Christophe Choo luxury real estate tour of homes for sale & sold in the the flats in Beverly Hills

Christophe Choo luxury real estate tour of homes for sale & sold in the the flats in Beverly Hills

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Good. Morning everyone its Christophe, Choo from Coldwell, Banker, global luxury real estate and, beautiful, Beverly Hills California it's. Early, June I think it's June the 3rd or should you in the 4th and it's. A little cloudy today it's what we call as, locals, call June. Gloom I know it sounds scary but it's not June. Gloom is basically in the end of May beginning of June sometimes, all of June in the mornings we have overcast, skies now it's not clouds it's, just a marine layer we get you know we're right by the ocean so, we got a lot of this not really fog but very, dense heavy marine, layer and it's, so heavy and dense this particular, time of year that it's kind of cloudy and overcast of, till, midday early. Afternoon almost every day of the month so today's. One of those typical June, gloom mornings but I don't let that get me down I still. Got to do what I got to do I got to be positive and happy to help my clients buy, and sell real estate so so, what did June gloom, anyways. I thought I'd do an updated driving, tour of the flats. Of Beverly Hills which is an, important area so let's, get started on the tour let me show you around. So. I just turned off of, Santa. Monica Boulevard a large Santa Monica we have to Santa Monica Boulevard and. Just. Turned north and I'm, on a little side street here, so. I'm gonna just go back so down, there to the left behind, those trees that's where the Beverly. Hills sign is that was installed in I think. 1913. Just remodeled, redone. About a year ago and, it's, got a wonderful, fountain lily, pond it's called the lily pond actually, and, it's got ducks and swans and. All sorts of fun things so I'm here on Canon. Drive which. Is a, main, street that goes kind of north and south here, in Beverly Hills and. Canon. Drive is part, of the flats of Beverly Hills so. Beverly, Hills flats has long been one of the most popular, if not the most popular a part of, hurly Hills and. Actually were gonna be driving by a house, it's, in the next block that. Sold. Was, a couple years and I sold about a year ago and. At that time it was one of the highest, sales in. The Beverly Hills flats this is a new. Construction home that's going underway not, a lot of modern, houses here in the flats but they're starting to show. Up more and more a lot, of traditional. Homes country. English homes. Mediterranean. Style homes, villa, style homes so, coming up here to the left a very very large not, this one but, the next one the very large that when the beige kind. Of Mediterranean, villa that's. Sold in. 2018. So. For 27, million it. Was a twenty, seven thousand, foot lot if I remember correctly, and about twenty, thousand square feet total for the house so. Even though Canon as you can see kind of be can kind of be a busy street. It. Still sold for a premium price of twenty seven million, this. House over here on the right behind. The gates can't, really see much, the. Other you can see a little bit of it that. Was the house of oh, shoot, I. Know. Him and I know his wife famous. Talk-show host on CNN. It'll. Come to me I'm sorry I'm, good at most things remembering, but sometimes the celebrities I forget. So. Here we go let's just go back so. Let me tell a bit more about the flats of Beverly Hills so. First of all where do we turn I've, been driving, seven paying attention oh we're on I believe, on Lovato so, elevado, is a street that rents east and west and the flat so you, won't see too many houses on this block but I'm gonna go all the way to. The east because. Actually. What can I do is i can go up one more block to, give you a little bit better perspective so. The floods basically. Is just north. Of the business, district. In Beverly, Hills which, is why it's one of the most popular, areas. Basically. You, know the business district, is where all the offices, are the. Shops the, restaurants the. Department, stores all. Of the you know. Salons the plastic, surgeons, the you. Know all of the various businesses. That cater to their, quote unquote Beverly, Hills lifestyle, and what, is it food fashion. Plastic. Surgery, facial rejuvenation. Those, are the main OT --the teeth, whitening, and teeth straightening places, dentists. It's. A kind of town where people want to look good so most, of the businesses, nearby are to, help you keep looking good or to make you look good if you don't look good so look. It's a superficial, town it's Beverly Hills after all so I think that's kind, of funny never hit me but that's really what the business so sunglass, shops optometry. Places. But. That's really the crux to the businesses, in the Beverly Hills area so you know in the main business district, so that's, one of the reasons why this is so popular as the.

World Changes, more, and more people like, to. Be near, the city center so that's why walkability, scores, it becomes so popular because. People like to get out of their house walk a couple blocks with the kids in the stroller or on, their own and be in an area or neighborhood, where they can literally walk, to restaurants into all of that fun stuff so so. Again the, Beverly Hills flats runs east, and west and it. Runs about 20, blocks east and west I'm gonna just turn left here on Foothill and it. Runs three. Blocks north and south from. Santa Monica down the south to Sunset Boulevard on the north, towards. The center of the flats is, there's. Four blocks going north and south now. What's interesting is about the streets and will go up a couple of them down a couple of streets some. Streets are all palm, tree-lined some. Streets are all maple, tree lined some, streets are aligned with all, different kinds of various trees and this, was all done essentially. Back in the. Kind, of just after the turn of the century early. Nineteen hundred's, 1920s. I think Beverly Hills became. An official city in, 1913. I think it was so. That's. How you see different streets. With different kinds of trees so that was Foothill which. Is all palm trees and the, next street is Elm which. I'm guessing based, on the name it they should be elm trees but I don't really know offhand, what an elm tree looks like, but. As I'm looking I, know that's not an elm tree because we have that, kind of tree and, those. Were eucalyptus trees straight ahead and. Well, I think these trees were all replaced yeah these are not the original trees, a few, years back there were some issues with some. Kind. Of bug infestation. So I know a lot of the trees got. Sick and had to be replaced. Beverly. Hills is very verdant, and green what's. Interesting is when you're up in the hills whether you're up in the hills of Beverly Hills or Hollywood, Hills or at, a high-rise condo and you're looking over the city you'll, immediately notice the boundaries, of Beverly Hills because, Beverly Hills is very green. Lots. Of trees lots. Of grass lots. Of hedges, and beautiful. Green shrubs, and trees and things of that nature so. You, know this and it's kind of hard to see the houses from a car so. Sorry about that, so. What's kind of going on in the neighborhood so there's a lot of older homes that, have been in the same families, for many. Many years it's, not uncommon. I should say it's not uncommon but it's it's. It. Happens sometimes when you get a listing and the, family, has owned the house for 50. Years or 60 years or even longer in some cases so they, kind of passed down through generations so. A lot, of these older homes are often in original condition or, a lot, of them were redone in the 60s, and 70s which. Is obviously not to today style and, so. Those houses. Are. Often torn down and built as brand new and Beverly, Hills has a, very. Very good Planning, Department of Building and Safety planning. And. They're. Very good they're pretty tough you know tougher than Los Angeles in terms of building. Or remodeling, and, if you own a home that is historic, home obviously you can't do that or if, you own a home we have a master architect list, in Beverly Hills so what.

That Means is if you own a home that was designed by one of the master. Architects, as defined, and. Selected. By the City Council of Beverly Hills you. Cannot tear, that house down, so it's very important, as a lot of people do like to buy older homes and tear them down we. Have to do our research find. Out if there was a named architect, and sometimes sellers don't know but. We have to door research and then inform. The buyers of that list and if it's on the list so, we can advise them properly whether or not they can, potentially. Tear down that particular house, so. What's. Going on in the Beverly Hills flats so again in this 20, block, distance, east and west and the, three four blocks north and south they're currently 22, homes on the market for sale and one. Point about Beverly. Hills the. Flats is is, kind of two parts as the Eastern flats and the Western flats we are on the eastern side currently, the. Western flats is when, I turned initially. At this tour on Kennon, west. Of Canon Drive is the Western flats and then east of Drive is the eastern, Flint's so, let me see where I'm going I'm going to Sierra am I on Sierra nope a couple, more blocks so. I'm. Gonna go take a look at into listing on Sierra so in terms of what's going on here and the flats are currently 22, active. Listings, for sale in the neighborhood the, lowest price house is four million nine seventy, five we've. Had a little softening, of our market of late so, this is the first time I've seen a home listed, under. Five, million in, a while so it's. Changing. A little bit but not much and there's very pretty traditional style. House so. Four million just under five million is. The lowest price currently the lowest price sale in the last six, months I believe was just over. Five point 1 million the, average price currently, in the neighborhood is about, 13, million 970 so you know just shy of 14 million you. Typically get an average sized home about seventy three hundred square feet so houses. Asking, prices are running roughly about two. Thousand, square foot so there's an older probably. 50s. Or 60s style home there on, the. No. More on the left but we just train to camp a little bit more surround. Sierra so this is all pine. Tree lined so you notice the difference in all the different streets so anyways.

So, The average size is about 7,300, for the house the average lot, actively. Available, today is about 17,000. So, of the twenty two actives there are currently five under contract, in the, flats ranging. From just under, 5.7. Million and I think up to about just, under 20 million so that's kind of the range of of, what's active right now and there have been 19 sales. In, the, flats in the last six, months of it's a very active, market, in. The flats it's again one of the most popular one of the most active markets, so terms, of the average sales, price in the neighborhood just over, 10 million to 10 million hundred, some thousand average. Size of these sold homes was just over six thousand, square feet and the, average size lot was just shy of 8, thousand. Some. Lots are over, an acre in the flats but there's not too many of those and they're primarily. On the northern, streets. And on the western, side, of the flats so. The average house has been selling for within about 6% of, the. Listing price so let's. See what I got oh I'm I think I passed where I'm going so I'm gonna have to make a u-turn so we'll do that. There's. Another house that was obviously, torn down and they're building a. New residence, there oh this is all strictly, residential. There's, no multi-units. No apartment buildings no, condos in the flats it's all strictly, residential, and in. The highest sale last year if I remember correctly was just over. 27. Million which was a beautiful, house on Greenway. It was a 1930s. Traditional, style home remember. Correctly it was about a half an acre lot where. Am I going six zero seven zero oh. I. Guess, I'm well. Looks like the open house was cancelled well that's, good for you guys and you'll get to see a, little, bit more of the streets, let. Me check my map and see where I'm going to next so, yeah so the highest price sale was just over twenty-seven million it, was not the one I showed you initially it, was, another. One on again Greenway, which was the West End flats absolutely. Stunningly. Beautiful, 1930s. Traditional, I don't, remember the architect, but it was in the style of Paul Williams.

Beautiful. Beautiful, original architecture, and the owners were, known for gutting and redoing homes exquisitely. Did an amazing incredible, job on that house kept. The original floor plan didn't, change it just redid all of the finishes. And details, so not, everyone wants a brand new. You know giant mansion, a lot of people like the older traditional houses, but, they really want them dun dun dun dun, dun to the nines. So. And then the current highest price listing, in the flats at the moment, is, 33. Million it's. Also on Greenway on. The Country Club we have the Los Angeles Country Club on the western. End of the flats and there, are a few just a handful maybe. Ten. Twelve houses that are directly, on the Country Club and those sell, for a major premium, I'm. Working on a new listing that will be one of the highest priced homes in the neighborhood so. Stay tuned and that'll be hopefully coming. To. The market soon. So. See. I am going now to, Arden. Up I probably passed Arden, I said. Too busy talking and I'm forgetting. Where I'm going so let's go to art artists oh no, this is Arden perfect, so. We're gonna head over to the 600, block and as, you go up in the flats it starts, at the 500, block and it can end at the 900, block depending, on the location each. Block, you go up the price increases, a little bit because, the, Lots increase, in size and, typically the homes increase, in size, so. This street is all lined. Again with the different trees and I do not know the name of these trees so we've seen palm trees we've seen maple trees we've seen other. Kinds of trees and, these I don't know so if you're out there YouTube and, you, know about trees, I'd love to know what kind of trees these are so. We're, about to arrive at the open house I forget. The price of this one because I haven't seen it yet or maybe I have seen it yet you never know if it's a new, listing new new listing or if it's a, listing. Its back on the market or. Real, estate up there's another teardown, so. I'm going to 6. Oh seven. Arden Upton sets a little bit further down the block. But. Beverly Hills flats is a very charming neighborhood, lovely. Architecture very mixed architecture, you see everything from no, smaller traditional, houses to, big. McMansions. Clothes. So. I'm on Arden and it. Looks like the house is not open well that's strange will, boy. You're gonna get an extra tour so we're gonna back to y'all crest. That. Is Tuesday, isn't it it's Tuesday Caravan yes it is I know we have an open house today and. For. Newer, listing, and. So. My assistants over there handling, that and. So, let's just go fry one last try cuz so far two, out of three have. Not been open which is strange maybe. I was not paying attention okay. Here we are in Hillcrest which. We were on earlier and, we're, going to six one six I think. Double. Check. Six, one six silk wrists. Yep. Oh no, it's okay. I know what it is oh 6-1-6, Arden. 500. Block of Hillcrest, okay I'm seeing. It's what happens when you. Drive, and talk. Okay, let's go back to our at, least you can you. Know see the outside of one of the houses. So. See what I mean by it's kind. Of cloudy and overcast so, the skies, are just the such about noon that's typical, I'd, say by around 1 o'clock we should have clear. Blue skies and then starting, around 7. O'clock tonight the. Call. It's called the marine layer will start, rolling, on in and. We'll. Have the. Overcast. Skies and June bloom again tomorrow morning. Okay. We're back dark blue going in circles today but it gives you a nice little view. Of this part of Beverly Hills so. If you're looking to live in Beverly Hills this may be a great spot for you because. Of the proximity to, all of the, main. Amenities and price-wise it's. You. Know pretty reasonable, from 5 million to. You. Know 30 some million so it's a good little spot okay now I think, we're on the right Street we're going to six one six. At six to six so it'll be on, the left I. Know. I dropped by here how did I not see, the, sign well. That's right we're not allowed to have open. House signs in Beverly Hills not. Allowed to have open house flags. And. The for sale signs there. Are teeny tiny little signs they're only like but, I think eight inches or six inches wide oh that's the house huh and I've seen that house okay so we, can skip that. It's. Our open house signs are only six inches wide by I think. Maybe nine, ten inches tall and, you have to have a sticker on, the sign or get fined and the fines are really big in Beverly Hills so.

They Just they don't want what, they think ugly real estate signs or flags or directional. Signs, dirtying. Up the streets so, if you have an open house they, better make sure it's online everywhere. Because. They, ain't gonna find it from the signs just, telling you okay. We're, at the end of our journey for today because I do need to see some houses and we've, been driving for what, 15 minutes and I. Haven't seen a house yet so anyways, he'll, Chris so. We're actually this is good we're gonna see the 500, block which. Is the. You know southern, end of the flats and. This. House I believe is in the five million range so again, you're only going to find those five million dollar houses in the 500, block because as closest to Santa Monica you, can get some of the Santa Monica noise. And. You can even be right next to the park which some people don't like but, the Sosa make houses here's a nice big. Mediterranean. That looks newer there. Yep, and. Let's see where we're going here okay. 5:08. I'm. Going to 5 100 K. See. It okay, so let's make a u-turn, that's little santa monica there down, below this. Is one of the alleys well, that's another good point all. Of the houses in the flats of Beverly Hills have, an alley behind, the house so. You will never see ugly trash, cans in front of your home they're, all in the back alleys and that's every single Street and the flats of Beverly Hills has an alley and. There's no power lines notice, so, when the city was originally, built they, put all of the power, lines underground. So. Unlike many, parts of Los Angeles you, don't have ugly lines running all throughout, the area that looked unattractive, so and people, pay hundreds, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to. Move power lines oh here, we go oh it's five ten on it to, move power lines underground. If, it's blocking their view or, they don't like the way it looks I've. Had it happen many times but in the flats of Beverly Hills you don't have to worry about it and you have to worry about again ugly trash cans because they're out, back in the alley, so. Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the flats of Beverly Hills if, you're thinking of moving. To LA or buying application, residents or an. Investment, property or. Whatever. I'm here to help you I've been doing this for 32 years I love what I do I know. The market inside and out I spend, three hours a week touring every single new listing in the whole West Side marketplace, and. The luxury market that is I don't see every single house and that's. What I do and that's what I'm here for so contact, me directly I've worked with many buyers that found me on YouTube and I, help them find a house see you soon take care.

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