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Coming up on City. Spotlight we, are on location in, Paris we'll talk with the mayor of Paris Craig Smith about, new additions, to the downtown area and the. Latest going on with major employers in Paris, nal. And Simonton. Then, we'll talk with the new executive director of the Paris Area Chamber of Commerce and tourism Linda, Lane about, the latest going on with the Paris chamber and then we'll wrap up the program with a feature on the 38th Paris, honeybee festival we're on location in, Paris here, on City, spotlight. City. Spotlight is supported by consolidated communications. CCI, is honored to salute the cities and their leaders in the area as well as providing TV Internet and phone service to local homes and businesses, we live where we work and are proud to support the communities we serve more, information available, at And. Welcome to another edition, of City spotlight as you can see we are on location. For this taping not in the studio we're in downtown Paris outside, the Edgar County Courthouse, and. We welcome back to the program the mayor of Paris Craig Smith thank you good to be back good to see you again man thank you spend a while since we've had you on we look forward to catching up all things Paris so we're taping this on October, 2nd just a few days before we were here for the honeybee Festival we'll have a nice little feature on that at, the very end but mayor we are 3/4, through the calendar year as we tape here in early October how's. The year gone to this point Paris Paris has been very active this year we've had a lot of good things that have come. To fruition in, Paris one is lot. 50 brand, new micro, brewery, we have another new business right over here sweet vintage, they're. Opening, we have another. Boutique. Is going to open and another coffee shop so a lot of good things are happening downtown. Which we didn't have a lot of things going on but, this year has been a good bang ok, let's talk about a few of those a, brewery, on monitor every community especially if this size has a brewery it I understand the lot 50 just open tell, us why that's here in Paris Illinois well, we had three young, men that, had loved, to make beer in her backyard and, they, thought, that they were had a good product and they decided, why, not they've, been to some of the bigger cities that had micro, breweries and they. Approached the city to, see if we could do any help with the TIF it was, right in our downtown, TIF we were able to help them with a grant, the. Rest of it is all them, hard, work hard labor, but they have had a packed house since, they've been open, something, new and it's something that young people, you, know the age group between 22. And about 45, there, wasn't a whole lot of stuff going on downtown now, we had restaurants, and things like that but this is brand, new it's something that they're used to seeing if they go to Indianapolis, or Chicago, or st. Louis.

House In downtown Paris right and I understand, from talking with Brian Blair and our our segment on the honeybee Festival II they had added a little bit of honey and made a honey bee type beer, for the occasion, so it was a great beer I understand, okay I obviously. Did not taste them that's what I heard very good let's. Talk about another place that's kind of directly behind you here I see sweet vintage tell us about that place that's a great little shop that's also, gonna be perfect. For young kids perfect, for parents, and it's, another person who decided, to take a chance in Paris downtown, Paris and I think they've been very happy that they've opened up there's, a lot of activity. Downtown, there always was with the courthouse, being right here and this, great old courthouse, that we've all worked on to keep open. So. There's a lot of traffic. At going through and I think sweet, vintage is going to really take advantage of, that okay, so that's on the south side of the square here I'm looking, straight out here past are our main camera here to the Paris theater and we have a couple, of spots here that you mentioned does some new things will be coming there too as well it's my understanding that, we have a boutique, that's going to open along, with the coffee shop another. Another, couple. Of ladies who decided, to take a chance on, Paris and we're going to make sure it works for okay. So we've kind of summarized the new things going on in downtown any. Other changes anything noticeable, dois else going on in downtown besides, the newer additions downtown. That's about it we're, constantly, working, with downtown, to, beautify. It and so we'll continue with, that we've. Got a new, bank has merged here in town with madela Noi is now in Paris. But as far as the downtown area, those, shops being open, now, I understand. That the prospect, Bank which is right behind you, will. Be doing some renovations. When it comes to flowers. Parking. Lots that kind of thing so we're going to beautify, the, north, end of the square as well so there's always something going on I think the biggest thing that's been going on is through, our economic development and.

We've Had a major. Development. With nal. Adding. Another building, making. Another multiple. Million, dollar investment to this community, adding. More employees. Symington. Windows just announced, that they're looking at a new line for Paris, which. Would I add another 40, to 60 employees so, on the economic. Side we couldn't have better things going on right now now. Also you. Know I can't I'm a cheerleader, all right sitting chair away also. Downtown. Only, two blocks from here the old high school we. Hope to turn that into, Senior. Living apartments. And this is something that the last time we had you all you also talked about so where's, that headed right now we're, having the. Laborers home Development, Corporation, is the corporation, that's going to put it together they're, appearing before Ida, and the. State of Illinois to get some tax credits, if they're successful getting. Those this month construction. Will, start sometime. At the end of this year with the idea that. People will be in. That within a year to a year and a half forty two, apartments. For senior living right, downtown where, they can walk anywhere, they want to plenty. Of things going on now downtown. It we've talked about it'll, be a great senior, living venue. That's, a healthy amount of rooms there, sporting. Events have been held there as well, yes we still have evylyn gym so we're still having the, hospital, fundraiser is going to be there the. The junior leagues, are still playing basketball, there the, the building just to the south the vocational, building the, city of Paris, nal, and Lakeland. Have partnered, and have now opened it to evoke and. They they've got their, second, set of students, going through there now so, it's a highly successful thing, going on downtown. Well Lakeland, College also has has, a branch down there and in Marshall as well so there's the community more over East here into this part of the area, are, you mentioned nal made your employer here in Peretz for. Another. Addition, major. Major boost repairs major, boost they, came to town probably. About 13. 14 years ago promised. That they could have 400, employees, now. They're over 1,400. They. Didn't have North American, headquarters here, now they are so, there's another 200 and some people on the corporate side so, they've been a very, very big positive boost. For us and they're also a very good corporate. Citizen. They, give back to the community, and they've, just partnered, with the hospital. To open a wellness, clinic just, to the north of their plant, right, and it's it's the easy care, and it just opened about three about two months ago a very good couple years ago when we last had you on there was a lot of commercial. Development there, on Jasper, in. That area are. You looking what are you looking forward in the future any other additions, things are eyeing that Paris. Could, use well, RP lumber, bought, the on, the property, over there and they're very positive. Again. Citizen, corporate, citizen, there's, a new, exercise. Building. That's going to open up and, so there's going to be another exercise, place for people to go to and. There's. Always I, think monocles. Pizza, just bought a lot next they're planning on maybe having, an addition.

To A large so, we're, always we're. Never surprised, that that Jasper. Street is growing, because there's a lot of traffic out there with all the other retailers. Any other building, work demolitions, Public Works things going on in Paris or have taken. Place that you could speak about that our folks at home should know about well we are constantly, working with our new water system trying, to reach out and provide water. Opportunities. To other people, that do not live in the city of prayers and right, now we're trying to work maybe partner, with the city of Chrisman that maybe we can work out something to get our water up there so. We can supply water and their, Effingham, equity, is now, to the, north side of town and they have made a big, big boost for the county and we're also working with them with our water so, we're, constantly looking, for different, ways to help people with their economic needs and, all, of this is really going through Paris, Economic. Development Corporation. But to do we call Petco, when. It's constantly, working with new. Companies and old companies, we've, always felt, that our the biggest thing we do here that's positive. Is we're proactive. With the companies, that are here once. They're here I think too many communities have a tendency, to say well you're here, see, you later what. We do is we're constantly talking, to the existing, corporations. You're here what can we do to help you stay here to help you grow and so, that's what we've been doing this last four or five years all, right very good since, we last had you on we've had several different groups here in Paris. Peart, been, to the high school several times, Chamber. Foundation. Many. Different organizations lots, of people. Getting. Things done here in Paris talk about all the efforts of the, great organizations that you have in this town that make things happen, volunteerism. And, I do see this everywhere I go in Paris and outside of Paris makes, a community like, Paris, really, successful. And, we, are never, short on volunteerism, we have people to serve on many boards, and, organizations. Petco. Kiwanis. The. VFW, the, American, Legion, the sons of American, Legion all of these groups the Elks clubs are very. Active, our churches, are active, to try to get behind things that make the community, grow and I, would be remiss if I didn't talk at, least a little bit about our hospital, our, hospital, has gone through three.

Major. Growth. With. Infrastructure. Buildings, and now they're going to open up a new dialysis. Center it has a new name and it has a new name horizon. Health and we, got. An imprint, all over the community, and also. Outreaching, with communities. Our, hospital, is probably. A little different than. Most medical, facilities. If you believe, what you read in the paper where everybody's. Leaving they're. Not leaving Paris we're having doctors, come in our services. Are growing and our, facilities. Are growing so easy, care the dialysis. A bigger. And better physical. Therapy, a surgical. Suite all of this has been added. Just this last year before. We talk about the honeybee Festival which will have a feature on here coming up at end of the program you're, Mary or at the end of you're nearing, the end of your fourth term, 16 years here in Paris. Where. Does periscope from here and what are you most proud of, during. Your term as mayor here, not, that it's over anything but what, are you most proud of what's, been accomplished, during your tenure as mayor I think, that we've done a, lot of things in 16, years and, probably, very, fate the phases, we, got a very, active early. On in economic, development, because we knew we had to replace. All the people that we lost we've seen them. Many years ago so. We were successful getting, nal, here we, knew that there was an issue with water we, used to drink water from the lake and that was not the best place to get it and it also was, not an unending, supply, so, we have a new water system that's, over in Indiana we pumped it over here that's, a very big major. Economic, development. We. All got together in the community behind, the new high school now we have a state-of-the-art high, school we've, all gotten to behind the hospital, through, foundation, donations. And doing things to make sure it grows and we don't lose our health services, so that's been here, and we've also helped, all the banks, that have been around here to try to make.

Sure They stay here, one example was city hall used to be right behind my shoulder, but as an old building we. Worked out a a swap, with at, that time first federal where, they, took our City Hall raised. It and then built this brand-new building and we moved into their old building so. We like. To feel that we are constantly, looking. For something, around. The corner you don't want to ever look back and that's so the big, project. We're working on now will, be the development, of the old high school in, that, 100-year, building. Beautiful. Senior. Living apartment. In. Our next toward, the end of the program here we can have a feature on the honeybee festival the thirty-eight honeybee, festival in Paris major, event that happens annually in Paris nearly forty years a, lot, of foot traffic music, food. What, can you say about the honeybee festival and its tradition here in Paris it's a great tradition you know and the Killians who were the honeybee. Makers, for all those years when I was growing up here are still, very active Gene. Kelly and his son Mark Killian I think, gene is almost, 95. Still, playing golf out if I sold on a golf cart in the parade unbelievable. And they're there their, impact, on this community through. The honey has been unbelievable. The city then decided, why. Don't we really take. Advantage of this and name it the honeybee festival. And 38. Years later it, is the biggest successful. Thing that we have going on for, a community, as far as getting traffic in if, you were you, were here yes downtown, was packed, they've, moved stuff, out at the Edgar. County. Fairgrounds. And the American, Legion there were people there vendors, all over, people. Constantly, coming, in taking. Advantage of our parks, it was just wonderful and it can't be better for our community, it's a great thing fantastic. Great, catching up with you Merritt the mayor of Paris Craig Smith we appreciate your time here on City spotlight good nice to have you here again thank you very much and taping outside, here at the Edgar County Courthouse. And, we'll have more here on Paris, and city spa city spotlight first, let's take a look at some of the upcoming activities going.

On In Paris. And. We're back here on City spotlight we, continue this on location. Episode on Paris, we're still in front of the Edgar, County Courthouse and we welcome in the segment the new, executive, director of the Paris Area Chamber of Commerce and tourism Linda. Lane welcome to the program thank you very much appreciate, your time and look, forward to learning about what's going on with the chamber and you're, a first-time guest of the program and we'll learn about your role here with the chamber can you tell us a little bit about yourself. Absolutely. I began, my duties with the chamber back in February, of this year was. Very excited, to be asked to be. A part of the chamber, prior. To being the. Executive, director at the chamber I was for, time. County. Treasurer for four terms so. I, like working with people and this. Was just a perfect fit what. Are you most excited about with your new role here and the few months that you've been at it well, we just completed. Our honeybee, golf outing, last Friday that was a success. We. Have a lot of community. Supports so that is awesome. We, are getting ready for our scare, on the square the end of this month and. It. Will be I believe five, to seven on October. 31st and. The, downtown, as well as other businesses. Throughout, the town will be giving treats to children, and then, we also have, our Christmas, in Paris coming. Up and that is the Saturday. Following Thanksgiving, so, it would be November the 24th, yes, November, 23rd and 24th Christmas in Paris yes and you mentioned the scare. On the square obviously on Halloween, the 31st I believe it's on a Wednesday, this year yes. Anything. Else you want to elaborate on those two activities though tell us some of the things that happen on the Halloween event they the Halloween event is an annual event and it, just gives children an opportunity. To come downtown and, to. Gather. Treats, from local, merchants, they, also will have. An. Opportunity, later that. Evening to, go trick-or-treating on, their own but it just gives them a chance to visit, the downtown, merchants, and receive. Treats from them very good and I have I have a list in front of me of all the activities that go on with Christmas and Paris a lot, of things going on with that tell us tell us about that of them absolutely, well new to this year we are going to have a petting zoo Wow, and that's, really neat what kind of animals can we expect oh gosh I don't know actually the FFA, at the high school is in charge of getting animals but we expect, a big variety so stay tuned on that Christmas. In Paris we also have, a an. Ice, skating rink downtown, that will be Friday and Saturday. Course. The big parade and we think, this year it's going to be bigger and better than ever lots, of entries, already. Have. You, know committed and. Then. We also have for, the younger. Kids we have inflatables. There are three of them this. Year that are going to be at the rec gymnasium. On Madison, Street very. Good a couple of events there here and coming up in Paris here on Halloween and also Thanksgiving. Weekend let's, in the previous segment we talked with Mary Smith about the newer additions to Paris and business-wise. Yes, chamber, you deal with the businesses and the community and. And other businesses, that may be coming to town yes can. You elaborate some comments on the newer businesses obviously we have sweet vintage just, behind you yes sweet vintage, is an ice cream shop they were originally, out on the, I. Believe Bell Ridge Road and, so. They are they've, set, up a store, here on this square south side of the square they, serve ice cream of, all kinds, I heard it was really good but I haven't been there yet they, also sell. Local. Honey by. The, providers. And, then. We've also got a coffee shop going next door to that. And. Then next to the Paris Theater is going to be boutique. And the name of it is sweet be or, be, sweet I guess be sweet boutique a lot of sweetness going on here on. Exactly. We also have the lot fifty brewery and company that just opened, up this you, know late summer that's astounding. That a brewery, and the size of a community exactly, yes. Has been very successful. Then out on East Jasper, Street we have a new, business called Anytime, Fitness, so. I. Am originally from Paris, have, and, yeah born, and raised here and I love, Paris I'm very proud of this community I they have just. Been outstanding. Such, great people to support the community, and a, lot of hard workers and volunteers, obviously. Saw that firsthand with the honeybee festival, this past weekend we're gonna have a feature on that in just a second last, question for you again you're, a native of Paris you had a role with the county treasurer now at the chamber.

What Are you most proud of the, community that is home for you I guess. I'm proud of the fact that we. Have such amazing people, in this community. People. That have been born and raised here and enable, even, people who weren't, originally, natives. From Paris, the. Chamber receives calls, two, and three times the week of people relocating. And coming, to Paris so you, know I'm happy to send out welcome packets to them it's, very exciting, and, I just, think that our reputation. Supersedes. Us and, everyone. Is you. Know very interested. In our community, it's a great place to live, and raise a family, very, good first, time on the program Linda, Lane executive, director of the Paris Area Chamber of Commerce and tourism we appreciate your time here on the city spotlight thank you very much thank. You and we'll, wrap up this on location episode on Paris with. A feature on the Paris. Honey bee festival the 38th edition taped, on September, 29th, stay. Tuned. City. Spotlight is on YouTube past, episodes, can be viewed on east central Illinois, towns that, have been featured on City spotlight just search on youtube City, spotlight with. The show number and, the name of the town listed. On your screen are the recent episodes, of City spotlight. My. Name is Brian Blair I am, the vice, president of our Paris, Kiwanis Club I've, been in charge of our local, honeybee Festival for about 15 years now this. Is the 38th year of the honeybee Festival. The Kiwanis first got involved the first year we. Had a serving. Pancakes and that's, been one of our major fundraisers, that we raise money for our scholarships. And other local, organizations that, mainly benefit children in, 1998. The organization, that was running the festival the Chamber of Commerce decided, that they didn't want to do the event anymore so we, at the time we had two Kiwanis Clubs it was our noon Club and the early risers and, we. Decided. As a group that we would take over the running of the, operations, downtown, for the festival, because, that's where our major fundraisers, work we, have a lot, of volunteers, that work, throughout the year planning, this event we. Have a separate committee that handles our pancake tent that you. Know we. Start about, in July we. Work on ordering. The supplies and making sure we've got our tent and everything but. Before that we start, planning the festival, and getting vendors, sending information out to vendors in January. We start getting our entertainment, because. We have on the other side of the square we have entertainment, all day on Saturday. As well as Friday night and this year we added Thursday night entertainment. We'll. Started on mainly. Thursday with setup of our tent and vendors started coming in food vendors got set up and approved and, we. Had entertainment, for the first time this year on the other side of the square with. Troy, stone band the. Food vendors were open, and got, a little bit business, and then, Friday they opened up yesterday, morning we had some. Vendors open selling their their, crafts and so forth our pancake, tents open from 6 to 1 on the Friday as well, as Saturday. Saturday, starts out with the pancake tent again and then at, 11 o'clock is our parade. Which is the, coordinated, by the Paris high school student, council and it's, about an hour hour, and 15 minute, long parade you, know we have a lot, of participation, from local, community groups and organizations. And it's always a fun time the streets are lined with kids and of course they love the candy that gets thrown out. Right. After the parade we have we. Have our bands that start back up on the other side of the square and they're going to go all the way till 10:30, tonight we have a good, variety of different.

Different. Types of music that's gonna appeal to all, ages it's family-friendly and, it's free. The. Parade starts off of course with a. Military. Flag. Possession.the. Of, course the police escort it we, have our Kiwanis, parade marshal that this year is Barbara Berg Dalton. And. Then we have the high school band, the, high school football team which, is six. And oh now so it was flying out on how many years, we're. Really excited about that community's, getting behind them a lot we've got two other middle, school bands it'll be in there and then we've got lots of course all the senior the senior junior sophomore, and freshman class, floats that they have a competition, and so, they're lined up as well as visiting. Queens from, other communities, and from our county fair we, have our honey bee queen and Junior Miss that's going to be in the parade, you know we firetruck, usually has football players and the junior football players, and, then lots of cheerleading groups are in there as well. As a lot of local community. Businesses. We'll put put, an entry in the parade and it's a fundraiser for the for, the high school so, that gets, people out and they're proud to support it. I've. Been a native, of Paris for forty-five years. The art club has been around since, at. Least 80 some years we've been doing the pancakes. Selling. Pancakes as a fundraiser, in one form or another for since. Like 1958. So we're, talking 70 years what we've been cooking pancakes on the same griddle so we, got this nice big round griddle, that rotates. And you. Know it's it's it's pretty vintage but. It's efficient. This. Festival was started to commemorate, a, first. Issue of a postage. Postcard. Or something that, to commemorate, the. Honey bee which, was pushed by local, resident Jean Killian, because, he you, know has has his own honey and raised it he was on the. State honeybee. Association. So that really started that first year it was a huge, parade it went all the way down down, and around I mean it was like a three. Or four mile parade now it's a little shorter than now but, everyone. Looks forward to to. This this, festival it's just a great time for people to get together and come back and and meet. Old friends and. It just it's. A great thing to be involved with Paris, is a very giving community I, mean when, you know they built a splash, park several years ago with donations, from the community then. Another group got donations, to build and all abilities playground, which you know we helped with, it's, just we're. Very giving community and, it. Shows, and, in. Some ways this is kind of giving back putting on this festival it gives, people something to do the. Downtown is is expanding, we've got some new businesses, that are open up we've got a new. Brewery that's bringing lots of people in and we have entertainment there this weekend, and they, made a special a, special, beer, a honey, brown beer that, was, made with local honey and they made it here and it just for the honeybee festival so you, know a lot of groups work together to make this a successful, event. And and we're just really proud to be able to do this how do you festival just a few words is a, lot, of great food a lot of great vendors, and crafts and and just a lot, of good entertainment too I just, it's, a fun family-friendly atmosphere. That. You know appeals to all ages from young, to the old and you know just for coming through Paris in the future it's the fourth weekend in September every, year and it will continue, to be so. City. Spotlight is supported by consolidated communications. CCI. Is honored to salute the cities and their leaders in the area as well as providing TV Internet and, phone service to local homes and businesses, we live where we work and are proud to support the communities we serve more, information available, at You.

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