Cree Lake Lodge Adventure Part 2

Cree Lake Lodge Adventure Part 2

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Was captioning of fishing Saskatchewan has been provided by Great, Western Brewing Company please, enjoy responsibly. Fishing. Saskatchewan is brought to you by. The. Fishin hole norsask. Farm. Equipment. Alumacraft. Boats. And. Evinrude. Seventy. Years of, making the industry, standard, in aluminum, boats, and Alumacraft we, are committed, to building the dreams of our customers, whether it's a hardcore fisherman, or joining her family, for a great day on the water from shallow water John boats to 20-foot, deep fees suited, for big waves Illuma, crafts, exclusive, to x-b hall with double plated aluminum from bow to stern offers. The quietest, and softest, ride available. And Alumacraft it's, all about families, fishing, forever. Our. Cabins are set up to be somewhat, modern with washrooms, in them and showers, in the cabins you know there's not a shared communal. Shower house or washer in place that needs to be shared or it's not Oh hoses, it's it's, not that it's rustic and it's, fishing camp right but it's a it's current. Yep. Yep, yep. Smitty's on. That's. A good start to the day. Feels. Good Smitty feels great. He's, big eight and a half foot elite tech rods. And. I'm pumping this fish. And. He still does want to give up much line. Straight. Down on the bottom. And. I've, got this drag set. Real. Tight. Making. Sure that we're getting a real good hook set get the hooks in deep. And. He's still feeling it out. I'm. Getting sorry yet yep. Wow. First, one of the day oh, oh. We. Got them pretty much straight up and down out Oh. Matter. Of that pulling her up off the bottom, oh we background, goes oh. My. Goodness, oh. Don't, want to move. Now. We're making a little headway. Got. Color yet there Doug. Yeah. And. Down, she goes again oh man. That's. Gonna be a big fish Smitty yeah. Everybody's. Colors cold there's, a big. I. Am. Spent you oh I. Got. Nothing left, whoo. Oh. Man. What. Are we even fishing ten minutes today. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Holy. That. Is a big fish. 47. Mac, Cree, Lake Lodge, look. At that. We'd. Bring a scale big enough oh. Well. We, we're. Going to weigh up this road but we've, only got 50 pound scale cinders bottom below we're. Going to take some length, and girth measurements, here and. We'll be able to do. A calculation. Back. At the lodge and get, a real, good estimate, on how big that fish is, boy. I've. Never seen a fish that that's, a tank buddy. Hey. Yesterday, yeah. Yes, I. Just. Think on me yesterday I don't know I don't know 10. Minutes today yeah the showers hammered, this yeah. She's. Fat, got a boy Doug thank you. Cannot. Believe how thick that fish is, that's, insane. It. Was on a flat fish actually. The. Captain, America. Don't, wanna turn around and bite my arm. Hole, do you think this fish is. 80. Years. Smitty, that's fish were like oh man. That's. That's, a 51, that's. It's. What we came here for man Oh. Who's. Mike are you wearing Steve. I. Am. In disbelief right now I'm kind of in shock, aw. He, goes. Going. Buddy. Boy. Oh. Smitty. Loved. It that's. Amazing that's so what'd, you do to switch, things up welcome. I mean we did a few things differently but I mean we're, trying a new spot and, like. Yesterday I was just fighting all day yeah. Five, six bites I caught a couple of small ones but. Today. Changed the presentation, up a little bit. Basically. Doing the same thing yesterday, in a different spot but well, we've got some video from the water last night and found, that the trout, that. Teri were catching weren't, even hitting the spoon no they, were hitting, the the the flasher, or the dips. Divert or whatever so, short. And lead a little bit and I put, a little flash here in between northern. My divert and yeah yeah, and, between, my divert my lure in wow. What. A difference 12 hours late. No. More moping today, let's let's go get it over let's do it right oh, is. That good. What. Am I gonna do if I catch a 40-pounder, no. Okay. Back. At her those do it buddy all right come have a seat back. I. Always. Worry. Trout. More than anything else they. Get they, bleed. So much when they get the Mullins yeah, like they look like yeah. That looks, like you, that's. Something that's gonna heal real. Quick yeah. Anybody. Schlecht wrote knows you got to work from a little bit sometimes you know it's how did you say every hour you're gonna hook into a good, solid lake trout when when they're bitin and, we. Are hooking into a good northern pike every fifth tenth cast up here so they're like why am I gonna waste my time when I go catch way more Pike, than a Ken Lakers all its got to me you get those big Lakers and you hear you feel that hit where they hit like a freight train and they're zing and drag and going like that and you, know I've said this to quite a few people over the last five, years that you know I, like.

Fishing, I liked fishing and I loved hunting now I love the boat because, they get out there and you get that big hit and it starts zing and drag and it's just like old hunting. Your own a frosty morning calling, a moose and your heart starts beating when you hear that bold run the same thing when you get that big hit from you know it's just a done rental in Russian I don't you, know you hook in a few of those big fish and it just it's awesome and it's funny because these big Pike fishermen we like I said openly guiding and stuff Brown and just he's done his best to try and convert some guys to rate because they're, just fish and pike every day and he's a glutes go spend a half a day on Lake Fulton he, convinces, them and you've got a couple guys that you, know he get on to a 30 40 pound acre and they're like man this is a lot of fun so now you see them come up after they've been coming here the whole time we've owned the place for eight nine years and now, they're spending the day or to go, fishing right so it's pretty cool right there. We've. Watched him hit that right beside the boat. And. That's. Pretty cool. Dave. Jen's here with the amazing FLX. 28 a winter, fishing sonar, system that is changing the way we all ice fish with. Digital depth auto-ranging, and five color display options, all packed into one amazing unit, the flx 28 be sure to check out the entire family of XLR the most reliable phone our system technology. On the ice today affects. Large sets of standards for quality reliability. And, performance. I won't go fishing without lies XLR to. Learn more go to veksler calm. All. Right well we're gonna take a break we got a little bit of bad. Weather today we have thunderstorms. Rolled in on us, rain. We fished in rain yesterday but, thunderstorms, a little bit different story so. We. Got a couple hours to sit here at the lodge, and, we just want to show you guys some. Of the things that we're using. Chasing. These big lake trail around the lake we've got the the. Fenwick elite tech these, are predator series rods, they're, really, really good, trolling rods we've got a couple of them Abu, Garcia reels, we've, got a couple of different kinds of ambassador, reels. This, one is a, record. 6600, series it's. A high-capacity which, is the main thing our main hooks. Of choice for this trip and I would say main. Choices, hooks for the lodge we. Have the red, and yellow 5. In diamonds from Len Thompson and number 4 that's, uh that's. A crowd favorite next, thing we got here blue, and silver just, kind of trying to match the hatch it's really clear water so you. Know the silver, really. Really shines nice in that clear water and real good baitfish powder it is definitely, the, other one here is it's kind of new last couple of years of glow-in-the-dark pattern. 5. Of diamonds just. Through a, brand. New Berkeley, swimbait, hook on here just because we didn't have any extra single. Hooks this big with us really. When, you're trolling long, line as far as as. We are. Make. Sure you've got a barrel swivel on your spoon some of the spoons come with them attached right, if it doesn't make, sure you tie a swivel. A snap swivel or a swivel, on your life we've had to tweak our game a little bit here over the last couple of days but but one thing that has remained constant is this. Year this, is a deep. Six diver and, what this does is you, hook your hook, obviously. To the back of this and, this. Thing once it starts trolling through the water it dives deep and it takes that hook down sixty, feet depending on how much line you have on well, I think that's, just about it for all the lake trout tackle, and gear that we brought up with us to try, out here at Kri Lake hopefully, the weather.

Is Gonna clear up here looks like we're gonna get a chance to get back on the water today. There, we go. Yep. Fish oh. Yeah. Oh wotty. All. Bad, huh. It's. Inhaled. Yeah. Can't. Even see it. It's. A good fish. Look. At that beach. Good. Fish good fish. Good. Little. Guy oh. You. Just wants to go down just. Dragging. Us out into the middle. Nice. Fish. Better. Than Esther. Okay. Busy. Man. Look, at all fake that thing is. Just, change the color of the tail because they destroyed, the red one and we ran. Out of red tail so I changed it to. Chartreuse. So. We'll see I don't know sweetie, and I both. Have. Been. Checking. For the last 20 minutes and. No. Fish yet so we. Can see them they're. Just. They're. Not biting. I. Just. Put a spoon on I, have a diamonds glow-in-the-dark. Pattern. See. If we get a reaction because we've, had some Falls with his Bart's honker but they're, just. Not hitting it they're not. Really aggressive, or you know, might. Have had to do with the torrential downpour, lightning, and. Might. It turn. Them on or turn them off a little bit here. But. Still. Beautiful I can. Fish in here I'll be. That's, these pets decent, yet oh. Yeah. That's a nice fish yeah that's 40 42 I just, got him hooked to or anything, good luck good. Luck nope. Just. Barely have him hooked, oh. Nice. Job Dobbs getting that buddy nice. Yeah. Definitely, single hooks way, to go that. Makes a nice release yep. Beauty. Not. A monster. For Cree lake standards, but a monster, for, anybody. That's. The beauty was, got a nice pattern on his back oh yeah. Look at that. That's. A nice fish. Just, nice, and healthy fish. And. That was a big fish right behind us oh. I. Think. That little fish just got eaten by a big one over there oh. Oh. Get, this one back I. Bet. You that fish just got taken. Is. That that. Was a big splash. What. What Steve do. We. Only have a slider, out here with a stream where yep, pull. It right down. You, just be throwing the swimbait toes under cause I think, so. Yeah. We. Were down at the Minneapolis deer and turkey classic and some, guys that are stand next to us they they brought Mike over because they knew he liked fishing and we, had her stand there and kind of the same thing as using they're talking to us and just to both out about you know all the places he's been fishing and how many how, long, he's been looking for that 20-pound pike and he, I kind of blew his mind when he asked like you know if I do come up there for a trip he, says what did when do you think I'll be able to break that 20 pound mark and kind, of laughing like well if it's knotted within the first hour like your first day you're gonna get that he's like get , on Lake fishing. Here is unbelievable. We've. Probably caught, how. Many fish over 20 pounds, probably. Over, 20. 25. 20, so 25, plus years coming, to Canada to, catch a 20-pounder. In, three. Days four, days we've, got 20, over 20 pounds so. It's been phenomenal. And, just. About all of them on this part, zonker, this bad boy right here look at them battle wounds, that's. A good community be part of rate like there's a lot of good people and, you meet a lot of really, neat and interesting people people, that have traveled all over the, world fishing, just like you said you know you got guys overseas who you've, met and talked to fishing and you meet a lot of cool characters, and just, some pretty unique people a lot of good people yep.

Well. For the size of the fish like, I mean they're not. Real. Big I mean the biggest one we thought so far about 15 inches well that's good, but. They just fight. Like crazy. Hammered. It. Put. Them in the circuit one. You.

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how long did smitty fight that laker?

what was the biggest perch you caught???!!!!

Saskatchewan record?

That fish was bleeding soooo bad. I doubt she made it. Sad.

I’ve never seen any issues of lake trout bleeding out of the mouth. Only time I’ve seen them bleeding is if gill hooked or mis handled.

In the video they said it was from jaw punctures not gills. Sure hope she made it but if you fish for the big fish like that how do you minimize this Gord? These guys are solid and do a lot of explaining in past videos on how to be as gentle on fish.

What time of year did you go

Roger Klein We were at Cree Lake Lodge on the first weekend in July.

Lonnie Hayes it took about a 10 minutes to land the fish.

great angling skills! ancient laker being horsed from the depths and being released bleeding far too much. Jeepers....

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