Corregidor Island Tour: Best Way to Explore Corregidor, Philippines

Corregidor Island Tour: Best Way to Explore Corregidor, Philippines

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Hi. Guys businessman. Of yoga, and cream and, we're, here for another video, and microbes lugnut ayelet, cocina, papa girly that was about how about equity don't wanna load now. Mama bag will be your and so they could come up in my bodyguard, see. Angelo, oxy, one at 6:43. A.m., and. We. Will be, boarding, the ball seven. Years and, we are bound for Corregidor. The, phenomena. Overnight. And. Here. Leaders. Have both their. Own assignments. So and. We're. Issuing these people. We're. Excited about this, trip because I've. Always wanted to, vote this. You. Know. Our layers. Value is whether the best travel for in the island he just. Welcome. To. We. Are here at the molybdenum you. Will be watching the light and sound show, videotaping. Is strictly prohibited inside I won't take any videos so, you. Will come here in Corregidor and, see, it for yourself, I, just. Finished the lights and. Now. Having our. Chambray. Excited, man exciting of, mine yes, of, course. So. Anyway. Man. Guys let me go. I'm. Sorry I'm, cool. Sakura. Hit door died of malaria. Third. Launch. We. Toured. The, island, once again better this time we went, to different sites. Naaman and then. After, that twirl. We. Checked in here in addition, Corregidor, in which, Harding - our tour guide is the grandest. Hotel. Here, in the island can say it's the only hotel, here in the island and so. Far nothing. Mahiette a nice video, maganda, young boom we, heard that its newly, renovated. So Angela. And I are staying, in a twin room it's. Air-conditioned. And Baron. Silla in. Room slippers. Vault. And. Gusto. Illness. Bathroom. Neela. Anisha. Young. Pilot, Krishna, from, Lemuria, yes. Since. This. Used to be an. Area. For, defense and formal. Military on, people, dito its, incorporated. Some camilla and, their. Main. Logo is a monkey, case a manic, monkey status, area actually, can you know when we were three and a McConaughey, the monkeys. Can say, yeah. So. Far, the, tours, of Sun cruises, is well. Thought of and. They. Are the, only, tour. Operator, here, that offers packages, on the plan is. Much. Pepino Menomonie Angela, the. Two Lomeli, legal mantra freshen up because, our next word start. Around five years Arkadiy Singh. And we're. Back at la playa yesterday. Apparently, men, coming merienda since, 3:30, p.m. new. Gow. Topia. Egg, and. Oil, ain't, nothing, favorite drink here panda. We're. Back at the Moline katanas and we will be exploring, other. Tunnels. Here, so Elana light and sound show and, it's nighttime yes. So it will be interesting. Interesting. Perspective. On how, they live during. World. War Two tiba I, won't. Want to keep on your power guy Sparrow this will be interesting we're, using. Our hard hat para. Just. In Islam all to come me the. Balusters SME among our rocks and no, you know were so, young. Kya, we, are a lot so it's not scary, and I hope everyone, joins that work I say this, is going, to be fun. Some. Parts of the standards, are quite low so we will then I have, one very important. Rule in, entering. Those, canyons, please. Do. Not. For. And. Kenapa. Try. Bobby. I Anna. Dawson go backward Ravi was. Enough. Nagamma. Distinguished, come on a sesame, in examine forgiving someday. Good. Morning. Guys so, after our, dinner last night I'm, a I'm a mini. Concert, so. We also remain, with a you know man in inserted Kajal and, we. Woke up early, yawn. I'm, coming. For, the sunrise say. 5:55. A.m. mania, sunrise, in a balloon I mean a new. Room, yeah, you know. Sunrise. Will. Be viewing. The sunrise, and then after that we'll be going next to the Japanese.

Tunnel, So last. Night we, went to the American tunnels, but today we'll. Be going to, the Japanese, tunnels. Guys. We, are about to enter the Japanese, common, Italy. Visiting. Japanese, sauna, we, entered, on this path and then, we went around a, Lingam, in the mobis phoebus, apartment. And. Now, it's time for. Angela's. Favorite, part of the day breakfast. I'm. Having, my, breakfast, with, a nice view. So. This. Is one of the perks of stayin here, in Corregidor. Overnight. So. Far, I'm having a, great experience here. Currently. Here at upside. Garden restaurant and, this is where, people. Who, avail their, Corregidor, day tours have their lunch and have. Lunch, pero if, items on this. Errand, pero. Ya. Outside. Outside. Restaurant. Under. A big, huge screen, as I go along Oh, dig, knowledge. Patamon. So. Big, I. Know. And. I'm. Best, part annyeong so the good Nemean you. My ruin. So, Micah me to p.m. Alice. No 2:30, p.m. and, we'll, be back in Manila, 4 p.m. the, show. Like. We hit door. We're. Already aboard, son. Cruise and. Open. Economies in Manila, it, was a short day better. Sobrams, with it was a great experience and, I can enjoy it and I got for me and we learn more about Philippine. History.

2019-04-26 13:44

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truly a beautiful and a historical place. love it.bagong kakusa mo

Wow!! I wanna visit there!! And i love the video! ❤️

Yogo and Cream thank u! When i stay longer cguro. Went there pero 2 days lang and holy week pa yon :( will let you know! Tell me when you’re in cebu too ❤️

Thank you :) Let me know if you're coming to Manila, I'll connect you

wow i want to visit this place :)

Yay! :)

Wow wat ang ganda ng lugar nayan sarap naman makapunta dyan

CRISTAL BLUE di lang siya maganda pero a better reason to go is, very historical siya

Grabe editing skills!

Yung partner ko nag-edit, si Lloyd :)

Waaah. Plano rin naming pumunta dyan.

Thank you :)

What an interesting adventure! I wanna try to go thereee! Iba ang pa duet niyo ni Tina! Hahaha! Saw some familiar faces as well like Jen! Lol!

+Yogo and Cream yasss girl! Travel soon! Love it!

Thank you :) Go ka na. Super fun to explore. Super fun ng clips with Tina

Editing at it’s finest!

Whoa! That means a lot considering we're practicing :)

Editing skills tho!!!

Thank you

Wow galing nyo nmn mag edit.. Ang ganda pa nang lugar na yan Keep blogging po .. Bagong kapamilya po

@Yogo and Cream yasss girl! Travel soon! Love it!

Jhoana G. Dalawa po kaming ngedit niyan

Marino Shodinai thank you so much po

Wow ang ganda ng corregidor nice video ang galing ng transistion nagawa ko na nararapat kaw nabahala sken

Thank you po sa video ❤.. but i gotta ask, is the lunch free?

How much po ung kinuha nyong package tour??

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