Cruise tourism explained: What, why and where | Travel Insights with Kalkine

Cruise tourism explained: What, why and where | Travel Insights with Kalkine

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Hello and thanks for joining us. I’m Holly, and you’re watching Travel Insights, the show that takes you through new destinations around the globe, dives into hot trends in the travel and tourism space, and engages in insightful conversations with industry experts. On today’s episode, we’re hitting the open the water and setting sail to explore the world of cruising.

We’ll also be sitting down for a chat with Mr John Alwyn Jones, the Cruise Editor of Global Travel Media. So stick with us for the latest and greatest from the space. For the unfamiliar, lets first explore the basics of cruises, and answer some of the burning questions.

First of all, is cruising expensive? Well, when comparing a week at sea to a week at a resort, you’ll find it to actually be relatively cheaper in comparison. This is because A LOT is included in your ticket – your meals, accommodation, entertainment and most activities. Anything extra is up to you! Who is exactly cruising for? Despite what you might think, cruising isn’t just for retirees and families with young kids.

As a matter of fact, Multi-generational cruising is booming, which means ships are providing a more diversified range of activities for various age groups. Will you get bored? A surprising number of people see this as a possibility. But let me tell you, some of these cruise lines look more like a small city floating in the ocean than a ship.

That means you can go ice skating, rock climbing, practice your golf swing, shoot a few hoops, got to the casino, see a Broadway-style show, do some shopping, relax at the spa, take a dip in the pool, workout at the gym. Even ride a rollercoaster! And that sounds anything but boring to me. Will you get seasick? Now this depends on the person, but its worth noting that today’s cruise ships are engineered with state-of-the-art stabilizers that greatly reduce ship motion. And if you’re still worried about that seasickness, I recommend choosing a cabin toward the center of the ship where movement is less severe. What is there to do in port? As you probably know, cruise ships port on land at different points in your destination, giving you the chance to roam around incredible sights. Still concerned about that boredom? Well, I doubt you will be – because there’s so much to do on shore.

Snorkeling, mountain climbing, exploring ancient ruins – it all depends on your destination. What should you pack? Good question. Cruises tend to be casual during the day, although In the evening, dress codes might vary depending on the occasion.

On formal nights, for example, you will need to wear something a little fancier than normal – think suits and cocktail dresses! And lastly, what about tipping? Although we’re not accustomed to tipping here in Australia, some cruise lines have this as policy. Most of the liners include a tipping guideline in passenger cabins, which you can check to make sure. Other than that, tipping is a matter of individual preference! With all that said, we know the cruise industry has had a rough couple of years since covid hit, despite being set for a prosperous future.

To shed some light on what’s going on in the space, we’re joined by Mr John Alwyn Jones, the Cruise Editor of Global Travel Media. Stay tuned. Well that was a stellar discussion, and in case you missed it, we just sat down with Mr John Alwyn Jones, the Cruise Editor of Global Travel Media. Now John mentioned the resurgence of domestic cruising amid the slowly-opening up travel scene. So where exactly can you set sail closer to home? Well, Australian and New Zealand cruises take you on a journey to a special part of the world, where you’ll see spectacular natural wonders—the Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand’s Milford Sound, magnanimity of Melbourne and Sydney.

Fabled islands like Dili East Timor and Tasmania. And you can traverse an ocean landscape where impossibly green islands seem to float in blue lagoons clearer than you could imagine. Sound too good to be true? Well it might be a reality sooner than expected as high level of vaccination path the way for an easing of travel restrictions. So look no further more a relaxing post-lockdown travel experience. And with that, its about time to wrap up.

Thanks for cruising through this episode with us, and keep watching Kalkine TV. We’ll bring the next episode of Travel Insights next week. This is Holly Shields signing off.

2021-08-25 07:49

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