Cruise Ship Vacation for Adults Only Would You Pay More To Go On A Cruise Without Kids?

Cruise Ship Vacation for Adults Only Would You Pay More To Go On A Cruise Without Kids?

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We're, starting again we're on a, okay, we're on life how's it going everybody its, Bruce here with traveling, with Bruce welcome to, my. Wednesday. Show, hump day, February. The 21st, 2018. Welcome. To do my daily Chad my life straight ahead it's great fantastic, I've already got a few folks signing in and saying hi. If, this is your every, if this is your first time you've ever been here, you. Know say hi to me if, you want just. Type in your you're, where you located what's your high temperature going to be today I've. Got a few folks over signed in before I even started. And. Some people are giving me thumbs ups love it fantastic. I. Appreciate. That very much I'm in Creston British Columbia here in Canada if you're just joining me for the first time you've never been here before are you wondering what is this all about why. Do I see Twitter things about this show or, how are you did a search, for cruising. And yep somehow came across my channel and here you are welcome, I'm Bruce with traveling with Bruce I'm located in Creston, BC in Canada I'm three miles north of the US border, Idaho. Is just out here and it, is a beautiful, sunny day here in Creston, today the. Sun's angle is so high that even, though we're only a 20 degrees Fahrenheit, we're, melting, on the streets, and the sidewalks not. Fast, but we're, melting so, wherever the sun is shining snow hasn't got a chance on the, yards, though in the front yards the lawn says it's you know we've, got a foot of snow but, slowly, but surely we are melting apparently, tomorrow we're gonna reach almost 32, degrees so the melt fest is on Richard. Coram a ski in. Philly. Tells, me it's 80 80. In Philadelphia. This is February, 21st. It's 80 degrees, in Philadelphia. There's no global warming, that's. Just the fallacy there's no such thing as warmer. Temperatures, than usual that's all just made up 80. In Philadelphia, oh my god they're not playing baseball but they want to be I'll tell you that I think the golfers, are itching to get out now. Unbelievable. That's just. Incredible. What. Else want to tell you oh my channel traveling. With Bruce it's. A travel it's a tradition. And all talking, about, traveling. And I, love talking about cruise ships going on cruise ship vacations, finding, deals talking. With my viewers every day about you. Know what's going on out there. Specials, that are going on Cruise Lines doing promotions, or this or that news, about a certain cruise ship different. Information. That what you can bring on a cruise what you can't packing, tips we share it all this is an open Q&A type format you can ask me anything you want about going on a cruise or traveling if I can't answer the question on the spot one, of these folks who are typing in right now probably.

Can And so we'll just share our, thoughts and have a chat hopefully, you'll enjoy it it's the fastest hour on the internet they say. Sometimes. They go longer than an hour each I do go longer than hour but oh the other day I want to very long and, speaking, of the other day okay you regulars, know this and I'm not gonna bore you too much if I can, own all avoid it but for the you newbies, and I'm getting newbies all the time first. Of all I went off the air yesterday afternoon, and I had. 1048. Subscribers, because we hit a thousand subscribers, two, days ago big. Event. We did that live, on the air right here on this chat, it, took me two hours 20 minutes to finally shut it down but we had that's and subscribers. While I was talking to you because you guys wouldn't let me get off the air without doing it first which I appreciate it and, I've added 48, more for yesterday now I'm at a thousand. Seventy 325. More and is. This wonderful, the the at. This rate we're adding 750. 800. Subscribers a, month at, this pace that's that's how it's going so by, the end of March it'll, easily be two thousand subscribers because this is just growing, exponentially, it is fantastic, I am so pre-shift so, happy and grateful and I welcome you all, subscribe. All of you as subscribers and of course my regular viewers who just watched from time to time welcome, you of course every, time any time and love, getting your comments love getting the thumbs ups don't, like the thumbs downs but if you got to give me when you got to give me one it's okay, and. The. Channel is growing and it's fantastic now speaking what the channel I have to say some point YouTube because, last night sitting. Here having. Done this livestream, and everything and I posted my video had my dinner watching, a little bit of the, Olympic, on TV and I'll keep an eye on my channel and a flash announcement. Shows up on my on, my channel. Bruce. You've been demonetised, I'm going demonetised what do you mean I've been demonetised, I have eleven thousand hours of view time I only need four thousand I have, a thousand, fifty, subscribers at, that point I only needed a thousand, I'm demonetised, and I'm gonna want that what does that mean so I go, to my analytics, page and I dig into what's going on find, out the status of my channel, and sure. Enough I've been d monetized and it says. Congratulations. On going congratulations. What what's to celebrate. Well. Congratulations, you, reached the. Minimum requirement, of four thousand hours you've, reached a thousand. Subscribers, you're, now in review, I'm going great. That's. That's, a good thing so, I'm doing a little more digging and I've kind of figured out what's happening, here, as. Best as I can figure it anyway apparently, when. YouTube, announced back in January. Once the 17th, of January that. They're, changing the rules for monetization. They. Kind. Of said it but didn't say it clearly enough obviously I didn't get the message and many others didn't get it but the message was something, along the lines of if you have four thousand hours right now in.

January, 17 and you. Have a thousand, subscribers right. Now you're. Monetized, and you'll, be fine as long as you're adhering to all the policies, and standards. Of, YouTube, that allow us to advertise on your channel all that gobbledygook, ok great, but. Apparently if you weren't at. That level you had 30 days to. Get to that level and you, would then automatically. Be. Reviewed. In other words if you were monetized, back. In January, the 17th which I was you. Would stay monetized, until, Feb, 20. But. If you were to reach the level the new level, of watch, time and in, subscriber, account you, would then be kind. Of conditionally. In the door you kind of like way, to go and you're. Already being reviewed for monetization, we're just double checking what you're doing what, you have you've been doing it. And to make sure that you're adhering to our policies, and it, and and also be well so they're, giving me a sort, of an indication, that it might only be a week or so, we. Hope and so. It'll only cost me you know a couple hundred dollars because right now the channel is starting to generate some advertising revenue of course that's. When you got it off ah. So. Anyway. So I'm down to one form of income now superjet. Which. You saw yesterday those that you were here yesterday I now, have a super, chat feature on this, channel I call it a tip jar that's that's what I call it really if you'd call it a tip jar there's, a dollar sign on your. Chat. Thing where you can enter a little message to me if you, hit that you're, able to actually send, me money. You. Want to send me money I'd love, it if you sent me money but, you don't have to it's not you're not obligated, well what I'll take any super chance I can get let me tell you because that's now my only form of income going. Forward, until they remonda, ties me and then I'll have both again but, anyway, I figure down the road the tip jar will take care of itself and some folks will from time to time throw, me a couple of bucks and say go get a Starbucks, coffee or or, buy uh well you know buy a pound of butter and here. You go and I, appreciate, it thank you very much so anyway that's it that's what I wanted to say today about the the YouTube thing that. I and AGGA billion, other channels, have been demonetized, as of last night only. Channels, who were unaffected, were those who back in January, already had you. Know a thousand, plus subscribers, and thousands, and thousands of watch our and they're. Always being reviewed anyway I mean if you've got 5,000, subscribers and a million hours but you start putting out lousy. Content, like offensive content you're going to get knocked off they're gonna not, only D monetize, you know kick you off a YouTube, completely, so. You. Know there's standards, to be adhere to and we, try to do that here so I know, that my channel is a PG channel as far as I'm concerned, and I'm welcome into your homes and, I appreciate that greatly and I, know that some of you folks watch me while you're preparing dinner in the kitchen you're just listening to my my. Voice coming over the TV out of the living room or what have you and I. Think it's great so with, all that aside. Let's say. Hi to the, folks that are finding in because my my. Chat here has been going bonkers, since. I started and I better catch up so Richard coram, ASCII and Billy he's telling it's 80 degrees he's, killing me it's, summer out here he's saying way to go buddy gale es is here good evening, all Gailey. Is saying 4 degrees celsius and getting colder I have to say Bruce, after. That Carnival, Cruise if I had the money I would pay, more I was really put off I will. I. Will through as you, say next time do some I'll do some more homework she says who somebody gave me a super jet Oh oh, my, god who.

Did That somebody, sent me five dollars oh my, god, that's a lot eight thank, you for. My soy, latte, at Starbucks oh my, gosh I can't that is wonderful. What. Am I got here I gotta get back to my messages. Kailia. Sings next time she's gonna do some more homework, well Galya you would have never have known there was gonna be a fistfight on a Southern. Pacific. 10-day. Cruise out of Melbourne Australia, I mean who who. Thinks, that there's. A chance that there's gonna be a fistfight, between 23, family members and a whole bunch of cruisers on. A tenday Southern Pacific, cruise I mean it just it, just doesn't doesn't. Add up you know so, yeah that was such a shock to all of us and the fallout is still coming I'm hearing more tidbits. But I won't bother with us today I'm gonna wait a few more days and wait for more info. To come out and when I have some more detailed, stuff of what I'll mention it again but, it's out there that story is out there Pamela, Jordan. Is saying hi Bruce 75, here today, welcome, Pamela nice of you back, Excel. Excel. Owes boo. Excel. A spoon I don't know how to pronounce that so I kind of go the. Ex person is here, the. Next good, morning, Bruce Tokyo. Oh you're in Japan, this is awesome, good morning Bruce Tokyo, currently cloudy at 2 degrees Celsius with a high of 4 and snow, tonight welcome, from Tokyo, this is fabulous. You were here yesterday you didn't tell me where you were from this is great welcome. Welcome this is fantastic, and. An EP hello, from Honolulu, it's sunny in about 75, today and most, days Ana EP, welcome, from Honolulu, you're new and welcome. To the channel this is great that's awesome stuff George, what hour is here buddy, 85. And fair, whatever, Fair is in the villages lots, of Sun actually welcome, back George that's awesome, Christine, is here Hey Bruce Congrats, on your 1000, subs, a, 36, fahrenheit in Coleman, Michigan. It's flooding, here yeah, you're flooding there's, flooding in Brantford Ontario. Terrible. Flooding rain, expected oh the. Heat or, too much heat too soon, let's. See here, Mary do be eyes here high 66, here in New Hampshire hi Mary welcome back Jay sonic from Montreal, Hey Bruce at this time tomorrow I'm on an airplane going to Cuba yes you're, going on that one we call inclusive I hope you have a really good time Charles, Jordan hi Bruce from sunny IVA South Carolina, Debbie and Manuel says hi Bruce beautiful. Day in Northern California but still, only a high of 50 today need. To get used to it for, Alaska, cruise this summer I guess. Take. A hoodie take, a windbreaker maybe. Some gloves yeah. I don't you need your muscle you know a to, go light too you know for the wind you, know because 50, mile at 50 degrees with a bit of wind it feels cool yeah, you'll. Have a good time though Debbie welcome back, George is asking, or saying to avoid. Cruising. Kids, select. Finer cruise lines all of this the topic of the day folks longer. And non Caribbean, itineraries, non school holiday, dates and enjoy.

An Overall Moines Orange more enjoyable cruise without merely, paying a no-kids, premium, good, points, George we're, gonna hit that topic, very shortly, here would. You pay more to avoid a children's, cruise or would you pay more for an adult only cruise J, sonics telling you in Montreal it's 43, feels like 36, bit, overcast Silva and Forrest is here still then how you doing hi Bruce he says 5:00, p.m. libation. And cigar, in sunny. Delray, Beach Florida, would you like to go hang out with this guy we just like to hang out with this guy he's. In Delray, Beach Florida, slight, breeze and very enjoyable we reached, 82, degrees today it's. Delightful, well, yeah, let's. Say so it's, fantastic, so it welcome, back you, is killing me dialects. Richard. Is saying in Philly one way to sail with few children Cruise, is greater than seven days and don't, go during all the absoulutely. There's ways to avoid, these these. Nightmares. Uh George. Makar doesn't YouTube skim of 30% off super, chat payments, as Google's, Commission a and they do they, collect, the money they run the operation, they convert, it they Bank it and then they send it and that's the price I have to pay and I say it's okay it's it's ok it doesn't Bob I mean Debbie, Emanuel, darlin, sent, me five dollars wonderful. Thank, you so much Jason sonic I mean a fist. Fight oh my god that's simply ridiculous it was Scott, actually hi Bruce nice day in Ventura California is usual 60 and sunny a little better than yesterday, welcome, back. H. Swan hi Bruce 67, degrees in Greensboro, North Carolina feels, good that's got to feel good yeah. Being, in Greensboro Carolina, North Carolina gotta feel good anyway, but yeah 67, that's fantastic. Skyhawk, 1987. Turbo one of my favorite handles of all time 77. Degrees here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fantastic. Welcome back the reed chapman +12 here in Nova Scotia it's, the tropics you saying it's the tropics get. Your sunscreen on get your golf clubs dusted off we're going golfing Bill, Schuette is saying greetings from Dallas, Georgia. Dist. Distinct. Suburb. Of Atlanta 77. Degrees one of the most beautiful, cities I've, ever visited in Atlanta more. Trees more park, space, wonderful. Place but boy when Atlanta, gets snow all hell. Breaks loose. We. Love watching those scar in those cars get, along the expressway, cuz they don't know how to drive in it it's unbelievable, welcome. Back bill, it's good to have you Christine, let us know how Cuba was Jay sonic interested, to hear Jason. Ik you got homework to do Lisa, Girton, is here, hi from Warwick, Rhode Island I'm going, on my very first cruise. Next month me, and my family were going on. Tge. Oasis, oh the, the Oasis. To the Western Caribbean any advice, for us first-timers, what. We wanna tell her what. Do we want to tell her about she's going on the Oasis. It's. Gonna be great waste of the season that's. Gonna be a fantastic time, first. Time Cruiser your, honor one week cruise I'm assuming, I figure. Let's. See you. Probably don't need to buy the drink package don't this is not a marathon it's not a race if you're going with family that you don't want to be drunk anyway. Take. With you a couple of bottles of wine in your luggage for, your, room but, don't walk around with it on the deck it's for your room, if. You have any drinks like if you like soda you like energy. Drinks or somewhere by I'm at Walmart, or whatever before, you get, there if, you can arrive at your port city the day before the cruise that's a good idea it's, the best idea and then you can pick up the provisions you need but. Buy a couple of cases of Cola or whatever, drinks you want to have and, pop them in there into, your luggage and you, can bring it on board then you have to pay 250 or 280 a drink for. A soft drink but you know for as long as those drinks last for. The kids they're. Gonna want drinks. The, the. Regular. Beverages are free, so milk. At breakfast, time lunch, should be included, in your fare. If. I'm missing anything people, you let me know, for. You know if they have any specialty, the special, drinks you like to have for them then, you may want to bring them on board as well don't. Forget your sunscreen, don't, forget hats everybody, better have head where you're, gonna be in the Caribbean you're gonna be in the, high Sun and the, high temperatures, and you want to keep keep. The Sun off of the off of that so sunscreen, and hats watch. Yourself, in the Sun those. Are some quick tips for you some, which I'm sure you are already let's. See what's going on here, coming. Back to my messages.

Here Oops, double check here okay, Christine. Lisa, okay you did have a great time and I want to hear how it went when you come back tell us how that that Cruise was we'd love to hear it Stephanie. Simon's. 81. Degrees in Jacksonville, Florida I've, got a question for you, later in the show Stephanie, hoping and sticking around if. I forget your name it'll be the person in Jacksonville, okay forgive me if I forget. Here. Lincoln Road number three greeting six degrees Celsius London. Well, are you London Ontario you. Got to be London till you can't be London England or you could be the East from the Beast is it that bad let, us know where you're from Lincoln, Road 3 I think. Your UK, Jay, sonic Bruce I have to say that I'm sorry about my excitement about going on an airplane go to Cuba I love. Airplanes. We. Love - I love talking about airplanes I really do but I bet you you're on a charter flight I or, you're here Canada I'm not sure but usually you know what you're on are you want to try your, transit didn't you say you're on the air transat. That'll. Probably be a 767, or, something like that Jay sonic saying. And Christina I will let you know and Bruce wants, to know, about the food Richard, Ivers Haber's, eight degrees, Celsius. And sunny here in Dublin. Welcome. To the channel, Richard. That's fantastic, Richard Ivers welcome, I just, got a super, chat from, Gailey, five British. Pants thank you very much, that, is wonderful, now I can buy a Starbucks coffee in Britain, about. That that, is awesome, thank you guys my tip jar is working, the. Rain chapman do not sweat the small stuff on your cruise enjoy, it that's advice, for you going, on that cruise on the Oasis. Yeah. Jay sonic it's its land food versus cruise food that's right you're gonna tell us Scudder. What Hey Bruce three. Below fahrenheit, in Havre, Montana oh man you're not catching a break at all are you it's unbelievably Philly 80 degrees, in Philadelphia. What the heck is that you're, in matter what you're up in Montana I know it it's a it's why I don't from Prairie baby there's, no, trees there's no mercy it's, winter, but in the summer it gets hot I mean it just goes the other direction they'd have a unbelievable.

Big Sky Country out there though isn't it yeah you got you got great, views up there too let's. See here a Pamela, Jordan saying Lisa. Please make reservations, for the shows now, if you haven't already that's right that's a good point you're on a big ship five, thousand passengers you're. Gonna need to make reservations at. The back of the ship for those pool swimming, pool diving, shows, if, you want to catch one or two of those you may want to make some reservations for that also you're going to want to make reservations for the shows on in the big show the big show theater. As well, 500 people can't go at a time and with kids you're gonna want the early shows rather than the late show so, you may want to look at booking, net now it could do that online on your. Website. With your confirmation number when you check in for your cruise updates and status that's. Where you can do that maybe you've done it already but, good. Tip there thank you very much. Let's. See thanks Pamela for that one that was great. Gail e5 legacy 5 pounds there it is fantastic, you so much, got Derwin Jay, sonic you should come and visit laugh out loud who. Is it Scott where. Okay. Here's the question of the day would you pay a premium. To. Take a cruise, without, kids. Like, 18, and older something, like that and I was wondering about this I know. That certain, cruise lines already, have and no children policy, because the, ships are just not designed for a, bunch, of toddlers it's. Not designed, for a bunch of eight to twelve year olds with water slides, it's these aren't like you know mega Omega cruise, ships and the, cruise operators, have decided to just concentrate, on the the. Older, set, generally, speaking the retirees. And. Those without kids you know the empty nesters now, and, I'm, wondering would you pay extra for to get on a cruise like that and then the second, part of the question I have, mentioned already was what, if what. If for, example. One. Of the cruise lines one of the biggies like, Norwegian or or. Haul. In America, or. Princess. Celerity. What if they came out and said. One. Cruise, every, month. Like one one cruise a month stay in the Caribbean is adult. Only so, for three of the cruises it's you know families, you name it but, for that fourth cruise and they'll you know they'll they'll, show the dates and they'll show the restrictions, but for that cruise only it's adults, only and, no one under 18 allowed, I wonder. Minoo. Would would, they be able to charge more for that and would you pay it that's the that's the question I'm wondering about I. Know. On the Viking cruise line the ocean cruise line from Viking. They. Only started offering cruises. On the Viking line ocean. Line because of the river cruises, they've been operating for years for. What 15 20 years now and they, got 67. Or 69, river cruise ships between China and Europe now, in operation and generally. Speaking those cruises are adult, really. Adult oriented cruises, only, they're just not set. Up for children there's, nothing there's no play area for kids at all on these, on these cruises and really. The big thing about river, cruising, is you, land at you. Know whatever town, or village or city you're at today and you're, going on a, tour. A guided tour which is included, in your bear. Your crisp air on the, Viking ocean liner they. They replicated, the river cruise that was the theory. Behind, Viking, going into the ocean business the ocean liner, business, why, don't we you. Know offer our. Adult, clients who. Have this disposable, money. An. All-inclusive. Ocean. Deal no. Children, 18 and older I believe is the deal and we'll, do these short excursions, and we'll make the, cruise more about shore, excursions. And exploring. Ports. Of call rather. Than a, party. Time on the ship rather, than you know doing the, water slides all day long and rough, rock, climbing, and what have you we'll, just do these. Casual. Laid-back. Quieter. Adults. Only type. Cruises, where, you. Know those of that age will, really, appreciate the quiet. In. The evenings, there's no casino to go to so forget, that there's. A show but it'll be over by 9:00 and. The. Ship holds 930, passengers, that's, it but it's all-inclusive and I'm. Hearing nothing but rave reviews, Viking. Passengers. Love. The Viking, cruise ships and I keep, an eye on the prices on vacations. To go calm, as your regulars know I can't, find a deal on a biking cruise can you find a deal on a Viking cruise I can't, for 200, a night and up at least. Per. And that's, significantly. Less than if you're on a Seabourn, cruise, or a crystal. Cruz. Or. A Regency. Of the Seas those. Are three four five hundred, a passenger, per night. For. That kind of you, know six start you, know luxury, you go on something like a point on cruise. Line P o n, point. On pond5. Come friends that's a mega yacht a yacht on steroids, with a hundred and ten passengers, or so you're.

Talking Six, seven, eight hundred, a night on that. One unless you can get a real, deal there's. No kids there either and so these, are premium cruises, as they are I'm, kind, of wondering though if if. A crystal or, sorcery of celebrity came out of Hall in America and, said. This. For, the whole year the oyster dam is a doll only the, whole year ooh stirred an adult only and it's, a twenty percent surcharge. That, we've normally you know over what we would normally charge so, if you're used to paying, $100. A night for a balcony room or something like that now it's 120, a night would, you pay it and would. You squawk about it that's kind of what I'm wondering about so, let me go to the comments because they've been coming in and coming, in and coming in, let's. See here. Okay. We've, got Skyhawk, saying as far as kids on a cruise if the parents keep them in check then okay I've. Heard stories of kids. Running around and then the buffets touching the food folks, I've seen it I have not only heard it I've seen the. Nightmare, I've, seen, the temper, tantrum, I've seen the ad I'll just sit there and not. Answer, the child the child is going mad ah-meh-mah. Not. Ignoring. The kid because the kid that's what the kid does all the time and the adult, is brain dead from the nonstop, if they would pay the attention the child wanted, the child would be quiet but they don't get it I've, seen net, like there and it's, awful it's just awful and it can really make. For a lousy. Lunch, in the buffet, so. You know between dinner and dessert you kind. Of get up and go to the search bar and you find, a table at the other end of a to finish your your, meal not fun and if you're a dinnertime god. Help you if you're in at the main dining room and you get seated, by the maitre. D over here and then, right over there is that those, two kids going, at it ah. You. Know and it's it's it, can be a nightmare um. What. Are your thoughts, pamela. Jordan cats is the broadway show on oasis right now she's saying if you, want to see it you'll need reservations good. Point there for the Oasis Debbie Manuel I would definitely pay extra for the option she would pay, Jay sonic Bruce yes it is air transit, 737-800. Model which makes me wonder about the in-flight entertainment touchscreens. Uh yeah. You might, get some in-flight stuff. But you might have to pay for it bring. Your own bring, your own tablet if you can watch. That you know bring your own games or something and bring it on headphones your. Quality, headphones bring them keeping, you carry on a sonic. Stephanie, Simmons, is saying I'd pay more for no kids it would be a special, occasion cruise, though definitely, not every cruise but I have kids and need to bring them sometimes, laugh out loud yeah absolutely yeah, I mean you got children. What. Cruise would you go on well gee there's Disney if you can afford Disney, I mean it's a home run every time you, could do Royal Caribbean of course like like the gal here is going on the Oasis you take kids on an oasis cruise oh man, are you gonna have a good time. Norwegian. The larger ships in Norwegian has of. Course carnival, lines for, kids lots of things to do for the kids so yes there's, definitely kids. You know times for the kids there will never, be a shortage of, cruises for the children. Let's. See her sherry sherry, is saying sherry. Sherry. In 1965. At I would, love that and, would pay more for just that Thank You sherry thank you for coming and I think your new it's your first time here thanks, for joining us tell us where are you from and what's your high temperature, today we'd, like to know sherry. Got. Our common in Bill Schuette for the first timers try, to stay away from, what a friend, refers to as, cruise. Snobs, people, who, act like they buy a cruise, to earn the right to critique. And complain about everything. Everything. Bill. Good point uh you, know I kind.

Of I kind of hear you but I also, understand that if you're paying you. Know well let you know I'm assuming here in this kind of example we're talking about people are paying premium, money on a premium Cruise Line, but. Okay, I will also say that you can, pay a premium price to. Go on a cruise line like Norwegian for, say the epic and you. Can book a room in the Haven Club. Which is the private club upstairs of higher, level, Suites, and, chances. Are you're not gonna have kids up there it's not affected I think kids are not allowed I think it's a 16, and older category. If I got my, somebody. Can help me on that I think I got that right so, you're, paying a premium anyway now if. Your, pre if you're in an owner's suite up there and you're paying a thousand, a night for each person, then there's four of you in there it's a four thousand, a night room, and then. You're walking around the ship criticizing. Everything I don't, know why you went on the ship in the first place if you can afford to spend that kind of money on that. Kind of a room why don't you just go to the Viking, Cruise Line where, you're guaranteed not to have children and you're, guaranteed to have an all-inclusive cruise take, the owner's suite they're probably the same price or go. To see Mort and drop. The kind that kind of money on Seabourn you'll have a lovely a, cabin, perhaps the four of you will share will have a cabin for each of you, ah and, then you can poopoo the ship all you want but do you have a tough time cuckooing it cuz it's kind of nice but. Yeah you make a good point you, know I find, it interesting that some people have they feel they have the right to. Now be you. Know the, big food critic and the big hospitality. Critic and all that when they go on an average cruise line and expect. To be treated royally when. You're on a four-star Cruise surrounded, by mayhem, I. Don't get it now we, all have our expectations. I get that I agree with that and, we, all have I think kind of been talking lately about how, standards. Have been dropping on cruise ships over, the last decade. Or two. Food. Used to be five-star. In the main dining room included. In your fare not, the case anymore it's now more like four stars four and a half stars, all. In America's and exceptions so far a very, good food in all America celebrity.

Is An exception so far the reviews are fantastic for. Food on on. Celebrity but, in. Other cases you have to go to specialty restaurants, just to get the kind of food or the kind of food presentation and, quality you used to get as, a regular, paying passenger, on a cruise ship that's just how it's evolved, any, thoughts. Silvan. For step four of four saying I have never experienced, kid problems on any, of my 28 cruises so I wouldn't pay for a kid-free cruise right on silhouette I I will. Admit. That overall. I've been lucky to but there have been the odd moment, or two where I've seen kind of its incidence. But I will say this, I've. Had far more. Instances. Of children. Behaving, wonderfully. On a cruise, because they. Were had they had a chat before they got there with mom and dad, and. Mom, and dad sort of laid it out for him and said this is a real special. Special. Holiday we're going on and we're. You. Know we're going to be enjoying. Something that we rarely, may, never able to enjoy, again I mean this is one of those this could be our once an only lifetime cruise for all of us, especially. You can bring him on a ship like the harmony of the Seas with all those amenities and events I think, the kids have just been wowed and. Usually. Kids that are you, know engaged. And amazed. They're. Pretty well-behaved kids because they haven't got time to act like terrorists. There they're acting, like oh wow. This is phenomenal, I can't believe you brought me here and it's an a real experience, and that's why with the Disney cruises I think the folks who are handling the kids on the, Disney lines are experts, and handling kids and they got they've seen them all they've had them all and in, order to handle all these personalities, so I guess, it all depends so yeah generally I would say kids are generally not a problem, but then. Again sometimes. It, can be let's. See here so assess Swan is saying what is your take on a. Training. Cruise. I heard. That ecstasy, is Scott. One out of Charleston South Carolina going. At the end of April, what you take on a training. Crews, tell. Us what a training, cruise, is is it, being, a better, communicator. Of being a public speaker are you talking about courses are you talking about exercises. It like is it like a the, a drill sergeant for the, crews to get you into shape what what's, this all about I'm curious, what your what your take is on that. Chase, sonic is saying share your names too long. Sky, Hawk s1. Is that a carnival, ship in Weston oh and Christine is asking. Her saying I'm going on celebrity, in November, smaller ship 2,000. Passengers school. Time no. Slides no, rock-climbing, wall etc, thinking. Few kids you're thinking right yeah you're thinking exactly right parents, you, know parents know if, they've got an an 8 year old and a 12 year old you. Know what they gotta do they got they got to get on a cruise ship that's gonna tire these kids out they, got to figure out what's on board that these kids are gonna do all day long so that when it's dinnertime and after dinner times or they're gonna knock themselves out and go right to sleep mom. And dad you know they're plotting they're. Plotting the demise of the kids awake, time every. Second of that growth so, yeah you're not you're not gonna be overrun with with children on that kind of cruise for sure I seriously. Doubt it. To. Recap and stay away from the ships with. All the water slides and things we. Have sailed on celebrity for seven days in March only, 100, kids on the ship now, some of you folks out there we're going 100, kids oh that's, a ton yeah. It sounds like a ton but on a big vessel 100, kids just melt into the, image. Of the ship and the ER they run into it and of course they have the Kids Zone and that's, where they hang out and you just don't hang out there you'll be fine so good good, good, answer there. Jay, sonic saying I have my laptop that I'm gonna be bringing with me, spice, might be a bit tight I don't know if there are plug somebody plugs on the on the plane yeah yeah they'll be plugs you'll. Be in the economy section you should be okay sherry, is saying from, Connecticut, the high is 65, they thank, you sherry sherry, Wayne sherry Ann with the long name that's fine with me fantastic. 65 Connecticut, the. Middle of winter unbelievable. Great weather shirt. Chaser. You're. Killing me Jason you kill me betsy, layne plus three in hamilton hey Betsy how you doing plus, three is an improvement it's gotta be a slush vest for you now with all that melted going on Scott batchly, says sad to say I have, seen the kids in the main dining room at a table for, 12, by. Themselves. Cussing. A ruckus and the, parents, sat at the other end leaving the staff to try to maintain it yeah this, is this is what drives me nuts when I see, that.

He. Said he goes on to say Scott goes on say had to get a different table it was, a ridiculous. Situation it is a ridiculous, situation it's, the fault of the parents I don't fault the kids necessarily, I thought the parents get. Your act together and. Straighten. Them out be. Parents be grownups. Train. Them I mean, that's, your job educate. Them bring, them into the you know bring them into our world and, when, they have kids they don't know what to do they'll remember what you told you. To do oh my god sounds, simple doesn't it crystal. Johnson the hello mr., Bruce 78, cloudy here in Burlington North Carolina today I love, your YouTube channel and topics thanks crystal so much love, to have you back and you. Have any questions about cruising let us know s Wan yes ecstasy, is carnival, Sherea. Sherea and is saying Jason I'm trying to to, make my neighbor. A. Sonic, is saying mom and dad to the kids don't mess this up for us. West, Morrison his ear saying would rather cruise with kids that take a booze cruise there, you go yeah I would. But sometimes, it's both sometimes. You got the kids mom. And dad took a booze cruise because. They can only afford so much for the cruise and maybe the kids were free maybe not I don't know and, it's. A booze cruise and what, are you doing with taking, your kids on the booze cruise are you nuts but yeah you are you're nuts are you crazy and you're, you're gonna get hammered and your. Kids are gonna see you you, know just, acting, in a silly way i what. Can I say, I, don't know. There's. That's the way the world goes. Lisa. Girton, is here saying I've been getting, mixed about what is free and what. Are paid, places. With food and drinks yes. Yes. Lisa, it is, evolving. All the time the cruise business is evolving away, from what it was once, was. Which. Would have been at one time I would say 95%, 98%. All, inclusive, in. The old days from, say 1990. Back or 1995, back. Everything. Was included, except for maybe getting, a massage from a masseuse in the in the spa or. Getting getting. A you. Know manicure. Or a pedicure that, was there was always extra, getting a hair done was always a separate. Thing. But. What was included, in, in cruising in the old days was, you. Know going to dinner in the main dining room and getting five-star. Top-of-the-line. Everything. The linens that the, fine place. Settings the crystal goblets a wine, at dinner a drink at dinner you, know you. Know a sherry, afterward, five. Or six course meals all standard. Fare. Breakfast. Lunch and dinner primo. Room service no charge no. No no. Cost any, entertainment, was included, on the cruise, the. Drink. Package is like drinking getting. An alcoholic, drink at 2:00 in the afternoon it, depended, on your class of service. Because there were auction, liners that were converting, to become, cruise, liners, for a first holiday time and if, you're a first class passenger you're all you're covered you could drink all your water it was all covered but, if you were a second, class passenger, third class passenger, you may have a bar tab that you were charged to your room.

Cigarettes. Would you pay extra for of course in those days in those days he could still smoke in. The dining room and so, on these are the old days, but. Today. With, all the nickel and diming that's going on it's driving people, crazy, the, older we are the crazier it drives us because we remember what. It was like the last time we're on a cruise five years ago they didn't charge for that eight, years ago with in church for that now. Just, just. Like the airline's just driving us bonkers. So. You've got the premium restaurants, now some are they, call them premium dining but they're not premium dining it's just the it's, just the teriyaki, house it's cheap Chinese food in disguise that. They're calling a premium food while, it's it's just prepared. Chinese food or North, American, version of Chinese for 20, bucks twenty five dollars I fish. And chip house they. Have fish and chip houses they want us to be fifteen twenty twenty-five dollars for fish, and chips. What. Johnny. Rockets burger and fries and a milkshake. Burger. And fries on, a cruise ship more. You want me to payment Royal. Caribbean is lifting the price from $6.99, to $9.99, for the experience, I. Can't. Believe anyway, this this is what's happening it drives us crazy and you know we've talked about it I mention it again today let's. See here. I like making Bruce laughs you do daily, SJ, sonic I've been in economy, with transit. Transit transit you, have to pay for ear phones you can use a USB port to charge laptop, and phone I paid, for plus and I got a meals earphone blankets, etc was worth it, Lisa, Girton is saying I'm in Warwick high of 62 today Lisa fantastic. 62, in the middle of winter. Let's. See crystal, Johnson saying I would love to go on a Royal Caribbean ship but just not in my budget, carnival works best for my budget oh there they go hey crystal I tell, you you know you look, at the pricing, of Carnival go, to vacations to go calm, and then check out any other cruise line that's in that range if you can find one that's close by you, may want to try another, line but hey if it works for you and you're getting a good experience, you go with it absolutely. Doreen, a Chapman saying I think we are going to try Holland sometime, soon I think you're gonna like it all America's nice s. Swan training, ship that Cardinal uses for their employees, saw. Videos. It's. The ecstacy for training for place okay so you're getting I'm, assuming, you're getting a pretty good deal and you're. Gonna be served, and looked after by the newbies and you're. Kind of cure see how that goes ivory, curious to find out from you what are your thoughts let, us know when you get back on that that, sounds quite, interesting. You know training has to be done some way they're, doing it here on this ship on this line and they're telling the world about it I get it that's pretty cool Peter, Quadling. Is here 70, degrees here in Brisbane, Australia cooling. Down yeah. You've been hot down there haven't you, thankfully. That's a little easier now. My, goodness uh. Jay. Sonic is saying thank you for everything he's. Telling me he loves the information I provide on on cruises, and and. He's also congratulating, me on thousand plus subscribers. Thanks Jay Sonic and if, you're if you're taking, off for, the day thanks for dropping by, you'll, have a great time I'm sure down in Cuba. Jason. Peter, Quadling is saying kids our, boys are 25, it's a lawyer and 29. PhD, both. Still at home but don't want to cruise with us. The, lawyer and the PhD are still living with mom and dad in that something, boy. Are those kids smart, you. Educated, those kids really well they, figured, out the economics, of life and why. Why would I leave the magic fringe why would I leave the home where, the laundry's, facilities. Are right over here why. Would I do that but I don't want to hang out with these folks on a cruise. That's. Great Peter I love that crystal. Johnson saying I booked, on the Carnival victory September, 18 my first cruise looking. Forward I'm sure you didn't looking forward to it I hope it's a good one I'm sure it'll be a good one crystal, and. I, hope, you, know when you're when you're back from that because that's a ways out but between, now and then you get some pointers from us as to, how to take a first cruise what to do what not to do and then of course after you're done you can tell us how it went but that's fantastic that's gonna be exciting gonna be on your first cruise the, steaming beam is here if anyone bothers me it's not it's, not usually, the kids I. Have. A speculation, on who you might be referring to maybe, it's a cabin mate. Long-term, acquaintances I just know.

Or. Maybe it's other people I don't know. That's, about the kid Richard. Kurin I'm asking if you own stock in the company that you are cruising, with they. Throw in cash they throw in the cash on you onboard account, for a couple of drinks each wife thought I was crazy buying. The stock for cruises, later hey you. Own stock in Carnival you own stock in, Royal. Caribbean or you own stock in Carnival, hundred. Shares or more you. Get an automatic credit, on every, cruise you take unlimited. Cruises, and it, means all the cruise lines that these companies own not just the brand-name cruise, line so, what Carnival it includes Hall in America it includes princess. It, includes. Seaborn. Or the others the. Longer the cruise the bigger the, room credit you want to take advantage of that I did a video on this it's. Already on the on the channel you can find it or, answer. Any questions about it. Jay sonic. It's. More around 5:45. Jamie. Bean today I am looking. For. Cruising for carnal world for June 2009. July, 2019. And Royal Caribbean the next week so you want to go on a back-to-back bingo-bango. Keep your eye open and see what the deals are Debbie, Manuel Oh Krystal, Congrats hope you have such a great time and will want to cruise again Skyhawk. Is saying, why are those kids at home with those degrees, Wow, because, they're all educated, they, got those so they got those degrees and they figured out the economics, if I live at home with mom and dad it's, way cheaper than if I live on my own, what's. Wrong with that and if mom, and dad don't kick me out why. Wouldn't I stay here this is fantastic so no, I get it hey depends. How big the house is though. Peter. We're talking about you oh. Okay. Jay sonic saying take it off no but I will have to take the notifications, off to avoid getting a ton of notices, in my email account, from. Tokyo, X X less X, L los Paul is saying the Disney cruises are expensive, but, the food, -. The adults-only dining, room is included. You, are charged for the alcoholic, and non-alcoholic specialty.

Drinks Yes you are on Disney, that is correct, and. The the food is excellent I heard, the service is great. Kind of like a five and a half star line Disney, where. We hear I hear, nothing but good things about them he goes on say and now, time to start work I'll listen to the rest later have a good rest of your day everybody thanks for popping by from Tokyo, Japan, fantastic. That was awesome Doreen Chaplin just curious what would 100, shares cost Royal, Caribbean. I think, the shares were trading into one hundred twenty hundred thirty bucks so, that's a $12,000. U.s.. Cost, if. You buy the shares through, a stock broker in a margin, account and you, just want to hold the shares long enough to get the discount and then sell the shares after your cruise is over you. Need a quarter of the money you're gonna need for save you know twelve thousand dollar investment gonna need four thousand dollars the broker will put up the rest as long as the stock doesn't go down in value you're, liable for any drop in the price of the stock but cruising. Ship stocks don't do this they don't they don't do that they're, pretty steady but, if you're on a 14-day cruise you can get a two hundred dollar credit for, your room so, turn. It on a credit for a cruise if you can hold the shares long-term, you get a dividend, on the stock which is better, than a t-bill better, than your savings account it. Can add up and they taking a celebrity cruise overall, Caribbean, cruise or if you're going over on Norwegian. And you take their, cruises, or you take Carnival, with all their cruise lines it. Can add up to some serious savings and it makes it pays to be a shareholder of the company pays very well you. Man I reckon you might you go to the bank borrow the money to buy the stock pay the interest of the bank you know make a payment and enjoy. Those credits, that are worth way more than the interest payments you'll make plus the interest, payments or a tax, deduction because it's an investment you're making on investment, income I think that's how that works in the States I don't work secretary in Canada funny.

How You can get a tax deduction to go take a cruise go figure, hey, unbelievable. What. Do we got here Peter, is saying marine Royal, Caribbean is, a hundred thirty one dollars a share at the moment so. $13,100. The u.s. uh. Debbie, Emmanuel, saying Doreen Chapman I was thinking the same about Norwegian, and Doreen, Wow that's expensive well yeah it's expensive but it's it's. A big company and they haven't split their stock a peter saying that they also are paying about a one point seven percent dividend, yield so that's, one point seven percent on your investment, that you're getting back. To, hold the stock in the first place so you know it's, an idea uh, Debbie's. Saying think maybe cheaper, to just keep buying my own drinks for now. You. Know you, can always do that keep in mind - I'm uh stalking someone the other day about, another. Way to save, money on a cruises some of you folks might be able to chime, in here this, is off topic a little bit but I thought I'd bring this up if, you're on a cruise now let's say you're on a cruise with, celebrity. Or princess or whatever if. You go to the. The. Booking. Room they have a room on board where you can book a future cruise they're, promoting, their cruise line all the time and they've, got deals in there they've got promotions, if you're if you, make a reservation on another, cruise going, forward, on the. Ship, they'll. Give you deals. Another, thing I've heard is if you give them a deposit, without, picking, a cruise you just give them a deposit fully refundable. If. You give them that you'll, also get, a crew of credit, a room credit, on a, future cruise on top, of that deposit, just. Thoughts, and I'd be curious if any of you have done any of that and never ever run into that I'd be curious about knowing, about that, let's. See here Geoffrey is saying sorry for being late to the to, the to the show thanks, Geoffrey welcome welcome back the, party you say crystal. Johnson saying w Manuel I agree as costless, talk and they're young hi everybody fifty-five reigning in Kentucky, welcome Heather. 55. At least but it's a bit rainy what he gonna do. Richard. Carr mask you saying pre cruise credit, pay $100, and get. From 75 to $200, based on the length of the cruise as a credit, ya on princess, on princess you're saying yeah yeah, some of these cruise lines will offer you a deal. Some. Kind of a, future. Onboard. Credit, on a future, cruise if you make a deposit, in. The on your account for, a future cruise when you're on board, and existing. Cruise with, the cruise line so you, may want to check into that next time you're on a cruise ship just go to the promotion. Room you'll find it they have the models of all the ships beautiful, and they'll. Have all the brochures, about upcoming trips, on upcoming cruises. That they're talking about. You may find some interesting intelligence, there that can save you money on future cruising.

Let's See your J. Sonic saying oh we're talking about that vers I have emailed sea cruisers, last night saying I might, want to join them on a group cruise on the Bliss but, I'm sure if I made a good move or not well you know they may send, you all kinds of promotional material it's always good to look into it's always free to look to, reach happen I don't think I can sell the stock idea to my husband laugh out loud. Well. You know some for summer works for someone doesn't Richard. Carr masky then you stack then. You stack that with your stock credit and military. Police credit gives you a lot of drinks and that's a good point Richard because people. Who go on these cruises. You. Know if you're an ex-military. Veteran. If your, ex police service your ex, EMT. Or. Firemen. All. Kinds, of these different you know professions. You, also get room credits on some, of these Cruise Lines on top of other credits, and that's where it, can get really. Interesting. When, you're trying to book maybe a 14. 16, 20 day cruise. You, you you look at the big cruise price and you go yeah yeah I see the price of the broom but but but think, about this I'm a shareholder I get a credit I'm, I, booked. I put, a deposit on, my cruise, on the last time I took a cruise I've got to turn it all the credit guaranteed, on on on this length of a cruise oh I'm, and, I'm a military, veteran I get another couple hundred bucks and you, just had enough and had enough I ended up and you might realize well I'm the one I know, on a 29. Cruise for 80 bucks a night in a balcony that's. Not a bad deal worth, investigating. So I just I mentioned, that as a as, something. As I'm passing on today. Stacking. Up the credits Tracy, a bolio is here Here I am so glad to be here live future cruise deposit, is great Thank, You Tracy for coming from North Bay Ontario I was born in separate we're, practically neighbors, welcome. From the north bay peter, is saying in Australia, Peter Quadling we had booked a sydney to vancouver then, alaska, 40, days of cruising with. Next, cruise on Royal, Caribbean ship, the cases to go worked out it. Worked it out saving us about. $7,000. Over the Royal Caribbean price. Unbelievable. That's that's fantastic way to way to check that out. I'll. Have to see what what, you, know what kind of cruises you can yeah that's a great deal Peter, that's a great deal okay what I mentioned something here about the, continuing. My topic about would you pay extra for and not only cruise without, the kids and I. Mentioned, here that I read an article today about piano. Cruise line out, of the United Kingdom the, shipment. Is called the are or. Oral, it's a u ro ro, the auroral the, ship was launched, originally in the year 2000. And it, holds eighteen hundred and seventy four hundred passengers and, it's. Being, converted into, an, adult only cruise, ship right now it's for families it's, going to be converted to an adult only.

They're. Going into retrofitting. Into, dry dry, dock, March. 2019. So that's a year you, know what a year in a couple months from now you're in a month for now the, ship will come out of drydock completely. Redesign, and re. Retrofitted, and there'll be an adult only cruise, ship and I, love the the, one liner I read from one, of the. One. Of the PR people at P&O. Cruises some. Reporter was interviewing for the story and, the. Piano, person, made, a quote and I I love, this little line quote. Extensive. Research and guest feedback, unquote. Is what, led them to believe this would be a good idea. My. Thinking is extensive, research I know what that extensive. Research is Royal. Caribbean is, launching, the symphony of the Seas with, 64. Passengers. On all these water slides, and wave riders, and rock climbing walls, and slides. And, laser. Tag, and. Everything. Else for the kids, these guys don't chance stand a chance with. A two thought of built ship built in the year 2000. Holding, 1874. Passengers, they're not gonna drop a hundred million dollars on that vessel to retrofit it up to a stent because they'll never get their money back they can't get enough paying, passengers. With, families, on board, to make it pay so. Rather than play that game why, don't we go the other way they figure we, tear out all the kiddie stuff and we'll, make this we'll take out the teen club and, all that air and we'll turn this whole ship into an adult, only. Reclusive. Or exclusive, club, kind of place we, can charge a premium price, for the cruises, because. The people coming on board know it's, a quiet ship no children, 18. And over is gonna be the age and we can we can now go upscale, we'll, go upscale that'll, save this ship because this ship is 18, years, old now, they either, have to sell, it off to someone else or they, got to build a new one and if they're gonna build a new one we, know seven, eight hundred nine hundred million dollars to put, together four thousand passenger, monster with all those toys on there for the kids not. Gonna do it they're gonna pay fifty to seventy-five million dollars maybe. Maybe. Fifty million at most they'll, rip out and then they'll redo that ship and they'll, bring up the standards, on the carpeting, and the, furniture, and the bedding and the interior they'll gonna get a primo money but, they won't have a seven, hundred million dollar bill, to, the shipyard. To. Get it they'll. Have a 50 million dollar bill 75 million dollar bill and they'll, get that back over the next 15 20 years that ship will now sail for, another 10-15 years and that's the strategy, I love, the extensive, research and guest.

Feedback. Now. I had another topic or another little thing to mention of two little things actually a symphony, of the seats talking about the big ship the. Carnival a symphony of the Seas, will be the largest cruise ship at. See when it's sailing the end of March I think it is coming up quick just, past its seat rots it, did 80 continuous. Hours of sailing, off the coast of France the, ship is being built in France at the one shipyard there and it's. Coming in at 1.3, billion, dollars, it, has passed all of the sea trials and they'll. Steer now taking it back to the shipyard. For final fitting out and final. Cosmetics, and the. Ship is getting prepped for the first paying passenger, right at the end of March so that's news on that one then. The other piece of news was NBA. All-star, game I teased, you if any of you saw my Twitter, today or my facebook or my Instagram. Sacramento. California, they want, to have the. All-star, game for the NBA they want to have the NBA all-star game in their. City and they're, talking about, 2022. Or. 2023. We're talking four. And five years from now they're. Talking about going for that game, that's, how far out there the competition, is within the NBA for. The all-star game it's become a cash, cow, for, whatever city, gets it but, the NBA is saying kids. Kids, kids you, want you whatever you. Want at the all-star game in your town, well. You better understand, something this this used to be back in the 80s you know when the Irving Johnson was playing and inland Larry Bird started, playing we, would just have the game on like a Sunday, afternoon you know we have like a like, a little weekend thing a couple of wards then, we'd have the game on Sunday and we'd all go back to our cities and you know bye-bye Monday night or Tuesday night we'd be playing basketball again that, was that now, we. Got the game on Sunday, we. Have the competition's. On on, Saturday. We, have awards on Friday we have all kinds of things like it's a one-week deal it's a it's a one-week. Celebration. Of NBA basketball and, the cities that put it on they're, attracting, all kinds of corporate. Interest. Corporations. Are sending their employees, like, you know that the top 100. Best insurance salesmen, in our company, were sending him to the all-star game in, Sacramento. For a week to party it up and all. Kinds, of other companies are using this as a getaway as excuse, to do corporate promotions. The. NBA is looking at Sacramento, saying how are you going to have ten. Twenty, fifty thousand. Seventy-five thousand people come, into your town over the next week you. Haven't got enough hotel rooms to, go around because Sacramento. Is drowning. In in a booming business it's it's a booming City you don't have enough hotel rooms, Sacramento. City Council's, started talking about bringing in cruise ships and this is where I want. To talk to the person who was watching from Jacksonville, you're. Watching from Jacksonville, Florida if you're still with us you. Had the Super Bowl about five. Eight, nine years ago you. Had the Super Bowl in your town and I, noticed you had cruise ships in. Port. With. A whole bunch of people going, to the Super Bowl for the Super Bowl week party I'm curious how many ships were in town how many thousands, of people were on those ships how, did it work out because, Sacramento. Is talking about the same thing they're thinking about chartering. Cruise, ships they, want to talk to them now about. This because, they got to tie up these ships five, years in advance to get them four years in advance whatever, and they. Want to know what, it would cost them and what would, it would it work would, it be done by the city of Sacramento would, it be done by that the, tourism board would, it be done by a private, corporation at the city of Sacramento would, hire would. Be done through the basketball, team how would this be arranged and so, this is the conversation. Going on at Sacramento. City City, Hall I guess the last few days and this, topic will probably come up again so, that's a little tidbit about the all-star, game for the NBA how big is this, it's. That big, it's it's, amazing some. Of the counselors, are saying oh no, big deal will will, will have new hotels built in the next two years if, we know we're getting the game that's, the impetus, for the, Hyatt Regency to build a 25-story. Tower with. Six hundred more rooms, and. We'll start leasing them out right away and you know the all-star, game would be a nice little cherry on top I'm kind of thinking really you, think that a hotel chain is gonna come up with 300 million dollars and build, a hotel for a one-week event and then hope that it all works out after that I don't, know if they want to do that though the, cruise ship idea is a great idea because if you're just doing a sort, of a 1 week or a, 2 week long.

Charter. Where, you're chartering, the entire ship, maybe, two or three of them with you know 2,500 passengers each or something like that you're putting up 5,000. Fans 7,500. Fans in the. You know for the whole week kind of thing yeah, you can charge, a flat price, maybe a thousand bucks a fan or something like that and that's your lodging, your meals or whatever maybe it's two thousand event I don't know I mean how much would it have to be I don't know if we'll include tickets, but if it included tickets you'll really pay. But. That's what's happening now I mean this this NBA all-star. Game is big money people. Are paying a premium money to see the three that the slam dunk contest the, three-point shooting contest all these things ain't got going on it's turned into a big, moneymaker, for the cities that are hosting these. Events anyway I thought, that was something. Interesting, that I had read about love to get your thoughts and comments on that. What. Are we got here we've got. Jeffrey. Is saying sorry kids you will have fun with Grandma. Very. Good very good Miller. We did a $100, future, cruise deposit, per, person and have. A $50 credit per person on our upcoming cruise deposit, was in Canadian dollars and our credit was in, US dollars, a win-win. Nicely. Done, Jay. Sonic is saying hey Jenny how are you Johnny bomb hi Bruce it's 80 degrees in Alexandria. I booked, a grandeur, of the, Seas in December. For. December, got $150. Onboard credit deposit was $100, non-refundable. So, he booked, it in, 2017. For the cruise in 2018. He got $150. Onboard credit way to go, DN. Is here on the onboard credit, that, princess, gives veterans is refundable, if you do not, use it onboard they send, a check soon after the cruise very interesting, Richard, Carr meskhi stacking, is still allowed on Carnival, Cruise family. But, y

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