Coming to Florida. Travels with Mom.

Coming to Florida. Travels with Mom.

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Okay, let's recap the, trip so far we, left from South Florida do. You remember the coolant leak incident, by Valdosta. Then. We visited Chattanooga. Tennessee, lovely. Town and Ruby. Falls and all that. Then. Louisville. There, was thunder, and family. Time and Churchill. Downs and Bardstown. Then. We continued, towards Lexington. History. Bourbon. And horses, many, horses. Then. Tennessee. Smoky. Mountains, and Gatlinburg. Now. We continue, south, coming. Back to South Florida. I'm, riding. Riding. Riding riding. In. The. Area. Wherever. I want. To be. You. Got em free in. Miami. Well. I had, this crazy idea of going back taking. The scenic drive through the Smoky Mountains, and Bryson, City and, the Nantahala National, Forest but, last night I got a visit from viewers, Matt and Meredith, from here from Tennessee and this suggested, a better route less, steep grades and switchbacks, so that's what we're gonna do. I'm. Writing, here, Barbie. My RV. Wherever. I want, to me. Because. I'm free if. I are me. Today. It is more about the journey than the destination actually. And this road we're on is called where's Valley, Road, also known as State Route 73, or u.s., 321. The. Alternate, scenic, route, our friends, told us about. Beautiful. Drive by the way. Here. We encounter this portable, traffic, light there, must be some kind of construction up ahead. And. Here. We are by, Townsend, and I just made a wrong turn gotta. Love the maneuverability. Of having a short trailer. The, next large town is Maryville, it seems to be a pretty nice place to visit, some. Other time perhaps. Here's, a statue of Sam Houston more, famous for their creation, of Texas although he lived here during his late teens, we. Turned left on, the four one one as we start making, our way south, towards, Georgia. Here. We cross the little Tennessee River. We're. About to encounter some hilly terrain, here as we approach Georgia. And, I don't know if this is considered still part of the Chattahoochee, National Forest, or is that when you enter Georgia. Maybe, this is still part of the Nantahala I don't. Know but maybe I just like saying Chattahoochee. Huh. My. RV. We. Are approaching the twin cities of copper Hill Tennessee and McKay's Ville Georgia, the state line actually crosses, the cities diagonally. Even, going through buildings, you know like they drew the state line after the city was built and it, is marked with a blue line on the pavement. And. I wonder what this traffic, is all about. There. That's the state line, that's repainted, actually, it's really faded. A. Large. We're, glad Georgia's on your mind design would have been nice too, but the way it is supposed to be a pretty touristy town here since the Blue Ridge Scenic, Railway stops, right here. We. Are approaching one of the areas of the United States where I would actually someday. I would love to get a piece of land to. Settle down park, my rig, there's. Something really appealing about this northern, Georgia. Mountains, and if you really need something from the big city Atlanta. Is just, a stone throw away. Gasps. I'm, free, if, my RV. Whatever, I want. To be. Because. I'm. Freaking. Meyerbeer. In this, area around here by Blue Ridge and Ellijay. Is full of apple orchards and wineries. Isn't. This picturesque. We. Stopped here at the Walmart at Blue Ridge to, resupply with a met some viewers. While. We're here let's check, out the touristy, and picturesque, town, of Blue, Ridge, we'll. Try to find parking but I wouldn't get my hopes up, I was. Actually here last fall and we'll be back again maybe, take the Scenic, Railroad, I really, like this town, it. Is your typical touristy. Town with, a bunch of antique, shops and. Fudge stores, restaurants. Still. Quite, charming. When, I was here back in October, the train was right here about to depart. Okay, let's get out of here since, parking, with the trailer in tow is obviously, not gonna happen.

Next. We're going to pass real, quick by this other time I also visited, last fall called Ellijay. Too. Late not gonna stop got too much momentum so, I'm just gonna take it sorry. And. Here you have it downtown, Ellijay, all two, blocks of it actually, that's, a little bit more. The. Important-looking, building, by the traffic, circle is the courthouse. Well. To make a long story, short we. Made it and I didn't take much video but. My mom took some pictures. And. I did fly the drone. Always. A good time to hang out with the family especially after such, a long time. And. I got to see a cardinal, in their backyard. Anyways. It's. Time to go til. Next time I don't. Recall if I told you but my air conditioner, has been working intermittently and. As, we get further south, it is getting, hot. Brother-in-law. Papers, suggest, that it might be low in freon, I believe nowadays it is called the refrigerant. So, that's why we are here at O'Reilly, I tested. It and it seems to be full so apparently, that is not the, problem. It's. Going to be a hot ride and. Not. In a good way. We're, gonna stop hearing Kordell to refuel, and take, a break. Check. It out an old fifth wheel bumper, towed and an, old GNC, to the left here and another one living. If. I know anything about mechanics, I would love to get me one of those they have huge windows. And. I could be wrong but I believe it is one of the few RVs ever built by a car company. Did. I tell you my air conditioner, went kaput. Did, and, it's time to get hot. 79. Degrees and, rising as we drive south. It's. Going to be, a sweaty, track, if. I say to myself. Let's. Continue. We'll. Make it to Florida and. Here's. Mom say, hi mom hi. Mama's. Hot too. Yeah. We. Just got off at the round exit must. Be the heat anyways. Our next stop is going to be here, near Valdosta. For. Lunch, the. Air conditioner, by the way has been working, on and off more, often on but, what, can you do right. Yeah, our, luck. Anyways. I can't leave Georgia, without going to a chick-fil-a right, so that's what we're going to do as, soon as we find parking. Yep. We've, made it back to the Sunshine, State too. Bad we live at the very bottom of it so we still got a long way. There's, Jacksonville. 95. South but, tonight we're staying at a very special place I was, able to make a reservation, at Anastasia, State, Park last minute, and here. We are at st. Augustine. The, oldest, European settlement, in the USA. There's, de Castillo de San Marcos, on the left one of the main landmarks. Right. Now I just want to get to our campground, and rest, but tomorrow morning before heading towards South Florida, we are gonna come back and do a little bit of exploring. Now. Crossing, the famous, bridge of liars yeah we're almost there. Here, we are. Nastasia. State Park. And. Idyllic place here. In. The First Coast. Community. In. The subtropical jungle. It. Is beautiful. Here but we're, tired so, see. You in the morning. Good. Morning. Let. Me clean my lens here. We. Woke up at the very crack of dawn to, see the Sun Rise then, get a head start, this. Afternoon, will be Miami. Let, me put the GoPro here, on the roof and off we. Go. Bracey. Against. The time, to. Be able to see the sunrise. Mommy's. Trying to catch up and, check out. Beautiful. Full moon today. Almost. Oh I. Don't think we're going to make it. And. There. It is, we, missed the beginning of it but it's still beautiful, and. There's. Mom coming. That's. The st. Augustine, lighthouse one of these days we'll make it there all the way to the top button not today. Interesting. Dump. Station time last. Dump of the trip, let's. Do it. Well. Goodbye Anastasia. We shall return one, of these days. Before. We go let's try to pass by the lighthouse which is through all this non RV, friendly, streets twelve, five clearance, I should, be okay but the streets are narrow. There. It is, the. Lighthouse. Unfortunately. As I said can't. Park with the trailer in tow but, one of these days we'll return and we'll go all the way to the top, before. We go however let's go one more time across the bridge of lions into. St. augustine proper, we. Might even be able to find parking this early in the morning. In. 800 feet turn right onto a1 a scenic and historic coastal, byway Avenida, Menendez.

View. To the right is of course the famous Flagler. College the main building used to be the Ponce de Leon hotel built in 1888. I am. Driving a couple of blocks out of the way here because I've heard the race RV, parking, here managed. By the city. This. Is it it is completely, empty I mean. We're not gonna use it today but it's good, to know I'll give you the coordinates. Normally. We would have stayed at that parking, lots and walked, but, it is like 7:00, in the morning so, I am quite confident, we'll be able to find parking here, on this section of a1 a called, Avenida Menendez, by. The way another, cool thing about having a short trailer, sometimes, you can make u-turns, just. Like that and we. Do feeding exactly, to normal, parking spaces. As. We're about to leave here a viewer showed up he recognized, the mini tini so we chatted for a while to, the picture and off we. Went. We're, gonna take the scenic route here, a one a for a few miles until, we reach Palm Coast and then, it is virtually, non-stop all, the way to Miami. There's. Fort Matanzas an, old Spanish port here, it is to guard the entrance to the Matanzas, Inlet. I-95. Seems, endless. But. Eventually we'll make it back to the 305, and and the AC it. Kind of fixed, itself knock, on wood. You're. About to experience my best, RV, parking, manoeuvre, yet it. Was greatly encouraged, by my hunger and the, anticipation, of a Waffle, House breakfast. I. Can't. Believe it myself what do you say about my med working, skills huh. Got, some oranges, do here, right, next to the Waffle House where we had breakfast. And. Now we're going back to Miami. Before. We go quick announcement here, in the next video I'm gonna do an RV upgrade one very timely, now that it is summer in, Florida and the angle is hot it, is summer everywhere, else also in the northern hemisphere but. We're gonna be running the air conditioner quite. A bit so, I am installing, an easy, start, soft, start, system, for the air conditioner. With. That system we can run the AC with a smaller generator, so if we're gonna be boondocking. Somewhere. We, can run the AC and not have to carry that heavy 100. Pound generator we're gonna have something, much smaller so. Stay tuned for that one coming. Up this, Wednesday most likely now. See, you on the road. If. You have enjoyed traveling. With us and make sure you are subscribed and, check, out my other videos, also, share, it with your friends spread the word and leave me a comment now, if you really really, liked it you have a chance to show your support at, slash, travelin. Roberts as always, thank, you so much for watching and see you on the road.

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