CORINTH canal and a MELTDOWN moment - Sailing A B Sea (Ep.040)

CORINTH canal and a MELTDOWN moment - Sailing A B Sea (Ep.040)

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But, we're about to when. I say about to maybe. In a couple of hours we, will be passing underneath, a very, large suspension. Bridge it, will be dark when we go under but it currently is it's very well lit up with blue neons and all the navigation, lights that you'd expect. Just. Going to grab this before, we lose the lights the Sun has gone, down there behind us in the West we of course therefore heading east you, can't see it with the camera or any, one of the cameras we've got on board but, we're about to well. When I say about two maybe. In a couple of hours we, will be passing underneath, a very, large suspension. Bridge it. Will be dark when we go under but it currently is it's very well lit up with, blue neons and all the navigation, lights that you'd expect so. There is a traffic separation scheme, as. You, go either way is the West under, the bridge we. Will be on the south side of the bridge because. We're heading east and we, have to Radio ahead and get permission to go through and tell them how tall we are and how, long we are and they'll, tell us yes, carry on through the south, side or no there's a big Bell, light coming through on the south side you go through on the upon the northern side. So then. We're. Sailing through the night or motoring. Through the night because there's absolutely no wind now and we should by, the time the Sun comes up on ourselves somewhere, near to the, northern. Entrance of the Corinth, canal that'll. Be interesting. The. Linguist the lady theory of African difficulty selling, out ABC, one. Mile out from the South town getting. With the lady to the Falcon in the theatre I. Was. Like being on a rollercoaster ride. I. Don't. Know I. Can't. Over oh my, god. Copy. For seven miles at the bridge. Maybe, see ya. Guess. Where we are. Corinth, canal control, Corinth, canal control, Corinth, canal control, this is sailing, yacht ABC. ABC. ABC over. Good. Morning sir we are on the western, side and we want to travel east. 14. 1 4 meters. Do. You pay cash or any agent, it. Would be cash in. Your ass. Right. Now we are, three, miles from the entrance. Thank, You control we'll be in touch half a mile before the entrance ABC. Rather. Corinth canal entrance, and it's, 7:55. In, the morning, there are several vessels waiting, to go through including, ourselves.

So. We're just half a mile from the entrance waiting, for some vessels, coming out of the canal to. Clear, the way and then once that's done we'll. Be given our orders. As. To which. Order, we go through it so. I don't know there's, a big tug of very something, the, company yachts here and. There's. A big vessel over there but I don't know if he's going through the, most expensive, canal, to traverse in the world. Kilometer. Or foot or mile it's, really quite a short canal but very expensive. And. We'll won't know exactly how much it's going to cost us until we get to the other end that's. Where we tie up and pay so, if we don't like what they're charging us we can't just reverse out and come back. So. We'll, just. Sit here wait until we're told what to do, it's. Been exciting with just, just, about to enter, the, character canal now, so. Check. It out. I hadn't. Realized, how narrow this canal actually, is and, the walls have just been sliced, through, they're not reinforced. With concrete or anything. We're coming up to a reinforced, bit now a, very, low wall on either side. This, side is actually reinforced. Pretty. Much halfway up the wall it's quite a high section. This this part. I. Picked. Up the myth. Thank, you. Yeah. Thank, you well, we just had a very interesting but uneventful, trip through, the Corinth, canal. Uneventful. In the fact that it's literally just a straight line cut through the rock the. Biggest concern for me was the depth. Of the water and I think the worst we got on our depth, gauge was, six seven, meters so. Ahead. Of us was a really big cargo ship that was getting towed through by a tug and I just figured well if that big fella can get through then, we've got no problem with our one point 8 meter keel and as we come through the canal we came from. North. To south or as some people like to say from, west to east it just depends on how. Geographically. Perfect you want to be but either way when we exited, the canal we had to pull over to the starboard side there was a big dock there to pull over and tie up and, go into the office and pay for, our 14. Meter. Vessel. It cost us. 249. Euros and, I did say it was the most expensive canal, to. Traverse. For. The cost and, the distance involved it really didn't take that long to get through these quite a short canal and, very easy really you just got a radio, in and follow, the instructions, we, are now in the Aegean, and, things.

A Bit different here it. Was raining as we exited it, is now obviously as you can see. So, yeah it's turned out nice and our, chosen destination for, tonight's stopover, is poor, us which. Is another nice Greek island apparently, we. Will need to refuel there apparently the the, fuel. Tank comes to, where you parked up along the key side and you fill up that way and the same I would imagine with water. I'll. Be glad to get there it's been. Yeah it's been. It's, not being tiring, it's just when you do do, an. Overnighter, you do feel a bit ropey the next day so. It, would be nice to stop I think we're about two. Hours away from stopping, I'll. Be good. As. We approach poor us Alain. Gave us, some really good advice on, dropping, the anchor for stone to mooring, however. In practice, it was more tricky and it, took us a few attempts, before we, were, securely, tied to the dock with Mike and Elaine's help. People. Keep showing up. Back. I'm. Calling, it opening the chamber this, is not like that yeah, and it's just taking, you time and that punishment and weather, like this it's not you like you can think. Okay. Go. To reverse I'll give you a shout. Yeah yeah. Tiger. Came. Yeah. Eleven. Okay. After. Putting the boat to bed we, kicked back had, sundowners, and sat. On the back of the boat watching the evening ferry implore, us. I've. Just been up on deck to, see what I can do to help prepare. To. Cast. Off and go on up the next leg of our journey and. As. The captain, is very very. Clearly told me that he wants me to rest my arm. Don't. Feel really useless, I. Just. Hate letting I see, him Doug because he's already doing so much. It's. Not about me wanting, to, feel arrow, a cup or anything, like that is just that. We're. A part of a team and I'm like this useless part, at the moment and all I can do is the basic, stuff. And. I'm upset. Because I can't do anything. Practical. To, help and. I'm. Air well we're motoring it's not so bad, and an even with, the autopilot, and. Lines. Leading back to the helm that. You. Know even, sailings, not, that hard but, it's just I can't even do the prep, I got. Ringing any fenders. So. So. Just gonna get I. Just. Gotta get on with it as well like he's been awake since you. Know God knows how long working, out why he's gotta do it in what order and all, I could do is just. Sit. With a bloody broken arm. Okay. There are some things I can do I, can. Film. What we're doing and. Talk, to you so. Today. Thursday. The 4th of October, and, we. Are, now. On passage, having just left a beautiful little. Of Poros we're. On passage, to sepharose, and. That will take us about, 10. Hours, at. The moment the, Sun is still rising, the. Sea, is very calm because there's little, to no wind at all so. Obviously, we're going to be motoring, to start with, bass. Check windy, and we. May get a little bit of wind later on this afternoon, so. We'll see how that Panda windy, hasn't, always, given. Us what it's promised. Or. Nature, hasn't always given us what Wendy's promised. This. Morning we left the Greek island of Poros and we're now motor. Sailing, our way towards, the Greek island of Serapis. When. We left it was really really, dead carved dead flat now. We, have. Thirteen. Point, six knots of apparent wind it has been up to 17 knots so we do have the head sail out which is nice because it gives us an extra knot. ABC. Is quite a fast little, boat, she. As. I've mentioned previously, she will do eight knots at, 1,800, revs in, dead black conditions because, of the nice. Gory folding, prompt we have. Believed. In under sail she, will belt out a good a good tune. We, haven't really had perfect, win the perfect sales to. Find out what her peak is but I'm sure we'll get an opportunity somewhere, along the line anyway, I digress, what, was it going with this. Oh yeah.

This, Is just another heart towards our final destination, of cash in, Turkey, it's spelled Kas. But, pronounced cash and. The reasons we're going there I've mentioned, previously I think, Mike. I'm that boat over there who's, helping some other people get to the same place. Keith's. Got a big toolbox and he's gonna let. Me have access to that so, we can complete a list of little, niggly jobs that we want to just tweak, on ABC, we've. Got to be there by at least the 12th of October, because. Mike's. Fiance. Helene needs to be somewhere, it's. Now the fourth of October so we do have plenty of time it's not far to go, but. We're just doing the little hops after that big 24-hour hop, we. Are now just passing, by the, southern. Portion, of the Greek, island, of Serifos and, first. Impressions, is it's, very rocky, and not. Very green. In. Fact the only green thing I can see is in. Some of the rock coloration. It's quite amazing to think that people live. Here and farm, here and survive, here it's very very barren, but. Maybe this is just the southern portion, maybe, it's beautiful and green in the north we haven't been there yet what, we are going to do is. Around. That headland there. We're. Going to take a left-hand. Turn or, we're going to turn to port for. You nautical, folks and. There's. A big bay in there and we're going to find the the, port town and. We're going to stay here for tonight so. That should be interesting. We. Need to fuel up again and while, we can we'll, top off the water tanks, always, like to keep the tanks as topped. Up as possible you. Never know when you. Know somewhere you go might not have what you're looking for at. Least it gives you some extra wriggle. Room to move on to somewhere else let's get fuel or water, so. We are now probably about an, hour away from dropping anchor of. Course when I say dropping. Anchor I mean dropping. Anchor sort. Of more on the key side Stern to med, mooring style. More, practice the better you get apparently. Go away. His, little wings were nearly blowing off so I've spent about an hour just actually. Sheltering. Him he. Did realize he'd probably got a lifespan of about three hours I know but, you know he's got full three, hour life span there, and, now that the winds dropped of, you know he's alright it can hold on. I'm. On a 46, book over there. Maybe. Say maybe sing aerosol. Go. Ahead, yeah. Buddy yeah we mend up along side so, you can come on sorrows be useful, our family inside. So put some all your pens on the three jewels. Universities. We, offenders on both sides for. Thoughts, like three on the starboard side Nick come on Charles. Next. Week on sailing ABC we have a good sail from Sara Foster EOS and, it gets a little hairy near the end with, 30-knot, winds and confused, seas but, it all ends well if, you enjoyed this video don't forget to click on the subscribe button and the bell icon so you get notifications every, time we, release a brand new sailing video thanks. For watching and, take it easy.

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Enjoy the rest im sure payback will come when your arm is better lol

Get well soon, you do nice filming.

Aannsha i fully understand your feelings, but you are helping and doing a LOT anyway, now it can only get better

the conversation with the bridge and the canal operator is priceless for me. It looks like it'll be my job on our boat as I'm the one with the operating licence. As a non native-speaker I am always afraid that I won't understand what people say to me. Good to get some practice in listening. Thank you

Aannasha, try not to feel bad he is looking out for you. Try to think of it this way, he is practicing short handed in calm seas, also I bet you are more help than you realize! Hope it is healing properly, warning, when the soft cast comes off, SLOWLY, VERY SLOWLY, work with wrist and build strength, doing too much too early you run the risk of injuring it worse than first time. Great video, be safe!

I cannot believe you guys , what’s with the engine running with 14 knots @ 60 degrees , you should have bought a motor cruiser , why a yacht when you hardly ever sail . When there is no wind true sailor stay put . Shame on you to submit such a nice yacht to so much iron sail passage . Yuk

Aanncha I understand your "meltdown" . You went in together and want to do this all the way, but this is also a part of sailing! Positive thing, Barry get is skills upgrades real fast!!! Enjoy your trip

1. Safety (and health) first! 2. Reminds me of my very first med style mooring in Greece (2 handed) ;) Needs some practice, maybe a few attempts, especially with a modern electric anchor windlass, where you can hardly control the chain speed like with the old ones where the "brake" could be easily operated by hand.

Ever since a very bad motorcycle wreck back in 2012 there's very little I can physically do. The wreck left me disabled I also have vertigo. So I tend to fall a lot if I'm not careful. I'm not to climb ladders, not to walk without the aid of a cane or walker and I've fallen while using both. I'm not even 70 yet... But I do get to ride my can Am Spyder on my good days. But they that is my wife and my daughter... But the doctor said I'm fully capable of driving... It's walking that I'm not so good at.. But my wife and my daughter have their list of what I can and cannot do. the can list is very short. So most of the time I get to lay in my twin sized bed with my small dogs and play on my computer... So when I need things like firewood spilt I have to beg my boys to come split it for me. I was always very independent didn't need to ask for help most of the time... Life sure dose change.....

You are not letting Baz down at all, he is looking out for you. If you can´t grab something in an instant you could go over bord. He wants you to be safe. All part of a great partnership. Keep your head up, it won´t be broken for ever.

(Baz) Agreed Christian, my priority is Aannsha's wrist getting fixed in the shortest time frame, I had to restrict what tasks she should do so she did not cause further damage to the fracture. On a boat at our level of experience, you really do need both hands to keep yourself and the boat safe. Cheers.

(Aannsha) Thanks Christian, once I'd had a chat with Baz and realised that was his point of view too I felt better about the whole thing and bounced back fairly quickly.

Your 40 meter vessel... impressive...

Hahaha I certain that I couldn't handle a 40 metre vessel. Cheers and thanks for watching.

That canal sure is not very wide, I guess very limited to boat size that can use it. Aannsha I am sure Barry is very happy to have your love and support no matter what.

Hi Mr G, it's a bit deceptive on the video, at it's narrowest point the canal is actually 25 metres (82 feet) wide. A B Sea is 4.48 metres at her widest point. I do appreciate everything Aannsha does, I just don't want her to overdo things and risk more damage to her wrist. Not long to go now before it can be unwrapped and the splint removed.

Aannsha, you didn’t have to include that honest and obviously very emotional piece on camera. You must of thought it was important to show some of the realities of a sailing / cruising lifestyle. I’m sure you feel better now you’re not motoring or sailing and can rest and heal. Look forward to more DIY boat projects

(Aannsha) Thanks Andrew, it occurred to me when I had my meltdown that these times are as important and significant as the happy fun times, so I grabbed the camera before thinking about it too much! As you will have seen from the video I did bounce back. To me it was an honest and balanced way to portray what was going on for me at the time. We did promise you guys that we'd share the highs and the lows of our adventure. We too are looking forward to getting the boat DIY videos edited. Cheers.

enjoying the channel very much thank you. if you had to guess, of what % of your miles travelled are under sail without motor? The impression I get from your and other channels is that a lot of motoring is involved compared to the expectation of "sailing".

Hi Jason, that's a good question. So far I would estimate that only 15% of our journey has been completed by sail power alone. But we were on a deadline to get to Turkey by October 12th so we had no choice. Now that we're in Turkey we can wait until there is favourable wind whenever we want to go somewhere.

Hows the arm mate hope its not giving u to much trouble

(Aannsha) Hi Peter, it's getting there, thanks for asking. Only 9 days left, not that I'm counting. It's testing my patience and also reminding me how grateful I am to have two hands.

Isn’t it also the oldest canal?

Hi Ralph, the Corinth was opened in 1893, the Suez canal opened in 1869 and the Panama canal was opened in 1914. Construction of the Corinth began in 1881.

Crying ??

Hi Baz & Aannsha, Another bloody brilliant episode. And Aannsha, don’t worry sometimes after a little stressful docking & many things happen, things said might come across a bit weird at times. And as Cristian Grams said, Baz is looking out for you dear, so Chin up and enjoy the travel adventure a day at the time.

So glad you like this episode, my favourite bit was Aannsha's editing of the Corinth canal. She brought out her ninja editing skills.

Aannsha you might not be able physically to do much right now but you do more then you know you provide Braz with your love, moral support, comedy relief ( Aannsha the bug saver lol ) and your taking care of the videos, he just wants you safe and healed properly so listen to the Skipper and keep up the great work.

Thank you KC askmelalter, I do appreciate you saying that ... and glad you like the comedy relief :D

Hey KC, wise words. Aannsha is a little disappointed this morning because I informed her that when the soft cast comes off in 9 days time she'll be wearing a strong wrist brace for the next 4 weeks. It's her first ever broken bone and I don't think she fully realises how long it takes to properly heal.

another enjoyable video. Aannsha you can always be the entertainment to liven spirits aboard, sing a song , dance a jig with proper safety line attached because with only one flipper you would swim in circles......... :)

LOL Darrelll that did make me chuckle ... you never know, I may just do that! ;)

C'mon Darrell, don't encourage her to sing, it's always out of key. Hahahaha Thanks for watching and commenting.

(Baz) Aannsha is always trying to do more than she should. I'll put her on double duties when her wrist heals.

Thank you Albano.

Thank you woffeaut :)

Yes will will winter in Turkey, it's 24C here today, very comfortable.

You can let someone else do the talking on the radio, but they must be supervised with you on board as the VHF licence holder. Thanks for watching.

Good advice Sea Travel, we have purchased a wrist brace for when the soft cast comes off and we may still incorporate the splint in there too.

Sailing A B Sea As I said , you bought the wrong vessel for the type of cruising you intend to do , any sailor will tell you that cruising and time schedule do not mix , a motor sailor would have been better for you no matter what as you would have been able to motor everywhere ( as you do now) in better comfort . Cheers

Hi Arthur, A B Sea needs a minimum of 14 knots of apparent wind just to get out of bed in the morning. If we had turned the engine off we would probably do 3 knots of speed, that is not enough speed when we have to be at a certain location at a certain date, that's why we were motor sailing. Thanks for watching and commenting.

(Baz) Agreed, I am learning to handle more things alone and I have the luxury of doing it in calm seas and good weather. Thanks for watching.

Point 1 & 2 agreed Jason.

Bobby I can't imagine how horriblle it woud be to have vertigo all the time as well as physical disabilities. I do appreciate you sharing your experience and it has put things into perspective foro me. Learning to be dependent longterm must be a huge challenge, but it is so good to hear you have such a caring family.

Life throws us curved balls and when it does is such a dramatic way as you've experienced we have to improvise, adapt and overcome. You are fortunate that you have a wife and family that are there to assist you. Thanks for sharing Bobby.

Aannsha Jones love your videos for sure. Just keep them coming

Thank you Mr Sundowner, I appreciate your comment and do agree that Baz is looking out for me. I'd just been feeling so useless for a while and and had been planning how I could do the fenders quickly with one hand, so when Baz told me out of the blue that he didn't want me doing even that, I suddenly felt the depth of guilt at how I thought was 'letting him down'. Crying helped me feel it clearly and understand why I was upset - and that gave me the opportunity to let it go. So I bounced back quickly after that! So glad you're enjoying our videos.

Good one. I enjoyed the Corinth transit more than a bunch of other videos I've seen. You might want to turn your hand to colour grading if you are going to use multiple cameras like that. Always another skill to learn eh...

Agreed on the colour grading, not enough hours in the day right now but it is on our list. Cheers.

Hi there

To not use the Corinth canal and go around the southern tip of mainland Greece it is 288 nautical miles. At an average speed of 5 knots that's an extra 58 hours of travel time. If you only wanted to travel by day for approx 10 hours per day that's and extra 6 days. At the end of this year (2019) we will be taking the southern route, we've already done the Corinth canal, don't need to do it again. Thanks for watching.

Has you are very lucky to have a wife/partner thar wants to go through thick and thin with you, lovely lady

[Aannsha] Thank you

Agreed Peter, Aannsha is a trooper.

Watching this team always make me feel happy.

Reading comments like yours makes us feel happy too. Thanks.

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