Crossing the NAMIB DESERT [S5 - Eps. 45]

Crossing the NAMIB DESERT [S5 - Eps. 45]

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Good morning Internet, it is 7:30 in the morning and welcome back to the channel I am now at the Tiras farm close to the Tiras mountains and I just wanted to show you what an amazing morning it is. I can still see the moon, look there and the sun is just coming up I am cooking breakfast. Let me quickly go back inside because my eggs are going to burn Ahh, it's looking good.. it's looking good So yes, I brought 6 eggs with me on that 44 kilometer dirt road from that town where I bought some food They all survived and uh.. well this is for breakfast It's not a lot because I already ate everything else that I had with me Then I have some rye bread with some tasteless processed cheese So that will be breakfast. I am excited for today, I am really excited

I think the ride is going to be really beautiful Um.. after I have eaten my eggs, I will show you on the map exactly what the plan is for today So I am just brushing my teeth and I walk into the bedroom and you are not going to believe.. What a massive, massive grasshopper is sitting on my door Honestly you need something for scale. So this is my toothbrush He is like.. He is like seriously, this big How did it even get in here? That thing is massive Okay, let me show what the plans for today. I am now here, right here at the Tiras mountains And today, I am going to ride this road and then stay somewhere here I think So I will be riding in the Namib desert but actually the Namib desert continues all the way to South Africa So I have been saying it a little bit wrong but now I am actually entering the Namib Naukluft Park So that National Park protects a large part of the Namib desert but I think officially the Namib desert continues all the way until Angola and it reaches South until a small part of South Africa I think, that qualifies as Namib desert But I think the scenery is going to be magnificent today So let me quickly finish up this and then we hit the road Alright so now first I have to..

Get through this sandy road here Back to the main road These are the Tiras mountains So this is all granite All these mountains here, they continue that way I believe But I will be riding around them This is the turn off to the D707 which is a.. well this road has a reputation Apparently beautiful scenery but it might be a bit sandy But uh.. I guess I will find out. Oh yeah, definitely looks sandy Well, I will probably have to air down my tyres soon We'll see how far I can get Like this Look an oryx Or gemsbok Hi there What a landscape.. wow! Actually the name Namib is Nama for vast Well, I can totally understand Where that name comes from Oh, there is a whole group of oryxes there in the distance 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Oh Watch the road Look more oryxes Hi guys! Beautiful Oh, there are so many of them here Oh, now he is running Look how beautiful they are Hi guys! So beautiful. These are young, I think they are quite small

One there Look how fast it is I am going 50 almost Oh, here is a big one Wow! Beautiful Oh sand, sand, sand It's quite deep sand Oeh, this is very deep sand Oi yoi yoi Very deep ruts That way you hit the side of the ruts It's when you go They are so fast Is he going to jump the fence? I will give him some space 'cause I don't want the animal to hurt itself See he can't jump that fence I think Yeah, go that way You're good! You're good Oeh, there is a skeleton there Let's check it out I wonder what animal that is? Probably an oryx ' Cause they are the only animals that I see around here There are so many of them there How.. how.. yeah Must have been a big animal The hooves are still on there.. look Alright, let me just stop here For a second So I did stop earlier to take a little bit of air out of my tyres because it was really soft sand at some point But now it's still sandy but there's a lot of rocks and it's quite compact So.. I obviously don't want to ride myself a flat tyre So I am just going to put some air back in the tyres now just to be on the safe side All done, I have 91 kilometers to go and it is now 11:30 so..

All is going well Look what I just spotted Oh, this is so cool Wait I am immediately stuck in the sand Let me show you this These are the nests of.. Now I can't remember, I read about them Something like.. weaving How is this for a bird nest?! You can see all the openings. There, there, there But they are all together Stuck in this tree How amazing is this right? Brilliant They just live here altogether See it's those little birds You can see them? Hi guys Oh, I can see a bird, I can see a bird there It's looking at me They are too cute Oh, this landscape is just magnificent Unbelievable and around every corner, the colours are different and the mountains are different It is extraordinary I have reached the big road The C27 Somewhere here should be a petrol station So let's.. Stop here This is a farm I guess Yes, there it is Hi! - Hello Good thanks, how are you? - Fine Full, please Yeah Alright Savannah is happy again And uh..

Me also.. almost 'Cause it's just.. 30 kms More, that's it so It's not far anymore Oh, look ostriches Two ostriches there Ah, look how vast it is! Wow Run Forest! Wow, what a location I am going to stay right here in this lodge So I think since I have started this channel, I think I have already said this a couple of times like this is the best place I ever stayed But I am going to say it again.. I think this is the most incredible place I have ever stayed And I am the only guest, there is nobody else I have the entire place to myself There is nobody but there is a swimming pool And then just this.. incredible view Isn't that amazing? And they have some pretty cool things here I just wanted to show you So all the oryxes that I saw these are their horns Look how big they are This is from a springbok These small ones And then this is from kudu. Remember I saw a kudu in Die Hel and then well.. recently one

but it's not on camera And this one is supposedly 3 years old And they can tell by the number of twists I think.. so 1, 2, 3 or something like that but it's a relatively young kudu But anyway.. that aside.. what an incredible place and yeah what an incredible ride as well I think.. yeah Namibia. If you have been following this channel for a while then you kind of know how I love being the only person and just being surrounded by nature, by mountains and just having the whole place to yourself that just.. It's just a special feeling

and then the vastness of this Namib desert It's just incredible So yeah, I really think that Namibia It's just.. it's the country for me, it's really is the country for me So yeah.. I think I am going to enjoy my stay here Pretty sure I will. So that was it for today

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2021-07-03 11:30

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