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Coming, up on City. Spotlight we're. On location this, time in Paris, we'll find out the latest going on with the Edgar County Community, Foundation, with, Mary Liz Wright and Christian Colvin and then we'll talk with Lindsey Wilson to check out the latest going on with the Paris Area Chamber of Commerce and tourism as well, as what's going on at the Rec with Erin Hutchison, and lastly. On today's program, we'll head out the Paris high school to check out some work being done at the stem lab with, Paris high school students, and dr.. Gopal Perry onon an associate, professor from, Eastern Illinois University, and Hashmi, epi' a grad student a, IU that's. Coming up as we're on location in, Paris, next, on City. Spotlight. City. Spotlight is supported by consolidated communications. CCI. Is honored to salute the cities and their leaders in the area as well as providing TV Internet and phone service to local homes and businesses we, live where we work and are proud to support the communities we serve more, information available, at And. Welcome. To another edition of City spotlight we're on location once, again this time in Paris the, first of three segments, here on Paris and in this first segment we're going to talk with two people from the Edgar County Community, Foundation, we, welcome to the program Mary Liz Wright and Christian Colvin Mary Liz Christian welcome to the program thank thank you those, are have you guys I look forward hearing your comments about the foundation, and you guys are first-time guests on the program so let's, learn just a little bit about you Mary Alice tell us about yourself please okay well, I'm Mary Liz right I'm a lifelong, resident of, Edgar County I'm. Passionate. About the, people of Edgar County and making their lives better I work, for the University, of Illinois Extension and, so, through my job and then also volunteer, opportunities. I feel. That we can, together make, Edgar. County a great place to live welcome. The program Thank You Kristen tell us about yourself please hi yeah my name is Christian Collin I'm a financial advisor with Edward Jones here in the community and just.

Recently About, nine months ago was asked to be a director of their County Foundation which, I'm extremely excited for so that's, an organization that I've always felt has, done excellent. Work in the community and is work to improve the lives of residents Haggar county so I'm glad to be able to help out all, right let's talk about some things that the foundation has had their hands in and we, had warrants baryon last April and one of the things Warren talked about was the all abilities playground. At the Twin Lakes Park that was being. Constructed at the time and I believe it opened this past August, so talk about the new addition to Paris I. Don't. Know okay well the all abilities, playground. Is exactly, what its title, says, it's it's a playground, for all abilities. Meaning, there. Are special. Playground. Equipment, there for, folks. Who have limited mobility. Limited. Coordination, and it. Is an opportunity for, for. Children and young, adults who might. Never have had an opportunity to go to a playground, they, have this facility that's just, for, them and, it's. It's, being, it was added to an already very. Active area in the twin lakes area said that addition to an already very popular distantly. Absolutely. And through, the efforts you know the community foundation certainly, was was, instrumental but, I'm telling you that the, community, came together and, in a very short, amount of time raised. An extraordinary. Amount of money to. Make this project possible and, maybe just one follow up maybe Warren answered this last April why, why is this why is this such a great addition for the community I mean why was this needed. So. You know I think any opportunity. To increase. The the lives of the quality of lives especially, with, individuals, that can't enjoy the current, playgrounds. We have there's. Special equipment that allows them even. With their. Incapacitation. To increase. The quality of life so it's it was it, was sorely needed all, right very good one. Thing also that. The foundation is heavily involved with is scholarships. To a lot of different organizations in the community talk, about the importance of the scholarship, work that the foundation does sure so. One of the things that the foundation offers, are. What we call agency accounts, that individuals. Can use the infrastructure, of every. County Foundation to facilitate. The, distribution of scholarship, funds so it. It makes it more efficient, because we have the relationships, to make sure that the rules were followed and. Donations. Can be given through these agency accounts, and then, we administer, the scholarships, which makes.

College. Education, more affordable for people in the community absolutely. Benefits a lot of a lot of good youth there. The forever fund that's something kind of a newer, item not tell us about that place sure yeah this is a project. That I'm really, excited about it's, a it's, providing, additional, avenue for, donors, to provide gifts, to every county Foundation that, instead. Of the, gifts being used up with. One specific project in mind these. Gifts will go into the what we are calling the forever fund and the, earnings from. The forever fund will continue to provide. Benefits. Through to the community for for perpetuity, if it's if it's managed correctly thank, you Christian, marilla's, want to ask you about the be well of Edgar County Coalition. This has been around just a couple of years can you just briefly tell us what. It is sure well, bewell actually. Came from. An. Unpleasant. Or kind, of scary health, ranking. Edgar. County, ranked. In this one set of data not not in everything but he had, many, things that went into it but anyway. The end result was Edgar, County ranked a hundred, out of 102 counties in this particular health ranking well, that was alarming I learned, it at a conference I came home from the conference and you know through my position, at the at, the Extension nutrition. And wellness so I was at this conference came. Home, scared. Thinking. Oh my goodness if we're 100th. Out of a hundred and two that's that's, not. Good so I. Made a few phone calls sent, a few emails out and within a week we, had formed a coalition with. Entities. From all over, Edgar County we have the. Human, Resource Center with mental health Paris. Community Hospital the. Public Health Department. Industry. The foundation, and and. So through. This coalition, we have joined. Efforts, in several. Projects, that are. Our. Mission is to improve the health of the of the, residents, of Edgar County one. Of the highlighted. Projects, that we've done this will be our third, year as. Community, gardens and. Our community gardens are a little different than other community. Gardens we have three sites one, in Hume one, in Kansas and one in Paris and the, philosophy, of our garden is that. We. Teach. You how to, appreciate food that you have grown and. Give. You all the necessary tools, and equipment and knowledge to, grow your own food we. Give you the plot of land and again. The instruction, and the and the basics in gardening it's, not a community. Garden where where, other people come in and do the work and then give the food away if. You want to learn to garden if, you don't live where you can have a garden you're welcome to come on and sign up for a plot we. Give out seedlings, and seed and just support, in in, many different, areas some, of the groups we have Girl Scout groups, 4-h, groups master gardeners individuals. All gardening. In in. These prospective gardens and sometimes. They choose to, donate, some of the protists back sometimes. They they use it as a food. For their families, and then I teach how, to preserve that food then, later on in the fall and so it's really all about education, coming. Together as a community to, learn, how to grow your own food we, were very fortunate, this. Past year when. We started the community gardens we got a very nice donation, from the Lumpkin foundation. Through. Through the Edgar, County Community, Foundation, and that gave us our startup, for equipment and so forth this past year through the.

100. Communities, project, of Elanco, we. Got a sizeable, donation to. Help with our gardens and the. Education, fencing. Equipment, and all, of those things that we will need to expand. Further, in the future and, what's neat is you started out in Paris you have two other locations in the county absolutely, so it's reaching out in the community and we have one, of the guys I mentioned Girl Scouts we have a couple of Girl Scout troops, that garden but we also have some intergenerational. We have grandparents. And grandchildren, signing. Up for a plot and out there working together it's. Just a it's a true community spirit, and growing, their own food all. Right very good community. Garden branching out into three communities there in your County we, have three segments on the programs at a time is a little bit tight so when I give you one last chance to just your excitement for the the year is young the. Work that the foundation is doing that your thoughts final thoughts here Christian I'll give you a chance yeah no I think we have a exciting, year coming with a lot of very, beneficial project, so I'm anxious to dig in on the forever fund and get that kicked off and, you. Know cyst in any way that I can look, forward to following up on that thank you with you great real is your final thoughts moving forward as the years young and the foundation. Sure well, one of the things we're involved in is the, Paris. Center of Fine Arts which, is a wonderful facility, with, our new high school and a, project that the Community Foundation is involved, in there's we are in the process of, securing, donations, to, purchase, a professional. Gray, performance. Piano, Wow yes we call it play it forward, SAP. Good, play on yes, in the future you can come and hear concert pianist in our Hall I am very fond of music so I look forward to checking it out and checking things and we'll be at Paris high school and our final final segment today Muriel, is right and Christian Colvin of the Edgar County Community, Foundation appreciate, your time here on city spy Thank, You Shawn appreciate. Coming. Up next here on City spotlight we'll. Talk with the Paris talks about the Paris Area Chamber and as well as the Rec but, first let's take a look at some of the upcoming activities going on in Paris. And. We're. Back here on City spotlight this, on location episode on Paris. In this segment we're going to welcome two first-time, guests to the program we, have Lindsey Wilson she's the president of the board of the Paris Area Chamber of Commerce and tourism welcome. Lindsay thank you we, have Aaron, Hutchinson hutchinson, she is the executive director of the REC welcome here thank you pleasure, to have you guys on and like all of our guests here on this episode here on Paris you're all first-time guests so good, each of you tell, us a little bit about yourself will start with Lindsay Lindsey. Wilson I'm the marketing coordinator at Diamond brothers Insurance I'm also the president of the Chamber Board this, is my second term as, president. I'm. Very involved in other activities in the community and, really like just giving back to the community. My. Name is Erin Hutchison I was born and raised in Paris lifelong. Resident, of Agra Connie I, am currently the executive, director at the Rec Center I have, been with the Rec Center in the former YMCA since, 2008. So I'm really passionate about spreading, the word and letting. The community and surrounding areas know what we have to offer. Let's. Start off with Lindsay and let's talk about the chamber I understand there's been a few, staff, changes. There recently so tell us about the staff changes at the chamber yes definitely um we're very excited, we welcomed, a new office manager Linda, Lane just, this week so, we're very excited see what we can do we also have five new board members so everyone, is very excited to, just. See what new things we can bring to the, chamber and the community all right and we've.

Had We've, had the Paris chamber on City, spotlight have had a couple of different executive, directors so reiterate. The role of the chamber to Paris and Egger County our, mission is really just to provide information, and. Promote. The businesses, and growth of Edgar County and Paris, just our community, very. Good and how. Would you describe Paris's. Economic. Climate right now is it going well yeah. I think Paris is growing we have a lot of good events. Coming in a lot of good businesses coming in so we're definitely growing, and. Lots, of improvements, in Paris, all, right start. Of 2018, so it's still, a young year so hopefully prospering, times ahead and. One thing we can talk about with you a, coming activities, with the chamber and and also, activities here in Paris so with. That we have a lot of activities going on the Paris chamber, in general has our celebration. Coming up it's an annual celebration. It's. This, year will be even Jim we, have dinner, and entertainment a, catered dinner entertainment, by brick house dueling, pianos, which will be a really fun night we. Give away two awards, Parisian, of the year and. Business. Of the year so this award is nominated just from people in the community can. Nominate anyone can nominate and then a voting. Committee votes on the. Actual award and it's given to an individual, and a business who, goes, out of their way to promote, Paris, who does, you. Know a lot of service work within the community. The. Chamber also has the chamber crawl on April, it's a shop local event so we have a lot of our vendors. Come in and, just local stores and jobs, that offer specials. And we. Try to get people to shop local and. You. Said you've been with the, chamber now this position a couple years what are you what are you excited about having. This position and what you get to do um, really just seeing, how the chamber grows it's, been we've, the board has been running the chamber for the last six months so having someone in the office the office open, and integrating. Some new things to grow with new, technology, you, know just keeping present. In the community and helping the community grow and. Aaron, as you mentioned you've been with, the REC for ten, years now briefly. For those that are unfamiliar, with what the REC is here in Paris and Edgar County give us a little bit of history of where, it was and where it isn't it sure so the rec, center actually used to be the YMCA the. Building was built in 1972, so we've been around for quite some time we. Had a group of passionate people that wanted to get this this organization, started. Unfortunately. Around, 2014. We became the rec center of the YMCA approaches, and said you're a little too small for our new branding and so we, put it out there to the community the, community said. Absolutely. We need something like this in the county and so, we became the rec center in 2014. Carrying, on the same type of mission similar to the YMCA but we've kind of made it our own and so, we offer a mix of sports, fitness, and record creation for all ages it's. Very good. Talk. About some of those programs. And/or opportunities, that are, open to the public so, we have a mix of everything so, for the kids we have a lot of sports that's kind of our our thing we. Have a mix of youth basketball soccer, t-ball. Golf. We do a lot of and. Then, we also offer some daycare situations. And some programs to schools out as one of our after-school, programs. When, we have summer camp and that's a huge thing in the summer for the kids and then. Moving on up in the age group we have a fitness, facility that's, just phenomenal I mean you people, need to come check this out because we've got excellent equipment a mix, of rogue inside, back so nothing, like that in the area really so it's an it's a neat neat, place to come work out there's a mix of everything so you can do, free weights there's machines, cardio, equipment and.

Then We also offer adult, sports as well so you, can kind of get a mix of your workout in and get, some recreational, sports in there as well you. Said you're from Paris so you're your home body my. Next question for you maybe, it's a simple question maybe it's not but not, every community has a facility like this I know on one of our recent City spotlight episodes, we learned that in Cumberland County they're gonna be building a YMCA so that we bend it fitting them for years to come how, fortunate is paracin Edgar County to have the rec extremely. Fortunate with, the town this size for, something like that so typically, when you go to you know other. Areas, you'll see just gyms. You'll have a gym or you'll have something. Like a city parks that have a Parks, and Rec organization. Or, something. Like that so we're, fortunate in this town in this community that we have we have both so, we not only have a gym that you can come in and work out in but we also have that attached with childcare. Babysitting. And youth. And adult sports and so to have that together to. Come get a membership and an extremely low, rate is, pretty top-notch for a town this size to have all of that to. Get involved in the whole family all right fantastic, good. Hearing about the chamber and the. Rec here a final. Question for you both the. Excitement of being here in Paris and the opportunities, you have with your respective organizations, we'll keep it here with you Aaron what are you excited about being here in Paris in the rec I'm, super, excited about the I mean we're yes we're an old organization, as the YMCA but we're brand new is the Rec and so I really want to get out to. Everywhere. That that what, what types of things, that we offer not only that we, are very fortunate to work with other. Organizations that support, us we're a non-for-profit and, so we just recently got supported, by the Edgar County Community, Foundation, they gave us a $50,000.

Grant To, help us redo our lobby our. Front section of the building the gym floor and the, hallways down into the locker rooms and so we're, super reliant. On organizations. Within the community to donate and to give contributions like that so that we can kind of upgrade and update and, give the community you, know a fresh new organization. To come and be a part of great, to hear about groups working within, the community and, benefiting. Each other and. Lindsey, for you working, here in Paris the chamber what. Excites you about being. Here in Paris I'm. Really excited to see how the chamber can grow this year with, a new employee, with a new board just growing, and offering. More benefits, to everyone in the community the businesses, promoting, our businesses, and then, adding some events for the community that we can everyone, can just enjoy alright, very good ladies, thank you for being on today we have Lindsey, Wilson from the Paradise chamber and Erin Erin Hutchison of the REC appreciate, your time here on City spotlight thank, you, and. Next year on City spotlight we're going to change locations, head up north to Paris High School and check out some of the work we're on with the stem lab stay. With us. City. Spotlight is, on YouTube past. Episodes, can be viewed on east central Illinois, towns that, have been featured on, City spotlight just. Search on youtube City spotlight with. The show number and, the name of the town listed. On your screen are the recent episodes of, City spotlight. And. We're back here on City spotlight this, on location episode on Paris. We've left, downtown Paris and we're at Paris, High School and we're the really interesting, and cool stem lab and we're, gonna talk with a couple of people here about some really cool work with, the Paris high school students we have dr. Gopal pari Anand he's the associate professor of biochemistry at, Eastern Illinois University. Welcome Gopal thank you hi and we have a grad student from the EIU chemistry, and biochemistry. Department. At EIU Hashmi, epi' hi thank, you for being on the program both of you appreciate it, excellent. Can. You tell us how long you've been a professor, at EIU, ah this, is my 12th. Year here, at Eastern, and then I'm. An associate professor at the biochemistry. And chemistry and biochemistry department, and. This. Is my graduation Hashmi, as we spoke okay, and Hashmi tell us about yourself is this. Your first year at EIU as a grad student what's, your background this is my second, year at Eastern, and I'm. Working with him since fall last year so. It's been over a semester now and I, am, from. The Department of, Chemistry.

And Biochemistry and also from the Department of Biological Sciences as, well. Excellent. Glad, to have you guys on here or talking at Paris in high school and. Nepal. Tell us about the research you're doing and why you're why you're the, research brought you over here to Paris High School Cho yeah as, I said I'm a faculty member at the chemistry, and biochemistry department, so my, speciality. Actually, holds, in the biochemistry, area. And in, biochemistry, we study most of the time proteins, and you, know other. DNA, molecules, and things like that so we look at a particular protein that, protein is. Associated. With some development. Of diseases, like, a stroke and, cancer. And some. Other related, diseases, and this. Particular protein but we are studying in collaboration, with this. Paris. High school students is a. Protein that is associated with folic, acid, metabolism. Folic, acid as you may know that one most. Of the women. When they are pregnant is prescribed, to take the folic acid and that particular. Research is what we are focusing here with these students, ok very good and we, have some video while we're doing this interview here and tell. Us tell us what the students will be doing I understand they'll be looking at some small, organisms in the microscope. Obviously. Yeah so this is a. Nice, project. That kind of comes along and that, is feasible to do at a high school setting and so. As I mentioned, that particular. Protein we are working that involves, in folic acid metabolism, in. Order to understand, the nitin. Pieces. Of this particular, metabolic, process, we, need to have some model organism so this particular model organism, what we work is a teeny, tiny one, you need a microscope, to see that one, and this. Particular. Worm. Is called C elegans and, we. Use, that C elegans to study the folic acid metabolism. Here. In this parasite, school tell us about what that research will be used for moving forward so. This particular project, as I mentioned, the folic acid metabolism, in order to study the biochemistry. Of folic acid usage, we use this tiny worms, as a model organism and, one, of the science we learned from this folic acid metabolism, by this organism, can be extended, to human, folic acid metabolism, and how that impacts, fetal. Growth or, other biochemical processes.

Happening, In human body and these, students, are kind of collecting, some basic information of, this, drug impact, on this folic acid metabolism, using, this warm as a model organism Harsha. You want to get your thoughts on you being here at Paris high school working with these students and the research you're doing what do you find really interesting about it one, thing is like when I first came to Paris high school it was so amazing, to see such passion, among. Scientist. And also this provides, an opportunity for, high school students, to do hands-on research and because, like they are the future of science and medicine and, allowing. Them to see these things. Hands-on, experience, great and at the same time to. Me it's an invaluable opportunity to, grow communication. Skills. Multitasking. Skills and also teaching skills as I look forward, to be a faculty member in the future and these. Such opportunities. Allow both the high school students, and at the same time Eastern, students, to grow together, yeah. You, you answer two of my questions, right there excellent, thank you very much. Gopal to be able to to. Come out of out. Of campus, of EIU and to come here oh why. Did you want to do this and and have this unique experience of going, off campus on to this campus to do this this type of research that's exactly, as you said I mean we can't confined to our labs and just do science, we need to spread that message spectral. Knowledge and give, some opportunities, for our local community, and this, is a nice opportunity for, us to come out and eru being a leader or educational, leader in the region so we need to kind of for spread. Their message as, well as the opportunity, for our high school students to, see some, other. Areas. Of studies, beyond the classroom setting, to explore. The science in, order to enrich, their, educational. Opportunity, to you know become a scientific, leader or sign up for researcher. In the future as well maybe. That was the, answer to my next question but the. The benefits, for both AI you in in. This collaboration. And the benefits for, the community of Paris what what are they in your opinion yeah that that's of course we have to do whatever the resources, we may have we have to just, get the best out of that one to educate, our children so, this is being an east, central Illinois, you know limited.

Resources, However, Eastern, with that opportunity. To you, know expand. About educational. Opportunities. For our students, is wonderful. So here Paris high school you know they contacted. Us and then we wanted to communicate. With them effectively, and. Put. Together this, and then, hopefully, this, will be a catalyst, for future programs, to reach out to various other schools in the region and this. Is a wonderful opportunity for Eastern, as well as Paris, high school and their community as well and, to, see this type of facility this high school is just a few years old it. Is is quite a great resource for the students here what are your thoughts on be able to work in this really, nice facility yeah that's wonderful I mean this lab setting, is much really, fresher and nicer lab, setting, here and I, learned, that when a Community, Foundation came, forward and put together this, one this is how we invest, in. Our future, you know these young, kids will one day become scientists, or well-known people in, the world and they will come back and contribute, to this community and this, particular. Unit. Here being present, as we call the stem lab de Paris. High school calls and, can. Expand, opportunity, of to. Provide. Science. And educational. Opportunity, for the students, and you. Know mr.. Cox the. Assistant principal, you know me is very cooperative. And he wanted to provide. This opportunity for students, and this. Is how. Abstaining. Opportunity, for Paris, as well as Eastern, as a faculty. Here, I wanted. To expand, my, career. Professional. Experience. To others, as well in order to promote their life some. Great, collaborations. Going on here at Paris, High School in the stem lab we, thank Josh nipa she's a grad student of. The chemistry and biochemistry, department, at Eastern Normal University Thank You Hashmi and, doctor Gopal Perry Anand he's the associate professor of biochemistry at EIU we thank your time for here on City spotlight thank you very much and, that'll do it for this on location, episode, on Paris, we thank you for watching and we'll see you next time.

City. Spotlight is supported by consolidated communications. CCI, is honored to salute the cities and their leaders in the area as well as providing TV Internet and phone service to local homes and businesses, we live where we work and are proud to support the communities we serve more, information available, at You.

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