Climbing the highest peak in Portugal! SV Delos Ep.254

Climbing the highest peak in Portugal!  SV Delos Ep.254

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Waterproof, jacket, under. Wear long sleeve shirt socks to, headlights to, oranges. Battery. Banks, with chargers, GoPro, 360 to roam at 2/10 a sleeping bag to Walters my, clothes road, water. Tripod. G85. Lenses. Turns, Pro for time lapses, a film, camera X rolls of film battery, SD, cards, and a, tripod. You're bringing a toothbrush. Good. Morning. Today. Is an extremely. Peaceful day in the marina we've. Been waiting for this weather, window all week, and. We thought that we'd missed it but. Today is. The. Perfect day it's. Full moon what. We're doing today is. We're. Climbing Pico. Anyways. This. Is the story of Delos a sailboat, that's been cruising around the world for over a decade I jumped, on board ten years ago not knowing that one day I'd be stepping up his captaincy, with my girlfriend, first made by my side over. 50 crew of called fellows home and that tradition of sharing the adventure continues, this, season as we write the next chapter of the Delos story during, a lap around the North Atlantic Ocean if, you enjoyed Ella's videos please, hit subscribe it's, a fast and free way to keep our journey going. The. Nature Park people gave us permission to go up, and sleep at, the top there's only 33. People I think they, are allowed on the top of the mountain, to. Sleep overnight in the crater so. They managed. To find a space for us which. Is so exciting we've all been wanting to do this just so long as soon as we got here and saw it look. Like we have to go up there so. We've. Found. Finally kind of found a plan because you're going to try and climb Pico but you, have to one have to look into the weather's, weather. It wasn't good it's now but so, we've kind of found a mission we're going to go and try and learn. About how. These, islands were formed through, volcanoes. Before. We could attempt to climb the highest peak in all of Portugal we wanted to know how these islands were formed in the first place our. Mission, for the day was, to head for the volcano Museum here on file which. Ironically, enough is, actually an old lighthouse, that, was buried by a volcano in 1958. When. People have nearly achieved its, size by. All began to form the peninsula of the. Peninsula, grew in different places all, of them with the consequence, of sub area basaltic, asura, volcanic, activity, of the strowman, and wyatt. Whoa. Now. I get it. So essentially, this. Whole museum that Wynn is, describing. How the. Section of land that were looking. At and kind of like a round, was. Formed, about 50 years ago so. They what. Happened was there was a volcano, which was under the water which they knew, was there but wasn't actually active at the time and then about 50 years ago started bubbling and. You did actually there's some photos of the of the surface of the water kind of like really. Disrupted. Of gases and then slowly, over time after eruption not an eruption eruption, it's. Formed, this landmass and kind of just extended the peninsula, out. So. As you can see behind these kind. Of shows the progressions, there goes like no, no.

Landmass Learning, how to pushing up dirt or, panic rock all, the way through to the Father now we've. Got this whole. Situation. Of like finito. Just duck out. But. Yeah and that's kind of how this that matters funds so, it's all come just over time layer, upon layer upon layer create. It's amazing. That's. Your only sixty three two years ago crazy. Beauties and it's so it, stands, out from the rest of the article being luscious and green which. Is all a title plants, everywhere and really subtropical, to this kind of like barren, like Mars landscape. This. Perspective like blue. It's, a. Overwhelming. And, breathtaking. But, mostly, just really, really cool I've never been anywhere where I've seen land that's. This new, it's like a whole, new huge. Mountain. I mean, it happened, when, my parents were born so. It's I, don't know it really puts into perspective. How. These things actually work because you hear about them and you know how they work but, to kind of see it firsthand like this it makes it really really real, I guess. In a way you always think that the, earth is the. Way that it is like all these mountains, and everything all these islands have already been formed but earth. Is still. Happen. Again, you know, we. Had a pretty. Sick day it, was really cool to see the different processes, and how islands, were formed and, amazing. What Mother Nature can do over a long period of time waiting, for low sperm afterwards. Her. Feet clean buy some. Sardines. Shrimpie. We had shrimp is Ola Buffy I think, as I hope is 9 or, 9 o'clock and. That. Sun still burning, a, lot. Summer, up, in Europe it's. Just like endless, amounts of time and time. And time and time in, the day. You. Feeling, for like 20 minutes from. The. Peninsula, we just learned about came, from an eruption less than a hundred, years ago mount. Pickle on the other hand is from, around six thousand years ago which. In geological. Scale is still very young. Pico. Is an incredible. Site rising. Up from sea level to, nearly eight thousand, feet into the clouds. Our. Mission, was not only to climb to the peak the following day but, spend the entire night in the, crater. And. Then, I'm sure called, it quits or no sky. It's. Pretty much everything that's. Gonna, be carrying some food you're, gonna be up raising the cup rice, bean.

Air How, old breakfast, snacks, what. Are you working on baby. What. Let. Me just think I want, my name I'm kind of just laying out stuff, on the dock making sure everyone's happy. No. I'm kidding I can't do Kumaran best an hour. See. See I can't do this break. It down just. Getting. Ready to go everyone's nearly. Back does everyone have a bend in until songs yeah, you need toe socks, so. The fun thing about leaving, Delos the, fun thing is that we always, have to bring a lot of stuff with us. Not. Only do we need our. Things. To, go camping but we also need all of our camera gear which is super. Heavy. And, we. Have a lot of different cameras and things though and that end to thing so we're basically bringing, a whole production studio, with us always so it's very interesting to travel off the boat. I'm sorry girl he's just gonna explain, from the GPS, trackers, were man. At. 30 euros per person, including. A fee to stay overnight on, top the. Guys and they're real funny he told me that, there's no pizza store on top and he also told me that he. Needed our names and passport numbers to return the bodies mm-hmm. Once they find him, but. We're just waiting, a couple more minutes we're gonna go up there and he's gonna explain to us all of. The information we each go to GPS tracker. Of. Us individually and they know exactly where, we are on the mountain at all times and they can even call us on the GPS tracker there's like a speaker and a button on it wait yeah. The, GPS is for tracking position, so we know where you are it's an emergency they, also work as a form you can contact us by, pressing this button hold, it until it vibrates. Thank. You. All. Right let's think that's how long is it gonna take. Cloud, is, 3.4. Kilometers. 1,100. Meters of elevation we. Take belonged as we stop in film. To. Get to the top. This. Is my favorite stretch this is a really good hamstring stretch, I highly recommend it. Guess. You really good. Oh. So, I just hiked the first mile took, me just under, an, hour with. Her smile plus. 1146, feet. Of elevation gain so, it's. Definitely, a, solid, mission, to hike up this there's. Parts, of the trail. That are actual trail and there's a lot, that's just kind of rocks and you're literally crawling on your hands and knees so it's. It's. Really fun but. It's really beautiful the landscapes, varying, a lot and there's kind of these little bonsai, trees, and then all these, spots where you can see the lavas flowed down and where it's stopped and kind of wrinkled, up and all these lava tubes and then, it's really beautiful too because all along the side of the of, the, volcano there's these, many craters sort of and you can see that at one point they. Were kind of spewing. Up lava as well so. Absolutely. Gorgeous and the cloud cover is filling in check. Out this view. Pretty. Spectacular. But. I'm showing a chill here and wait for the rest of the group. Man. As remote. As we are. We. Just looked up saw, this camera, panning. Right at us it's. Kind of weird I guess. It's for safety I mean they have over 200, people climbing this mountain a day, but. How weird is this it's like moving around and looking at me right now. Weird. Thing, to see you I you. I would never have imagined they'd have cameras GPS is one thing Wow. Every. One last little. Peek to conquer and, it's the actual summit, of the mountain and. Almost, at the top this. Weird, fully. Active, zone whether it's just hot steam, pouring, out of the rocks I really. Hot steam. Look. At that thank, you that shiny man. So. I leave it. So, those further. Which. Is pretty cool I was ready to go like that was the distance. Easy. To think this is the highest point. In Portugal. And the highest. Point in the mid-atlantic out, of all the mid-atlantic island, so we're. Up here you. Can see it we're just so far, I've of the clouds and. Stunning. Thing. Many. Gorgeous. Like. That. Ever was, nothing. In. Comparison like, what could you go. Through just to see these bro. Wow. I'm. Gonna try and get the shadow over the mountain, shooting. Away. Because. We. Were lucky enough to be here on. Are. You feeling real you can be so, comfy man I've got, some sharp, rocking my bum right now but. When when, I roll over it goes away so it's fine yeah, how's the space living in here with your parents this, is tight quarters more. Take what is it about I love that like hey let's go out let's get off the boat. Number, two, somehow. The. New couple got their own tent yeah cool, parents.

Yeah. We're cool parents, and we're letting the teenagers, hook up in their own tent on top of volcano. Okay, good night everybody. Morning. Everyone. Mana. Still up and. We get enough to. Walk. Out. These other later months and to see. Some race. Holy. Last. Night wasn't I enjoy. 100. Maybe. You. Might pose a choking. My. Legs are cold. Okay. You guys ready to hike mmm, yeah, yeah. Let's. Do this. So. How's your beautiful. Net enjoy, you're not in the oneness. Think. About that cause this a it's, incredibly, peaceful. Just. Awesome. And. The clouds in the sky the sand. The. Land and, then one time. Now. We have to pack back up all of our stuff, take. The tents down and, then, walk back. Downhill. So it's a whole what is what do we do like a thousand, meters, all. Downhill, oh. Yeah. Yeah no it's even more than that to say okay. It's. Far straight, down on loose. Lava rocks, big. Backpacks. On yeah, yeah but we're gonna put the cameras away and, I think, going. To the zone and just mission down. He's. Gonna just just. Got rhythm, yeah. Feel. Feel. The rate of feel, the rhythm feel. The ride. Get. On up, it's, bobsled. Time. Eggs. We. Made it down to the bottom and. That was crashed hard well I'm speaking to myself I've crashed really, hard ti5. 1, 2. We'll. All the hiking and adventures, lately we really haven't been putting much love into Delos so, the next week was all about boat. Work. Happy. Friday listen. The. Kids have left us today they. Went on a little surfing. Mission and, there's, a bit of wave so they. Took off early this morning it. Doesn't make it easy. Yeah. The piece of my heart. Some. Women great we're at the dock here in, file. And I'm, going to get into the internet 'day because, there seems to be a leak on the high-pressure pump on the water maker and I don't know where it's coming from but. I ordered the seals the. First thing is to turn the water maker on and just have. A really good look of words leaking from. This. Is the high-pressure, pump for the freshwater. Maker this whole thing yeah this is the motor itself and this is the actual pump it, pulls, in salt water into this intake here and then, it turns it into super high pressure it goes through these membranes. That are in the engine room and then, comes back through this pump and then goes into the I don't, know if it comes back to this pump actually I think it just goes high-pressure out of this pump through the membranes that into the tank so. The leak is a saltwater. Leak this is where the salt water comes in and this, is like. Two, pieces. Of metal that come together and inside here there's a bunch of gaskets, and seals and, that's. Where it's leaking from so see all the corrosion the saltwater is just dripping out we have to get this off and then that kit that I ordered is the seal kit for this you, know. No. I'm just winging it I. Know. Where the leak is and I'm just slowly taking, stuff apart and then making.

A Plan as I go it's. Working so far nothing else was broken so. So. At. First I thought we got the wrong steel kit but. I just didn't. Look good, enough I have what was going on anyways, it is the right seal kit which is good these are the old seals that came out of this, half of the, manifold, of the pump and they're all pretty, rusty. And corroded they're still working but these o-rings had been smooshed down to nothing and a lot of the o-rings are actually broken but, I actually don't think any of this stuff was leaking what was leaking was when when the seals are inside here this, half of the manifold, goes on like this and. So. This is this is like then what the new seals look like so that's gonna go down. Into here. So. Basically. That's gonna be sitting down in there and then, when this goes and connects, to the other half this, part here, sits, like. That against, there and you see those divots, in there better, right on where this seal seats. On to this part of the, manifold. It. Doesn't it's not creating a perfect, seal right there I thought, the kit would come with a, spacer. O-ring, to replace, this inner, black. Part but. It didn't so, I don't know if that was, supposed to come. Out and be replaced or. Cuz, that might help fill the gap but I guess either way I can. Use some a gasket. Maker I've read high temp silicone or, something and put it all around here and then when I put that together screw, it on real tight and it should fill up those gaps yeah. All the new seals are in all the rings are in. There. Replacement, for these. There's. Like seats there, not a ring so I think it's just yeah a one whole unit you'd have to buy for each one of these well. Everything. That we could change we would change, so. Now it's time to put it all back together and put some red. Gasket. Maker. Thank You high temp silicone on, it bowls, it together put. It in turn it on. See. What's. Going on out here today and a, slow rainy day good day to do some engine work for sure engine, work you, know basically put the vowels, back together put, the new o-rings and washes in because it was leaking outside. This, that's green, everything's. Not sandpaper to me ready down there just lift it in put in connect everything up and, start. It up and see if you got a leak which we shouldn't. What. Do you make me for there yeah.

So. I wanted to make a lasagna and we don't have enough fresh veggies so I'm, just going to make some. Eggplant. Parmigiana, it's the potato, you. Know real, stuff, I, don't know what I was, something. Did. You learn how to cut from my. Mom yeah, I work in restaurants and, I lived, with people and you. Get a little, bit from arrow right about, my mom is a big one she's. Awesome. She said master, barbecue, she's, like a badass she's with the fire she's, one, with the fire my, OSHA in Argentina, is the man makes it by Obama my mom makes the fire, my mind was birthday barbecue and, my dad, cut. The bread. To. The Anastasia. It's. A nice space, in the water, Brady. Brady had a her cleaning, mode Betty, was just like running on the village potatoes. Me I'm like go okay. Editing. Delle stuff, yeah that, this is the episode that we arrived on it's cool it's hard it's really hard work man I have, never like edited, this. And this amount of footage as a viewer, in the past I never, quite. Appreciated, how much work, goes into these and, now I'm doing them like oh okay. Wow. Editing. Is fun when you get to like this there's a certain point of tips over and you start getting more creative and you. Get like a flow and you understand how, you. Can kind of tell the story better and, kind of betray different emotions and again. There's no satisfying. Things that take place it's, a hard work and. It's draining, because you're sitting down all day and I find that and then the second thing which is draining about it is like it's, just the time you, just gotta sit and give, it a lot and a lot a lot of time to it I mean if you a I think is be making 10-minute videos to be easier but then it wouldn't be the same half. An hour thing is like complex. Storylines. To make sure that it's entertaining and to maintain Tom's, interest of 30 minutes is up. Especially. Every week. Yeah. It's really impressive. How are you today see on. Phone. Cool okay. Yeah, what's up. Forget. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The. Other day well. Hole while ago before we left from, Pompano. Beach I found, a crack on the bottom of one of our stanchions. Stainless. Steel and of course we didn't have time to get, it welded or find anybody to weld it and our, neighbor Paul, happens to have a welder on board Annie has the stainless steel rods and I've never welded before my life but, of, course the South African that does it all no south of weld pretty well apparently, we're gonna see we're gonna shut off the power to the boat to be safe for any grounding issues plugging. The welder and a, couple of zaps and it should be good because, the the. Whole stanchion, and lifeline is grounded, back, to the batteries and back down to the keel I'm gonna, shut off the whole power to the boat and. Disconnect. The batteries so that way there's, no chance of, any, stray, current going. In and damaging, anything that's connected I don't know if. That's an issue or not but it's better just to be safe and just totally isolated, batteries from the whole boat shut. The boat down. Yep. Waters. Off the, fasting. Of all the fat market stands off dr.. Long. Batteries. Off. So. Can you explain to me, knowing. Nothing about welding you're never doing it before what's the process and how does it work the. Process, is basically. We're. Gonna be multi, metal. To high bridge and what we need to do is create a complete, circuit, between where, we're gonna be putting the stick we're.

Using This, normal arc welding now with. A stick the, t/16. Rodman. Jaw the welding, process, is basically we. Mounting, you'll see the rod has got. Some. Components, wrapped around this, stainless. Steel rod you, know what happens with that as soon as you our kit those. Metals, that, are around it burning, create, a sterile environment for. The rug burn, and basically. Adhere. Themselves, to the stainless steel you're basically just short-circuiting. Something, you're shortening, creating. Heats in, the middle, a. Lot. Of current to melt metal. We're. Setting things up like this how. Is on, you. Do not want to touch the two together no, I'll see you to put it all of that inside. Of this. But. Suck thank God guys in watch, out for the wind yeah. Looks. A bit messy, see on. Dice. Well. That, was a long episode Delos, tribe if, you're still with us head to sv Delos calm, board / shock and use, the discount code EP. - 5 4 and, get 20% off, anything, you like. Up. Next on Delos I have, a dream come true and get to experience a flying, dinghy. Looks. Like you don't down there yeah man this is Blair mine why, the sound in here is so crazy, like. Every. Single sound you can hear crisp, and clear and it echoes. Can. You give me your best. Stretch I mean. For a hike like this. One-legged. Woodchopper. Sure. Looks like a chef. Hey. Yeah, but one of assailing but really not want to leave your couch taranta. I. Get. Out I like it.

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