Coachman Caravans 2019 - First Look

Coachman Caravans 2019 -  First Look

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We've. Arrived at the 2019. Coachman. Caravans, preview. Now, the idea, of these first, look videos, is just to give you a look and a feel of the new. 2019. Ranges, they're not full reviews by any stretch of the imagination. The. Hot news from coachman for 2019. Is the reintroduction. Of the laser, range, now, last, year the, laser, range was dropped in favour of a twin axle VIP that. Situation. Has now been reversed and we're back to having a twin axle laser and a, single, axle, VIP. Further. Down the line we have a new pastiche, that's the 470. I'll show you that one we're. Going to start with the well. You, can't call it entry-level. Coachman. Don't make an entry-level caravan, we'll, start with the. Can't. Call it base range. You. Can't call it entry-level. You. Can't call it what. You call the vision. We'll. Start with the vision range. So. We will start with the vision five, four five, single. Front gas Locker stabilizer. Hitch. Nice. Sort. Of navy, blue. Charcoal. Grey graphics. Alloy. Wheels of course two. Part door with a bin, I do, like the two part doors because you can. Have. The top part open and keep the dog in flyscreen. And. Then. As we get in. So. The vision this, year comes, in this I really. Like it it's kind of like a kind. Of oatmealy, burnt orange. What. Do you think viewers what would you call that color, either. Way he's. Very, smart, and. Sun. Roof and. Roof. Light. So, despite. The. Problems. That the camera is having at the moment it, is very bright. In here it's, a lovely, open. Feel so, let's move around to, the kitchen in this layout. With. Your. Thetford, fridge, extension. Their cooker. Has. A dual, fuel, hop. Switch. Tap so. You have a separate, draining board for. Your sink. So. The table, is stored here and then you've got some. Space. For, your foodstuffs there because, kitchen. Is a little bit tight on storage. Space in this particular layout. And. As we go through to the center of the caravan we have the washroom. Loo. Wash. Basin. And. Shower. Some. Really, nice, finishing. Touches in here. And. It's just really solidly. Put together but, then it's a coachable I suppose they. Always are. And. Is through to the bedroom out, the rear I did, before I started filming. Get. On this bed because it looked a little bit short to be I am. 5. Foot 10 I only just found it long. Enough so I haven't, got a tape measure do. Try before you buy if, you're interested, in this layout I think. If you're over 6 foot you might find that a little bit too small and, then you have wardrobes, I other side of the bed and then again typical. Coachman, attention. To detail, if. You notice the cupboards under the wardrobes, they've, pulled them out slightly so. You've got somewhere to put your cup of tea in, the morning top. Marks coachman, right. Let's go and have a look at another vision, right. Now let's have a look at a family-friendly. Layout. The, 580. In. Common with the 545, we've just looked at the. Retail, price on this, vision is. Approximately. 21,000. Pounds. So. Starting. At the front again. Obviously. Same. Color scheme or lovely, bright, open. Lounge. And. I'll spin, around on, this side the. Kitchen. In, the middle there small, area, to stand a TV, a. Little. Alcove, to charge your devices with. Cable. Tidy there to the sockets, both 12 volts and mains. And. Then. As we head to the back of the caravan. You've. Got the bunk beds here. Top. Bottom. Each, of them has a window, and, light. Wardrobe. Here. And. Then, through to the washroom. Which. Is so well designed. Your, toilet. Shower. The, vision range is heated with the tremor system both gas and electric.

Blown, Air system, which. Is inet ready which means you can control that with an app from your smartphone. It's. A beacon is smart, it's. Delicious. So. Let's now go and have a look at the pastiche. Range. Right. So Duggal shall we start with the new one the, pastiche, 470. It's. A dinky, little thing, the, front stabilizer, coupling. Single. Gas Locker. So. Very swish wael outlets, here from your main socket, and. Gas. BBQ, point. Two-piece. Door with, the, bin. And. As we go in. The. Fridge with the Wardrobe above it you'll. See it's an interesting layout it's. Similar to the Pastis, that, coachmen. Recently, trialed with the bed at the front now what, they've done. They. Put the small dinette well it's actually quite a sizable. Dinette here and. Then. You've got this l-shaped, lounge at, the front now. I. Really. Really. Like this layout because. I'm. A single, traveler, and if, you're a single traveler, this is just utterly, utterly, perfect. Because. You've got your. Eating. Working, space here, and, then. You have this multifunctional, space here we, took another leave, as our bed or, have, as your, sofa, obviously, this makes up into a double, bed so. Here we are sitting in the, lounge, looking, towards the back at the kitchen. Two. Piece sink, and drainer. Plenty. Of storage, space. No. Surprise, to see it, is a dual, fuel, hob. With. The. Microphone. Microphone. Microwave. Up, above it so, shorter. People will find that less easy to use. Opposite. The main, door is your, fridge with the wardrober. Bar. That's. The tank for the central heating there. And then, into, the washroom, the. Rear. Loo. Wash. Basin, and. Shower. The. Pastiche range comes with alder, wet, central, heating, which. I think you all know I'm a huge, fan, of, so. I have to say the the new 470, I really. Really. Like it it's compact, yet it's still, spacious. On the inside it's a real TARDIS. Right. Let's go and have a look at something a little bit bigger. No. Not Duggal. Right. Do go. Right, let's look at something a little bit bigger the pastiche 5 6, 5. With. That lovely sort of rust colored, and, charcoal. Graphic. This. Is a single, axle, and. I. Brought you into this one because this one has, twin.

Single. Betts, so. Once again we have the same brown. Upholstery, in this one. Oatmeal. And chocolate, no. Chocolate. Santa. Kitchen, that's. Quite similar to the one we saw in the vision isn't it folks. This. Side we, have the Wardrobe. A, couple, of drawers underneath. But. Of course in this particular layout, we, are looking, at the single beds. So. David, Bird is watching. This. Is what you could be upgrading, to David. He's. Just bought a brand new Caravan, so anything. Soft. Clothes. Locker, doors but, no positive, catch is still so of. The sea coachman, owners are. Not requesting it because if they were I'm sure they were putting it in as. You can see Aldi, central heating so we've got the radiator. There by the toilet. That. Similar, wash basin and turps or the one we saw in the vision oh well, just a quick one folks while we're here hello. Sorry. And, then. The. Very swish shower. Cubicle. Okay. So that, is your. Pastiche. Range now. Let's go and have a look at the, v.i.p. Okay. Let's move on up to the VIP which. Had a new body shell last year with these two. Doors at the front that the gas bottle here and storage, on, the opposite side. Really. Smart the midnight blue charcoal. Gray graphics, and. We're going to start here with the 460. A nice. Suite, that will two berths. Massively. Popular, same. Glass as my Caravan that's why right. So we now move up to a one-piece. Door with. A bin. And. Moving. On in it's, your classic and, washroom. - both layout. -. Shot a lot of a light out to. Try. And balance it for these photos. But. Show. You close-up at the car skis this is sort of an oatmeal with. Mustard. Hints. Again. It's just so nice. Really. Really elegant. And tasteful, if. I open up the blinds at the front here you can see you've got a. Sunroof. And. A. Roof, light. So. The light just, floods. That's. A little. Work top extension, there, and. That is so wrong it's, a really, clever design and. Then at the front looking towards the rear. This. Is just fantastic for, one, or two people on, long, term touring, or if you just enjoy cooking because you've got all this storage, and, workspace, in, the kitchen. Plus. This. Is what I love about what, coachman do is that. On the opposite, side to the kitchen, this. Surface. Is at the same height as the. Kitchen so you can either have it somewhere, to stand the TV or you. Can use this as extra. Work space for, the kitchen and. Spotted. This as well you've, got USB, points, here as well as two mains sockets. Hello. Diva. Not, forgetting of course. Next. To the entry, door. The. Heated. Cupboard, from, the Eldar central heating so, you can dry, your boots, when you get in from a walk that, is just ah you, know I really, love the attention to detail, and the thought, that. Goes into catchment, products. Tons. Of storage. I, mean. You. Just love it because it works you. Know it's not got the latest flashy gizmo. And gimmick, it. Just. Works. Above. The kitchen you have an extractor, fan and then. We go through to, the washroom. Stunning. It's. Huge. I. Don't. Know where to start really when. I start with the loo which, you can see is this smart. Dometic. Design. It. Is plastic though not ceramic. This. Tap drew a lot of debate last year I love it some people say it would get in a way but I think it's so smart it certainly, wouldn't look out of place in a boutique hotel I think, folks it's time for another pillar. Sorry. Lovely. Spacious, sealed. Shower, unit. This. Is the, first of two wardrobes, so this is a narrow cupboard, really you could put the coats when you come in. And. Then. Next. To the loo you. Have, a much larger wardrobe. Here. With. Two. Drawers below that. So. You know what it's not going to set the world on fire what. It is going to do is it's. Just going. To work. A. Single, person, or two people. Excellent. Right. Let's go on to something a little bit bigger in the VIP range, so, why don't we look at one, of the most popular. VIP layouts, of the five twenty. Always. A popular laying out this one purely, for its versatility. You. Have the dinette, here. Parallel. Sofas. At the front so ideal, for single, beds plenty, of room obviously. You can leave that made up the bed if you're touring and, just use the dinette, for eating. And. Yeah. It's just. Same. Spec as the, VIP. We, had just seen. With. The same. Pioneer. Stereo. LED. Light fittings, and. Just. Dripping, with attention. To detail again, like, the. Area. To charge your devices only now we're in the VIP range, we also have. USB. Sockets. As well, as the 12 volt and 240. Fantastic. Kitchen. Heated. Boot covered by the door what, do you reckon Duggal or the heated boot cupboard they're, very good I'll name yes and. The washroom, is identical. To the one we've just seen in the 416. So we'll leave it there Lou.

Sorry. And, moving. On up to the new, top, of the range the, reintroduced. Laser, first, of all you'll notice it's. Got very swish, grey, sides. Silver. Sights grey silver, and. This. Lovely. Yellow. And charcoal, detail, to, the side. There. Are three to an actual models each of them has fixed beds to have. Double beds one has single beds and these are the two double bed layouts. Obviously. You have an exterior, main. Socket, and gas. BBQ, point and on the other side is. A point for an external, shower, as we. Go in little. View. Of the. Upholstery. They're very. Very. Smart, contemporary. Finish. And. Then. Looking to the rear, you. Can see has a lovely splash back to the kitchen. There a huge. Amount of storage in, the kitchen. And. Then on the other side of the kitchen we have the fridge freezer, past. The TV station, and this. Is, really. Clever. As. Your freezer. But. If you want to use this side. You. Can use this side but. If you want to open it this way you. Go open it this way, I made. The fridge if, you want to open it this way, you. Open it this way. And. If you want to open it this way. You. Can open it this way I could. Play with that for days I think that is so, clever, so, that its domestic series, 10 fridge, apparently. Naturally. This has an older central, heating, the. Bed does pull out a few inches at. Night it. Just pushes in to allow you to get, past during, the day very. Swish. Padded. Headboard, there I think. Any boutique, hotel, would be proud. And, the. Route to the washroom. Different. Layout but similar, concept, to the washroom we have seen in, the. VIP. But. One thing I want to show you as well which will be in all coachman, caravans, they've, just not had time to fit them to all the prototypes, but. They've managed, to fit them into this one is this in the shower cubicle. Every. Range now this will be fitted, this. Clothes. Hook so, you can put your wet, coats. On hangers or your washing to dry or too hair on. That hook so this is the 6 7 5 now, let's go and have a look at the 650, which is the other double, bed layout in the, laser range. So. Finally a look at the, laser. 650. Which. Has a smaller. Lounge. Of the front. We. Have the sunroof of course and the roof light above that they go this with the shade, open on the roof light and. Turning around. This. Has a smaller kitchen here. But. You still get the same, fantastic. Dual. Opening. Fridge, freezer, on this side. And. In the centre of the caravan we, have a, and. Exceedingly. Spacious, washroom, I mean look at this look. How much space. You. Can have a party in here. Again. With, even, though this one's cylindrical. You. Still get the, additional hanging space. Even. Though it's cylindrical, and, then. We go through. To the head room a, nice. Transverse. Double, bed I've. Got on it and I as I say I'm 5 foot 10 there, was plenty of room for me so you should be fine on this if you're up to six foot tall. This. Is with the bed pulled out and I, find, plenty of space to get around it you, can push, the bed back a few inches if, you want, during, the daytime I'm not quite sure why you'd want to in this layout when. You'd. Only need to get past it, get. Into bed, but. The options there if you, need, it so. There, you have it a little first look at coachman's. 2019. Model, range offer further details, in, the description below or coachman's websites, do. Bear in mind this is for the UK market only. But I hope you've enjoyed seeing, what we have available to us great. Quality products definitely, worth putting on your shopping list if you're, in the market for a new Caravan really, impressed with what I've seen I hope you enjoyed it if you did you know what to do give us a thumbs up subscribe, if, you don't already it, just leaves me to say from me and from Dougal. Smile. Dougal, smart. Thanks. For ruining, it. You.

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Please note that the doors in the Vision and the Pastiche are mistaken for two-piece doors. This is not the case - they are ONE PIECE DOORS cleverly disguised as two-piece doors! Apologies for the mistake. The description below the video will answer many people's questions, so please check this out. The Pastiche 470 (but with Vision upholstery) is the Coachman I would go for from this line-up. What's your favourite?

Andrew Ditton definitely the one with the L-Shaped lounge for me, lovely design.

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Yes Adrian, that is the plan!

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Thanks Pamela! You'll need a couple of days then at the NEC, as one day will just fill your head to overflowing ! See you there :)

I truly love the European caravans. They look sooo nice. Wish I could ship one of them here to Arizona

Plastic toilet. Not very VIP.


Top quality original content as usual. Top job

Thanks Paul!

We did look at Coachman when we bought our Bailey Unicorn Cartagena (twin axle) which comparable to the Laser. Bailey was cheaper, however, I can see why Coachman are more pricey. They are more luxurious at the top end. Great first look thank you - ooo I do like Coachman caravans, maybe our next one... Graham

Great video Andrew, really like the two way opening fridge freezer ;))

Thanks Andrew for this great vidéo

Why would you need a fridge door to open both ways, people don't open their fridge door at home both ways because there is no point.

Maybe left and right handed couples? Having said that, I wouldn't want one myself, I would't be able to decide which side to open!

Nice and unbiased Andrew, thought Bailey Phoenix’s recent launch was a bit over kill so lots of social media, yours was a introduction to the range, if you want more info go to their site

Hi Andrew, The refrigerator door that opens from either side is fantastic, now convenient!! Yes these Coachman units are indeed well appointed! These brief looks are great. Your opinion is valuable. Good to see a number of units at one time. As always you & Dougal are the main attraction, one always wants more!

Cheers Bob! A few more launches coming next week, and then Düsseldorf.

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I think the Pastiche 470 would suit me very well. Love the separate dinette and I prefer a rear end washroom. Better start saving.

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Of course, the only down side with a rear washroom is that you can't stand in the back cooking chips as you're whizzing down the motorway... ;@)

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Very thoughtful design where practicality is balanced with elegantly simple design points. I wish we had similar models in the U.S.

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Nice video - same old boring brown caravans - I guess they know their market and I'm sure Fred & Mavis will approve.

Clever idea with the fridge door! The build quality seems excellent. BTW you know we all 'hallooo' back at you, so please don't apologise. I bet Dougal smiled when he was taken away from the caravans (too new for lovely smells) and off for a lovely walk and ball-chasing session. He is such a patient, well-behaved boy.

Very unimaginative caravans. Those tiny fridges are a joke. Where are the murphy beds that would convert your bedroom to an office/workspace with a few fold up tables? Where are the drop down beds (as seen in camper vans) which means you could sleep on a proper mattress and not the jigsaw cushions?

I like these Andrew like the Pastich 575 though torn between that and the Luna Lexon 660 no rush though have 4 months to make up my mind

Helpful that you've put in the time of the review in your description, but did you know, if you want to, if you put 1:41 it will create a shortcut link to 1 minute 41 in the video.

Top tip, thanks Bob! Have changed it now. Thanks a lot, always learning...

Hey Andrew, do you think it's better to buy new or used? Advantages/disadvantages? I know you bought yours new. Unfortunately these are quite outside of my price range unless I financed them, which I avoid as much as possible! Appreciate that you think of your audience and review from a 'short' or 'tall' person perspective! xD

I think you answered your own question there. If you can afford new and intend to keep the caravan for a good few years, then go for it. But if you have to finance the purchase? Then I'd rather go second hand for what you can afford outright, that way you are investing 100% in the caravan and not throwing money at interest payments. I admit I did put my Airstream on my mortgage when I had a house, but I've kept it long enough to appreciate in value and paid it off quickly.

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I thought this was the old Andrew Ditton. He does a mixture of videos including caravan first looks and reviews. I personally like looking inside caravans even though I will probably never own one.

Deep breaths, stay calm. It is just an opinion. I like the product launches. I can not spot any real changes, improvements or innovation in the recent launches. What do you think the big new thing is?

Err, I made exactly the same kind of video last year for the 2018 model preview. I financed this video myself and gave up my time in the Hebrides to attend this launch and bring my subscribers the new ranges. And this is the thanks I get for doing that? Would you instead like me to launch a Patreon and keep my videos only for people who pay?

Nice one

Always loved Coachman Caravans. Can't wait to see if and when Coachman do motorhomes.

Something I've never understood about Coachman's is how small the fridges are in their smaller vans, considering they are meant to be a premium brand. If Bailey and Swift can put larger fridges into much cheaper vans, then surely they could do so also?

Andrew Ditton I think it's more a weight issue than losing work space. Coachmans are always so solid and well made that they do tend to be slightly heavier than rivals.

Good point Rob, especially the VIP range. However, I guess you'd lose some work space if they did that.

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'HELLOOO!' ;@)

Those are very impressive! :-)

That fridge is amazing!

The prices are great. Is the cabinetry just veneer over particleboard?

The red color is called "rust," I think.

Tee hee, 'rust' ain't a colour but a condition, and a particular one that doesn't go down well with vehicle owners, I guess.

Hey Andrew, is this the Same Coachman as in the US? If it is what a difference and if it is not, man we need these over here in Canada!!!!!! They are all very well appointed and the homeyness of the units, all of them, is Great! And never be sorry for the Halooo, it is Classic and a great Trade Mark!

In the US it is coachmEn.

Some nice designs.... lovely "wee" features that would make life easier without taking up too much room. Not a fan of island beds at all. The L-shaped sofa is lovely looking though. :-) Great video as always... are you amd Dougal going to the caravan show later this month (think it is Dusseldorf)??

Yes, we'll be at Düsseldorf :)

These are very nice. Access both sides of the fridge is pure genius! One problem. People are finding the sliding screen that goes across the entry door is easily damaged by both people and animals and not repairable. Good old fashioned rigid door screen was better. Tufted sofa cushions are not comfortable to sleep on plus the buttons tend to pop off then it looks tatty.

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Lou Johnson Yes but would you really wanna go to toilet in there ?

Another great video, thanks! Just a question I thought I'd throw out there. Why don't we see UK caravans for sale in the rest of Europe? I live in Spain, where (unfortunately) we have the added complication of the double number plate! All caravans weighing more than 750kg have to have their own number plate, documentation, MOT etc. Thanks!

Great video. Love seeing you both. Very nice caravans!

I was offline the other day when I watched this. That was very restrained of you not to ‘hello’ in the mirror until the 4th caravan!

Andrew Ditton Thanks for the answer. It's a real pity!

Coachman did export to the Netherlands for a while, and Swift and Lunar export to some countries in the EU. I think the long and the short of it is that development costs for a non-UK product would fail to be covered by the lower volume of sales overseas. Plus the fact, almost every UK factory is already at peak capacity.

Reading comments on fridge door as vlog playing. Little confused. All is clear now. They need to make them for our homes to.

Hey Andrew great video as always! I look forward to your first looks. I also found the ferry boarding video useful first time I towed over to France. Some advice please.....I bought a 2017 coachman and I love it! Had a couple of different manufacturers in the past but I'll be staying with coachman from here on in. My question is when is the most cost effective time to change it? I want to keep the value in the van but at the same time I don't too much depreciation. This is our 5th season now and we're absolutely loving it

Perfect, thanks Andrew I see your point

That's an easy one Steven. The biggest cost as you know is the unseen cost of depreciation. So basically, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Depreciation is obvs steeper in the earlier years, so if you're happy with it and it works, then I'd keep hold of it until things change. Depreciation does eventually bottom out because the cost of new vans keeps increasing. I paid £37.5k for my Airstream 10 years ago. The price of a new one is £87k, so mine has actually increased in value a little bit.

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I stand corrected

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Tres swish !!!

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Lovely floor plans on these Coachman caravans:) WOW! Wonderful front views too! Just need a hinged table for 4 for eating, playing games and cards, laptops, and etc. Coachman has it going on in the UK but I have a really tough time trying to find a floor plan anything remotely like this in the U.S.A. because the manufacturers put the bedroom up front where you can't see out due to aerodynamics fronts! Frustrating me for years now with their aerodynamics when all I want is a nice, comfy front booth for 4, with wrap around windows:) You'd think I was asking for a lot when the floor plan I want is actually, old school and works much better than most USA models today. Great job Coachman! Putting the front seating/bedroom is a grand move on your part and I sincerely hope you bring or make, all of these models for the U.S.A. too! Now if I can just get Ford to allow us to have the Ford Focus Diesel with a tow rating! I saw someone pulling a caravan with a Ford Focus Diesel on YouTube from the UK, and it wasn't a little tear drop style either. The caravan was almost full size! I want a set up like that too!

I haven't seen any like this new, in the U.S.A. since like, forever (1970's). The USA manufacturers did away with a front seating and swapped it with a more aerodynamic front bedroom. Most U.S.A. caravans have crappy floor plan designs and quality with a front bedroom that is closed off from the rest of the caravan for privacy. Small side dinettes and uncomfortable jackknife sofas. Kitchens are terribly small and one sided, like almost an after thought. Restrooms are ok if you find one that is in the rear, otherwise, it'll be ill-equipped and/or sized. These new caravans of the UK are like new super upgraded, with USA old school floor plans that really work, type of versions. I need one of these, super badly!

Omg I love all of these campervan, better than my house I could live there forever, I can't wait for my adventure,

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