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Copenhagen Gameplay Runthrough

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Hey everybody, today righto, runs through Copenhagen, which is a new Tetris style tiling game that's on Kickstarter, right now and I'm gonna do a to play run-through so you can see what it's all about although, before I get going I strongly, recommend you turn your subtitles, on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goofs you'll know what they are if, you've done that then welcome to Copenhagen everybody, where each of us has a building, and we're gonna try and build up a colourful, facade, and. We do that by, filling, it up with all of these we call them polyominoes. Style pieces of various colors although, before we get going we got to set the deck up now I'm playing a two-player game which means we're gonna go through this deck once and that triggers the end of the game so I got a pull, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 cards put. The end cards somewhere in here and then put that at the bottom of the deck. Just. Go ahead and get this deck one, more shuffle cause you really need to shuffle this up because you want to break all those clumps of cards up from. The previous time you played hopefully. That'll do it shuffle this several times anyway, so this goes on the bottom and now. Each, player gets. Two. Cards and the sense attends the second place she gets another card you know first, player advantage and now we put cards out on the wharf that, give us opportunities. To get facades, of different, colors, okay. We, are set up ready to go I am the first player and here's, what I've got in my hand and now what am I gonna do well on your turn you can do one of two actions. You can either grab. More cards, to add to your hand and your, maximum hand size is 7, or you, can play cards of matching. Colors to, be able to, grab the different color facades to start. Building your building up and what, am I gonna do well, I, like. The way this is starting out I've got a yellow and a blue now, I want to get sets of the same so I want a bunch of blues if I have three blues that, means I could build a size, 3 blue, facade but I had 4 blues it could be a size 4 if I only had 2 blues it could be a size 2, and each, color has one of these examples of a size 5 although they're different that's the blue one here's, the purple one the, yellow one the. Green one and the red one so, whole, bunch different sizes and don't, worry even though you can't see them they're all right here on the cards themselves which. Ones are available in each of the different colors so, I want to get more blues I want to get more yellows and I, think I got my eye on something because if I'm gonna on my turn take two cards, that would make my action my whole turn is taking two cards I have to take two that are adjacent to, each other so I could take these two or these two or these two but I think I'm gonna take these two cuz look at that now, I could make a size two yellow or a size two blue on a future turn and then new ones come out and. That. Was my turn it is now Jen's turn and let's see here oh she all right so Jill's, gone ahead and grabbed his green and purple so she's trying to make some sets as well all, righty. And. Oh let's. See I can't, get another blue in the yellow I could, get a blue and a purple or I'm. Sorry a yellow and a purple or a yellow and a green I can't, take just one no I have to take multiples and with, my hand size of seven um I, would. Oops. My. Wife just came in and interrupted and I've, just gotten back after a 10 minutes out in the garage I was like I think I was just saying that, I'd.

Have To discard, one of the excess cards if I ended up with a hand size over seven so. Do. I want to get some extra ones or do I want to start spending them because here's the deal they. Go, very quickly there, are only two, of each size in, a two-player game except, for the big ones which there's only one so. I I'd, rather get get, little ones when I need to fill in a little space but I could get a size, two blue or a size two yellow right now if I spent these, I. See there's no more blues coming out so. I think I will just go on ahead and spend. Two cards these get discarded to give me a size, two blue and now I'm gonna add it to my building facade and this, is kind of Tetris II because you have to go from the bottom up ideas can't just put it over here or over here or over here or whatever I have, to put it such that it's either going to be touching the, bottom row or something. Else that's touching the bottom row and when I say something else it can't I know if I later on built a green like this I couldn't go like that but I could go like that I I wouldn't, be able to go like this but I could go like this or like this or, like this because, it has to be supported by something. That reaches, back down the bottom so, I'm gonna go ahead and take a blue now I'm gonna grab this one right here and. What's happening is I am, trying to strive up to cover this coat of arms because, as soon as I cover this coat of arms I have, one, of three different special, actions, that I can do and so, you. Want to get to them as quick as possible so. I'm next turn hey I could grab a size, two yellow and then, put it here or go off the side and I'd cover that coat of arms I'd be able to do a special power anyway that was my action, it is now Jenn's action again so she can start playing these but she's gonna grab a couple more yes. Just going ahead and grab two greens so, look at that now, she could saw do, a size, four green very nice and then, two more come, out and, so. It's my turn again and. Mm-hmm. I would like to get both of these yellows but again I'd have to get a yellow purple or yellow red but a yellow red isn't bad because then hey I'd get two more Reds like that let's, go this way so, I Drive a yellow and a red and. Then. A green and a red come out oh I got some reds in my future and Jen's, turn now so she is definitely gonna play because her head is she could draw more cards but she just have to be jesting some so Jen is gonna play, these four greens, and grab. The, size four green okay, looks, familiar to touch hers fans out there now Jen has an interesting decision to make with this I mean obviously it has to go on the ground floor and she could just go like this so she's almost there or she could go like this and hey she'll, get one of those powers right now mom. But, you, may have noticed some, of the spaces on these facades have windows and some don't, here's, the way scoring, works once, we, get, to, the, bottom of this deck. Or. Once. Somebody has scored, 12 points it's. Over, and whoever scores the most points wins so obviously we're racing the 12 points if we can get them but we might go through the deck instead now. To score points we, need to complete rows, or, columns. Every. Row we complete and remember, we have to building from the bottom up but you know what I mean I could have started here but then just completed these two rows and left all this empty space every.

Row Is worth a point every, column, is worth 2 points but. If the, entire row is full of Windows it, doubles, same for the column so an entire, row, of Windows, is 2 instead of 1 an entire, column, of Windows is 4, instead, of 2 so if Gen goes like this she's, planning on building more and more windows with no gaps in Windows all the way up here to get 4 points instead of 2 because remember were racing to 12 or the, game will run out when the deck runs out so did. You I want to go like this or does she want to go like this to get an extra bonus point because then all she has to do really quickly is uh fill, in a couple other. You. Know windows. On the bottom and she'll get 2 points off of that row instead instead. She'll go like this though and, so now she definitely has a goal of known, on window things the rest of the way up here and so. She can get 4 points instead of 2 for making all the way out so anyway though in the meantime she, gets one, of the three special, actions now, the special actions are take. One of these little singles, just, to fill up us you know if you need to plug a hole or something or. Get. Another, one of these special powers now to be in the game each of us has a special power we can use this once and it lets us when we're grabbing two cards. Break, the rule of adjacency, if I wanted a red and yellow I could flip this to grab a red and a yellow instead, of two Reds or red and a purple or what have you, but. Jen, now could grab another one that, one time when she's getting cards. Instead of getting two she could pick up three or, she. Could turn a group of be on a given group to any color she wants so those four greens if she had this she could have said it was four blues instead or what have you this, one. Means. It costs you one less card to play Jen, had to play four greens to get this green in play but if she had this she, could have flipped it used it once so they would have only cost her three to build this and then, finally, this, is a special thing on your turn normally, you either draw cards, or play cards if you use this one time you get to do both on your turn so Jen is gonna go on ahead and grab a special, power for herself instead. Just getting one of these little ones she'll, take the one that, lets her grab an extra card sometimes when she feels like there's three of them out there that she wants okay so she'll go with that and, oh, the third thing I I forgot you can either get. One of these get. One of these or if. You've, used your special powers you can reactivate, all the used ones so you get a second use of them so getting, these is a really big deal and also you may have noticed there's these ones actually on the facade there's these on the side as soon as this row this, row and this row are completed, those also, give you access to the bonus special abilities as well so, that was Jim's big move and back, to me I'm just gonna keep on building up I would like some more Reds please bipbop. And. Then. We've got a purple, and. A blue it, is Jen's turn she's now starting to rebuild and a, two Purple's, that ain't bad she'll, take those. Scooby-dooby. Now it's my turn again okay, so. My. Hand is full no I could take one more tile but that'd be kind of crazy I mean, I could take I mean also I get a yellow. And a green and then just jettison, the green so I'd have four or I can go ahead and play. There. Are law deals I'm just gonna go ahead and play three, yellows to, get a size three. Yellow, now if all the size threes, were gone I could gone ahead and use those trees to get a size two yellow ball, the size twos of the trees were gone well I would, want to have this power to turn those yellows into a different color or keep, filling for a bigger one because you know once they're gone they're gone anyway I grabbed a size three yellow and I. Will go on ahead and. Go. Like this let's say so now I have unlocked the special ability and now, I want to make the rest of this row be, all windows so this row will be worth two points to me instead, of one and I see here so do. I want to grab one of those powers do I've totally I do now there's each, player there's enough of these so that each player can get one Jen could not take this one a second time I'll, go on ahead and take the one that, lets me like say make, us size, four. With only three cars for example so that's the power I just took for myself I am done it is Jen's turn again, so. Let's. See oh hey a purple and a blue how about that that's nice she. Could get the size five purple, boom, very. Cool so, that's exciting for her next turn, okay. And so I could, get the size five right if I take both of these yes, please okay. Some big moves coming up Jen's. Turn. Right. So she has chosen our draw anymore so you have to discard so she's gonna spend all five of these and do, the, massive, mighty, sighs, whoa, Oh see.

This Is a problem Jen wants to use the massive mighty to go like this. But. She will have broken her string of windows and she won't get the bonus points, Oh No. So that's not good this is really cool it fills up a lot of spaces but because it's got that one if you try to use it for a row it doesn't, you know it it instantly. Kills a row just boom instantly, done I mean, Jen could still build this way but she will only get one point for this role instead of two but. Still that's. Not bad I think Jen's gonna do anyway she took it and, um. She, just she's, on the board she has finished a row she gets one point instead of two and hey it's, a row that, gives her another special power so. Jen. Will. Jen. Will it might. Be worthwhile to take one of these to like slot in here because. Then if Jen could get the blues for. The size for this, area could be done she could go for that but Jen's gonna give herself another power she can use never she wants she'll take the one that, lets her change the color of a set she wants to play all right so. That, was Jen's big turn and hey it's my big turn I'm gonna grab the, big, goober. Um. Fibre. And, how. Am I gonna are you over the Red five standing by. If I go like this that's. Pretty, cool because I've got a good shot at finishing this row I just need a single window over there. And. Who, knows maybe I could make a you. Know a whole row of windows here here that might be a possibility yeah with that let's go with that I mean I'm kind of attempted to go like this as well, because. I'll, immediately get a power and I. Could be going for these, rows I mean I'd be giving up on this row of all windows by Kadena go for a row some windows there but now I'm gonna go this way let's go with that okay. So that. Is nice and although it gave me nothing right now and my hand is empty so, it is Jen's turn she's got a couple of blues time, to start rebuilding I, think. If. She'll go ahead and take the, blue and, the. Green of the red the green of the red the green of the red there's a lot of greens out she'll grab a green okay my turn I literally have nothing so I got to draw some cards. And. Uh, yeah. Hey look at all these greens and red pears. I'll probably try and start building up some greens and some reds. Okay. And it's Jens turn okay. Now there's, one other important thing that's going on here um. Was. It this, special, power gives you a discount of one when you're building so you have to spend one less card you. Know I could, have built this with only four Reds if I had used this power but I used all five red so I've still got that power for later you. Can get a discount if you build a color. Facade, next to an adjacent color sought of the same color you get a discount of one so. Jen. Could actually build a size two green right now if she built it somewhere next to this as an, example so, which, is a single green Jen. Could build this say and go. Like, that and. Then. She's very close to finishing that little area to try and fill all this in because, you know this isn't like textures where you have to be able to make them go all the way down even though this is blocked I mean Jen can go on ahead and sleep these in here and she could go like this because it's supported by that or. She could go like this so. Jen, could get, a size 2 green with only one green card or she. Could get welt right now she had a size 3 blue. Which. I think is what she's gonna do Jen's just gonna get a size 3 blue and. She's. Gonna put it. Here. Yeah there we go. So. That's, that and now next turn Jen, could use this to. Get a size, 1 and put this here and then she's working on another, column, all windows, all the time so, that's, what Jen's thinking she did that and, I.

Was Her turn it's my turn again and I. Would like to get another set of green. And red. Ok. Jen's turn again now she's gonna make do a single, green wouldn't do anything but by building next to a green she gets a discount of 1 so, she builds, a size 2. And boom, look how lovely, that fits in then she's got two super, columns she's on the go and, ever she could still use these powers anytime, on her turn um and. The, sooner we use them the sooner they're all flipped the more attractive. It is to use one of these coats of arms to, flip them all to get them back but, anyway my. Turn hmm. Hey another green and red I likey. Okay. Jen. Has nothing in her hand she needs to start rebuilding Jill, well, she could go in ahead and grab a couple but she doesn't get discounts, on building, yellows she. Gets discounts, on buildings purples, and greens. Um. So, you might say well hey maybe she wants get some Purple's right but she can't because they're separated, remember we have this power right from the get-go Jen's gonna use it Jen is going to be able to draw two cards but, she can take them from anywhere they don't have to be adjacent so, Jen just got two. Purples which means she could move a size 2 or a size 3, if it's adjacent to her existing, purple alrighty, so that's that for that and then these two come out and now. It is my turn again. And. Alright, so I could do I could do a size 4, red, with. These so, that'd be pretty cool but it'd have to be adjacent to my existing, size for, em. Or. I could just do a size 3 that's, kind of wasteful. I'd like to a size 3 because if I do this, boom. Yeah. Let's do it anyway ok so I'm, only gonna spend two of my three Reds, on the keep one and with. Sue because, it's next to this red I get a discount and this, is all supported, so I have made a size, three space and I, have scored one two, three points, and. I. Just got one two bonus, powers because I covered this up and I completed, this row so. Boom that's nice so, what powers do I want and. Well. Heck let's just get the other two so. I've got this one now and, let's. See which ones don't I have alright I'll go ahead and grab the. Drawing. Plus one okay. So. Alright. So that was that was a pretty nice turn and I can still do a nice big green, and next turn Jen's. Turn, so. There are no purple pull. She could start collecting more stuff or she could play sighs. She. Plays sighs two. Or three with these two cards so. She takes a size two purple which remember they're all right here so you can see it was always a blank space on them these are kind of a bummer because again she would be totally, messing up her opportunity. To go for, the super column there. You. Know she could go like this give herself another power. But. Then she will have missed this column up but she could still work on that column as, an example um. Or. Or. If, she wants to yeah. Maybe this makes more sense. She. Could treat these two purples, as two. Greens and that would be a triple green which. Would let her let's, say she's gonna do that she didn't use that power using, two purples as two greens but then because he's putting next to an existing green she, gets to do a triple and, she. Is almost, finished now she just puts one thing in here she will have instantly completed, all those rows and have gone to her self another power so.

She'll Go she'll get three points as soon as she puts one more thing there so that's pretty cool because, this is a race game coach we're just trying to get to as fast as we can get into the twelve or you. Know beating. It before the cart run out oh by the way I've been discarding, over their house dumb the whole space form right there to discard I don't know what I was thinking anywho my turn all righty so I've got a trip green here, or. A. Double, red building, off of my existing, stuff or. Collecting. Two more Reds so I could go for a bigger red let's do that all, righty BIP. Bop. Jen has nothing, in her hand so I think she's gonna start drawing but hey you know what she'll use her other power to, draw three, cards instead, of two now, two of the card she draws have to be adjacent like normal but the third one could come from anywhere so, Jen will draw one two, three. Nice. So, Jen, could make a nice big yellow. They. Call her mellow yellow quite rightly so, back to me and what, am I gonna do well, my hand is almost full so I better use these so this could be a size four red. Um. Yeah. And or and this well this going to be a slice because I haven't built any green so far so let's do let's play these and do. A size four so. I can't put that like here because it wouldn't be supported, and then if it was down here I wouldn't get the discount so let's go ahead and do it like like. This and hey I got myself another power and I could go for this column, but not this one for getting all windows so what power I think there's still one thing I haven't taken. Right. I haven't. Taken this I have access to all the, powers, I have the, powers and I haven't used any of them yet alright. So and I've, still got three greens for my next turn Jen she could go for a triple yellow right now what, you think Oh she'd like to do it but the triple yellow is a little bend and so it won't fit in there but hey she could start building up in fact. Actually yeah Jen's gonna play triple, yellow and grab, the last there is only two of these they go click I had one Jen grab the other and boom, she gets a power and she's, getting closer and closer to scoring 4 points for this column, that'll be huge and what power does she take will she get more powers or she. Can get all of these back boom boom boom, ok, so, that's pretty cool and her and is empty it's my turn again and hey I can, do a size 3 green or I could start collecting some more. Um. You know oh I. See, sighs, 4 green what I want to do that. Yeah. I think yes. I think so I am, going, to use I've got all the powers I'm gonna use this one that lets me first draw and then, play on the, same turn so I'm gonna draw two like normal I'll take a green and, a. Yellow yeah. And now, I get to play I will, play these. Four greens. To. Get the. Last size, four green I will slip it right here. And. Oh that's kind of a bummer well I can still work on this column. Yeah. Mmm. I could I could go, like. This and. Now I've got a couple little ones I need to plug up but I am so close to getting four points, or I don't, have to be sloppy and, I could go like this but, I'd only get one point for this instead of 2 how, best to use them oh we're, in race just go for this and then get for the 4 points I just need 2 windows up there but. Now I can't get the three points that are waiting for me here without wasting time doing some singles okay, so that's pretty cool and I've used that power to good effect, all. Right Jen's turn she has no card she needs to start rebuilding her, hand and hey here's a whole lot of blue in the world although, blue isn't exciting, for her because her blue is buried so, she can't get a blue bonus, but. Hey she'll do it anyway she'll just take two blues. And. Now it's my turn again I've got one yellow let's get a couple more yellows that's, nice. The. Deck is getting lower and so Jen wants, some more blues because. With three blues. No. No no, no what what is it oh no no she needs three greens to fill that space, so. What the heck let's go ahead and grab two greens let's. Do that. My. Turn, three yellows would let me do a size three yellow how unfortunate though, that, all size three L's are gone so I could spend these three yellows to get a sock no no no no no. I. Could. If I build next to an existing yellow I can use the discount and get. A size four and I could go like this but then I just got more empty spaces that's not particularly interesting, however. If. I build next to an existing yellow, and I. Use my discount, I could do a size five, yellow with, these and here's, the size five yellow.

Well. I would like to do the size five yellow like that but. Up, here I don't get the discount because, I could, use this to get it for but I know that I need one more yellow to build like that and complete my super column oh, do. I just spend some more time yeah okay I'll spend some more time and I'll get a red, there's another red over there and I have all this red discount I can do alright but the deck is getting shorter time is running out and, I'm still, the lead alright. So Jen's turn she. Will now spend, these two greens, to. Build an extra green which is a discount so that's three and boom, just like that Jen just got three. Points plus she finished a row so she gets another power so, one. Two three and another, power. Does, she want to grab one of these or does she want to just try and fill up a little bit more cuz. Then she's very close to get in the four points. Yeah, yeah. That's, what she's doing that's what Jen is doing okay so boom just like that okay back to me back to my turn so I've got four yellows. I'm. Just gonna spend all four yellows I'm not gonna go because with. That I can, go like, this and look, at that folks an entire, column. Of Windows is four points, one, two three four, oh I'm halfway there and we've still got and I've still got one red to play so that was my turn. If, I'd wanted to I could have used my discount, and that would've only played three yellows but there's no other yellows out there so I'm not particularly bothered by that all, righty. So. I'm as pretty cool back to Jen Stern she's got two blues in her hand and she could. Use this to grab two more Blue's to go for a big size four blue one, of these because. Then she, could finish this off or oh look she go like this give, yourself another power yeah, so that's pretty nice. So. Jen. Is gonna use this power once. Again to. Grab a set of blues to, go for a big blue all. Right and. Now. We're, getting pretty old and remember somewhere. In the bottom nine cards somewhere. Amongst here is the end we don't know exactly when it's gonna come and in any given time you could be building up for a long time you, know and. You could get a lot of points really quickly, I mean, Jen's got to get this to pull ahead oh it's, coming down to the wire but back to me back I've got one red although, if I build next two Reds I could build a size two. For. Example with, a which, means I could say you. Know go like this and get much closer to one more point or go like this give that much closer to two points, or I, could spend some time collecting. Some stuff. In. Fact if I use this power I could collect three, cards instead of two so let's do that let's get the red as the. Bonus card off that and then two Purple's. Okay. So I filled my hand back up. And. And. Jen, is here's her four blues she's just gonna spend them all and. Booya. Four. Points, one, two three four, and she, got herself another power she could flip stuff up I think, Jen is she's just trying to get as much stuff done as quick as possible because the game could come at any time she could spend time to get more powers but she just wants to fill more spaces. Well. I just noticed, look at this if she does this she, could never do this call of Windows no. But. Who knows if there's even time to finish this column anyway even she could it's still 2 points if she finishes without the windows fine, ok we're go with that uh I. Mean Jen could try to go like this and then try to go for a row of Windows and get 2 points off of that how. Would she do that how, would she do that with what's still remaining. I'd. Be pretty tough. Unfortunately. Because these greens are gone if there was no these green she could do it like that really easy but they're gone oh no but she could she could she's gonna go for it cuz she's gonna try and build this, thing right, there, see. If she can pull it off anyway, so that was it her hand is empty it's back to me and I. Could, I recognize time is running out as well and, so. This, could be a triple, red for me, say. To, go like this and try. To finish another row for another point and another bonus. But. Should I use a power oh, I got my discount so I could go for a size 4 red if I go like this and, bill next to red this could go for the size 4, which.

Goes Like this but then I got to start doing the little ones ah but. That's ok let's. Go for it so I spent 2 Reds plus that discount alright. So there we go gents turn she has nothing in her hand so she, will decide to draw 3 cards. And. What, will they be what, will they be alright greens so she's. Grabbing, a thinking thing and she's with her draw 3 the third one company where she's gotten 2 greens she's she's, working on remember if she gets enough anything she could convert them into green because. She still got that so there we go refill. Refill. Refill. It's a good thing she's got that because no greens are coming out back, to me alright so I could do I can do a size 2 purple or, a, size, 2 of anything, because I could turn these Purple's into any color I want. But. I'll just go ahead and do a size 2 purple and. I'll, just go like this specifically, because it gives me a power and I don't need more powers I need to start plugging these holes like this one boom I, just got another point. And I just got another power do, I want to unlock these no I want to fill another hole. Like. This one up here cuz, now a couple of twos and I could do those as well alrighty. So, we're, getting close, Jen's, turn, she. Needs some more stuff she, needs a lot of the same color to you know to turn, them into green so she can have her 5 green and do that super road she'll be 4 points, cuz if she does that 1 2 3 4 it's over. Oops by the way I just noticed this whole game look at that so. Jen she's really, close really. Close alright, so she just needs matching, colors. So. She'll just take two reds and hope some more Reds come out, this. Is her gamble not, purple. Green. No, no, it's fine a green and then turns these two into greens or green, in terms of okay, yeah. Yeah, alright so Jen's almost there alright I, answer empty I got to start drawing again and we are down it's. Getting close to the wire what do I want um I'll. Take two from anywhere, so then. Get a match so. I'll get two blues. Okay. It is Jen's, turn, she, will take two she. Will take a green and. Why. The blue or purple there's a lot of Purple's officers will grab another purple one two three four five six seventy of her and size is maintained and any, point now the game could end it's. Right, down to the wire my turn I've got these two blues I'm gonna spend them and. Get. This. Done, oh. I'm. Ah. Yeah. That's I'm, trying to get two more points before it's up I don't. Know if this is the right thing to do I'm panicking I'm totally panicking alright, so baby well we'll go with that that's my turn Jen's turn doesn't. Matter what I wanted to do folks Jen. Uses, her rainbow power she, turns though these two Reds into greens so she's got five greens. She. Buys this. Boom. And. That. Is well, she gets a power with, that she'll fill in a hole and that. Is Oh what. Am I saying four points that's two points, that's two, points, one, two aah oh, I'm. So dumb I forgot alright okay so still two points so Jen's clearly, in the lead and back. To I gotta start drawing again I'll, just take two Purple's alrighty. And a. Red. And a purple come out oh if, I get two more points I will have caught up with her uh-huh, right so Jen's up she wants Purple's she has no powers. Should. She instead of doing this because, she just got up for finishing that row I think she should have reactivated. Her stuff because. Time is of the essence, yes, she reactivate, her stuff she'll do this to draw three cards. Yeah. Coz Jen can't get powers anymore so she cannot, fill those two in so. Oh oh. But, if she can fill this in that's a whole nother column that's two points and she fills this and that's two points but she only needs two more points so. She doesn't need she. Needs to have the draw two cards and then play her action, but, she never got that power. Um. So, like she'll just take a purple, and a blue. And. Yeah. You know what I think she won't have she will have just gone for. The plugging. In the hole that she was thinking about because. There. We go yeah that made more sense exactly, where her last two. Points are either way my, turn, alright I got two but this might be it this might yep there it is boom game, over. Jen. Wins I was just about to play the two Purple's which, would have got me two points and we would be all tied up again but. That, folks was one-click playthrough of the lovely little filler Copenhagen.

If You want her some file touching and hit that I in the top-right corner follow, the show notes in five four, three two. One.

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Not a criticism, just wanted to point out that if you rotate the red 4 90 degrees counter clockwise at 27:40 and remember to score it, it scores you 2. Then if you remembered to score the completed column at 28:45 for another 2, BOOM. Rahdo wins!

this is why i never win! :)

Looks like the single white window token is not part of the base game and only part of the deluxe version and the collector edition.

+Shlomi Ben-Naim it's easy to miss. if you look at the diagram showing all the tile types, at the bottom, there's a single white 1x1 tile. i had to look hard for it myself! :)

rahdo thanks, I didn’t see it included on the KS page, maybe I missed it

nope, the white windows are part of the standard game. but the special 'joker' tiles that are similar-looking are in the deluxe.

27:40 forgot to score a row for the red 4

note added... thanks

It's called Copenhagen,,, Hagen is pronounced like "hey" gen.

28:12 you refilled the row with the discard pile, and you scored 2 more points on a vertical column a minute later..

Both of those were already noted... Like Rahdo says at the Start of the Video, Please Turn on the Klingon subtitles to see when he goofs up"

Great video! Love your work!

is it just me or we saw this game again and again...its not orignal at all, i mean its Azul, its Carpe Diem to name a few...

nEvErLoOz good. I love this style of game. More more more!

+Tor Iver Wilhelmsen I feel like every publisher wants his pattern building game lately, thats it. ;P

+Tor Iver Wilhelmsen They,re not the same, there similar in gameplay. There is a trend right now of tiling game on individual boards in which you score by completing rows or by covering up certain spots. Different way of acquiring tiles, different iconography, different theme but similar in feeling, thats what I mean.

Um they are very different games. To see them as the same game you need very blurry vision. Or do you think of a bicycle as a car since both have wheels?

Don’t fill up from the discard pile! Game Night does a better job presenting this game, this is too hectic.

You just sold yet another Queen game.

You were rushing, man. A whole slew of mistakes toward the end there. Looks like a fun game, though.

+rahdo good point ;)

well it's not called rahdo saunters through :)

27:45, I believe green should score a point for completing a horizontal row. Good looking game!

rahdo You just didn’t notice that you filled the row, but you could have scored 2 points by just rotating the tile. On a side note, it’s funny how you start playing faster and more frantically when you sense the end of the game coming, as if it’s coming in real time.

yup i got mixed up i think when i switched the scoring markers :)

Just had a chance to play this game tonight. Great game.

He got so close to not making a good this time

it'll never happen! i've made my peace with it :)

Can you can rotate the tiles any way you like before putting them down? Thanks.

By that logical, you could even argue that this game is similar to Ticket To Ride because they both have similar mechanics: You can either: 1) Pick cards (although Copenhagen is more restrictive in how you can pick them) - which is set collection; or 2) Play cards of the same collected color - in the same way which you would in Ticket To Ride (for example, 3 blue; 4 yellow; etc.)... However, I would argue that this game is not much like Ticket To Ride besides both games sharing these 2 mechanics. Copenhagen is a Tetris-like tile laying game; TTR is a “track laying” game with a map.

Well, then I guess Rahdo’s channel just isn’t for you :(

ISo dissapointed i am late to support the kickstarter campaign.

yes :)

Who cares?

@Shlomi Ben-Naim it's easy to miss. if you look at the diagram showing all the tile types, at the bottom, there's a single white 1x1 tile. i had to look hard for it myself! :)

@Tor Iver Wilhelmsen I feel like every publisher wants his pattern building game lately, thats it. ;P

@Tor Iver Wilhelmsen They,re not the same, there similar in gameplay. There is a trend right now of tiling game on individual boards in which you score by completing rows or by covering up certain spots. Different way of acquiring tiles, different iconography, different theme but similar in feeling, thats what I mean.

@rahdo good point ;)

Rando you make a refill with the descard pile a mistake almost at the end.

It’s pronounced that way where *you* live.

Julebstube Pretty sure that “Hectic” is his middle name!

@Paulo Renato How do you turn on the Klingon subtitles?

@Eagle Addict On a desktop you should have in the lower right part of the video when you pass with your mouse a COG icon, click it and select subtitles and then select Klingon. You can also do this by clicking the Icon to the left of the cog that will turn on subtitles for the video. On the phone, you click (at least on mine) in the up right part of the screen where it has 3 dots vertically and then follow the menus to do the same

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