Craziest Ramen Noodle Tour In Tokyo

Craziest Ramen Noodle Tour In Tokyo

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What's up everybody welcome to another epic, ramen tour my name is shanece a, and welcome, to Toby eats this, is number three in our ramen, series, of you guys missed, the last two ramen videos go check it out by clicking right. Above subtle she said now the theme of today, is crazy. Ramen. That's right crazy. Ramen. Now, what does that mean we have no idea because, we're, leaving everything up to Frank. Okay. I see my friend over there let's go meet him hi. Good morning oh hi oh good to see you guys. Okay. Let's go inside guys, it's, a tsukumo, tonkotsu. Ramen. Okie-dokie. People good morning everybody I can't believe that we're having ramen, from, so early in the morning or. At this place called tsukumo. Located, a b2 if. You are a ramen, lover and you literate you know that ABC is famous, for, having some, of the best ramen, joints, here in town and wow. This is kind. Of crazy check it out guys look at this this is the. Cheese. Tonkotsu. Ramen, and this. Is what made this, ramen, place famous. This is what put them on the map and, if. This is your first time this is something you've got to try I, cannot. Believe this mound, of cheese on the top look at all the cheese they, grate the cheese right in front of you and this. Comes. In this very thick, rich tonkatsu. Soup, and. I. Can't wait to try it out I also see some beef sprouts as well as corn, and let's, let's see what the noodles of life. Okay. That's beautiful. Oh my. God I am so hungry right now. Docume. All. Right I'm gonna start with the soup I always like to start with this you. Oh. That's. Pretty good, oh yeah. That's pretty good I I. Was, imagining it to be more thicker. And, richer. But. Is just, right I'm. Gonna try some of the noodles with the cheese here, we go noodles. Cheese. Oh. Wow. It's almost reminds me of like spaghetti. You, know with um cheese. Hmm. That, is incredibly, creamy and. Incredibly, cheesy you're. Using cheese, from Hokkaido no wonder this, is some premium. Cheese guys this, blend, of, polkas. A soup that's not, overly. Thick or rich with. This cheese, and. These. Noodles. Altogether. It just goes so well together it's, like perfect. Combination. Wow. I'm. Long, my mind isn't blown mine is tomato cheese ramen look, this beautiful, dish it looks like Italian. Pasta, dish if this. Is a tomato paste, tomato I can, see the tonight turns over tomatoes and in the center a huge, amount of it she looks, very beautiful and there. Are some basil leaves. Mmm. So good. The suit is mixed. With tomato. Tonkatsu, and me so it's, imagine, very well cheese had a good mommy, tomato, has a total, Messenger and it matches with, this soup, next, I want to eat noodles this, is a cheesy mm-maybe, noodle. The. Texture is just, right, and I, love, this combination of cheese and tomato atomic. Odds are not honest but it reduces the fat in over the, cheese it's.

So. Refreshing I can, eat this forever, so. I'm about to dive into the epoxy, ramen or a coriander, ramen this is the first time I've had this really excited, you can smell immediately, of course the poxy there's a lot of it floating, on top here, and yeah. First time to try this so I'm gonna dive right in starting. With the soup oh. That's. Really good it's. Quite um explained spicy yeah that's. Good it's uh it's like a Southeast, Asian ramen, it's, um it tastes like something you'd maybe find. In Thailand, or in Vietnam, there's an employ, so a bit of that fish sauce that gives it a, seafood. Eye flavor and it's spicy so my throat's, a adjusting. According and on. Top of that there's a shrimp, in the, in. The soup so you can really taste that but. It's nice the coriander, kind. Of balances, that, balances. That out it's very light and refreshing and also, the tomatoes I think serve the same purpose. So. They use the same thin. Noodles from the looks of things. Soup, in there and, of. Course grab, some of the puck gee as I as I pull up there we go look at that nice. And steaming hot. Bear. In mind if you grab a lot of pucks t-that's you know the main thing, that's. The main thing that you'll be tasting but it's very nice because you've got them you know a little bit the crunch from the park sheet kind, of um, contrasting. With the softer noodles, so, maybe. What I'm gonna do on the next bite is grab a little bit less of the puck sheet kind. Of get in the suit and if I can and we try and toss in some tomato there as well, just. So it might be more a little more balanced, of a, bite. To get. Done soup here we go. Really. Good I think that time I was, able to taste the soup a little bit more because I didn't have them you know just the pup she on the way up here's the tomato wrong. This, reminds me of like I can. Like, if a really. Good Italian, restaurant made, ramen this. Is what I would imagine it's a taste like so, good. Alright, people so we're here at number two, we're. In Shinjuku, Neto me and a please cause gachi, and, they're famous for just came in cannot. Wait to see how crazy this one is. So. We're here at Nijo, Miskimmin, and gotcha they, makes kemon which is. Where the noodles are separate from the broth and, they do a very unique skimmin because it's tortilla python or a very, thick, and creamy. Type. Of chicken broth this, is the teriyaki, deluxe. SkinMan. Or dipping, ramen. And look at this visually. It is. Incredible. These. Are, deep-fried. Mem'ma, which are bamboo, shoots, and that's, an entire, fried chicken, right, on top of the noodles you can't even see their noodles the green onions got a lemon wedge you got a piece of nori and you also have these Hajji Tama which, are seasoned, boiled egg let's. See if I can find the rules here, here. The noodles are lying underneath all, this, topping. And this, is the dipping sauce is a teriyaki sauce. It. Looks like, curry, right, now I think I'm going to, start. With the noodles I'm just gonna go right into the noodles I want. To try the noodles without anything, on it except. For the sauce. That's. Dip it in. Here while it's really, thick and. Inside the sauce I noticed that there are also more, mem'ma the bamboo shoots and. It's. Pretty. Thick and. I believe like Frank said this is pythons, hoody python - its chicken based, hey. Doc. You wanna see. It's. Like the, creamiest, 20 Python I've had in my life, it's super, super creamy, rich and decadent. Is, like stick. To your bones kind of lumps broth. Or sauce I, want. To go for this fried chicken, because.

I Mean who doesn't like fried chicken right. Well. That's good fried chicken this. Is like Kannada Japanese stuff fried chicken so. It has a nice seasoning. Flavorful. Maybe. Dip it into, the sauce. Hmm. Really. Well as you saw I'm. Gonna squeeze some of the lemon. Right. On top like this I'm. Gonna try the noodles. Of the green onions. Hmm. Actually. Squeeze, the lemon over, makes. It even better because. It adds an, acidity. Because. This is so rich I think you, need the acidity, and, just that little bit of lemon, makes, all the difference and. Look. At this look at that his, minimums, I've, never seen such, a long in bed muffin in Lucky's usually like about that small. Oh my. God. Oh. That's. Nice, and this is a nicely seasoned as well mmm. So, I'm the odd one out I got the ramen instead of the scammin so the noodles are in the soup and this, is the first time I'm happy to have this one I usually get the escapement here but. It's also 20 Python looks like a pretty, thick. And creamy soup, but, it's gonna be a little bit thicker than the ramen which is usually the case when you have skimmin. And ramen these days the, ramen soup is a little bit, less. Thick but even going, through this you can see how. Thick that is oh. Wow. That's still like gravy I'm gonna have have. A sip here right now. Yeah, it's just. Like the, scan it's still, very. Rich and creamy yeah. It's like. Thanksgiving. Gravy but, chicken. It's really yeah it's, really strong but, you know what I like about the. Ramen here is that they've got a couple things going on you, know everything is chicken based so you've got, slices. Of chicken here they've, also got bonito. Fish flakes which is kind of interesting, here. On the side this is usually used in the dashi. Broth of a lot of Japanese. Soup. Dishes, and on. The side here they've also got. Negi. Green and a. Little bit of white, onions. As well and in the middle this. Looks, like salmon, but, it's actually, not chicken. Meat that's, been, fried. Together with cumin, or, plums. So, it might taste a little bit sour, and. I'm, gonna try some of the soup. That's, good so interesting because that sourness kind of cuts through the the. Thicker creamy, broth a little bit and I think for that reason too you, know with their ramen and scam and they'll include a lemon, wedge here so, you can maybe sprinkle, it you know on the noodles or in the soup itself and again. That acidity, that kind of fresh like the, lighter citrusy. Acidity, that comes from the noodles is, a, nice contrast, to the really heavy and think you, know soup that you have so they're, balancing each other out quite nicely this. Place is recommended, as. A good hangover ash umph I think, everyone battles, hangovers, in different, ways but if you're into a heavier. Kind, of food and you still want to have relevance this might be a great option. To, the noodles. My. Shoe. Hmmm. Sorta chicken broast very, thick very, rich, very rich, mmm, the noodle is really. Thick. Secretin. Is this, soup. Really. Looks. Like a gravy sauces. Let's. Dip into this soup, sorry. Whoa. That. Soup common Savita this noodle is so, well, now. Thank you mom. This. Is I, think this, is a rich Estes, soup the.

Riches To chicken I can serve I've ever eaten. It, has a nice chicken, flavor, sort. Therefore. Very. Rich. Hmm. We. Go to these vegetables, so. I will add a little bit it's. Cabbage. Bean. Sprouts and onion, I. Think. It it, matches with this soup. With. This. Chicken. Brevis onion. Cabbage flavor. So. Good with this sudras all. Right I want to try this, shieldon. In the salt one, I'm. Gonna have it with the note. Put. That right is there. Wow. This really, does look like gravy like. I almost want Turkey right now but. Stuffing. Does. It smell like baby oh. I. Like this one better I, like, this one more I think the salt, one I don't know what it is but it, hasn't, more, on adulter taste you can really taste the chicken this, is definitely, like, chicken gravy where's. A teriyaki one I think um the, taste is a bit more on. Like. Soy sauce. So. It, takes away from that chicken flavor but. This, she'll one oh yeah, this is my favorite. So. We got cheese's topping here this, is gonna make it even important. It's, strongly flavored, but get. It to some of that hot soup let that cheese melt, a little bit. It, goes really well I think you know she. Is of course when there's something that maybe it's already creamy, it. Can match it very well similar, to the last place so. Where. To place call it aroma, and they. Serve a very. Unusual coffee. Ramen. Mmm, coffee ramas. Coffee. Ramen, yes look this is cool here ramen, any. Bitty bit call fear Amon call, fee yes, call fee can, you believe it look this is cute cute face. Handsome. Face eyes. Made. With boiled, egg and the center, is coffee, bean, and the. Nose is cheese, and. I, don't. Know this part the head headed. Like me the white it's. Ice cream, um on, bacon, ice, cream on, bacon, the mouth is salami. And under. The salami, Vera there is banana, and, the, cheek, haha, Naruto, its. Dispute, under the cheek there, is a, there. Is banana, - banana a, banana tube, and, the. Nude I heard in the soup and noodles they are using the real coffee so. I'm very very looking for to sip the soup. The. Color is a little bit coffee. The. Ice cream is already melting. So it's like a miracle, coffee coffee milk, coffee but. In this this area is Korea it's like a coffee. Direct. Bus. Coffee yes. Coffee. But. It has a nicer flavor of like soy sauce maybe. Soy sauce of dashi soy, sauce and dashi flavor, with coffee it's, good, it's. Much much better than I expected I, only, thought it's bitter, coffee. But. It's not it's coffee aroma, same. As this shop coffee. Alone. Them. Away, eat this noodle, they. They. Combined, the, coffee into, this noodles, look, looks, like soba, noodles Japanese, soba noodles, but, this is not a servant, it's a my ramen I heard, and in. This noodles, they are using coffee B. Yes. It's coffee flavor, so. I will eat this knows. This. Is nose melting. Cheese. I think. You wanna eat ice cream, ice. Cream. Vanilla. Ice cream I, want. To eat this but the mix the pot ice, cream and coffee, it's. Like a coffee, float. Enjoying. This river, oh. Here, we go first first, simple soup. Wow. It's really interesting, it's. Like soy sauce and combi together this. Is nothing, like I've ever tasted, before, and. My. Brain is really confused, right now, that's. Funny cuz it's got like that tangy. Saltiness. From the soy sauce you know with a little bit of that, bitterness. From the coffee kind of mixing together but, I think the soy sauce taste is pretty strong, so that it's, like soy sauce and then the coffee kind. Of you know, in. The broth like I'm just just ever so slightly, I'm. Gonna try with these coffee noodles, and I imagine what I have the noodles maybe I'll taste a little bit more of that coffee. I. Think. When you eat it with the noodles because they're healthy noodles. You. Can taste the coffee a lot more it's. Now, yeah I feel like I'm I, feel, like I'm just drank a hot coffee but I haven't drank any coffee, I've eaten Nutella, so it's very very confusing for my brain. Can. You try the ice, cream banana, and noodles at the same time I'm like so curious, I can get some banana banana, oh my god. And maybe like dip in that some. Vanilla ice cream on it oh my god, see these zeroes these. Are very different things, sure. Banana. Ice. Cream in noodle okay so yeah. We've got a, soy, sauce coffee, vanilla. Noodles. I mean this is like it's. A dessert running, it's a soy. Sauce ramen. There's oh wow it's, just so so, good reason. While. It's all happening in your mouth like the. Banana in the ice cream I feel you know go very well with the the. Coffee you know it's like a coffee float, and then, the you. Know the soy. Sauce though, you know is there too so it's, like the soy sauce is fighting, against you know the the, dessert components.

With The coffee so it's, it's, it's yeah nothing. Like that ever tasted, before it's, really bizarre. But, it's. It's fun a hint. Never. Eaten anything like this and I think this is what you know the reason why we wanted to come here because yeah. It's it's really, really bizarre. In a good way I, got something that looks a little bit more normal, this is the Sun Ottoman salad. Noodles. And this. Looks normal, but if you look, really closely there are bananas. In here there. Are chunks of bananas, in here there's cheese tomatoes. Lettuce. Ball, egg, slice. Cucumbers, and ham so. It. Does look a little different, and the noodles are thinner much thinner in the hot noodles, and. They. Said that the soup this one is not so much coffee it's more like the traditional soup so. Let's see what this one things like. Docume. Hmm. I do taste a little bit of the coffee, we. Just got to buzzer from because you guys know I don't drink coffee but. I can definitely taste coffee, these. Noodles for sure but, the noodles are kind. Of chewy so they're cooked perfectly al dente they're, not soggy at all all. That coffee and, banana. Mmm. The, banana is so nice. There's. Mayonnaise, in here so. I don't know how, mayonnaise. Would taste with banana. But. You know good, time to try, that's. Made, with banana, here. We go. Actually. It's. Weird, but it works like, it doesn't taste bad or anything, the. Banana suddenly became like a savory, food, hmm. It's not bad it's. Not bad actually. I ate all I thought only, their, their stuff, the. The beans means, I can coffee means it. Is edible, oh. It. Was really. Coffee. This. I think, this copied nah man. The. Idea is interesting. Very. Good. So. Aroma. Coffee. Ramen. What. Do you think men I like, this yeah I could tell you liked it this this, idea is, why. I don't. Have this, idea. Well, it is a very unusual idea. And you know like little coffee yeah and you know like this, idea was, all. The, owners idea. And they've, been making this coffee, ramen, for decades. Now and, it's. Actually not bad um I think this, is definitely something. Where, you're, either going, to love, it or, hate it, I, think, it's a matter of preference. So, I, don't know but it's worth a try I think don't, you think I think so dude yeah come, so, thank, you Frank for taking. Us around on another epic, Romney. Adventure. Awesome. Ramen, adventure. Yes. Definitely, adventure, I gotta say yeah. You know we started out with that that, creamy ramen, they, went to that next place where you know there. Was all this uh like. Amazing, toppings, including that fried chicken on top there we ended up with that happy. Face banana. Coffee ramen, yes what, did you think because, I know I know like you, haven't been to some of these places right the the first two uh you, know I've been to yeah, but, that last one like yeah was definitely, experience for me it's always been on my to-do list I've never seen any ramen it looks like that I think today we pretty much. Covered. The you, know unique or crazy theme pretty well yeah, I think that was definitely the craziest, you. Most unique ramen, I've ever, seen in my entire life and, the, most unique tasting, as well yeah yeah, so. This is the third video in our epic. Ramen, tour, series. If you guys missed any of them go check it out by clicking right, up there we, also have a link in the description below as well and the, next time you see us with Frank, it's gonna be on one of his tours, you, wanna dance. Not. Yeah well. Then. I'm gonna be the dancing, ramen, guy so thanks guys for watching. Let. Us know what you think about Frank, and his dancing. Skills, definitely. Uh, skills. Is a strong, word no, skills involved, alright, guys take care bye.

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Could someone give me an advice on how to slurp in ramen without inhaling them?? I love eating ramen but can't properly slurp them in. I always have to bite the noodles off otherwise I would choke on them.. PLEASE help me

+gocchisama it's like jerry seinfeld and keanu reeves had a child now i can't unsee it omg


Ten Kai pin is a chain with very thick ramen soup and I couldn’t finish it. Too rich for me

i might have weird question... is naruto kind of some surimi??

killin me man, ya killin me.  the first few ramen looked good. coffee ramen is more of the variety mix I would do at home.  my tounge got a hard on for it all now.

@TabiEats oh no, hope he had recovered quickly after. I prob would get sick too, my stomach would have freaked. That remen was one weird combo and why doesnt it surprise me that Satoshi loved it lol Im glad you was fine.

@gocchisama it's like jerry seinfeld and keanu reeves had a child now i can't unsee it omg

The idea of a coffee float actually exists in the US. Paciugo does this in their Affogato and their Gelatte

I want to move to Japan, now.

No coffee bizarre noddle bowl for me.... How can you slurp without sucking stuff into your lungs and dying???

lol, guess the Japanese love some Eminem with romen

I love Satoshi face in the mirror : "Bro , i want to eat too

Satoshi and the coffee ramen = ❤❤

21:57 "i got something that looks a little bit more normal" Finally, someone reasonable.. :spots mayonnaise: SON OF A BITCH!

Mayo and banana? Never had a banana sandwich growing up in Hawaii?

That first one kinda seems like corn chowder, but with ramen noodles. Which sounds pretty amazing, actually.

I love ramen, ramen!? NOOOOOOOOOPE.

Cheese with Ramen? Coffee with banana, ice cream and ramen? Is this some kind of 'Heston Blumenthal' sorcery! Lol Thanks for showing us these gems guys! Loved your commentary and reactions as always and your friend was a treat to watch as well! :)

Satoshi is so cool

If you are ever in Austin, TX, you HAVE to try the Tsukemen at Ramen Tatsu-ya! It’s thick and creamy, just like the tori version you ate!!

Eating my breakfast while watching this so I don’t end up laying like a poor burrito wishing I had some ramen with me. I wish I was having ramen though

made some instant cheap RAMEN as i watched..I add cheese,garlic salt,crushed red pepper,2 kinds of hot sauce,and a splash of soy sauce...i have added onions,scallions "green onions", jalapenos,chicken, and other things before as well..Sure would like to try some REAL Asian Ramen though..Thanks for another video guys.

Ramen is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need satoshi to narrate everything in my life haha

Jerrrrry Seinfeld

I have to think that the coffee ramen is more of a novelty ramen than actual serious flavor. I really couldn't figure out why they included Banana's and Ice Cream, is it supposed to be a dessert style Ramen? If it didn't have the Banana and the Ice Cream, I honestly think they it would've been more widely accepted by more people and potentially could created a new wave of Coffee style ramen, Coffee based broth and noodles sound really odd combo but I can see how they would be tasty in the right soup! I gotta give it to them though, not only is really cool that they experiment and try new things but to put up such unique blend of so many interesting ingredients and put it up for sale is super brave of them!

yes, KOFI can you believe it?

I love Satoshi’s enthusiasm and Shinichi’s way of describing the food... Frank is great too! Hope to see him again soon! PS: I would love to see more interaction as you talk about the food while you eat them... :)

I love Raman noodles

I like to think that I'm pretty open minded but that coffee ramen seems like it'd be putrid.

Satoshi you're a beautiful soul! Keep shining!

Every time I watch your show , why do they all look cold . Specially when you to street food , and now when you are talking about RAMEN. ICE CREAM IN RAMEN

Eggs in the UK are so different to Japan . do you know what they feed there chicken on

Having Rami does it make you put on weight and can you tell me if their are rami soup I can eat , I have to be careful what I eat

I order some Japanese soup noodles all the way from Japan it taste like you are eating fish why . Do they all smell like fish and taste like fish . I thought their are vegetarian soup with noddles

I still cannot spell your name

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