COVID-19 threatens MLB season — CBC News: The National | July 27, 2020

COVID-19 threatens MLB season — CBC News: The National | July 27, 2020

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Good evening i'm adrian arsenault, andrew, is off tonight, an outbreak. In the dugout. I'm going to be answering i'm scared, more players, test positive, games canceled, just four days in, is kovid, stealing, the season. As infections, rise on the prairies, a stark warning from a coven, survivor. Can change your life drastically. He spent 24, days on a ventilator. Now he's telling his story. Taking the hot seat the prime minister, will be grilled, about the wii controversy. This week. The school year is just weeks away but will it be safe, not comfortable at all, we are not, close enough to. Quite understanding. The virus, itself. Kids, and kovid, how easily do they spread it how severe, the illness can be, what you, need to know. This, is the national. The return, of pro sports, has been a huge, boost for millions, of canadians. Riding out the covet 19, pandemic, though, even without, fans in attendance, the virus, is still a major, factor. The basketball, and hockey seasons officially resumed, this week, after a run of exhibition, games but major league baseball, which just returned, four days ago could be in big trouble already. With a serious covet 19 outbreak among the miami marlins, resulting, in lost games. And calls for the league to rethink, its strategy, ellen morrow has reaction, from inside, the game. And out. The marlins, have been the topic of conversation. Even as the marlins, beat the phillies, last night several miami, players, already had the virus, at least 13, team members, have now tested, positive. Every day we're taking risks, you're traveling, you're in planes you're in buses you're in different hotels. It's the risk. That, that we take, one that's triggering, fears of a strikeout, for major league baseball, just days into this season, like no other, let me honestly i'm scared. I really am i hope that you know, mlb, sees that, you know that these guys, are putting themselves, at risk, for the love of the game, my biggest fear. Is that we're going to see, a player. Who will end up on a ventilator. Unlike the nhl, and nba, which both have adopted, a bubble strategy. Baseball, players, are traveling, around the u.s, still struggling, to control, the pandemic. Not only do they assume, a lot of the risk, of, community, transmission. But on top of that. They. Are putting a lot of onus, on.

Players, And individual, teams, to. Self-monitor. Those concerns, are part of the reason ottawa, wouldn't let the blue jays play at home, like the team wanted. The moment we left, canada. There was concern, you know we got to follow the guidelines, it's not going to be easy. Former j star david price sitting out the season, tweeted, players health, wasn't being put first by the league, i can see that hasn't changed, he wrote, this is going to be a critical, 24 hours for mlb. Leadership. If they are truthful, in saying that health and safety, is at the forefront, of this then we will see. Them have to make a hard decision, but so far no major, change up from league executives. Just the two postponed. Games. The jays tonight faced off against the defending, world series champion. We have not seen him, have a mask on during the game, more players, masked up, and hand sanitizer. At the ready. Ellen morrow cbc, news, toronto. There may be some serious doubts about major league baseball's, wisdom, but nhl, players, now settled into their two bubble cities, are still feeling confident, including, toronto maple leaf mitch marner. The marlins, and the mlb, are doing their own thing i'm not really paying attention to it too much i know they're still doing a lot of traveling back and forth and, all this stuff. I think for us we're looking more at the nba who's been in the bubble for however long, we're doing the right things here to stay safe and stay, away from each other. All 24. Nhl, teams are now in toronto, and edmonton, under those strict covet 19 protocols. Interaction, between players and fans is absolutely, banned. Exhibition, games start tomorrow, and the season officially, resumes. On saturday. Covet 19 case loads in canada are still short of crisis, levels and the country is battling, to keep them that way, and not just in ontario, and quebec. Clusters, in the west have continued, to emerge, and grow in the first half of the month, manitoba. Reported, no new cases, now it's tracking, up to a dozen a day, saskatchewan's. Daily cases have followed a similar, but higher, trajectory. And alberta, has seen new cases go from around, 30, to about a hundred a day. Alberta's, chief medical health officer, stressed today those numbers are concerning.

And The most important, response, has to come from albertans, themselves. Carolyn, dunn shows us for some the danger, is very real. Just days after a south american, crew, 64-year-old. Peter ruptash, began having trouble breathing. He landed in a calgary, hospital, for 39. Days. 24. Of them on a ventilator. Once very active reptash, says he's talking about his experience, so, people will take measures, to avoid it, i lost 30 pounds of muscle while in the hospital. But i think the, what we call long-haul. Effects that i'm having. Is i have, extreme, fatigue, i, i find myself, napping, for two to four hours every afternoon. Joint pain. Despite, accounts like that alberta's, cases, have been rising, for weeks. But because the number of hospitalizations. And icu. Cases, have gone down slightly. Non-essential. Businesses, won't be shut down again, at least not yet. And what we are doing, is working, on a more. Assertive, approach to reminding, businesses, of the need to follow that guidance. Encouraging. Businesses. To. Look again, at the lists of things that they can do to keep, their staff and patrons, safe. The province, has chosen to, not mandate, masks, in public, indoor spaces. The temporary, mandatory. Mask, bylaw. Leaving many municipalities. Scrambling, to deal with it, banff, passed, its mask by law today. Okeechobee's, mayor bill robertson, has tonight convened, his town council, three weeks early. To debate the highly divisive, issue. There are those people that don't want. Anything done like this because it's an infringement, of their rights, there are others that say, no we're starting to spike we need more stringent, provisions, in such as mandatory, masks, in indoor spaces. Reptash, is urging, albertans, to not underestimate. The virus, that nearly, killed him, it can change your life drastically. Carolyn dunn cbc, news. Calgary. In the prairies, several hutterite, communities, have been rocked by covid19. In saskatchewan, alone. More than half of its active cases, now come from those communities. But as karen paul shows us along with the virus, hutterites, also face the spread, of suspicion.

And Stigma. They work. Eat, and worship, together. Leading, simple, and secluded, lives. Easily, identifiable. Because of their distinctive, dress. We also are hearing. Unfortunate. Stories. About them being, turned, away. From. Services. From stores. Marianne, kirkby, left her manitoba. Hutterite, colony. Shortly after writing a memoir. But she sees the discrimination. Her family and friends are facing, because of covet 19.. This is a huge, time for hutterites, because, the farmers, markets, are open. And their produce, has always, flown, off the shelves, at the farmers markets. Now people are staying away from them. Last week a heterite, minister, threatened to file a human rights complaint, if the province, continued, to link their communities, to covet 19.. The province, agreed, to stop, unless there's a risk to public health, now we see stigma, against the hutterites. And it actually. Hinders. Public health's ability to. To control this virus, the hectarian, safety, council, agrees, and wants saskatchewan. To follow, suit. When. The government, started identifying. The covet cases. By culture. It started, to to push our people away. Well good afternoon everyone saskatchewan, has continued, the practice. In the coming days public health officials, will visit every, hutterite, community in the province to inspect compliance. With the public health orders. David chetter worries, people with symptoms, will go underground. And that, won't help anyone. We've identified. Why, we, are running into. Some challenges. In, in some cases. And this is why it's just the fear of being stigmatized. Medical health officials, say, no one should be stigmatized. For getting tested. But cheddar worries, that's exactly, what the saskatchewan. Government. Is inciting. Karen pauls, cbc, news. Winnipeg. There is also a new community, outbreak, reported, in british columbia. It's at this blueberry, packing, plant in abbotsford, an investigation, began last week 15, employees, have tested positive for the virus. So far that plant is currently, operating. At a reduced, capacity. Infections, are often traced, to super spreader, events and after police. Responded, to a large house party over the weekend. The ontario, premier. Was not very happy. A whole bunch of 200 yahoos show up to hold the puck like guys, what. Like man, come on, like what don't you get, you have everyone, in the province, sitting there bending over backwards. And we've got a bunch of jokers out there that i think it's no problem. Go out there and hold the hold the party. An estimated, 200 people attended the party in brampton, ontario, complete with valet, parking, and security, the owner of the home, now facing very large, fines another house party in the area. Ended in violence. This part of ontario, has relatively, high infection, numbers and that, has held it back as the rest of the province. Entered stage, three reopening. The south of the border the numbers are still staggering. California. Has now surpassed, florida, in the total caseload. With more than 450. Thousand, infections. Both states have more cases than new york the epicenter, just a few months ago. Notice the number of new cases in the last seven days though that is where you see the real difference. In direction. Overall, more than 4.2. Million americans, have caught the virus. As katie simpson tells us one of them is the latest case, in the white house. Robert o'brien, the man responsible, for keeping america, safe, has been hit by the so-called, invisible, enemy, the national, security, adviser, is the highest, ranking member of the president's, inner circle to test positive, for covid, i wish him well i hope he's okay apparently, it's a light. Case, o'brien's, diagnosis. Comes after donald trump's personal, valet, tested, positive, this spring. As did the vice president's, press secretary. Donald trump jr's, girlfriend. Also, got coveted. The president, today did not appear worried about the new exposure. Wearing a mask he toured a pharmaceutical. Lab, predicting, a vaccine, will be ready in the near future, by the end of the year we think we're in, very good shape to be doing that by the end of this year we're going to in terms of the vaccine, i think in terms of therapeutics, even sooner than that there's been no cases in our restaurant, any word of a scientific, breakthrough, is exactly, what steve, forbes wants to hear, he's laid off 60 workers, at his restaurant.

And Sales, are at about eight percent of what they normally, would be we don't have a viable business until there's a vaccine, i think that, america, has done this one foot in one foot out on this quarantine. It was a failed quarantine. Forbes is bracing for things to get worse, in part because of new quarantine, rules, washington, is now imposing. Anyone, coming into d.c, from one of 27, states, deemed a hot spot. Must isolate, for 14, days. Meaning the little tourism, that is still taking place, will likely, end think of ottawa, for those folks in ottawa think of what the capital is like the capital like in every city we're downtown, dc three blocks from the white house and, tourism, is a tremendous amount of what we do, across, the u.s, normally, busy streets like this one could be radically, transformed, by the time a vaccine, is available, forbes says, because he's not sure how much longer, independent, businesses, can hold on. Katie simpson cbc news. Washington. Some companies, are beginning, human trials, in the u.s, for a covet 19 vaccine. We're not looking, for, a, winner. We're looking, for, a number. Of, winners. The largest, of them for moderna. 30 thousand, volunteers. Will be given, two doses, each, some getting the vaccine, other is obviously getting a placebo. Cbc, news has created an interactive, site so you can see the progress, of all the potential, vaccines, just search for cbc, news coronavirus. Vaccine, tracker. Europe, is seeing a surge, of covet 19 cases especially, france, and germany. Now the uk, is imposing, quarantine, orders on vacationers. Returning, from spain, and as renee filiponi, tells us that move may jeopardize. The european, tourist season. Returning, home from beach vacations. In spain. The abrupt, reality, of 14, days in quarantine. Was unwelcome, for some, the rules are changing, all the time, which is very difficult for people, like ourselves. Spain is experiencing. A spike in covet 19. With large outbreaks, specifically. In the north. The uk government, says it isn't taking chances, and put in place a blanket, quarantine, for the whole of spain. Including, popular, tourist locations. With lower infection, rates than britain. The spanish prime minister, called it unfair. Saying a quarantine, for the entire, country, is an error, we all recognize. That public health comes first, we know that in the past the virus has arrived in this country through foreign travel. Nearly, 2 million brits had vacations, planned to spain, in the next month, the trips, were booked, once tourism, started to reopen, in europe, in june it's kind of a well if this can happen to spain. Could it possibly happen to italy and croatia, and any of the other countries and the answer is it probably could. Spain, isn't alone, there are surges of the virus, across, europe. Political, leaders in belgium, and france, are warning, their countries could be headed, for a second full lockdown, if things don't turn around. Germany has seen its highest daily, increase, since june. The government is considering, making voluntary. Airport, testing. Mandatory. For anyone returning, from high risk locations.

The Who. Says global travel, needs to open back up but safely, it is going to be almost impossible, for, for individual, countries, to keep their borders shut for the foreseeable, future economies. Have to open up people have to work, trade has to resume. The possibility. Of a tourism, season, this summer, is becoming, uncertain. As concerns, grow the high infection, rate in places, like spain. Could travel to other popular, destinations. Renee filipponi, cbc, news, london. This week the prime minister will appear before the house of commons finance, committee, over his government's, decision. To partner with we organization. For a summer grant program. The trudeau family, and we, have close, ties. Evan dyer with the significance. Of this appearance. The date has been set for thursday, both prime minister trudeau, and his chief of staff katie telford will testify. It's rare for a prime minister to appear before a parliamentary, committee, the last time was in 2006. A friendly appearance before a senate committee by stephen harper. But trudeau is under pressure as other key figures in the affair come forward. Mark and craig kielberger. Founders of the reorganization. Testify, tomorrow. Also appearing tomorrow former chair of wii's canadian board of directors, michelle douglas. Who resigned in march over what she called concerning, developments, of the charity. Tomorrow she's expected to explain that. The trudeau government's handling, of the pandemic, gave it a large bump in the polls. There was a general, warming, towards, the prime minister, and then boom. Four months in, here is, another. Uh, ethics. Scandal, another ethics, issue that's popped up that really, says. To canadians. Right. That's the thing that annoys, us about him, in a poll released today by the angus reid institute. 53, percent said their view of the prime minister, had soured, in the last month, but chachi curl says there are signs the government, doesn't want to repeat the mistakes, of the snc, lavaland, affair. There was a steady, drip drip drip of new information, on an almost daily basis, and an almost stubborn, refusal, on part of the prime minister, to. If not acknowledge, wrongdoing, and apologize, then at least acknowledge that he could have, done, better. This time the apologies, came fast. I made a mistake. In not recusing, myself. Immediately, from the discussions.

Given. Our family's, history. And i'm sincerely. Sorry. About not having done that, again. I want to apologize. For any mistakes, i've made in this situation. I'm sorry that they've occurred. Any committee appearance, is a gamble the opposition, has a chance to inflict some real damage this week, while the prime minister will be hoping he can start to turn the page. Evan dyer cbc, news, gatineau quebec. After reports, about bullying, and harassment, at rideau hall today governor general julie payet, hired a new chief of staff, and special, adviser. Bridget carbino, is a former manager at cirque du soleil. This follows the cbc news report last week where more than a dozen sources, allege payette, and her official secretary. Created a toxic, work environment. The privy council, office is also conducting, a review. In nova scotia, a crowd, gathered, outside the justice minister's, office, to call for a public inquiry. Into april's mass shooting, last week, the government announced an independent, review, into the massacre, but some families say that's not enough. 22, people were killed in april the deadliest, mass shooting in canadian, history. Tonight. Newly, unsealed, court documents, say several, people told police the shooter, had hidden compartments. And false, walls on his properties. One person who knew the gunman, described, him as a sexual predator, who smuggled, drugs. These details, have not been proven in court. Mcgill, university. Is dealing with a racist, history of its original benefactor. James mcgill, made his fortune, on the backs of slaves, but, rather than removing, his statue, or changing, its name some at the university. Are pushing for a different path forward. Jayla bernstein, explains. Sadly, the campus today. In many ways, is what james mcgill, would have wanted it to look like in terms of the whiteness, of the campus, professor, charmaine, nelson, says it's time her university, stops glossing, over the story of james mcgill. She says the school doesn't have to change its name but it does have to acknowledge, the truth behind it, what we are requesting. Myself, and the students, is that we think critically, about how he made his money, and explicitly. On whose backs. His money was made and i mean that directly. Because again, we know he enslaved at least five people, of indigenous, and african descent, in canada, in montreal. And again was also, active, in exploiting. Enslaved, people in the caribbean. Nelson and her students are calling for action, including, offering more scholarships, for black and indigenous, students, and an office for students of african descent. Student jane o'brien, davis, says it would make her feel more included, on campus. Feelings. Of. Maybe not unwelcoming, but just not part of a community. Underrepresented. As though. Your experiences. Aren't the mcgill, experience. Some have petitioned, for this statue, of james mcgill to be torn down. Instead, this group is asking for a new monument. One to acknowledge, his ties to slavery. Mcgill, did not commit to that, saying. Like many men of his era and his socioeconomic. Class, james mcgill had connections, to slavery, and colonialism. This is not a connection that our university, is proud of, but it neither should nor can be ignored. The university, says it's recruiting, two postdoctoral. Fellows, to research, and help inform, how it will address that history. And the harm that it caused. Nelson, says that process, is too slow. As the school is about to mark its 200th, anniversary. Now, is the time for change. Jayla bernstein. Cbc, news. Montreal. Today a man who worked to improve, the lives of american, blacks was given a high honor. The body of congressman, john lewis was brought into the u.s capitol, to lay in state. A motorcade, made its way through the sweltering. Streets of washington, hundreds, waited along the route. It means a lot. Because now we know who helped us walk the streets. Then a ceremony. Under the capitol, dome. John was revered. And beloved. On both sides of the aisle. On both sides, of the capitol. Late this afternoon, former vice president joe biden, paid his respects, but when the president, was asked, no i won't be going, no.

A Private funeral, will be held for john lewis. On thursday. Next a question a lot of parents are grappling, with should kids go back to school in september. Not comfortable at all, next we look at what the science, says about kids and covid19. The risks of going to class, and the risks of staying home, you're making me wear a mask, otherwise you're not you're going to deny me service, canadian. Anti-massacres. Borrow from the anti-vaxxer. Playbook, to spread, misinformation. And artists, surprise, newfoundland's. Frontline, hero, it was my first time painting someone that i've never met before. We're back in two. Minutes. In quebec, the city of sherbrooke, has closed, all of its public outdoor, pools after a lifeguard, tested positive for covet 19.. Other lifeguards, are now being tested and meanwhile a hockey camp in montreal. Has shut down after a coach, tested positive, for the virus. The new school year is just weeks away millions of canadian, students still don't know what that will look like and parents. Are trying to weigh the risks of going back versus, staying home, christine, burak, brings us the latest science, on covet 19. And kids. The sneaky. Monster. Crept. Crap, having her children home for months, hasn't been easy but narissa critchlow. Isn't eager to send them back to school, either, not comfortable at all. To be frank. I just feel that, we are not, close enough to. Quite understanding. The virus, itself. Most studies, examining, kids in covid19. Are trying to answer, two questions, what is the likelihood. Of children, getting the infection. And what is the likelihood. Of them spreading the infection. A recent analysis, looked at 550. Covid19. Cases among children under 18, in china, italy, and spain. It found just nine children, had a severe, infection. One, who had underlying, conditions. Died. When it comes to infecting, caregivers. A large study from south korea, found. Children, under 10 transmitted, the virus, less often to adults, at home, while those between the ages of 10 and 19. Spread the virus, as well as adults do. Researchers, speculate, young children, may not sneeze or cough as hard and they're shorter, and their infected, droplets, may not travel, as far, still, when schools do reopen. There will be new clusters, of cases. But doctors, say a lot will depend on the infection, control measures that are put in place by schools. And what's happening, just outside of them we've seen in other jurisdictions.

That The, safest. Way to open schools, is where the, community, transmission, rates are low so many times i hear well you can't be too careful. Some doctors argue children, may not be falling ill but they're suffering, in other ways. Existing, evidence shows chronic absenteeism. Even in kindergarten. Has consequences. There's long-term. Impact on their cognitive, development. On their, social development. On their overall. Ability, to function, in society. For me. It's really important. That the schools. Have some sort of testing, involved. New saliva, tests for the virus, could make that happen but not by september. Experts, say schools and communities. Must act now on what's been learned. Or risk harming. A future generation. Christine burak cbc, news, toronto. Ahead on the national, canadian, anti-massacres. Get some help from anti-vaxxers. A familiar, playbook, and the borrowed, tactics, used to spread misinformation. But first the doctors, are in to answer your covet 19 questions including this one, if two people are both wearing a mask and sunglasses. Would it be safe to share a quick hug, with faces turned away, the answer. Next. All right welcome back time now for your covid19. Questions, with me tonight infectious, diseases, specialist, dr lenora saxinger. And respirologist. Dr samir gupta, hello to you both let's get right to it because we always have tons of questions first one, some suggest, airlines. Are not high risk because of air circulation, and filter systems i might be flying, soon, i'm wondering whether i can take steps to decrease, the risk of contracting, covet 19 dr gupta let's start with you. Yeah so it's a good point you know people, think if airlines, are sort of static, tubes of air but but they're not in fact they have very high air exchanges. And the reason for that is you know if you're sitting next to a baby that soiled their diaper or next to somebody who's, had air sickness, you can't sit around with those odors for eight hours so, they have high air exchanges. They've put in hepa filters they've been very good, filtration, systems in addition to that, and they're also now disinfecting. Between flights so those are all good things. Uh what they've taken away from us though is our sort of our best weapon against, spread of this virus which is that physical distance. So obviously people need to be masked for the whole flight. Uh they need to disinfect, every surface they're going to touch especially the tray table, uh before you touch it but then also after you touch it. And think about those times in those areas where there isn't that much air exchange, so like the airport lounge. And probably the highest risk is in fact getting on and off the plane and that's where you should think about that physical distancing. It's still so important to be alert, uh dr saxner, this one is for you does your blood type, put you at greater risk and severity, level of coven 19. we hear this question a lot. Yeah there was some data early on in the pandemic, that suggested, that people with. A b, a b. Blood types, and possibly, rh, positive. So they can be, positive or negative with those letters.

I Might have a little bit of increased, risk, of severe, disease. Um, that's always a bit complicated, because we're not actually testing, absolutely, everyone, and so we are testing the fraction that comes forward for testing. At the end of the day the current data, really looks like. There might be, an increased, risk of acquiring, disease or at least acquiring, detected, disease. With, type a b. And, maybe b, and there might be some slight, uh, reduced, risk, of having documented, infection if you're type o. However, the difference is actually quite small, percentage-wise. And so i don't think anyone should feel that their blood type. Really significantly. Impacts, their likelihood, of getting infection. Um, more so than the things they're choosing to do, and the other part is it doesn't seem like people are more likely to get severe disease, um with the, quote higher risk blood types and so i think it's a. Curiosity. At this point i don't think it should really change anyone's, planning, at all, okay fair enough, dr gupta, are face shields, as protective, as face masks. That's a good one so, i like to think of them as complementary, so as healthcare workers we actually do use both. Uh but to be fair, patients, who who struggle with face masks you know for various reasons claustrophobia. Or skin irritation. And they've asked me if face shields are a good alternative. We don't have a lot of data in this area but just conceptually. You know a face mask is directly, up against your nose and mouth so it's obviously going to filter many more of those droplets, that are coming out. And it acts as a filter for most of the droplets that will be coming in as well, whereas the shield is at a certain distance, so there's obviously a chance for those droplets, to disperse, as they come out, and the air that you're in training around that shield. Will also, contain other people's struggles, so it doesn't give that same protection, what it does do though, is it protects your eyes. So that's why i consider it to be complimentary, because that's something that masks, don't do.

So You know what i'm telling patients is ideally, we really want you to wear these masks, if people, absolutely, can't wear the mask then a face shield is certainly better than nothing. So last one you dr saxon here this is uh we don't have too much time here, if two people are both wearing a mask and sunglasses, would it be safe to share a quick hug, with faces, turned away and this last line is poignant, the need for human touch, can be strong. So i think that when we talk about, getting. Closer. We have to look at this as being kind of more of a special, occasion, um, because, routine, closeness, can lead to increased transmission. If you were to give someone a special, occasion, hug, wearing a mask, glasses. Hand hygiene, and brief contact, with faces turned away would be the safest way to do it, so it's, it's a difficult, one to call, yeah we're still not there yet doctors, thank you both once again. So as you know we are asking your questions about covet 19 as often as possible, please send us the questions you have message us directly, on instagram. At cbc, the national, or you can send us an email at covid. Nearly 9 000 canadians, with covet 19. Have now died but that number doesn't really show the extent, of what and who we've lost. So cbc news started the project called lives remembered, tonight. Cornelius. Van den hennenberg. Is remembered, by his daughter. My name is patricia, munonte. I'm the youngest, of six children. And our dad cornelius. Vanden, hendenberg, passed from coven, 19. On april, 23. 2020.. He was 97. Years old. He grew up in the netherlands, where he met and married our mom, anna. And following, the war he convinced, mom to move to canada. Dad was known as casey, in ottawa. And he loved chatting, with everyone, and anyone that would listen. He was a foreman, in construction. And once he retired, he returned to his great love, farming. Breeding, miniature. Donkeys. Growing, organic, vegetables. To sell by the side of the road. His favorite, pastime, was to walk for hours in the fields or along the dirt roads in the country. All of his hard work, was with the goal to provide, a better life for all of us, for his family. Our childhood. Was filled with fun. Adventures. And lots of opportunities. From playing, hockey, to him teaching us track and field in our backyard. I feel like we all inherited, some of dad's, qualities. Honest, hard-working. And devaluing. Care for the things we have and the people we love. If i could say something, to my dad it would be this. Dad, none of us were surprised, by the fight you put up with this virus. We wish we could have been by your side, to give you, strength. And we're sorry you were by yourself. But we're happy and at peace that you're back with your true love. Mama. We've gathered more, of the stories, of those lost to covet 19, online. As part of the lives remembered, project, you can find them, at cbc, dot ca. Remembered. Next, on the national, a look at the country, pushed to the brink by covet 19.. They are begging, for the pot of milk, or for the bag of rice. Lebanon, was already facing an economic, crisis, now the pandemic. Is locking, down hope, and fueling. Fear. Floods, triggered by days of heavy rains, inundated. This hospital, in india's most populous, state. Roads in the area were washed away thousands, were displaced, millions. Have been affected by monsoon floods in south asia this year. And some 80 000 people mostly domestic, tourists, are being rushed, out of a resort, city in vietnam. That's after three residents, tested positive, for coronavirus. This is the first case. Of community, transmission, in the country since, april. Officials, say the process, of getting people out will take at least four days. Meanwhile, physical, distancing, measures in the region, have been reintroduced. Lebanon, is often thought of as a microcosm. Of the middle east it's diverse. Vibrant, and precarious. As covet 19 spreads it's now facing a fresh lockdown. And orders, that will stretch, well into next month. Margaret evans shows us a country now dancing, between desperation. And disaster. Lebanon, is hurting. And this time say many lebanese. No strangers. To fortunes, reversed. It's different. You need only catch a glimpse of a haunted, face at a charity, like this one in beirut. To see what they mean. Says all four members of her household. Have recently, lost their jobs. There is nothing in this country she says, no water, electricity. Or food. And with such crazy, prices. Living here is bad. Lebanon, is in the midst of an economic, crisis, that is redrawing. The middle class. Sending many tumbling, towards, poverty. For those already there, it's even. Worse. Elias, halil, is with bait albaraca. Which among other things runs a free supermarket. For those in need. Using a voucher, system to ease, the shame.

That Can come with the asking. You can see moms. Dads. Who are educated. Who used to have jobs. Who. Never. Begged for, anything. They are begging, for the pot of milk, or for the bag of rice, which is. Honestly, devastating. The carrots, being handed out come courtesy, of the lebanese, food bank. The executive, director, says, charities, themselves. Are struggling, to stay afloat, the, economic, situation. The, corona, virus. Everything. Is mixed up so, the people who are not. Are not able to, think. About the future. But the seeds, of lebanon's, current crisis were planted, well before, the pandemic. Sectarian. Political, elites, accused, of lining their own pockets. And trying to run the country, on what critics describe, as a foreign investment, ponzi, scheme. It's the bankers. The central bank. And, the politicians. Who. To my mind were all in bed together, they played a very high risk. Stakes. Again, with the money of. Ordinary, lebanese. Last fall. Revolution. Was in the air. Thousands, of people jamming the streets, across the country, and across, sectarian. Lines. To demand, change. But since then, the lebanese, lira has lost 80 percent of its value. A disaster. In a country that relies, heavily, on imports. And many of the shops and restaurants, that close, during the coronavirus. Lockdown. Are slumbering, still. Calls for help from abroad. Have so far gone unanswered. The international. Monetary, fund linking. Any cash injection. To a firm and to corruption. Unfortunately. The current political, class, is still showing, every, resistance. To, carrying out the reforms, needed. And quite frankly, they continue, operating, as if it's a business as usual. And it's hardly, that. The lights, are literally. Going out in lebanon, power, cuts in some cases, lasting. Up to 20 hours, at a time. Private, hospitals, by far the majority. In lebanon. Are threatening to shut their doors. Struggling, to buy medicine, and fuel. To keep generators. Going, you don't have enough money, in our hands. To run the day-to-day. Operations. The hospitals. Are reaching, a point where. They will not be able to. Admit, patients. Only critical, patients. Not surprisingly. Those who can, are trying to leave. In an apartment. Perched over the famed, beirut, skyline. Michelin, arun, and her husband, bruno, melky, know they occupy. A place of privilege. Still, more than managing. But they're hoping for visas, to canada. Soon, i don't see any, hopes. In the near term. Honestly, otherwise, i would have stayed. Melky, a dentist. Calls lebanon. A failed state. Since i was a child i always, listen to my grandfather, say, tomorrow, it will be better my father used to say, you will see tomorrow it's gonna be better. It's a promise they'd like to make to their own children, and keep. To them, that means leaving lebanon. It implies, a terrible, loss of faith. And those left behind, fear, a brain drain. That will set the country back even further. Wissam, harb, used to play at bars, and restaurants. Now he tries to earn what he can, busking. There is nothing he says not even a little bit of hope. Everyone. Is thinking of emigrating. Lebanon. Is finished. The country has stood on this precipice, before. The difference, being. That no one's betting on lebanon. Anymore. Not even its own people. Margaret, evans cbc, news, london. Next on the national, a closer, look at canadian. Anti-massacres. They are pushing, back against mandatory, masks, and the tactics, they're using. Are from a familiar. Playbook. Welcome back, more and more provinces, and cities are adding a new tool to their fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Mandatory. Mask policies. Especially, in places where it's hard to physically, distance. Starting, today, after a two-week grace period people refusing, to wear a mask, can be banned, from boarding public transit in quebec. In nova scotia masks will become mandatory. In most indoor public spaces, on friday. Calgary, will follow suit, on saturday. There are of course, medical, exceptions, to those rules and on the whole most people, seem to be complying. But, as nicole ireland tells us some groups, oppose, the idea, and they are getting help. From anti-vaxxers. To spread misinformation. When mandatory, masking, came to toronto. So too did examples, of pushback. Like this one at a toronto emergency, department, you're making me wear a mask, otherwise you're not you're going to deny me service. Organized, anti-mass, groups have sprung up to protest, not only masking, but physical distancing. Contact, tracing, and most other public health measures, to fight covet 19.. We've witnessed. The stripping, of our basic human rights and freedoms at breathtaking. Speeds. Under the false pretense, of a global pandemic. Conspiracy. Theories, and downplaying, health risks, are tactics, often used by the anti-vaccination. Movement. Now cbc news has confirmed that at least one anti-masking. Group in toronto, has partnered with the canadian, anti-vax. Organization. And is taking leadership, seminars, from a prominent, anti-vaccine.

Advocate, In the u.s. There's a lot of. Similarities. Between, the, anti-masking. Sentiments, and movement. With anti-vaccine. Maya goldenberg, studies vaccine, hesitancy. She says organized, anti-vaccination. Groups, and anti-masking. Groups, grow out of a mistrust, of government. And health authorities. When you don't trust, the sort of basic infrastructure. That are supposed to support, public well-being. You're going to come up with all kinds of tactics, to try to resist it. Those tactics, include spreading, false claims that wearing a mask can cause people to suffer oxygen deficiency. Breathe in toxins. Or even develop a compromised, immune system. I have to say it disturbs, me when i see, people, acting on information, that i'm quite sure, is, not only, incorrect. But, potentially, misleading. And potentially. Leading, to. Harmful, outcomes. Particularly. When it comes to some of the vulnerable, patients. Doctors, emphasize, that there are some legitimate, medical conditions, that prevent people from wearing masks. They also understand that the guidance has changed, and that's been confusing. They say that's because they've learned more about how this new virus is spread. And how wearing a mask, can help keep people safe, inside stores like this. Nicole ireland, cbc, news toronto. Next on the national, frontline, workers, get some special, recognition. Personal, portraits, by artists they've never met, the reaction, when they see the results, that's our moment, next. Artists, in newfoundland. Are honoring frontline, workers, in the best way they know how by painting, portraits, of them. So the trick here the artists, have never met their subjects. Until the portraits, were unveiled, and that, is our moment. I am an avid, follower, of art on instagram. And i started to see this one hashtag, popping up and it was actually started, by a portrait artist located, in the uk, named the artist would, uh connect with a worker. Do a portrait, and then actually give that portrait to the worker themselves. And it sort of seemed like the kind of thing that newfoundland, was made for. And we decided we wanted to just kind of. Give it a try here. And we actually were going with the idea of frontline workers. I'm going to. Give nathan, the portrait. That i've been working on. It was my first time painting someone that i've never met before.

Wow. It's showing these people, at a time when they really stood up and stepped, up and did something, for people around them, too. Okay so as you heard there's, this started in the uk, it was only for health care workers, but the folks in newfoundland, decided. They needed to expand, that, nathan, is uh works at a food mart he says he was thrilled to get the portrait, and the respect, and he certainly deserves, both. That is a national, for july. 27th. You.

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