Cruise Ship Food Reservations Specialty Restaurants Buffets Which Way To Go?

Cruise Ship Food Reservations Specialty Restaurants Buffets Which Way To Go?

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Here, we go no we're on the air hey we're on the air how's it going everybody, Bruce, here with traveling with Bruce how're you doing today uh. I've. Never so much fun today welcome to what what. Is it today Thursday, welcome, to Thursday February, the 8th 2018. This, week is just Wi-Fi and it what a day uh welcome. To my channel traveling, with Bruce it's my livestream, here money, to Friday's at 5 o'clock Eastern. Time Saturdays. At 2 o'clock Eastern, and we're. Talking cruise ships we're talking all about cruise, ships and holidays, and I, have to mute my phone because I forgot oh. Man. I'm glad you're all here I hope you're enjoying yourselves, I wish you're wishing, you all a great week. And. I, want to say hi to all you guys and I, want, to thank my viewers out there who are finding me all over the place I'm getting messages and comments from a ton of you people which is fantastic I. Wanted. To. Just. You. Know let you know how I appreciate, I am of all of you folks who are my regulars and then all the newbies that are finding me is fantastic, I'm getting so many messages from people we're getting ready to go on their first ever cruise they want to they really want to go and they're finding, my channel and they're finding it helpful. And and. Educational. And hopefully, entertaining. And. We're. Coming a lot um the. Channel, my. Channel oh, my goodness we're, growing and we're growing and we're growing yesterday. When I left the air we're at 656. Subscribers, right. Now 700. 678. We're approaching 700. 678. And the, target is 1000, we. Want to hit a thousand by Feb 20 and that's in 12, days from, now so the. Run is on and I'm crossing, my fingers I think, we're gonna make it but you know it's still a knee about 25 30 a day and we're kind. Of there so we'll see how it goes um today. I want to talk about cruise ship. Information. I got a couple of tips for you a. Couple, of things I also want to mention that I created. The video today there's, only about a minute 40 seconds long some, of you've already seen it I'm sure it's. A video it's a basically it's an intro video that. I'm using, to replace. My old intro, video I made a few months ago because, my old video didn't mention that I was doing live streams so I'm now talking about you, know for anyone who finds me for the first time and discovers. My channel they'll, see this intro video and if they watch it there they'll, realize, always doing live streams Monday to Friday I invite. All of you out there if you want to by. All means please to, help promote my channel if you want to share that video to anyone. You want any way you can through social media that would be wonderful. I've had people ask me Bruce, I want to share one, of your videos which one would you recommend and, I usually try. To come up with you, know an answer and late, they've been going you know I'm gonna make a new intro video because it'll be current with where we're at here and so. This is the video that would be perfect, to be sent, out to someone who you're talking, to or someone you know that might like this channel who, might find this topic of cruise ship vacations, interesting. Or, want some information on you know finding a cruise and. You. Know learning. Learning all about the cruise game and how to find a deal and what, to pack on a cruise and not packing a cruise you know the whole routine so, if you would my if you wouldn't mind folks sharing that for me that would be great for those of you who are for those of you who are here right now live.

Sign. It's tell, me you're watching, uh tell. Me where you're watching me from say hi tell, me what your high temperature, is today I'm, in Creston BC here in Canada three miles north of the Idaho border we're, at 55 degrees. Unbelievable. Fifty-five is our high temperature, right now my. Furnace hasn't been on since this morning the, house is warming up it, is, fantastic. But, a short, few hours from here I bet you three hours by car to. The east you're, in Alberta Canada and there, they got blizzard warnings and it's. Miserable highways. Are a mess and there are fatalities is just awful here, it's just glorious I can't believe the day we're having and we'll, take it we're. Happy about it and so. If you're if you're watching from wherever to say hi and I'd love to talk to you and welcome. To this show Richard. Is here hey. Richard Richard hromadske from Philly and he says he's a cow -. You're. In the wrong town today you're really in the wrong town, today if you're a Cowboys fan it's 33 Fahrenheit comment. Maybe. Post the topic of the next few days show at the end of your video so we can research the topic you, know Richard when I get that organized, you'll be the first to know because. Let me tell you um I'm. A newbie at this and. Sometimes. I make up the topic like an hour before the show I'm, constantly. Scanning what I want to talk about and what catches my fancy sometimes. I know a day or two ahead sometimes I don't and. Things. Change at the last minute - but as, I get more you know settle in yes, I will try, to throw. Some topics, out there that will start covering and then we can get on it absolutely, and that'll. Be great, Silvan, is here Sylvan Forest 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and sunny, here in Delray, Beach Florida, nice. Beautiful. Weather there I will subscribe today your channel goes great with my rum and coke and cigar, alfresco. Thank. You for that I I'm. Gonna take this compliment. Welcome. You aboard as. A subscriber. That's wonderful, Francis. Williams is here hi from Beaumont Texas 61. Degrees wonderful. Weather, there hey Francis welcome aboard here sherry, is here she. Had a message but then she retracted it no she's saying 55, degrees so welcome. Sherry. McKee. Leus Mike, Mike Elia or McKay Lea Smith 57. And sunny in Spokane, you're, my neighbor you're, only two hours 25, minutes away from me and you, got the weather I got we're, we, got the same whether you're, 57, I'm 55, isn't. It great. So. Much of North America is miserable and we're laughing, out here it's fantastic, Bob, oh is here hi Bruce 58, here in Pelham, Alabama today, how you doing Bob welcome back. Who. Else if Alan Jordans here hi again from Iowa, South Carolina hi, Pamela nice, to have you back today and. We're. Hoping for decent weather and that hopefully it'll improve the days are getting longer folks, winter is over really the worst of it should be over for, a lot of us but you, know between now and March it can still be awful nasty and well to see how how, it goes before I'll take weather like this for sure, Shawn. Johnson is saying, 34. And son, here in st. Louis at least my furnace is finally fixed way to go, it. Couldn't come soon enough for you I know you I know you you walked, out on you know four days ago I wasn't like that unbelievable. Sherry is saying that she's from a. Hole, I up I, think it's pulling up Washington, if I'm right at 55 degrees today and that's kind of our weather too so. Sherry we're. Loving it this is fantastic. You. Gotta love that Michaela is in Spokane you're in fully up and I'm here in Creston.

And We. Got the good stuff Emily, I'll. Take this all day long I don't know how long's is gonna last I don't, know if it's I think we're going cold again I'm going to the 30s in the next couple of days and it. Might stay there for about a week or so for our highs but they are saying we might get a bit of snow and then some Sun so we'll see Mikaela. Smith's thing has been a very mild winter here this year yeah same with us last year it was awful we, were in a deep deep freeze last year all winter now it's been a beautiful normal. Winter for us but, today's a bit warmer. Than usual and Dylan. LaRue is here Dylan hi to buddy 81, in Laughlin, Nevada uh every one of my rigs how you doing pal you're back and Angela, a is good evening high of 80 degrees in Tampa. Beautiful. Tampa beautiful, weather, Angela. I can sure see why you want to live there that's, fantastic. Welcome. Aboard everybody it's good to have you all here a. Couple. Of things I'm gonna mention today I came. Up with some some time-saver, ideas, for. Our cruisers, really for new cruisers but also existing, cruisers I think, about the cruise businesses, as we know it's changing so quickly you, know things are just happening you, know non-stop, new, ships to come out with complete new systems, new designs, some. Cases at work some cases it doesn't like msec sides not working. But. Nonetheless the technology, is just moving forward and marching forward and it's of course and beta-2 invaded, cruise ships old cruise ships are being retrofitted to, bring them right up the modern you know today's, standards, and. New cruise ships coming out or you know unrecognizable. For, a cruiser 30 years ago I mean what they're what they can do in a ship today is unbelievable so, I got some points here to talk about the. Charles you're saying hi Bruce hey, Charles how you doing buddy Theresa McFarland's here hi Bruce - 10 today in Waterloo Ontario calling. For a lot of snow tonight yeah and there's something you guys are you guys are hurting out there we're, sitting here at 55, Fahrenheit, that's kind of like plus 11. Plus, 12. Celsius. Work 22, degrees difference on the Celsius scale it's incredible, Charles Jordan saying hi to everybody. Yeah, it's it's quirky depending, on you know where you are North America anyway, yeah I came up with some tips here today about, time-saving. Tips. Some. Of this is you know some of these are pretty obvious to those of us who've cruised before but for newbies and and really I'm really. Bringing. This up for new cruisers I get. So many of you great, people, commenting. To me asking, me questions about some ideas some advice and stuff like that love it and I. Got, a couple pointers here that you gotta be aware of it'll. Become pretty evident once you're on the ship awhile but the. First time you're there the first cruise you're just overwhelmed with what's going on there's so much to figure out even, if you're on a seven-day cruise you're, still discovering, things about the ship on the last day that you, hadn't realized it's just so much to really learn about, the.

Arena's Here during hi everybody minus 10 here and lovely Nova Scotia hi, yeah you guys out east you're just you just paying terrible. Price we're we're, plus 15 here during in, Creston, I'm 55 Fahrenheit, Spokane, it's 57, it's, we really got some nice weather today it's absolutely wonderful, okay, couple time savers. This. One here because of the well. Because. Of this anytime, dining, now, this this so-called, you. Know set. Your time when you want to go eat you don't have to have reservations, necessarily. Anymore like we did before and we have all these specialty, restaurants, and that sort of you know diversity, makes the diverse, is the crowd like it takes the the 3,000, passengers and sort of just spreads. Them out over 10, or 15 venues, at dinner time takes, the heat off of certain venues that used to have everybody. Come to the main dining room for dinner well, with any time dining that it's, created another problem and that is well, how people kind of get hungry Russ 6:30 7:30. And. So it might be anytime dining but you know the anytime dining for me is when I get hungry that's, my anytime dining and, I. Came. Up with this tip about between, 6:00 and 6:30 and 7:30 and evening that's, peak dinner time you, really don't want to show up at the dining room unannounced, and just try to ask for a table you. Might get lucky, you might show up you know you and your wife and you. May find that oh oh yeah the maitre, d can get your table right now but. On the other hand you might get one of those little timers, with the flashing lights that go off when they find a table for it and it, might be twenty thirty minutes and if you're starving. That's. All longest, twenty thirty minutes to wait and you'll see other people come in that have reservations, that get set down right now because, they made reservations but if you're a free, style diner that's the word I was looking for a free style dining your, free style diner on say Norwegian. You. Know one night you might hit, the you, might hit the Italian restaurant and the next night you're doing the buffet and then the third nights the night you want to do the dining room and you, kind of decide it at four o'clock that tonight we're doing the dining room and didn't, bother doing reservation, why do a reservation, it's free style dining I'll just show up well, if you show up between six thirty seven thirty you may find that free style isn't so free style after all you may find that there's a lineup of twenty people or there, are thirty forty people waiting in for any with those little you. Know machines, that light up and there's. Going there's are going off and then they go and you got to wait your turn and, you, know it could, be a bit of an inconvenience I mentioned, that because we just don't do this. Regimented. Dining, anymore that we did before back, in the 80s and the early 90s it's, all changed if a lot, of us like it some of us kind of pine for the old days. But, that's just the way it is okay. Let's. Me just see our Betsey's here from Hamilton hey Betsy minus, seven in Hamilton, today is not as bad as Waterloo Angela. Says I don't like anytime dining there you go see Angela I mean. You. Know with the specialty restaurants, I don't even think about anytime, dining in the specialty restaurants, between 6:30 and 7:00 the, odds are that they're fully booked and especially. If you're on a big, ship, and this is the we've, had this debate from. Time to time and I'll bring it up again today. Ship what kind of ship would you rather be on would you rather be on a 5000. Passenger. Behemoth. Like, the Oasis of the Seas or, harmony of the Seas or would. You want to be on something like the, Norwegian Jade, that has 2,400, passengers. Or. Say. The haul in America, Rooster damn that has maybe 2200, passengers which, way would you rather go right, when. It comes to food, yeah. It starts, to get interesting and, it can get a bit frustrating. For passengers, who aren't used. To it who don't know what especially first-timers, if it's your first ever cruise. You. Wanna you know you're hungry and you want to get a bite to eat and you. Were told you can just show up and all of a sudden you, show up and they. Can't accommodate you you didn't get kind of frustrated and, it's. Just something to kind of keep in mind with this so-called freestyle, dining, a, couple, more messages coming in Scott Scott. Batchly, is here hi there's 75 here in Ventura California. Yeah. It'll, venture away no way to go welcome back Scott that's, fantastic, to reach happen saying we went, we. Went at 6:30, every night last year on the equinox never, waited lucky I guess yeah that's the early part of dinner time you, caught the you cut the way I bet you by the time you were done there was lineups outside some of those nights where, people are waiting to come in because you'd you know you, got there first and you were fed and you're on your way if, you get there at 5:30 quarter.

To 6:00 6:00, 6:15. Generally. Speaking should be alright but that. Primetime, hour is is, a killer and it can you know it can wreak havoc on your on. Your timing my, camels and hi Bruce it's cold here in Eagles, territory, I. Think. That's I think it's Billy. Delarue. I did, go with traditional dining to try on my first cruise I wasn't sure what, I would like yeah, bill and you're, gonna love it believe, me you're gonna be fine with that and you're, gonna get used to well I'll tell you something if after the second or third day on a one-week cruise you're, not happy with your 6:30 reservation, time one, you can change it of course, you teach a time you one but. Two you can also just say just, cancel, my reservation, time I'm gonna go freestyling, from here you, can these. Cruise ships are very pliable, you're, not locked in any but, yeah, you got us you got a nail down for 6:30 now you can plan your day all around 6:30, dinner time you, know that's the best thing if you're on on the shore on an, excursion you get back on the boat by 5:00, 5:15 5:30, you. Know you want to change. Take a shower first whatever, and then get dressed and go to dinner no rush you know it's 6:30, your tables waitin for you it's a great way to go, let's. See her Sean. Sean Johnson is. Saying pick a reservation, time in the, main dining room you'll have the same a waitstaff, and you, can decide that day if you'd like to venture into a specialty restaurant yes sir even. On my time Royal, Caribbean recommends. Reservations, yeah, like even on my time like like what. Does that mean my time but I have to be there at, a time, yeah. You have to be the cuz there's so many passengers you have to be there a set or you might be waiting this, is this, is a problem and who likes who, wants, lineups, on a cruise. I mean didn't, we want to get away from the hectic world, when, we went on a cruise ship in the first place we wanted to relax and enjoy the sea air and. See. A couple of spots when we stopped you know for the day at a couple of ports and we just wanted to just chillax, we got the pool over there we, got the loungers, over here we got the spa at the front and. That when we got, on the cruise ship for in the first place so yeah you want to avoid these these. So things Sean is saying a little contradictory, if you ask me yeah. It's. Your it's your time just. Be on time yeah okay rich. Was saying a little freezing on your end. Yeah. He's commenting about how cold it is up I think it's Billy Mike, yeah. This this anytime dining thing you, know like. I said from from up until about 6:30 you. Might be okay just to show up and go after. 7:30, you're. Okay but then you got to keep in mind what the dining, room hours. Are okay, now especially restaurants. They'll. Usually stay open right until 9:00, or 10:00 at night even 11:00 at night because they're they're willing to you know they'll stay open longer to get your money because you're paying extra to go in there, on. The main dining room though there may be restricted, hours they may only go until 9:00 o'clock and then that's it and then, they close it, so keep. That in mind the buffet will have ours as well Chris. Murphy you know you, don't ever reserve for the buffet just show and show up and hunt, a table, down once, you've got your tray, of food or your plate of food, but. The buffet will probably usually run until 9 or 10 o'clock they might close half of it down after, 9 o'clock and, keep the other half open but, you'll you'll find the hours posted, right at the buffet station, at the front there where the hand, sanitizers. Are you'll, see what the hours are you'll get used to it and and. Then, there are other restaurants, on the ship that will be open I won't. Say 24/7. But open till midnight at least and. Then after that you might be stuck with room service you just have to check the ship you're on the, line you're with and all, that information is available to you either, through your television, set on one of the channels that'll. Show you all the events that's going on on the onboard the ship or. If you really need an answer right now like, right now just go to go. To customer service or one of the kiosks onboard and and. Or ask or just ask the staff at the buffet what are your hours they'll tell you if they know so. They're you Christine. Hi everybody, 20 degrees Fahrenheit in Michigan, Christine. You guys are freezing out there it's unbelievable. But, you've solved, the mosquito, problem way to go no problems, with mosquitoes I think, the grasshoppers, are also napping. Right now and not bothering anybody. Welcome. To my Hawaii, a chat today Theresa, McFarland saying I have to I like. To have a set, dining. Time and we. Always request, to sit at a table of eight so we can meet people this, is a really good idea we.

We. Have made a lot of friends that way and we still keep in touch and cruise together sometimes, this, is this. Is a secret. Of cruising. That, not enough people talk about this, is a, fantastic. Way to, make. Meet. Folks that. You've never met before hear stories, you can't believe because everybody, has a story how did you get here and this is your first cruise to see your tenth cruise. You. Hear great life stories, and, if, you get together with a group of eight you may find that there are two people or four people or, all, a tu that, just hit it off right off the yet, you hit it off and you, may find that after, the first or second day when you've kind of gotten together on this you may got you guys may make a pact, that every. Night at 8 o'clock or, 7 o'clock we're, coming here we're, having our own table all eight, of us and we're, gonna talk about our cruising and and and just share stories you just never know how this goes. You. Make a great point Teresa, about about you know meeting people and and becoming friends with them I have a couple. Couple. I know that introduced me to cruising they've. Done the same thing you're doing there they've gone on cruises, together. Tons, of them and, on. A number, of evening. So a number of the evenings they'll ask to be seated with six eight other people and they. Get to know other folks and they did befriend, a couple and vice versa they hit it off with this couple from South Carolina my, friends are from Calgary, Alberta Canada and these. Four just, hit it off they got together every night for dinner and when. They arrived, at, say, a port you know like the next day or there they, went off the ship together and they would pool their their. Itineraries. Together and they'd, share a cab all four of them so they'd split that you know in two parties they, the, one couple might have been at this port before and the other couple hadn't so. The couple had been there was a we're, gonna show you around we know this place we've been here we were here last year. Some. Of them have been to the same ports you know several times and there's no words oh there's a great bar on the beach here they got a bucket, of beer for ten bucks you get six beers for ten bucks that's, all we have to buy for booze we can spend four hours at this place and they give, us chips and nachos and great, view of the beach, this. Is how it goes and so these these four became. Fast friends and they've taken cruises, together absolutely. They've they're in touch with each other all the time and the. One one, will email. The other one he did you see that cruise on vacations, to go calm, that's over in Mexico, or the one over and the Caribbean, or there's this and then, they booked it up and they they, meet up again it's just fantastic, so yeah you can really. Meet. Up some cool some cool friends that way and of course, you're. Meeting him on a cruise ship you know they like the cruise. So. You. Got something in common right now you all like the crows you're on the same boat at the same time you can take it from there Elizabeth. That were saying I like having a, set, reservation, if I, wanted casually, dining, I do the buffet or or room service oh and. I won't brag warm. And Daytona ha ha. She's. Not bragging there's, none. Of that going on here right. Christine. Is loving that Cristina San are the table, seating, arrangements, random, or do, the lines pair, ups similar. Ages, backgrounds, etc. I'm. Gonna say. If. It's busy okay, if their dining room is active. And, you show up as, a single, or as a couple.

And They don't have a table for the two of you you know as for your own table they'll. Ask you if you want to wait for a table that comes up or would you be interested in sharing a table with you know with others. But. If it's busy they'll probably, set. You up with a table of six or eight right. Away and it'll be a crapshoot you have no idea. I've. Been at a table of eight where the oldest couple or in their 80s and the, youngest couple are in their 30s and you. Know there's there's four couples and, we don't know each other and we, did have a wonderful time we talked and we just you know some some folks are more talkative than others I might. Be in that I. Might. Be in that camp you know I might be a little more of a talkative, person in a setting like that uh, but. I'll tell you some of the stories you hear you just sit there you just listen, you, just you. Go wow that's that's why I didn't know that or you meet, someone who is a you. Know an executive, at a XYZ. Company or, someone who did this once or somebody, met somebody famous once and you want to hear all about that you, just don't know what the stories are gonna be about it might be your story that's the star of the show if you have one you. Never know but I. Can, see that if the restaurant is say you. Know relatively, being, is not not packed. But. The the tables for two are gone or you're you're asking for a table to you know for, a larger group the, the maitre. D, if they're sharp but they really know their their stuff they, might pair you up with someone kind of in your age group but they won't know your background because, you, know you don't have to fill out an application you, very good at the restaurant, so they won't anything about you and the others that are there, so. They, may they may just wing it on the other hand if it's day four and, the. Maitre d has been paying attention and the wait staffs been paying attention and. They know that that. This table of four over here they even haven't just a great, time like out of the eight they, tables, of eight there's, these four over, here that are having a really good time they might slip a couple, of couples over there with those folks and just to have them join the party that kind of thing but. Again if you want to be alone and you don't really want to you know you don't to be with, anyone else yeah feeling, so hot you, can wait for a table for two and they'll take care you know no problem. Jay. Sonic is here hey I'm back a JSON D from Montreal welcome buddy Shawn, Johnson, is saying that Christine as far as I can tell they are super random unless you've got a large party there you go wife, and I have sat at, a two-top. By ourselves, and eight. Tops with ages ranging from 30 to 90 there you go you just never know which, makes it interesting to be honest Teresa, is saying hi Christine they line spare pair. You up with people around your same age. Let's. See Jay Sonic is saying Bruce I would like your insight on which cruises, that, you've been on okay, give me a bit of time on that Christine, is saying okay Sean Johnson. And Theresa week right Christine. Is saying I'd enjoy that I'm Irish we love to talk. Irish. Like to talk the. Irish like to say I believe. They like to dance and I, believe they they. Like to stay relatively. Hydrated, and which is a very healthy thing to do and, I. Condone. It 100%. What, do we got here. Theresa saying we have had Cruz, friends come to our house last year to visit yeah yeah there you go it's the same thing with my friends they've, had that couple from South Carolina come all the way up to Canada it's Stampede I'm Calgary. Stampede, the greatest outdoor on earth they had them coming up and they took them everywhere and. They, showed him around Alberta, and. Fantastic. My, friends went to South Carolina and they, visited, them for about four or five days and then from there they drove to a cruise ship and got, on occurs and they, incorporated, the whole thing in one this, can happen I'm telling you folks I, think I think the secret for me is I have to get to know some Floridians, that, you, know down in Tampa maybe or an Orlando or, living, in Fort Lauderdale Miami, area and I, got to get to know some of these kinds of folks so that I can you know I've got a place to crash before. I go on a cruise rather than stay in a hotel but you know if I come up with anybody I'll let you know because I'm you know I'm always on the hunt for new friends.

That's. Fantastic. Let. Me just see here oh what a. Sonic. Is saying oh by the way I'm sorry I asked if you're a sonic fan, yesterday, totally. Unrelated to what we're talking about on your. No. Problem, Jay sonic it's okay. You're. Figuring out what's going on you kind. Of watch what happens here with all the kibitzing going on and, it's a wide-open thing, any, folks out there who are watching right now if you're watching this live if, you want to participate in this Jam you're more than welcome to join in just. If you want tell us where you're watching us from where are you what's your high temperature, today I'm, interested, in BC here in Canada when I started this show what 10 15 minutes ago it was bright sunny out there gorgeous sunny and my, face, on this side was all shiny, up shiny DUP and this, side was dark notice. The difference now if. This side is gone dark because, it's there's, a fog and clouds, moving, in as oh and we got a system coming through here and my, interior light is on and I was debating turn, that on today because it's so sunny out why should I turn on this light and I thought no, no. No, things can change around here sure enough I'm, relying. On this light I got a light up here to. Help balance it out and you know the shadows and everything sorry but, yeah we got we got clouds, maybe we're getting some rain I don't know but we. Hit 55, to date was really nice okay. Quarter. Doreen, is saying we had dinner with two couples from Newfoundland, every, night last year had a blast. Wouldn't. You ever I'm, telling you folks you, Americans. Down there. Okay. As, a Canadian I gotta tell you I just. Love the accents, of Americans. You got the Bostonians. With their accent, you, got the New Yorkers, with their with, their accents, yet, the filly got the Atlantians from, Georgia a whole, different way of speaking the Texans. Oh my goodness, the, drawl I hang, out with the Texan I start talking like a Texan my wife gives me the Elvis has stopped that I can't help it it's, infecting, me all.

Around The United States the dialects. And the lingo and every week I just love it I just love soaking, it in but, if you guys in the United States ever. Get a chance to. Hang out with a Newfoundlander. For. Some storytelling you. Are in for a treat because I'll tell you here in Canada the, Newfoundlanders, are legendary. For tall tales, great. Stories, and, a lot of laughs and they're, in the far east of our country and, they're, a lot of fun there are as many of them as other Canadians, because the province of Newfoundland. Doesn't have as big a population as the other provinces but boy if you ever get the chance to hang out with a Newfoundlander, and you, get the the accent you're gonna be asking what did you see what what, was that word you're. Gonna be you're, gonna need an interpreter but, you're gonna you're, gonna get the stories you're gonna get all you're gonna have fun just, say it. That's. A great story what the Newfoundland oh so you got to see him. What. Do we got here, Richard. Saying Bruce it also helps, to slip, the maitre. D at 20 you never have to wait when you see you in line yeah yeah yeah, okay okay I it. Helps, anything. If you slip someone at 20 I mean jeez I even a 10 might work but yeah the maitre d they'll, really take care of you but on a cruise ship you know, they got a CT eventually. But. Yeah that's when he will go a long way Christine, you mean you, mean drink booze she, says when I'm talking about the Irish I was. Talking about libations, you. Know keep them once hydrated, though you don't want to get too too dry you know and, you. Know a good Bert once in a while is a good thing I think Elizabeth, is saying I love that I can buy a bottle, of wine, ah the, first night and they. Save it for the next night and they always remember our children's. Tastes and that. My husband loves sweets and I like. Chocolatini. I like the chocolate Dini, yes. This, is the thing about every.

Night In the dining room if you are on a cruise ship where you've got a reservation every night you get the same waiter, they. Remember, what do you like they write it down, they know you're, a bourbon, guy you're, a gal, who likes this kind of a drink or you, like this for dessert oh yeah. Same. Thing with the bottom line you can on any of these cruise lines you can order a bottle of wine which is cheaper than buy the glass obviously it. Still might be expensive, for you know forty fifty dollars for a bottle wine that you could buy at Costco for ten fifteen bucks but, nonetheless, they'll, they'll they'll, keep the bottle for you in the in the storage, area with, your room number on it so when you are at another you could be at the same restaurant tomorrow night or you, can be on the pool deck tomorrow, afternoon, and you want a glass of that wine that, you had for dinner last night you, just tell the waiter I had a I had a bottle, of wine room, number so-and-so in. The main dining room last night chances are though they'll fetch it they'll, pour you a glass of wine from, that bottle and put, the bottle back in storage for you for a dinner tonight, great. Wait ready to go my wife actually. She likes to uh she. Took advantage of a deal on Princess, Cruise Line's they. Had a deal if you're, at the pool deck one day the, waiter came by asked my wife she wanted something and she said yeah and he, she's won again one of your specials today what he got he's all we got a deal on beer, we, have a bucket, of beer his big bucketful ice and we, put six beers in there and it was something like I, don't, ten bucks for six beers like a dollar fifty a beer I know on a cruise ship that's a good deal was, something like that I could you want maybe dollar eighty a beer anyway, she, took that offer and so, I he. Or she brought her this bucket, of ice filled, with these, bottles he, immediately grabbed, one of the bottles popped the top off or her hat up beer glass poured. Her the beer in the glass and enjoy and, there's the rest of your beer right there well, there was no way she's gonna finish all six because she's only gonna be out there for an hour to. And and. So and so the waiter just said just take him to your room just there, yours you you want him so fantastic, so she took the beer to her room and I think she might have had one later on the balcony because, we had a bucket of ice in our room, which we get every morning from her rooster and. The. Next day she, went back to the pool. Deck and she. Brought her bucket with her but. There was no ice in the bucket her beers were warm and so. She brought the bucket to back to the pool deck and she. Mentioned to the waiter that she. Bought these yesterday and, she needed some ice and he said oh no no problem whatsoever, you, got three or four left there no problem it's I'll be right back he comes back with. Four brand-new. Bottles, all ice cold in ice and then. Opened up on one of those for her and poured it source of the he took the warm ones put him in the fridge gave her four cold ones and she, continued, on and so. This is standard practice on the deal and so this bucket of beer deal she. Wasn't turned off by it thinking, all he'll drink one or two cold ones and I'm gonna have to have four or five warm ones no no not at all so that's something, to think about too that they'll they'll, offer you a handy, little thing I would say, what. Do we got here Christine good advice Richard Malika, Smith is saying who. Has the best buffet, oh good question who's got the best buffet at see folks what, do you think. I. Was. Really impressed with my home in America experience. Personally. Speaking I wasn't so can a resident, blown. Away by Princess I was okay but. Not like all unbelievable. Norwegian. Was okay, too but, Hall America was better for, me but I'd be curious what you folks want to know what you're saying. Theresa, saying I get my travel agent to prearranged. Early seating, and to. Have a seated, at the table of eight so the maitre d has the table made set for our age range.

There. You go that's, a pretty good tiful, advice there Jay, sonic is saying right now over here it's 18 Fahrenheit, with wind chill of seven this is in Montreal Canada. Yeah. Jay you're cold, so is Michigan. All. Northeast, is cold elizabeth premising I'm Irish and from Rhode Island, can't. Shut us up. Good. Stories in Rhode Island oh. Man. Richard's saying oh my god Bruce went. To the wine makers, dinner, with. Mostly Canadians, and in the middle of the dinner and many, many wines, I sang o Canada, before, my neighbors of the north my wife was embarrassed, oh. Well. You know wine does strange things to people why, you know you put enough of that in there and well. Things loosen up you know it's. The Fanus, Kristine, is saying that's right Elizabeth talking. About the Irish, and Rhode Island can't shut him up Sherman. Mercer is here today hey Sherman how you at 51, today in Arlington. In angle. Angel, angels. In Texas it's good to be back they do have you Sherman welcome back we. Got a good one going today here Jay sonic is saying Bruce I told my dad about the haul in America but he's concerned about the cost of both, the airplane ticket and the cruise ticket yeah well I'll tell you uh you. Know if you're if, you're able to drive down from Quebec, down, to the Florida Florida. You'll save the airfare that's. You know you're gonna have to take a couple days to do that then the easel, elderly, you may not want to drive that far but. Yeah you're gonna have to look for a deal because I gotta, say that I you Jay. Sonic you know you want to go on a cruise. You're. In Montreal and the. Only way you're gonna get on a cruise ship out of Montreal is in the summertime with, the occasional ship coming into port there and I know they've expanded the port in Montreal to, handle more ships otherwise, cubic City in the summertime also handles ships but, you're mainly going to be handy. And kind of heading around the, Maritimes in eastern Canada and then, down to the eastern US down to Boston Bar Harbor and so on or Mahama as they say, you're. Not gonna get a Caribbean cruise leaving, Montreal, okay so, you're gonna have to in a winner you're gonna have to go to the ship and the trick is now how, can you get there at a decent price and I would I would, also, highly. Look. Into airfare. From. US airports down. To the Miami Fort Lauderdale area that might be the way to go for you maybe, drive your car across the border and head.

South Into New York State and, you. Know you're. Heading you know towards I'm not sure exactly where you'd end up is it Hartford, you'd. Head into Boston. New. York's have been a little, further obviously, but you know if you can hand into a and maybe, Albanian New York I'm thinking Albany you may be able to get a Southwest, Airline flight or, a JetBlue flight some, kind of you know deal like a discount airline flight even even, Spirit. Airlines or, was it Allegiant. Maybe, you can then find a cheap price to Miami, and back to that Airport leave your card there and then. Grab the cruise and then you've reload your cost of that airfare down to its best a price as possible that's, just. You know kind of my my tube it's worth something to think about you may want to look into that and see what, you can find. What. We've got here man, you filled your daddy you need help pay for it well yeah I think Sherman. Mercer Carnival, Breeze awesome. Buffets well there you go awesome buffet on the breeze. Doreen, is saying impressed with a celebrity but that's the only cruise line I've tried so far so she. Loves it and why are you gonna why you gonna change you'll love it you'll love it, Elizabeth's, saying I take I take your wife's too and raise her eight just. Kidding a great trip I never knew that with the beer also do, you think that larger ships have better food, no. I don't, think that at all um. I've. Been on both sizes of, ships and. Well. All in America for me was, the smaller ship. Still. Two thousand plus passengers, great. Food really. Great food I. Think that maybe the. Reality, is that the bigger the ship and the. Higher the volume of. Preparation. And the more you. Know cooks and sous chefs and maybe. The food is a little more standardized, and maybe not as, specialized. Don't. Know that's. A that's a question I can answer now the, specialty, restaurant, game has changed everything. As we know because twenty. Thirty years ago we all measured, a ship by its food in the main dining room because that's where you had your supper every night and the. Main dining room would have three, or four pages of menus sometimes. Or. They'd have five or six or seven entrees DIF, every, night of the cruise and it would all be top-notch. Five-star, dining you know four-course, meal five course meal those. Days are practically, over, on, most. Common. Cruise, lines nowadays, and so, we're stuck with the you, know salad. Maybe. A soup and, or. An appetizer and, a salad and then the course you know whatever it is and main, dish and then a quick dessert the, the the the dining rooms have come down in in, complexity. Sophistication. Presentation. Decoration. There, was a time where you know the second night of the cruise would be Italian, night and the, entire dining, room would be decked, out in Italian, decorations, with Italian flags and, you, know posters, with pictures of the Colosseum, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the whole atmosphere would. Be Italian. And, then the next night might be you know French night, you know would be French dining, and we'll. Have the Beaujolais this, and we'll have the fancy, French dinner e there and, yet. If you were a die-hard. Meat. And potatoes, kind of person, and you said, to the waiter listen I can't, handle the bolognese, sauce and, you, know the fancy rich the. Rich creamy whatever, tonight. Can, I just have a you, know meatloaf, and mashed potato, and gravy and some vegetable and they'd say yes sir you can and they were just gonna get it not a problem but, in today's.

Truculent. Cruise ship world you. Want Italian you go to the Italian restaurant and pay 25 bucks more per person you want you want French go, to the French high-end restaurant it's 40 bucks a person there you, want a steak you want a good steak go to steakhouse, it. Should be a good steak it may not be it should be up, to 70 bucks a person now. You're paying for that you know exclusivity. And specialty, where it before used to be standard it was just standard fare you wanted a filet mignon every night you got a filet mignon because, a waiter knew it he knew that you tell him tomorrow now I'll be back for another fillet they, were ready for you they were waiting for you but, yet, in today's world the, waiters are there to help, you and they'll they'll, be able to accommodate you quite, a ways for, your what your likes are especially, if children's really. But they, can't do it the way they used to do it just, it's not same anymore. Teresa, MacFarlane saying think the larger ships have better food for sure okay, Betsy, is saying you, can get dirt flights for about 400 returned I know. Betsy you're right and I think if you can get to, you, know in your case you get the Buffalo you can get cheaper to, Miami and back out of Buffalo and. You know even with the currency right Teresa. Micron saying Norwegian Cruise Line the bigger ships have the best buffet, on all the cruises lines, that I've saved I've, sailed ok Norwegian cruise lines bigger ships have, the best buffet according to Theresa good, stuff. A Sherman, a Mercer is saying the rough water it, kept us from going to Grand Cayman on our Carnival, Cruise is. That port one we should go back to see yes, I agree I yes you should that's. Too bad you couldn't do it I know, they had rough, weather not too long ago and that's happened from time to time uh yeah, if you get the chance to go to came n maybe, this year it was a blessing you didn't go.

Because. This year came, an Grand. Cayman is overrun, with cruise ships because. Of the disaster. In Eastern, Caribbean from the Hurricanes, a. Lot, of ships changed their itineraries. And he included the Cayman Islands as one of their stops rather, than st. Martin or st., Thomas, or, or. Dominica. And. So, it on some of the days were. Where. A cruise ships are coming into Cayman, Islands they, had instead of three or four cruise ships today they had up to seven and that's, no good because there's. No port has no peer to go to you. Are loading. And off you're loading unloading passengers, and, reloading. Passengers, on tenders, the light boats and if. It's too rough they, can't they can't even drop you off you have to go to the south side of the island if they get permission to do it there and, logistically. Get all the cabs and all the buses to go there and pick him pick everybody, up and drop by Bernie off but. They prefer to do it right downtown Georgetown and, they. Like to use the attender, system. But. With seven ships in town they, were getting. 21,000, passengers a day, visiting. Cayman. Islands which has population, of 35,000. People I mean, you had 56,000. People on the island all day long it was a madhouse. Traffic. Was ridiculous. The, tender. Station, you know where you got when he came back to get back to your ship there, were seven, lineups that were, lined up for each of the companies and boats, tenders, you, got, help if you got in the wrong light you have to make sure you're in the right line and if. Your ship had 4,000, passengers. A. Tender. Can handle 150, 200 people you look at 20. Tenders. 20. Loads, of passengers, to fill that ship back up you tuck him to our weight just, get back on the ship what not fun not fun so I know, that st., Martin has come back st.. Thomas has come back. Dominica. Just received his first passengers, last week and. So they are coming back on and hopefully the lines will lower. The stress on Cayman, Islands and shift. Cruises, back to where they're supposed to go and next. Year or this, fall the Caymans will have four or five cruise ships three or four cruise ships a day not six. Or seven and we're. Back to only, fourteen, fifteen thousand, passengers a day instead of 21. The. Cayman Islanders, they love, making the money but oh it's crazy but it's a great great day you'll have a great time on the Cayman Islands they still live there it's, a it's a good time lots. To see and do. Let's. See what we got here Pamela Johnson is saying the OI psious of the Seas has, an awesome breakfast and lunch buffet, I don't know about the dinner buffet because we were in the main dining room every night, uh-oh, aces, of the Seas good to know yeah. I really enjoyed my my. Buffet at the hall, in America for breakfast, now.

You, Know it may have changed by now I was on the you stir damn if anyone's been on the you stir damn in the last two years so you can tell me whether I'm right or not anymore but, when I was on the easter day they. Had the regular you know the regular selections, for breakfast all the fruits and the cereals. And the the muesli and the oatmeal and then the eggs and so on but, they also had a waffle, station and they, had a they. Had someone cooking waffles, fresh on the spot just non-stop. And they had that little bucket, there that a little sort, of stainless steel with a towel on the bottom of it and they would put the freshly, made. Waffles in, line, there and you. Grab one of those waffles they were like a minute all two minutes all day didn't last long because the, the smell. Was. Just heavenly, and then beside the station, they had the, strawberry. Condiments. You know and then the I think that cherries, blueberries. Peaches. Whipping. Cream and real. Maple, syrup the real stuff Canadians, know the. Difference between corn syrup and maple. Syrup they had maple syrup there there are real stuff and heated. Heated, maple, syrup so I made him flow even faster oh that. Wasn't you had to get you had to have one of those everyday you just had to have one was everybody crazy not to and, lastly. Curious. To know who stirred em still does that have they taken that out but that was very popular back in for, me it was 2008, when I did that grew so fantastic. J. Sonic is saying so hon America's buffet is awesome huh that's great to know I looked at all the food choices on YouTube love my foods also and if, you say home America has, exquisite, food I love it, that's, awesome he's saying yeah, my dad would drive down the Plattsburgh, maybe and I'm hoping that we get a flight to Miami my dad is kind of paranoid, and he told me that Miami is a good deal of cars that's. Well. All cities have car thefts but the. Thing about driving. Into Miami or, Fort Lauderdale, depending on where your ship is is the party from is, you would you would find supervised, you know security parking, so. You. Might if, you're if, you're let. Me think about yeah your fly if you're driving and you have to worry about it obviously if you're flying, in then you need to stay you need to keep your car in flats bird or whatever Airport to leading from but I'm sure you'll find supervised, parking, if you, if you drive in the night before your flight you're staying in the hotel near the airport you, may find hotels, offering, a deal on their internet, sites like on say Expedia, or on their actual, hotel sites where they'll say you, spend one night with us we'll, give you a free airport parking and a free shuttle to and from the airport and keep your car here while you're away and so. I know they do that here in Spokane. At. The for the Spokane Airport the hotels, nearby they have a supervised. Security. Guards looking, after the parking lot my, mother used to do that she'd come and visit me in Palm Desert California leave, her car there for two weeks and she spend. One night on the way now just spend one night on the way back then, she would stop at Costco and pick up her stuff and bring it here to Crescent so that's, an idea sherry. Sherry. Sandlin is saying, JJ sonic all, America doesn't really do buffet, you, tell the staff behind the food exactly what you want they played it for you great food yeah, again, that's if that's new that's new sherry, okay he says thanks for the info thumbs. Up on that he's saying sherry. Saying Bruce how many cruises have you been on, I've. Been on I've. Been on ocean liner twice, in 1959. In 1962. I remember, the 62, voyage, and then, I've been on six. More I think since I've been on six cruises, how. America, Royal, Caribbean. Princess. And Norwegian. I have been, on so far and I'm, looking for more and so I'll. Let you know when I do work, Chevy, first hi everyone, still, counting down in my first cruise which sounds, better, 226. Days or thirty two weeks can't wait. Yeah. Right now I think you go on for 32 weeks. But. Yeah, I'll tell you have you first it's, the longest week there is when. You're dying to go and you can't wait to go all manic, crazy. The. Dylan's saying it flies by Chevy Elizabeth's. Saying we rent a car in Daytona, and then, drop it off at the airport, and. Then rent rent, on back to, drive home but for a port car canaveral, we, leave it at the Radisson, yeah there you go a great. Idea you know if you're within driving distance say. You're in the same state you rent a car to. The, port. City dump. The car off there, get. A shuttle or a cab right to the ship or the car rental agency might even drop you off at the ship with a if they're, worth their salt because, you've got a reservation for a car on the way back and you, rent the car on the way back they come and pick you up from the ship back to the car rental grab your card drive home drop your car off there.

You. Got a maid you have to worry about the weight of your bags. Don't worry, about you no liquids, in the bags like, you did at the airport I'm if you're a flyer you. Can't have a 75 pound suitcase. I you, know you the TSA, will go crazy on you so you got to be careful what's in there no but if you're driving to the board meeting. Pack your bags the way you want right from home and hand. Them to the sky cab, guy they're right at the pier and bring, your carry-on on board with, everything you need for your first day and you're set oh you got it me Jay. Sonic saying well you're lucky to go on that many cruises I don't know why my dad is waiting so long. My. Friend said to me Bruce I don't know why you're waiting you're, 57. Years old and you haven't been on a cruise what's, wrong with you and I. Just didn't have the time or, inclination. Didn't. Have the money. Whatever. The reason was the reason but but. Once, I started cruising I've. Been enjoying it ever since and I would like to do a whole bunch more and we. Got to do a meet and greet and I will let you know when I put one together for sure yeah. So those those are some thoughts there for any of you folks who are watching I've, never been here before or, just watching us live today if, you like you can sign in there and tell us where are you and what's your high temperature, gonna be today say. Hi to us you got any questions about cruising, let, us know any comments you want to make fire away I was telling you a minute ago how dark it was outside now you can see there's a shine on this side of my face it's brighter than, this side Sun's up we're, back with a little Sun but boy there's some serious cloud. Going on there I think some of that nonsense weather, I was telling you about it's just it's just over there the. Sun is it's, just over there and it's. A bit of a standoff and then right at this moment it's sunny we'll see how long it lasts. What, are we got here Betsy. Is saying from Hamilton she says I fly, it is less stress, not, wanting to drive two days or even ten hours yeah there you go I hear, you there Betsy Charles. Charles Jordan is saying shaving first I go by weeks now and not, day so we have 44 weeks before we're back on the Oasis I can't, come soon enough I'm sure for EHR else it'll, be a great movie, a great cruise kind, of looking forward to when, the symphony, of the Seas lands, and comes, into service we're going to see all kinds of press on that of course and we'll. See how the ship fares its first few weeks, Silvan, forces saying and nothing beats driving - to. The port cutting. Fort Lauderdale. He, says Fort Lauderdale is 40. Minutes from here Miami, is 60 minutes away and parking. Is free with, a handicap, placard. You. Know those handicap placards, can come in awfully, handy, sometimes.

Let's Say anything just to say I'm just saying you know but. Yeah that's 40. Minutes and 60 minutes I know that a lot. Of you folks out there are envious of that and why wouldn't we be I'm envious of that if, I were 40 minutes away from a terma, a port where, cruise ships are coming and going and I can get a killer deal on it on a cruise oh man. I'd be I'd be telling my travel agent you'd call me even, with a weeks notice if, something's available let me know you like get there in 40 minutes I need 10 minutes to pack and let's go right that, would be something. VJ. Drayton. Is here Pamela from Omaha, Nebraska. Currently. 26, degrees PJ. I think you're new I think you're newbie and welcome aboard welcome nice, to have you here Bella, Christine. I need to move to Florida, yes. That's. Right because the a lot of folks are saying I gotta go to Florida yeah and I think a lot of people they. One, of the reasons they do move. To Florida they admit it is that. Their cruisers they love to go on cruise ship vacations, they want the warm weather and they're. Thinking you know why. Don't we move to orlando or, a fort lauderdale area and, why. Don't we. You. Know we're close to some ports or forget. Aways but. We're also going to get the nice warm weather the year-round as well I mean we get what we really want out of life the. Warmer weather the palm trees, if, we're gonna be up by Daytona Beach maybe we're close to the ocean there, and. And, we can hit these hit, these ports no problem, by car and really, enjoy life I'll. Tell you I'll. Tell you one thing if you moved to Florida from, the northern US or a Canada B be. Ready for for, relatives, to come and visit yet, they're. Coming I lived. In the Cayman Islands a couple, years and boy did I have visitors, tons. Of relatives I hadn't seen in years. Relatives. I really didn't talk to at get-togethers, they. Wanted to talk to my wife and I real. Bad and they, would come down to see us let me tell you you'll, be popular ah, let's. See here. What, do we got here yeah, okay Charles are saying Betsy we, have a 10 hour drive to Port Canaveral cost to fly would be too. Much for a family of four so you got to drive it Jay Sonic's saying Sherri I guess it would be better for me since I do have a disease. Called ataxia. Some buffets my. Muscle spasms do act up while I fill my plate yes, if they fill it for you it's the way to go otherwise Jay, sonic hit, the dining room and let, him serve you breakfast. Lunch, and dinner, get. Spoiled. Rotten using. The linens, and nice, silverware, go. To the go to the dining and forget the buffet you're, gonna be just fine trust me. Mikayla. Smith is saying how many Seattle. Alaska. Cruises, have yet done what, lines did, you cruise I'm looking, to do that maybe in the next year or so. I haven't, done any Alaska, cruises and I'll tell you why and, this is just me. Telling. You my personal preferences, here. I live. In winter, I. Got. Mountains right over here. There's glaciers, just just between here in Calgary. There's, beautiful mountain lakes here. It's. Just not it's just not getting me the, Alaska, thing is just not, it's. Just not hitting me, my, idea of a. Cruise get away that that, I prefer, is down the Mexican Riviera or the. Caribbean, or the. Mediterranean. That's, where I'd go and that's, hyah I'd be more eager, and, willing to. Take a northern, European cruise. At the Norwegian. Fjords I'd. Be willing to do that because I know that. Either. At the beginning of the cruise or the end of the cruise I'm, either in Amsterdam, I'm, in Southampton, in the UK I'm. In Hamburg, Germany Kiel, I'm, in Europe and, I'd. Rather have that and, and for me the Alaska is just not as high now, I'll tell you when I was in the and Islands I would, meet the, Islanders, you, know people that I got to know down there and they, find out you know where I came from with my wife em and they, said oh we've.

Been Dreaming, of doing an Alaska, cruise and I'm. Going I can see why I know I know why you came an Islanders want to do an Alaskan cruise you've, never seen snow, you've never seen a glacier, you've never seen an inlet like that you've you've you've seen pictures of killer whales and and and this but you've never seen it in real life I get, it I talked. To them about how beautiful their Island is and they go yeah it's okay. They're. There all the time no, big deal so yeah, I can see where Alaska, is you, know it's appealing but, for me not, not, the big deal. Timothy. And, Negron, sing hey Bruce checking in from South Florida, Fort Lauderdale another Floridian, welcome, Timothy, LA, I live five minutes from, the port and 25. Minutes from the Port of Miami and it's currently 79, degrees we, hate, you. That's. Fantastic Timothy, you got it made uh you, know that's, that's awesome and I hope you are taking I hope you take cruises I really hope you take advantage of that that, is awesome stuff man that's fantastic welcome. To the channel. Sherman, Mercer saying we drive about 45 minutes to Galveston Texas, the, next Cruise in two weeks we, will park in a parking garage with, security, yep there you go and Galveston. Has got ships, coming and going you bet you Sherman way to go buddy that's the way to do it, Susan, is here Susan McLean taking. Amtrak, from Tampa, to Miami day, before a repositioning, cruise, we're, gonna stay at the La Quinta, with. A free breakfast and complimentary, ride to the ship way to. Go. Fantastic. Susan that's exactly, how you want to do it get there the day before you, can pick up anything you need last-minute there, and, the. Next morning you had yet for the ship they're gonna take you there you, got it made you're, on a repositioning, cruise you, got a good deal and you'll, have a great cruise that's fantastic, Charles Jordan saying I agree Christine it would be nice. And. He's agreeing, to Christine's, comment, about. Need. To move to Florida, yeah that's right. Scott. Batchly is saying I've been to Alaska four. Times already and my fifth in September, on. The new bliss and Norwegian, Cruise Line the nude worship less had to wait a, heart, to wait and Alaska is wonderful you know what Scott you're right I mean there are folks who love the Alaska, cruise absolutely. Love, it and want it more, and more and I say way to go, but. In my lifetime. For. Me I've seen so much winter. Here in BC. As. A Canadian I'm just dying to get away from it just dying, to get away from it but hey, you. Know what's wrong with this screws it's fantastic, you're gonna have a great time the Bliss I want, a report how, is that ship gonna be for you I'm quite curious about that Sheree Sandlin. Is saying, Mikayla. Smith princess Carnival Hall and America loved them all so you sailed, them all, Christine. My hubby wants to go on a northern, cruise no. Way I agree with you Bruce. Tell. Them we'll, go to northern cruise yeah sure no problem, it starts, in Southampton, in the United Kingdom right, there south of London and. We'll go up to Norway, and Sweden we'll do that thing and then, we get back to South Devon and then we're heading across the channel over to France, and Germany and well we'll, do a little European tour now there's a there's a cruise you can do a second one head down to Rome do a one-week Mediterranean.

Cruise Get two cruises in one now. You're talking, there's, an idea. Richard. Garbowsky, is saying princess, has hidden, specialty. Dinners, that you can reserve when. You board the wine makers dinner with unlimited wine for 40 bucks this, is a good, suggestion Richard and this is something that, all. Of us as as cruisers, new. Or veteran, we. Have to understand, this this. These, little things these little you know opportunities. Like this and. You either find this information out in the newsletter you get or what you do is you talk to the cruise director seek. Out the. Cruise director for. The ship and find, out what they're what's what's going on because there might be something happening on this one cruise that you're on the actual, cruise that, you're on they may have a. A sponsored. Wine tasting. By bla-bla-bla, company, and they'

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Bruce, Sad missed live podcast today but wanted to chime in...I love freestyle cruising. I have no clue what time I am going to want to eat dinner in 3 weeks. Love easy choice to do buffet at last moment or fancy steak house or Italian. Its My Favorite!!

You can't go wrong with freestyle except if your heart is set on just one restaurant or the dining room and your there between 630 or 730 prime time, but so what I say if you have to wait 10 or 15 mins... it's Ok with me I'm holidays...

Hubby is from sault sante Marie ,mi he is confused with being from Canada still and after moving from Michigan in 1983 , our next move is to Florida this year we can drive to the port then

2-18-18 ,50 temp here in central Missouri, just had flakes of snow fall yesterday about an inch

Oh my my! Snow! Well we got 10 in in the last 24 hours and our power went out for 6 hours. But it's back on the house is toasty again. Such fun.... I need a cruise..... Bruce

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