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Chunkz Vs Maya | Hometown Showdown

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(upbeat music) - This is Hometown Showdown. Ready, Maya? - Yeah. - Two friends... - I'm behind ya. - ...two hometowns... Here we go! - Oh! - ...but only one can win. Woo! Today, it's your boy Chunkz...

Ah! Oh! ...versus my mate Maya Jama. - I had my first snog down the road. - Oh, wow. North West London... Oh!

- This is crazy. - ...versus Bristol. - Welcome to beautiful Bristol. - Get me home! (upbeat music) Let's get to it! - He's late. Late, late, late. (rhythmic drumming) (hip-hop music) - Yo! Welcome to Chunkz Tourz, baby! (laughing) - This is mad! - Yeah, man. You know this is

North West London's finest, baby. - Yeah. - Let me show you around then. Jump on, man. - Okay.

(megaphone siren wailing) - Thank you, thank you! Jump, three, two, one, go! (rhythmic music) Yeah! (cheering) (rhythmic music) (singing): Hey, Maya. (megaphone siren wailing) (indistinct) - Oh, (bleep). - Oh, shit! You'll kill us, mate. Careful there. Head down.

Keep it down! - Oh! This is actually a big hazard. (rhythmic music) - Alright, Maya, so North West London is actually the greatest area in the UK. - The whole UK? - Yeah. Maybe world, depends. It's there or Brazil for me.

- They're quite similar, actually. - Yeah, they're very... (laughing) As you can see, we're turning to the right, right now. - Oh! - Oh, my God, yes. I told you, it's a bit crazy. (laughing)

This is my area. It's a bit emotional for me, 'cause you know, this is where I was raised. - Yeah. - And on the right,

we have the Brent Civic Centre. It's actually the library I used to go to as a sixth former. - You were in library? - Yeah, about two days. Uh, we're heading up to Lakeside Way on the left, and they actually have a Tesco's there, and a gym. - Wow. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- This is a really different tour. - Chunkz Tourz, baby! (man cheering) Oh! - This is crazy. - That's the greeting I get when I come to North West London. I told you lot! I'm the king of North West London, you should know that. - There is a man looking at you

quite strangely over there, do you know him? - No! Okay, be careful. You can't look a man in his eyes... Yes! Nice to see you, man. Wha gwan?! You going to the gym? - Yeah! - Do some extra reps for me. My brother! I'm gonna come get a drink off of you soon.

Stay in school! - London has a really bad reputation, 'cause everyone's supposed to be unfriendly... - Don't listen to that! - ...and in a rush, but this is so friendly! - Click, click. There we go. And there we have it! BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Hindu Mandir! This is actually the biggest Hindu temple outside of India.

- That is beautiful, wow. (rhythmic music) - Wha gwan?! What do you think about this London tour so far? - It's cute, you've shown me the temple, was beautiful, you know, there's like... - Are you not seeing the brick and mortar? - You're a bit famous in your area, that's nice. (laughing) But actually, when we get down to the nitty-gritty of Bristol v. London... - You ready, my love? - It's not talking to us at all. - Whoa!

- Not even close. - Alright, so it's time for the first stop. Now, it's not like any other tour. I done told you. - Okay. - We're gonna be showing off London the best way, in my opinion. - Yeah? - So, let's go to the first stop.

(rhythmic music) I thought, let's come to the zoo. Obviously, the path is different. Triple A access. - Everywhere. (upbeat hip-hop music) - I kinda was expecting the penguins to be a bit more... I thought they were gonna butt my neck on a chest thing.

- On Happy Feet, they're massive. - Yeah, that's right! - Charlie, come here! Hi! - Aw! - So, he likes to be tickled. - Oh, my God, that's lovely! - Charlie, unfortunately, he hasn't got a partner yet.

(honking) - I know, my brother, don't worry, it happens. That's why I walk around... (mimicking penguin) my room. I need it as well. - Yeah. (both honking) - Alright, we met the penguins, we're gonna go to the next situation.

- Okay, where are we going now? - I'mma show you the camels. (rhythmic music) - What we're gonna do is be picking up the camel poo. Here we go. - Yeah, you have to hold your nose.

- Nice! - And also, putting out some food bags for them. - Ah! - What's going on? - It was a pigeon. (laughing) That's fun, isn't it, Chunkz? You've got that poo-picker look about you. - What does that even mean? Jesus, they're heavy. Now, why do their poos look like Malteasers? - I mean, he thinks this is showing off London, he thinks this is a great day out! Wait until he comes to Bristol. Real culture, real vibes,

no cleaning poo. (monkey calling) - Time to switch it up. We're gonna feed the animals. - Wow, so lucky. - These are nice little feeders. So, they've got a little hole in the top, which is where I've sort of sprouted a little bit of browse. - Oh, wow! - So you're gonna throw them, and then the gorillas will get the balls, hopefully, and then they have to manipulate them to get the food out.

Go for it, guys! - Don't worry, that's it. - Ugh! There you go, honey. (laughing) - That's that! There you go, my brother. Look after yourself, man. He's got something to eat by himself.

- It's so nice, 'cause they are really similar to humans, aren't they? They are fascinating. - Well, that's the zoo, then. - You know what, at the beginning, I was a little bit hesitant. But then the gorillas,

it won me over. Hello. Oh, my God. I think we just had a moment. (soft jazzy music) - Best believe it's not the end of the experience. - What's next? - We got more things to do! Let's just go! (rhythmic music) Listen, enough of the jibber-jabber, this is me versing you, North West London versing Bristol. - Yeah.

- Do you genuinely think you've got it? - A hundred percent. It's not chatting to Bristol. (rhythmic music) - We're now to ditch the bus. There's only one way that we can travel around St. Raphael's,

and it ain't on a bus. - How is it? (brakes squeaking) - Yo! - I'm behind ya! (upbeat music) So, this is really your area, then? - It's the hood right now, man. - I'm gonna be honest, when I heard you were planning out a day of London, I did not think I'd be riding a bike through the end. - What do you reckon, then? - I like it.

- This is where I used to play football as a kid. The Cage. Good times, good stuff, back in the days, we're talking 2003. - Three. How old were you then? - I was a young little seven. I even started my YouTube career here.

I had a load of my old videos when I just started YouTube, was in this place. Feels nice being back here. - Yeah. Do you ever have memories of, "Oh, I had my first kiss down there"? - No kisses around here. - No? - Yeah, never. I'll be honest, this was the hood.

- It is kind of what I expected. I know a bit about you, I knew you were from an estate, but I feel like I know you a bit better now. (cell phone vibrating) - Hello, Mum. Mum, I'm coming now. Right here, right here.

That's my gaff. - Alright, guys-- - Alright, guys, welcome to my house. - Wait, you wait right there. This is my gaff. Slide through, I'm gonna show you where I grew up, you know what I mean? Alright, so this room here, Maya... - Wow! - where me, Niko, Sharkey, AJ, Darkest grew up.

I can't lie to you, the amount of videos we've filmed in this room here... - Legendary. - You could check my old catalogue. All the rap battles, all the everything.

- Oh! (screaming, laughing) But yeah, man, these are the blocks, man. Let's get out of here. - Bye! - Bye! See ya! - Love, love, love. - So cute! - Alright, so that's my area. - Nice. - Now, we need to eat.

Let's go get some nice Somali food. Rice, banana, all the good stuff. (rhythmic music) It's the munch situation. - I haven't had that much Somali food.

My nan, whenever I was at Ayeeyo's house, I used to always just have lamb, rice, spaghetti... - You haven't really fully immersed yourself in the Somali culture, then? - Everything's nice. It's actually... so many flavours in one mouthful. - See? - They've mastered it. This ticks all my boxes. It's perfect. - Perfect?! - So maybe...

Somali's my new favourite cuisine. (gasping) - Look at this, this is the hilib. - Hilib! - Ay! Don't play with the Hilib! - Hilib! - I'm gonna cut that off...

Oh, shit! (Maya laughing) That went from romantic to pandemic. It's time for the spicy-spicy. - I'm not really good with spice, you know. - Oh, you're not? - I'm a plain Nandos kind of girl.

- Alright, you go first with the green. I'm telling you, that's not bad. (suspenseful music) You ready? - Yeah, a little dip. - Go on. It's not bad. On my life, it's not bad. - Okay.

- You taking the piss? - That's not bad! - It's just touched the tip, and it's firing me off. Try that. (breathing heavily) Oh, my God. - No, that's not bad. (suspenseful music) It's a creeper.

It is a creeper, Jesus. - Are you taking the piss? - That's a creeper. - That is so hot! (screaming) Oh, (bleep)! - I will actually consider saying London's better than Bristol if you do a little bit of the red. - Yeah? Piss off. I'm not doing that. (laughing) I'll be honest with you, we're not gonna eat this.

- Too mad. - We need to move on. But I'm pretty sure that this last thing we do is going to win you over. - Really? - Yeah, guaranteed. - Alright. - Let's get out of here. - Let's go. (rhythmic music) - Alright, Maya! Well, I couldn't bring you to North West London and not bring you to one of the most famous landmarks, Wembley Stadium! We actually can't get in there right now, 'cause my contact is actually in Dubai right now. - You don't have a contact.

(car squealing, crashing sound) - Uh, anyway, today right now, we've got a challenge. - Okay. - So, we've got this little, crazy speedometer. Oh, my God! You have to try and avoid your face.

- Okay. - You have to try to clot me. - Clot you, face with the balls, and avoid my face. - There you go. - Got it.

Kill 'em with it, kill 'em with it! - Ay! - Oh! - What kind of... How many miles an hour was that? - Ah! I feel like this is fun! Torture! (crowd): Aw... - That hit him, but it didn't knock him. - You're not ready for me. - You haven't even moved. - Yeah, well guess what? You still haven't scored. (crowd gasping) (suspenseful music) - You saved it at least! - Yeah, you see? - Is that all mine done? - Yeah, you're dry! - Alright, come on, then.

- Ready, Maya? - Yeah. (cheering) - I know how to do this! - If that hit me, I would've been knocked the (bleep) out! (laughing) (crowd cheering) - Next one! We're gonna get Maya again. No, not me! Aw! - Self-sabotage. (laughing) - I hit myself. This is my last one, Maya. (both screaming) (crowd): Aw...

- That was a tough call to finish, though. You actually lost the challenge today. - Yeah, well... - I've showed you London. - It was fun. - Yeah? - It was really good. - Ten out of ten.

- I'm gonna give it a nine, 'cause I don't want to give you too much credit, but it was fun. It was lovely. - I'm gonna take a nine... to be frank. - Nine! - But it's time for you to show me Bristol. - I know! I'm so excited! Throw your B's up! - Throw your L's up, 'cause we're in London right now, baby.

- No one wants to put L's up. - No, both of them! Two L's is what? A "W"! (camera clicking) - A loss. - And I won. - Thought you might want to move to Bristol, imagine that? - Doubt it! I doubt it! Let's just go to Bristol, then. (upbeat music) Get me home! (bright music) Oh, my God! We are high! Oh, this is not right, man.

No human's meant to be this high! - Open your eyes, it's nice! - Nope, can't do that. - Chunkz, welcome to beautiful Bristol. - Yeah, very nice. - From the highest point. - Could've just done it on the floor, but...

- No, no, no, you can see everything! Over there is the suspension bridge, there's a river down there, some boats on the harbour. You can see the whole of my glorious city here, if you just open one eye. (laughing) - That's enough. I saw lots of things there, way too much. Oh my days! See the way my stomach turn and turn and twist.

- So, little fun fact for you here, Bristol makes the most balloons in the world. - Amazing. - We're the home of the balloon. And there's a big festival every year, balloon festival. I've been there a couple of times as a child.

- Nice. - I have a massive day planned for us both. - Oh, my God! - All across Bristol! - That's the first time... - It's okay, it's okay!

We're gonna have a lovely day today, alright? - Yeah, lovely. - Lovely. - When do we get down? - We'll get you down soon. (upbeat music) (laughing) Alright, so, in Bristol, very environmentally friendly. - I like that. - So, I think we should take these around.

- Safety first! - Of course. Off you go. I'll follow you. Just straight. - Lock. (birds chirping) (upbeat music) - Oh no! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I've actually never ridden one of these before. (laughing) Alright! - Woo! - Whoa! (laughing) Sorry, sorry. We're here! Okay, so this is my mum's house. - Amazing! - Ah, do I look ready to meet your mum? - Are you nervous? - I'm a little bit.

- Are you? Hello! - Oh my gosh! I didn't expect to see you! - You didn't expect to see me? - No! Hello! - Hi, I've come with a friend. - Hi! Nice to meet you. - Very nice to meet you. - You alright? - This is actually where you lived growing up? - We moved here when you were about seven. - Oh, wow! - So, the whole time.

- I had my first snog down the road. - Oh, wow! - I've got some pictures of you as a baby. This is when Maya was little, when she was doing some modelling. - Wait, how old were you? - Three. - You were the cutest you ever. - I was, I know, look!

- Aw! (camera clicking) - I didn't see your baby pics. - Yeah, well you didn't ask. - So, what are you doing, guys? - Basically, I'm showing him around Bristol. - I mean, everywhere in Bristol's great. Have fun! Have a good day. Take care.

- Thank you, take care. - Bye, darling. Bye! (rhythmic music) - We're walking down quite a legendary road right now. This is where I spent probably half my teens. - Hello! - Hello! That's my friend's mum. - Is it?

- Yeah, Chloe's mum. - I love it, I just love the community. Ah! You know what I mean? I like it. - You know, there's a lot of cafs, bars... This is one of my favourite Caribbean restaurants. - Rice and Things! (laughing) (rhythmic music) - This is Old Market. - I'm starting to like it. - Starting to like Bristol? - Yeah.

- There's even this very special clock. So, that is ten minutes behind London, because that's actually the time zone, and it's like a little joke, that's why Bristol people are always ten minutes late, because that's the original Bristol time. - So wait, what's the time now, then? 12:22... - See? - You lot think it's 12:12. - Yeah!

It's nice out though, isn't it? We do what we like. (instrumental music) So, I think Chunkz was a little bit hesitant at first, he thought London was the best place on Earth, Bristol, meh, countryside. I think he's starting to like it. - It just feels very homey. Feels very together. And, um, yeah, I like the people and I like the sights.

(bright music) - We are in the 'eart of Bristol city, yeah? There's a wa'erfront right ahead. - Is that how they speak? - Yeah, if you're a proper, you speak like that. Would you still like me if I speak like tha'? - Yeah... - What we are approaching you may recognize from the news or from your Twitter feed. The Colston guy's statue got dragged down.

(screaming) - Obviously, I don't know much about the man. But I just heard, "slaves and owners." And guess what? Me no like him. No joke, man. - They dashed him down.

- I would've been dragging it with them. - Yeah. - So what, this is where the little joker was standing? Where are you now?! In the water! - I have actually always been proud of Bristolians, because I feel like whenever there's something going on, they'll fight for what's right, and I think this was a perfect example of that. - Yeah. Love you, Bristol! This is a great place, but obviously, it will never touch North West London, 'cause North West London is in my heart. - I mean, North West London was cute, but pfft, compared to Bristol, it's a shed. I want to play a game. - Yeah?

- This is called Bristol or Beyond? (trumpet melody) - Wow! - You're gonna try some foods, and you just have to tell me, are they from Bristol, or somewhere else? I've got a blindfold for you. Oh! Quite a big head, haven't you? - Alright, fair enough. - Okay, alright, this is the first run. Have a little bite. - That's chocolate. - Is that Bristol or beyond?

- That's beyond. That's Belgium. - This is actually Bristol! - Bristol! - The first ever chocolate egg was made in Bristol. - Was it? - Yeah! We're going in with the next one. (laughing) (spitting) Okay, what are we saying? Bristol or beyond? - That's Bristelee. - You're actually wrong!

- What the hell is this? - Rollmops, they're in honour of my Swedish heritage. - I love Sweden. - Pickled fish. - Ugh! - Okay, it's alright, we've got something to clear the throat, now.

We've got a little drink. What is that? - Ribena blackcurrant. - Bristol or beyond? - Go on, you lot made it. - Yeah! (dinging, clapping) Bristolians created Ribena! - Fair play, man.

- Lovely. - Respect that. You lot actually changed my childhood. - So, the next one is a sauce. Just lick! - Boy, that's hot! Ah, that's hot! - Where do you think that's from? Bristol? - That's from hell! Ah! Ah! - That is actually from the Somali shop you took me to. - Oh, you're joking! You brought it back! (tape rewinding) Ah! Why would you do that?! - Do you know what? This was fun, but there's so much more to see. We've only got one day, we should carry on

with our little tour. (rhythmic music) So, most legendary thing about Bristol, Banksy is from here. All around Bristol... (car honking) Banksy's art. Hello. Alright, now if you look up here, you've got The Mild Mild West by Banksy himself. - The Mild Mild West? Nice, man. So where's Banksy now, then?

- He could be anywhere. He could be there. Could be over there. - Could be you. - I could be Banksy. Can you imagine the plot twist? (light music) I think the main thing about Bristol is if you look around, there's a lot of art on the walls. - They love art. - Graffitti... - Yeah! - So, I've brought you here.

- What's this? - This is a lovely, plain, blank canvas. - What are we doing? - We're gonna graff up the wall! - Yeah! - Come on, let's go! - Graff up the place. Yeah, yeah, yeah! - Yeah, yeah, yeah! - We're ready for this one! Ooh! - Look at this! So, we are gonna fill in our stencils. - I'm ready! Ah, there we go. - Alright. - The red symbolizes the lips.

You got blue hair? - Yeah. - My mum's always telling me I got grey eyes. I feel like we're gonna get in trouble, like the police are gonna come any second, like oh! Start running. - It does feel naught, innit? - I like a little bit naughty, though. I got some funky hair! - I look like a clown.

Um, alright, let's go. The big reveal. - Oh, wow. - It's not what I expected.

- To be honest, not as bad as I thought. - It's (bleep). - No, it's not (bleep). Chunkz... - I expected a bit better than that. - No, don't be like that.

This is a really important moment in our lives. - Your hair looks luscious! Look at mine! I look like the Joker! - It's like Mr. Worldwide! - Pitbull? - Yeah. - I reckon we tag them up, you know? - Let's tag.

(hip-hop music) Alright. I think that looks lit. So, that is the end of my tour. - Oh, I'm sad it's over. - I know! You loved Bristol, didn't you? - I liked it a lot. - I quite liked North West London, I'll be honest.

It's kind of hard to decide who has the best hometown. - It is, it is. - So, I've thought of something just to settle it fair and square. Come down here. Nice little surprise for you. - Yeah? - Yeah! You're gonna be so excited, 'cause the way I want to settle our war is with a soapbox race! - Oh, God. - Bristol is known for having

some of the steepest hills and streets in the country. We love a hill. We do go-kart racing down hills, there's a water slide somewhere on a hill, and soapbox races. And so, here it is! Look how massive it is! (bright music) - What's a soapbox race? - We've both got a car... You have to accessorize it, make it look as snazzy as you can... ...and then we line up... ...and we race! (dramatic music) - Reverse, reverse! - Are we ready? Three! Two! One! - Alright, make sure your mum don't get crashed in.

- I know, don't crash into my mum! - Go! (energetic music) (crowd cheering) Oh, my God! - Ah! Ah! - Oh my! Oh, my God! - Woo! I done told you! - That was unfair. - Alright, that was amazing. - Do you know what I feel? - And that's why North West London is better than Bristol! - I feel like I've just let my city down a little. - No, no, you didn't. - Still doesn't mean your city's better. (cheering) - Ay, chill out, chill out! Well, there you go, guys. That's the end of our episode.

- Congratulations. - Make sure you show me love. Like, comment, subscribe. Do all them good things. Maya, how do you feel? - Bristol to the world is all I'm gonna say.

I let you down today, but you win in every other way. - Yeah, you let them down. - I didn't let any-- Do you know what? (laughing) - There's more options there, there, and there.

All over the screen, but guess what, guys? It's a shame they're not gonna be as good as this, I'll be honest with you. Take care! Tara! That's what we say in London.

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