Crayfish Trapping | Broken River | Bush Camp Cook Up

Crayfish Trapping | Broken River | Bush Camp Cook Up

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Good. Morning beautiful tuba, viewers, it's, Monday there what direction it is automated. You June. It's Monday June probably. Somewhere, in the teens, late teens, monkeys. Got the day off I'm doing nothing what are we up to. The. Crazy. Crazy, escape just, a great escape good just, wrong so. We're gonna go chase some price we've. Got the chairs we've got the we've, got the hot plate we've got teas coffees with a bit of bacon and eggs and brought, some dry firewood from home. We found out the bush, guys. This the plan it's, a beautiful day she's gonna be she's. Gonna be a cracking Lee hot today Derek and it's gonna go up to about ten. So. Who better, than tomorrow tomorrow 71 degrees so anyway we're off up the track and, we're bring you back when we get there looking, forward of this. Tell. You what guys doesn't get much better than this. Is in the background, cattle. In the background would. Reckon Mikey boy. You. Had first with him when. Was the last time we were here fella. Six. Eight months ago. Yeah. That's right yeah well we clean remember lost when we were here we took all that rubbish yep I'll, put a link to that video guides me monkey and mrs. monkey and mrs. moose came down here and. There was a there, was a load of rubbish over here, massive. Bag of it remember and. We have to bloody dig it out and carry it out I mean. It was it was industrial, size it was ridiculous. And we, might have lost that time for a little bit on camera hey. Big. Time edited yeah whatever would have got strikes on that one but, here we are guys. Now. We're on the broken here. And. As you see there's some beautiful sinkholes absolutely, perfect for crying she's, nice and cold today so I'm I'm. Hoping for good things we've. Got a sadly Bank we've got a bit of wood here what, are we burning bruss. Yep. Sugar, bank yep. Again. Well this is it I'll, tell you what there's a big old limb over there we could probably make you some what you say about that. That's. A big old big, old X there that's got a real history that one a monkey or what. Falls. On the phone you want you to hammer back. Well. Guys well this is us we'll get set up we're. Gonna make a day of it we haven't got to be back we. Only gonna be back until you, know mid-afternoon 15. 1600 ish so it's all good we've, spent a good three four hours here I suppose chase them cries up I'm down the river get. A feed on cook, up a brew, looking. Forward to it no, I don't know for me as. You, can see we got a where, we got a 3/5. So we got seven Nets out. We got some smelly liver going on, monkeys. Gonna get into that in a minute we've got all our details on the side of our floats. You. Gotta have your rest. Your. Name and address I, always put my license number and a, contact number. So, yeah they're all legal size nets are all good to go for Victoria standards I've checked, on fishing, vfa, this. This area here is all good for Christ as of the first, so. We, get into it this. Is camp quickly we've got the fire on the go we've got a brew brew sit up, you. Might as well be comfortable in the bush guys hi we've. Got a few rods you might have a flick and I've. Got some corn so we might better get a carp for. The compost. Up. Here. Bruce. These. Are the ones that you knocked on there couple weeks back yeah. Now. Remember a couple years ago you made a how. To butcher a few. Lambs in the David and, it ended up looking a bit carnage you didn't it yeah. Because. Video. Take. Complicated guys will. Get these all baited up and then and. Then we'll film each other trying to put them in without go and ass over tit this. Is where moose falls, in. She's. A bit stinky. She's. A bit pong he might, forget your toes wet their brush. See. There's a sinker out there. Now. Done if you can see that boys and girls but some of these left to crane it down there see. This here this is. What we call freebies. Is. It. Are. You serious. Sneaky. Bugger I didn't even see him do that we. Put that back in one week. Where. Did you put that in oh. There's. Anything and I just found bloody treasure. North. Of monkey, hi. Guys. Monkeys. Away we've got three in here alright we go for a walk we. We. Get shot there yeah, just. On the other side of that, let's. Step. Yep. Three. Be dead guys hot. Pound II know. I bruise. On the guy. This is what I love about putting, bacon, beside. It you. Get. The round as you do what you do with a Danish you also get the, American. Yeah. Back. In the day in. In. The UK. Small. Holdings, with, I mean like ever lived in Tennyson's that had a small garden, maybe, priests three square meters by three, square meters we're allowed to keep one chicken, one peep and of. Course during the the Russian periods.

Pre-war. Post-war, obviously during the war a, lot of people have some bacon and eggs that was a staple and. And. That's where it comes from and from there it spread throughout Empire or obviously oh. Yeah. Smoking roll-ups every day. Smoking. Put. A bacon annexes all right. Not. Every day boys and girls. Now, Mike my chickens at the moment are probably laying out, of about 20 out of them I'm probably getting about half a dozen eggs every two days how are you. Doing. Better than me I, think. I made the mistake by buying push chickens I should've, got some cheap brown one. Looseness, Collingwood long shame. We'll, have we'll, have these rap guys and then we'll we'll pull these nets I think in about 15 minutes. This. Won't take long at all. Hi. Kitties. Ring on. Hand. Even now she look good, invested. A couple of big ring guards makes. It easier. So. What's been happening me you're well. Oh. My. God forget this cooktop. We. Bring you back when it's time for plate oregan. Hopefully. We'll be having Christ, submit. Off the news snack. We're, doing you might there. You go bacon. And egg wrap. Cuz. Its, YouTube bombed on camera, extraordinaire, I. Made. You breakfast denoise. Right. Oh that's three doughnuts in a row we're doing good here. Gotta. Speak love a stick. Well. Look at the skill in that that's. The way. Hey. He's got one. I'm. Coming down hey, there. You go tight I told. Ya oh. Look. He's only a little one. Danny. Maybe. You. Could tell quite clearly that from. His eyeballs back to the top, of his tail that's a lot lot smaller than. Between. Ten or twelve centimeters and. I'm. Just gonna. Be. Careful call. You Sparky bugger, yeah. So. It's a mouse no, Barry but. Unfortunately undersized. So. We thank your mother for the rabbits you want to give her a kiss. There. You go Dave we can't catch things other than cold smoke but. We put our mate back. Catch, me brother right, that's that's, a--that's made me happy mate that. Means the bastards are in here. Blowing. Raspberries are us you, know we might have to do those three Nets in front of us we might have to go for a bit of a stroll I reckon. Yeah. All. Right. No. Doubt we'll catch that fell over again in the next 20, minutes.

There. You go guys. If. Else fails we've come and had a bacon and egg wrap when we've caught one rather, Tingy looking Christ. Go. Check those other two. He. Was a monster. Peppermint. Reek that comes down by the river dip by. The river it's a red gum you know can. Tell. By the color red, gum again. Merci. Beaucoup, there. You go guys a bit of Bush technique for you I'll. Drop me Flickr we're. Gonna check these nets. Beautiful. Spot though hi and. This is a crack in swimming hole in the summertime oh my. God this is proven to be a, great. Success we've got one, so far but the baits been doubled so we've. Different. Spots but, I, think. It might be time to get my key to make some of these, Billy. T. Better. Eucalyptus, as well. Movies. Colors would you. How's. That for a camp. I'll. Think I'll bring you back when he makes his tea cuz. He's. Pretty good at it. He. Does it the OL fella. Y-yeah. You back for that. Free. Gum we have, a particular, we, just know it's leaves. Right. Rafi, toys go after this, lovely. Tea. I'm. Gonna get out the way cuz I want to be covered, in. So. What. Smell. Oh. Yeah. Just. With those three little leaves I. Yep. I. Have. It black you can't have milk with it I'll. Tell you what made our looks pretty bloody good I. Promise. Crisp things like memory game. Give. It a go gustatory. Tastes. Awesome. Yeah citrusy. Taste to it there. You go guys, the northern monkey's Billy, T tradish. Why. You. A bit of a spin again another. Center food. All. Right. We're. Over cup of tea. Sounds. Like the cookies or a fan as well. There. You go guys that's a done. Cup. Of tea. All. Our boys and girls, we. Pulled the net for the third time and. We, pulled doughnuts but. That it, doesn't matter we got one cray we've, been here for about three or four hours we went for a bush walk about, half an hour saw. Some nice sign down the track, monkeys. Doing what, needs to be done and that's. Soaking your coals until you can actually touch them scatter them by hand. Of. Course you won't be scattering them by hand will be using the shovel. Because. This is a kind of a semi-permanent. Camp. You. Know out the bush gravel I suppose. Unofficial, designated, fireplaces really don't we. So. So, yeah we'll just make sure this is well and truly out and. Yeah. How about a cracking day mate. Recharge. Out in the bush yeah. I reckon so. Yep. We had a flick we we got on the corn there and at a flick and just. In the chances of finding a rope. I'll cop that we could feed of the chickens but no. Gouda I got snagged twice and the. Last time yeah no good but, I've had a blast it's been good we've seen one cry I think. To be honest with you guys it's been bloody worn today and they said it was going to be top. Of seven and, if. It'll, be 12 yeah it's hot in front of the fire and the Sun Sun on us.

I Think, the waters a little bit too warm no. Doubt in my mind that Robbie's definitely fi catching him up and Wayne go right away and he's catching them up the ovens and Kings. We. Possibly, headed up there this coming weekend we don't know yet it, might be chasing deer this weekend I'm surely keen to get back up there brother, it's. Been three weeks four weeks I was up around. No. I've, only got I've got a little bit sambar, sausage left and. I've got about, one and a half goats. So. We've. Got two we won't have a bit of a score up there guys. It. Was monkeys, permission, but, since. He's to be shooting up there for these many years now I've, become friends with a bloke up there as well that owns the property James you've, seen those videos before guys up but up in the hills. Yeah. So. Just. Gonna see me a monkey up there shooting, the deer bringing, them out butchering, them processing. Them into a sausage and so forth and, it's about that time of year now well we really need to get out there and on. This private property we can spotlight so we'll go out and we'll take. To, 3d. And. Yeah. We'll just fill up our freezers so that we know the pressures off we can make sausages, Mike, Mints will probably just take one whole beast and mix him up. So. Yeah so that would be the plan probably we, hope for this for this weekend. If. It doesn't come off we'll definitely be up there this month. We're. Gonna go chase, do. Stalking as well which we love to do apart. From that that's about it, we'll be tracing the crows when we're up there on. The Kings and, yeah. That's it from me got anything else to say. Monkeys. Happy. Hi guys to check out monkeys channel I'll put a link above the. Northern monkey Down Under he's a bit of a Nutty Professor it. Comes up with some weird stuff and invent stuff and you've what's your next video grown up. How. To install an auto shutoff fan in a toilet. Just. Random. Link. Above well I got. No. Mini. Whoa. That's US done leave a comment share thumbs up subscribe if, you like this corner nonsense and yeah. So we can get more more praise for you guys but he, was coming, out of coming, out ago and. We're. Not giving up we've got three months to chase the buggers right, I see. Yeah.

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I would so much like to go out for night with you blokes! I need a laugh, going through some stuff at the moment. Your keeping it real moose and monkey, luv your uploads, cheers!

Hi Moose should try the Gollburn river at undeara north... it's one of the best places for crays I've gone to...always get a good catch it's never failed me ATB Jim.

1) Long live The Empire. 2) Rationing didn't stop in Great Britain until 1953. 3) People with a small holding OFTEN lied about the amount of animals they had and so they lived a better life than some however if you were caught then you were in deep doggy doo doo. 4) A lot of people don't know that Churchill was indeed a farmer and kept pigs, cattle, horses and chickens. His extended family was also into farming and he too was genuinely affected by the "numbers" inspectors. 5) Chickens don't lay all year - especially Isa Brown. Now is their off time. 6) To keep egg rings easy to clean, wipe with olive oil first. Clean up's a breeze. 7) Why are you wearing a rain coat ? 8) Max'll give you some good stalking tips. He's the great white hunter. 9) At least I make an effort with my comments and show I've watched the whole video. 10) I could just be boring and dull like all the other spodes and say "nice video, good to see you out there" At least I engage.

G'day Moosy boy and what a lovely day you n Monkey boy had just chillin by the fire drinking funny tea and eating bacon n egg wraps, nice one lads, no cray but hey you were out there trying n that's good enough, out hunting soon then mate, I best get cracking and send something out to you, nearly done but not quite, takes time when there's no real spare time to give so it's taken a while, nice one mate till next time and atb

Nice one gentleman. Looked like a fun day out and about. No luck with the crays but they give me the heeby geebies anyway so hay ho

It's looks like you had a good day mate nice little fire nice cup of tea lucky you took the bacon and eggs to eat because you weren't going to be eaten anything else laugh out loud look forward to seeing some dear and hopefully some crayfish after next weekend still owe me that salami if you gonna make it as usual my friend stay safe see you on the next video

Looked like a nice day!

I know it was bloody warm by that fire Lol NM.

Nice one guys , nice little chill that, that brew sounds nice too.. Citrusy you say?... I'm rather partial to an earl grey so that sounds bloody nice .

Left for another twenty minutes that tea was awesome ATB, NM.

Wicked outing with the Monkey-Doodely-Doo  Thanks Fellas !          ATB Ter  God Bless

Ugly looking critters but tasty, I like the swinging Billy. Good looking trip. Al.

One thumbs down, lol, how can you not love a day in the bush :- ) lol. O'well.

It was me....

Nice one mate, a good catch up with friends and a camp is heaven. ATB, James

Good on ya EW, nothing better than getting out in the bush. Cheers fella. ATB Moose.

Great Video,....,,thanks for sharing

Thank you for watching William. Cheers mate. ATB Moose

Another great video Moose, thanks again for the tip on Barmah. Going their this weekend, I'll let you know how i go. I don't know who gave you a thumbs down? I give you two thumbs up mate. Thanks for giving us the enjoyment of at least watching you do the outdoors things we are to cold or lazy to do. Thanks again mate.

G'day Sam, get after the bastards mate, remember from Toc to Swan Hill and Hotham you cannot Cray so it will have to be before Tocumwal mate. Good luck and please keep us posted. Cheers Moose.

Ah the nut gallery! Nice outing!


Indeed Sir, lol. Good times. Cheers Mucker. ATB Moose.

Nice 1 gents!

G'day Deano old mate, it was a hoot. Not much Craying going on but the crack was good. Cheers Moose

Ok mate, i will defo head to Undera probably tomorrow MD. Lowe Goulburn National Park mate?. Thanks for the tip, its 30 mins from Dookie so all good. Cheers mate. ATB Moose.

I am Colonel Sanders reincarnate. He was a Mason by the way. My father met him too :-) In my survival bug out bag I take a bucket of the Colonel's finest and a carton of lager. For everything else there's Master Card.

Thank you Sir lunatic, your comments are not without merit Sir. Cheers Mooster.

And that's because of Lend Lease which was only paid back in 2015.

You COULDN'T buy American made guitars until 1960 either!

G'day Paul lad, no rush mate, plenty of hunting to come brother. I'm cleaning rifles all day today, that 3 months deep clean....... has to be done. Cheers Mucker. ATB Moose

Hi BWA, you and Mrs Moose it seems. I just see a great feed when i pick them up, lol. Thanks for the comment. ATB Moose

lol, you know Dave, the first thing Monkey said to me was "we had better snatch a video of at least one Cray or Dave will be on to us" lol, spot on. Cheers mate Thanks for the continuous support. ATB Moose

We don't get murray crays here in the yarra valley. We get Gippsland spiny crays. Out of season atm back in September. They grow 3 or 4 times 5he size of Murray crays. I'll message you a pic of a small one in messenger. I don't eat them so haven't caught any for a few years.

G'day TJ mate, it was a belter. Loved it and will be back on them probably tomorrow or Saturday. Too good an opportunity to miss. You going to chase any this year mate? Cheers Moose

Hey up Pikey, where the heck you been lad? not seen any notices for your channel for a while fella. Hope you are well. It was a cracking day with the Monkey, he makes a pretty decent brew it has to be said lad and its nearly free so the Yorkshire git really loves it. lol. Cheers mate. ATB Moose

Hi there Moose, Great trip mate, thanks for sharing, enjoyed watching it on my son's big screen TV, regards from Kiwi land, Tony.

G'day Tony and the team, lol, good stuff mate. I am just about to watch your new vid also, orchard walk first mind, :-) bunnies never stop. Cheers mate. ATB Moose.

Thanks Terry mate, good times out in the bush. Cheers mate. ATB Moose.

G'day Al. Yep, sure are mate but as you said, tasty buggers. lol. Cheers mucker. ATB Moose.

lol flog.

I get thumbs down too. It's jealousy and envious people with a sad life. We can't all be deer hunting jet setters.....

Nice day out, never mind maybe catch some next time

Thats how it goes Sam mate, can't win them all but it was a cracking day out. Cheers Moose.

Moose....are you I need to bring lawyers guns and money ?

All good mate, working at present. Back up bush this weekend i hope. Cheers Moose.

Thumbs up from me : )

Good on ya mate. Thanks for watching. ATB Moose.

Hey Moose... Totally Awesome Brother I hope you have a field day out there Mate. Robbie's been doing great and the Goulburn is always good too. You hunt and fish in my favorite part of the World my Friend. Talk Soon and Happy Hunting Cheers Neil.

G'day Neil, thanks mate, i will chase them next week also, need to get the boat out. lol. Good on ya mate. ATB Moose.

Some nasty sad people out there mate. Unreal hey. I was in Trellies today, they are all looking forward to seeing you on the 13th. Cheers bud. ATB Moose.

MOOSEDOWNUNDER I gave it a thumbs up Moose. I can just about guarantee it will be some tosser that doesn't like the fact that you mentioned the Broken, Ovens or King rivers. Some people actually believe that they are entitled to have these places all themselves without sharing. I get stacks of thumbs down.

Nice way to spend a day Moose.

Cheers Hank Bro, it was a cracker hey. Thanks for watching mate. ATB Moose.

Hello Moose I love your Adventures

Thanks Sandra, much appreciated matey. Cheers Moose.

could not think of a better way to spend on a Monday, great video Moose and Monkey, as you put it i love this kind of "nonsense" but not nonsense, good bush crafted skills, ha ha "would you like to give the crayfish a kiss" !!. like F£$& ! in the future i would like to learn more wild food skills as to just producing food at home, as you know we have a massive forest on our doorstep full of the best free food, at the moment parasol mushroom season has just arrive here so the hunt has started, 3 already found huge ones already. cheers guys take care. i will be back for more !!!

G'day team, thats really awesome mate, i was thinking the same when you did the military pizza video, i am positive there are deer and mushrooms in that corridor, get after them buddy. I have a lot of deer hunting processing vids on the field to fork list. We just processed 6 Roosters and 12 rabbits, from the rabbits alone i made 29 pies at a cost of 50 cent a pop (Woolworths home made pastry 2.50 for ten pages) and the Rooster meat is chimed and prep't ready for curry night for 16 of us next Wednesday, going to light the big fire and crack the cider i made last autumn. Love life and embrace the suck my man, get into it. lol, you guys are awesome. Cheers to ya. Moose.

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