Cree Lake Lodge Adventure - Part 3

Cree Lake Lodge Adventure - Part 3

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Was captioning of fishing Saskatchewan has been provided by Great, Western Brewing Company please, enjoy responsibly. Fishing. Saskatchewan, is brought to you by. The. Fishin hole norsask. Farm. Equipment. Alumacraft. Boats. And. Evinrude. Seventy. Years of making the industry, standard, in aluminum, boats, and Alumacraft we, are committed, to building the dreams of our customers, whether it's a hardcore fisherman, or joining your family, for a great day on the water from shallow water John boats to 20-foot, deep fees suited, for big waves Illuma, crafts exclusive, to x-b hall with double plated aluminum from bow to stern offers. The quietest, that soft his ride available. And Alumacraft it's, all about families, fishing, forever. Little. Guy oh. Maybe. Not it's got a little weight to him though, not. Terribly, huge but. 32. Inch or maybe Oh Oh. II, just inhaled, that bait. And. Finally. Got hooks into one finally, look at that. Whoo. Well. We just pulled up into this little spot here and just had three or four hits in a row Kari just had one. Imagine. They move around in this little Bay quite a bit quite a bit. Pay stubs. Yeah, good. Start. Oh, yeah. Hold. On you're on bugs, oh. Man. Geez. That. Dish, got some backbone. Look. At that big. And. Great. From the side Smitty. Yeah. Oh. These. Northern pike, true. Northern pike are strong. Whoo. Nice. Things dubs. Right. On Neal. We. Were hoping to get over, throw. It again this morningbut. Wind. Has come up and. The. Couple. Of spots that we wanted a fish trout. Wind. Is just, too. Much. Too. Dangerous, yeah safety. Safety. Dictates, and we can't fix those squats today, and. Thank. Goodness for our, guide yeah us, two guys would have been like yeah seven, footers, we. Can do that until yeah immediately. Find out when we do do it and it was a bad idea, yeah, we'll. Spend the day in some bays chase. A pike, go. Up the river for some grayling. Stay. Out of this wind and. There. He goes oh that's. A. Nice fish. That's. A thick fish man, chased you up and hit mine yeah, oh I, stand corrected I might have good hooks you know uh. He. Took us I saw him take a swipe of mine that, he didn't always. Got that all the way down you didn't have mine like oh man. Bad. Another. Mid 40, yep, hmm. That's. Funny we saw him. And. I was pretty close to the boat and as soon as you came in he. Turned right away a, couple. Of twitches, bang. And, I thought when I got them initially I didn't have a very good hook set but. Gesso, he had it in pretty good. Just. Say 16 doesn't seem right 44, yep. 44. Beauty. Fat fish oh. The. Head oh my. Goodness. Let's. See. Real. Nice. Yeah. I needs a net for that bad boy that's, a good fish. Oh. Going. The other way that's, a big fish. Yeah. Good hooks in them yeah I think I do. Trying. To oh yeah, I got a turn here I'll. Bring him your side there Doug I'm, just gonna throw mine out so he can troll us oh he. Changed his mind. That's. A good fish oh. My. Goodness. Smitty. Nice, work buddy look at the head on that thing. I, might. Be the biggest Pike I've ever seen with my eyes. Like. This first, thickness, and yeah oh. My. Goodness. Smitty. Dude. Oh look, at that thing. Holy. Man. Todd. Some pike fishing. Oh free. Lake Wow. Oh. That's. A vegan, that's. A beggin. Thanks. Steve oh. That's. A big that's a good fish. Though.

Doesn't, Want to go oh. That. One keep, the pressure on that guy yeah wooly stroke, you look at that thing oh. That. Is a beast of a fish. My. Goodness. Oh. Hey. Smitty, yeah, so as I was saying. With. Our our good buddy Steve yeah the. Boat would be full of his blood because, he used to like to stick his fingers and things like this yeah. And. Then BOOM. Thanks, like to use your hands to get the the. Hook oh yeah on that end that's awesome oh my. Goodness, right. On cue look. At the size E oh. My. Goodness. Nice. Mini VOD. 4243. Oh yeah, for sure how neighborhood, yep definitely, fish. Beauty. Holding. Down on the bottom yeah, under the booth oh yeah fish on the ladder Oh what to get her. That's. A good one too oh. That. One took line where the right he's. Not used but man is he's a crappie. That's. A good fish. Pretty. Close to 40 inches oh, there. We go. Just. Flip them off fuse 1940. It was kind of slow to start here in the morning but yeah he, got rolling, yep. We last, night we got talking about how a, lot. Of people that's a fish of a lifetime for, him yeah, we've, had. What. Has got to be at least. 15. 20 fish over 44, inches I. Think. My, biggest before that was like 43, oh well. That was a big hit we're. Definitely spoiled, up here my goodness. It. Is crazy the amount of big fish you catch yeah on, average, like, 35. To 40. Inches. Cool. That's a pike, yep just inhaled. That's farts honker too. Then. I just saw this thing come out of nowhere. Take. It and took drag right away nice, fat. Healthy. Fish look at that thing. That. Thing's been feeding up today sweetie look at that yeah. Pull. Lily yep look, at that beauty, I don't. Want to get my face too close to his mom. You. Get that big old girl back in there. This. Is my biggest one yet. Wow. We're. Born halftime of the day laughter. I've got a tree hooks. Nice. Lure. They had on that thing Neal. Get. That fish oh. Man. They're, just feeding heavy in here man look. At that belly, full. Of bait fish yeah. Oh. Man. Scenery. Up here is unbelievable and it kind of gives people a perspective, you, know there's, more to Saskatchewan than just prairies.

You Know up, here it's so remote and it's. Just a beautiful place to be the weather can change good. To bad but for the most part this is it's. Gorgeous up there's breathtaking, the, pike up here incredible, you won't, see any. Prettier pipe than up here just. Healthy-looking. Fish, birth. Wise and catch, and release can't, beat it catch release is the best thing for the species. Today's, ice anglers need, to be efficient, at HD offers a huge selection of premium ice tackle, designed to meet virtually every application, whether you fish blue gills, crappie. Perch. Stocked. Trout. Whitefish. Walleyes. Pyke, for. Lake trout, HT. Has what it takes to make you consistently. Successful. Nothing, beats ice fishing, nothing. Well. If you get some late tackle, and euro, through with the right gear they are fun to fish like they're, a scrappy, little fish and leaping out of the water and beautiful, colors and yeah it's a it's a it's a fun fun trip to go on up for getting up. Nice. Perfect. Job. Smitty. Fun. Little fish to catch haha they're a lot of fun you, got this light gear, man. I hit it hard oh they ever, stole. That curd little. Guys just plate yeah. Wow. I can just see his colors. That's. A beautiful fish. Yes, beautiful. Beautiful. Fish Oh. Little. Scrappy guy. Whoa. He's. An acrobat, get. In the air show you get in there go my. Little. Blue and silver let's auction it's working night yeah it is. All. Right our, nice little beauty. Well. For the size of the fish-like I mean they're not. Real. Big I mean the biggest one we thought so far about 1500. That's a good, but. They just fight. Like crazy we. Have it. It's. Awesome, yeah. This guy. Put. Him in the circuit line. Wow. Man. Is he right. That's. Fun. Whoo. Stop. And have a look at where you're fishing yeah. Unreal. Oh that's, a good one nice. Smitty. You. Need. Double-header. Yeah oh, yeah. Dot. Nice.

That's. A good one. Beauty. Fish I. Watch. Them come on hit that - yeah yeah nice. Just. Run him behind the boat in the current yeah. Man. Do they hit hard eh. Yeah. I didn't even feel that one actually I just I was watching them come up and then, I saw my spinner. Disappear. Here. We go one on that side oh yeah. There's one. Got. Him yep got. Him. Whoo. Pule. 900. Here, to jump right in the boat. Man. There's just so much fun on this ultralight, stuff oh yeah. What about. Other. Good one. Yeah. That's nice colors on though yeah. A, beauty, fish. You're, perfect, perfect. Release. That's. For the big ones from now on. Another. Good one. We're. Good we're good, and. Away we go. Here, you got a couple on the fly that's awesome. Look. At the colors in that Oh. Beautiful. That's. A really nice one too, yeah quick. Measurement, or not that'll be 16 I bet you yeah. Suzie, settles down. Yep. Sixteen, nice. Oh. He's. Peeling line got, a coolant he's got a voice, crappy, one. Man. This ultralight, gear. Makes. These fish fight, like crazy up out, of the water, they. Feel like monsters, there's, so much fun. In. This small little. 25. Pflueger, supreme. Xt. Then. Hmx. Light. Action rod. Makes. These, fish. Feel like monsters, I gotta get the net for this one cutter, yeah. Fighting. The current fighting, the waves. Fighting. The wind Oh. Doesn't. Want to go in there oh. Yeah. The beauty, Luke. Got. This little tiny Len Thompson on here too yeah, I mean. We brought the fly rod up but the other thing is like. When you come up to a place like this we're here five days, to. Get into somewhere. Where you're actually gonna have the opportunity to fish grayling you'd. Be a fool not to bring up just. You. Know five five and a half foot light action ultra, light action rod you. Don't need much for tackle six pound test line little. Spoons like this little em Thompson here little, spinners anything, like that jeez, that's a good fish Neal it's the beauty hey anything like that but I mean take, half a day go, out and try it because, you. Know. Chances. Like this they'll come around a lot and. This is fun, on, this little gear this is a guy job don't let him out of the water beautiful. I did a gorgeous fish yeah we get her back got.

She. Goes. Hit. It like a ton of bricks. These. Little rods just, there's, so much fun. My. Kids would have a blast doing this. Look. At the colors on that thing oh, nice. MIDI thanks buddy. Up, tonight fish yeah. Manually, fighting that current law man. We. Live in the current so they're just strong little fish I can get him up here come here. Easier. Said than done hey yeah you, saw the net needs, Wow. For. Fish, this size there's, a pretty sturdy fly rod. That's. A nice fish. God. Beauty might. Be your best of the day up. There that's for sure that's. A nice fish Smitty. That's. A good one that's the best one of the day we. Brought the fly. Rod up and either. Neal. Or or, myself or Terry are really. Much fly fisherman I mean we've all we've, all done it a little bit but we're not but, this was, you. Know kind of want. To sneeze think he, like catching, and, all kinds of fish in the flight route and, pike. You. Name, it so we thought you. Know being, what we're doing for this trip we'd we. Bring the fly rod up well I'll give it a try and Terry, already got a half-dozen on it I got one first, cast, yeah yeah. So, pretty. Cool it's a lot of fun yeah. Well. Folks out a motor wraps up our adventure, here at Kri Lake we got a plane to catch in a couple hours, we. Had an absolute, blast, out here Cree Lake Lodge is. Everything. That you've heard it to be your, friends are telling you you got to come up here if it looks like we had a blast up here we. Weren't acting, we did this, was amazing this is one of the trips. Of a lifetime it was absolutely, fantastic, big. Thanks goes out to Brandon, and Adam at Cree Lake Lodge for hosting, us this week, also. A big thanks to all the staff that that helped make you. Know this, trip one to remember for a lifetime. Also. Our two guides Josh. And Dobbs those guys did an amazing job keeping us alive for one on the big water but. They put us on some monster, fish this whole trip and it, was just it was spectacular yeah absolutely amazing. Fishing we had a time of our life until. Next time we'll, see you on the water. Terry, just wanted to get in the shot yeah. What. Darren mutation say if he was here I don't, know what we believe, it back. Yeah. Good. Old Saskatchewan. Water back. Back. Jax, I've. Never heard that one before, on a boat.

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This reminds me of Dore lake Saskatchewan, just big strong fish all day. Great video!

Great show guys.  Excited to follow your advice and head there this June (20-26 - 2018).  What time of year were you up?  Wondering if we need the 'jet divers' to go deep for the lakers.  Also, what were those pike lures you were using... the body baits with the big twister tails.  Can't seem to find them online.  Thanks fellas.

Mike Vidas Hey Mike, we’re glad you liked the show. We were there July 1-5 last summer. Adam, Brandon and the rest of their crew are first class. We were using Svartzonker lures.

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