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I guess thank you so much for watching this video I have with me Liana craford, DeLong and only she is she's. An, awesome friend. Alumni. From Northwest and I wasn't there too and I. Kind of squeezed my four-year degree into six. But. I got it done though I got it done so yeah. So she's, a musician and she's actually traveling right now with Matthew West and Matt. Michael, w smith. Was. It in matt maher in 10th Avenue North yeah yeah, yeah so you actually. You, live in Nashville right now mm-hmm far as I understand and then you're going on tour mm-hmm, yeah so you guys this. Is a story you want to hear she's. Been someone that kind. Of came to our Trischka times and played and, the. First time I heard her sing I'm like she has such a unique voice, and, I. Think is just a matter of time I'm like you. Know what move over Adele. I'm. Joking. You. Really, have some amazing music and I'm really inspired by your story and I'm looking forward to to see what God's gonna do through your life so tell, us a little bit about your show the. The, road show that you were actually on so yeah, so I actually just, got, off the Christmas road show which is their first ever one and. That was absolutely. Incredible with so much fun my first ever Christmas tour yeah, and then the, end of February, I'll start the spring road show I wrote about 2019, and that will be um like, you said with Matthew s Matt Maher 10th Avenue north and michael w smith and the only place you guys are not visiting, see is. Totally. Fine I'm. Not like hurt or anything I'm just saying. Morgan. That's close awesome. So how did you kind of get, started on this I mean obviously you didn't wake, up yesterday, you're like oh I think I'm gonna do this, it's. Been a process yes. No it's been I mean a long process, I think we all I mean you have your story and your journey and we all kind of have her or. How how. We decided, like I mean I didn't necessarily decide, to do this this is always a dream of mine but I really felt a calling on my, thank God. I really felt I'm saying this is what I want you to do and, but it was kind of a process, of okay well this is what I want to do but how do I do this yeah there's there's not really like a a B and C like this is how you become a musician yeah all right, and so I, it was something I always loved doing um this, is kind of the long version. Something. I always loved doing and I got, involved in worship teams in high school yeah and and, I loved love doing that and I wrote my first song at 15, I knew I, knew two chords what, song was that you've, probably never heard. And. I knew two chords on the guitar like, barely I just I made, this whole whole. Song and it, was all it was really cool it was after it and, did. You ever do, you know Greg Laurie pastor yeah yeah I do so he came to Seattle, and did, the Harvest, Festival it, was I saw thousands. Of people go down to rededicate or accept their lives to Christ for the first time and I was like way up in the the balcony in high school and it. Was just it was such a moving experience yeah. And, I just went home and I wrote a song about it and that was kind of the first time that I was like wow this is like it's, such an incredible thing to write and that's a lot of song writing is writing yeah, what your experience, and that's kind of what I started to do and. At 16 I went on a missions trip and. I. Was it was my first time going to the country of Haiti yeah, and, it was kind of the first time in my life that I'd really spent quiet, time with God I really, had like spent. Time like talking, to him and journaling, and I journal before but I really like spent, a lot of quiet time and, that was pretty, incredible and I just felt like at the end of that trip that, he was saying, hey I I want you to pursue music and I want you to pursue. Music. To encourage young girls especially yeah. And. To be a be. Someone that can encourage them and let them know they're worth it, they have an amazing it's. Not just young girls I listen to your whole music well all the other songs, this morning and. I. Do, believe that some of the. Lyrics you have our so powerful. And the, one in the beautiful. You I think it's called and, I. Think a lot of times we kind of sort. Of don't, realize the miracle, of what, it's like to be alive I think a lot of us don't realize that it's such an amazing experience right, to to.

Be Able to wake. Up every morning be able to breathe you know and the. Reason I think that's important, is because we, need to be thankful because I think a lot of times we run to sin. We run to a lot of problems. In our life because we are. Not satisfied in our relationship, with the Lord you. See I'm saying so, this. Is one. Thing that I think, is so important, for us to do is to really appreciate, the fact that we're alive and I think and the beautiful you in. Your lyrics I don't remember exactly. I'm. Really, inspired that I'm like hey this is important, for us to talk about so, thank you so much for for your work on what you do so, what. Are some other things they inspire you what are some people that maybe you. Wish to collaborate, with I mean you only like working right now with someone. In. The you. Know Christian music world so who, do you kind of look, up to you and people that you really enjoy listening to you, inspire. You I mean. There's, a lot to choose from there, so I mean yeah it's just in the Christian music world alone I think someone that's that's, brilliant and kind of ahead, of his time I know I've had, conversations, with different artists, and and it's. TobyMac, is a huge one actually it was funny I was talking with Matthew, Matthew s and he, was saying he's like he's just he's ahead of his time in like music, and and what he does is so it's. Kind of just beyond which is so cool, so I think that'd be really cool cover with him I I've, gotten. To do songs with, Matthew, West actually which has been right yeah totally, totally, crazy and so cool and I write, a lot with him yeah which has just been incredible but he we got to just we actually just did a Christmas, song together and, I put out two Christmas songs and. We. Wrote the one and original and then we collaborated, on angels we have heard on high tea together yeah and that was so cool and then, two. Years ago I guess now I was on his Christmas album and I, got, to do silent night with him which, was it was a really cool version of silent, night really beautiful and so that was like, that's been really cool and I mean I'd love to collaborate with and, yeah whenever everyone. Everyone, that is in the Christian, music industry, every, single time you write a song you, are changing, the music, world of Christian music, so. My question to be. You. What do you think. It. Is but, I think a lot of times we get so complacent, in, the things that. You. Know that were written before mm-hm. You know and I'm like some. Of the the Sickler songs are so good why, because I feel like at, times they put so much more heart into it and. So, my, kind. Of like opinion, of the. Christian, music, is that a lot of times we just either don't have the right variety, and. We. Don't have a lot of new, voices coming, in or a new music, coming in I think we need more of that more. Lyrics, that are very inspiring, yeah, he. Amazes, me where, you, have some artists they have some lyrics are very crass. And they're very like out, there and somehow you know they have millions of hits and it's like why can't we have that for, things. Are amazing they help things that we have such powerful, message, in ourselves and, why can't we why. Doesn't, everything. That we do you. Know why don't we do everything that we do in. Light of eternity right or, praising. God with all that we have I think God deserves our best right, mm-hmm, so in your opinion what do you think should. Change about the Christian, like, music, industry, yeah that's a great, question I mean I think it's. There's, always stuff, that can be better and like, you said it's not to trash. On it yeah absolutely there. And I think to, just I think meeting. I've been able to meet several, Christian artists and to to, see their hearts firsthand and, to see what their ministry, does is pretty, mind-blowing, yeah, and I know like that's totally what you're saying it's like they to. Hear more of that though, yeah and it's there there are some up-and-coming artists, like coming up there's, my. Thing. Hannah Kerr is one she's awesome, and the young escape I don't know if you've heard any of their music there's there's. There's some and I I totally agree there should be more I think, kind, of coming off of what you said what Michael, was a as a new artist and like. Coming. Like up and coming I yeah my goal when I write music is to write authentic. Music, and to write from my heart and I think that's the challenge of, any. Industry but it's kind of like okay am i writing this because I think people.

Will Like it yeah or am i writing this because this is really my heart and I think there's a kind of a balance, and a line of like I think that would be what's what, could change in the Christian industry is just authenticity, I think, that's something that like, I'm I'm trying to do personally, it's like okay yeah how do I make this more, personal and like more, authentic, and then like. And then God has known, so much more cuz I agree with you these yeah these in pop, music and there's so many artists that really right from their heart and the, music isn't necessarily something that I I want to share with my church obviously. You. Know it's you can hear their hearts in it and I think that would be the goal to. Continue and I think it's it's starting, to and Christian music oh but. I think, just meeting so, many incredible, artists just being able to see their heart in their ministry, firsthand it's like wow you you're. Doing some incredible, things and I hope to you know follow, their follow their lead and I hope to just, continue, to be even more authentic, yeah, you, know it's so weird because both of us were part of this kind. Of like period, blur, named, Millennials, and I think a lot of times a lot. Of pastors, and a lot of people think that well. We need more is, the cool stuff you know the lights and the fog in like and. Most, Millennials like no we. Don't want that we want people, are authentic, people. That are real you, know and if you have if you're preaching, and if you're giving us you, know your, version. Of faith we want to see the authentic, you not some. Version, of someone that you heard on TV you. Know I think that's so important, I think you will see as soon as you said this that if. You want to be a Kris, Schumaker don't, put crosses on, your on your a little like shoemaker shop no build. The best shoes that you can possibly build. Yeah. And people will look at that and and, glorify God because, of the, work that you do not like oh look at me I put a bumper sticker that says that I'm a Christian and I think a lot of times even Christian, musically we have this idea that he has to have the sticker, but, I think what we need to do more is to really explore, the art and and, convey. Our true feelings and our true heart and, naturally. If our heart, has changed just, like the secular artists if. The heart is into really weird stuff it comes out on their music, yeah. I think if in. The. Christian, worldview, if you, have. A heart that's been changed, that will come out here in music you know and I think that's kind of like I hope. That we have more of that you know all. Right so we talked about things. I inspire you. Let. Me ask you a question that can be kind of hard, to answer what. Are some mistakes that you've made along, the way things. That you wish you would have done differently hmm. That's, a great question, always, fun to look back on that, yeah. I think, the. I think the biggest mistakes, that that, I've may have been when, I've given into fear and that's, kind of a it's it's, broad but it's it's not it's like very specific to my story I think the the, times that I've given into fear I've regretted, not. Doing something because I was either afraid of what people thought of me or afraid that I wasn't good enough or, and whatever, the outcome of that was it was that I didn't, step into what God's plan was about that moment you know so I think that would be definitely. Something looking back there there are times that I wish that I would have stepped. Into his to his plan or stepped into this or done. This show or you know it's sung. A song or whatever it was and, I. I, think that would be some of the I wish, that I hadn't, you know given. In to fear at those moments, gotcha. So with. That said what.

Would Some, advice you, would give yourself, if let's, say you. I don't. Know. What. Are some advice that you'd give yourself a 16 I'm pretty sure there's some you, know young girls are watching and you. Because, you, as an up-and-coming artist, you are no. Matter if you want to or not you, are placed in the position. Where. You will, influence people and I think all of us influence people but in, which direction are we influencing, them right so. What what would be some advice you to give yourself or someone that's watching with 16 years old you know um. What. Would you say, man. If I had a time machine but I. Think, for. To, give, myself at 16 and for anyone watching this no matter how old you are but especially. If you're 16, or younger, or older and I. Think something, I wish I would have told. Myself more, was not to worry what others thought of, me and, that kind of goes through all. Of life but I think that's kind of it that's a huge thing in mind yeah my songs I talk about crazy. Beautiful you like, knowing, your worth in Christ and then being a work in progress yes, another one of my songs and that's just it's, I'm working progress but I think the more you worry less about what. People think the more freedom you're gonna feel in Christ cuz you're like well it's not up to them it's up to him yeah absolutely. So. With, that said I. Always. Tried to ask everyone, in this question, because I. Think I, feel like the, life message that I have is I'm trying, to get people to live in light of eternity so. What. Would be a practical thing that you do obviously. What you do music is. You. Are trying to do that but what, are some practical things do you do that, you know helps, you live in light of eternity yeah. Um I. Think. The the biggest thing for me is is, devotionals. And that's kind of been my goal of 2019, is to make it a morning, habit, and so I I can't live. My day without it yeah, and that's a huge thing for me I like I struggle. With just like praying, when I'm by myself. It's like praying in my head I get really distracted and, so I have to journal, like, I have to write it down I get up to write prayers down and you need to work through it just to work through it or else I like get distracted if I'm just thinking I'm like oh I'm thinking about this I need to do this and so I have to write it down and, that's like that's, been something huge for me it might take longer a little bit to journal my prayers or my thoughts and. But that's when I really feel like I'm talking to when I'm having a conversation with, God I'm like me hey like father. These are the things that are going on and these are the people I want to pray for whatever it's it's journaling, and, like when I take the time to do that that's like a practical, way that I am, like living. In light of eternity because then my, day is gonna be better cuz I'm like hey I started it with Jesus and I'm gonna continue it with them. Yeah. I. Think was Martin Luther they said they're like I am I have so many things to do, today that I have to spend the first three hours in prayer otherwise I won't get through. I. Think, that's what we have to do cuz I'm like man I really need your grace today. So. Oh one. Question that another question that I had of you is. If. You look at your life. What. Do you hope that obviously. When you write music your. Your, life. Experiences, are put into your lyrics what, do you hope people would experience through your music hmm. You know I, mean. I think. My, biggest my, biggest hope is that that they would hear less. Of me and more of mm-hmm less of me more Jesus and that's not not, to be like oh that Christianese, answer like I hope think but that's it that's a huge that's, like the biggest part of it and I think the. My. Main message, for. For, not just young girls but for everybody. Knowing. Your worth in Christ and knowing that you're uniquely, made and you're made, for a purpose and you were perfectly, made you're imperfect, but you're made by a perfect God yeah, and that your story is yet.

To Be written and that's that's a huge part, of my message that your values in him and then another. One on my song this called. Fragile heart and it's just the message of the. Hope that we have is. In, Christ and that yeah if you walk there's something painful because we're all gonna walk through painful. Painful, things, experienced, experiences. And you, know you probably had your fair share I've had but you know there's gonna be more yeah, absolutely and, I think that's the the only place we have hope is in the healing hands of Jesus yeah those, are kind of the main messages. I hope people walk away from I hope, people just. Know ya, know more, of what God says about them, yeah, you know it's interesting because um I'm own experience, I can say that. One. Of the greatest tension, that. You. Experience, as someone, who for, example I'm a pastor, and I, don't have a national stage like you but. What. I do, have is when I preach at church right. And when you've placed, on, on, a stage. Automatically. You become someone, that people either. Like to put on a pedestal. Awarded. Try to really. Criticize it's, you it's one, of those extremes, right and, one, thing that I always try to do is, not. To give in to the praise or, the criticism, of the people I like because, that I feel that that's a lot of times can be very toxic, I mean think of even Jesus, right like one day they're screaming his name saying, that you, know welcomed him in Jerusalem next, week they're crucifying him you're like what, happened that was awake you. Know so. The. Biggest thing is not to give in to the kind of like the mob huh, I don't want to call it a mom but perhaps it could be a mob mentality right like we're so. How do you navigate a tension, between okay, you, know. Understanding. That you are a vessel that God is you, know partnering. Up with and he's using for his glory and, giving. Him glory because. It's, tough not to when, somebody criticizes, you and you know that they're taking things out of context, it's, really hard not to be this hardened at. The same time it's also really hard to not allow, your successes, or I think Timothy Keller says this not, allowing their successes to go to your head or, your, failures to go to your heart so. How do you try to like navigate those, great. You have so many great questions. Hey. I, just like to say first I know that as a pastor, I'm. Not I I think pastors get more criticism, than probably, anybody else in the Christian world I think you. Guys get a lot of criticism, from your congregation, from everybody, and you're looked at as a that's, such a higher standard. And. An. Artists are too but that I think there's something there's something different and there's a lot of power and what you're saying and I just, like to say I think and and you say you don't accept praise but you don't you know listen, it but I think like you. Every. Time I've been to your church I just feel so welcome and thank you my parents love coming and my friends, have come and they just feel so welcome in your community, and so you have created, and, really a you, can tell how much you love the Lord and how much you want to make his name known so I just want to say that first, thank. You but I do love love, getting to visit your church and seeing, your community, it's been awesome and I think the. Tension, there is definitely, it's, something, that I think, having. Having, people to keep you accountable I think is huge and I know Joe, very. I'm so, thankful to have a very supportive family, and that. Checks in on me and I, live, with my sister my, best friend who's like okay are you are you you know is this about you or is this about God and.

I Dude and I think now it's even harder, because it, I, love, the, the artist John belly and I don't know if you listen or he's a he's, more of a pop artist I believe he is a Christian, yeah he has some he, has some explicit, words but one of his songs he just had an album he's like the thing. I'm gonna forget this but. It's something the everything. Changed the day we all became famous and, the, line I think what he's trying to say is when we got social media everything, lounged, and like. We all became famous because we can all put our lives on. On. Instagram, it's our own personal, tabloid, you know and yeah in a way curated. It's yeah, it's whatever and I think that's such a it's such a powerful thing like oh my goodness how cool that we can connect with people and we can share, hearts, on this platform but, then it's also can be this kind. Of dangerous thing where social media in in reality it's it is kind of about us and not in a it's not a bad, things I think we can use that to to. Make his name known but, I think that's been a huge thing okay like what. What is the point of me having an Instagram is it is it so I can so, I can get how many likes is it so I can get oh did I get that did I get this many likes or whatever it is or is it no, did I did, I really like did I honor God in that or was this an honoring picture or like it was an honoring post and I think the, more that I I, pursue. Okay, is. This am I doing this for God yeah, so, much less pressure for me to be perfect, because. I think it's like there's, this you know there is a lot of pressure if you're whatever Sylvia and and a lot of that pressure is created by, myself I'm like oh did is is this gonna be okay, and it's like well is it is it honoring to God and, really, it's about me, it's, like it's come well it's not it's about it's about him and there's so much less pressure and so much freedom, in that and, so I think the more that I remember, remember, that it's, like okay there's there's, so much freedom and there's and not that I'm perfect. This is something I like. Struggle with and I'm working on which is why I can say that like okay this is the, more that I remember there's so much more freedom you. Know it's interesting you mentioned that because I feel exactly the same where some, will ask me like how do you still, preach when you have like faults right like and then they're not trying to like make, fun of me or anything like that but they're saying like how do you do that because that's the point of insecurity, and I always would say like well when I go up there to preach I don't say like hey look at me you, know if you can just follow, my example I'm the greatest thing ever you know you'd, be perfect too you know that's, not what I'm saying what I'm saying is I every, single time I preach, I say here's the spotlight he belongs on Christ and, I make his way I'm like I'm not preaching myself, up there I'm preaching, him and as, long as I keep the spotlight on him and not on me I don't have to live up to the standard, and the, pressure no of course like I'm striving, to you right you know but I always fall short of that you know and and, that's. One thing that kind, of how I navigate, but. It's a difficult tension, for sure especially. When it comes to. Artists. Were. An. Income public platform, so. One. More thing I wanna I wanted, to ask you is if. You. Know someone, that maybe is trying to get into the same industry you're trying to get into I think, would be good maybe to give them a advice, unlike what. Would be some of the most difficult, and. Child. Well difficulties, challenges of. The, platform, right because I mean your platform, is producing. You know music. And writing lyrics and going. On tour, what. Are some difficulties, they've, encountered and things that you wish you would have known if you were just starting out starting, out hmm, I.

Think I think, the the one. Of the biggest things that for, me is just talking about social media and all that is. Comparison. And, the, just. The man. That can be such a. Difficult. Thing to it's. A we all do it right like, guys because, I. Don't. Know I, think a lot of times we take our lowlights and compare them to people as highlights, because that's what we see in social media right people don't know lights right and, then when we do that it's like no wonder, we're. All going around like all my life doesn't measure up but, how about Jesus, that's our standard United, mean like so. Oh my goodness yeah I think that would be a huge thing is to to, find if you're if you want to to, be an artist if you want to be a songwriter or whatever, you want to pursue. Do. That to the best of your ability, and that's that's my goal is to be, the best songwriter, can be to be the best vocalist, be the best musician and, and. That's not that doesn't have to be yours if you're the best videographer. If you're the best speaker, or prime pastor, or if you, are the best if you're gonna like, be the best garbage man in takes carbs. Like be the best okay, this is the funniest thing ever but the in, Nashville, this is so totally random but ours. Aren't. Garbage, people I don't have another correct name for them they. Are the nicest people I've ever met I like because. I live with four other girls there's five of us in an apartment, but they every Thursday. They come and pick up our garbage and I've. Been late and I like hear them outside and so I run out and they like always wave at me and then for Christmas they like left every every, town home like a little card and like. It was just saying how Merry Christmas but, that's like okay, can you can, you do that in whatever you do can you do a little bit more and, be like be the best at, whatever you're, doing whatever whatever, your vocation, is whatever you decide to do but that was kind of adjusted ya know on the. Rabbit trail but. I. Think if you're pursuing if you want to get into the music industry I would say pursue, your craft get really, good, at it and listen to listen, to all kinds of music that was some of the best advice I got from Matthew. West I listen. To all kinds of music and and listen. To the new stuff and the old stuff and listen to listen to what's coming out listen to what people are doing and yeah and and, find, who your favorite people are and, just really, pursue, like. If you want to get into music know, the, ins and out know everything about music that's what I'm working, on - yeah. I think one, big thing that I, would also encourage you guys to make. Sure you understand that your life is going to be judged on your mom. And Terry like, successes. But it's gonna be on the faithfulness, of your day to day life how you live man, you know and I think a lot of times we we kind of lose sight of that yeah we think of like we need to have the big wins you know one. Really the, biggest win of our life is the daily faithfulness, the daily perseverance, right like the daily thing that we do like. That right, like going around and and being. More kind than necessary, because everyone, do you mean you know that line that like everyone you meet is you, know is going, through some kind of battle, so. You know I really, thank you for being down here and I think it's really inspirational talking, to you and. I'm looking forward to what God is gonna do in your life and. I'm. I'm, really, like. You. Know said they one, day I'm gonna see you on like every other show over. But. I think we need people that, have a heart, that has been changed to to. Change the conversation I, think one of the best lines, that I heard about culture, is. That. I don't know who wrote this, so someone. Online. But. They said I don't have to change a nation's, laws I have, to change their poets mmm. Right, so, if you can just change the conversation, if you can just change the poet's and and in the lyrics of the song skew see if you think about it a lot, of our Christianity, comes from our lyrics and I'm sorry to say but a, lot, of times right and. And it worked back in the day where people were very into the Bible and they wrote hymns and they wrote powerful, lyrics. But. Now it's like a lot of a lot. Of people's lives are changed by lyrics that are not very godly mm-hmm. You know and they talk about suicide, but you, know and all these things that are not they're.

Not Life-giving, hmm so, I I look, forward, to artists, like you, who have, a life-giving, message you. Know and, that's what I'm looking forward to so thank, you so much anything else you wanna want to share with us I know you're gonna play something for us and I'm. Gonna like make sure that it's it's included but. Anything, else, do you want to say to us that oh. Yeah, I mean just thank you so much for having me by the way where can they find your music oh yeah so, you. Can find my, music, my I have an EP out called crazy beautiful you and you can find it on I think most all music platforms. Spotify, iTunes Amazon, music, I have. Some Christmas songs that were just out but Christmas season is over he's. A YouTube channel right I do yes Liana Crawford, music and and my and my, social, media platforms are Liana Crawford, music so you got me on there it's like Instagram, everything like that is so absolutely. I'll try to link a lot of us stuff in the description below so just look, into it I'm not sure if it's gonna work on podcast by on your shirt, so. We'll go from there, okay so thank you so much guys for for. Watching. This video I would love if you guys can keep the conversation going if Liana, has inspired you would you reach out to her, a message. Where. You can post a comment below on this video. Or if you're listening on podcast. Make. Sure that you know you reach out to Liana see what her music is about and I really really. Encourage you to get to know her, this, is someone that I really believe that one day, you. Will change the, conversation of, this nation and, I know that that's a huge statement. But. Going along with the line that I said before that we. Have to change, you. Know the poet's to make sure that we change a nation I think that's what we need to start not. Demanding. Laws and all that but I think it's more about hey, can. We come from a place of understanding and, give, people hope and I think people appreciate that, thank, you thank you for thank, you so much for having me it's, so fun. And. There's, things I need to change. Say. Whatever God save, I got, issues. Oh. I. Feel much better now. I. Just. Said those words out loud. I'm, a work in progress. Yeah. Yeah. It's true a long. Way from where. This. World. You. Gotta. See. The guy. Yeah. Yeah. I'm. A work in progress. Yeah. I'm. Not quite there yet, but. It's okay, I'm. A work in progress. I'm a NOC glad thing get. A little variety. Yeah, it's true a, long. Way from birth. Big slices. Still work yeah. I'm, a work in progress. So. Don't give, up on. Me.

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