Cross Country Road Trip (3,200 miles, 40+ hours) from California to New Jersey | USA VLOG

Cross Country Road Trip  (3,200 miles, 40+ hours) from California to New Jersey | USA VLOG

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I never thought that my house was the kind that  could fit into boxes. Something that could be   wrapped up, covered in tape. and emptied out. I was  only about three days old when I moved into this   little blue house, but 29 years later, I flew home  from Korea to help my parents pack up the place   that has been with me my entire life. To put pieces  of it in a van and a few more pieces in a car. To   pull out of my neighborhood for the last time and  to drive across the country to find a new home. What follows is the record of five days. A  blur of early mornings, 11 state crossings,  

a lot of hotels, a lot of meals in our car,  and of course, a lot of Louie. Hi from our first rest stop! We are... here? We're like an hour and a half outside of Vegas.  We're very used to this drive, we're actually  

visiting family and Louie is very confused  by all of the smells so we're gonna hop back   in the car but so far so good. The drive has been  well and yeah, so I will catch you guys next time! Greetings another random rest stop. I don't know what these are. wow

Wow. I'm very hot and very hungry and I don't know  where my mother is. Oh she's over there okay I'm   gonna go walk to mom, she's over there. And just  like that we're done. We're gonna give Louie   some more water and hopefully we will be  eating sandwiches in an air-conditioned   place really soon. I hope I don't sound like  I'm a big complainer but I'm - I had a very bad  

fever yesterday because of my second shot. I'm  just not into being hot right now. I'm over it The first of many gas trips. We're in Utah! I'm literally gonna get hit by a hearse. We're in Utah and we are heading to  Cedar City we are 50 miles away so like   50 minutes. We're just letting Louie pee and  we got more waters and stuff. We can get  

buffalo, elk, venison, and alligator jerky here.  Welcome to America, land of many choices. Hello from a Quality Inn in Cedar City, Utah!   What's there to say? We're on mountain time now so we lost an hour, it's eight o'clock. Well I was summoned to dinner actually. We have leftovers from when   we stopped to see my family in Las Vegas which  was very nice of them to give us the leftovers. So we're just gonna eat that in our room but  I gotta say, you know what Utah, your desert is   really pretty. I just get - it's literally just  like an anxiety thing - I get really nervous  

in places where there isn't any greenery  because that means that there usually   isn't a lot of water and I get freaked out.  Utah beautiful! Desert, but also green. I loved   it. So I'll talk to you a little bit later. I'm  gonna eat, I'm gonna close this up. We're in a   pet-friendly room so it kind of smells like past  pets but that's okay because we get to keep Louie.   And so anyway I'm gonna head next door to my parents. Oh good job! Super dog! Is this light horrible? Maybe. So yeah this was a  pretty easy first day. It was really nice to see   so many of my aunts and uncles and my cousins  and my second cousins - who are growing so big   and it's terrifying. So that like really broke  up the trip I think, especially because we're  

just so used to that drive and then coming up  here to Cedar City. Super easy. And we also got   to pass through Arizona for some reason, just that  northwest corner, so we actually went through four   states today! Maybe my dad when he was younger  but we've never really driven north of Vegas.   Where's my mom - my mom is like walking around? Why?  Where is she going? So going through - there's this   one canyon called Virgin River Canyon or something.  So beautiful, like looked fake it was so beautiful.

The drive has already been gorgeous. I'm honestly  nervous for tomorrow because we're driving to   Denver which means that we have to climb the Rocky  Mountains and Denver in America is known as the   "Mile High City" because its elevation is high up  there. I don't know, I'm just, that's the one   drive that I'm excited to look at but I'm  also like "I hate driving on mountains." Louie did   fantastic in the car, as you saw. He just slept  the whole way and then he would wake up and go   and we would give him water and he would  be like :) and go back to sleep. Easy dog,  

very grateful for him. Okay I'm gonna end this  here, I'm gonna get to work and I will see you   guys in the morning, bright and early. Saying  goodbye to Utah so thank you for joining, bye! It's very windy, but welcome to colorful Colorado! And we're gonna get sandwiches   in Grand Junction and then head straight to Denver! Pray for us. We should play Vanessa Carlton. Did we hit it? Yep! 1,001. Kind of anti-climactic.

It's like a villain's - a Disney villain's house! Hello there, we made it to our next point  of entry and I have some questions for you.   Colorado, you took my breath away honestly like  it was - once we started getting into that green, it was gorgeous. And we actually had a really big  detour, we were supposed to go just all the way   across on route 70 and they made us take like a  100 mile detour which ended up being really   beautiful. That's the kind of grass that I love,  I'm hoping Nebraska really serves me some prairie  

grass - but that just like light green flowy, it's  long, it blows in the wind, I could look at that   all day. I love that grass. So Colorado, you showed  me every single shade of green in one day - half a   day - so congrats to you. But I have questions for  you. Number one, Colorado residents, why are all   of your roofs metal? We - not all of you but like  - we drove through multiple towns and all of the   roofs were metal. They were super cute, you have  super cute little towns. Everybody had a metal   roof and I would love to know why. Is it fire? Is it  snow related? Please teach me. And then second - why  

are some of your streets named like "third  and a half street?" We saw "third and five   eighths street." Just - who what when where why?  I wanna know. That was so confusing and why   would you live on third and five eighths street?  Anyway we're safely in Denver. Denver's got some   really scary Covid numbers right now and mainly  we're just focused on getting across the country   and not getting sick, so we're not, unfortunately  we're not doing many tourist things, we - like I said - I'd love to see more of Denver but, no  we're literally ordering pizza and we're just   gonna eat and fall asleep because we're so tired. We left at basically 4:30 in the morning.

I don't know, we're just having a really chill  time, we're just taking it easy, we're focusing   on driving. Not getting run off the road! Colorado,  I sing your praise but y'all are crazy drivers.   This was like next level, cutting people off,  zooming in between on these like mountain roads.  I'm just saying - you gotta have one thing that  makes you imperfect. Tou couldn't be totally  

perfect, Colorado. Louie has been amazing. I hope  that you guys don't think that we're abusing   him by putting him in such a small space even  though he really does take over two-thirds of   the backseat. He genuinely loves to be squished,  like even if he had the most room he would find   a way to like get as close as possible to  you and he wants to be like under things and   we're living alongside Louie, is what's happening.  Okay I'm gonna sign off because the pizza is going  

to be here really soon and I will see you bright  and early tomorrow morning, heading to Nebraska! Bye! Oh I made a mistake. We made a mistake. My parents are coming  in, I'll show you exactly what happened   hold on. It's a funny mistake, it's a funny  mistake.

Look at how big the slices are. We each ordered - Pizza bigger than your head! We each ordered two slices, oh no! The mushrooms even biggr... Yeah I'm glad that it turned, we thought that was going to land on the road. You have the nicest rest stop and public  bathroom I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Next level stuff, great work Nebraska. Our  car is covered in bugs. But our first stop is   Grotenberg? There is an old pony express stop  that we can look in. Apparently it's been moved  

slightly but the building, the feeling is still  there. So we're gonna go there and exciting   stuff. Nebraska didn't have a welcome to Nebraska  sign so I'm a little bit :( but I'll forgive you.   You've got beautiful wildflowers  here, excellent work Nebraska! Back to Louie. Making up for the lack of a Welcome to Nebraska sign. Welcome to Gothenberg. Every single house is so cute! Okay Nebraska, you win. You didn't give  me a welcome sign but you gave me   an arboretum! This entire park - every single tree is  different and every single tree has a label and it   tells you about them and they're beautiful  and this town is so cute! It is Gothenburg   Nebraska. Every single house looks so Americana.  It's just super cute, the library looks huge,  

I like it, I appreciate it. Louie loves it and  now on to Lincoln, we're gonna - I think we saw a   coffee shop. We might get some coffee and I took  a deep deep nap in the car so hopefully we'll get   some caffeine in us and be on our way. Nebraska you  really surprised me, you really did, so good on you. I think I have to go pick Louie  up because he's not walking...

Super windy so I'm sorry but boy Nebraska you're  a mixed bag. People are so so kind, 99% of the time   like overly friendly, we're feeling that Nebraska  nice. This is also the only state that I've had   someone yell out their car at me about my mask.  Luckily I didn't even flinch. And we also ran into  

people (granted they were from West Virginia, they  weren't from Nebraska) but we had the first like   political confrontation but anyway other than that  just an absolute joy. You're doing great Nebraska   keep it up for tomorrow. Iowa? Are you gonna are  you gonna be better? I don't know, we'll see. So   I'm going back into the hotel, gonna eat see how this Thai food is. See ya! We are at a random rest stop in Iowa and I  found a giant nib! It's an ink nib, a pen nib. The things we find. Madelines! Greetings from Riverside, Iowa, which is the future  birthplace of Captain Kirk from Star Trek. But we  

learned that actually in (excuse me Louie is  wrapped around me) but we learned that actually   they never really specified where he was from, they  just said "a town in Iowa" so in the 80s this   city councilman was like "if it's a town in Iowa,  why not this town?" and so he asked if people would   be down to say that this was a future birthplace  and so they just like took it upon themselves   to become the birthplace of Captain Kirk and  enough people talked about it, that it actually   in 2009, in the new movie, they actually reference  Riverside, Iowa. So we're gonna go say hi to him. My dad just went inside to the museum. It's just  a little pit stop, but interesting stuff Iowa How dark! Hi guys, I do not miss this. Is my, is  this even foggy from the humidity?   Hi guys, it is humid, we're definitely on the east  coast. It's fine, it's beautiful, it's so green.

So we've made it to Pittsburgh, our next stop,  our last stop thank god! And we're gonna get a   home-cooked meal. I'm going to Kayla's house I'm so  eternally grateful to her parents for inviting us   in. It's going to be so nice to eat at a kitchen  table. Even though this was really fun, I am so   so happy to be done with this trip. It was just  a lot. You know me, I like to go for daily   walks and I'm like a dog and stuff like that,  and to be sitting - my steps per day guys, I'm genuinely upset about it, like it's really  bad. Just because we sit for 10 hours in a car. And Louie has done the best out of all of us.  So Iowa, super cute. I approve. People are super nice   I had a really nice iced green tea, but we kind  of blew through you. And then Illinois - I wish I

had more to say but I fell asleep. You guys have a  lot more trees than in iowa so you get extra points   in my book. Indianapolis, holy smokes, you're so cute.  I saw like literally two blocks of your city but   I want to go back, I'm in love. The people that we  met there were so nice, like the restaurant owner   for where we got dinner, just like really lovely  people. I don't know, I, everyone, like everyone said   "hi!" Is this like a midwest thing? I don't know, I  was just very - again no expectations - and I was   super impressed. Anyway, Indiana, great job, Ohio, I  also slept through you - like in your entirety, I was asleep. But I'm sure you're really nice. The  Ohio river was very impressive. West Virginia, I saw  

you for a second that's all I've got to say. Now we're  in Pennsylvania which I already know and love. Western Pennsylvania, it's a blurred line between  Jersey and Pennsylvania for me so I consider you   part of my second home. But yeah, I'm just  waiting for Louie to poop. Louie, please poop! And then we're gonna go head to Kayla's, so next  time I see you, we will be pulling into our next   hotel home, which will be a long-term hotel home  in New Jersey. And I'm so excited, so thank you for   being on this journey with me. I will see you guys  in Jersey or on the way to Jersey. So excited! Bye! A broccoli! No....I hate it. It's so bad.

Maybe you're not welcome (on brand for NJ) Just follow the law! Never again. Louie you can come out! Louie's a free dog. What a good boy Louie! Look at me, look at me.

Our last our last massive luggage  rack, emptying of the trunk. Gonna feel a little dead no matter  what, but at least I don't have to look   completely dead. We made it across the country! We did it! What was today? Today we pulled  out of Pittsburgh and we just made it to -   where are we? I always say Central New Jersey, but  are we really in Central New Jersey? Yeah we're   like closer to north, I would say but yeah we're  in Central Jersey. Got a lot of questions about why -   just why we're doing this. So my mom is  actually from New Jersey, like born and raised.

So all of my mom's side of the family lives in New  Jersey so it's not just like a really random pick. Snd my parents are actually considering  probably going to be moving to Pennsylvania so   on the PA/New Jersey border. So yeah  the California home has been completely   sold, they started moving  in the day that we left. And   I don't know, I feel like this trip kind of helped.  If I had taken off - oh my god, if we had flown and  

like I had to watch San Diego get smaller  and smaller in the distance from an airplane, that would have been such an ugly, what is it, four  hours? - such an ugly plane ride because I would   have cried the whole time. But I think that driving  and stopping and seeing people - I got   to see some family, I got to see Kayla - and then  just kind of being shown all these new sites, I had never been, other than Vegas, I had never been  anywhere that we stopped before - even Pittsburgh i   haven't, i hadn't been to. So that was all brand  new to me. I've been to a lot of their airports.   Love the Denver air- well... not gonna say I love  the Denver airport but I've been to the Denver   airport. But yeah that was all new and it was  beautiful, took me by surprise. I might get into New   York, I'm not sure. I just saw videos from like the  anti-vaxx parade that they had so I'm kind of like...

How much do I love New York? I love New York  but we'll see, because once again if I get any kind   of sickness, if I get a hint - obviously I don't want  to get sick, like that's a number one reason, but   also I just can't go home, like I'm not going to be  able to get on an airplane and go home so I really   want to stay healthy, I'm being extra careful. Yeah, so we'll see but overall this was a really   nice trip. It felt very weird to drive to New  Jersey, like I've never driven and so it doesn't   feel like I've fully arrived yet. Even though  I recognize the area, like I know where I am, it  

doesn't feel like I'm here. Where's Newark  airport?! Can you believe it? That I'm saying I miss   Newark? I do. Yeah that's gonna take some getting  used to but I'm here for almost three weeks so   I'll have time to adjust and yeah thank you for  coming with me. But yeah I will be filming my time   here so you're gonna have another - gonna get an east coast vlog this   time which I'm very excited to  share.We might go down the shore,  

I don't really know, I don't really know what's  going on, I'm just along for the ride as always. I am excited to be back in Korea very soon but  for now I am happy as always to be in New   Jersey. I am gonna go now, I'm gonna drink my tea  and I'm gonna start working and I'm gonna unpack! I'm gonna unpack my suitcase, isn't that amazing?  I'm gonna hang clothes up, not gonna just be   digging out of my suitcase every day! Exciting  stuff. Okay catch you later. Thank you always, bye!

2021-08-24 22:03

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