Comparing Disneyland to Walt Disney World! Where You Should Vacation

Comparing Disneyland to Walt Disney World! Where You Should Vacation

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Hey guys my name's Haley welcome back to the Disney cupcake, Channel today, I'm going to be comparing Walt Disney World and Disneyland I'm, going, to be sharing some of my tips and experiences that I've had at both parks to help you guys plan, which, park is best for you for your next Disney trip so let's get started. I'm. Gonna be doing a series over the next few months with. Just videos, of my. Ride. Comparisons. That's gonna be a whole series and I'm gonna post a few videos every. Month for, each ride for. Each park different, things like that so that series will be coming up very soon this, is just an overall comparison. Of Walt, Disney World and Disneyland in, general. Overall not, really going to ride depth and stuff, like that so this is the, overall, comparison. Let's, get started, so before I start one thing that I would like to say is that this is my personal opinion from, my experiences. From my trip I grew. Up going to Disney World so I am, slightly more on the Disney World side but I really really did enjoy, Disneyland. Please don't. Get me wrong with, anything, I really, really had a good experience at both parks, I really, really like them both it's this, is just me telling you my overall, thoughts. On both resorts, just kind of going through the overall, park. Vacation. Experience, so. Starting off with atmosphere. Disneyland. It's mainly focused, towards locals, it does not really feel like a, vacation. Spot like, a theme, park, I personally, felt that it was more treated, like an amusement, park compared. To Disney, World where at Disney World it's, more focused on visitors. Families. International. Like. This is a vacation. Spot and, you can tell that it is more focused, to that and even. The cast members they're, the, ones at Disneyland. You can tell that they are just people that live around the area from my personal experience, the. General. Cast, members, were did. Not really seem too happy with their jobs it wasn't. Really that immersive. In that way where at Disney World they. There's. People from all over the country even. From international, that truly, make it an immersive experience and. We did end up talking to managers, and. Custodial. People and DBC, people, at Disneyland that were fantastic. We, talked to many amazing, cast members at both parks, but, I do feel, the ones at Disneyland, were.

Not As nice, as it is new world through, my experience. So. At different merchandise, cards, or different quick, service locations, and stuff like that the cast members were not as helpful, or, didn't. Really know as, much, as what was going on at Disneyland, compared, to Disneyworld at Disneyworld I feel that they're a lot more helpful, I do have an allergy so. At, Disneyland. A lot of them whenever I ask them to see an allergy menu or something some. Of them you could tell really didn't care or honestly, did not know we're. At Disneyworld they would do anything to find out to, make sure that you were ok with that in both parks, again very very nice but, Disneyland, I did not feel they were really. With the whole immersive. Experience. They were just. There as a local, job so if you are just an average normal, visitor, just going through the park you're not really interacting with any managers, or anything like that just people like the quick service shops, rides, stuff. Like that if you're just interacting, with those type of cast members through, my personal, experience. I found. That the. Cast members of Disney World are a lot nicer than at Disneyland, and the ones at Disney World I feel like they make an immersive, they make it a full magical. Experience, that, the ones Disneyland. Did not really. Know and weren't, really as with. It, compared. To Disney, World and the overall, immersive. Experience. At both places, Disney. World as its own bubble, and Disneyland. Is in the middle of a city very. Very different, but overall I. Personally. Like the whole Disney bubble experience, it feels like you're on a vacation it feels like that you are at Disney. The, whole time and that, you're like. Away from reality or at Disneyland, you step out of the park and it's back to reality so. I personally, like the whole Disney bubble Disney World experience, in the, atmosphere. Way so the last thing with the atmosphere, this, is something that is just out of everyone's control this is just something I wanted to say the, weather in California, was fantastic. In Florida, you have the heat humidity, and, a lot, where, in California you, don't really get that at all so weather-wise. In the atmosphere. California. Was pretty fantastic so, now I'm moving into hotels. For. Disneyland, we stayed off property, the hotels, at Disneyland, are very very expensive but. They are very very nice at Disneyworld the. Hotel price range could. Accommodate. Just about everyone it's, in the Disney bubble, which is fantastic very. Very easy to get to the park through all of their many ways of transportation, like buses monorail. SR building the gondola, system which will be fantastic, boats. All of that crazy, fun. Way to get back and forth to the parks you experience, all the different ways of transportation, there. In, general both places the. Hotels are fantastic. We checked out the hotels at Disneyland, even though we weren't staying there, they looked wonderful. All, of my experiences, at the Disney World hotels, amazing. I do feel that the perks at Disneyworld are a little bit better both, places you get extra magic hours but. With Disneyworld, you get the magic, bands you get to book your fast passes, 60, days out ahead, of everybody else through the my Disney experience which. Is really. Really nice as well and you. Are closer to the parks being inside of the Disney bubble so if you would not stay at a Disney hotel you'd, be a lot farther away and then, you have to pay for parking to get there and all of that crazy stuff with Disney. Land, you're. Walking a lot to your hotel but the hotels are super, super.

Close, Which is really really nice to not, even have to deal with the car at all so, if you are going to Disneyland and you can stay at, one of the Disneyland Hotel so, it is a major plus you're super close to the parks you can get there faster if, you want to take a little break from the parks it's really really easy to get back to your hotel and a decent amount of time Disney. World. Though, price-wise. And, depending, on the size of your family and everything it can really fit a lot of people's budget, that way so. Now. We're gonna move on to ticket, costs, tickets. Do cost more, at Walt Disney World. Then, compared, to Disneyland, they're a lot less, but. The good thing about them being less is that you can also add the part copper, if you're trying to stick into a budget at Disneyland. You will for sure use. The park hopper we personally, did it but, that would have been a good decision to use the park hopper with. The parks being so close it is so easy to go back and forth all day you, can ride all of the different rides and it, is really, really good with our Fast Pass system there we're at Disney World you, can only use your fast passes, for one part per day even if you do have a park hopper and with, the parks there being so big and so spread out it is a little bit harder to get to each. One in a good amount of time so. I'd say the park hopper option is really really great for Disneyland, and I definitely would get it next time then I go if you have not been to Disneyland, and you do plan on going there the parks, are so, so. Close there's literally a patch, of concrete, park, entrance and park entrance, you could literally be in to the other Park within a minute depending. On the ticket lines, to get in it is, so. Insane, how close they are but, it is so so good if, you would like to park hop a lot or if there's different things you want to do then, you could get both parks done in one day if you've already been there before if you're trying to figure out which resort to go to I would, say that you would spend about. Three, days at, Disneyland. One day in each park and then a park hopper for the last day that you could go back and do whatever rides you like but in Disneyworld though they do make a more of a vacation spot. You, can spend up to a week there with, five day park tickets the days off they, offer mini-golf they have the water parks you can spend a whole day at Disney Springs since, its last remodel. You, could spend a whole day there and it is wonderful and, it, is free admission into. Disney springs which is really really nice so there are many many things to do outside Walt. Disney World without even having to, pay park admission we're, at Disneyland all you really have is down to Disney and it's not really that big you could spend a nice evening there but you definitely could not spend a whole day there so now we're gonna move into, crowns. Crowns. Are not fun in any way, except. When they're low at, Disneyland. The. Parks are very very, small but, with all of the rides that they have there. In both. Parks, at Disneyland. Combined. And the, four parks, at Walt Disney World combined, there are more rides at Disneyland which. Blows, my mind. But there are for, sure' more rides at Disneyland. So at Disneyland, it may seem very crowded but there are people in lines on rides doing, all of those things we're, at Disney World it is very, very. Crowded with the four parks and all of the rides split, up and there being less rides, you can definitely tell if there are more people at Disney World and Disneyland.

Again. With it being so small it, didn't really seem that crowd at that all the. Rope shops at Disneyland, are very. Very crazy at. California. Adventure but. We did go to the opening day of Pixar. Pier at Disney's. California Adventure, in, Disneyland, and it. Was. Very very crowded at the beginning the whole rope drop thing and once they let us into the pier but, that everyone kind of dispersed, onto, the rides or if there were locals they kind of left so, the crowds just kind of disappeared, from. California. Adventure because again we called the rise people Park hop you believe with, everyone being locals, there and the. One thing I do have to say that was awful. At Disney Land at, both, parks, was, crowd. Control. Disneyland. They, were awful. At crowd, control. When, we were going into Pixar, Pier no, one was listening the cast members people were running, people, were shoving each other it was awful. I mean, I know it's really really hard to like not have that happen, but, at Disney, World, I never. Have, experienced, that, crazy, of a thing happening. I mean I know we went for opening day but even the day that we weren't there for opening day people, were insane. People, do not listen to cast members even for parades at Disneyland, there's, people like running through its it, does, not seem that organized, in, that way with crowd control, again. At Disney well you don't really see that happening and, with, people doing all of the presents, up there it. Doesn't really happen. So, I'd say crowd control, at Disneyland. Not the, best cuz, once, people realize that there's a parade or show going on everyone. Basically gets out of all the ride lines and just piles in to like Main Street and it is just a mess so, I did touch on this earlier, about the Disney World Fast Pass system, the, Disney well Fast Pass system you get three fast passes, per day per park and you can book 60 days out when you stay at a Disney, Resort Hotel, or 30, days out when you are staying off property, and if. You go to Disneyland you, can use the paper Fast Pass system or you can purchase max, pass through the my Disney experience app, it is ten dollars per person per day we. Used. The, max pass system it was. Amazing. Fast, Pass definitely. Wins for Disneyland, 100%. We are able to get between, eight to ten fast passes, per, day, which. Was amazing, to skip through lines and we barely waited, for standby at all in Disneyland. So in, Disneyland. For ten dollars per day per person and that also includes, photo pass that, is a no-brainer.

It. Is so, so. Worth it although I do think that Disneyland. They need more photo pass photographers. Out and around it, would definitely kind of encourage more, locals, to purchase it every once in awhile for. Different pictures, but. It was definitely worth, the, max pass and photo, pass purchase, of just ten dollars we, were asked to design a resort for five days. And, like. I said before we barely waited, and standby the. Mostly waited for an attraction, without. Using, the max pass was 40 minutes but. That is a, great, wait, time compared. To the wait times at Disney World so now heading into merchandise. One of my favorite, things, barchan. Dice wise Disneyland. Really, messed. Up in my opinion, when we went to the Pixar pier opening day no. Merchandise, for it they don't really have stuff in stock, there is no just, California. Adventure pin. There's. Many. Different, things they could have merchandise for, and it's. Like always out of stock there's, not with, whole Pixar fest promotion, going on over. The summer there. Wasn't very much Pixar, fest merchandise, I wanted, to get one of the Pixar fest shirts they, didn't have any, and, with. That whole thing being a whole promotion I'm surprised, they didn't really have that. In stock we're. At Disney World they always have stuff in stock ahead of time for, new. Land openings for rides for all of those things for any of their promotions, they almost have too, much merchandise for, and it ends up in the outlet, so, I think that they should order, a little bit more. And. Continuing. Into merchandise, with, pins. If you're into pain trading, Disneyland. Pinch readings not that, big of a thing I, saw. A lot of fake pins floating, around I, saw, very few cast, members with lanyards, any stores, went into, the, pin boards were very very small Disney. World all of the hotels, have big pin boards, you see almost every cast member, with a pin lanyard on so. I feel, that pin. Wise if you're in the pinch rating Disney, World is definitely better in that way, merchandise. Wise I also still feel like Disney world's a little bit better but. One thing I almost kind, of liked about merchandise. Was. That in Disneyland, every time you get off a ride you, don't get dumped into a store, we're. At Disney, World basically. Every ride that you get off of here you end up in a store which. Is kind. Of annoying at the, same time but like I also kind, of like it so if you don't really want to spend money on merchandise, and if, you just keep walking past at a Disney World after every attraction, they, kind of suck you into buying it there so, that's. Just my opinion. But, it is very interesting how a Disneyland, you don't get dumped into a store very often, now we're going to go into food and there are many pluses, and minuses to both parks, for this one you always hear that the Disneyland, food is fantastic. And, a. Lot of the snack options, were very very good quick service Disneyland. For sure definitely one, that all, of the sit-down restaurants, at Disneyland, there are aren't very many of them and honestly. Them I could recommend they're going to say that they were really really good if you're, looking for a good sit-down restaurant, at, Walt Disney World there, are many many options there are a lot, of options at Disney Spring as compared to Downtown Disney there, are, sony open types of food choices at Disney World for. Sit-down or, you it for quick service but, I really, really did like the quick service and snacks at, Disneyland. But. I do feel that Disney, World did win. With. Whatever, kind of options, you want a lot, of the snacks are the same both. Parks now have mobile ordering I really, really did enjoy mobile, ordering at, Disneyland, it was very very helpful I'm. Not trying that Disney World yet but I know it is the same process and it was very, very good I definitely, recommend, using that and, at both places, even. If you aren't. Staying in one of the Disney hotels you can definitely take. A bus or walk over, and they, have some great food there at, the Disneyland Hotel we tried Goofy's kitchen which was really really good and I. Walt. Disney World there are so many different places to, eat at every Disney hotel, that are fantastic. As well and, if, you do have an allergy which, I do I, do, think, that Disneyland, was not accommodating.

To That really. Like, they weren't very nice, about it or they. Didn't really again know what. Was allergy friendly where. A Disney World any place that I have ever eaten there they, really. Know how to handle it now I'm not saying that every place at Disneyland was not accommodating. Some places were Goofy's. Kitchen that was an amazing buffet. That we had they, were very very accommodating. Very very nice about it again, I'm not saying that there, was no place and there is no place a lot, of places were but. It was kind of weird when some places didn't really know we're at Disney World I didn't really have, that happen. One. Of those places that really, really stood out was the carnation cafe, a lot of people recommended, it we really wanted to try it and we, actually ate there twice. And both times they. Were not really accommodating, at all the, food options, for. Allergies, weren't. Really that great if you're going with an allergy, or just in general I would not recommend carnation. Cafe even, though there are not a lot of sit-down restaurants, at Disneyland, I'm sure, there are some that are really really good we just didn't get to try them yet again, we only ate at two sit-down, restaurants, in, Disneyland. Which were carnation, cafe and Goofy's kitchen and I, definitely liked Goofy's, kitchen so we also made it to sit downs in Downtown Disney that were not owned by Disney one. Of them being the jazz kitchen, which I did not really find accommodating. I did not get anything there cuz they were kind of iffy about allergy. Stuff and at. Splitsville. Which i ate at at Disney, Springs. Amazing. I would highly highly recommend. Splitsville, it is, super, fun atmosphere, and the food is really good if you are looking for any food recommendations. Sit-down. Or quick service for Walt Disney World leave, a comment down below for which park you're looking for and I, can give you my recommendations, there so, this is just a quick little thing I'd like to state about the whole airport experience. When. Traveling, to Disneyland, in California through. LAX. There, wasn't really many signs of Disney, and, you, had to find your own way of transportation, to get to the park and, it costs a lot of money to find any. Way of transportation, whether you rent your own car and drive. There yourself you, rent a bus you or. You run a taxi, it's, it's. Costly. To do that there and back to the airport we're, at Disney. World when. Flying, into the Orlando International Airport. Right. Whenever you walk out from. Your plane you, see the Disney Store and a free Disney shuttle. Which, is very very nice it gets you very excited to go to Disney and it. Is free traveling. Wise the. Orlando, International Airport, definitely, get you excited about your Disney trip so now looking to shows, and entertainment. Disneyland. The entertainment, what's amazing, the, Pixar fast.

Together, Forever fireworks show was definitely, my favorite it, was amazing. All the, parades are really really fun Disney, World they have a lot of really really good shows too and I've not seen happily ever after in person, but. The, show's win for Disneyland for sure they're, really really fun and I really like how they have the prey piece up there Disney. World there parades have like disappeared. So, Disneyland. Definitely wins shows for sure also, I like to stay with, Disneyland. With. It being in a city and not in the Disney bubble there are not. As many fireworks, that happen there and just touching really quick on rides doing, all the separate videos on that for each ride comparison. Of what I like better about each one and all, of that kind of stuff so make sure to subscribe so you guys do not miss those videos and the last thing I'm gonna touch on for this video but, one thing that really, bothered. Me for, the. Whole plus, side to using, it is me hotel or to, using a Disney package, or, staying at Disney hotel was the Magic, Hours of Disneyland, they weren't really worth it so, this kind of mixes. In the pool crowd, control thing. At. Disneyland. When. You use the extra Magic Hours if you're going to try. To rope drop Peter. Pan Matterhorn. Or Space Mountain like one of those each one, of those eticket, attractions, it is, definitely, worth it but, if you would like to go ride Indiana, Jones Splash, Mountain Big, Thunder Mountain Jungle. Cruise all those kind of things you have to wait till the park actually opens when, you use the extra magic hours at Disneyland, for. The Disneyland, park the. Only sections. That are open our. Fantasyland, in Tomorrowland, and of course Main Street so, that's. Kind. Of disappointing and, going. In the whole crowd control thing they, set up ropes in front of the other lands, and you have to wait in line to get into the other lands, which is really really crazy where, I'd isni world any of the parks they. Will open for the extra magic hour and you can go anywhere in the park for, the most part I know sometimes every once in a while let me be closed off the land because they're doing something but, that rarely, happens so. Magic. Our wines Disney, World was. Better in that way we, did not do extra, magic hours in, California. Adventure so I'm not really sure how it works there but, a Disneyland it, was kind of disappointing, that half the park was closed when. That was supposed to be a whole plus side to getting in another Park early so putting that into perspective with. Only part of the park being open we, wanted to go get on Peter Pan without really having to wait we, were into the park ten, minutes into the. Extra match tower and Peter Pan was already at a 45 minute wait the. Whole park was open that wait may have been like 20 minutes so, it's kind of crazy to think that, that. Really that extra mile really, could have helped us in that way but the, park was closed so lastly, looking, into the future of, both US, parks Disney, World's future does look a lot brighter, than. Disneyland I know Disneyland, doesn't really have much space left and there's nothing they can do about that, but, Disney World they're really, doing a lot to it here, in the future Disney. World is getting galaxies, edged tron, making. Minis runaway railway a garden, to the galaxy attraction, the ratatouille attraction. Many, new, hotels. And, hotel, additions. And they're getting also a lot more restaurants, we're, at Disneyland they are also getting galaxy's edge they're, taking out a land just to put in another one being marble land and who, knows how many rides will be there and they're, also getting one new hotel, and they're taking, out some of Downtown Disney, so.

Overall. Disney, World's future does look a lot brighter for. Many new experiences, to come and many reasons, to keep going back and with Disneyland taking out some of the restaurants, to, add in the new hotel there will be left restaurant, options there. And within. The next few years Disney, World could have more rides in Disneyland, and they. Definitely have the space for it so in conclusion both. Resorts. Are amazing. Disney experiences. But, it just depends on what, you would like to do and, how. Much you want to spend how, much time you want to be there it all, just depends on what you like and what works for you if you'd, like to spend a full week, vacation Disney. World is the perfect spot if you'd like to go somewhere fun for a weekend, or. For like, half a week just like a short little but. Really really fun magical. Disneyland. Would work best for you, it, really just depends on what you like and what you prefer. They, are great, Disney parks so. I, am, pretty attached to Disney World in Florida, growing. Up going there for, my vacations, that is. Just something that I enjoyed, that's something that works for me, but, I like the whole week Disney. Experience and, it's. Just what works for you this is just my personal opinion this, is off of my experiences. This. Is just what I prefer, what I like, but. Disneyland was really really fun I really really enjoy, both parks but, I do personally, feel that Disney World is a, little bit better for me but. Let, me know what you guys think in the comments down below which. Part you may prefer better or. Which, park you'd like to go to in the future thank, you guys so much for watching make, sure to stay tuned for all of the upcoming Disney. Park, comparison, videos like. I said I'm gonna be scattering, those throughout the next few months so make sure you guys do not miss them and remember to do what you love and do what makes you happy and I will see you guys next time bye.

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