CITY-TV 6pm News, May 21, 2008

CITY-TV 6pm News, May 21, 2008

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That's. A wrap on this half-hour City News at 6:00 with Gordon an begins, right, now. Following. City TV program, is available in high definition. My. Fear is this, will continue until he, kills somebody, a. Complete. Stranger she asked me if she was gonna die she, was bleeding a lot. Oh a Good Samaritan stepped. In after a vicious stabbing, to, save a life I. Go. Through about $70. A day 70. Yes gas. Prices ground. Toronto. Makes me just want to stay, we've. Work to do there's no question about it take, a big hit the idea that could give us a holiday, from taxes, I think this is gonna help all families in Ontario I knew. Something was wrong my vision was not right, risking, your sight, to save money your eyes are priceless, and you. Should only get the best what, you need to know about laser eye surgery, and the mistake that could put your vision in jeopardy here. Body. And cool tomorrow morning but warm air is on the doorstep, when it will get here how warm it's going to get and if it's going to last. Good. Evening three, random. Attacks including, a vicious, stabbing, an emotionally. Disturbed man with a history, of violence. Is charged, with knifing, a woman at a bus stop that's, her. I heard, this woman screaming. Help. Me help me I've been I've been stabbed, someone, help me and and. She was like it panicking. Twenty six-year-old, Nicole McDonald. Was just standing, or waiting for the streetcar when. Out of the blue a man armed, with a knife walked up to her and stabbed, her three times in the stomach, she. Suffered. Very serious. Life-threatening, injuries, and, if. Possibly. Not for the assistance she received from citizen's right there on the street this, could have been a homicide absolutely. If. That's what I did then. Then I'm glad, I was there Margot Hines was the urban angel, who came to Nicole's, aid after this urban, nightmare putting. Pressure on her gushing, wounds, Nicole, is now in stable condition at st. Mike's Margo. Went to see her this morning she. Was bandaged, up and she was heavily sedated, but she was smiling, and she was glad to see me and I was even more glad to see her.

Witnesses. Help police catch the suspect. 47. Year old Samad, debarry faces, attempted murder, assault and weapons charges, he, was found guilty of a similar attack in 2003. But, was deemed not criminally, responsible because. Of mental deficiency, again. In. 2003. For. An eerily, similar incident. Where. An. Elderly man was. Stabbed. Completely. Unprovoked. Samad the beery makes his next appearance, here at College Park courts, on May 23rd, Dwight, Drummond, City News and, two. Other random, attacks underground. Fara Nasser's live with how a man came close to death at a downtown subway, station, Farah and there's. A very good reason people are told to stand well back of the yellow line at all subway stations, including this one at Yonge and College this morning a man was pushed onto the subway tracks. Exactly. No like, the people that you're riding with and what they could do and it, does scare me sometimes it happened, at six o'clock this morning a, man was standing here on the northbound platform. At College Station waiting, for his subway train when, he was pushed onto the tracks luckily. There wasn't a train coming but it was close, he came inches away from the third rail as a. Result he managed to safely. Climb, back onto the platform. The, suspect, fled. The scene. Maybe. They should take some kind of preventative measures. Even. You know even if someone doesn't do it purposely, it's very easy for someone to get pushed do you think there was maybe, some mental, health issues here oh one. Thing I could say is the police, are definitely investigating, it it's, undetermined. A. Woman. Pushed on the tracks ten years ago wasn't as lucky, Charlene minkowski, a law clerk was killed by a man who spent a quarter of an hour in a subway platform before. Randomly. Pushing her how, much of a concern is this to the public how often, does this happen it's. Very, very rare police have seen surveillance, video that has the suspect, he's described, as male white between 30 and 40 about five foot nine, 170. Pounds with brown hair he. Was wearing gray polyester, pants, and white running shoes and was holding a black garbage, bag police, say the victim is fine but he's still quite shaken up I'm standing of the wall freeze in case there's something right. Standing. There they put that that, yellow, marker, for a reason so I think people see use better judgment. Everybody's. In a rush artists to get home or to get to work but you got you got to use some kind of judgment to keep, yourself distant right to. Find out what to do if you ever fall or are pushed onto the subway tracks go to our website at City News CA and click on web watch live. Outside college, subway station on Farah Nass there now back to the newsroom all right fire thank you and a third random. Attack happened around 7:45, this, morning at the scene Andrew subway, station, a 45. Year old woman was sexually assaulted and her cries for help made, it possible for police, to chase down a suspect, a 50. Year old drifter, is charged, tonight. Toronto. Police have a $50,000. Reward for the person who can help them with a conviction, in Toronto's, 57th. Murder of last year. 16. Year old Denise Kumar, Mover ageia was stabbed in the heart last September near Kennedy and Lawrence he, was attacked in a lane way leading from Winston Churchill collegiate.

To A popular, snack bar. Crimestoppers. Has given homicide detective lots of information, but, not the evidence they need for a conviction. This. Is different from Crimestoppers. This. Is something that will require a witness, to come forward or a person, who knows something to come forward and very. Probably give, evidence in court down, the road I'd. Like to speak to the people responsible. For this. We. Do have a lot of evidence we, have a very good idea who is responsible. Police. Are asking the killer to consider getting a lawyer and surrendering, to police he. Says it's only a matter of time before an, arrest is made. Detective. Sergeant grin tan is also asking accomplices. Who were not directly. Involved, in the stabbing to consider coming forward to help the victim's family achieve some. Closure. We. Have breaking news from Northeast Scarborough, a serious. Stabbing, near Kennedy and Sheppard a man was rushed to hospital from, a high-rise on Reed Mount Avenue, apparently, with multiple, stab wounds to the chest. Another. Chilly one out, there but better weather, weather, is, just, hours. Away apparently, 24. To 48, hours Michael, it's so cold it's actually has this tongue it has us tongue-tied and me, and you both say it is chilly out here today it's been spitting all day long especially, over the last hour so and, that's going to continue through the evening period. So expect, a damp, evening a chilly evening a, breezy evening as we look at the radar there are some dropouts, in the radar imagery but it's just coming back and you can see those bands from buried down through the GTA not heavy rain but steady very light rain and it's going to hang on at least for the next couple of hours before we get a bit of a break from the showers, but, we're still going to have the cloud cover overnight and through tomorrow morning only, 9 degrees, currently, in Toronto pretty close to where we topped out 8, degrees, in Barry 7 and North Bay was 6 in Sudbury here's what we're looking at over the next 12 hours expecting, 8 degrees continued, showers to 9 p.m. a cloud, cover tomorrow morning, at 6:00 a.m. six, degrees that cloud cover hangs on through the morning hours but it should break later in the day as this system finally, pulls away and we, are going to get that warm up then and referred to I'll let you know exactly, when it's going to get here how warm it's going to be and how long it will last coming up back, to the newsroom all right Michael thank you so temperatures, expected, to rise but not as quickly as the price of gas let's go live to Pam siedel now and the price keeps going skyward. Family, it, never seems to end does, it Gord a twopenny, jump, last night another increase. Expected. Tonight and with, the price of oil hitting, a new high in, world trading, you can be sure there's more pain to come. Ridiculous. Makes, me just want to stay, home do you find yourself not filling, up when it's really 20 bucks 20, bucks almost, every day I put in my car, gas. Prices hit, a dollar 26. For a liter of regular, today never, before, have prices, been so high for such, a prolonged, period of time I, go, through about 70 dollars a day, yes. Having. A big impact on your business yes. It is like you know I have to pass it on to the my, customers. Thanks. To falling, inventories, the price of crude jumped to a record, high as well closing, at 133. $72. U.s. a barrel, with, no end in sight the impact of high gas prices is, far-reaching the, tourism, industry for, one is feeling the effects and some operators, down here at Harbourfront, are worried about the summer to come. Are. You a bit worried about the summer, absolutely. I guess you always have to be worried working in the tourism industry. Gas. Prices are only one factor, the strong dollar is another key reason why visits, to Canada, are at an all-time low down. 12 percent from last year in particular, trips from US visitors, have dropped dramatically. I'd say maybe 80 percent of our regular sales are from the United States so, we're. Definitely seeing a decrease in numbers, this year from the United States would you guys make the trek by car from New Jersey with, the prices, the way they are it's easier, to stay locally. Well not locally but in our own state. Local. Torontonians. On the other hand are very concerned. About their costs, and are looking towards alternatives, to the car to save money I'd, rather take the transit, because it's cheaper, rather, than driving downtown, so. TDC is a lot more cost effective. Even. With prices, as they are there's still an incentive, to fill up before midnight, tonight that's, when the liberal watchdog, MP, Dan McTeague is predicting, another jump of more than one and a half cents to, a dollar. 27.6, a leader live, on Spadina I'm Pam Steele now back to the newsroom all, right Pam thank you we're live now to our political specialist, Richard Madden he's, here to tell us why shouldn't expect any gas price help from Ottawa Richard, well that's right and no, question there that pump rage could spill over into the voting booth so today one, conservative, party is trying to tap into that anger while another one appears, to be brushing it off.

Both. Rising gas prices fueling. Driver angst, and it, may become a key issue in the expected. Fall federal, election, the choices I'm gonna make is I'm gonna vote for someone. That's gonna bring gas prices down high gas prices blame, for low tourist and low, consumer, spending, so. Ontario's. Opposition, leader demanding, all retail. Taxes, be eliminated, off hotels, and attractions all. Summer, long I think it'll benefit, more, so a lot of people who might decide, that the, difference between taking a holiday and antero and not arrests, in the savings of say $100, well, we all know gas prices go up when world oil prices go up but there's one constant, fee you're always going, to pay despite, these fluctuations, and that's, the amount of tax you pay a little over 32. Percent, that includes both provincial. And federal taxes. But with growing pressure by some sectors, who have government intervene, and lower gas prices in Canada the question is will government's reduce their share of gasoline. Taxes, that's a question I put the Prime Minister Stephen Harper earlier. Today here's. What he had to say the, ability of governments. To affect. The price of gasoline per, se is so small that, it's not worth doing that what you've really got to do is lower costs. For consumers, generally gas. Prices were a key issue in the American primaries, here at home some, predict, a throw back we're just gonna have to pay until. We can't pay anymore and. Then what, we're. Gonna have to go back to, I, don't know write in horses, now. Keep in mind gas prices in Canada are comparatively, lower, than the United States or the United Kingdom particularly, Germany we've got a great comparison chart on our website that compares gas prices, in cities around the world just head to City News dot CA and click, on web watch Gordon, okay Richard in anatomical, courtroom, today the, crown withdrew, domestic. Assault charges against city councilor, Rob Ford. For. Walk out of a court after the Crown attorney said, there was quote no, reasonable. Prospect of, conviction, because, of inconsistencies. In the story told by Ford's wife the counselor says he's glad to be back with his family. Everything's. Going great and you. Know we all have problems behind closed doors but mine are a little bit more exposed than everyone else's but I'm just happy to be home my family together and, let's. Move forward. As. Of tonight I am yes, Ford. Says his wife would have joined him today but she's home sick with the flu. For. The second time in just five, months a major fire has struck downtown, berry causing. Widespread damage. This, is all that's left after, fire apparently broke out on the ground floor of an apartment around 11, o'clock last night and quickly spread, dozens.

Of People living above stores ran, to safety close. To 100, people and staff of the historic, Queens hotel were, forced, out as dense smoke, spread through, the building. This. Middle apartment, carrying two cats with nothing on but a pair of boxers, and I was like wow. One. Firefighter was taken to hospital with smoke inhalation. Last, December, a major fire, gutted a number of buildings in the Five, Points area of downtown Barry less than half a kilometer from, this latest place. Arson. Charges were laid in the December fire the, latest cause excuse, me the cause of this latest one remains, under, investigation. World. Views next, and US Senator Ted Kennedy returned, home today one. Day after being diagnosed. With a malignant brain, tumor. A. Wave. And a smile for, a crowd of well-wishers as, Kennedy walked out of a Massachusetts. Hospital the 76. Year old was admitted, to hospital Saturday, after. Suffering a seizure. Kennedy. Also greeted, people who lined the streets to his Cape Cod home, doctors, say he has recovered, remarkably. Quickly, from, a brain biopsy performed. Yesterday waiting, for more test results, before making, a decision on his treatment plan. Convoys and police armed with rifles patrolled. The streets of, South Africa, as violence, against immigrants, spread to the Zulu heartland the president, has approved the deployment of troops to try and quell the violence paramedics. Are finding bloodied, immigrants, and shantytowns. At least 42 have, been killed in the attacks. The. Campaign, continues, but there's victory, in sight for Senator Barack Obama the, Democratic, presidential hopefuls, in Florida a day after taking the Oregon primary, Hillary Clinton, captured, Kentucky, but Obama is close to locking up the nomination he holds a total of nineteen hundred and forty nine delegates Clinton. Is not conceding, yet despite, being 180. Delegates. Behind. Dozens. Of helicopters, rescued, more than 600. People from remote mountains, in southwest. China the area has been cut off since the earthquake struck nine, days ago, China's, death toll stands at 41,000. With another 30,000. Still missing. For. A full rap of the world's news join us for City News International. 11:35. Tonight, on City TV. City, news the. Bargain operation, that could ruin your sight my vision was not right, the dangers, of laser eye surgery, as, questions you need answered before risking your vision. It's. Great it's a really great resource that really gets the kids excited. Interlace. Your fingers and as fast as hard as you can it looks like we've got a pulse. City news is now on light saber we, stepped into the shoes of our city's paramedics, and discovered, just what it takes to, be a hero. After. A tremendous april/may has been significantly. Cooler than normal but we're about to turn the corner how, sharp that curve is going to be and when to brace for it.

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Something Was wrong after the surgery, but I didn't know what I just knew my vision wasn't correct, Jois, brutemen suffered, serious complications. After, the laser eye surgery, that was supposed to make her eyesight better not, worse I had. Something called ghosting, where I would read letters and I would see a shadow of each letter. Unfortunately. Joyce didn't, do her homework she chose her eye surgeon, based on his convenient, location, back in her hometown and, he. Didn't use state-of-the-art. Lasers, like this but, instead an old-style. Inferior. Laser. There. Are discount, laser centers, that offer people. Technology. That, isn't up to date. The, Food and Drug Administration, in the US has, been holding hearings looking, at the problems, with laser eye surgery, but, dr. Sheldon hurt success, complications. Happen, when patients, don't do their homework before. Going under the knife this. Wouldn't. Be a time to be bargain hunting no, you shouldn't, discount, your eyes discount, your vision your your eyes are priceless, and you. Should only get the best, questions. To ask include, how, many procedures, has, the doctor performed what. Is the surgeons, rate of retreatment, what, kind of laser is used physics. And IntraLase are the newest and finally. Is the, price too good to be true the. Laser was off center, joyce, was, lucky dr.. Herzog was able to repair her eyes with, another operation, all totaled. Her surgeries, were over, ten thousand, dollars I'm. So thankful I have good vision now because, if I had gone back to my first surgeon, I don't know what my eyes would be like right now it's. Estimated that four to five percent of laser eye surgery patients, experience, complications, for, a list of the top six just go to our website city, news dot CA from, the Hertz a guy Institute, I'm Marti Bautista for City News, saving. Lives on our roads was, front and center at the Rogers Center today as Ontario's, police leaders launched, the 2008. Ride drive. Safe campaign. Chocolate. Chip. A simulator. Show the distractions. Of driving, while doing things like making a list and talking to a passenger, Police. Chief Bill Blair was, joined by president, and CEO, of the Blue Jays Paul Godfrey along with police, officers and community sponsors. We. See not more, than ample evidence that inappropriate. Driving, aggressive driving high speeds impaired driving can cause tremendous carnage, on all of our highways we've, seen evidence of that just in this past holiday weekend, with six people lost their lives on our roadways we're, very concerned and we want we. Want to make sure the public understands, their responsibility. To make the right decisions, regarding, driving. Police. Across the province we'll be handing out drive safe information, booklets, at land and marine ride, stops drive. Safe posters, will also, be on display at, 600. LCBO, outlets. If. You've ever thought about becoming a paramedic you can find out just how tough the job is during, EMS. Week, Marianne Devine got a taste of what it takes to save lives. It's. A day in the life of a paramedic, I. Drove. Along this practice course as part of EMS, week. But. If you think this is challenging. Driving. To an actual emergency is even tougher frustrating. When they don't get out of the way because it's, always an emergency call, interlace, your fingers and as fast as hard as you can then there's treating the patients, I worked, with the team this is a cardiac monitor and, saw, the tools and, it's, a race against the clock when, you're trying to save lives we. Have an eight minute response time we try to shoot for of course once, we arrive that's where the real time counts this is the Toronto ambulance, dispatch, center hundreds, of calls come through here every day, and when this light turns red it, means they're on an emergency call. We. Can offer help, instructions. For help while the paramedics are on the way so that help doesn't, have to wait until the paramedics get there. But.

Until They arrive EMS, says things like public defibrillators, can help save lives State. Cleared the patient, everyone. Standing clear it's, a lot to take in but in the end you, may just become a junior paramedic. We're very thankful for everybody's, contributions. To saving lives it really makes our job that much easier if you want to take a look at what the paramedics, do day to day yourself. You can come here to the different headquarters, EMS, week lasts, until Friday, I'm Maryann ptomaine for City News we've. Got another so, so kind of day in store for tomorrow but, there is barbecuing. Weather on, the way we'll tell you when coming, right up caught on so. If. You've got great fakes that make more breaking news get, them to city news just, send your pictures or video to City news CA, and click it's your story you, can be the next news breaker for city news. Closed. Captioning, of the City TV program is brought to you in part by Chatelain, from meals and minutes to your health and money take, another look at chatelaine on sale, now for. Over. 32, years, olg, has been creating excitement. And. Not, just for the people. Last year alone OLG, generated, over two billion dollars towards health learning, and communities, across Ontario. Well. I, did. Walk the dog this morning we make that read the dog, I missed. My workout, but, I did take the stairs at work twice. I will have a snack, when it comes to reward and your balanced lifestyle, crispy, Minnie's rice chips add up to a great choice 1.5. Grams of fat and 60 calories per 14 gram serving plus a great taste and crunch crispy. Minnie's a snack in the right direction. You. Gotta eat something, here. Let. A momma feed you. Great. Meals can't, start from the microwave Uncle. Ben's Bistro, Express now, available, in whole grain. Thanks. Ton friends, the one with a blackout. Sports. Next with Katherine Humphreys and Katherine. The Bluejays hope, they can find their bets tonight he, and Jays, needed CAA with, the number of runners they stranded, last night they'll try again tonight against, the Angels with Sean Marcum on the hill here's Hugh with, the pregame. Bases-loaded. One, out. -. Second, Rodriguez. To, his Terrace, and a double play they had the bases-loaded with, nobody out. If. This year's trend continues, there'll be a thousand, home runs last, than just two years ago but the Jays aren't worried about home runs right now they're just worried about getting, some hits with runners in scoring position, that's, one game you know I'm not gonna sit, here look back and you know I mean it's we've been playing to good baseball. A. Tough night at the dish for the Blue Jays three, times they had the bases loaded and three times they came up empty Toronto stranded, 11 and was just 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position. Ugly numbers but the manager prefers to accentuate, the positive, the guy's been playing good baseball and, what people have to keep mine you, know fans, are frustrated, well first nobody's, more frustrating, the guys out on the field that's you, know you can't lose sight of that I think sometimes guys try to shoulder the load themselves. Rather than. Wait. For a pitch that they can hit hard in the middle of the field you know sometimes, they tend to expand the zone a little bit and try to do it themselves rather, than let the next guy go and and drive that run in if the Jays are to get the bats going tonight they're going to have to do it against Jon Garland and all he is is a perfect 5 and old pitching. In this city the Jays will counter with Shawn marker from the Rogers Center I'm humoral, City News, Venus. Williams says she'll be at this year's Rogers, Cup tennis tourney in Montreal, this summer it will be her first ever appearance at the event the 27, year old is ranked, 8th in the world me. It's, the Jays vs. the Giants the kids really get into this stuff Emma for, the Giants, with the pink helmet nice color and the beautiful, braids she. Pulls off a leadoff, single up, next Alex with a long ball to the fence. It's. A triple. Good. Enough to score Emma. There's. Not enough pink helmets, in, the majors, I'm, afraid either. Then. It's Connor with, the double for the Jays and check, out the form with which Lucas throws this baseball, leg, up he's. A natural, should. Be pitching really he probably will be then, with Daniel at the plate he. Pops one up now. The throw is going home. Kieran. Is going, for it and. They called him safe although I think you could see here Emma oh. She had him yeah but no worries Emma everybody, wins 25, all was. The final. Song. Hey. What's going on with the Blue Jay bats yeah, I don't three times bases, loaded couldn't bring anybody home JP, Burchard he pointed out though that every. American, League team is struggling, with the hitting right, now so it's not only the Jays, break. Out I'm, taking advantage of the slump yeah tonight right and.

Yeah. But you know when it comes to educating kids the Blue Jays always, hit home runs, our videographer. Audra Brown with why Vernon, Wells made, a surprise, visit to, a local school. You. See. A baseball player that often in school so but sometimes. Our tummy is shaking, we can get it are, you pretty excited yeah. For. Dylan having, Vernon, Wells visit, his school is a thrill. Of a lifetime and. As you can hear the rest of the kids at Williams public, school. Today. -. When. Vernon, Wells stopped, by to talk baseball and, math. Whatever. Way we can find. New and inventive ways of teaching kids to, learn anything new it's that's. Great it's, all about a new online program, developed. For the Jays and it allows teachers, and students, to go online and, find, out fun baseball. Related, ways to, learn to, do different types of things for literacy and math, that. Are at the kids age level on something that they're excited about and. Every. Teacher who joins is eligible, for the chance to have the Jays visit the kids at their school. Like. Really good lessons, always be in school to, find out how to get your school involved in this program go to our website city news CA, at. Williamson public school on to brown city news, and. Coming. Up why jazz, legend, Oscar Peterson's shoes were. In the limelight today, tomorrow. One City News at six the people food that could kill your pets dogs are discriminatory. So they'll eat virtually anything the table scraps you never feed, to Fido no, matter how much he begs. On the street city news everywhere. What. Does 100 days of grace me, well. Right, now when you buy a Nissan you don't need to make a payment for 100, days. During. Nissan's, 100, days of grace get 0.9%, financing for. Up to 60 months in sere Nissan retailer, today. Updating. Our breaking news from the top of the newscast the, emergency. Task Force has arrested, a suspect at. The scene of a serious stabbing. Near a Kennedy and Sheppard area high rise a man, was rushed to hospital from, reed mound avenue with stab wounds to the chest happened, around 5 o'clock no word yet on the victims condition we'll, have the latest on this developing story, on city, news tonight at, 11. Entertainments, next with Larisa Harappan and 19. Years, after he last cracked the whip Indiana. Jones is, back on the big screen Larisa. He surely is an Harrison Ford reprises, his rules the adventurous, archaeologist. Indian, this time well he's joined by Cate Blanchett and Shia LaBeouf Indiana, Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, is the, fourth installment in, the series. You've. Seen a lot of the old older, stars going. Back to the franchise's, that made them famous like, rocky and John diehard, and and. I if, they can do it I don't see why Harrison. Ford can't do it. It's. Been said that Indiana Jones is one of the few characters that you can recognize just, by a silhouette, because, of the fedora and that, was, part of the genius of creating, the character, the dream team of Harrison, Ford director, Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas have turned the Indiana Jones franchise into, a lucrative one but, with a budget on this one exceeding, one hundred and eighty million dollars can the pent up demand for Indy meet, expectations.

There's A lot of hype I think a lot of people are talking about it so yeah I mean I know myself and others who. Haven't grown up with it are talking about it so we'll. See if it's a quality, movie or not it seems kind of old. But. I mean to be in a movie, like this I think it's he's, done before it no I mean there's other roles he can do but I don't know if this is I'm, sure he'll prove me wrong though. You. Can put together some. Of the best talents, ever and if, the script isn't is, writer the project doesn't right it still won't make. A good movie and this. Might be a good movie it's, good. Indiana. Jones opens in theaters tomorrow and so far the critics in can where the movie world, premiered, have given it lukewarm, reviews. Crowds. Gave Madonna a very warm reception at, Camp although she came, out to the screening of che tonight, the Material Girl premiered her documentary about the devastating effects of AIDS in Malawi I am, because, we are. I'm sorry guys Jessica Alba's officially. Off the market the mom-to-be married, cash warned in a quiet ceremony yesterday, friends, close to newlyweds say they're surprised the couple got hitched so, quickly they married in a City Hall ceremony, yesterday and are expecting, a daughter this, summer. Her. Silhouette has changed, somewhat since we, saw that video and speaking, of silhouettes, I mean they're saying the most recognizable, silhouette of all time has to be the Indiana Jones one of course because of the fedora and, basically. Critics are saying you know could he do it can he do it I mean he's 65, years old you know it's this class reunion, a Ford and Lucas so, in Spielberg I don't, know we'll see I bet. He pulls it off I mean you know critics, can say one thing but the public they're, the ultimate critic, we'll, see all right Larissa thanks cords back to you he. Was one of the fathers of jazz, soul, and now the soles of his shoes are. Living on. Oscar. Peterson's, Widow Kelly donated, a pair to the battle shoe museum today the music legend was wearing the same kind of suede shoes, the day the couple met Peterson. Used to travel to a store in London England every year to buy fancy footwear. And. Speaking. Of jazz and offbeat workshop. Here in Toronto is combining jazz with graffiti art, Jojo. Chinh Doan now with how the to make, a good fit. It. Is called groove, and graffiti the. Sweat shop conducted. By the trona downtown gas festival, here the Damned for technical and Collegiate, Institute that. There are 20 our students, from all over the city participating. In this workshop now what they're doing is painting. Graffiti. This. Is my first time how. Do, I. Just do it because I think it looks good. It. Shows them that the, aerosol, art is not just graffiti it's not just vandalism it's, a fine art oh they keep all the lines of pain. The. Young artists, are also getting some tips from, two professionals, now, making a good living painting. Graffiti murals. Different. You. Know, it's. All freeform. It's, what you feel it's, what you hear what you see. These. Are they're our future, audience, on June 29 the, last day of the Jazz Festival, there, will be an open canvas at Nathan Phillips Square where. Some of the young people who, are here they will be painting to music I'm. Diligent, ofus in news how. Interesting, is that well we have a kind of groovy, forecast, for you here's Michael cous with a final. Check of your seven-day Michael yeah it's still a little damp and drizzly out there tonight but that's perfect jazz weather that's going to continue for the next couple of hours and you can see there, it is that blanket, of light rain moving from, Toronto, stretching.

Up To about Tottenham, working up to Dufferin County and then back toward Barrie and through Goddard that wave is going to swing through the area it's a long a trough line tied, in with this stubborn low-pressure system, that's over eastern. Central parts of Ontario, that's going to move through slide, off to the east second. Little trough line pushes, through early, in the day on Friday but, we're going to get plenty of sunshine Friday as a ridge of high pressure moves, in from the West this is just some afternoon, cloud, developing, due to daytime heating I'm not expecting, anything in the way of a heavy blanket of cloud just, a few cloudy periods in the afternoon on Friday it looks pretty solid eight degrees this evening showers, continuing, past the nine o'clock hour tomorrow morning, still cloud cover six degrees spinning, a little bit through the morning hours once again and that will carry us to at least noon nine, degrees, only at the noon hour but warming up with a few sunny breaks by 4:00 p.m. I'm calling for a high of 15 degrees but it is going to be breezy that, wind out of the north at about 30 km/h, north northwest 30 K gusting to 40 45, and we will get that sunshine on Friday up near seasonal, in 19 degrees that's. Nice a we, are expecting, to see Saturday and Sunday. Above, seasonal, beautiful, weekend up ahead high of 22 degrees Saturday 25. On Sunday and the warm air continues into next week expect, by Monday, to see a high of 24, degrees but, we will see some showers as a cold front moves through but, even in behind that cold frontal boundary just, temperatures, dropping back to seasonal, 20 on Tuesday, 20 on Wednesday and partly sunny that's. The final check on your forecast ad thank, you Michael for those of you who ever wanted to smash, a pie, in, your boss's. Face check. This out. Workers. At a Ford lion grocery, store in West Virginia, got to do just that, every, employee was given a shot at the stores manager and assistant manager as, a reward, for winning a weekly, contest, that, made the store number one in, the company morale. Booster. Well. You, decide. Employees. Getting their yards. Out there to take another look at any of our stories so to contact us anytime log, on to City news dot, CA and mirela Fernandez, will have your next edition of City news later tonight at 11.

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