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Morning. Guys is. Monday. I'm about, to head off to Paris, I won't get there until tomorrow with, the time change and everything and every Labor in San Francisco, but I'm, so excited because I've never been to Paris I hinted, that the trip in my last vlog I've been just like popping all over the place and I also know how many flights I've been on in the past week this is it six, I just pulled out all my boarding passes as a miami like a week ago for best we could and then I was New York for the week and so now I'm just you know I was here in LA for two, days and now I'm heading out again I'm so excited for this trip I'm going with the makeup company artistry, to celebrate the launch of their new Parisian, collection. So it makes sense you know yeah, and I love their products and I'll tell you guys about some of them as, we go on don't, mind the roofers up, there we're gonna head there I'm so excited and you're, ready to follow along because, I don't know what to expect at all Oh. I made. It to Paris. I slept for probably like six, hours or so I would say here's the mess we gotta freshen up but I just checked into the hotel here, in Paris and met the artistry team they're so nice and another of the girls on this trip and. Yeah I'm just gonna take a moment to, improve, my appearance and, unpack. Because I never do that but I'm gonna do that give you guys a little hotel, room tour we're, gonna check out the view I can figure out where it is so foon's which, way which, way. Watch. Me get like locked out how do you pick any one. Freaking. So. Coming in from the cute little balcony this, is the room you have cute little velvet chair big. Bed, I'm. Actually gonna unpack it's a lot of my things like probably. Gonna already be super wrinkled I'm gonna have to figure out what to do about that but, I need this little hallway leading into my room that connects to the bathroom, which you can also go in this way to classic. European, shower. Bathtub. Sink. Setup wait, no that means, this door customer, house what. No, it doesn't what oh the. Toilet that was always missing and the other room and I checked in I gave me this little bag so let's see what we got in here, Oh. Everything. Matches right now oh my gosh and umbrella cause it's gonna be raining all week got a ton of products from there Parisian collection, starting, out with, this body, bar ooh, we've.

Got Some little like bath balm type thing a metal, fizz up in the tub we have some dry, oil spray, I'm gonna see what that means makeup, setting spray these, are the products in the Parisian collection. We have three eyeshadow palettes, this one is my favorite is called City of Lights it's more like pastel, eewan I'm pretty sure about macaroons. Yeah indeed, it is my, favorite thing from artistry is probably their lip colors my favorite one is a Notre Dame nude mama but how much can I do with one hand okay that's this color as you can see which is loose lilac, this is what Mona Lisa melon looks like it's a little more orange e this is the color of Notre Dame you know as you see I use it often this, collection also has some cheek and lip duos but you're super creamy you can see two colors at the top also I think the cutest product is definitely, this. Little Eiffel Tower brow product, they're three and one brow shaper, the top of the cap pops off revealing. This brush and then you just unscrew the bottom and all the product it's, done here but there's your intro to everything, behind why we are here, alright so I had a quick refresh, thoughts, meet up with, one. Maybe two other girls on the trip to, do a little exploring because we have this entire day of free time which is so nice ed they scale, turd it like that so you can get on the time zone and have some time to explore, and. I just reviewed our little agenda we actually have a lot of free time so that's great official, activities kick off tomorrow but, right now we're. Going to the Eiffel Tower I feel like that's what I want to do trying to figure out what to wear because, I got these really cool booties, just. Seemingly, comfortable, time will tell so much is this little t-shirt then I want to dress up a little and then it's cold isn't it my brain I don't know big fan in this mirror alright complete outfit thoughts on a little jacket and some hoops and about to go meet up with the other girls the, sliding is either really good or I did my makeup well for, once I. Did. My makeup well off, we go there, she is the. Thing is so much bigger than I imagined, I don't know what I've added but large. And in charge right, here. Alright. A. Little, bite and cafe. And had, a nice snack making. Friends with, the other artistry. Gals now we're just strolling the streets of Paris. Apparently, heading to a dinner that I didn't know we had at 7:00 we were all playing a game of how fast can we get ready and. You can did okay world's speediest outfit of the day I'll show you guys this after dinner. Yeah. So. You. Cannot top this dinner be look every. Hour the Eiffel Tower sparkles, fun. Fact it does it for five minutes you don't gotta be in a rush we're all throwing ourselves out of the car trying to get a photo rather chilly outside it's, not the Louvre right. In, Paris. Right. Here Minh that's bold of her to come back give it. Guys. Next. Day I haven't accessorized, yet but this is what I'm wearing to our little trunk show thing just this little like Cape coat. Blazer thing from Zara a dressy white shirt and then some, striped, pants that are from boohoo and then black heels we're, now headed to a a Pamela, Roland trunk show which isn't so, fashion childers wrapped up in Paris yesterday actually today we're, gonna trunk show which basically is where your buyers come and it's like set up it's like all the designs or whatever in like their modest I can try the thing on it's very quick process apparently, so we're just getting a little glimpse of what that would be like meeting like fake buyers in a way kind, of so we're gonna go there. Wow. If. You did. In. This family's. House. Just, like a quick change, in. The world. Yeah. I'm, so tired let's, see I saw from the, room, with all of the dresses for so pretty like every single piece in this collection it's, for fall cuz like fashions like you. Know I have every single dress so, blingy, or like feathery, and just beautiful, it's all the dresses are hanging up and buyers for, different stores like when we were there, the buyers came in for Neiman Marcus so, we're kind of just getting to like witness. Kind of like be a fly on the wall except, for there were 20 of us so it was like a swarm, you know like we. Were kind of in the way all of us just got to like get a little peek at what it was like and it was cool like hearing the questions they asked and like how all these dresses can, be like mean until these different colors and fabrics and whatever and it was just like cool seeing that happen and there was this model.

Who. Was, like a quick-change artist I thought I was watching America's, Got Talent first time I forget how old I was the year of the yodeler girl Taylor. Where there, was the quick change couple and that's what I felt like I was watching it was so fun and all of us got coffee and then, we walked around for a while and, I didn't have a jacket today I'm really glad I came here straight from New York because it doesn't feel that cold, here it does feel cold as of today but all yesterday, everyone was freezing and I was just like I'm fine and then now we. Have free time up until dinner. Which really before it's 6:15, it's about 3:30, right now I'm just trying to stop boring you with this long clip of nothing but I just wanted to walk you through everything we did today I just loved getting to know the team so far everyone, is so nice it works for artistry, it's just always cool getting like be immersed in the brand and like learn so much about like. Everything. That goes into like making a single product or just like how this, chip has been like years in the making as far as like the idea being planted to like it actually happening. I'm gonna take a nap I'll be back with you that's, just the, update. Also my, makeup never still, like it's a lolly, just because my skin so oily we all know that typically, I would be reflective, right now and I'm crediting, I used this artistry, makeup setting spray for the first time this morning she, said like. She's. She's, on there I have risen so, got, ready 6:15. We are heading to dinner and I'm wearing this top that I got a free people that is not. My style at all that I would never wear but I feel like it's very French, the whole outfit, wearing, black jeans heels, or the comfiest heels ever these ones Sam Edelman, and wearing around all day at my feet don't hurt at all how beautiful, is this dinner police they're ready they, just brought us little like super. Shots, how. Does one consume we don't have a spoon I think. We just throw that going, in to try. Why. Are nothing, to be alarmed about a. Giant. We all ordered this we're gonna die bleep smoke inhalation. That's. Currently quite late and I'm about to go to bed I just came in my room and, there were chocolates, in the air from artistry, long story short we have a little fender-bender, it, was nothing, it was actually like funny and completely, it wasn't funny I forgot for the driver but we were all completely fine it was like a very light-hearted situation. So they said we had a few bumps in the road this morning and wanted to sweeten your day and, this is cute little like lips, which is fitting because like makeup company and chocolate, morning. It's actually the afternoon I'm sprinting out the door we're going to a little, like. Street photo shoot in this area of town where there's a lot of graffiti it's, kind of when it's no more and we have photographers and it's just when we have fun time so we're in a little gravity leather. Leggings Air, Force Ones and I'm. Late. One. Of our little streets or follow, the girlies. Whereas. She's telling us to find the bike in the graffiti and it's sticking out right there, but, everyone can't find it so we're like waiting. Today. I'm reppin our, studio, and liquid lip color and Notre, Dame nude which, is logo and I've got like a little glossy finish, pretty. Photoshoot. Complete which has the most fun photo shoot with a tour guide telling us all about the street graffiti and. Just like learning about the culture of it it was really cool because for something illegal there's like all these kind of like roles. That the, artists operate by so that was just cool to like learn about everything now we're about to go on a dinner, cruise yeah this is gonna be like a fun nighttime tour seeing everything all lit up alpha is pretty simple but I threw something together with this blazer I'm just wearing like black, leather leggings, from earlier a black long top and then my, black booties, cuz your, girl's high-heeled, out give my ankles a break we're gonna go down to dinner. This is a what. Happens when girls come together you can do anything, her, button, popped off it was wide open me, we, pulled out a keychain and we pulled out a bobby pin and earring and it's a big diverse Wow Isis, golden hours most powerful power I've ever experienced, but.

It's Not warm at all. Er. Yeah, I know. I've, ever seen. They. Got a caravan who, is the safest back to my back no they're gonna be on that one. Good. Morning it's our final full day here in Paris we are heading to a little press conference thing, here's the press conference, vibes outfit, got a little like pantsuit, going on heels. Probably the same lip product is yesterday it's, big hoops. It's. Actually International, Women's Day here. In Canada this is the president became way and get. A little makeup demonstration with, some of the products, this is a setup. Back. The hotel soaking, up the last, few. Hours of daylight in Paris on our final day we all just did a little quick change into something a little more comfy casual my office for the press conference this morning and all my photos is keeping me like CIA vibe so I feel like I should be working like government security, or whatever but the lunch with Candice Matthews was so awesome she just like it was just a reaiiy feel like I can't even convey what it was like but she just this very inspirational and walked us through like her top 10 like tip. I don't know like tips for success, lost just like values, as a, person, in business, just talked best me it's heard a bunch of our questions and she's just a boss lady, so that was awesome and now we're heading to a macaroon, cooking class which is maybe been the thing I've been looking forward to the most cuz I love macaroons you, guys watched any my like little, and. I like home stuff at our house like the Christmas party and Valentine's Day thing I always get back rooms and, I've never made them because that seems pretty impossible but after say maybe I will so two went a little like sweatshirt, jeans Air Force Ones yeah and I gotta go now cuz, I'm, late macaroon, Workstation, it's. Not gonna have blueberries. Raspberry. Was what, oh yeah, all. Of us were wearing black jeans that about to be cooking so this, is Tasha. My. Team. We're. Missing our fourth team member. Okay. Finished. Filled macaroni make. These at home to. Be downstairs like right now but here's my outfit of the night wearing this really cute lip wrap dress from, Zara. Look, forever you get something to eat or drink oh these, are our macaroons. From early we, have champagne. Yes. Now, that you're fed go, and look for the clue where you lay your head look, for the clues but don't get stressed, you'll find another where you get dressed what's, in here oh my god there's. An eye mask all right all right going to the closet. This. One. For the end of the path go where you would kind of relaxing, bath. Is. All these artists face masks, was an excellent oat bath you collected all the clues congratulations. It's a little like macaron, bath bomb thing oh, that's. Clever whoever came up with a great job I don't know which one of you was. Alright. Guys jump forward, to LA my few days I just, edited this video and I never recorded. An outro clip and I also realize how long it was something to keep this very short if you guys want to check out any of the products from their pre Asian line you hear me talk about I'm gonna have the link in the description box and as. Always when I do something really cool like this I just want to say thank you to all of you guys for watching me and supporting me and. Just, enabling, things like this to happen in my life and I'll switch into an iPhone because, my camera battery died but that's all for this video comment below where I should travel to next I'm still sad to like leave all those people it was just such a great trip yeah I'll be back to Paris this summer actually but obviously, all of you guys in my next video.

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