Commencement 2018 - Purchase College State University of New York - Westchester County Center

Commencement 2018 - Purchase College State University of New York - Westchester County Center

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What. I. Surprise. Oh. Let's. Go. Oh. You. Might have to bring that dance party, in front of the stage, you. Might have to bring it right there. First. I was afraid I. Was. Petrified. Bass. Oh. You. No. Thank. You thank. You welcome. First. Of all thank, you to the band you've. Been listening to Joe Ferry. Joe. Ferry in the great ska band many of whom are purchase alum on, vocals. And keyboards data. Mancuso. Dan. Cottman on guitar. Neil, Spitzer, on sax on drums. Dave Luud. Alan. Bowers, and. On bass, Joe. Ferry. We've. Had many staff who've worked today to. Produce this. Commencement. And to organize, it and a lot of work goes into it the, staff, was led by Keisha Martin, and. The. Commencement committee, is. Listed. On page 52, in, your program, and let's, have a round of applause for them. Now. Would. You please rise for, the national anthem. Sung. By rosemary. Alba nice. Rosemary. Is a candidate, for The Bachelor of, Music, degree in. Voice performance. From. The conservatory, of music and. She plans to continue her. Studies, in opera, at the Aaron Copland, School of Music, in Queens, College this. Fall. Oh. Good. Afternoon. Graduates. Of the class of, 2018. Parents. Relatives. Friends, of the graduates members, of the faculty staff. And administration. And, distinguished. Guests, i'm, thomas schwartz president of Purchase College State, University, of New York it. Is my pleasure to welcome you to the 46th. Annual, commencement. Exercises. Joining. Me today. On. The dais our dignitaries, Friends, of the college, members. Of our areas foundation boards. Our, Dean's, directors, and, chairs our. Faculty, our officers. And members of the College Council I. Will. Introduce at, this time those. Members, of the platform party who, will not be introduced, later in the ceremony, may. I ask each as I introduced you to stand, and, to remain standing, until all are introduced, I would. Ask the audience to please hold your applause, until all, have been recognized.

New. York State Assemblyman, district, 93. David, Buckwald. From. The Purchase College Council. Alumni, representative Paula. Cancro, class of, 1979. Demetrius. McRae, president. The Purchase College student, government I. Knew. That would happen. Trustee. And chair the Purchase College Foundation. Lucille, were linic. Trustees. Of the Purchase College Foundation. David, Fleischer, class of 76. William. Clingen Stein and. Shore. Dean. Of Student Affairs, Patricia, vice. Dean. Of enrollment, management Caitlin. Reed, director. Of the teaching, learning. And Technology. Center Keith Landa unfortunately. Cannot be here because of trees. Falling, up where he lives, director. Of the Neuberger, Museum an, associate, professor of art history Tracy, Fitzpatrick. Director. Of the Performing, Arts Center says solloway. UUP. Chapter, president, and assistant, for instructional, technology Josef. Germany and the. Faculty, marshals, the. There are members from our outstanding faculty, who. Will be retiring, this year and, I. Want to recognize them, for their long term and long lasting, contributions. And, dedication. To the College and its, two. Of our retirees. Are serving, as faculty marshals. Director. Of the library and faculty, marshal Patrick, Callahan. Patrick. For 20 years close, to 20 years has, been instrumental, in the transformation. Of the library, from. Almost, entirely, print, to, largely digital. Under. His leadership the, library. Has become a Technology. Center in, support, of research and, instructional. Development, we. Owe him a debt of gratitude for. Envisioning. And implementing. What, is now an essential and vital, hub for, our students, and faculty, members, academic. Lives, our. Second, faculty, Marshall is our Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and, vice. Provost. For academic affairs. Suzanne, Kessler, a. Professor. Of psychology, for, the last 30 years she joined, the faculty in. 1972. During. Her tenure she has contributed, to the formation of, the psychology. And Gender, Studies programs. Been. A staunch, advocate, for the rights of women and underserved. Populations and. Furthered. The cause of liberal, education. For. The past 14, years she has served as an invaluable, administrator. She. Was appointed dean of the school of natural, and social sciences in. 2004. And then, appointed, to her current role in. 2010. Dean. Kessler, has been a steadfast, and, devoted, member of the, College and the recipient, of numerous awards. We. Are indebted to her for this remarkable. 46. Year, career, of service to the College. Our. Mace carrier. Our. Mace carrier, is distinguished, service professor and. Professor, of chemistry, Joseph.

Scriven Ik a, member. A, member. Of the faculty, for nearly 40, years, professor. Squib neck is also the founder, and director of, the, baccalaureate. And beyond, bridges. Program, for. More than 20 years this. Program has had a positive impact, on, hundreds. Of students, who, have transitioned, from community, colleges, into. Four-year colleges. This. Successful. Program is. Being replicated, throughout. The, SUNY system with. A goal of operating. Within six regions, and 30. SUNY, two-year, and four-year, institutions. In. 2011. President, Obama, presented dr. Scriven, ik with, the Presidential. Award for Excellence in, science, mathematics. And. Engineering mentoring. The. Highest national, mentoring award bestowed, by, the White House. I. Would. Also like to recognize the following, faculty and staff members, who are retiring. Graciela. Abarca Barbara. Giorgio, Theresa. McIlwain. Janine, Meyer Suzanne. Werner, and Lynne winters. We. Thank them for their many years of service they. Contributed, greatly to our students, and the, achievement, of Purchase College our. New york state university, police color guard police, officer, Danny David, police. Officer, Francesco the astons, ou police. Officer, Adrian Jordan. And police, officer, Amanda. Rothenburger. The. College officers, vice. President, for student affairs and, enrollment management. Dennis, Craig, chief. Financial officer. And vice president. Of operations. Judy Nolan vice. President, for institutional advancement and. Executive, director, of the Purchase, College Foundation. And charitable. Entities, Catherine broad and from. Our administration. Kathleen. Farrell, chief Human Resources, office officer. Jurina. Device chief. Diversity officer. And affirmative action officer. And title 9 coordinator, now. Join. Me in welcoming all, of the members to the platform. Will. Our esteemed, and talented, faculty and staff who guided this class please stand. And, now will the parents families. And friends of the graduates also, stand. Now. The degree, candidates. Of 2018. Will you please rise and be recognized. And. Now. Let's. All rise because, we without, each other. Without. Each other this day would not happen I. Am. Now pleased to introduce an, honored guest. And. A, regular, attendee at our commencement. Here. Today to congratulate, the graduating, class of 2018. Our. Senior, United States Senator, from New York and monarda the leader of the Democratic, caucus, Senator. Charles Schumer. Now, in his third term. Senator. Schumer has, been a tireless, advocate. For New Yorkers on. Challenges. Ranging from, important. Infrastructure. Initiatives. To. Public health, over. This past year he is connected with New Yorkers, and their, businesses, across the state with. His support for policies and, legislation, that. Paved the way for expanding. Economic, opportunities. He. Continues, to be an advocate for improved, access to quality, and affordable, education as. Democratic. Leader Senator. Schumer does not serve on any committees, in the Senate but, most recently served as ranking. Member of the committee on Senate, rules and administration, the. Senate judiciary, finance. Banking. Housing and, Urban Affairs committees. And was, the ranking member of the Subcommittee, on immigration. Refugees. And border Security's a, product. Of Brooklyn, Public Schools. Senator. Schumer graduated. From Harvard, College and Harvard Law School and was elected. To the New York State Assembly, at, age 23, and. He was elected, to Congress at, age 29, as my pleasure to introduce Senator. Schumer. Yes. First. I want to repay the compliment, you. Know SUNY, Purchase is, one of the best schools of higher learning not. Just in Westchester. Or New York but in our country. And under. The leadership of, your president, Tom Schwartz and his whole team it's gone - amazing Heights we, are all lucky that purchases, here in New York and in. Westchester. So congratulations. Tom, now. Let me add my congratulations to. The class SUNY, Purchase 2018. Congratulations. Now. First I'd. Like to announce my class gift, I have a gift for you, mm-hmm. Just. Listen.

You're. A tough group I know. It's. Hard to pay for college isn't, it and. Graduate. School if you're poor the federal government, helps you out that's good but, what about the middle class. So. A few, years ago I wrote a law that said you are your parents whoever's. Paying for college can. Take as a full tax credit. $2,500. Off their, federal, taxes, every. For every year, you pay tuition college. And graduate. School. Provided. Washington. There's always a provided, provided. Your family, income is below. $200,000. A year so, if. You come from a family that makes below, 200,000. Make, sure you or mom or dad takes. That tax credit, last, year about 1/4 of all the people who are entitled to it didn't do it because it's new if you forgot even last year or the previous two years you, can fill out a simple form with, the IRS and get, a check of up to. $7,500. Back in the mail. Not. A bad class gift. Now. Graduates. What, happens if you come from a family that makes. Above. $200,000. A year. God. Bless you I. Want. To say a word to the moms and dads there I know, how you feel a few, short years ago my wife iris, and I sat where you did, watched. Our daughter come up on the platform get. A diploma it was one of the greatest days of our lives and, you know these days as you know raising kids isn't easy and maybe you will like us you think back to the tough times we, thought back Jessica, was four months old she had a hundred six and a half fever, we rushed it to the hospital we didn't think she'd make it praise. God she, did we. Then put her I'll remembered, when we put her on the kindergarten, bus for the first time as the, bus pulled away she. Ran to the back of the bus waved, out the back window tears, streaming, down her little cheeks but. When iris went to meet her on the buses return it to a clock she bounded off the bus happy as could be she. Said mommy I came back. When. We talked to her that night we realized what was going on in her little brain she thought that was it no, parents, no brother and sister, new room new house new family. Then. We remember Jesse as a teenager, when. She didn't say much to us and when she did we didn't understand, a word she said and then. Moms and dads you, see his sons and daughters come upon that stage get that diploma and become, an adult before.

Your Very eyes let's hear it for the moms and dads job, well, done. One. More word of thanks, one, more word of thanks so. We're having a great afternoon here. But. As we speak there are young men and young women many your age many from this community, this area, who. Have enlisted in our armed forces, they, are overseas, many. In dangerous, places Iraq, Afghanistan they. Are risking, their lives for. Our freedom our. American, Way of life let's have a round of applause for them as well. Now, to. This great class SUNY, Purchase 2018. You. Are. Graduating. At a time. Of enormous, change, across. The country, around the world profound. Economic change. Profound. Social change, the world is moving so very very fast for. Instance in the old days when you graduated, from college the. Odds were pretty high that you'd have the same job or at least work in the same field for the next 40 years that's. Not so true anymore many. Of you will have several jobs a good, number several, careers. Along. With those economic, changes, the, Internet has put so much information at your fingertips, it's. Sometimes, hard to figure out what's important, and to, distinguish, between what's, true and what, is not, even. Around the world there are all kinds of changes many not for the better, when, I went to college words like terrorism and mass, shootings were, not even heard of. So. The, times are tough they're changing, they're different but, here's the good news your. Generation, is, better equipped to. Adapt to and cope with these new changes than any generation before, you first. You've gotten a great education only, about one third of all the young people your, age will get any degree, and you. Have gotten a degree, that's better than just about any other one so, you've gotten a great education of, course, you have families, that will always have your back through thick and thin and one, other advantage you have you're. The first generation, to be born into all this new technology you. Know your parents your teachers me we, try to get used to it but, you were born into a technology to you is like water. Is to a fish you've been swimming in at your whole lives so, for. Those three reasons and, many others your. Generation, is better equipped to. Overcome. The obstacles. This new world presents. Better. Equipped to seize all the opportunities. That this, new world presents and better. Equipped, to pursue your passions. Dream. Big dreams and maybe. Even accomplish, big things, but. Right now sitting, in your seats you, may not be so sure what's gonna come next with. So much of the world changing, it may, feel sometimes like you're jumping, into an abyss but. The key graduates, is, not to fear change or, fear the unknown it's. To embrace it it's, to relish it it's, to soak it up don't. Let one setback no, matter how overwhelming it, seems, stand. In your way because. If you embrace change, and don't. Let fear of failure deter. You the. Odds with. Your advantages. The odds are very high you will succeed now. How do I know these things, well, I experienced things like this when, I was graduating. About. Several. Decades back when I was seated at graduation, I had, just learned that I had won a scholarship to. Travel all around the, world all. Expenses. Paid for. A whole year for. Me it was the opportunity of a lifetime I was a kid from Brooklyn I had never been out of the country before. But. Graduates, at. The same time I, met. A girl and I. Fell in love. So. Class I had to decide, do. I go around the world on the all-expense-paid, scholarship. For a whole year, or.

Do I stay, home with the girl my first true, love class. Of 2018, what would you have done. President. Schwartz the class is divided, I. Stayed. Home with the girl. There's, some romantics. Over there clapping. Don't. Clap yet' the story unfolds. That. Summer she went on a brief vacation and, I went to the airport to meet her on her return as soon. As she, got off the plane I saw. By. The look on her face. Something. Was, the matter she. Dumped me by Labor Day. There. I was no. Scholarship. No. Trip around the world. No. Girl I. Said. To myself what. A loser, you. Are hang. It up nothing. That good is ever gonna happen you're, never gonna get anywhere and in, fact I stayed in my house for several months moping around, felt, sorry for myself but I. Overcame. It I touched. It myself off in a few years later I found myself seated, a graduation, once again this time from law school but. On the way home from law school I told, mom and dad I was not going to join the fancy, law firm like we had planned I told, him I loved politics, I told. Them my dream was to run for office even. Though the chances of winning, seemed. Remote, my. Parents, were shocked. My, mother was particularly, disappointed, you see I came, from a working-class family my. Father was an exterminator never went to college we never had much money and the, law firm was paying $400. A week which in those days was, more money than my family, had ever seen but. My. Dream was to run for office and so that summer, in fall, against. Very long odds I ran, for the New York State Assembly and I had three opponents first. There was the party machine candidate. Then. There was a neighborhood activist, but. Then there was my mother who was telling all her friends not to vote for me. She. Did. So. She says, she said I get this dumb idea, of being a politician out, of your big food could, well. Graduates. A few, years earlier I sure as heck didn't get that girl, but. That November, I won, the, election, so. To, the graduates, SUNY. Purchase 2018. On this, day of your great achievement, my, advice for you is take the risk don't. Let fear of failing deter, you you, know for those of us who've gotten a little older and we look back on life one. Of the most difficult things to look back on is what I call the what-ifs, what. If I had only done that what. If I had only gone there. So. My advice to the class of 2018 is simple go. For it you're. About to cast off into the unknown. Admittedly. It, can sometimes seem scary, but. You've got great assets, great. Education. Great families. Knowledge of technology, so. Garner up your courage. Garner. Up your strength put. Aside your doubts, take. A chance and if. You do it. Is not only my hope, it's. Not only my prayer it. Is indeed my confidence, that, you each, of you will. Find true success, and true. Joy in life. To. This great class SUNY, Purchase 2018. Congratulations. Good. Luck, Godspeed. And, don't forget go, for it. And, when you get a chance again go on the scholarship. Thank, You senator. I. Think. His, advice is. Right. On and I. Want to couple it with some. Thoughts that. Will. I think carry, you forward. On. April 30th, the New York Times ran a full-page article. Entitled. After, prairie. Fires. Strangers. Shall send, help, in bales. The. Article, was about trucks, of hay that were delivered to ranchers, in Oklahoma. If the, wildfires, have burned the Prairie. Without. The hay these ranchers, would not have been able to feed their cattle.

That. Hay came from as far as Michigan more. Than a thousand, miles away, sent. By ranchers who, didn't know the Oklahoma, ranchers, it. Was free as one. Of them said it's, just what you do. What. Struck me about the article, were two things. The. Sending, of the free hay was a much bigger story, in The New York Times than, the wildfires, had been and. Second. How the free hay reminded. Me of what, I have seen on this campus, for years. Purchase. Students, coming, to the aid of purchase, students, whether. Known to them or not. What. Tied the ranchers, together from all over the, country, was. Only, that they were all ranchers, very. Few knew the ranchers, they were helping. Here. Of course on the purchase campus, more often, students, do know each other, but. I realized, that when I step back from the existing, student. Body and look. At those who came before the. Alumni there. Is more of a parallel. Purchase. Students, help purchase students. And purchase alumni, help, purchase alumni. As well, as students, who, they do not know I have. Seen time and again students. Getting internships, or. Jobs with. Purchase alumni, whether. In the arts or elsewhere. And their, only connection was purchase, just. Like the ranchers, out west whose, only connection. Was ranching. You. Have helped and supported each, other here many times, both. In good times and most recently, in tragic. I am. Constantly, moved, to see how you support, each other in your senior projects, and, presentations. How. When you believe there has been an injustice to one you. Rise to the occasion together. You. Are about to join the purchase alumni, a group of 26,000, people in, the, arts in business. In education. All. Over the country, and indeed, the world, you. Need to continue to reach out and support, each other use. LinkedIn, and other. Social media, to find Purchase, alumni, who. Are in professional, fields you. Want to join or cities, in which you want to live I think. You will find that they will be happy to help, don't. Think that this little act of reaching out is inconsequential. Just. Making the contact, could, have life-changing consequences. A. New, friend a job. Even, a partner. Small. Acts often, have large consequences. And. Now that you are about to be alumni our. Alumni, office is available to help you as well a bail. Is, straw, bundled, together, you. Two are bundled, together by. Our connection, to purchase, and. If you send bails to someone, you don't know who. Knows what. You may get in return so. When you take senator schumer's advice to, reach for it recognize. That you can reach for it with help of your fellow alumni, thank. You and god bless you. Help. Where, are the certificates. Where. Are the certificates. They're. On a table. There on the table. David's. Gonna hand it to me. Okay. I got help. See, what you can do with a little help from their friends. It. Is the tradition, of the Academy. To. Honor individuals of. Preeminence, influence. And service. Within. Their chosen fields. Through. A variety of, means, a. President's. Award for, distinguished, alumni. Marks. The occasion, of a maturing institution. And honors. Distinguished. Alumni, whose, demonstrated. Excellence, and significant.

Contributions. Within, their chosen fields. Reflects. On the quality, of their educational. Experience. At, purchase, we. Are confident, that our alumni poised. As they are for. The roles of major influence. And contribution. Will. Continue, to emerge worthy, of these awards. The. Audience, will find brief description. Of today's to alumni honorees. On, pages. 8 & 9 in, the. Commencement program. Purchase. College Foundation. Trustee, and a member of the class of, 1976. David. Fleischer, will you please assist me with the, presentation. Of the President's Award for, alumni achievement. And join. Me. Now. We have. Okay. The, first recipient. Of the 2018, President's. Award for. Distinguished, alumnae is, J Alcott, Sanders, will you please join us. We. Are honored, to present you with this citation which. Reads in part. J. Alcott, Sanders, Distinguished, Alumnus. Whereas. You received, a BFA, in theatre, arts as a member. As. A. Member of the Purchase, College class, of, 1976. And were. Elected, to be the School of Arts, commencement. Speaker, that year, whereas. You were the first person to audition, and be accepted, into, the theatre arts program, by the renowned founding, dean of the theater and film program, Norris Houghton. Whereas. Among your favorite early roles in the first years of the purchased college theatre arts program, were. Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman and, in. Response, to a campus-wide, search. For a name for the very first yearbook, you, coined, our seminal, college phrase, proof. Of purchase. Whereas. You have appeared in more plays presented. By the Public, Theater's Shakespeare in. The Park than. Any other actor, to date. Beginning. In beginning. In the first summer following, your graduation, when. You were cast in both henry v and measure for measure. Whereas. For over 40 years you have been a regular presence at the public theater most. Recently, appearing, in richard nelson celebrated. For. Apple, family plays and the, trilogy, the gabriel. Family. Election. Year in the life of one family, both, productions. Touring. Europe and beyond. Whereas. You made your Broadway debut, in, 1979. Alongside Kevin, Kline and fellow. Alum Jody long in loose ends, by, receiving. Very favorable. Reviews in the New York Times and. Whereas. This year you, start as check offs Uncle, Vanya and. The. Los Angeles Times, theater critic in, reviewing, your lead performance. Hailed. You as quote. An unsung. National. Treasure. Bringing. Your clarifying. Intelligence. And emotional.

Muscle, To. The role, whereas. Your skillful, acting, has consistently. Landed, you numerous, roles in film, including. JFK. The day after tomorrow angels. In the outfield and. In television, shows such. As sneaky pete true detective, blind spot at law in order to name a few. Whereas. You are a playwright, and author and a prominent, narrator, of numerous. Documentaries. And audiobooks. Recently. Your play unexplored. Interior. About. The 1994. Rwandan genocide. Was. Chosen to be the inaugural production, of Washington, DC's, new mosaic. Theatre, whereas. You're indeed, proof of purchase you, use, your acting skills and benevolent, ways particularly. At your alma mater. Where for over 20 years you have been returning, annually, to teach, master classes to, both the freshman, and senior. Conservatory. Of theater art students, now. Their form do I Thomas. J Schwartz president. On behalf of the faculty, students. And staff of, Purchase College State. University, of New York proudly. Recognize J Alcott, Sanders, recipient. Of, the Purchase College President's. Award for. Distinguished, alumni presented. On this 18th, day, of May, 2018. I'm. Gonna keep it short because I know what these things are like. Right. You, want to get on with your lives. Thank. You president, Schwartz this means a lot to me obviously. I, hear. All this description, and I think God I want to meet that guy. That's. A good sign when I graduated, in 1976. Having studied and prepared here as an artist I was. Focused, on asserting. Proving, and establishing. Myself out in the world, I'm. Being seen as competent. Promising. Viable, I was. Ready to show off all I knew. But. Over time I came to learn that my greatest strength is actually my. Vulnerability. My. Peace with what I don't know, my. Acceptance, of, my own unsureness. Instead. Of trying to get things right and knowing all the answers my focus, became all about listening. Staying. Open and. Asking. Better questions. The. Question, we, all must answer. And. Evolve. For. Ourselves because, it does change is. How. Do i define. Success. Money. Awards. Love. Being. The best person you can be the best artist the. Best friend. Shaking. The world. Or. Making the world a better place. Find. Your. Own, damn. Way. In. Your own time. Stay. Open. Keep. Learning. Forgive. Yourselves, and others. Love. Deeply. Enjoy. Your, youth and embrace. Getting, older and. Be. Kind. Unnecessarily. Kind. Be. Very. Very. Kind. Thank, you very much. Get. On with. Our. Next recipient of, the 2018, President's. Award for, distinguished, alumnae is, Latrice, Monique. Walker will you please join us. We. Are honored, to present you with this citation which. Reads in part, letrease. Monique, walker distinguished, alumnus, whereas. You received a BA in sociology, and. Political science, as. A member of the Purchase College class, of 2001. And, then. Went on to earn your JD from, Pace University in. 2006. And, was, admitted to the New York Bar in, 2007. Where. As a native New Yorker, committed, to helping your community of Brownsville, in Brooklyn. You. Started, a career in government as, counsel, to congresswoman, Yvette, Clark, soon. After graduating, from law school whereas, in your capacity as, counsel, you gain first-hand experience. In Community. Planning and Development to, improve your community. Whereas. You were elected, to the New York State, Assembly, in 2014. Where. You devote your energies to, your constituents. Supporting. Affordable, housing, and defending. The rights of tenants and young minorities, unable. To advocate. For themselves. Whereas. Your the chair of the New York State Association of, black and Puerto Rican, legislators. And. Serve. On the executive, Executive, Committee of the, black Puerto Rican, Hispanic, Asian caucus, and in, 2018 you. Became a member of Zeta, Phi Beta, Sorority, Sigma.

Kappa, Zeta chapter. Of. Which you are very proud I know. Whereas. Your level of commitment is evident, in your personal, life as a, founding, member of the ocean Hill Brownsville. Coalition, of young, professionals, as well as the activities, of the wayside Baptist, Church. Whereas. The experiences. You had growing, up in Prospect, Plaza. Witnessing. The displacement. Of residents, including. Your mother and. The impact, it had on your community, have. Shaped your focus, as a legislator. On fair, housing, economic. Development. And crime, victims and, their families, whereas. You excelled, as a student, in, the college's, educational. Opportunity. Program. And. Have chosen to give back to this program, as a mentor and role model, inspiring. Dozens. Of students, over, the past several years now therefore. Do I Thomas. J Schwartz president. On behalf of the Alumni faculty. Students, and staff of Purchase College State. University, of New York, proudly, recognized. The therese monique walker. Recipient. Of the Purchase College President's, Award for distinguished, alumni, presented. On this 18th, day of May, 2018. I. Feel. Like I should say what kind of forever. Good. Afternoon, everyone. It. Is, a special. Blessing to. Be here I feel like this is my do-over moment. Not. Everybody good to do, their graduation. All over, again but, this time I'm on the stage. So. It is an honor to be here with, my, mom. And. Also, my my colleagues, mom Assemblywoman, Diana Richardson, and also. My colleague, in government, David, Buckwald who was your assembly member here. At Purchase, College I am. So excited to be here today, for the 46th. Commencement, ceremony, and I. Would like to thank president, Schwartz for, honoring, me with this prestigious, award and Dean, Kessler, the faculty. Staff and most importantly. The, students, for having me here today. Additionally. I would like to thank Paul. Nicholson I, know. We, got to give it up for Paul. Renishaw, hangjo who, was my, executive, director at the time Mary. Garcia, and the rest, yes. And, the, rest of my, yo P family, here at SUNY, Purchase a, Purchase. College I come. From a neighborhood that. Few people can say they grew up to become a lawyer a judge. Or even an Assemblywoman. But. I wouldn't say that I am an exception, to any rule I am. Just an example, of what, greatness. Can. Come out of that little neighborhood in Brooklyn we know of as Brownsville, I. Can. Honestly say, that I owe a great deal of that to AOP. Where. Many. People, counted, me out before. Giving, me a chance, ELP. Handed. Me the opportunity. That propelled, me to where, I am today, and. One of the things that I love to say is that they. Thought that they could bury, me but, they didn't realize that. We were seeds. This. Commitment, is, more. Than just a celebration, even. Though you have a lot to celebrate it. Is about empowering one another because. Each and every one of you are the, future of this great country, we. Have to work together for the advancement. Of one, another and the advancement. Of our communities. And if. Everyone is moving forward, together collectively, then. Success, and triumph. Can. Take care of itself just, a, few years ago I walked the halls of Purchase College I, was. Focused, and determined and, when I when I was a little girl I wanted to grow up to be the best, actress, that the world has ever seen. But. As many of you know and. What, you will learn as you go off and do amazing things, the. Path that you plan to walk isn't. Always the path you, are destined, to walk as, this. Chapter finishes. And another, one begins, do. Not be discouraged with, the journey when. The journey gets tough you, never, know where the, role may, take you as the. Great President, Obama, said, the. Cynics, may be the loudest voices, but. I promise. You they, will accomplish, the. Lease god. Bless you and congratulations. To the facets on. It. Is now my pleasure to, introduce the, 2018. Senior. Class speaker, Alex. Lally. Alex. Is a design, tech night technology. Major in the conservatory. Of theater arts and, and, and.

A. Three-sport, athlete, Alex. Hello. And welcome purchased, faculty, staff, administration. And family. Friends. And my, fellow graduates, I come. From a small country town called, sunny Belle in the big state of Texas so, you can imagine what a culture shock the real time it was for me when, I first walked on to the purchased campus in 2013, it. Was one your time and this Texas girl had only seen snow a handful, of times this. Is way before I heard the term thundersnow. Snowmageddon. Or snowpocalypse. The. Two days I was here visiting is a blizzard, with, a total, accumulation. Of 3, inches. But. That was their doesn't scare me and I found love that everything purchased and I committed before I even flew back home I was. Ready to make my mark on the world over. The course of my time here I've had some amazing professors and, I've met some life-changing people, however. There's one instructor, who, has made a big impact on how I've lived the past four and a half years, that, would be Peter Polinski, an academic. Advisor in leave izing Center and himself a proud Purchase, grad. I had, Peter for my college writing class freshman, year and I will be honest like most freshmen college, writing was not my favorite class. But. During one class when I'd been half asleep through most of it we, were talking about Frederick Nietzsche and that's, when I heard the phrase live, life as a work of art that. One phrase woke, me up and I started to really pay attention to what was being said, Peter. Had us talked about what we thought Nietzsche meant and we, discussed, how you can actually live like a piece of artwork the. Way I see and now the moment, you are born you are a blank canvas and as, you live your life your picture is being painted that. Means that the good the, bad and even the ugly are painted, on this canvas for all the world to see, therefore. Every decision you make whether, it is in private or public, is painted, on this canvas that is your life, that. Class changed, everything, for me it made, me realize I want my life my, artwork, to be colorful to, be beautiful, I want, to be able to show people with, pride how, I've overcome hard, times how. I don't let people or things define, who I am, I've. Always been one to want to do everything I possibly can. And this, quote live, life as a work of art made. Me realize that it's not important, to do everything. But it's important, to give a hundred percent to everything, you do. Purchase. Has given me the opportunity, to do just that, I've been, an assistant set designer for four plays a set, designer for three, I've played, three different varsity sports. Purchase. Is a place where you can fit in no matter what crazy, thing you are into I am. A volleyball player a swimmer, a lacrosse. Player an artist. A designer and. Yes, even, a professional, mermaid. Yeah. Purchase. Has also been a place of growth I've, spent five years finding. Out what, it is I believe, in and finding. Out what it is I believe it and being. Open to change like, changing your major which, for me had been not once but twice. Coming. From a small conservative. Texas town I really, had to learn to think wide open I've learned. About politics, preferred, pronouns, gender, identity drag, shows and sexuality, I have. Created a family here I have friends in different majors from. Different backgrounds, with different points of views and I wouldn't change it for anything. As. A class we have seen and been seen, and been a part of the world's changes, we. Have had the first woman presidential. Candidate speak on our campus.

Participated. In the black lives matter protest, the. It's on us in me two movements. We. Are a community, of artists. Athletes, musicians. Scientists. Filmmakers. Historians. Philosophers. Dancers. And we all have come together to make our art work better, we. The class of 2018, are part of purchases, masterpiece, together. We, are proof of purchase so. Go out there and make your art make. The most of every opportunity you, have and if you fail and fall down that's, okay, get, up learn, from it and move on as Nelson. Mandela said it, always seems impossible until, it's done so. Think back on all those hard times the. All-nighters, you pulled the, times you thought you couldn't finish it whatever. That it might have been for you and look, where you are sitting now the. Finish line is within our grasp and we are about to cross it all, of us together, so. Congratulations. Class of 2018. We. Will now proceed with the conferring, of degrees. Mr.. President. As, Provost. Of Purchase College I have, the honor on behalf of the administration, faculty. And, staff to. Present to you the college's 2018, degree candidates, and I ask with pride that you confer, upon them the, degrees which they have earned and to which they are entitled I. Would. Respectfully invite Elizabeth, Robertson. Member. Of the Purchase College Council, to join you in the presentation, of degrees and. Assisting. Elizabeth Robertson is presiding officer, of the faculty, and chair, of the College Senate associate. Professor of theater design technology. Dan, vanessi, on. The. Deans will introduce the chairs and, directors. Who, will welcome the. Candidates from their respective, schools and conservatories. The. Names of the candidates will be read by Pamela. Prather assistant. /. Assistant. Professor. Of theatre, and performance in, the conservatory, of theater arts and Jay. Elliott, Lewis, assistant. Professor of journalism in, the School of Humanities. This. Is a very important, day for our graduates, I ask that the students, faculty, staff and, family members please, remain seated until all graduates names, have been read. Please. Do not allow your loud cheers, to. Drown out the next, name the name of the next candidate. Today. We celebrate, a purchased, tradition, the passing, of the brick, four. Years ago an incoming freshman, from, the class of 2018 was, given a brick at orientation a symbol. Of purchase, and the achievement, of our students the class of 2018 brick, has been safeguarded for. The past four years and, in. A little while one. Of your classmates. Che's Andrew, Jessa Eskie aka. Naomi, Apple bottom. We'll, hand the class of, 2018. Brick back to the president. When. He comes up to receive his diploma, it. Is now my pleasure to, introduce pegida. Cook, acting. Dean School, of the Arts. Director. Of Art and Design Steve, lamb will help welcome to the stage the degree candidates, in Art and Design. Mr.. President, on behalf of the Faculty of Art and Design I have the honor to present the, candidates for the degree of bachelor, of fine arts and, Bachelor of, Science. Emmanuel, Appiah of 4e. Alexis. Belt. Lilly. Delilah, Bua. Nikki. / SIA. Jazz. Kagan. Danielle. Francesca. Kaleo. Selena. Marcela, Carney. Jake. Sera, so. Kevin. Savio's. Paula. Cortina. Madeleine. Margaret, Kramer. Samantha. Crone. Andres. DeJesus. Jillian, Hannah Dolan. Olivia. Christine, Donner. Sarah. For Cruden. Ariana. Falzarano. Jonathan. Flores. Leah. Katherine, Forbes. Jordan. X Ford. Madeline. Jackson, Friedman. Isabel. And, felstein. Bridget. Eileen Gettys.

Katherine. Deniz koyu rue. Christopher. James Graham. Taralli. Corley, green. Anthony. Joseph while, yard Oh. Nimisha. Priscilla, Gupta. Carolyn. Haldeman, M Earling. Katie. Mary, Haines. Giancarlo. Stefan Hernandez. Arthur. Lions honking. Hanna. Beth hutchinson. Noah. Richard, Jackson. Nicole. Marie Jones. Marc. Anthony, Kelly. Haley. Rose canadough. Meredith. Ellen lawhead. Kimberly. And Linder. Jessica. Logan. Sterling. J Mahoney. Madison. Michelle, maher. Ivana. Rosita, Manucci. Kelly. Lorraine, Mertz. Michael. Angel, niyama Atticus. Vanessa. H win. Facio, loggin. Stephanie. Michelle Olivera. Nicolas, SC. O'Malley. Valaria. Orozco. Amanda. Rosa Otero. Daisy. Padilla, Gutierrez. Daniel. Edward Pitino. Justin. Peacock. Talia. Sahara, Perez. Kaitlyn. Jenny pursue Kelly. Alexandra. Posniak. Alexandra. Paul Mira price. Jason. Quiz P. Sierra. Drew Ramos. Adi. Anna Marie Riviera. Selwyn. Rocha. August. Santiago. Kaylynn, Savino. Tiana. Christine, Shiva. Tyler. Jerome Schrader. Zuri. Vaughn Francis, Selden Jordan. Jairo. Andres, Erna. Alexander. William sheer. Jacqueline. Siciliano. George. Fletcher, Simons. Galen. Smith. Taylor. Elise speed. Catherine. A Sweeney. ELISA, Claire sweater, ski. Khalif, Thompson. Sierra. Noel Torres. Samantha. Tyson. Say. 'no van der Veen. Noel. Velez. Spencer. Michael why not. Cleo. E Walton. Alexandra. Michelle belsky. Melanie. Lauer. Carol. Ann Melnick. Sabrina. Isabel, sulfa. Mr.. President, on behalf of the Faculty, of Art and Design I now have the honor to present the candidates for the degree of Master. Of Fine Arts. Khel. Z taylor, broad. Bridget. Megan McGuire. Samuel. And Kowski, Spillman. Dakota, SIA. Charlotte. Be Wolfe. Assistant. Dean's school of Liberal Studies director. Of liberal studies in arts management, entrepreneurship. Trudi Milburn will help welcome to the stage the degree candidates, in arts management in, entrepreneurship. Mr.. President, on behalf of the Faculty, of Arts management in, entrepreneurship, I have the honor to welcome and present the candidates, for the degree of Bachelor. Of Arts. Collin, G McClatchy. Meghan, Jesse McClatchy. Yasmin. Burrito, Holly. Tia. Maria barrier. Ryan. James Bartlett. James. H basin. Eloise. Lynn Bruce. Elizabeth. M Corey. Allison. Marie Duncan. Allison. Elizabeth, Edie. Loreena. Sophia, Peralta. Justine. J, Jermaine. Natasha. Ruth, calixte. Dies. Arose, Dianna car. Jerry. Anna Maria Ferrari, ah. Natalya. M Gutierrez. Delaney. Josephine. - are. Jordan. Alya Henry. Julia. Marie Yannick. Sophia. Are genis. Abigail. Rose Johnson. Jesse. Alicia Krim. Jalen. Gildo, LaCorte. Kaitlyn. D Lesnick. Rigid. H McKenna. Daniela. Joanne, Martin's. Ryan. Tweak our micarta, Maura. Joshua. Michael to come Sunnis, are. Christian. Manuel, language. Emily. Rose Leopold. A. Be. Kathleen, Martin. Maggie. Lynn, Murphy. Alison. Henley, Walsh. Mercedes. E Talbot. Gina. Martyr, Anna. Brianna. Noel, or Rico. Le. Nina, Moore. Danielle. Taylor, McLaughlin. Molina. Piano. Sara. Elizabeth. Perry. Jeremy. Dean pankovitz. Carrie, Ragusa. Jake. Andrew, Rubenstein. Lauren. Elroy. Jairo. Rafael. Angel Reyes. Janek. Yeah Beth Rivera, aponte. Cynthia. Marie blackest. Sedation. Diane, Thomas. Devon. Claire, Rooney. Annelise, trip Mayer. McCarthy. Emily. Grace, Saltman. Emily. Elizabeth Schneider. Da. Kiemce Adonis, Stockton. Ethan. Be Tolan. Zoe. Serene, hines. Kelly. Elizabeth, turtle. Mr.. President, on behalf of the Faculty of Arts management, in entrepreneurship. I now have the honor to present the candidates for the degree of Master, of Arts. Erol. Patrick, Han KenKen. Charlotte. Ali's Harrow. Interim. Director of dance Nelly van Bummel will help welcome to the stage the degree candidates, in dance. Mr.. President, on behalf of the Faculty of dance I have the honor to present the candidates for the degree of Bachelor. Of Fine Arts. Olivia. Aran's. Simeon. Barbour. Gabriel. Eating burger. Joe. Nice Sariah, Boykins. Carmen. Tyler, cage. Laura. Maria karela. Nicole. Marie Khurana. Alice. Hilda, Chaconne. Alexandria. Nicole, Claire. Nikki, murid Arnold's. Kylie. And dole, away. Anna. Catherine Hooper.

Christiana. Leah hunt. Jung-hee. Bobby, Hyun. Allanna. Jones. Bethenny. Christina, Kellner. Claire. Lucille, Kendall. Lauren. Twombly. Christina. Marissa, Katsopolis. Madeline. Riley, Malone. Sarah. Yvonne Lipinski. One. You, leave. Leasing. Ray. Juliet. Rene Missoula. Marry. Caroline, McGrath. Matthew. Christopher, McLaughlin. Paulina. Gale Marci Ellis Meneses. Madeline. No elmire. Mercedes. Alexis, mais. Megan. Elizabeth Phillips. Emily. Pratt's. Melanie. Marie Ramos. Damiana. Hope, remic. Sasha. Red Liske. Meredith. Katherine, Centauro. Sara. Lynn, Shipman. Mary. Amelia speed. Joy. Marie Thompson. Jada. Janae, Williams. Who. Changed, Sabrina Wong. Wind. Twee Wycoff. It's, now my pleasure to introduce, Suzanne, Kessler, Dean, of the school of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Augustine. Is ours oh so chair, school. Of film media studies will help welcome, to the stage the, degree candidates. In film and Media Studies. Mr.. President, on. Behalf of the faculty of film media studies I have the honor, to. Present the, candidates, for the degree of Bachelor. Of Arts and Bachelor of, Fine Arts. Paola. Beatriz, Alba, Rincon. Rachel. Terran antonsen. May. Algae. Emmalin. See alcântara. Lee. Evelyn, Ashton, pusheen. Ryan. Baker. Sabrina. Angeline, Balducci. Jordan. Jeffrey, barouche. Charlotte. Elizabeth baton. Zoe. Tracy, beard. Harris. Winter, Beto. Felicity. Melinda. Belle. Sarah. Catherine, blowin. Catherine. Elizabeth Carroll. Anissa. Lorenzi. Baccarat. Jie. Amelia. Gemma Carter. Timothy. Robert Coakley. Olivia. In Butler. Connor. Colfer. Odonis. :. Dillon. Kronk. Alyssa. Christina. DeMarco. Lillian. Dixon. Isaiah. T, leaks. Luis, herrera. Wilfredo. Dominus. Virginia. May Edinger. Haley. Amelia, Evans. Kaitlyn. Elizabeth. For CA. ELISA. Jordan, Friedman. URIs. J, Francisco. Michael. Freeman. Alexandra. Paola, Garcia, Ortiz. Jake. Evan Gomez. Orion. Halliburton. Justice. Justin. Keith has. Emma. Grace, Myers. Mary. Grace, pig, being. Ashley. Louise, is. Miranda. Collingswood. Nora. Ellen, Kenny. Nicholas. Christopher. Kaido. Kevin. Patrick Hopkins. Grace. Catherine. I VA's. Xavier. Nazim, King. Thomas.

Reid Curtly. Tatiana. Lease, Google, AOL. Justice. LaVon, Lacey. Dominic. Mendez. Robin. Charles, Mendoza. Steven. Ohto, Olli. Michael. Adam eju on Atari. Christian. Manuel la guerra. Brianna. Noel, or eco. Brandon. David, Palacios. John. Scott, Patterson. Amanda. Sofia / sowed. Brian. Oh Peter. Gann. Michael. Theon, teenie. Thomas. Reed Peter, tyranny. Corey. Adam, Quinto. Gabriel. A Ramirez. May. Rum. Die. Lisa Michelle, Sanchez, Osorio. Matthew. J scaffolding. Jordan. Tyler, Schmidt. Elijah. Daniel. Daniel. Shahim. A. Nero's. Austin. Follansby. Kara. Kind. Tristan. Joseph, stabber. Wyatt. James tanum. Elliott. Francis, Torres. Matthew. Tuckerman. Peter. Aldo. Vick Vicki, Oh. Nikolas. Hamlin, Ryan, Villegas. Patrick. Gillich while. Danila. Swung. Maddalena. Al boo. Brandon. Hugo, Arroyo. Anthony. Gabrielle's, cesira. Melvin. Chang. David. Joseph, Foley. Renaissance. Emma friend. Says, that. Emma's. For Mercedes. Chad. Azim Hilton. Aiden. Jay Mikulski. Lee. Manner. Noah. Michael. Martha, ler. Sebastian. Man, Juche. Christian. Ortega. Erica. J paparella. James. Wyatt. Parker. Griffin. Thomas, rap. Fallen. Rose. Daniela. Jade Scardino. Michael. Anthony's, car naughty. Dylan. Joseph, Scott. Tristan. Neil Torres. Chair. Of humanities, Ross Daly will help welcome to the stage the, degree candidates, in humanities. Mr.. President, on, behalf, of the Faculty, of humanities I, have the honor to. Present the candidates, for the degree of Bachelor. Of Arts. Maria. Gabriella with arte Lyon. Jocelyn. Michele alvarenga. Kokua. Asian. Who. Johnny bazzill do, TISS. Madeline. Elaine Bowden, Doris. Jeffrey. Cabrera. Carly. Sandra, Campbell. Chrissteele. In Kappa yellow. Anna Caron servantes. Tony, Anne Catherine Shanice. Geoffrey. Praetor Crowley. Kayla. Adrian, Dale. Jordan. Deeb. Patricia. Alfonsina. Tavares. Amanda. Nevada de, mal. Andrew. William, John. Devin. Douglas. Alia. L Jamal. Henry. Painter, David, Ellison. Aidan. Elias, Engel, Bradley. Erin. Murray Farrell. Louisa. Anna, Fenna she'll. Marry. Elizabeth. Finnell. Joseph. My Maura. Camille. Grace Fleming. Daniela. Rose Meena Francesca, tea. Syd. Freiburger. Dolan. Wells Gallagher. William. Garrity. Edan. Gets. Luis. Daniel, Gutierrez. Genesis. Guzman. Sebastian. Halliwell. Stella. Hinds. Marissa. Rose Healy. Ben. Hey Vee. Joseph. Tatiana. Josie, Hulan. Max. Landis, copper Berg. John. Nickerson, law so II. Am. Bar in as Lopez. Rebecca. Isabel, Lujan. Kirby. Lubin's, Marceline. Jonathan. And Mendez. Demetrius. Tyree McRae. Catherine. Grace Michelle. Lauren. Minkel. Lucia. Elizabeth, Murphy. Na. Aaron Agati. Lewis. James Otero. Ari, joshua, paul's. Nicholas. Joseph Perillo. Alyssa. Marie think'st. A leap on say sheilo.

Annmarie. Prinsloo, Murdock. Marchello. Ramirez. Virginia. Gene red lon. Haley. Restivo. Simone. Roberta Richie. Daniel. Asher, Rosen sweets. Elizabeth. And Shaq. Sebastian. Bernard Singh. Rose. Chandler. Smith. Rebecca. Lynn sterling. Rosa. Maria, Sugarman. Zachary. James prick Polly. Antonina. Rose Fiore. Alicia. Jolin, Shepherd. Stephen. Michael Hernandes. Max. A Busan. Caitlin. Elena, Toby. Juan. Gabriel, Torres. Natalie. LaQuan Trotter. Anna. Sabina. Kelsey. And Tim pone. Ryan. Xavier, Vanderbeek. Esther. Altamira Vargas. Amalia. Liliana, Vasquez. Joelle. Enrique, the varus. Brian. Trevor Whittingham. Lynn. Win. Firdaus, Madani. Mr.. President on behalf of, the Faculty, of humanities I now, have the honor to present the, candidates, for the degree of Master. Of Arts. Stefano. Luigi, Rita. ELISA. Michele Colora. Rosa. Alexandra. Sue dog. Sistent. Dean's school, of Liberal Arts and Sciences and, director Liberal Studies Trudi, Milburn will. Help welcome to the stage degree. Candidates, in Liberal Studies. Mr.. President, on, behalf of the Faculty of the school of Liberal Studies and continuing, education I have the honor to present the candidates for the degree of Bachelor, of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Joanna. Mariela. Acosta. Robert. David. Ashkenazi. Melvin. Jerome. Banks. K1r. BB. Travis. Bennett. Alexandra. Nicole bierenbaum. Emily. A Blumenthal. Patricia. Murray Belarus. Sick. Julian. Willy Brodsky. Austin. Archer, Brown. Kimberly. Esther, Bruna, saw. Jennifer. And Burke. Thomas. Paul Burke. Christina. Marie, Cambria. Matthew. Christopher, capers. Haley. Rose Cohen. Sandra. Wells, Kalani. Is. Lon. On june, dar. Nakum. To Shawn DeLeon. Danielle. McDaniel. Max and Demopolis. Alison. Grace Dodd. Michael. West or Draper. Amy. Lift, Shah dworski. Bianca. You got Edward. Whitney. Rachel. Edward. Haneen. Maharis, Jamal. Marina. Go, likova. Dante. John, Sakata. Rebecca. Lillian. Feliciano. Samantha. Marie Figueroa. Carrie. And Ford. Emmet. James, Freeman. Kristen. Alize freaky, Oni. Danielle. KD. Nepali. Jordan. Gaspard'. Anna. Are. Gelfand. Margherita. Gil. Kojo. Gordon. Khalif. Isaiah, grant. So. Ichiro mi. Catherine. Conroy, Halstead. Quinton. Jackson. Kareem. Michael. Hayward, capers. Tony. Dali Hughes. Megan. Grace Jeffrey. Zebulon. Towers. Showers. Sorry. Steven. Daniel, Khan. Nikohl. Cholera. Dennis. Patrick, Kevin, E. Amanda. Karen, Kelly. Domani. Cakey. Michael. Howard kemple. Nicholas. W, kiriakos. Dane. Joseph. Crabchek. Luca. Austin, leopardo. Brunt. Sally. Lucille Mardirosian. Tomara, Melissa. McCallum. Eleazer. Mikado. Sadie. Licata McMurran. Humza. Awesome, J mean. Jacqueline. Nascimento. Jonathan. Our parts. Cabella, em Harry.

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The, Audience so. Please just, let. Us through. And stay in your seats and then. We will exit, in the back and then you are free to exit, thank. You, upon. The authority vested in, me by the Chancellor, and the Board. Of Trustees of the State University of, New York I. Hereby. Confer upon you the, degrees, which. You have earned and, to which you are entitled, congratulations. You are now graduates. Oh. Let's. Keep the polygons. Oh.

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Congratulations Quinn

Congratulations, Caroline H-E

7:38 that's my boy!!! HI BRYANT!

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