ConVexxed?? **Flat Earth Friday FringeCast** TGIFlat!

ConVexxed??  **Flat Earth Friday FringeCast**  TGIFlat!

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You. You. You. You. Hey guys Paul in the plane here just a quick upload today to plug my new live show on truth, frequency. Radio. Scheduled. To kick off next week, a huge thanks to the handful of TFR hosts who recommended, me and, a very special thank you to the station manager Chris for the opportunity, I've. Been great graciously. Offered a weekly, one-hour time slot so Tuesday April 3rd at 1:00 a.m. GMT. Which is I think 9 p.m. Eastern here in the US will be my inaugural, episode so. Obviously, very excited to make this announcement and a chance to get a live show off the ground lots of bugs to work out so your grace and they're standing especially here on the front end is going to be most appreciated, the, topic of the show of course our Flat, Earth and the ever evolving theories. And experiments, and findings, and conclusions. That, we can all draw on based. On our own observations. And those of others about the world that we live it's. Important, to note that only world. Excuse me no more than half of the air time on TFR, will be on youtube some of the shows, will make it over here in their entirety but sometimes, only the first half of a show or the second half of the show will, be uploaded, upload it excuse me what, doesn't make it over here to youtube will be available exclusively on, truth frequency, radio or iHeartRadio, where you can also listen to the station if, you've never listened to TFR and never even heard of it they have an outstanding lineup, of shows and on-air personalities. Some of which you already know like Iron Works from iron rail media mark. Sargent jaren from jaren ISM Rob Skiba and Zhen Garcia so. Head over to TFR. And check it out and if you're so inclined please consider supporting the station financially, the, link to my show is in this video's description anyways. That's, it for today I hope you're able to catch the show each week or listen. To it later on YouTube or TFR, on demand so Tuesdays 1, a.m. GMT 9 p.m. Eastern here in the US will. Be on TFR So we'll talk to you then this is Paul on the plane thanks, for watching. Miller. Fears, the little death, his uncle Walt from the ironworks, Josh, quarry and I have chosen to look at life with no fear no, fear of the unknown no. Fear of questions, about the supposedly, well known no fear of ridicule for thinking outside the familiar, fools lines, no, fear of the boot on the neck of those refusing, the party line no, fear of taking on those so convinced, of their beliefs that, sooner drink the kool-aid then believe they've been fools, made in this world filled with mutants cattle, sinks in truths protective, layers be peeled back to show the tender juicy pink biologists. Grist for the mill souls, sold, against aren't real or is that just how it feels when you're filtered in real TV, ality Sophia field and Grimm take, clear of the fear right here Tuesdays, and Fridays at 2:00 a.m. OTF. On Josh, and I and you will hammer out the impurities of technology-driven, truth things fold, in a dash of logic, and push it all the paper trail you. Break. Free of the fear hold. On. Here's. Your host. Points. Out, we've got eye on rel media. Criminy. That was a pile of buttons I had to press to get that but TGIF. Thank God it's flat and thank God it's Friday welcome, to iron row media's Fighter Friday, Fringe, cast my, name is Josh quarry that was me attempting to play some some. Nice flat earth music coming. In and despite, how much I let it buffer for some reason it's, still not gonna let me play to answer but twin serpent, but that was supposed to be symbiosis, by, twin circuit just didn't work out so. I just fought it up with a quick little promo from Paul on the plane who was joining us over on truth frequency, radio where. You can hear Walt, Johnson, and I every Tuesday and Friday morning, at. 4. A.m. central. 5. A.m. Eastern and, that is 10 a.m. Greenwich, Mean Time / RTF are, I Heart Radio calm, or the tuning radio app. Walter. I did a show just this morning where we had Karen. Be with us Walter what do you think that show how do you think that turned out man, I think that's one of my faves yet, it was awesome we talked about her, path through. The mad, world that has conspiracy. And. Landing. Those feet on the flat plane. Ya. Hear that do I is, that you. Who. Could that be is. That me arriving now over, me. I'm. Not bad well. Did you get the show yet from this morning with Karen, B oh I was I was saying to the guys I've been out. All day with my boys it's, good, friday obviously, so that's true yeah. There was something very spiritual, we went to. Insomnia. But. The. Gaming, ban. We. All worship in our own ways yeah, I've been helping drag raise my voice -.

Black Is nice tough as I could on the way or um so yeah, yeah it's got a really really, enjoyable, there but it's been fantastic, we. Started off awesome, I can't wait to give, it up version. Of that up on our site here so you guys can check. It. Out it was a great show. Early. We'll, check this out long - this show, Josh area this is this is annoyed my wife too much I came up with this this. Jumper. Let's. Hear it you gotta make the noise. But. You. Will not you will assimilate. Great. Start great start to a great morning or. A great Friday up in or a good Friday at least oh. Reasonably. Okay Freddie. Trying. To get myself on to the chat here. See. What everybody else is doing. Or while, you're on that I've just said good evening to, map and the likes and if we're doing good evenings. That's, hello. And they. In a few weeks fella, the Tavi but absolutely. You talking to me well. Yeah. Any. Comes back in with are you talking to me. I. It's. Great to be back yeah really, good I've had a nice couple of months off some. Of it not, very well and, some. Of it very well and full of energy and yeah. I've been doing a lot of things but flats. Not been one of them so it'll be interesting to see. What. What, is new and I did catch the convexed. Earth thing. Last, night and. Yeah. Looking forward to a good chat on that definitely. Sorry. Sorry before, you answer you, ain't read report and I just wanted to say all. My best. The look on, your. Tear fire tune in this week. Probably. Less will straighter than new pal but really, looking forward to when it starts, big-time. And. Best, a lot fella I know. Yes and job, our second, that shout. Out pull. Exxon. Look I'm looking forward to it we're. Turning turning, it into a flat Tuesday, over there on tier far for sure it's. Looking that way isn't that. Oh. For, us no we're still doing the same I don't. Remember what he said it was at first I'll say I don't remember the original one myself either it, maybe on his video that he put up I'm not sure anyway, look using chat right now I just got on there hi everybody in chat. Alright. So 9 p.m. Eastern is 8, p.m.. Central. Central, so. That's four, hours from now 10. To. 12, is to 12. To 2 is 4. So. That's 2:00 a.m. GMT. 96. P.m. Pacific. Jim, Easter so I believe I believe that, 9 p.m. Eastern is 2 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time but. I, don't. Know it's been some time I'm. Telling you those effing, times whatever, time, it is it will be the hash tag truth Tuesday, yes, oh, yes. My state thank you said you've. Dealt with the time. That's another good thing all. The time chieftains, Oh everything fairly subtle. Stop. Leaping around messing, about I, don't know what it. Was normal. Absolutely. The same whatever. You got to do it I'm going to stopped it. Yeah. 1 a.m. that's a replay, that's a replay for me an apple I look, forward to I'm trying to get the odd one in a little, bit here chatting a little bit yeah. I thought it was 8 p.m., GMT I. Was thinking yeah cool. It. Was this week. 8. Or 9 but I thought. It was. Yeah, I think it's a lily listen I think. That's right you can always catch it on a replay and, never. Never be afraid you'll, always have that high quality, replay. Archive, at hand not just for Paul on the plane not just for the ironworks but for everything. PFR, has to offer. That's. Right never be afraid to hit that subscribe button over there TFR. It's. An amazing. Amount. Of, access. You get through. One person's. Subscription. Issues you know I'm saying. Individually. I do. Like it that I've heard several presenters. On, there saying, you. Know they were worried, that what. They could talk about what they couldn't, talk about and Chris, chiozza, responses, you talk about what you want. You. Should hear some of those inane. Stuff yeah Paul about it. But. This morning for it's an amazing, show as I say if you guys haven't had a chance to go check it out it is there today, for sure it's there on our own on the.

Link Divine. Works there so, I, plan. On getting a version of the show over to. Karen B so she can work her magic. She. Her videos her pretty. High quality yes. They are I had, to my junk I throw around my, goodness, for sure she's amazing, on her, just. The taste she, uses in her videos. She. Makes good choices in her editing for sure. Well, hello again as I said to everybody in chat I'm just now trying to figure out how to get in here again. So what are you guys thinking about the chat. Replay that you if. You guys like that is that an addition you're happy about you. Guys in chat and here on the panel. I enjoyed. It i win-win. Watch last week's show it's. Really cool no need for screen space, all. The chat just just, scroll through if you want it so. I thought it was quite cool and just leave it. Moving. Forward. Maybe, you know just, leave it off there but see. Then I look at the screen now and I think well that was nice as well yeah I was gonna say I liked the design as, Josh just, come. Up with here I'm still waiting to see that lego. Bright. Version as well sir that. This. Was meant, to be Turner it's gone forever right. Here. First. Of all catching, up with Karen B that's, my first thing I'm off on holiday, next, on Sunday. For. A week with. The boys and Murray so. That's. My first bit of holiday listening, is is this morning show cuz I said I was busy. Next. Thing is he's with the computer, a way. To, turn into 64, bit you know cause it kept crashing, ah that's. Right yes it. Was we made, some, moves yeah. So. Hot the on record. He's. Promised, it will be ready when, I get back off all of it so we'll see, Cole. I'm looking forward to it bout. BS. So hopefully that battle be I'll be there and while, doing apologetics. I will. Send the. You. Know I got, that the adapter. Well. For HDMI. And Scott thing. But. It was easy, this, is not me making excuses like, if they want to show honestly, oops oops oops oops. Oops. Yeah. It's not as good as that. So. That the thing goes from hating my to Scott so it's to convert, a semi output, into, an old Scott. TV why would you want that that seems to pointless, so, I've got it the wrong way around so I've got get another one so I've got a few more weeks great, so we.

After Easter. Before. The race. Today. I do want to give a shout out to test his apples he said hello and we've been ignoring him or I've been ignoring him so hello to Teslas Apple. Thanks. For all the work you've been doing with, good. Times for all Zach getting, his. His. Little. That's the coil up and runnin I. Saw. That he had run into some issues but, you got, him fired back up so thanks for that. I was, watching that those are really interesting. Watching. People I love, watching craftsmen. Work you know plumbers, or electricians. Or whatever, I just love watching videos of, soldiering, it's, it's. Like doo, doo to me it. Is all sorcery. Mr.. Savage isn't it you've, been learning to do. Downloading. Radiators. Downloading. Electrics, downloading. It's, like the matrix is plug, in and. Yes. I've got more jobs than that I've, pissed. On my page at the moment that's. The kind of opposite. Isn't it I want you so, you plug it in to make sure you can plug out. Say. I. Looked. At Twitter I haven't, you. Know looked at Flat Earth much, as much as I can, I've. Been yeah. Just literally, going online to, find, out how to do something or whether there's a. Regulation. Or something, that's best way best. Practice, all that sort of thing but learning all sorts of. Stuff and my. Word it's been good saved a paper. Money too if anyone's interested. DME. Let you know how. But. It involves, getting a an electricity, monitor, anyway I get into all that crap, I bored you all right I warn, you I warn you now it'll, be a long dear. Well. We are always interested in the Voodoo that you do do. Just, sitting there waiting to say that. We're. Talking about voodoo and doo doo about, some taboo ah, thank. You so much we were at that's where I was headed before we really. Jumped in to. This whole convex. Earth a documentary, thing we did have some. Dare, I say. No. I won't we. Have some other videos to watch maybe some things that might have slipped through the cracks that were at, the very least equally, as important, as what, was put out by. The. Convex, earth documentary. Film crew um. And, way you're gonna be able to screen. Share that or sometimes I should hello, got. It I've got it queued up me no probs that's. The exact point no there's, been a lot. Plus an excitement, and focus, this week on on the convection, and rightly so, we'll. Get into, that indeed. I see people in the in the chair, anxious for us to get to it. Stuff. In there but. It. Is it is a bit Discovery. Channel the whole thing and before, we got into that I wanted to come out. That's those for newbies what what the size is fantastic. To say I'm not gonna get into it stay focused. But. What we have what. I wanted to show here was actually, some of the detail that the, YouTube. But. Of community, not. Whatever. Institution, the, CT said in Brazil is doing but. What we, as. Individuals. In our community of, the are achieving. And. What. About conspiracies, doing is it is beautiful there whatever the level of detail and refinement, that were seen in the YouTube, community is. Probably. The. Reason the, YouTube, community expressing, the, disappointment. Is do it and in. In. In. The combat sir stop all the criticism, it's receiving I think and so. Before we got into that I really did want to just show, something, along the themes. As. We've been talking about in terms of perspective. Refraction. And I. Love. This one because it's proper, got it's got some nice maps in it. So. And, it's, it's one. The. We. All invent these things and when we look at the maps these these are all things and the one when we come to the convex earth stuff with the buildings it's it's one that I tried. On New York and stuff and this. Again is the same sort of thing when we've theorized. And said. Oh if I could measure this and those do this I could just smash, the globe idiot, and. This, again is another great, one where somebody's, got. The data to validate the picture. I'll leave it there and maybe we should just play it's. Probably the best thing but, when. It respects, it yeah respective, to buchan conspiracy. Because like I said there's, a lot of moaning but this is. This is good quality. Flat, Earth research, from the community, not necessarily. Institutions. And I think. They, says a lot the detail that we're, about to show compared, to what we're about to discuss just, on standby, is Ed proxy and this is only about seven minutes long but, it's well worth it I think it's written really good info in here. Books. Although. As there is look I'm so not tech savvy I might have, right. Big. Screen. You. About the globe again but. We, are going to do something significantly, different this, time. This. Is a picture bomb block at, a distance, of 122. Miles from.

The Green yet at peak the. Photographer, was, at a height of 7,000. 142. Feet but, you don't need to know that because the height of the observer is actually not important. For this analysis, as we, are not going, to calculate the, usual hidden amount however. We, are going to prove the, Flat Earth in, a different manner I hope, you'll find this interesting. The. Peak immediately. To the right of Mont Blanc is Grand, Tour, nanine Grand. Tour, Nadine was 82 miles from the observer at the good Iannetta, here's. A picture from beyond horizons, showing. The, applicable Peaks, which are in the circle at the bottom left. Here. Are two of my screenshots, from Google Earth showing, the distances, also. The photographer, included, the same distances, at beyond. Horizons. Mont. Blanc has an actual elevation, of 15,000, 777, feet on the. Other hand Grandda to Nadine is a shorter, at an, actual elevation of 11,000. 86 feet Mont. Blanc is actually. 4600. 91 feet taller than Grand. Tour narleen. And, as you can see in the photo, Mon. Blog looks like it's slightly shorter, than grind, to turn I mean. Now. I'm sure the globe zealots her screaming, curvature. Right now, let's. Ignore the lies in the spin, does. This photograph, prove, the. Alleged curvature. Of the earth. The, answer is no not. At all, in fact. This photograph proves the Flat Earth as this photo is impossible, under the globe model but. It requires one to gain an understanding of, angular size which, is very often confused, with the herbage. Based, on the distance for server in other words objects, appear to get smaller as they, get further away from the observer, this. Is obvious, to even a child and. It's a mathematical. Certainty that. Can be computed with online calculators. We. Are talking about apparent, size not actual, size. In. The photo, mom log has a much larger actual, height of fifteen thousand seven hundred seventy seven feet while. Grand, Tour, Nadine has an actual height of eleven thousand eighty six feet however. In the photo mom Blanc looks to be slightly smaller than grande tourmaline. We. Must prepare. The angular, sizes of both Peaks and we are going to compute the angular sizes for both Peaks without considering, the purported, curvature, of the earth. With a distance of 122. Miles or, 640. 4160. Feet and an elevation of 15,000. 777. Feet Mont, Blanc has an angular size of one point four zero three two degrees. Some. Distances, and sizes, are the peaks. Brand. Tonally, with an elevation of 11,000, 86 feet at, a distance, of 82 miles or. 432,000. 960, feet has, a slightly, larger apparent. Or angular size of one point four six seven degrees. Has. An angular size of one point four zero three two degrees and grande, tourmaline, has a larger, angular size of one point four six seven degrees. In, other words on the flat earth Grand. Tour, Nalini should appear slightly larger, than Mont Blanc just. As shown in this photograph. Earth. Passes, the angular size test for this photograph. To. Happen on a ball earth. Undoubtedly. We must still calculate, the angular size of both respective, Peaks as we, just did for the Flat Earth but. We must then include the drop of curvature, in accordance with accepted globe, dimensions. Distance. From Grenada, where, the photographer was to Mont Blanc is. 122. Miles, that's. A curvature drop of nine thousand, nine hundred twenty, three feet. The, distance from green, headed to the Grand Tour, Nadine is 82 miles that's, a curvature drop of four thousand four hundred eighty three feet, then. We subtract, the two curvature, drops to calculate, the curvature drop from Grand Tour nailin to Mont Blanc from. The observers, point of view. That's. A difference of five thousand four hundred forty feet, therefore. Under the globe model that means at the top of Mont Blanc would have dropped an additional, five thousand four hundred forty feet beyond. Grand, Tour Nadine and would then be only ten thousand, three hundred thirty seven feet tall with, respect to the closer Grand tourmaline, at eleven. Thousand eighty six feet. Based, only. Yes. It does and the globe model would appear valid when you only consider curvature. Drop and that's. Where, the globe chill will want you to stop but, that is only halfway, so. Now let's figure in the angular size reduction, and I. Must reiterate an angular size computation, is without question a 100%. Necessity. Objects. Get apparently, smaller with distance, that is a fact. We. Are going to include the angular size reduction, by calculating, a new angular, size for the curvature adjusted. And now shorter, bond Blanc meaning. The Montblanc that shrunk to ten thousand three hundred thirty seven feet due to the alleged curvature, drop.

The, Adjusted. Height of Mont Blanc if, fifteen, thousand seven hundred seventy seven feet minus five thousand, four hundred forty feet which equals, ten, thousand, three, hundred thirty seven feet according. To the angular size calculator, the adjusted angular size of Mont Blanc is now zero. Point nine one nine forty two degrees. Now, let's compare the adjusted, Montblanc. Angular size with additional, coverage to drop with Grand Tour Nadine. Under. The gold model while. Blog should appear sixty-three percent the height of Grand Tour no lean. 63. Percent. Unequivocally. And of, course the liars will lie in the commets Mont Blanc is not. 63. Percent the height of Grand Tour, Nadine in the photo they, are almost the same size a grand, kirtana lean is slightly taller. You, see how the Earth's curvature does, not exist but it's simply angular size and perspective, you, see how they trick the world, this. Photograph, is impossible, under the gold model globe, faithful, make counter that this was only caused by refraction, but. Ask yourself what, refraction, seriously, be able to come accomplish, this feat and remove. Just the curvature, in the right amount to match the angular size calculation, when a flat earth. That. Is utter nonsense. Lobe. The, bunt. All right stuff, great. Stuff I really like that except. The baby laughing really threw me off. Give. Me a heart attack now, crap, what button did i press now, oh that's. Not me that can't be me. Button. And presses, they're the people that make the world go round. So. That was. Taboo. Conspiracy. And uh. And. I brought that to our attention we wanted to make sure that that, one did not fall through the cracks, with. All. The other video releases, this, week we wanted to make sure to highlight that one especially so, thanks to taboo conspiracy, that was pretty cool agree. Yeah. I really need don't you need to get headphones in it couldn't. Hear me oh I can hear all kinds of stuff but. Every. Time I scary. Way that. Yeah. Good. Stuff I'm diggin it. Only. Better I think. So it seems to be just. Drop yeah but that is much better oh, look. I just want to make what I'm not gonna go into a grenade people really, want to get onto. On. The XS but to. Me that's a real massive. Thing what it's not just absolutely. Proof look look at the tool that's, been been, given, him you know what we've got is, he's. Absolutely and in it and it really does link into. Real. Of stuff that's going off at the moment. In. Relation to like Nathan's work with the Isle of Man. Which. Is to validate, this angular size and to bring it in the, context, and as he briefly. Mentioned, in the middle of it you know just to stop. The ballers, in their tracks don't go halfway litter science, do the job properly and take. Into account the port the pier and also, angry precise reduction, and just that was a really. Really. Good video that summarized. It and might say more important it gives us all at all four. Each of geeky, moments, if we want to calculate who'd. Want to do calculations on. My say what, kind of sudden. Well. On Sunday I see real quick, Barlow, Buster's is gonna tear into Mick West and that calculator, he's got over there on the mega bunk site so.

Uh, You. Know I guess more people than you would think, appreciate. Doing maths. But. Yet nothing. Better. Junk, are cooler I. Think. We. Should. We give it a go I think it's about time I think Lauren, we can no longer hold the drum roll drum roll, well. Hold on I got one of those I think. I do, probably. Not on here go for it just do it. Before. We do. Like. Not. Follow today before we've all been intrepid. Ation ambien. In, all of this had our wood lights it made me just give, a premise, of and maybe a small legal disclaimer. If possible, first or. Revised in this course, yes, please, absolutely. We should have started the show with this actually. Okay. And so legal. Disclaimer so. Please. Note all. Argument. Analysis. Assumption. Comment. Calculation. Conjecture, criticism, doctrine discussion, evaluation. Figuring. Out, guesswork. Hypothesis. Hunches, ideas, influence, judgment, observation, opinion presumption, philosophy, quantification. Relation, prediction, premise, reasoning, surmising, supposes speculation, theorizing. Generated. In this debate is subject, to the validation. Of the experience, equipment, resource and their capacity for reproduction, this. Is not legal advice but, is copyrighted, by real media. Yes. Thank you Wow. Don't. Listen to anything we bloody you say. Take. It that was someone else. All. Right mouthful. Know. The point there look guises in, all of this but. Experiments. They represented, and that's what I want to just. Try. And work my way through because, it was a bit of a jumble wasn't it big. Opening. To that program. And. Maybe. A bit come on that's where they, could see it was confusing, so I kind of just wanna. Like. Watching Columbo, I. Said. To the guys it was like watching. A. House. I. Wrote. Or, a. Redecorating. Program where they've got they, can't just have one person, because, it won't make a full program, but. They have to have three, or four couples and they keep caught in between and just, before. The break we told you this and just after the break we're gonna tell you that you know the same thing again and it, became, very disjointed and, was. I said, maybe designed. For the. Discovery. Channel is the way I felt. It. Was but but, the point I want. To make forget is just that basically, I did think if the, results, are. Valid April yeah. And more. Importantly, reproducible. By other people because it's up there that's, what we all ask for on, the.

Ball Model and every model you know I mean and. The. Equipment's, verified then, it. Really, is significant, whatever we think of the program and it's. Significant, so. In. Terms. Of adding. To the body of science that, that does seem that one benefit, of it does tend to be done. Or. It purports, to have been done following. The scientific method, and maybe. I'll get into that later no. I agree I agree I, think if, if. This stuff can be validated, then it is. It's. Fantastic work it is absolutely. Fantastic whether they've, been on this for seven years and I. Mean I'm just full I've. Got more questions than. Answers. About this whole thing but, you. Know funding, is one thing I want to know about and, where. These people came from if. They were on it seven years ago and they're the, world wide network, then, what. Were they doing seven. Years ago when they when they go. Yeah. I, mean, have they been on a forum, is there a forum, that they create. Themselves or, I mean they must have come from somewhere to, suddenly form a group seven. Years ago and decide to invest, an awful, lot of money by. The looks of things or an earner, not, to mention the time and the effort, and. And. To remain, quiet for seven, years about it I mean it's fascinating, to me but, yeah. I'm. Healthily. Skeptical. But. From, what I saw presented. It's it's. Extremely positive, if it can indeed. Be if it's released to the public, free. Of charge I, see, they've got a book coming out so. And. That's claimed to have all the have, all their data and everything. In it but you, know what if. You want to just weigh the world it needs to be out there all. The footage all the data. All. The equipment, specs, everything, it needs to be put, out there so, others. Can contest. It I mean we know from our own experiences. Things. Like lasers, and you, know seeing things. At large, distance, and the, mirror band effect, that, we've, covered on here so, many. Times. We. Know are almost, certainly, that the, results, they got are legit. But. Other. People won't know that so, it's. Yeah. It's a step in the right direction without, a doubt. So, we actually well, as covers, no, I said we talked, about this a few weeks ago I think didn't we um was. It maybe. Our non show that we did, two. Weeks ago I don't remember we I know we talked about this. Before. It came out and. We were doing our Wednesday. Pre-show. Production, meeting when. It sort. Of dawned on us it was sort of time. Was quickly approaching and there was only ten hours I think before, it was due, to drop. I. Ended. Up falling asleep so. I, didn't get to catch, it on the immediate, release and then. In the morning time I tried to listen to it but there was too much visual. That I wanted to catch, so, I didn't, get a chance to watch, it until later in the afternoon. And. All I forgot about it and tell, us a little waltz, did. Of. Course. And. Then. Well yeah well Adam and I watched a little bit of it together so Adam, had already seen it but I was watching it for the first time. And. Then. When it when it concluded sort, of the B. We noticed that it had been mirrored, an awful. Lot. So. The first question sort, of after, having seen it was well should. We mirror, it too and. It. Just sort of the question just sort of hung there and. I thought we decided that I downloaded. It for you, no posterity, but I don't think we feel the need to mirror, it on our channel I think there's a lot of people that have mirrored it I think people can get the information they. Don't need us to, do that as well but. I went. Through the same quandary, on my channel as to whether to do. The same but I, just, like, everything you, know you. You want to be able to put, it up there and get it out there but I think, you need to take a step back and and you, know just, wait. For the data, on. That we we. Were obviously. Or what you know trying to get, across between us all and we we shared it with Rob and. Stupidly. Late I got bleep. After. I'd sending the link saying, it's. That, the links gone down from their YouTube channel I don't know if that's still the case. So I ended up sending in the, global stirs Nara so, he could watch it we go just turned, in after look see, I'd seen that many no, big hit I was such a busy man now you see both. Are.

Saving The time fall, out. On. That you dirty cheat you nose itchy give me them off ashes, by shocking. Absolutely shocking. Well. Channel. And it was up there, were two different ones the one they released. Initially. Was the one that I grabbed as soon as I saw it and sort. Of passed it around so that everybody would be able to at least have a quick, access to a link to watch, but. They did take that one down they. Put up another one that was just I don't, know like five or six seconds, longer or. A different in time at least. So. Yeah I didn't, know why they had to upload it twice but for some reason they took down the original upload and re-uploaded, re. Uploaded a slightly, different, version or whatever. Reason, yeah. I watched, it on the marvels, channel and that. Link through to the original, clicked on that and that. Was working fine but yeah I saw rob some. Comment. It. Must be honored if you yeah, I like to say Josh on a different channel but. Who. Knows what happened there. Anyway, movin, on to it. Adam. Yes. Like I said. We've, made a few notes some way and we're all a bit. I'll. Confuse but it was a bit jumbled, the presentation. So I've. Tried. To make a few no it, felt to me like they were trying to as, you, say have, it set up so that there would be places for commercials, to. Like kind of build up a suspense, for a certain experiment, and then. Change tactics, for when they come back from the commercial you know what I'm saying it felt like they were trying to build it and in the in a way that's, very familiar to, the general public, and. Somebody. Just didn't do, the editing very well at all you know that's what it felt like to me and. There were a lot of things that seem, dated that, we kind of discussed and I'm sure you're going to get to that as well but just the the editing, of it was just kind of just, left me wanting. Quite, a bit, yeah. I I. Agree I think, this. Is what I was wondering about the funding, I'm thinking you know did. A bunch of guys and girls get together seven, years ago and think you. Know we. Got to get this information out there how are we going to do that, I'll, tell you what let's make, do. All our experiments. And make a documentary, and sell it to so-and-so. Can we have investors, you, know so I'm. Just wondering whether they put, their own money in or or, they. Got investors. Saying you know we're gonna make this, groundbreaking. Documentary. And, sell it all, over the place. And the. Book as well and, maybe. That's where the funding is coming from maybe they're taking an investment, gamble, in producing. This and and. Hoping. To get their, money, back, tenfold. Later. On down the line or, more. Cynically. It. May have been produced by. National. Geographic or, something all funded, by him, or I don't, know. It. Was a bit John I got bumped, from the video and I think, anything less and the Assumption I've got from the video will be disappointing. And that. Was that they're, going to release the, data and as, I said to you earlier, long. As the release that they if they want to then go and make money, from selling. Physical objects, such as books then that to them I've got no problem with that. We're. Opening a theme park oh well. Yeah past. That was there yeah. That. Question isn't what what's been built is that is is that gonna be a theme part is, it going to be a place of pilgrimage is, it what is it it.

Certainly Seems to have a preordained. Purpose. But. People. Making money mate you know they've done a lot of research look. At Fe. Core they're asking for a subscription they. Want to sell. A book do, this do whatever that actually leads to genuine. Honest research then the. Problem, as long as, the. Data itself, is released the. People, freely. That's. What's important, and it's, legit. Explain. I covered that the legal disclaimer covered them yeah. Yeah yeah yeah, this is all talk, on assumption, that this is legit. That, basically, what you're saying. Money, is you, know people, have got to make money I suppose but I got. No problem with that at all as long as what you say it's legit, it's, upfront. It's transparent, it's made. Available I. Would. Question the, the credibility, of it if, it was if they were going to charge for the data, and. Maybe, not initially but you know later on if, it's released. Did. They release you know to, the, non, funders. Or payers then. Yeah. No problem. Are, you laughing. That, was a nod at a great. Delay. Oh. Well. We. Just move on and start with E. What, my understanding of what was was, presented. In terms of experiments. And stick. With each one. Yeah. From beginning to and then, you guys can. Chip, in. The. Trouble was wasn't it the way they seem, to be an intermingling, of some of the experiments between some of the sides so that's where I'll be. Confused. But anyway. So the first set I've got is the like the vision visual ones the optical. Stuff with telescopes. And. They're. Basically doing. The stuff that make always phytase you know very. Smoked and, knowledgeable. And, with the boats over there Preiser I. Don't. Know what you guys thought. The, summation, there I mean it was it was the obvious wasn't, it. Well. What did they do they got two boats a big boat in a little boat and they sailed it to their eyes and they GPS. Their coordinates. They, were in contact and, they had a Newtonian. Telescope. Zoomed. In, on it that's, what I got, from it they demonstrated. The mihrab, and that we've been on about. That. Phenomena, because, the little, boat disappeared, sort. Of first, but the, big boat was still, still. Visible. Where. Is a good experiment and from. My notes what was it oh do. You know what the M. Distance. Was. They. Weren't really talking I think this, was the whole thing in the whole thing there's it complete, lack. Of numbers, wasn't. In terms of full. Numbers. And I think that probably, leads to them. The whole thing the holding a lot back. So. No I didn't get numbers because kind of being. Honest I kind of went oh yes I was hoping the Rison bit next next. Thing. On that, was.

They. Also used the one of those big. Telescopes. Also. Over, Lake, Titicaca. Yeah, they get. Stuff. As well which also had added, I think over the so I gained, like, a distances, but I didn't notice that they, did an. Obstacle thing on on that place as well which is where the the laser, test I. Didn't. Get any, distances. I just noted that they they. Had four separate. Long, distance, experiments. With boats and telescopes, and then. We moved on to the Lake Titicaca which, was a laser. Test wasn't it photo. You. Know lettuce not doing what they did. So. They for, me that was like kind of basics, that stuff and probably not worth much, not. Much debate we can all go, and do it tomorrow Conway, friend near the coast. But. There's the, other thing they again they alluded. To and didn't give any detail, as to why. They could state, they've got a new optical, way of describing things or whatever but. They did start to describe, or. Allude, to, what. All of those. Guys are talking about in terms of the mihrab and, refraction. Reflection. Within. That and and and and so on I'm. All gone are they go on about for a Fitbit only so. It. Bids me to be a little, bit basically. A confirmation. Of what we're all kind of. Postulate. Throughout. The community, with. Regards to the optical stuff. Yep. See. What, I was like next next next the. Next one right, angle clue which with the radio wave stuff and I understood. It and maybe. I think, it's. 14. Minutes 30 Josh can you share it, somewhere. Around there, the. Picture that looks at Walt. I'll. Commit but in change. We'll. Get into the mass of that and abet but I mean it seems, to and, I. Don't profess, to understand. It but it was all to do with the Fresnel, zone of. These. This. Transmission. And and, I suppose. Bob. On, global, sizzle, do. A good job of. Supporting. This, this. Experiment. It's. Line of sight they have to be lying aside yeah. Unless. I mean, in terms of validating it's an - I kind, of grasp the concept, but it's available it's. Along that. Similar. To what, Rob. Durham's going to be doing or has done I don't know, up at the Bedford levels. So, the principle, is is that it can't go through, a humpable to the you. Know if it's obstructing. By anything other, than line-of-sight. Then it's, not going to work and I've. Dealt with it in IT with. Microwave. Links. Between London, and. That, seemed. Straightforward. Along. That premise that it was it was lying a cycling and they they got a pink back. And. Sorry. I've got a pulled up here. You. First I guess you suckers you're going to want to watch it too. You guys watching. I'm. Really going to start streamlining, this whole process. This, is way too much issues, we. Haves here. Right I'm at, 1438. But, the question is do we want to get into criticism, yet I suppose, as, if we get to the diagram will digress when, we say side. But. As John said he's pretty much he said line of sight requirement. Isn't it. This. Experiment. So, the hypothesis. In this one bit Tillich they won't get a connection, because, the curve is ripped the earth will. Garcetti. Ivan in their opinion, a hump, they. Were meticulous, in in their line of sight is, to prevent. A communication. I do, apologize, intent I gonna call but I was still trying to hear you on the other ear there I stood so my issue is always with that hope we. Wouldn't be looking at. It's. Just a now. There. It is there's, the Humpty hump we. Down lie. There that's, an awesome, picture one of the reasons why we really don't like this hump. Just not reality is it. In so, many ways it's just not reality. Well it's not our reality and it's not even the bottle reality that's the part that's very frustrating. Cuz they're not looking at the ground but, don't know what you gonna see that huh otherwise you're the top of the hop on their, ball that's just the, only way it would work. You. Everyone's, at the top of that hump. Exactly. Just like everybody has their own Sun for us everybody, has their own top of the ball for them, well, those transmitters, would, be perpendicular. To the, ground and, they wouldn't be pointing. At each other through a hump so yeah it's. Deliberately. And. Not deliberate. On their account but the. Whole hump issue is, misleading. Well. I challenge. Anyone to provide video of a laser test or, whereupon, the laser was. Shown. Into the hump of water that is the curve. You. Forgive, me just not rally. I'm. Not I'm not bothered, it's it, doesn't. Matter cuz this. Is a baller. Excuse, this. Is the way the ball is used to hide. The amount of curvature from us by. Manipulating. The mass and. Instead. Of will be demonstrated. What drop is listing. It and drawing a straight line, across.

The Circumference, which. Negates. Gravity. And. Creates, basically a, hill between only two points, and, well that's what, meta junk website. Didn't, at Midwest met. A junk and. And, he later changed, it didn't he. But. I say the only thing that matters is it. Doesn't matter because their home whatever. Their home page the drop is twice their home so. That's. The reality it, doesn't, matter because as. They say in there for, me as I suppose, it's gonna be door that isn't it because it's. All buying down from, the top of that. I'd. Be the drop from. One point to the second. Point. Anyway. Bryant, gone next, is the. Laser, test which. Loads. Of that moon. At. Least two or no it I think city car car and something. Else yeah, but. These are the three of time stamps for those. By, the way this particular version, of the convex, earth documentary. Is being brought to you by the journalism. Channel. And. That. At night shut up in, the chat. At, the share out of pub, hey. Everybody, I just said she said Tyrion. Is internal, shout, out to Bob. Didn't. Check. These. These. Laser tests, are the ones that are kind of mixed up on me with the GPS. Water. Level, ones and. There. Was one that, was it, was high 1 meter and there, was distance. 15. Kilometers. Or. 18, kilometers, as far as I could make, out and then there was the titicaca, one which is 1 meter plus. 40 centimeter, is the. Laser was mounted, and then there's at this that the distance on that was 110. Kilometers. So. This, is what I was struggling we John the best number I could get that they said the laser went over it was 35. Kilometers. He said Lake Titicaca was. Wandering 10. But the but the biggest unbridled him claim on that one was 35, kilometers, for the laser but I said it was wood, no clear, result presented, was there it's. It's. Jumbled, because, I mean they started out didn't. They explaining. Each of the experiments. And then would. It work would it through this would it do that and then they went through their experiments, again, giving. The results, but yeah it, just seems slightly jumbled. Jumbled. Even, more didn't it with that. Then. Brewing a surprise experiment. Which was a kind of like, operand. Mongrel, of the optical, and the laser, where. They were at night with a fire camp fire doing. Stuff on the lake. Using. A torch a theodolite. And a laser and trying, to see what they could say so. But. Not maybe even more confusing, without. And leave. The lake was it Brazzaville. Eighteen. Kilometers wasn't. It or something like that I've, got a 18. And a 15, kilometers, on that one I think yeah that was the reservoir one I think I don't. Know it was just very difficult to tie. Them all together, you know and, I don't think there was a. Really. Concise. Summary, at the end you know but, you know with a chart or something saying, this. Is the because, he said at the beginning he does he, did seven experiments. And they and that's all they needed to to. Prove it was, it. Was flat and finally. They said it was stationary, at the very end. I don't, know why I they would produce a spinning, and CGI. Model. Of this. Typical. Flat Earth Society, floating. Disc, in space, that. Is. Rotating. When they're later on gonna. Gonna. Say that it's not rotating I don't, know I don't know I don't. Want to be hypocritical, about it. It. It's, it. It's. An amazing effort but. It is going to attract, criticism. Because. The, Flat, Earth, the. Neo. Flat earthers, are a hard crowd. To please, and. So. They should be we've, been lied to from, birth so we. Shouldn't believe anything that we're shown. Unless. We can verify, it and validate, it for ourselves on. That whole stop preaching. Reach it brother. That. Sounds like a religion, this isn't any. Anyone. Can go and do. Their, own research on. This you. Can do, the gyroscopes, you can do the your. Graviton. Motors on your phone. Jonesy. On our island, that you couldn't, see before or. Shouldn't. Be able to see there's. Um, many. Many, ways this this documentary, is just one. More straw, in there of Flat. Earth as far as I'm concern well, they did John was and. I think this is really clever and again something they have not Bailey.

And Because. Of the jumbo it's hard to get it together but what, you can see is with the GPS. Relays, is the optical and stuff they're also they're building. Links. Between them all that, stopped. People. Saying yeah but what about yeah, but what about and, I say. What they've, integrated those laser tests, and that this is the kind. Of last bit which is the geodetic, survey. But they also integrate, that with the, reservoir. Stuff. Where, they triangulated, I, think, or did. Three points, in a line or something I. Think. Is interesting that, as. You can get older this data is probably. Very. Very robust. But at the moment I say is, conjecture. On what they're, telling. Ya. Yeah no it's, building, a good base it's it's building a good foundation a. Good base you. Know it's like there you go we've done it go. Do it yourself it's, sort of thing you know I did with the gyroscope experiment. Uggs wasn't. So persuade anyone ought to convince anyone or anything if it says it was, a case of well I've done it you know you're going to do it better do it much better. It's. It's inspiring. To people I think. That brings us then to the last experiment. Which. Was the. Geodesic. Survey. Of the two buildings. I'm not sure what the timestamp, on those. Longest, 24, minutes, that's something I like Josh where this doctor, 24. Minutes that's. What the first time they described yeah that's when I was keen early, on when, I trying to make notes early on you say anything, yeah, like. That doesn't seem right that seems awfully early I'm. Cutting, a bit so. That's, 25 26, but and what with some of the building pictures there but I mean. I think, we're all sitting it's a lot shall i screen, share and use my. Absolutely. From, you know awesome. Multimedia. Presentation. We. Are iron, rel media what we what would we be without, multimedia. Yeah. We've. Been promising, oh I've been with your graphic artists skills are improving. I will give you that and. What. Could possibly. Go wrong. You. Read it, do. It and. They. Rendered out everything, rendered out smooth everything, is crisp and clear. You did a really good job. We. Screen, share it so, how's. That. I don't, see it. I. Did. Hey. Bring, me my. I did. Can. You again I think. I see that now I clearly. Yeah yep. There we go. Okay. So, as. You can clearly see here. We've. Got the two buildings. As from what, I could understand, one was in. Argentina. And one was in Brazil or. But a significant, difference apart of. 3050. Kilometers. So. They, give.

This Presentation, don't they and. Show. You all the GPS, measuring, you. Know this this that and the other and from, the distance and again. It. Goes to them. Not, really presenting. The, stuff truthfully. Here this is the one thing I canna. Sadly. Did, a bit of calculation. In really here you know on and. It. Was the one thing I could probably you know get a grasp on just to kind of see what they're talking about that we. But, again i think the runer playing. What. It is so when once I did the little bit of the maths I. Kind. Of agreed. Kind. Of got it wrong in midweek dinner Josh. I mean um was wrong of him formula wrong to be honest but that's, that's. If. We start with the process they said that the. Distance between the bottom of the two buildings is. 3050. Kilometers, and, they're. Saying that if the earth, was, a ball then the distance. Between the tops of the building would. Be different. And that different. Be. Due to the. Slightly. Larger size of a bigger bowl which. Is equivalent to the tops of the building. There's, a great detail to show you how, they're. The same I a. Building. And. Both. At sea level whatever, what. The intellect, dimension, is is the height of the building so. This. Is the assumption I've made is, that. I had. A little look on google UK tower blocks and they look like okay tower block roughly and they said they were between like. Sixty. And a hundred, meters. Tall. So. For the ease of mathematics. I talked. 100. Meters is the height of the tower, block. And, so. That in mind and mass, we're gonna do is we've got two balls I'm going on with a radius, of. 6,371. I'm one, with a radius of six, thousand three hundred seventy, one point on. Kilometers. So, the weight is. At, the top of the building is in, relation. To this. Angle. Here. On, the big ball and the radius of the bottom building is is in relation, to the. Same angle, on. The smaller Bowl all. We need to know is. Wave. Calculating. That based on the distance and. You. Know luckily. Don't, knew someone, that had, worked to forming around for this make. It easy. Oh that's. Alert. If. We if we use the curve it took out and we assumed this point zero zero nine so, we're just assuming forty thousand. Miles. Of conference, not a little, bit. Its. Bun zero zero nine degrees. Per kilometer so therefore in two. Thousand and fifty kilometers, we've got twenty seven point four five degrees. So. We've. Calculated, that you know this, angle to the center. Of the ball earth is, twenty. Seven point four five. So. If we just quickly we. Know the small ball is forty thousand, all the way around and if we just quickly calculate, the circumference, of the big ball. Still, 2 pi r 6, 3 7 1.1, and that brings us out to. Forty thousand and thirty point eight zero one nine so. On. So. We. And, recalculate. What that distance, would be on the art length given. An, angle of 27.45. Degrees on the big bowl. About. A thousand by I 360 times, and, 7.45, gives us an. All-rounder. 3052. And blob. So. If we subtract, the Artland I actually. Gives us two point three four kilometers. Or two. Thousand, three hundred forty eight meters, difference. Between. The top, and the bottom. After. The buildings and or. Mr., Sauvage. 7705. Fate which is. Silly. I did. Who's to be corrected. Obviously. But, we did double-check it and. About. 3,000. Miles. 3000. Kilometers is, 7.6. To 5% of the earth curvature, and. If you then. Apply. That to. It it does give you the same number, of 2.3. Kilometers. So. Because. You're right. Just don't seem right does it but that's because we don't live on. Well, I'm really diggin the graphics though Adam you, knocked it out of the ballpark it's awesome we. Polish. They. Yeah, so that's kind of my.

Summary. Of the experiment, I suppose we could gone to. The other stuff after but I did just want to, kind. Of round up them because they are. And of themselves I think really quite. Significant. Things. I. Think. They're significant, I. Didn't. Enjoy that the. Speculation. Part you. Know where you. Start concluding. Other. Things. Satellites. And. Gravitational. Lensing. Curvature. Of light proved, by. Einstein. 1919. Experiment. I mean if anyone actually researches. Into that 1919. Eclipse. Experiment. It's. An absolute, joke. Well. Can we base. The whole thing on that it's ridiculous, John, you're you're a link master, maybe we should just have a. Gravity. Break and then, get that those graphics, cued up cuz. The, hours all on, mobile and that's. And. Get that queued up that is exactly. Covertly in it what. Postulating. There nothing notes. Well. It's like well said earlier they, you. Know they they. Sound a little bit out of date you, know if they're if. They're quoting. Gravity. And and Einstein. And. Bending. Space-time. And. Like, bending. It's. All based, on this. Circle. Jerk from. 1919. That, has. Been, shown to be completely. Erroneous. That's. The word it's. Close in fact. But. Yeah I'll get a link to that ready. In the break and. Screen. Share or whatever it's. Yeah. It's a good one it's 26, page PDF. By. A guy called moody. Man. Up to, me oh no right. So. Adam are you going to try to play gravity, or show I tried to cue it up and. I'm. Just, hope it plays better than. It. Did at the show opener and. You, just never can tell. And waltez is. Fluttering. Around somewhere, he's got stuff he's dealing with at the moment um. So I think that a gravity break will come up at perfect time as I. Have green peppers to go upstairs and dice. Well. I'm cured, up. Look. At you go. Your, young padawan, and, scaring me. - you. Are screen sharing. Uh-uh my. I'm off for a cup of coffee sounds. Good well. That's been the first hour of a flat earth Friday, French cast right here on I enroll media thanks everybody for tuning in as we. Discuss. A little bit of the convex, earth documentary. We, got into some other things some taboo conspiracies, latest videos and, now. We're gonna take a little break and play, Cheyennes, gravity. So. Thanks everybody for tuning in and check. Us out on the other side I'm not exactly sure how long hopefully. I'll make it done before this ends because I got to go cut peppers so. I love you stay, tuned and we'll be right back.

Pretty. High. Our heads, are, almost. In, the clouds, and. Their. Feeder. Chained, to. The, ground, with. Their chains. They've. Got, ahold of me. They. Won't, let me. We. Are. They. Bite of, gravity. You. Hello. You, me. Goddamn I thought at least covered, that. Gets. Worse than it anyway. Director. Right. Well in which case that's every time I play you see it just goes bonkers so I'll be back of this out Phil John, yeah. I-i've. Got a shout out shout, out. To. Obviously. Paulin plane we've already done that one. Stacy, Mac stationery, has. Got a blog going on, with. Some great stuff on there did a great. Blog. Post on. Venus. And Mercury. Not. Apparently. Were supposedly. Not, being able to be seen in the nighttime, sky, on earth ever, which. Makes absolutely, perfect, sense so that was a good one and DDT. Side, which I think they shouted, out last week but. He's got a site. Up there. He's. Uploaded. Hundreds, of bladder. Quality. Fat, videos. So, top. Stuff to, both DD, eat a side us at DD teh side and. Stacey, Mac stationary, which i think is it's. Stationary. On. Twitter. The. Yes they, face. Remix station. I, since attempt them to, the point yeah it's, such, a in-your-face. Thing, it's like the impossible moon, phases, you, know you shouldn't, be able to see a crescent moon at night and you, shouldn't be able to see a gibbous, moon during, the day and yet, every, single one of us on earth have seen it so it's. Such, a slap in the face for, the heliocentrism. It's. You. Know. Talk. About that instead. Of mirror. Bends, and refraction. And gravity. And rubbish, like that you, know explain, that away first. Most. Of that is. Struction, isn't it from. The bloody obvious it's, excuses. For a ball as most of it so, yeah. It's an indoctrination. It's, a, confirmation. Bias it's, everything. Every. Every. Pick, up a psychological. Book and start reading through and you'll see. Evidence. Of this in. Diehard. Ballers. Doesn't. Matter what you shown. What. Are the coffee boys they're, beta. We're. Around chop, chopping. Peppers. So. I. Did. Pretty good I got an onion diced and, three. Onions. Cord. And diced and three. Other onions cord, and tops I just, haven't gotten redhead dicing them yet but my, unstuffed, peppers, are coming along quite nicely as, I multitask through, the show I, just. Feel might, seem a big number to, us untrained. Folk by chef standards, is that. Are. You bragging well. That's not too bad I'll back, him up on that I mean it's not too hard over you as KP. And. This is my home life I don't have a full nice, kitchen, where, I've got a big. Nice sharp chef it's chef's knife or a good cutting board I'm up here I'm build plastic sheets that I can bend and dump. Them into the pot and do. Not bring. You know your. Knives to work with you I wouldn't never leave my knuckle, that. Well. I, don't, have my own personal. Good, quality. Steel. Chef's knife I'm, at least not one, that's better than we have at work. We've. Got a service at work that will come, and replace our night I was bimonthly. So. I can just put. Them up with a sharpening, steel every time I use them if they start to get a little dull and then they'll just come back the, next week and grab them and swap them out with fresh ones, so, stay friendly cyant, I'm not for 15 years now so cool mate I bought when I was rich and. Yeah. That was my that was my, mistake. Bringing it into the kitchen every, time I did the bloody head chef would Nick it mm-hmm and start using it every. Time. Yeah. Good knifes are hard, to come by and you. Do have to pay a pretty penny for them when you find him generally. Yeah. I've found a replace. And. A replacement I was trying to think of a good segue it's. Nice something, about knives and short. Was. Trying to come out but anyway so, I'll crowbar. You're. Not. Battling all in all and, before. We start getting on to the criticism, there's one, last bit. Science. Kind. Of statement. I want to make with it open I, said. They weren't clear but what they did seaton. To. Mention in graduated. Passwords, that there appeared to be a. Hypothesis. In all of these experiments. And, right. Rightly. So. The. Hypothesis, was that there was curvature, h1, was that there was curvature, because that's. What they're trying roof. And. They can't prove that so, there's an admission that scientifically. What they're trying to prove that but in all. Of them they reject it you know all, of these different types of experiment. Unfortunately. Are unable. To. Demonstrate. Any, curvature. Because. I'm I'm the only one that's really quite chuffed with this, or. In the legal disclaimer so. Yeah let's move on. Shall. We and I think I figured out why that damn laughing baby scared, the hell out of me so many times I still have the stream, labs open and, apparently. That's the notification, I have it set to new subscribers, so.

Thanks. For the subs. We. Change that and turn that volume down a little bit because my god that's obnoxious I drink. Too much coffee to suffer that kind of shock I'll. Have to run upstairs and change my pants, I. Like. That noise like, that makes that noise when we, get new subscribers, it yeah. There's a different. Things it'll. Do I could. You can train it to set up a little gift, that will hop out and play and. You. Can put whatever sounds, you want in there and you can there's little adjustments, you can make tweak. It however you want but. Yeah. I guess I just never expected anybody. To ever actually use it so I, forgot. A little, off. I'd, turn, it off and walk away. Simplicity. Yeah, we could just do, away with all this we just need all. We need to Skype. So. We moving, on from the. Combat. I think because I've still got a few things, we. Were supposed to be coming back with the. Gravitation, I oh, yeah, okay. Suppose, up at a giant. Screw you know something. What a guy. My. Sensory. Science by Richard mood. Feedback. Yeah. We're offline, and everything froze up on me so we just gotta wait for everything to reset. And. Kick, us back up online there. We go. Okay. There's a link. From, what I gathered, from your show last week. You, need to be modded. Or something to post a link into the chat so. Someone, can post that in there because I don't think I wouldn't, know it on a model not. You. I think. We could probably do this. Cool. And, you're yeah, it's riddled. With hope. Sorry man but I'm, still here to share your screen is sharing yes you're good. Should, stop, there really I, go. Wandering, off somewhere else dude. Wait. Are we back. We, are back it says, it's. Probably, buffering, but. We are back it says video output low but we are back now yes. Yeah. Every once awhile my computer. Just it's. Kind of like that movie 50, first dates. With. The Adam Sandler and what. Would that help was her name a little blonde chick from poltergeist. Ah, I. Used to crush on a real hardwood YouTube first came out and played boy, it'll. Come to me um mm-hmm. But. Uh if she would just say that, lose, her memory every, day and you just have to reset, overnight, and you have to start, all over fresh the next day that's. Sort of the way my computer is every once in a while it just has to stop. All. My programs a film about. Recently. But there was that cool off. Any I could remember. It. Had to go by who used to be on neighbors in. Australia. You. Know what about an everyday. He lost his memory IPS. Yes. And. It was cool. One. Name. What. Were we on about gravity, we, were on about gravity we.

Were On about the. Theory. Of relativity and how this, documentary. Claims. That. Einstein. Put. Forward the. Bending, of light. Gravitational. Lensing, and it, was proven, correct according. To these guys in, the. 1919. Eclipse. Nonsense. Experiment. And. I, was putting up a link, to. This. Someone, was going to post a link in the chat to this PDF. Written. By Richard, moody jr.. And. There's loads, of others I mean this isn't the only one there's I think even. Kings. Dethrone goes, over the, 1919. Eclipse. And. A, few others do as well so I think Terra Firma, goes over, it and. Yeah. It's an absolute, joke and, this, is what they baked, everything. Of their. Foundation. On and it's a joke so yeah, go, research, it yourself make your own mind up. Oh. It's, an odd one why. Do they use that in in this what was it they worked the bending light for the. I can't, remember. It. Starts, into speculation, talks, about grab, satellites. And then, then. Starts, talking about gravitational. Lensing. And how light. Can been, I, can't, remember to be honest I need. To watch it guess the. Satellites bit again. It was one of the briefest, skip overs of this, is a geostationary. Satellite, this is. You. Know an orbital, and and, they, just got there it was almost like for. Me this was where. Some. Of the. Disappointments. The wrong word but. Reasoning. As the White was so wishy-washy. Was. Growing out they were just. They're, only prepared, to release so much I don't think they're prepared to. Was itwas been an interface, is it five dollars slap people in the face. It

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Hey guys! great convo, loved hearing the sincerely sceptic Mr Savage! and was with him 1005 and then Monday morning! Pow! Wham! guess it does pay to investigate! have to say it seemed a bit weird that so called scientists would put a YT video out there before a 'pear reviewed' paper? anyways, great to hear you guys, hope James got in his house in the end and yes have had a word with Del and will message Adam re: contacting. have a great week guys :)

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