Christ Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

Christ Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

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A topic, made. Before tonight has, to do with Christ consciousness and, spiritual, awakening so. We're going to. Take. To a degree some a broad look at that yet some really really, good specifics. You know I've I've, been teaching for a long time in. Lifetimes. I mean really this is all I know I mean practically life, two of my lifetimes I just you know I just know this feels so familiar to, me and, and. I'm. Aware of participating. In in the, spiritual, growth of humanity and different levels at different times like many of you I'm sure. One. Thing though that that. I'm. Clear about is, is the, role of Christ, consciousness, on. Our. Planet now it's, interesting for example I, sometimes have, seen people, send me pictures. Or postcards, or or just, neat little graphics and art that show various, spiritual, teachers you know Gandhi Buddha, Jesus, peace pilgrim, or you know whomever mother tracer whomever. Just. Different characters in history that are spiritual. Or spirit have been spiritual teachers and they, kind of lump them together and, they're. Really not, lumped. Together because, they're not all the same I, would. Say if you had to lump them together at all, then, let's lump, all of us spiritual. Teachers, as, a. Group. There's there's, humans, that, are asleep there, are humans on the spiritual path that's very cool then there are some of us that are not, just on the path but have, had a reasonable. Amount of awakening, there, to where we could sort of shine. Some light to, help others kind of find that direction, and that's kind of cool it's, fair across the board for, most. Anybody that, teachers, that is, but. There's a difference between. Christ. Consciousness, one. Who attains, Christ. Consciousness, is, not, just a another, wise. Man. Or woman they're not just another spiritual. Teacher or today's, term is an author or you. Know Internet personality. Please. Try, your best to to, feel. Into, that and remember, don't, let, Christian. Religion. Bother. You so much because there's a lot of judgment and you know intensity, there try, not to let that bother you to the point where it shuts you off to Christ consciousness because. They're not the same, just, like the consciousness. Of Krishna, does, not mean, or even a Buddha does not mean the, religions, following, them are exactly, what, they were teaching or the. Islamic tradition for, example after. Muhammad so it. Just happens that that people, that organize. Things afterwards, are you. Know clearly, not. In the same high. Consciousness as, their, teacher may have been so. You. Know to try not to mess all this up try not to get turned off to, the idea of Christ consciousness, just because. Of and try, not to think of Christ consciousness as a, religion. Or a system, a thought system, you, know I've man. It's been part of my primary, message, I've, taught, you know I teach lots and lots of topics I it. To find, somebody that has taught is on as many topics, and and, for as many years and so on it's me I I really have covered a breadth, of information but. If. I were only remembered, as being the, teacher, that covers, the most material, and so, spontaneously. And with such you know just kind of it, the, way it comes you know that's kind of impressive to some people so rather, than be remembered for, that that would kind of be a drag even though it sounds kind of neat it, would be a drag to think that people are remembering, wow that dude could just go anywhere, just channel something right then and there you.

Know. It. Doesn't, it's not my ideal, concept. Of being remembered I would rather be remembered for. For. Bringing home the focus bringing back the, focus of God, first, in our lives as a priority, so, often forgotten and the. Awakening of Christ God, first, and the awakening of Christ in, that order is kind of nice and kind of cool because that's, the order of creation there, is God God, created, its child, or children the. Christ the. Christ is not, something. A person attained. Namely, Jesus, or whomever else the. Christ is who we are and we're. Aspiring. And working to remember, that that's all and Jesus. Is saying look there's, God and there's, the Christ however there's. Now also you people, you, know all of us in our forgetfulness. So, even, Jesus, says in A Course in Miracles I stand, a little below, God, and a, little above you in my remembrance now. I would, also say, this let's, say that those, who are sleeping humans, or even on the path are, here actually into, a degree and let's. Say that there are spiritual, teachers. Okay. But those spiritual, teachers do not yet, just because by, do you know they're being spiritual teachers they. Do not by default have that awakening so it's okay, even though spiritual. Teachers, are a bit further along than. A lot of other human beings let's. Just group ourselves, in with them we're in this together the, spiritual teachers do not have to pretend, that they own or, have. Some sort of patent, or you, know rights to, the code then the next level of awakening, Christ consciousness I think. It's more accurate to say even. Though there's kudos, to teachers, Jesus, says in A Course in Miracles, you, you need to respect, teachers who have walked before you to, not respect them just shows you're projecting, more of your crap onto, them so that you can have an excuse to be all messed up and get away with it don't, do that man respect. Teachers who have walked before you you, know don't don't just jump on bandwagons, to, find fault with everybody, that comes along, respect. If they're teaching and they're doing their best as you can you know sense that they're at least, turning people on to God if, people, as spiritual. Teachers, are not turning, people on to God in some form even if we don't agree with that form if, they're not turning it on to God in in some way that is love based and. What's. Worse is when they're really promoting. Themselves and, making, themselves into, something you know there's teachers out there that oh, you, know it's kind of nowadays, it's it's kind of a joke I mean. Spiritual. Guy you know writing books and saying I have reached enlightenment, I no longer have. To deal. With human Karma I'm beyond I'm be, beyond and yet, they. Have numerous. Addictions. Still which. Aren't addictions, because there beyond those it's just more of a an. Aside, like an oddity, it's, not something they need to work on the, spiritual, teachers that say man I'm I'm, a spiritual. Leader or I'm an. Amazing healer, but. I'm still doing booze on weekends, you know that's kind of silly, all, you have to do is don't raise them up and then they won't fall keep. Keep those, spiritual, teachers, in, perspective. Obviously if you can see you, know if, you're just a student on the path and you can see through their folly then, let's just assume it's kind of silly and not buy into it don't raise them up so that they don't have to fall so, a lot of spiritual leaders teachers really, just should be grouped into the rest, of the human race but, I'm gonna say even. Those of us spiritual, teachers who really have something to offer split. Us apart only in respect, but, that's it not in all just, respect, so. Thank you you know let's. Say we've got that down so we respect, them still. Generally they're grouped as part of the human race but a little bit of respect fair enough this. Role here, Christ. Consciousness. Anyone. Who has attained, Christ, consciousness is. Different. This, is when, a person, says I and. My, father mother God are one and the same the, only reason, I'm still split, off here is to help the rest of you up I need, not be here because I am one with completely. And remembrance, no, I don't mean, the. Pseudo, spiritual. Teachers. Leaders on earth the authors you know that say I am, because.

I Talk more softly, isn't, it obvious that I have reached Samadhi and I'm amazing, and brilliant I don't mean those I mean for real there. There are there. Is this consciousness Christ, consciousness, that represents, our true, awakening and. The. Reason, we can respect, a person, like Jesus is he. Was a human, being, that. Chose to remember and, in. Remembering, that he is the. Christ he. Also remembers, that he is one with God even. Yogi. Can say I am aware, of my oneness, with all things and that's amazing, that's brilliant that's actually, still not the same I, Michael. And what have brilliant insights, and awarenesses I have gifts, and whatever and I still, would. Not make, the claim that I'm, this, and. Some people might think that's kind of strange you know but, I there's. A meaning to that by, saying that. I don't totally, you. Know I, don't. Have a complete awakening, to an absolute. Level. Of Christ, consciousness. I'm Christ, II you know I'm a bit Christ II but no man not, completely, awakened, I like, that because, it, allows. Me to to be human, and it allows me to work with human beings God. Will decide, when, I no longer have, identification, at that level of human God decides, that last piece and that's. Kind of tricky and complicated to, explain right now because we can only work ourselves so much the, last step is taken by God to, raise us to an awakened. State of consciousness not, because God isn't wanting, to awaken, us or is stalling for some reason but, it's, that, God. Is the. Remembrance. Of our identity, our true identity, our divinity God is that remembrance, we, in our human. State don't, have that complete remembrance, that's why we can hold cells together cells, that represent, limitation. And illusion, because we haven't completely remembered, so what. It means by God takes the final step in the. Remembrance. Or awakening, process what. That means is that God. Which is the. Part of us that is awake that the real part of us suddenly. Disperses. The the the. Illusionary. Self, the limited. Self so it looks like it's a process it looks like it's God actually, reaching, down in, by terminology, God's gonna reach down and lift you up there's. Not a really a height, to be lifted it's it's just a metaphor it, means though, that. Finally. The part of me when I'm finally, done and give up enough of my silly. Human, limitations. In Carmen all that good stuff when we drop all that the, part of us that is the, true self God will. Then not reach, down per se but, sort. Of evoke. Our. Complete. Remembrance. Well. If, that has happened, the. Last thing, you're likely to do, is brag. About it guess. What everybody. Yesterday. You know I was just a human today I am. Completely, awake so, you all should probably treat me differently now that I'm fully awake you, know and we soften, the way we talk is we're fully awake. Some. Of the most popular teachers in the world are popular, because they claim to have some, unique level, of enlightenment, and. There's. Even Course in Miracles teachers, or just spiritual teachers when they say. You. Know of course teachers I'm channeling a Christ. They. Automatically. Get a whole extra, batch of students. To, kind of swear by them because. You're making a claim that's otherworldly, and some people are really naive and they follow that others, just actually figure, who. In their right mind would make such a claim this must be for real this is too crazy for it to be made-up but it isn't it's actually just crazy, so, there's a lot of tricks, to these things to understand, these things, but. You. Know if you haven't heard what I was saying let's say it another way and that is there's a value in humility it's, through humility that we are then released. Of the shell around us that's called the human self and and, and made. Ready for our final awakening. Now. There. Are some things that are going to share real quick in, my own experience around.

This And one. Thing is I tour, I've been touring a long long time and, teaching. And and it's, kind of interesting because in a nutshell I've, shared this but I think once before but in, a nutshell I'm, touring. And that's, a certain teaching, style but. I'm going to various spiritual centers and because, a lot of them were new to me or maybe hadn't seen me in two years because I can only get back to their places every couple years you, kind of have to stay a little bit basic. To a degree it, still, people. Said it was still, profound. And still, a lot of connections, made they hadn't heard before or things said in a way that. They, hadn't heard it put quite that way so it really helped, them awaken, a lot so. I'm glad that that worked for people but for. Me it, still, meant working. Within the confines of that the walls of that building those, people, to whatever level they were at and when, you go to spiritual, centers the, level they're at varies, per country. Believe. It or not per country some countries when I'm speaking in another you know when I'm speaking and being translated. Portuguese. Japanese. Wherever. Folks. Are listening but it's their B it's being kept to a certain. Pace. And a certain depth you know I have to kind of speak in a way that's. Casual. Enough or mainstream enough, for, whomever's listening, and not. Only countries, even per state in the states per, state. You. Know and he could be english-speaking, countries like England and I still had to stay within certain parameters because there's belief systems, and little dogmas, and you, know traditions, and whatever so in all these countries you stay within that so. In the States and and then the cities in the States very. County. Countryside. You know big, cities it varies, some. Places there's a greater, emphasis on, intellect, kind of an arrogant, intellect, and they want that appealed to when you talk to them others, there's like this deep, - sincerity. Others, there's this you. Know. Attitude. Spiritual, attitude I called, spiritual. Snobbery and in a couple of places so, you run into all these different things what. I really, liked most, were were sincere, people like like. They were really. Humble. And they were willing, to learn you know all the topics I dig that I like to be given the latitude to teach varying. Topics but the. Sincerity, man I've always loved, that whether, I taught the deepest, story or the the broadest, or whatever topic, I've always loved students that were that. We're really just getting. It spiritually. And they were having an experience, between them and God I just think that's I mean what. Else could you ask for right so, in.

All Of that, there's. Touring, that's a style and then. Several. Years ago seven eight years ago I became, the spiritual leader at unity of Sedona and that. Became an interesting process for good, or ill you know an interesting process but at the end of the day one. Of the things that happened was I'm in the same place so, I spent, a the. First year or so just acclimating, and teaching to see where they want to go and they, after a year so they were showing dedication, to want to go deeper and. After, the first year or two we, videotaped. My. Talks. So, that we could make cassette, sets of things a DVD, sets so, there could be sets, you guys can get on healing, good, stuff I mean but I focused, on trying to get as much as I could into those so those sets would be complete, I like that so that it's complete, and not a tease. For something else I like them to be complete so there's some on Christ consciousness some, on, biblical. Interpretations. Some on metaphysics. Prosperity. Spirituality. All kinds of different topics I don't, know we must have 20 24 you know DVD sets but that, was another period for a year or two that. Ended, and then all of a sudden I, check. In with the people in Sedona and they confirm, yes you. Know it's, time for live, teachings. A couple years ago and yes. Michael we want you just to launch into. Whatever. And. We did we then I anybody. That knew me say four years ago five years eight years ago 15, years ago if. They were students then they're actually. Behind. Way, behind the students, of mine today because of how, much I can actually launch into the spontaneity, the. The, topics, and so on so I'm saying, this for a reason because that's another. Category. Dimension. Of what I've done as a teacher now. I. Do know this because, this is all going to come back to the point of Christ consciousness on, the planet. It's, like what is my next thing. Going to be while I'm still doing this and this I will keep doing but. I can see where Touring's gonna change this is one of my points touring, is gonna change, I just finished a tour on South Florida. Have been going there sometimes, two and three times a year for, probably. Since the early 90s, 1990s. So a long time. But. I can see that, literally, and metaphorically. Some, places including, South Florida, are getting are getting eaten, up by life. By negativity. Energy. And just things just I can just feel it when I go there I can see that and feel that so. My first thing is how can I help so, I do that first how can I help how can I help this energy thing how can I help people fill, awake and even in trying. Times and so on and they've, just had you know some some in the news kinds of things. Going on so. There's a there's a darkness, that's happened, there and but anywhere it can happen any working I've been the brightest, cities, and the darkest counties and whatever but I did, see that there and I've. Done my best to help over, the years and I worked at many many spiritual. Centers most. Of which I've watched. Closing. Down shutting. Down literally, or figuratively, some, suing, each other some, in fighting, some splitting, into fragments. Of what they once were trying. To still exist so, there's a lot of that going on and I really, love. The, students that I've had there over. These years I just think it's great I have people come for private, sessions even though they've had maybe five or ten over many many years they, know it works and they still come back but I don't think I'm going to be touring, South Florida, again. It's. Rare that I've ever said that about a place but it's not Florida, I'm saying this I'm saying that I'm likely, going to this is the last year I cut, down from three weeks a month every. Year a few years ago I cut down to two once a month one week a month instead of three and now. I'm going to cut down to probably every, other month. Next. By next year so I'm going to only go to the places that are really the most dedicated. To and it doesn't mean there's not dedicated, individuals, in Florida wherever else I'm saying, where there needs to be a network, there needs to be a. Body. So, to speak saying yes. Come, here because, the. Time I have, you know for various reasons, and, and and being older now and all that you know there's all these reasons to say I can't, go and just peck, away at every little thing at every little Center every little store I'm, going to just do what I can to. Focus. On where I can have the most impact impact. So, it'll. Probably be, I'll still go maybe, to. Amesbury. As long as the people there can keep it together and do great work as I love the energy there the people there I'll probably still do that once a year probably, still do one other place in the east, maybe, Atlanta, or. We'll. See you know maybe maybe it'll be Atlanta if not maybe it'll be Nashville. One of the two has, to be picked but.

I'm Sure, you know closing, down on many areas, and I'm saying this because the. Time we're entering, is, more. It's time to dedicate ourselves to Christ consciousness I know, people that are Buddhists. That, cannot, embrace their idea of Christ consciousness because, they think it means Jesus, and they think it betrays their faith it's so ridiculous, but it does say something because, people can be Buddhist. Or Wiccans or whatever and they still have, a religiosity, to, them they actually still have a Dogma. And they forget, the, the religion, thing was just to help really you. Know sleeping, people to wake up to, at least something. That was decent that, was not your deliverance, that was just like some, sort, of like learning. To write when you learned to write if you were as old as me you. Know we learned in on in the old days you. Write there's a solid line a dashed line and a solid line and you make your lowercase letters try not to go above the dash line and bring, your uppercase letters you know to a higher to the second line this all the line and so, on that's writing, within the lines that's what religions, are for they're not bad they're to, give you structure, and to give you some, discipline. Just some, amount of discipline, but then people make the discipline, their. Faith and so, you're actually, making. A religion or starting to make a faith or belief system on the. Lines like. What, is your line what are your lines I'm a lowercase line kind of guy I'm an uppercase person so I'm better than you all they're talking about is lines a structure. You're. Supposed to once you learn how to write you drop the line and you learn creative, writing and that's kind of like mysticism. Where, you have personal, experience, your, journaling, your writing you, know just feeling right you're just going, a person, that doesn't have to always read notes to play music, but rather knows. How to the, feeling, of what's happening, so it's, kind of like that spirituality, and, so. Some. Of the places I've gone in the past I've, watched. Because, there's a fear, going on in the world and. The fear is partly, related, to, this. Concept of even. The, new thought churches, have become old BOTS now because. They didn't keep going with new thought they became afraid so, I've watched how a lot of New Thought churches, whether, that's unity science of mind who might wherever the shoe fits you know a lot. Of what they did was they, started kind of. Shutting. Down like seizing, up and shutting down trying, to protect a thing a religion, and in, doing so they. Missed the boat because the boat has flown, man it's not about it it's a multi-dimensional, ship. And it's going, like go, to Christ consciousness so, the value of New Thought traditions. The. Value of Buddhism. Or whatever else that said, there's. Something more you know try and experience, inside, they all many, of them have just. Become a thing that, protects, itself it's, it's money it's whatever its beliefs, its dogmas its numbers, of people that they want to see grow into greater numbers it's. A sad thing man but this is my perspective you may not agree and that's, cool if, you don't agree but you still. Can get a little of what I'm saying that's cool if you don't agree and it bothers you then. You should go and watch somebody that stays in your box and structure, belief systems, but that's, not my thing and I can see it I've been teaching a long time and I can see it I can, see where people have reared, up and become afraid and and. I watched this especially. In Florida and other places though where.

Where. They seized they retreated. Back and said, for, safety sake we. Want tradition. Back and so. They just retreated, back into a box because. It feels familiar and you know it's not just them right, you, and I do that we do that as human beings something. Starts to feel quite amazing, now, obviously, things that aren't feeling amazing or don't bring up good feelings but even. When things feel amazing. People become afraid people. Go this is just, too much this this, can't be true. This things, can't be this good that's. Why and I've said this many times, the. People that decided to crucify Jesus, to arrest. And convict. And kill him they, murdered him right the read the people that did that did. It after, he. Performed the, miracle of bringing Lazarus, back to life in, other words they didn't say well we, had to kill him because he found a coin in a fish you know they didn't kill him because I'll he multiplied, the loaves well a baker could do that no, you. Know but it's kind of like that. Wasn't intimidating. Enough when, they saw him and go read it when they saw him raise Lazarus from the dead it, says after, that, is. When they started to plot to kill him, why. Guys why, because. It's too much it's like you. Are blowing, our minds this is not acceptable, you, know and I have, felt that now you know more and more in my life because, I feel this conviction, to Christ consciousness when. I came to Sedona. People didn't mind if I talked about a variety of things because they went oh that's good cuz he talks a variety, and we like to, be eclectic because we don't want to be we. Don't want to be looked at as having one particular belief, so, they want to be non-committal. That's very Sedona like non commit to anything try. And hire a contractor, and get him to show up you'll find what I mean non committal is really big here so. It's. True spiritually, too as well. Non-committal. So they thought that that's what I was about so they thought oh this is guys pretty cool he's non-committal, but that's not true, very, committed, I taught, the many topics, but then I taught how they weave. Together and that, was new and they went well that's we. Haven't heard that before, not only are there diverse things he can weave them together like nobody else that's, what I was hearing from people but, then that wasn't it either that's not my main teaching I taught. There are many things how. They weave together and how disappear, and the. Only way they altum Utley disappear, just, like my touring certain places it's, a it's it's connected, here they, disappear, is when you recognize you're. Not looking, and at just the purchased. To be eclectic things, many, things and you're not studying and and following. These things just because you find a unique way they connect. Underneath. Them. You. Find the, spirit, of everything, which is Christ, consciousness the. Co-creator. Of the universe, is the, Christ within us and the. Divinity within us we created, we co-created, our lives, our realities, our world our universe, so there's. Something, there see and that's what I'm working, to, get, people more and more - to get. Why. When I teach you know I'm I don't have an ism I mean this is just Michael Mercer you know Michael, talking, on Friday night I'm not representing. Anybody. To. A degree I represent, unity of Sedona when I talk on Sundays, and. Even, then if, they closed the doors I would still be talking so it's really not unity, of story it's me you know and it's not unity, because who, they, typically, don't like us you know because of just. Having. A different way of doing things you know so, it's I'm not representing, Union I'm not representing unity of Sedona I'm not, representing, Sedona I would be doing this wherever I am and I, think that's an important, thing to then at noon you know it's you and it's not a performance for somebody so. That's. What I'm into, is God. First, connect. With God and let, God help you awaken, me all of us awaken the, Christ self, again like boom let's let's get to that now, if I do that by teaching many pieces and you you, know I'm gonna lead you there perfect, I'll lead you that direction back to God we'll talk about many things and back, to God you want to talk about how these things connect great as long as I'm allowed, to go that, and back to God and then, when I'm finally allowed to drop all this stuff it.

More And more becomes clear where people just go wow. I, thought. He was talking about, sacred. Sexuality it's. Not it's something else I thought he was talking about Course in Miracles it's not thought, he was talking about auras, chakras, metaphysical, Bible interpretation and and. And it's okay that they go wow that's cool that he did that thing or wrote that book but. Man it's there's something, under it there's. Something in me that's under the writing rather than my head writing. There's. Something, underneath, my teaching rather than me just talking there's. Something beneath it it's a mission, it's a it's the it's part of God's plan, for. The undoing, process, of the illusions, and the awakening, of humanity so. It's really, part. Of something splendid, I believe, and mm-hmm. What. I can see you know changing, it starts with that that's. The next piece is and. It's not easy. Because, I there are people on tours, that go oh it's. So great you're back you know it's been a year and oh my god you know you're you mean so much to me and you've helped me so much it's, not easy to go. Begone, minions, you, know that's, how it feels it looks to some people like I can just turn my back on and it isn't at all it's very hard for, me to make a decision like that and say okay. It's. Time and for, that to even happen I had, to sit and watch and observe, the. Doors closing, energetically. Just seeing that, they're. Not open there that's not open this thing's closing, that's closed putting. It together just like I've taught everybody else here, that. When you rate something, on a 0 to 10 scale how, does it rate and when, the tour of this town or that town when the tour starts closing, down or the, center you were at is shifting. Ownership. A new spiritual, teacher came in and a minister, or whatever they happened to be and they're, just really, dogmatic. So they're not into dis or that so things, like that now usually I still do my best to be patient keep trying but, when. I work, and work and work and see, that it's. It's it's no longer helping I think this is true in, a partnership, we should all practice this friendships.

We Should all practice this even, owning a business when, things are shutting shutting shutting and you're doing your best to change what you can and it's, not working then you accept what you can't and. I'm. A little, bit hard-headed about that because I still try and you know just, see if there's life left there I go a little further than I would say just most people go because, I feel I can afford that internally. But I just, give it a try I don't. Just say well as soon as there's a sign of something shutting them out of there I try. To make sure double-check. Triple-check, know. That I've done what I can then walk away and I think that's important, for a lot of us when. You have a relationship ending, just make sure you feel like you know you've done what, you could and it's not working then it, feels a little cleaner to walk away I hope, that made sense so. That's one of the changes that, I can see coming up in the, near future I still, have a half dozen tours probably, left, over this year, probably. Six or seven or so, you. Know I probably, will still be touring maybe ten times. In this year maybe, nine times out of twelve months but, next year it'll be cut down another few if. You, know. That I've come to your area if I haven't there's probably reason, and and. If you and trust, me we have networks, we try we, work with centers, churches some. People wouldn't have no. Idea the kinds of responses some of sometimes, you guys have said hey would you come to my science. Of mind here or my unity there and you have no idea the amazingly. Strange. Responses. We've received at times. You. Know one, minister said, yes I've heard great things about him where he's in here's, my contract signed it everything done we sent the press packet, and my, photo made. Him call the minister of one church was saying I refuse, it not, the way this guy looks, what's, with this hair and earrings. And whatnot, and. That's, kind of a bummer but you. Shake the dust off your sandals, and you leave them because that's. That's the darkness. That, those, people are allowing, that Minister it's not just the minister but the people are allowing, such a minister. There's, ministers, that have, not wanted me back because they felt and I I admire, that they were honest about it when they were but they, felt that jean-michel. Was getting too much attention the, people then keep wanting me to get him back and I want them to listen to me and not him we've had things like that so you would be amazed, at, some of the things we've dealt with over the years and, it's part of it and we just move on and go to place so if I have been at your in your area, consistently. Ever you know that, probably spoke volumes to your, group and probably, your leader, when, those leaders have ever retired, and moved on and then you notice I'm not back it's not a coincidence it's. An energy that changed and that's the way it goes so, I hope you can keep an open mind and accept that because that's what's happened many times so. I am gonna be changing that but. I also am saying to you. It. Is about, my. Dedication to, Christ consciousness so. I I don't see myself as, as. Able. Or willing to, to. Just, teach at a basic, level and, I never taught at a basic level for me basic is pretty out there still, but. But. I won't be able to you. Know and not choosing to to. Stay within the confines when the confines of many. Centers has choked. Back even, more than where it was if it would have stayed where it was, choked. Back just a little or expanded, I would have been fine but, when I've seen some of the things just really restricting. Back trying, to make little. Down-home. Nice. Little you, know churchy churches, out of spiritual centers. Tradition. And so on especially when, the people don't, speak. Up and say, no to people that try to make it that their board members or their ministers. Or whomever no. They should say no that's, not where we're at. But. I would say we're the majority rules that's where it should be and if the people want that then let them have it if they don't want it then that's what should happen but a, few of those, with sometimes, the few numbers keep knowing, how to take over and control.

Those Kinds of things so that, said let me start. To close with this, you. Know I feel. Some, time this year possibly, I'm feeling. Like I'm going to teach a, very. Strange. Deep. Mysticism. Class. I don't, know if it'll be a one day but live, presentation. Or. If it'll be a. Few. Weeks I'm not sure because it just came to me but, I'm going to teach something, that. Wasn't planned and it's, going to be on mysticism so after my experience a, death, so, in Florida so to speak then, came a rebirth. And the Phoenix, coming, from the ashes, would. Be this particular, workshop, which, I've never taught before but I'm thinking of doing it, the. It's been in me this knowledge of these particular, things but it's. Not a workshop, I've done as a full, workshop I've. Taught. About these kinds of things here and there but not. In a just an, exclusive, workshop like this so, keep. Your eyes and ears open and. We'll. Tell you more about it by the way you. Know be. Sure you friend us and all that so that we can tell you and ask, for notices, so we can tell you when we're when we're doing live so that your that's, a way to doing of doing mailing, lists so to speak on. Social. Media that way we can keep you posted, right otherwise, that's. You. Know we can't you just hit and miss so. Get, there you know you can get on my mailing list by going to my website and just signing on to my mailing list that will, help keep you posted as well and. Watching. Us don't forget you know live, Sundays 9:45. Pacific, time because daylight savings time is switching, again this week at, the end of this week I think it is so, that's. Where it'll be 9:45. Pacific, time 3, hour difference, to the East Coast now we're switching okay, so. Watch us there as often as you can but. This there's, a piece that I was leading to share at the end here which is this, you. Know when you look at. How. Things all seemingly, began, you. Know it looks like we've got this world and some of you were out there fighting. For, a better world or even at, least hearing about this fight for, a better world politically. Economically environmentally. And so on. This. Class that I'm looking, at doing more, intensely, more, fully. Helps. To cover those kinds of things because I know, some, of you mean well but you are accidentally.

Getting Caught into, the illusion, by by. Buying, into, the, hate that goes on and the fight, that goes on with some people, I'm not saying be, careless, or, care less I'm not, saying be heartless, I, am saying more, of us have to come from a place of reality. And awakening, to, be part, of the solution, not the problem but the solution is not to fight the, solution, is awakening, and. So. I can just see that I'm more and more dedicating, towards Christ consciousness, you, know I've, written on a Course in Miracles a wonderful, book called the heart of A Course in Miracles which, was all about let's get to the heart of what it was teaching, and I've, even gone to online groups. And online companies. To say let's, do a special, teaching just on getting people back. To the heart of what the course was saying and a, lot of times those shows ended up getting hijacked, by, the, ego you know hijacked, by me great teachings, from your other teachers but but. A lot, of times they got hijacked back, into, the. Intellectual. Aspects, of the course and so it's like I'm going I almost, feel like I need to disassociate. From course. People, more because, that's, just gone to hell in a handbasket there, are exceptions, but not very many so. Tonight, I was asked can you talk on a Course in Miracles and the reason ice I talked, about this instead was because, I said no I actually not, yet not now because. There's too many people that, have abused it and misused it, so. I have to find a unique approach to reach to, the hearts of course. Students, and people, that are not course students but open-minded so. I can reach them without, treating. It intellectually, again like some people do, so. Here's what I wanted to share. The. Way this. Began, in a nutshell is, that. You, know we, were created, as part of God and long. Story short, we. We went into a dream imagining. What life would be like without God and that's, when the universe was created the. Big Bang took place when we said I wonder and it. Happened the. Big Bang takes place the universe was created, we then felt we did something wrong. Or naughty you know and we, said wow we've, just created a war a universe. Of matter, and. It's, violent, this explosion, and fury, of energies. And gases and fiery. Elements. And components boom, all through the universe we're, going what did we do we just thought what would life be like to be separate, from God, and a whole universe, was created and because. We felt no this is important, and really. Amazing. If you really think about it because. We felt. Responsible. For this creation of a universe which, we were. We. Then were, pulled into it kind, of like a movie. You know those I don't know shoot-'em-up movies where somebody, shoots. Somebody who's falling over a cliff and they reach out and pull the other guy with them you know those. Kinds of things we we, sent. This universe into motion and, then, we, got pulled into it because of her own guilts, related. To the, very thing the very universe so. We. Fly. Into the universe and we say okay well now that we got pulled into it it's almost like saying we deserved it because we created it and we.

Did, Create. It but we didn't because when. You say what would life be like without God you can't have like without God life without God therefore it never really happened but it's a dreamt, up world so, we dreamt, it then, we believed, in the dream we got pulled into the dream and now we're fighting, to, try to make, the dream better in a negative way by trying to get our person, in office by trying to fight for this or that we're trying to fix the dream so, that we can not, take, responsibility for. Getting home and, we're. The only ones that can get us home but that's going to mean we have to forgive what we think we see and we have to forgive ourselves for. Creating this universe we, have to forgive the universe we have to say so, sorry to have imposed, on you universe, and made you into this static. Looking thing even. Though it doesn't seem static it still is it's stuck in matter and we. Could go home, that's. Why that middle, man, so to speak. Christ. Is is our remembrance. Christ, was part of God seemingly. Split off and then split off into humans humans. Have to remember their Christ so that they can remember their God and it has to be in that order you as a human cannot just go never, mind I'm God because, it, takes the awakening, of who you really are on one, level Christ consciousness before, you understand, your, part in God because you're not God itself, you're, created, by God so there is that they called the Christ that, is a part of God, it's, kind of like saying the Father Son and Holy Spirit in. A way the father is the, initial. Creator the mother is the the. Rescuer, the one that that nurtures, us and helps bring us home but, the Christ is the one that was the third part that, split off and can, need, to now needs to go back home and so. What's interesting about it if you look at this, is kind of brief, but heavy. In. The book of Revelation. It. Talks about, there, being a great dragon the. Antichrist, you know kind of a thing the great dragon Satan they call it and it. Falls from heaven and pulls. A bunch of stars from the heavens with it that is when our ego. Was, created, and fell. From heaven meaning, it was created, and therefore projected. Out of heaven to the universe and it, says in it it's tail pulled, a bunch of stars down from the heavens with it it meant we, came down together our, ego, grabbed, many of us and pulled us into the, universe, that's the, the dragon, in Revelation, the, dragon is then said to have created a beast, you know that's where you start hearing about the Antichrist, and the false prophet and. What. People don't realize, is there's, the dragon there's. The, the. Beast there's. The false prophet, so there's the Antichrist rather and the false prophet, then. There's even a statue they, say an image is made, by these four. People to worship so. Long story short here's, the. The Book of Revelations, version of how this part takes place I don't, know if you'll find this written anywhere but here's how this works so up. Here, in our upper three chakras is the, Trinity of God so here's heaven. Satan. Was cast from, heaven down to here, that's the dragon found. In our hearts that betrays us when our hearts are not aligned with God then, our hearts have, been hijacked by the ego, so now there's the ego sitting. There in our hearts trying to talk, us into following. Its lifestyle. Instead of gods we could still have an inspired life by, God in all, of our life and centers but, instead the ego to sober so our chakras, become a symbol. Of our different states of consciousness our lives so. You have the physical. Emotional intellectual. And soul. Level life intuitive, but soul level life the, ego has hijacked this so therefore the, world it's going to create in my mind.

Emotions. And body, is not, going to be a good one and that. This whole universe has been made like that so, the book of Revelation, is saying that this took place this, guy fell from heaven and that means there's, the heart chakra symbolically. Then. It's, going to create an antichrist. My. Mind the. Intellect that loves, to control like the Antichrist, is supposed to control, the world and cause all kinds of harm it's just my mind my ego, created, my mind my, mind then creates, the, the false, prophet, the one who can emotionally, impress, people into, believing so, this, guy is trying, to make us believe in this one the the, Antichrist, is trying to make us believe in the. Evil. Or the ego, the. False, prophets, trying to make us believe in the Antichrist, which makes us believe in the ego and then there's, the image made for people to worship on the earth you, know and that's when people say you'll, read a book of Revelation, and you've heard this and, you. Know and people will be made to have to carry, a number, and. They, won't be able to buy and sell and trade on earth without, worshipping. All these beings, well, this image is actually the material world, money. Greed. Politics. Science all the things of this world in, other words this, whole world was made up, nicely. Beautifully. Really, quite. The ingenuity, in a negative way that. The ego says how am I going to get everybody. To believe in me cuz we don't substantiate. It with this then, it's just me against. Them us our souls and they, could listen to God above, right, they, could listen to the Trinity of God above and they could go home can't. Have that I'm going to create something down here to distract them so. It creates, an antichrist, meaning, an, intellect. That makes us think we can solve our own problems. Then, a false prophet, that wants to you know impress, us with the emotional, stuff, to win us over, our. Guilts, and regrets and shames and so that we don't wake up we don't deserve to go home we can't ever heal our traumas, and, that's part of it but also religion. Religion. That gets people emotionally hooked, and then finally, the material, so. All of this is going to be made, solid, the plan is going to be made solid if we can get you people to get locked in physically, because once you're sold there it's very simple like the Bible is telling you revelation is telling, you people, cannot buy and sell they cannot trade without the mark of the beast what.

That Means is they. Have to have bit the Apple they have to have bought the guilt the goods sold by the ego, that, you are nothing, if you don't have cars houses, you're nothing if you don't have it. It's you're buying into a bill of goods and. Thought. System, you're, buying into that. That, what I was saying earlier that, your churches, that are constricting. And you're going along with it it's so hook line and sinker not. Let's not do that let's. Find some other way I felt, the idea, of doing an online kind of thing like we're doing here many, many years ago and it just wasn't the technology, wasn't there and I. Thought. You know it. Just felt like one day I'm gonna sit in front of a camera and teach and people, can watch from wherever they are so, think of maybe, think of this as my my meaning, yours my, sacred, Sunday service, I'm gonna go watch or experience, my sacred. Sunday service, make, it something. You know you're, dedicated, to or watch another teacher that you, feel e is even more tuned in if you like if you know one to, get them but make. Them a practice, whoever you like or more than one make, it a practice don't go and find 10 because then you'll it'll be a shotgun approach and you'll only dabble here and there find, a couple that you can say you can devote to that you know. Doesn't. Have weird agendas, and instead they're trying to connect you to God by weird agendas what I mean is it's, not self promotion, it's back, to God guys let me show you how to unlock this mystery let me show you how to unravel that let me show you how to meditate without complicated. Techniques let me show you how to heal stuff without being afraid of it so, you, know get teachers that say let's go come on you know and gets, us back to the. Heart so we can switch, the, the switch within the heart off of, switching. Towards ego and instead, switching, over to the. Spirit of God you know just being able to say there's, the spirit my heart's going to be connected, not to. My. Ego Trinity, but the Divine Trinity and, this. Can be done so. When. We're hearing about those beasts, and all that it's talking about the ego, and our, chakras. Having been you. Know taken, over and controlled, our, chakras, meaning I'm not trying to do a lecture on top chakras but, I'm saying our chakras, are symbolic, of not only our states of consciousness but, where do you find him within who you, so. You are the one that listens to the. Bizon, to the ego, the. Ego in the heart and all, of the Antichrist. Kinds, of ways of it of it it's belief systems think, of the words guys Christ. Anti. Christ you, can listen, to the, upper. Centers. The Christ in your, heart or. The. Anti Christ in, your heart which gives you a different outcome, follow. God and. Even. Our, material, lives can, be loved, and inspired, oriented. Disconnect. From this, let. The Antichrist. Kill the Christ and, look. What happens and it, killed it in the crucifixion it tried but it doesn't work as Christ is it is, God. It's it's eternal, so. When somebody tries to kill the Christ in you try to see it don't hate him for it but try to see it for what it is you. Know I don't really, hate. Ministers. Or students, or whomever. I mean there's people that have I've seen make, up stories about me they don't yet have some haven't even met me and you know make up stories but that's that's, the Anti Christ in, them that's they bought something that that's fear-based and they're going to have to attack something that's. Related to God because, there's the, Antichrist, is so angry, and again. Antichrist, meaning, the, ego, is, what it means so it's, just so angry and it once it's throwing a tantrum, saying I will, not let you people go home I'm, gonna make you buy into a world and you'll, even buy into karma so that you, have to keep coming back to fix yourselves and you'll never get it round you'll never get it right so, it's like god we're exhausted sometimes, suicidal. Because we know something, is wrong with this picture, the answer, is not, suicidal.

Or Giving. Up or depressed, and all the other things we do the answer, is oh my. God I got, it this. Is just I got it I don't. Have to take, it personally, I don't have to try to fix it it's. Just, BS, the. Ego, has convinced, me that I'm powerless, and it's, not, only not true, it's, impossible. For me to be powerless. When. I created, a religion to tell me this or parents to tell me that or partners to make me think this or children to make me think that that was because I was believing I was powerless and letting everybody else tell me there. Was something wrong with me I'm not saying there aren't times, when, we're out of it and there is indeed. Sometimes something wrong with us we're, sick or we're you know unhealthy. Or were chemically. Off I mean it does happen but that doesn't mean your. Soul is sick it isn't, it's, the soul has been for, some reason, exhausted. By certain, traumas or dramas in this life or another and then, hand it over like I'm too tired to, deal with this and the. Ego goes, nice. That's. Great could I just get you to sign here you know sure. I don't really have any will left I'm tired and we. Sign and, it says great, you. Know off you, go and it leads. You into lifelessness. Despair. Looking. Like there's no hope so, when a teacher comes along and says I'm really sorry you know that that's happened, but there is hope and. The, hope is in God it's not in me as a person me, any teacher that's talking to you any healer, I don't care if it's a doctor a scientist, your mommy your daddy your, best friend your spiritual teacher they. Are not the solution, we, can only choose. To hold a candle, with the flame on it we can't say we own the flame per se it, the light is God but, I can say as a teacher I we. Can, choose to say I'm gonna go ahead and be a light bearer I'm gonna hold a candle, and. Be. Grateful that I made that choice because I know that, it can lead a lot of people that are in darkness starting. With ourselves of course, so. It's a beautiful thing when we realize Christ, is not a competitor. To Buddha, or Gandhi or anyone else, Christ is separate. It's the consciousness. Of God within us and that is, our Savior, the consciousness. Of God within us is our, Savior. So when Christians say Jesus is our Savior there, they're half right Jesus. Who accepted, that he was Christ consciousness, is reflecting. To us the Christ within us that is our Savior they're just not getting, it they're not quite saying it right right taking. It maybe too literally, but, please keep.

An Open mind to this there's. A there. Are teachings, there are teachings like God calling it's a beautiful book daily, readings, there's, a book called Jesus calling, it's, a little. Bit more. Like well both of them have the feeling of Jesus. But not Jesus II it's, not excessive. It's. It's the Spirit of Christ and you can really feel it and it feels personal. It feels like it's your brought your elder brother your spiritual, brother saying I have. Got it I figured this out and I know the way home and I. Would like you to trust me I'm. Not just an enlightened, being enlightened. Means you can have various levels of enlightenment, I'm not enlightened, I'm completely. One with God again and I know how to do it can you let me show you can, you let me guide, you start. Your day by just turning your face towards me and and breathing, my presence, in and let, me guide you today you, can still say Jesus. Or Christ or. Whatever I would like or God I would like. To. To, accomplish something today and he say you can put that out there put those things out there that you're looking for but, also be open that I might have a shorter. Router a more efficient, or a route for, you to get to that place so. Just trust me that I I know a bit more and you. Know if you say no I refuse, that's. The Antichrist. Because obviously if Christ is guiding and you say no that's. Antichrist so, it, sounds weird for us to consider that our egos, is also are also called, the, Antichrist, but that's what the word means it, is against. My awakening, it is anti God it is Antichrist all right I pray. This has made good. Sense. And. I. Pray you understand. The intention, to it it's, about spiritual, awakening. It's about Christ having a different role in this awakening Christ consciousness I pray, that that was clear I'm also pointing, out in this talk that I've seen things, go astray I've seen spiritual, groups go astray I've, seen, books like a course of miracles students, of books like the course go astray. People, who have become afraid and they're just. Constricting. In on a book a thought system a thing and that's. All part of the ego and it's games, so. Choose again just. You do your best to choose again and see this for what it is choose, not me choose someone, like me or someone else that makes, sense to you and it, feels like it brings you closer to God whoever that is and if that's fundamental, Christianity, if that's, a unity, if it, brings you closer to God nobody. Could should question it not even me nobody, should or could question it if it's, taking you closer if. It's not taking, you closer be wise at least to see it don't, assume it's taking you closer just because you show up on Sundays and attend, something and they all sing, together is, it. Teaching, you about, the ego if it's, not teaching you how to disperse, the ego and see it for what it is and. The very thing you're listening to might have been made up by the ego if it's not getting you anywhere it's, probably, not God. Or at least your experience with it is not God so consider, taking responsibility. And saying i'm ready to launch to a new level, all right many, blessings peace.

And Love to you bye-bye.

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I didn't know you wore earrings! Tatoos? I always thought to love anyone you don't care what the look like. Thanks for your honesty...your love...wanting the best for anyone and being so eloquent. I think I have to learn I am not who I was . I am who I can be this moment and the next.

Michael- I couldn't agree more with what you are saying. I am so blessed to have you both as a teacher and friend. I look forward to May in Sedona in your 5 day intensive. Love, katie

Wayne Dyer called it Edging God Out= EGO

How can I help? With sincerity and humility. Through God's Grace! Thank you for sharing the broad picture." The time we are entering is Christ's consciousness." Boundaries are part of God's plan. See you in Amesbury.

Thank you for your very own ongoing knowledge, ideas and in addition know-how to backup my quest to turning into more consciously perceptive in addition to spiritually connected.

Thank you Michael, that is a very clear explanation of what Christ Consciousness really is.

Thanks for sharing your beliefs and opinions

I am so glad I've found this channel. It really uplifts my spirit and fills my soul with GOD's love.

This dudes real folks. Was lead to this wisdom through series of events


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