur to me regarding tape worm:  1) they get it and don't understand the cause, 2) they have a cleaner way of managing pigs to prevent spread of tapeworm, or 3)  they have a local regional medicine that proactively prevents tape worm infections.  Did you learn anything about this?  I've had raw pork a few times, always a bit worried about trichinosis, but it is fantastic!  Really, really a good episode!!

Would love videos of you and the food ranger!!!!!

OMG, Old Town was beautiful. It felt like I was with you guys. Love this one.

This guy is just to happy. He loves everything. God it’s contagious. I think Iam actually cheering up and realizing that god gave us so much to appreciate. So much culture and delicious food.

Should never consume pork or chicken raw or undercooked. Gordon Ramsay would be freak out !!!!

I hate myself when I watch u video at 11pm :\ so hungry

Sir please like below link and tell me how is it


I was just in Dali last week, the foods were excellent there

One of the best episodes yet, a mini masterpiece.

+Mark Wiens your son has already traveled more than some will in their entire lives :)

17:50 Love the leaf

I dont mean it as an offensive way, but just a curious question. Is there a reason why Mark's baby hasn't grown a spec of hair yet? Or is the camera lighting weird...

Can you go to Nigeria

The baba looked great! Also, ​the pine needle salad was great and the black tea dish ...and...and..:)

You must have asbestos taste buds. I wouldn't be able to taste anything after that much hot pepper.

Looking like a lollipop

Mark not down with the Yunnan cheese

Mmmm. The sweet bread looks really good

Mark Wien and Trevor , it will be awesome to see these two food hero together. Why not??

It's actually cheap...I thought China is an expensive country.


When will you make a iranian food tour?

Two things I’d never eat raw even for a lot of money: pork and chicken

Getting trichinellosis infection by eating raw pork is much less risky than going out and getting hit by a car. It will be OK, guys. Lard will not kill you, eating junk food from 'clean' fast food chains everyday surely will.

Oh Man ! Where do ou put all that food ? lol Thank you for sharing those amazing video, I am fan, you just make decide to go for a food tour. Thank you

Butter is very expensive in China.

Mark, i love that you are learning about the many cultures in my country, but jesus christ you are way too adventurous. I mean raw pork

Yes, China

Mark never eat raw pork. Oh my word that was a spoonful of worms. My goodness. No no no no raw pork no matter how appetising it looks.

What is the first dish that you tried?

Oh oh oh oh

You aren't worried about trichinosis, eating raw pork.

This is real food

Mark, be sure to try out Yunnan's famous yak meat!

Mark plz go baku and try foods

hello from greece!!!!! you are the best !!!!

If you wanna know how good something taste just watch mark expression an how far he tips his head

Yun Nan is absolutely beautiful.

Lard tasted good but it'd drive yourself visiting ER very soon. Wet market offered every things for local people needed and inexpensive.


Must to try Polish food Man, we got the best sausages in the hole world ;)

Raw Pork... How is that safe?!

baba .. chinese dutch oven pastry!

I don’t support eating raw pork

oh you dnt know how much i like long videos @Mark

Didn't know why I like that video more then the others, I like the sky there it's so nostalgic

4:49 A freaking BUCKET of hot oil! You know that makes Mark and Mikey happy beyond words! :)

Raw pork. No thanks lol

Would love to see you and Trevor from the food ranger collaboration again! ❤️

Hello mark i'm just worried about your health i start noticing that your eyes are always red are you having sleep issue please let us know “I'm concerned about your safety”

your vid quality has improved exponentially.. (saying this after watching '13 vid :))

In Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Finland) we have edible fir- and pine needles, had to eat it during military service :)

They introduced the hardcore pork sashimi in Yunnan to make sure no muslim people settle there.

CHina is a hell for vegans.

do you ever chew with your mouth closed,smack smack smack every meal

i will pass on this crap food, keep your raw pork and germs , thanks , yuck

Been hoping to see some China videos for quite some time. Thanks Mark.

0:04 - 0:09 mark’s rap

Mark please stop uploading your videos.

What is up guys it's ya boi Mark Weebs.

Oh what beautiful country! And the food looks good

Now you know how to make cheese,,make some for selling in bkk,cheese is expansief there.

Hi Mark always working , you never go on vacations ?????????????? ; )

Can I borrow your metabolism mark? Please!!!

Welcome Mark to Cn

Mushroom are actually meat, they are fungi right,

I love you and I hope you have more I think the more I watch u the more I want to see

myan i lived in dali for 5 years and i will just say u missed some real famous, local foods there, but yet it was great. lucy needs to change her glasses lol.

while it's all fun and good to watch mark tavel, please refrain from doing any yourself, the planet will thank you. Flying is one of the most CO2 intensive modes of travel and for such superficial reasons a majority of the time. Thanks :)

Hy to pakistan man. plz I am big fan of yours

That moment when you realise Micah has been to more places in his first year than you have in your entire life

Oh my I'm hungry.

That cheese makes eating the raw pork like a piece of cake.

His reaction after eating is always nice to watch

Isn't raw meat dangerous?

Plz come to Bangladesh #mark weins

Damn dude you def gonna get sick

My problem is I get hungry when I watch lmao

Micah has traveled to more countries than I will ever in my life time

I love Micah so much hahaha

No offence Mark but Trevor James is x1000 better than you at food travel videos.

Bonjour ro Chen co ka buen

+Mark Wiens Loved this episode too. Especially the colour grading is so much better. Loved the deep contrast!!!

Such nice friendly people! Oh I would love to travel there!...

Please can you go back to Vietnam, but this time to Hanoi? Would loooove to watch that!

Beautiful area. Food looks so good!

Lol, Luxi told that first lady in Chinese to add more chili oil because she knows you like to eat spicy food! Well done Luxi ahahah

Raw Pork? must be dangerous eating raw, ain't it?

Also warning -->: Trichinosis is caused by eating raw or under cooked pork and wild game infected with the larvae of a parasitic worm. The contaminated meat is infected with the larvae of a worm called Trichinella spiralis. The initial symptoms of trichinosis are abdominal discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, and fever.



Baba, Chinese pita, similar can be found Morocco (but lamb lard). :)

Raw pork? food roulette, lets see Mark a few hours after this video was shot

If they froze the pork for 24hrs at least the risk for parasite infestation is decreased.

When u ll come india ????????????

and this was the last time we seen mark wiens.....

...aaaand now you have trichinosis

Induction plate!

I hope mark go to nepal

I get the notification of video when i am hungry

swine flu from that raw pork

Should prolly finish whats in your mouth before you start talking rofl

hen hao shi le

I love it u and ur family awesome i am enjoy ur every vlog ur work is amazing mark

You are living our dream!!!!


That Chili and Peppercorn dish looked ADDICTIVE- I hope MARK got the recipe!!!!!


too cheap wow...

china dirty

eating raw pork is so dangerous and irresponsible. look up neurocysticercosis and the many different parasitic diseases you can get from uncooked pork.

What about Mien or Hmong food

I am new subscriber!

Yin was dying watching mark make cheese lol made me laugh too

Another delightful video, thanks Mark. Have you ever tried the food in Bama, Guangxi province? I visited it in 2016 and was amazed at the way they made plain vegetable dishes taste like the best dish ever. There again it is one of the places in the world where people regularly live to over 100 years old and for good reason, the food and drinking pure, clean water from the river.

Mark, you're my favorite food blogger and you traveled to my province!! This is incredible!

Nooooo i miss china!

that 4k though!!

"but it's fking rawww. It's rawww" - Chef Ramsey screammmed

It is a delicious food feast in Yun Nan, maybe someday I'll do the same try to the beautiful city.

nice video

Finally,You went China, And your first stop is Yunnan, Is this stop Trevor James gave it to you?You must go to Sichuan province. Sichuan chengdu is my hometown.But I'm in Cambodia, you went Cambodia few months ago and you went to the beach and ate Crabs, actually i wanna invite you to have some food, but my English is not very well.

I'm from Yunnan ☺️

Rayi Keyho well, best of luck to you then

I'm just a man on a wire

Rayi Keyho who are you, refresh my memory please?

Just... to sent you friend request i guess lol

Rayi Keyho Why is that?

RioRagazzaNYC what's your fb username?

I will never eat raw pork! Sorry

You have not tasted the pakistani cuisine yet.. MARK

Finilly,you came to China! Welcome to china mark

Raw Pork

How can you eat so much!

Don't want to be a d*** but why didn't he talk about yulin China

Raw Pork Parasites Ring worm

Pu’er tea is tea from the southern Yunnan Pu’er region.

I love love love your channel!!! I always binge watch your videos. I usually wait til I have a couple videos to watch. Don't like waiting lol. But I definitely enjoy your channel!!!!

i wanna try raw pig...!!!!

Oh God, its make me hungry.

Damn all that food looks good. Thank you Mark!

pork sashimi? u must really want worms in ur stomach

I love It when mark goes to China. It's like an early Christmas present

Thumbnail looks like pupusas

Are you crazy? First class ticket to an infectious disease eating RAW PORK. Especially when you were taught better...

Great video

I think that this is my favourite video of yours! Dali looks like a very nice place to visit and I would love to have a pork baba right now :)

I'm very sad that you went to Yunban. That's the place they torture dogs for food. It's the most disgusting place ever!

Hey Mark. Make sure you get yourself checked for worms when you get back home from that raw pork dangerous. What does Micah eat when you guys are on the road? Also will you still travel alot when Micah gets old enough to go to school?

Your child was obviously starving while you were eating. He was continually looking at you and screeching. It was upsetting to watch.

Just wanna say that on the island of Mallorca, Spain they make sweet pastry with pork lard (Ensaimada) and in my hometown Düsseldorf, Germany and the surrounding Rheinland area we put minced raw pork seasoned with salt and pepper and maybe garlic on buttered rye rolls and top it with lots of raw onion and parsley to go with the locally brewed Altbier. D E L I C I O U S!

Different culture Different country Different food Worth watching Mark Keep rocking

I love watching Trevor James so exciting you are visiting China! Maybe check out local breakfast and snack food.I would try some traditional food and Dimsum.The round pastry looks tasty! The green tea from china has lots of antioxidant, not like the store bought North American tea. Rice noodles are a staple, but it isn't very nutritional. My kids ate the vermicelli soup my mom made for two days and they had a bad problem with being regular/having normal stool. Once I got them eating fruit and veggie it was better. I can't imagine eating everything with rice even though I grew up eating rice.

Oh my mercy!  This was such a fun show to watch.  Thank you for sharing.

Thanks Mark for another great video!

Mark come to Lahore Pakistan i will challenge you forget any other food all over the world...

The pea porridge grandmother is adorable! I want to try this video. Great work as always!


hi, mark wiens ; i am your big fan and i watch your episode everyday ; never miss . you are gentle man and your wife she is so simple girl and your lovely son he so cute : i love you all: when will you to tibet ? w

new camera?

I'm a college student, and you may know that we kinda low on budget when comes to eating. Even though I only eat instant noodle, but if plus I watch your video, I feel like I'm eating right there with you and having the same taste as you eat. My instant noodle got 200% more flavorful! Thank You, Mark ! :D


After so long, Mark Wiens finally made it to Mainland China.

Welcome to china Like your video… 希望能看见常乐和你一起

hi Mark and Ying i'm so delighted and happy to see Micah, hi Micah sending lots and lots of love to you.Mark enjoyed as always great food video ,you make eating food

18:14 This is the first time i see Mark did that "not so good" face, better not trying the cheese when i visit Yunnan

love the authentic reactions and pure joy in your bites, Mark! keep them coming!

Dude, don't eat that raw pork. Even here in my country, pork meat is safe, but I'd never have it raw even so.

Hi,.... We Bangladeshi are eagerly waiting for your great visit to Bangladesh....... ♥♥♥

your mother was right to cook pork properly if not cooked properly you have a chance of getting tape worm disease

No way I'll be eating raw pork even for free!

I'm really curious, Mark did they explain to you any history behind having raw pork as a dish? Is it safer to eat raw pork in that region than other places because of the type of pig, or the way they prepare it? Like it's just so fresh that it doesn't get much of a chance to attract bacteria? That would make sense to me, but I would love to know if you have more context regarding that!

Raw pork? Not a good choice. Rest of food looks delicious

Raw pig will kill u

Don't you ever get stomach problems from your adventures?

The pea soup is the typical breakfast in Yunnan. I used to live in Kunming. I also had deep fried potato baba before. So good. I also have had po su bao zi ( steam buns) instead of posu baba. If you come across po su baozi, please show us.

eating raw pork = cancer!

as a chinese,我吃不慣雲南的食物

I miss those baba ! :((

thats not good pork have worms

so hungry for your video

Raw Pork?!? WTF didn't you see Contagion?

"Mmmmh oh wow .... right now it's flavorless" U WOT M8

The pig sashimi is so wrong!

You out did yourself with all the awesome content on this one!

If you ever want to come to Maine I would be happy to bring you around to some awesome food

Where did u get the money to go all these places ?

cant watch you vlog before sleep,otherwise will get up and take eat more food.became fat

You did eat the raw pig. Lol...

I'm glad you didn't eat the raw pig.

This video was made much more beautiful with that kid talking in the background.

It's very brave to ate raw meat at China.


I love the length of this video, love the participation of Mark with the food. I am Chinese, all I know about Yunnan is the Cross-Bridge Rice Noodle (过桥米线), but I am sure there's much more a province can offer besides the signature food, in this case the Pu'er-tea-marinated chicken, the pine-needle vegetable, those very substantial babas....

Merry Xmas to you and your family Mark. Many thanks for allowing me to travel and taste around the world and I look forward to again coming with you in 2018. Happy New Year. Scotty, Australia.

Amaxing! Hope you do sichuan next!


be careful so you don't eat dog

Baba is amazing so good nice video


Love the videos but just for your safety u shouldn't eat raw pork again because it has lots of parasites... Ultimately, its your life so live, love, and learn

yeah.. china :)

That lard is prolly from free range pigs and is more nutritious than current USA lard. Maybe 60 years ago the lard USA grandmother's used to bake with was also this type of more nutritional lard, but with the current food industry in USA, the lard you often get in grocery stores has no nutritional value.

Great video recording! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to run across this style of contents. We create Travel & Food videos as well, around the globe, and therefore we are always seeking out inspirations and perhaps concepts. Thank You.

Mark's face just makes me happy. #FACTS

Holy Christ is Luxi ever cute.

Mark Wiens disliking a dish? What is this, bizarro world?

Would love

I’m glad to see mark visiting china

Eating raw pork is not good for your health.

Lynsha V oh that's good thanks

sahil vohra He makes money from this blog/YouTube channel/ selling his e-book about food/ sometimes affiliation with hotels etc.

Out of respect the cheese maker puts on his suit for the video.  You gotta love these people.

The best Youtube video

raw pork bro u still healthy

I can't eat no pork that's not fully cooked

Raw or undercooked pork contains trichnosis! DO NOT EAT!

That pork is probably full of parasites

Are you high before you eat all these good food lol cause I feel like your eyes is always red

The pine needle salad looked so delicious and that fried bread too!

Micah should really have a travel instagram page.

Don't forget to top it off with a midnight snack Mark

I can only eat raw fish, no raw pork for me, oink

女导游再进饭店前要好好介绍一下你们。而不是不礼貌的往里面冲。 没礼貌的人真多!

Food tour in Beijing please.

good looking foods :)

Wonderful family wonderful places and wonderful job

Who the hell would dislike this?

Ming found Marks cheese making skills so funny had me crying with laughter

I learned that you can eat a piggy raw in this video!

Mark, dangerous to eat raw pork. You can get worms that crawl up into your brain cause seizure; that happens to someone I know who died from this.

I love how you take your family with you. You will have some amazing family travel memories it's beautiful I'd live to do this with my children

The quality of the picture is just soooo goood

incredible Mark, thank you for sharing

Mark... You're making me die from starvation and utter mouth watering...

K, I’ve been searching the internet trying to find the species of pine tree which produces the pine needles for that amazing looking salad. Please, if anyone knows the species, let me know. I would LOVE to research it further and produce a recipe of my own using that amazing ingredient :-)

It is like, oh my guard

I'm from Kerala, India. I Love Communist Party in China

wow very good video mark sir

Funny how I see this video and now we have more Yunan style restaurants in our town! Sadly no Pig Sashimi and Pine needles :( So sad. #wantwhatmarkeats !!

Love your videos! But that raw pork thing was super scary. I kept saying "Noooooo, Mark!"


As a Chinese,I'll never have raw pork,it's too dangerous

Various Kind Of Foods

Eating Raw meat especially pork isn't the best thing for your body.

I like your video too much and this is my video , sorry for sharing in this comment hope everyone help watching it

Raw pork, you taken it too far man

ok you make me want to visit Yunnan and try their foods ok. good job!

I hear Micah complaining in the background, sorry bro i feel your pain.

That look after the first bite....signature gesture

Amazing! Wanna try out. As a Chinese I've never been to Yunnan before, your video makes me wanna go there crazily! But actually in China, you are not supposed to eat those chillis that served or covered with meals.

I am going to Yunnan TOMORROW! I just came to see if you have already been there. Cool! This is going to help me A LOT!

mark this is awesome but it will be in the past

Just make sure they dont use sewer lard

Arkadaşlar bende inanmıyordum ama gerçekten irem derici-nin ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın ♥ = /mo1t1go7o4r8kip-gf7cg614t8qsv1f

Arkadaşlar bende inanmıyordum ama gerçekten irem dericinin ifşasını yay-ınlamışlar bakın ♥ = /mbcuonkkok6fsud-hvsqoreiitqx0c5

i think milk was common in many parts of china but not cheese

I would eat anything other than western food.

I used to run from spicy food. Since watching your vlogs, I have been more bold and now I can't get enough hot spicy food.

i have been bingeing your vids lately but even still, your china travel vlogs are among my favorites.

Dude you are good actor

How many Times do you get sick eatting? I would not eat half off what you do. Your,not scared of being sick or worst?

go to chongqing,best food ever

Big fan of you channel, never thought you would come to yunnan. Hope that's the way you like it.

Awwww ying! "Sit dowwwn Micah sit downn~"

Yunnan is one of the best food & market tour.

amazing as usual! although pork sashimi scares me--all i think is taenia solium and neurocysticercosis

amo todos sus vídeos . hasta se me dan ganas de ir a china .

Don’t you guys just find yourselves smiling throughout Mark’s videos? He smiles too the whole time and he really loves what he does. Mark, you really bring happiness to all of your viewers!

This man sat back in his chair after he was done eating! He must’ve really loved it! Lol

Raw pork???? Yikes!

No i won't subscribe, nor will I will "LIKE" the video but i'll keep on watching the video nonetheless

Daaaamn how do you not get fat.........other than exercising I meant.

Raw Pork is a kind of dangerous. You could’ve been die literally from eating raw pork. I wish you all well Mark.

did he use rennet?

Omgness raw pig!?!

How many times did you say "GOOEY"???

Awesome vid

eating pig meat without well cooked realy dengerous .....

I always hungry watching you..

China have more kinds of food then eroup plus USA,becuase we have more then 56 nations people in our country,some are extremely good ,some are not acceptable in my own opinion ,like the raw pork.

Mark, don't you worry about trichinosis??

As someone who grew up in Yunnan Province, I am amazed by Mark's video! These are exactly the most typical Yunnan food.

Anyone get worms just watching this ?

Does he ever not like somthing

35:29 that guy for sure was up to something shady

aunty watch ur fingers xD so pro ! cutting pork while looking at the camera !

I hope the raw pork did not get yu sick!-You are BRAVE!

I would like to visit the Bruno Mars vibe going on again! lol!

That is one amazing video Mark :) I love the shots from the market and the other places. I would have enjoyed ti even more if you hold the camera on every different shot for a second longer as otherwise there isn't much time to see any details of the picture.

You like spicy food I'm living UAE but I wish that to must visit Pakistan once you will love the taste in Lahore


I just wanna let you know that I'm one of your biggest fan. Your videos are awesome. And it inspires me everyday. I keep on watching your videos're such an amazing person.

Man, everything is great. What I really dislike about your video's is that you're wife (Ling) is always with baby and handling camera for you. You should help her. You know division of labour and I don't mind you talking about foot while handling your baby.

Mark you should do south sudan food trip

I am from Yunnan and this totally brings me home...Nice video

Mark, Pls start rating the food

U have the ability to make everything shown delicious lol

Wish Mushrooms were easier to find and cultivate in the US. Or maybe more varities.

Hello Mark, Ying and Micah, awesome food review, I like the longer videos because you explain in more detail about the culture and history. Keep up with the awesome videos, maybe one day we will meet, until the God bless you and your family always and forever.

i don't think eating raw pork is good as i have always been told, so hope you are all good after that. you are too adventurous i would definitely not try.

careful of raw pork .... tapeworms.


would you seriously tell us out something didn't taste that great?

Chinese pigs are infested with worms! Don't eat raw pork, ever. No matter where in this world. Those pigworms will grow everywhere in your body. Yes, in your brain, too.

20:12 WOW SHE'S STUNNING!!! And those chopping skills! She doesn't have to look at what she's doing.

Mark said that dairy products are not found throughout China.  But I found that some products like, milk, cheese, ice cream are found everywhere in almost every province.  Understand, most of China is still rural countryside where low income live.  In major cities, you can find milk and cheese in every major grocery market or convenience store.  Chinese will choose milk over a bottle of soda and they love it.  Note, most people in China are friendly and helpful, most don't have a chance to meet foreigners, so they take pleasure in meeting you.  They are eager to become part of the world community and are not part of their Government ideology.

Mark, we love you so much, so it's very worrying watching you eat raw pork without a care. That's why so many warnings in the comments section. Plus, others watching these videos may act similarly, recklessly. Apologies, no offense intended

I feel like the cheese soup might taste like subways broccoli and cheese soup for some reason...

Man, I love your videos! :D


31:34 never knew china was dis beautiful.

The air dried cheese was weird enough, but the raw pork definitely crosses the line. You can have my portion!

You really over do et with the face impression

Mark, we understand that you wanna try new things but health comes first. Do not eat raw pork again.

We Americans don't know what we are missing .I wish we could eat like this

You gotta love the Grandma that put Micahs hood over his head 4:53.  What a Cool GMA!


There is a ghost on the terrace. Look at the kind of white stick on the floor that moves alone .. Weird, there is no wind, and it's the only one that moves .. ???? .. It's not a joke ...... What is it ?? ...After 30 minutes and 40 seconds of video .. Look

eat with spoon....and not mouth fulllll.....of food

Mark did that raw pork make you sick?

Did he not collaborate with Trevor James when he went to China?

Thank you for posting this, Mark. That looks so delicious. Have you ever been to Macau? I went there a few years ago and it was awesome. I ate the Portuguese egg tarts and they were yummy. I went to the Boa Mesa Macau Restaurant and it was excellent.

Micah is getting so big!

People of Yunnan resembles Northeast Indians a lot. And the vegetables, the Ai thang lou ( the roots at 11:51 ), the cives ( 11:52 )....

I really like all of your videos. Seeing people how to prepare there food and cooked there food, I was amazed of it. Seeing all the cook all over the world. I do respect them from the bottom of my heart... And so you Mark. I'm thankful because of you. Seeing people how to cook thank you for your vlog.... . Thumbs up for you.

Eating raw pork? you either have the balls the size of mangoes, the stomach of a lion or the brains of a fish. Anyone for a nice cold cup of Taenia Solium?

RAW PORK??????hell no

how do you digest all this food??

32:14 Guy was like, hummmm... another YouTuber

And this is where lies the most important difference between you and Anthony Bourdain, the guy might an asshole but he won't poison himself for an eating video! He has had a proper culinary education that taught him the risks and the appropriate ways of preparing food or that at least gave him enough common sense to seek the right professionals to serve him food! Your carelessness of food prep and safety makes you lose all credibility and look like a sham, a guy who doesn't want to get a real job and instead finds an excuse to travel the world and eat out recklessly!

I love your channel Mark but your ignorance of food parasites and cooking methods is really triggering to me. One word my friend: Trichinosis! Untreated leads to meningitis and respiratory paralysis! I just can't! I'll be enjoying the cultural dive that you take us on until you make a mistake like this! Raw pork?? Really?? And you heard it from your ancestors how dangerous raw meat and specifically raw pork is. And yet you just went for it! Just because you are exploring a different culture doesn't mean you should be taking risks like these! It's really really not necessary! And I can bet your risks are even higher with the farms they have there, there must be rats all over the place, none of those pork are Trichinosis free!

That's lard too

Great food tour of Yunnan, Mark. Envy you !!

The chinese pizza look amazing.

Great video love your videos get to see places and food I would never see. Micah is getting so big

I think somewhere in Northern Thailand there's fermented raw pork as well.

Todo se ve muy bueno

You're wife is Chinese

I love dangerous Shrooms!!!!

Welcome to Vietnam. We have much delicious food.

looks like that old woman preparing that soup, handle everything with her bare hand and handle the money also.

New to watching,love your videos. Were you okay after raw pork?

There is no way I would ever eat any kind of raw meat even in the States and it would be a huge NO NO are a brave dude and hopefully you never get sick from it. Good video! And how are you not 500 lbs? LOL

Even cooked pig yakh

Raw pig yakh


Dali is heaven on Earth and the food in all over Yunnan are very fresh. My heart is in Dali and Yunnan. Love from Karachi, Pakistan.

Yunnan Mushrooms are very famous, I have taken for my family as well back to Pakistan.

Pine tree needles edibles, wooow. Never eaten it.

People of Yunnan are the friendliest people in China, no doubts in it.

Oh , That milk cheese is my favorite one, I saw it first time, how the Yunnanese makes it. Thumbs up Mark...

Dude I discoved you by accident and have loved every episode I have Watched but explain to me how can youeat so much food onemeal after the other. Boy if I would eat like you do I would probably exploed while shooting the episode. That would not be good for the viewers now would it? any who please continue your blogs I am a foody myself, so I do enjoy your shows. Keep them coming...

Wowowo good food mark love it food

don't you get diarrhea with amount of food you shove down your gullet ? anyway I've noticed you've not gone to Pakistan yet, any reason??

Yum yum where is Miyka he is so cute

Glad I ate before being tortured. Typical grandma keeping kids warm.

Mine Too!

If you can show me or ask where was the Nanchao City Hall ? please Thank you

Hi Mark, this was my ancestor's hometown years back Nanchao Kingdom Now is China...My family also living in Sipsong Panna as well Thank you for sharing...

too cool man great .. tkx y very very much for the video:):):):)

Don't be a stupid man eating raw meet it can screw Ur life and u know that

Another great video mark:)

Pork sashimi .... u have to be crazy

I want a 100 ✖ like button on your YOUTUBE channel

That sweet pizza was awesome

Mark also destroys bathrooms all over the world.

Raw pork = parasites

how do u not gain weight xD

Your videos are cool, but that fake cartoonish impressions you do throws the whole video off

i like your show and all the foods you ate looks Yummy LOL

Nice video

be careful, some Chinese food vendors use recycled cooking oil

it would be intreresting to see his blood work and some other samples

...wait, I thought we are not supposed to eat undercooked pork, let alone raw. Edit: OK, you just said the same thing. Should we, or shouldn't we?

İlginç görünüyor

Sawadee kah Mark, Ying, and Micah! I love your videos! Always look forward to them! I am a Thai Asian American so it brings me joy to watch your videos. Hey, can you invite Ying's parents on local, Bangkok travels and possibly abroad to neighboring or far off countries!! Would love to see them accompany you all!! Take care!!

love your vids an the music attached , the stuff you eat is just amazing

Amazing wok action!!!

Too much worms in raw pork.

Are u guys feeding that baby spicy food

Pork is wormie it has worms in it

The way u act over food seems to say u been starved

Nasty looking

Gorgeous presentation Yunnan.

Love this mini-documentary!

Hi Mark I went to TengChon, Baoshan. I got a stomachache with the spices. Did you get sick too? you look like you can handle anything. Perhaps it was because I was new? I hope I can get used to it.

Pork sashimi, nooo .. I leave that for the brave !!

Recette d’un flan en Francais

Oh, that xizhou ba ba was my favorite part of my Yunnan trip. Incredibly delicious!

That mushrooms magic nt poisonous

These are real Chinese food.Just go eat America Chinese Buffet losers

Mark has a brave stomach, I would be scared my stomach would not adjust well to all new foods:)


LOL at your "sippy cup" @ 30:03

raw pig=never a good idea because of trichinosis

Dog eater

Hi,Mark! this kind of food like raw pork i don't think is good to eat them raw.....pork meet has worms!!! Mark you better drink detox tea to cleansing your systems in the your body!!! just don't get sick....your baby Mica still small he need you!!! God Bless You n your family......

LOL now I know you have worms, you should listen to your mom.

Wait, raw pork?


21:19 the guy behind Mark is picking his ear and put it onto the pig shashimi..yummy

Can I invite u to my hometown?

Very unsanitary she had an injury on her thumb and wasn't using any gloves, I don't know how you've survived this long mark

I think this guy's been drinking the water.

What a interesting career you have. I am a new subscriber. I absolutely enjoy your videos. What a enthusiatic personality you have. I love it.

+Mark Wiens you and your dad need to make travel videos too! I think You, Ying, Micah, and your dad would make an awesome foursome!


Wow watching every moments for you m wiens

That dude that stopped for the dog, top guy! also that food looks ******* amazing!

Don't know why as a Chinese I am watching your video to get to know about my country. Enjoyable videos.

I come from Dali, and I am studying abroad now. I really miss my hometown. I can’t stop crying when I saw you show by chance. All the foods you ate in the show are my favorite,and I think they are the most delicious food in the world. Thanks for introducing The Dali Food to the world.

I saw your vlog in bilibili

take food in front of the camera is not ethical

So brave to eat raw pork!! I hope you did not get ill

I love to see you how you eat....

Handmade cheez is awesome... Great job mark

20:57 That stall probably makes passing Muslims faint.

Excellent dishes. Beautiful cultures

pine needles? eatable? amazing!

Fish out of water was hilarious

Looks like mucus,No offense


I'm glad you enjoyed the food...

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