Coastal Alabama: Bamahenge, Florabama, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan

Coastal Alabama: Bamahenge, Florabama, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan

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Greetings. From, the SK, Peas rainbow. Plantation. In somerdale, Alabama, my, home for, the next two nights As I am going to explore some of the southern portion. Of the state here. We, are going to begin here, on the east shore, of Mobile. Bay and then tomorrow we'll explore the beaches, at. Gulf Shores Fort, Morgan and, so, much more. Check. Out all these waterfront. Homes. Well. We'll see all this from, the air in a few here. Fighting. Fighting. Riding. In my. Vir. Be wherever. I want. To be. You. Guys I'm free in. My RV. It. Is a little unfortunate, the, weather it. Is such a rowdy, gloomy. Day but check, out all the houses each with their own pier, if, we were in Florida I would say it's got that old Florida. Feel but, we are in Alabama so I guess it's the Alabama, field, right. The. Long pier, is the Fairhope, municipal, pier known. For great fishing and the scenic views we're. Gonna check it out as soon as I landed drown. You. Know what that is in, the distance, Mobile. Alabama, we. Probably won't, visit, it today but we will at some point. I. Just, love, to, watch the, flight, of the Pelican especially. When it catches its prey. All. Right let's, check out the Fairhope, beer. This. Is the Fairhope, municipal. Peel. And. There's. Another pelican. Very. Very, nice very. Serene. Belt, here. Chuck, seafood, an oyster, bar I betcha they have great shrimp, in this area, and I'm getting hungry. Let's. Walk to the end of the pier first, and then we'll, sample, the local queue, scene. Meanwhile. Here, are some locals. Chilling. By the water. Local. IPA, from hain't, blue brewery, from mobile and so. Much, to, choose from but. I think I'm going to go for some shrimp. Well. That, certainly hit, the right spot well, had a local IPA there from Oh bill I forgot, the name of the brewery. I wrote. It down and. Four. Dollars and change for the beer which is coming. From Miami, it seems very inexpensive, believe me. Back. There that's downtown, mobile across the bay. Tomorrow. Oh, I. Also have a shrimp, kabob that. Was a little more that was like seven bucks. Six. Jumbo, shrimps, cooked. To perfection with, some, garlic sauce it was good. Let's. Go back to the campground. Breakfast. Of champions. Let's. Go exploring. This, to the right is the OWA. A fairly, new amusement park, here in the city of Foley and before, heading all the way south to Gulf Shores we're, gonna make a quick detour here, well, greetings good morning, beautiful weather today a little cloudy but mostly. Sunny went. For around this morning, that. Felt great and never. Explored, the area a little bit there, seems, to be a replica, or of a very famous. Sight. In. England. Check. It out. Please. Called bama henge and while, not an exact, replica. Of the original stonehenge. It is exactly the same size, and also, aligned, with the summer solstice and all that it was envisioned, by Alabama billionaire. George, barber, unlike. The original this, one is built out of fiberglass, and, there, are actually only four, unique, shapes, flipped. And repositioned. To look different. Well if you ever felt, kind of frustrated. At the originals, Stonehenge. In England because, it is all fenced off and you couldn't, walk around the, stones. No. Worries you can do it here in Alabama at Bama. Hinge and. There's. No one here. This. Is. Kind. Of. It's. A matter of fiberglass. Which, is pretty cool but the coolest thing is you're able to walk you, know inside. It which, the one in England is all fenced off you know and and since, it is the historic.

Site Or what have you you are not allowed to. Basically. Do anything you know, and. In this one I can you know, walking. Between the stones, it's. Pretty cool. It, was you could do that in the original Stonehenge. Huh that. Was a pretty cool of the, beaten path, place. Here. Maybe. I'll fly the drone. There's. The, view 400. Feet above BAM. Henge. They. Have a toll by plate system to cross into, the beach and, here. We are, Gulf, Shores. But. First we are gonna go a little further, east to, Orange. Beach actually. All the, way to the Alabama, Florida State, Line. It's. This bar right at the border between, Alabama, and Florida. And check it out. Here. We are this is called the flora bama. And. It's right here on the. Border. Between. Alabama, and, Florida. Check, it out please. Use other door. I. Guess. It is only appropriate to enter through the gift shop right of, course I decided to come here late, morning, at, the time when there's no one here but that's, just the way I usually do things right my, timing, impeccable. As ever, flora. Bama has been here since, 1964. Shortly. After the highway, connecting, Orange, Beach Alabama and, Perdido, Key Florida, was, built and it, is supposed to get really rowdy particularly. During spring break and major holiday. Weekends, and also, many events, they come up with most importantly, the annual, inner state mullet, toss which. Is a competition consisting. Of throwing a mullet fish from Florida, across, the state line into Alabama I'm, telling you people come up with some weird stuff, sometimes although, I hear it is basically, just an excuse, to throw a weekend-long, party. As if, you really need one the, bar was built on the Florida, side of the state line which was originally wet, the. Alabama side at, the time being dry, hence. The, original, appeal. Now. Maybe 11 a.m. is too early for this place huh. Well, at least we get a nice view of the beach I. Have. All this. Two outs here oh. Yeah. That's, that's fine sand, I, remember. When, I was investing. How. Can make this work no. That's, not gonna work is it nah I don't have if. I only had an extra hand but check out what they have here a. Giant. Share that. I can do. Kind. Of sort of actually. And. Here we have it the, powdery, sand of the golf course of the Gulf Coast. Yep. These, are probably, hands-down, the, best beaches, in the whole country as far, as flying sand, and swimming. Go, the. Florida Panhandle and, this area, of Alabama. Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't, fly the drone here. Here's. A quick look towards. The Florida side. I guess. This is the state line here I'm, in Alabama, and. I'm. In Florida and. Apparently. Tents. Tents. Are allowed in the Alabama side but not on the Floyd don't. Pay any attention to me I was totally incorrect, let's, check out the water. What. A difference. Today's make, right two days ago I was a. Shrimp. In, the 20 degree weather, of. Northern. Alabama and now I'm in actually. Right now I'm in Florida Alabama is right back there and it's high 70s, the. Beautiful, day perfect weather the water still, a little problem is a little too cold to going but. Otherwise out here is is marvelous.

Well. I'm not gonna go into Florida, yet this part of the trip I'm gonna make work my way a West now. Through. The. Alabama. Shores and let's, see if we can make it two more Batmobile, I'm not sure we're gonna have time for that. Chelsea. You, know I just realized I just got totally disoriented, and the, sign says north north meaning, on. This, side, so. It's not an Alabama Florida thing it's probably actually. There's no defined line right here before between. Alabama and Florida so. What they mean is they don't want any tents on, that side of the, pole of the the pole which is totally. Understandable you want them back. Here where people, are playing, volleyball of course. What's. Up with all this underwear. Here, hanging, out to dry. Let. Me actually see if I can find a bar that is actually serving liquor because, everything, seems to be closed here. Here's. A view from above ooh. Main, bar here, we go. Got. Me an IPA and here, they also have underwear, hanging all over the, place mainly. Ladies, brassieres. Still. Pretty, solitary, at, this early, time check. It out hard liquor dispensers. That's. Pretty sophisticated, I'm. Actually kind, of glad the, place is deserted because, I can show it to you without pointing the camera at a bunch of people you know some people don't like that. So. That's what it is supposed to look like or. Maybe, what it used to look like before, Hurricane. Ivan I've, been trying to figure out the exact, state. Line and this seems to be it is there's usually some. Kind of sign, on the road the. Exact, state line because. The. Florida crew stopped and where they are Obama that, you stop right here and there's, always a change in the pavement right, at. The state line so I guess yeah the power is technically in Florida. Well. I'm really, glad I came to, the end not, for us I had originally planned. Because. Because. Tomorrow I have the flowers to come with the RV on my way back to Florida, and there's no way I would have been able to park the RV. Here. The, only reason I was able to park is because the place is dead today like this it's it's. Not even noon on. A Friday I'm sure it's going to get much. More and much, more, busy, much busier, head west on Florida, 292, easy. Ways. We're back, in Alabama welcome. To Alabama thank, you so much Google lady. Let's. Stop here real quick by golf state park I was. Gonna fly the drone, but my app told me I shouldn't, so I won't. Head. West toward Alabama's, coastal connection, East Beach Boulevard to. Continue. In. 300, feet turn left onto Alabama's, coastal connection, East Beach Boulevard. Yes. It, is hotel, after, hotel very commercialized. Area. Anyways. I am going to continue back, west basically, until, I run out of Road and I believe there is a ferry that goes across Mobile. Bay that's, the plan anyways, I. Got. So distracted and, mesmerised. By all these cute houses that, I didn't realize that states route 182, here by the western, end of Gulf Shores, is. Actually a dead end, I. Thought. The road went all the way to the end. OK. We've. Got out a. Long. Way ahead of us which is. Relatively, early. Well. Yeah, I had to backtrack almost. Seven miles and, now go, back through state route 180, which goes all the way to Fort, Morgan, where. The ferry terminal is located. More. Cute, houses, some stills here. Here, we are Fort Morgan, $7, to go in. Let's. Check the fort out Fort, Morgan, here. The. Only thing is I might, miss the ferry inside, the fort was leader post. Turn tunnel the. Access tunnel through the glasses originally. Hard had. A sand, floor. The. Doors located at each at. Either end of the tunnel, and. They were closed. Periods. Of attack the Ranger by the entrance she, happened to have a copy, of the ferry schedule and, there, is a snag, during. The winter they only run one ferry, every, 90 minutes and the. Next one departs, in 15 so. I must, choose, between, seeing, the fort that I already paid for or taking, the ferry if, I wait another 90, minutes it'll, be too late to see mobile today.

Let's. Just, see the fort we're, here and we'll, do the ferry next time I come to mobile, which, is in about a month actually. Serves. Me well for, not doing enough research. Here's. The view from above the. Fort was constructed after. The war of 1812, as apparently, one was needed, here at this location mobile. Point, construction. Didn't begin until 1819. Though and it took them 15 years. Because of the nature of this location. Being so isolated. Hey. Check out the oil rigs. There's. The historic, Sand Island Lighthouse. Going. All around the fort now. This. Is a steep. Stairs. Whoo, check it out stalactites. There. Goes my ferry it. Would have been nice to catch it today actually maybe. Tomorrow but as I said I'll, be back in about a month, I have to pass by this area again anyways, on my way out west right. There's. A runway and you can actually drive, on it so we're gonna do that later, I've. Always wanted to travel aboard, a cargo ship, someday. Perhaps. That. Is a Snow, Fairy. Isn't it no wonder it takes so long. Here. We have them the Six Flags of Alabama. There's. The Fresnel, lens from the lighthouse. And. This. One is the one from the smaller, mobile, point, lighthouse. Who's. An 1864. Map and some. More memorabilia. Let's. Go to the beach. Hello. There. It's. Looking Beach here oh there. You are you, moved when I moved my camera away. True. You're. Not scared are you. I. Think. The tide is rising. And there. Goes a pelican. Hmm. Shrimping boats and. The. Neither Pelican. Well. I obviously didn't plan this all that well in my original plan we're gonna take the ferry now to the other side of the Mobile Bay and, visit. Some places. There and then circle, around through, mobile and back. To the RV park. The. Only problem is the next fair is over an hour away and if I wait an hour I'm not gonna have time to go. All around the. Bay and then make it to the RV park in time for the live video at 6:00. P.m. Eastern which is actually 5 p.m., central. Where I am and. Beside it is going to be nighttime so. I. Might. Have to stay in the area one more thing which is not a bad thing I can. Like it here but at least now I've got the, ferry scheduled, for tomorrow so. So. I know more or less what, time he departs. How. About we go for a joyride on, that runway. Well. The, runway was a little bumpy to be honest about it. There, are a few more ruins, here by the end of the runway. Let's. Go to town I'm getting, hungry. Slower. I saw, this place earlier, as I was coming to the fort called sassy, bass so. Let's, check it out. Yes. The, restaurant, is this way I went. Into the market. Good. Choice in music I like it already. There's. Plenty to choose from but apparently, that house specialty. Is the sea bass so, I'm going to go for that in good traveling Roberts fashion, we're here mid afternoon but. There is no one else, good. IBA and, excellent. Chilean. Sea bass Chilean. Sea bass, that. Was. I. Mean, really good. Bar. Here. This. A sea bass they. Have a market in there to them, I would. Enter by mistake originally, but. Yeah. It's getting cloudy. Hopefully. All the thunderstorms. Come, overnight and and, that. Way. You. Can toured the area tomorrow. Very, cool little town here, so. You're not so little. Well. To make a long story, short I, didn't stay the extra, night my, sight at the RV park was booked, for the next night and I didn't feel like moving, besides, the, forecast, called, for a lot, of rain in, the evening I got to hang out with Kyle and Olivia, of driving, I'm vibing and Tom, and Kate the merchants on the move, we of course interviewed. Each other and that, was actually a lot of fun so. What better way to end our day I. Need. To put you in touch with my brother and. What. Better way to end our data here and and, we are at the Mortons, RV. Because mine is too small and. Driver. And fireman are ours are still building theirs but, of course we are here at the. TV. Studio we. Are of course Kyle and Olivia, driving, I'm driving and, Tom. And Kate Morton, the Mortons on the move and. We're. Gonna I mean we've been chatting for for, a couple of hours now getting to know each other finally in person and. About. What, inspires us to do, RV and do what we do. Well. What do you know I happened to follow, the bad weather, all the way, to Florida.

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Hi Robert!

Thanks for the tour.. Orange beach is my favorite and was nice to see that the storms didn't do much damage. Many nice memories of Florabama.. "Dreams do come true" Lancing our first 3 month trip Aug 5th..

Bunny, Bunny, Bunny:(

Commenting before I finish the video, so don't beat me up if I say something you included in the video. Last fall I took a trip to Dauphin Island, Alabama, on the opposite side of the mouth of Mobile Bay from Fort Morgan. If you have not, I HIGHLY suggest a visit to Dauphin Island. Depends on what you like to do, but the city owned campground is nice (but could stand some minor things like getting rid of a couple of derelict city trucks that hadn't moved in years, and fixing a couple of issues with their very nice brand new restrooms and showers (water runs out of the shower into the dressing area of the stall). Across the street is the ferry terminal. For $5 you can (on foot or bicycle) ride across Mobile bay and back, and while on the other side, visit Ft Morgan. Just past the campground is Ft Gaines, which is also a nice visit, and also across from the campground is the Estuarium, a very nice aquarium focused on the bay and marine estuary environment of the bay. Adjacent to the campground is a 100 acre Audubon Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary with lots of walking trails and signage. Plus there is a nice beach and pier for fishing. The Estuarium is a MUST DO. There are several good eating places on the island also. The ferry loads and unloads at Ft Morgan, but never stays there. Its overnight base is at Dauphin Island across the street from the campground, and a base for supply boats to the drill rigs and the harbor pilots base, and the Coast Guard Station are all right there together. The tide has to be very high for the ferry to accommodate vehicles over 21 ft, due to the approach angle of the ramp at Ft Morgan. Dauphin Island terminal is a nearly flat loading. I saw a very nice sunset on the return trip one evening and had seen dolphins on the trip over to Ft Morgan. Two little know facts that I learned in the Estuarium, first is that the average depth of the bay is 10 ft! and that the ship channel to the docks is dredged to 45 ft. Second is that the rigs in the bay are pumping natural gas, and that this is the largest natural gas reserve in the US.

In a future video I finally get to ride the ferry to Dauphin Islsnd

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Florabama... that place saved my life.. cost me a divorce.. made me sick... caused me some of the most happiest times of my life.. I have spent ALOT of money there.. seen new years come and go.. my name is written all over the place, in sharpie of course... I've thrown up in the parking lot.. I have the best oysters there I've ever eaten.. part of my heart and soul lives in that funky old place.. I started going there when the roof was a yellow and white Tar polian.. I've seen the good and the bad.. I LOVE YOU FLORABAMA !!!! Robert, you could do a dozen videos with just my stories from that place.... thank you for including it in the video.. Kelly....

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People come here from out of town and think they can do whatever they want, they are rude, trash up out towns, make traffic unbearable, taxes are much higher due to tourism, my beaches are littered with condos that weren't there 10 years ago, crime went up and the city penalized the locals with new laws, my favorite golf courses are always packed with people that lack edict, tourist have a sense of entitlement when here, locals never get a break from it, All year long we have to deal with everything I just listed yeah my home is great for tourists but not for the locals. Oh I forgot now we have a huge population of heroin and meth addicts thanks to hangout fest and summer tourism. Traffickers from Atlanta and Texas blend in with the heavy summer crowds that pour in to our county all summer long. BTW you did a great video. Nothing against you. Just wanted you to know what it's like from a local point of view.

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Dauphin island coming soon...although I didn't get to see the fort

Great Look at Gulf Shores, haven't been there yet. I love that you show the local places to eat or get a drink! Did you just happen run into the other youtubers by chance?

I had contacted Kyle of Drivin' and Vibin' since I knew they were in the area, and he got back to me as I was in Fort Morgan, so I told him hey, let's meet up tonight. The Mortons were my neighbors at the RV park too.

That is why have time to discover things like Florabama, I had no idea such thing existed.

Hey Robert, check this out, I just wanted to get your opinion on this video,, it pertains to the first truck mentioned:

Let's just hope they are wrong.... and I must say the electronics are a little buggy.

This is a trip we have done almost exactly as your video. This is a great area of USA. Going back for sure! We caught the ferry missed the runway.

Sweeeeeeet! Do you by chance recommend any good LUTS for editing in post production? I just got the DJI Mavic Pro 2 & I'm excited to see how the footage turns out! I'm trying to find some great LUTS for the drone footage.

Ah, so you have "officially earned" your Alabama sticker! I think you will get all 50 of them.

what big a zoom do you have when zoom in on pelican

do you connect your phone to the colorado display screen, if so do you have a iphone or android and do you have to use an app to connect it so it gives you directions on the screen

I have an Android. The car supports Android Auto, so that;s the app that I use to connect them together.

Robert, you might be the most original artist on u-tube. Your original music combined with genuine honest narrative is a step above and is always a top notch video. Thanks J.J.

Yeah, I was camped down a couple of sites from you. Great videos.

And there was no rain.

I'm glad you have friends on the road to meet up with.

Fly Pelican, Fly. Love it.

I don't use any.

Robert you should go check this out.

It is best to call the Mobile Ferry before going there.  The number is (251) 861-3000 for operation status.

That's not hotels,  it is condos.

You missed The Cobalt on east side of the Perdido Pass.  Good food reasonable prices and great view of water.

Taxes in Florida include walking on the beach,  breathing the air, filming and video, disturbing the sand, looking at seaoats, causing microaggressions to manatees, jellyfish infractions, monofilament fishing line, kayak use, CO2 release from opening a beer can, staying in a hotel/motel, looking at signs, not looking at signs, catching too small fish, catching too big fish,  etc etc etc

As a musician you should have loved FloraBama.  It has three stages and the architecture makes you believe the place was built from driftwood, pallets and building scraps.

Robert,  did you sacrifice a virgin at Bamahenge?  Very hard to find nowdays,  not Bamahenge?

Fly pelican fly

Yes me too. Relax and let Robert do all the work ☺

Nice rootbear brown or maybe BP brown is the water color here. Don't eat the shrimp.

Oh... too late

Made it to Bamahenge today. What a neat place to visit. Later on we traveled to the Marina, stopping on our way to get a few selfies with the dinosaurs. Thanks for the info Robert.

I've to one of those too. Too much food

Best tunes of any RV channel. Love it!

I hear your voice and can't help see a cat in boots

Last time we were at the Flora - Bama, Jimmy Buffet was in concert, beer and boobs were flowing.......

so relaxing videos its offseason, zero camping up north everything is closed not like FLORIDA

It would be great if you thought to clear up your audio so the subscribers could understand what you are trying to convey.!!

Great videos

Totally badass. Great party place

Best video of AL ever. Thxxxx

Forgot a really big one for me and it's moored in the Mobile bay... the big bad mean wonderful USS Alabama!!!  It took me two days to go through it plus all of the other historical boats and all.

USS Alabama coming soon. I was there recently.

Robert I really appreciate all the work you put into editing and making these videos. I almost feel like I'm on the trip too. Last year I went to Canada and Key West just from watching your vids. I hit the smallest bar down in Key West and a few other places and Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal. You're da best.

Actually you can go into the inner circle at Stonehenge. It’s a special tour given twice a week, one is in the morning before it’s open to the tourists the other is in the evening after it’s closed. Even though you can walk right up to them touching them is not allowed. Don’t tell anyone but we touched everything... LOL

I live in this area and I loved listening to you, you sound so much like Antonio Bandaras! You did a fantastic job. Hopefully you'll come back in summer when everything is bright and happy look.

Thank you for taking me around the United States I probably won't be going to visit the US since I don't have any surviving relatives there. It's like I'm almost sitting on the side of you, when you drive or walk with you on trips, and visits to parks and nature reserves and cities. When you use the K4 camera is almost unreal where you have a feeling of being there Thank you so much Stein A Johannessen Norway

Thank you! I am glad you like it

You walked right past my name on the wall in a few places around the FloraBama! Great video Robert, I really enjoy your travels

Dimelo Robertico! Do you still use the Dji Mavic as your drone? Saludos!

Yes I do

"fly Pelican...." Love it.

I thought the bar was technically in Alabama

I thought so too... until I read the story

Beautiful Alabama. Great video. Congrats.>>>

Stop drinking alcohol Robert! You will kill your liver!

Robert, I really enjoy you videos, thank you for all your work !!!!

The white sand looks so soft and inviting.

Awesome vid Robert!! Very well done! All though, the sand and emerald waters are better around Destin compared to gulf shores.

+Traveling Robert I totally agree but as far as my favorite beach area it is now Gulf shores because of several factors mainly it's a state park for one and also is spread out enough to do things. There is plenty of room on the beaches and it has a country feel about it. Good videos as always!

I haven't seen anything that beats Destin. Thanks!

Love it when you do beaches!! I was just down in Orange Beach last July! Love it!

Love your videos Robert. Nobody does music like you! We've been watching you for years. Please keep em coming!

I love your videos. Salute from Eastern Europe.

My nephew was stationed at Pensacola Naval station. He is now a Naval Flight Officer. The Flori-Bama used to be one story and small. He lived on Perdido key in an apartment. They were hit by a hurricane. His old apartment was destroyed and so was the Flori-Bama.

I've been to Gulf Shores like it there.

Like your video

so what happened to the kia? and what vehicle do you have now?

Old Kia died or rather was killed last fall. Now I have a Chevy Colorado. Good towing machine.

@Traveling Robert I totally agree but as far as my favorite beach area it is now Gulf shores because of several factors mainly it's a state park for one and also is spread out enough to do things. There is plenty of room on the beaches and it has a country feel about it. Good videos as always!

@Traveling Robert r u serious Robert. It was a scary bar. Never seen anything like it. I love the goggle lady. She is nice to chat with u telling u directions.

@Traveling Robert There are many lovely places here to see, both the North and South Island offer lovely beaches, forests and many different types of birds. "Freedom Camping" is the New Zealand term for "Boondocking"

We always get pizza there it’s great

Maybe I will. We're going back today, in real time

very well made video. south alabama and the pan handle of florida are great places.

I loved your video. I had the opportunity to know this region and I'm coming back. Beautiful beaches and good food.

I know this is random but what's the area like especially off-season? I'm researching Alabama because I may move there from the UK in the near future. Also is there a big community there?

I know this is random but I'm thinking of moving to Alabama from the UK in a few years and this place was on my radar, what's it like living there especially during winter too?

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