Crazy winter hiking in more than 1 metre of snow! | Night in the luxurious cabin in the woods

Crazy winter hiking in more than 1 metre of snow! | Night in the luxurious cabin in the woods

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Hello. Our friends its Angelina, and dima here and following, the tradition, that we started last year when, we spend the New Year's Eve in the shelter in the woods we, decided, to hide to another cabin in the woods today, we found it was autumn while hiking in the forest and fell in love with it we've, been saving it for the winter to come. Summer. Will always want to stay in the tent but on the cold winter night it may be nice to stay in the cabin and, we have quite a lot of snow so it should be fun. In winter this year has been quite, cold so far with. The freezing temperatures, and had. A major snowfall lately. It's been, super, windy but. Today actually today's. Nicer. Better. Weather so good. For us. As. You noticed we are not, wearing stockings today, and just walking in the boots because. Last year we had bad experience, walking in, the snow shoes and we, find it easier and safer to, walk in the boots especially, when you have the track. Now, the tractor, suddenly disappeared, it's definitely hard to water obviously. Now only, the tracks of animals but. That can be a good sign that your, people will be tonight. With us so, we'll be alone Horace. Betrayal. At this point completely, lost. The direction should go to and. We did it in reverse direction going. From the cabin down to the river and we were struggling a lot going downhill having. A hard time and. Now we, still don't see the directions so we're not, sure how we're gonna do. It and the bad news are that we have to conquer it very steep uphill diving, in the snow so. Ready. For the challenge. And it's no Superman. Ghostwriter. Definitely. Harder than we thought. There. Is one mark at fault and we. Try to stick to it and see if it lead us to the right way. There's. No skewing, it yeah. But more challenge more fun right. No we finally feel like for the first time maybe. One of the first time in our lives that some. Kind of tricky bosses, people's, would, be of great help right, now you can constantly using our hands and. They would give us a little bit of extra support. We're. Moving so, slow right now and, they're already dying, there's. So much physical. Activity. There. Is a lot of water covered. In snow so, it's easy to dive into the water and be all wet. But. We'll be all wet anyway and there is not much distance, by this so hard that we're great to come. To the darkness to our cabin really. Hope for that. We're. Literally, swimming. In snow right now but. Now we know for sure that there will be nobody no, single, person hiking. Here crazy as us. The, good thing about smell, is that you, fall softly. Always, and. We can just children. Oh. My. God I think I start seeing the cabin is. That a dream or, reality I, don't. Know it's insane. We, made it. After. Three freaking hours but. We're, here, can you know oh, my. God, we're. So exhausted right. Now we, deserve a good meal and a good rest very hard. It's. Harder than conquering. The peak motored. It's, walking. In the snow. Completely. Wet. So. Nice we even got a wood here collected, for us so we, don't have to do that, time. To get to set up some fire and. To. Warm up everything. It. Isn't safe, the. Boots are, no dice. Ross. But. The fire is so nice we. Hope to, dry. Everything, up. Drying. On. Fools, here. Here. My. There. We. Thought to give you a nice, a quick, cabin. Tour I think it's gonna be fun but it's, not happening, today we're think because, oh we up to today's to get more it's. A meal and. Go. To sleep - the more most, important, thing so I. Think we're gonna do that tomorrow. So. Excited about it but, now let's speed something they. Have a parade they were parade.

So. Head. We. Decided to heat up the food using. A fireplace you. Think people use use. It to cook as well, it's. So nice. Nice. And warm. Good, morning from our little cabin in the forest it. Was a very warm night at, first it was too hot yes. Because this heating, system is great and we. Honestly don't use to it because at our home we used to sleep at the colder temperatures, and we find it great. For the body but. Here we had to adjust a little bit to it now. We feel very sore all over the body, yeah, and it's terrifying, thought, that we have to go back all, the same way it's. Like crazy huh. Now. We're thinking of the ways how we're gonna do it right yeah. Now. Let's have a quick tour on the cabin. So. Here you can see the place where we spend the night this, is the second, floor made out of wood and it is thought for sleeping. I think there, is several, carpets, here and one big net but. We used our own sleeping, pads yes, and sleeping, bags was, great and, we. Don't we didn't even meet someone. In season 2 bags because, it. Was so hot and as you can see it is right at the roof but the cult didn't. Even pass that much we feel and, we heard there was some wind is not hot still it's it's quite good insulated. And basically, it is the warmest place on, this cabin and it. Is as I said it is too hard when the fireplace, is on this, place. And. We woke up to the winter fairy tale everything. The Stars and so it's. Actually snowing right. Now. Collecting. Some snow, for, cooking. The. Mess that. Is. Apparently, not enough so, doing. So much more, which. Disappears. So. On the exterior of God's this, construction. For wood. And. There was a lot of food actually, collected, before us so we didn't have to do it so. Thank you people thank, you so much because we probably. Do stop a lot of it let's, go inside. The. Film, to protect it from their, cold air person inside. So. Welcome in our luxurious cabin. In the forest and this, house actually got just the perfect amount of space for a liking, for to, be both specially and for. Heating up the space is great with. God the. Two windows only, two sides it's, a pretty decent, windows double. Glass windows, and this. Is very nice because not all the private. Houses have. The double glass windows, so this is very, important, I've got the space to charge and, just. Drive. To pull this and to seat and wire. Going. On this. Is very nice. You. Think that these are all old for eternity stuff but it looks very raw and authentic I actually quite, like it or, their house in the forest, it suits, just well this. Is just the heart of this cabin, it's the fireplace, and. I still having surrounded, to try to close this you sit here the. Heat coming up to, the upper, part on the second floor where we slept, and we showed it to you already it's. Just a huge, amount, of space I think you, could sleep like ten people probably. Without. Any problem, and, this construction is pretty solid and the fireplace itself, is not a brand new one but, it's just perfect for this space and for heating up everything. And what, we like about it it's its vibe that it's just the perfect size it's not too big so that, it extracts, the smoke very efficiently, so you almost, don't, smell any of it so this is very important, and if you've seen our other video from last year when we spent the night in the forest this. Is like the opposite, experience, was the worst thing ever the fireplace that was just so bad it. Was very different. You. Actually like the fact that this house is wooden, it, is so nice because it heats up very quickly, and it takes a long time to cool down so, he won the passing cold here in, this space it's a dining area where we've got several benches and, just able to have. Your meal. Our. Breakfast now over. There we have another bench as well, here. It's a nice staircase, to the second floor it, just looks, very sturdy, bench as well and. The, space where you can hang up all, this but, I also like, about this space a lot that there is lots of books welcome, hand, things and dry things this. Is just great. If. This corner will have several instruments, for, the would like. So X some. Hooks the. Broom for cleaning, up over, here would have some stuff for barbeque and move it to the other side. We. Have lots of cooking stuff like. Different, pan spots and sergeants on a table, there is cutlery, knife works, everything, what's, our food like. Sardinas. Pasta. Rice. Couscous. Strange-looking. All olives.

Lots. Of candles, some. Snacks. Spices. Salt coffee. And, even. Camping, us that. We use now for cooking, actually so just everything you need and that is, it for a house tour were, showed you everything. We're, adapt or closes, just. Check it out the cabin all over what. I'm not to forget anything because there, is already. A. Lot, of stuff around so it's really important. Can. You hear the sound in the woods. Now. It's time to say goodbye for us for a little cabin it, was nice. Being, here and, thank you for the night, no don't we go which has good luck and, lots of powers was, very needed. And as you can see we are now wearing our might see a new invention for. Making, our boots what, a fool leave this beer bottle here made out of garbage, bags, yeah. I, really. Hope that will help. Actually. Protect us you see if it works, things, got worse you can see our track and the sodium covered up so we can follow it and. We, will be looking at the map if. You remember yesterday we said it was three kilometers far it actually getting. The river just think about it was, 1.2. Kilometers. Of, this, craziness, and, we felt like it was like, 10. Today. The snow is a little bit more sturdier, and less popular than ESP, so and. We have the traffic when he left. Now. Looking down we can't believe that we made it all the way up you, made it all the way through like how. The hell you're, gonna do it. This. Trail is one of the most difficult ones that we ever even. In summer but, in winter hell, no. Way. Why, we didn't get a sledge. Late. Experience, in our box. It's. Super slippery right, now you could see inside, off very easily, because. The Sun is, melting. The snow it's, kind, of a bit, of a mess. The. Hardest part is solar we, did it yo. We. Feel like superheroes, right now and. We have just minor issues, like we lost our, met. Robin. Happens when I was sliding, down the hill on my bat and. Who, didn't notice it and, just little things like tearing, apart the, glove. And. A little bit of mad. But. I think it can be considered pretty darn good don't. You think yeah. This. Projection worked out well our feet is nice and dry so.

It's A good tip for anyone, who is stuck in the snowy forest and, has, just garbage. Bags with him, good. One. This, experience, was, a great challenge for us but. The test it out our endurance, and physical. Form overall, it's, definitely, the hardest bike we've, done so far before. We thought it was a big burly bike, and now this hike is for the top of the list. Folder. With. Space and. Little, bits on it. Also. It was a nice break for us. Hope. You enjoyed this adventure with us and see you again soon, bye guys, thank. You so much for watching if you enjoyed our video feel, free to give it a thumbs up and subscribe my channel totally step to date with our recent hikes and adventures make. Sure to check out the detailed map of the hike in the description, below the video also. Follow us on social media like, Facebook and Instagram for, daily updates hope. You're having a wonderful day and we'll see you in our next video bye.

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