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Guys hi! Merry Christmas!   by the way do you know how to say in  russian Merry Christmas so it would be This is how russians wish  each other Merry Christmas.   It literally means With Christmas and  implies I wish you Merry Christmas.   So another one version another one  way to say Merry Christmas is...  

It also means I wish you Merry Christmas or just  Merry Christmas, I wish you all Merry Christmas.   I am next to the church and i'd like to show you  and to tell you how russians celebrate Christmas.   So i have to cover my hair umm cover my head  by scarf (we must respect the traditions) and   probably we can come in. Okay I'm ready,  let's go inside at this territory. So Christmas is one of the major  festivals celebrated by the   people over the world I think  especially for the Christians.  

In Russia many families celebrate Christmas  Day with a festive meal, so a bit later i'm   going to visit my parents house, to visit  them, to celebrate with them this beautiful   feast. The thing I like most about it is everyone  getting together and eating and giving presents.   What do you think, you too? I'm sure the first  thing you usually hear about the Russian Christmas   is that it's celebrated not at the 25th of  December but on the 7th of January. The reason   for that is that Russian Orthodox church uses  the all Julian calendar for religious celebration   while Catholic church use the Gregorian  calendar. We are next to the entrance but  

let's check i'm not sure that it works probably  uh the oldest church works not that one   yeah it closed let's go there. I'll tell you a  bit about history of this celebration, let's go   uh to this entrance yeah. So at this territory  there are two churches - one of them is   the oldest and another one a bit younger. Following the revolution in 1917 Christmas  was banned by Bolsheviks let's say.  

And Christmas tree and related celebrations  were gradually eradicated. When people   wanted to celebrate Christmas,  they had to do it in secret within   a circle of their families. Can you imagine? It  was a rule it's interesting, but it is closed too.   It's a very famous church, but today it is  closed. Probably i just don't know the schedule   and everything should start a  bit later um about midnight. Ihad to check it before, not now. So let's  continue this story after the collapse of   the Soviet Union in 1991 you know that,  people were free to practice religions and   to celebrate Christmas again finally. But you know  Christmas never gained back its former importance.

The New Year, maybe because it comes  earlier than Christmas, is much   bigger and important celebration - holiday. So  probably that's why Russians celebrate New Year   more than Christmas. And you know it's  very interesting that Christmas tree   oh can you hear yeah i think it's  just a beginning. I'm a bit earlier.   For Russians the gifts, the Christmas tree,  the decorations are attributes of the New Year   not Christmas. You know why now. Because we  celebrate New Year bigger, louder, earlier.   But you know the traditions are coming back i'd  say that basically it was a very important feast   for every Russian family and it still is. So i'm  heading to my parents' house now. Go with me! Guys, i have a small present for my  parents-in-law so i made this house by myself.  

So it will be a nice present for them, look at  it. It smells like cinnamon. Okay let's go let's wish them Merry Christmas you're welcome - добро пожаловать! С Рождеством! Еще Сочельник, конечно, спасибо! Мы пораньше. Спасибо! А из чего это? Из печенья. Ты хочешь сказать, что ты сама пекла?! Да) С Рождеством! Ну надо же! Офигеть! Привет! С Наступающим праздником! Ну ты даёшь, Оксана! Светит? Светит! А как менять лампочки я буду? Никак) Нет, ну мы его съедим! Ой, нет, жалко! Какое?! Съедим?! Пусть стоит теперь! Оксана, но его ж никто съесть не сможет! Ну и не надо его есть, Оля! Ребята, а сегодня я еду к моим родителям. I'm going to visit my parents, congratulate them celebrate with them just a  little bit, to take a cup of coffee or tea   and i'd like to share with you my morning   so the car is totally under the snow  i should before you're going come on - открывайся! you should clean it where is my brush - щётка? Tobias - Тобиас! You can imagine - today's minus 10  degrees, 10 degrees below zero Perfect morning it's kind of exercise Today it is snowing - that's great , the roads will be white and clean. 

Okay well done. I think that's enough i can  oh no no the most important part is here))) Toby's happy too. He likes visiting  my parents' house. It's the freedom for him. okay well done let's go I arrived. Я приехала. Привет! С Рождеством! Привет, моя сладость! С Рождеством! С праздником! Аfter visiting my parents i'm going to visit Сергиев Посад. This is a town of Moscow region. It's located um   about 70 or 75 kilometers far away from Moscow  north east, so i'd like to show you my trip,   to show you the church. It's the capital of Russia  of Orthodox church. We'll see, we'll see together. So i'd say that it's the most  important Russian monastery and spiritual   center of the Russian Orthodox church. Look  at it - in the middle of Сергиев Посад.

It's situated in the town. In summer time of course  it's a very beautiful time   uh and it's very beautiful place but in  winter time it's has special atmosphere.   Is my nose red? It's cold outside, it's  about 10 degrees below zero celsius. I offer to go inside and have a look.  Look, a lot of people here, small market souvenirs from the lavra, what else - что ещё? souvenirs you can see here handmade, different candles of course матрёшки russian food a line here, okay i don't want to eat now   I'd like to go inside. There are a  lot of excursions, different languages,

even guides, audio records. Here  is a plan, i have to put on a mask. ice cream, small bakery an apple limonade there are different churches at this territory книги, книжный магазин - bookshop a painter is here let's have a look at this painting oh it's so beautiful yeah it's for my blog i decided to buy this picture, this  painting. Look at it, it's oil pastel so it's a good present the color of the cathedral, a lot of people  in line, they wanted to get   water - holy water spring and  here is the line to take it, we're going inside art shop yeah you can see this sign above  the entrance, look at this door it's huge a lot of people people are buying souvenirs, candles,  bottles for holy water here you can take holy water decorations by fir-tree. It is an excursion here. put the candles, wishing the health to their relatives, they pray it's a Christmas tradition

2021-01-16 19:33

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