Cruising with Jane McDonald: Cuba (2017) - Documentary

Cruising with Jane McDonald: Cuba (2017) - Documentary

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Hi! I'm Jane McDonald! Did someone mention cruise? 'I caught the cruising bug more than 20 years ago when I was working as a singer on a ship.' See, when I were on the ships, I had no window. I used to have to put the television on to see what type of day it was. 'It's not just us Brits who are crazy about cruising. Last year, 25.8 million holidaymakers worldwide choose to cruise.' There's a cruise for everyone. There's quiet cruises, there's party cruises,

there's island cruises, there's river cruises. 'And I'm just gonna carry on cruising till I've found you your perfect cruise. Try stoppingme.' There's a cocktail bar over there. 'This time, I've booked myself on four very different ships to give you an idea of just how individual every cruise can be.'

All these adventures to have, all with you. 'There's a romantic leisurely river cruise through the stunning French countryside from Lyon and down the Rhone to Arles. And I get to see it all from the air, as well.' It's breathtaking. 'Who could resist seven days of city-hopping, sun and fun in the Med on the world's most cutting-edge cruise ship? Not me.' It's not a bad life, this, is it? SHE LAUGHS 'And a cool Scandi tour around the Baltic.' Welcome to my yacht.

I like big ships, small ships, thin ships, fat ships, friendships, relationships. I like all ships! 'Coming up...' You'll never guess where I am! '..I'm off round Cuba for some sun and fun.' This is just perfect.

'Cruising in a convertible Cadillac.' Keep your eyes on the road, love. THEY LAUGH 'Things get hot and sweaty at a dance class.'

Open, release. Are you married? Open... THEY LAUGH 'And luxury dining Caribbean style.' You thought it was Cruising With Jane McDonald. Now it's Dining With Jane McDonald. CUBAN MUSIC Look at this! This is happening in the street.

Havana, baby! It's fabulous! It's sexy! It's vibrant! It's hot! And I love it. Whoo! 'No other city beats to a rhythm like Havana. Tourism is only just starting to take off, so get here quick while it's still got its sass.' There's music everywhere! 'I haven't been here for 24 hours and I'm already smitten.'

It's got a hint of Spain and the heat of the Caribbean, but it's got a feel all of its own has Cuba. Nowhere is like this. Look at these pink cars! We've got to go in one of them! What you talking about? About everything. About sport. Sport? Nice. Good. Where are you from? Yorkshire in England. Oh, right. Hi to England, British people! Bye, everyone! Bye! The buildings are crazy here.

Half of Cuba looks like... it needs finishing. SHE LAUGHS What does the other half look like? It's finished.

SHE LAUGHS So, some of it is absolutely all finished and looks magnificent and it's fabulous. And then next door, you think, "They've run out of money." 'Cuba couldn't be more different from our disposable society.

Here they keep and fix everything. Well, they have to! Since the revolution in 1959, it's been pretty much isolated from the rest of the world. Nowadays it's all change and tourists are welcome everywhere. And where there's tourists, there's souvenirs. And they even take credit cards now!' When you're in a different country, you just see loads of things that you think, "I'm gonna have to buy that." And when you get them home, they end up in your loft.

But it doesn't matter cos it's part of the experience and you've got to buy a little bit of the economy. Come on, let's be honest. I need a hat. Don't forget, I know I've said this before, when you go on your holidays, don't bother with a hat, because they never look right when you've packed them. Just buy another one when you get there. They're not that expensive.

Alright. Watch this, it'll cost a fortune now. SHE LAUGHS CUBAN MUSIC What do you think? I like this one. Perfect. And I like the man and the woman.

Yeah, I'll have both. Two. Thank you very much. Have a good day. Bye. Bye! I love a shop. I think it's a bit of an illness with me. But look. I've got a little thing here and, er... MAN SINGS IN SPANISH Ey up. Oh! HE SINGS IN SPANISH

Hello! HE SINGS IN SPANISH Yeah. HE SINGS IN SPANISH What you doing there? HE SINGS IN SPANISH Is this a love song? Sing it back to me. THEY SING IN SPANISH THEY SING IN SPANISH I haven't had as much to drink as you. SHE LAUGHS THEY SING IN SPANISH HE LAUGHS Whey! Perfect! Thank you for that love song! Ooh, ey. Thank you very much.

'Everywhere I look, I see life, passion and colour. I've never fallen in love with a city before, but Havana, I'm hooked. I've been here a day and I know I haven't even touched the sides. But I'll be back in a week. And right now, there's a ship arriving and I need to get on board.' Hola! Senora? Cruise ship.

Cruise ship? Le barco. Shhhh, shhhh. Boat. Hoooo! Hoooo! HE SPEAKS SPANISH Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You like Havana? Oh, yes! Fabulous place! Fabulous! You? We'd be rubbish in a relationship, me and him, wouldn't we? Epic everywhere you look. It's just so different to anything else.

And that's what I'm loving. Thank you. Gracias. Gracias. Gracias. Gracias. 'Ships are like books. Never judge them by the cover.' Look at this! This is my new home! 'The Crystal is an older vessel and I don't think she'll mind me saying that.'

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. 'She started life as a ferry in the Mediterranean and now she's living the dream here in the Caribbean.' Oh, it's like a yacht! I feel like the Queen on the Britannia. Red carpet, look at that.

Hello. Ooh. That's it, I can cruise now? Yes. Thank you! At last, you are inside. I'm inside the ship with air-con! 'All ships have their own character and atmosphere and already I know I'm gonna love the small-ship feel. This is old-school cruising.' And I'm looking for 7204. So I'm here. So I'm that way.

Is that right? I think it's that one. I found it. God, that were easy, wasn't it? Usually I'm walking for miles! Ah! Well, this is nice, isn't it? I've got a balcony. Look at this. I like this. That's where I'm gonna get my tan, have a cup of tea on a morning.

Good. Dressing gown. Lovely. Safe. Extra pillows. Ooh, this is good, isn't it? What's that? Shampoo. Body cleanser.

Everything you could possibly want. Everything you need on a cruise is here. Hooks, ladies and gentlemen. Me and the hooks. 'We're sailing right round Cuba, starting in Havana, then south to Cienfuegos. Then a quick day trip down to Montego Bay in Jamaica, then back to Santiago de Cuba in the south. And then home to Havana.

But before we set sail, there's one more thing I have to do.' Hello! You alright? Yeah. Where you off to? I'm going to, erm, Havana's Club Tropicana.

You see, the thing is, at home, we don't do anything. Cos, you know, people think I've got this really glamorous life, and unless I'm working, I don't go out at all. So for me, this is hugely exciting! I'm going out! I think that you need an umbrella cos it's raining very hard outside. Is it strong? Yes. Really strong rain. Enjoy your night. Monsoon? Thank you. I will enjoy. Thank you. You're welcome. And thank you for the brolly.

THUNDER BOOMS Oh, my goodness! I need this like a hole in t'head, don't I? Right, this is... This is quite bad weather, isn't it? Hang on a minute. Just one minute. THUNDER BOOMS I came prepared. Now let's go clubbing. THUNDER BOOMS Agh! 'The rain here is not like the rain in Wakefield.' THUNDER BOOMS 'It's like a warm shower!' Ta-da! Look at the state of me now! I look a bit like a Smurf cos of all the blue lights. But me toenails... SHE LAUGHS

They're amazing! Look at that! SHE LAUGHS 'This is THE Club Tropicana that George Michael wrote his song about.' Club Tropicana... drinks are not free. 'Beyonce came here last year and joined in with the dancers.

I think I'll stay in me seat.' Oh, look! CUBAN MUSIC Look at all these people! There's a lot of flesh, but it's very sexy flesh. And they do a lot of this chest thing going off. What do they call it? Isolation? There's a lot of isolation going on. I can't do it, but... SHE LAUGHS But they can really well. Has the rhythm taken you, Jane? Oh, it is.

Mind you, it could be something to do with the Havana rum. Whoo! APPLAUSE THUNDER RUMBLES 'Coming up, we cruise the Caribbean and I get some new skills. Postcard making.' Is it this way? Yeah. Yeah. Like that? Oh, thank you! 'And salsa dancing. Oh, yes.' Oh. Whoo!

SHE LAUGHS Ooh, I quite like that bit. CUBAN MUSIC 'My round-Cuba cruise has begun and today we're in the Caribbean, heading to Cienfuegos. Now, I wonder what's for lunch.' Ooh! Ooh, it's barbecue. I love a bit of a barbie. 'I missed breakfast because of me late night and I'm starving.'

Hello! Would you like to have some fresh meat? Er, yeah. You can't beat having a bit of fresh meat, love, can you? You want a small piece or big one? If the cameras weren't rolling, I'd take the biggest. SHE LAUGHS This is what happens on a cruise ship. You start the line and you like everything on it. And that's why usually people on cruise ships have a plate... like that. It's just basically greedy.

Ooh, hello. Gosh, look at the melons there. That's an art form, isn't it? It's not every day you see a melon with a face on it, is it? Oh, that is really good. 'It's the end of the season here, so the ship isn't full. Sometimes that doesn't work, but here it does.

Everything is just... well, it feels so relaxed and chilled.' Ooh, hello! How are you? What are you doing? I'm doing a selfie-stick tour. Oh. So you've just starred in it, love. SHE LAUGHS Hello. Hello. How are you?

I'm really well. How are you? Fine, thank you. Super. Hello. Hello! Are you alright? Yes, thank you. Good. It's lovely to meet you. Oh, hello! That's an English accent. Yes! Oh, hello! What's your name? Everyone calls me Minnie. Oh, Minnie, nice to meet you! Where you from? Birmingham. Are you alright? Yes, thank you. How lovely!

How long have you been on here? Three months. Three and a half, actually. Are you enjoying it? Yeah. It's great, isn't it? I found it hard at first to settle in, but now that I've settled in, made friends, I love it out here. Oh, that's good. It does take a while, doesn't it? You know, I was just exactly the same as you when I first got on a ship. Give us a hug. Lovely to meet you.

And you, too! No doubt I'll see you a bit later on. Bye! Aww, she's adorable. And I know exactly how she feels.

Cos, you know, when you're away from home, you miss the normal things, you know, like your mum and your dad. And everybody thinks you're having this glamorous life, which in their eyes, you are, but there's another side to it when you work on a ship and it's that you miss your family. 'Maybe it's having all these families on board that's giving this cruise such a great vibe. And even though it's only day one, I already feel completely at home. I've never been on a cruise that didn't do towel folding. So today there's a master class! Hey, why not?' What's the name? Lucky. Lucky!

That's a British penguin! APPLAUSE You can make your own postcards. I thought I'd make one for me mum. Cos I miss me mum when I'm away. Can I join you? Yeah. Are you sure? Thank you. What's your name? Yug. Yug? Yug? Yep. I like that.

Have you done that? Yeah. How do I do that, then? How do I pleat it? I think I've got it now. Aw, thank you! This is good, isn't it? Look at that! I tried. It's really lovely.

I'm having a great time! And I've got a good friend here who's teaching me everything. How's that? Good. Is it? Are you sure? Are you just being nice? You're just being nice to me, aren't you? He's a gentleman. But he's also honest. THEY LAUGH 'The crew on any ship is so important.

They can make or break a cruise, and here on the Crystal, they really are like a family. Everyone is so friendly and can't do enough to help. And you don't always find that these days.

Tonight's a big night on board and I need a bit of a buff and polish, too.' Alright, Jane? What are you up to? I'm milking a cow. What does it look like I'm doing? Why do you have to follow me, everything I do? The viewers wanna see you, Jane. No, they don't! No, go on. Can I start? Yeah, please do.

'It's the captain's cocktails, when all the passengers get to meet the man in charge. It's always exciting.' The captain's cocktail is a huge night on a ship cos it's when everybody's in their finery, er, there's always one dress that you look fabulous in that you've bought for the cruise and tonight's the night you wear it. It's very exciting, you know? What's the captain like, Danielle? The captain? Yeah. Yeah, he is so good.

Is he nice? Really, so nice. Aww. Is he handsome? Handsome? No? OK. SHE LAUGHS Handsome? Han... Good-looking? Yeah, he good-looking. Oh, he's good-looking. He is young.

Things are looking up! Is he married? Yeah. Yeah. Right. Exciting night. Put my light out. Right. I love this bit. Hello! There's the queue. It's like waiting to see Santa. It's very exciting. Hello! How are you? I'm really well! Allow me to introduce our captain. Oh, hello!

Hello, captain. Jane comes from England. Very nice to meet you. Hello! Do you mind if I join you? Can I join you? Yes! Is that alright? Aren't this band amazing? We listen to them every night and sometimes we're the only ones in here. Really? We stay until they finish. I love them! They're fabulous!

CUBAN MUSIC APPLAUSE It's old-school fun. That theatre is one of the best I've ever seen cos it's like a proper cabaret venue. Not only is the entertainment absolutely brilliant, but they've got a live band, which you don't often see on ships now. CUBAN MUSIC Tonight I might go out and find where the party is because, actually, it's everywhere on this ship. So cheers.

'We left Havana 24 hours ago and are heading south to Cienfuegos, known as the Pearl of the South.' Morning. Are you coming in? 'I'm excited. I have a salsa lesson today and I think I've got the perfect skirt. I got it from a charity shop at home.' Look. Now, I'm sorry, but that's proper good... Look at that!

It's got flounce on it, look. You know what I mean? Two of them, I think they were about £12 for both of them. So I'll probably get more wear out of these on this cruise. And then, you know, if I don't do another Cuban cruise, cos I've done one now, I'll probably give them back to the charity shop. 'Cienfuegos is a world heritage site on account of its urban planning.

I can see why. The streets are nice and wide and there's not a problem with parking. Wakefield Council, are you listening? I'm here to dance myself dizzy and I've roped in some of my mates from the crew for moral support.

Minnie from the shop and Sonny and Vlad from the entertainment team.' Can you dance Cuban salsa? Course I can't! I'm a lot older than I should be and me hips aren't what they were. But I'll have a go. Have-a-go Jane, that's me. So, there's dancing and singing and everything going on. Yes. Ooh, look!

They practise every day at the same time. Ooh, it's like Fame. Yes. Fame. Pain is what you pay. Look at the figures. They're all about that big. I'm not intimidated at all. So, Jane, let me introduce you to a friend of mine.

His name is Joyo. Joyo. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Aw, nice to meet you, too. My English is very bad. It's better than my Cuban. HE LAUGHS Very important is to move from the core, OK? OK. So... HE SPEAKS SPANISH OK.

Uno, dos, tres. And cinco, seis, siete. OK? HE SPEAKS SPANISH One more time. And one and two and three. 'Joyo lives in Germany and is one of the world's best salsa teachers.' Two and three. And five, six, seven. 'He's back here on holiday. SHE LAUGHS Some holiday!'

Uno. Ah! It's the hips. HE SPEAKS SPANISH One more time. CUBAN MUSIC SHE LAUGHS SHE SQUEALS Very nice! And forward! Cinco, seis... Nailed it. Nailed it. Come on! HE SPEAKS SPANISH And turn. Oh, oh, oh. Whoo! Oh, yes! SHE LAUGHS Ooh, I quite like that bit.

One, two, one... Feeling a bit fabulous and a bit smug, actually. Cos I'm into it, I'm going for it. Just cos there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean to say the fire's gone out, you know? SHE LAUGHS OK! I'm back! Good.


HE SPEAKS SPANISH OK. Open and release. Open, release. Are you married? HE LAUGHS Yes. Are you sure? THEY LAUGH And uno and dos and tres and cuatro. Uno and dos... Yay! Gracias. Thank you. You did great! So did you! We did it, we did it. HE SPEAKS SPANISH

CUBAN MUSIC I understand now why they're all so fit. Cos they all do all this isolation, don't they? Ooh! It moved! Did you see that? It moved! It... Oh, look! It's moving! Oh, I've got it now. I'm tribal. Exit's that way, Jane. Oh. SHE LAUGHS

'Coming up, fine dining Jamaican style.' Oh, we're in paradise. I've got the best job in the world! 'And I learn how to party like a Cuban.' SHE LAUGHS LOUD TRUMPET BLARES 'I'm halfway through my round-Cuba cruise and already I don't want it to end. We left Cuba behind us and headed south to Jamaica and I've just woken up in Montego Bay.

Apart from Florida, 103 miles away, Jamaica is Cuba's closest Caribbean neighbour.' STEEL DRUMS PLAY Oh, look at this! Oh, this is a bit fab, isn't it? This is the beach in Jamaica and it's paradise. SHE GASPS Look at that sea.

Ohh. It's just really relaxed. It's completely different to Cuba. I mean, Cuba's like, everywhere's dancing and, you know, everybody's, "Whooo!" You come here and it's like... "Irie." Everything's really relaxed.

Could be something to do with what they're smoking. STEEL DRUMS PLAY Hi! Yeah! How are you doing? I'm really good. How are you? Yeah, man. This is where we have the nice stall here, we got the nice souvenirs. I'm actually hungry. Do you know somewhere I can eat? That thing over there in the sea over there.

You eat there? Is there a cooker on there or something? It's a restaurant. Ohh. I've gotta try that, then. Is that good? No problem, no problem. Fantastic. Thank you very much. Oh, what do you do? Sorry. It's shake hands, no problem. Yeah. I like that. Let's do that, and all, though. I like that. Oh, you like that one? Yeah, I like that, yeah.

Nice to meet you. All the best. And you. Bye. Oh, wow. Look at this. How do you get out there? Hi! How you doing? I'm Jane.

Aww, what's your name? Trace. Trace. How do I get out there? Just walk. I... How... I just... Do I? Just walk. You just walk on water. Right.

Ooh! 'I've done some mad things for this series, but eating lunch on a homemade Rasta raft in the middle of the Caribbean really takes the biscuit.' So, how you finding Jamaica, my lady? Oh, it's just so fabulous, Jerome. I love it. I'm called Jane. You don't have to call me my lady. That's so very nice of you, though. SHE LAUGHS

OK, Jane, definitely. The sun complements you very nicely. Yes, this is the finest dining you can get in Jamaica, you know? Thought it was Cruising With Jane McDonald? Now it's Dining With Jane McDonald Jamaican style. I do feel like I'm in a dream cos this is just what dreams are made of, sat here right now in the beautiful breeze of this hot weather and, er, and having fresh seafood just prepared. Rocky the fisherman has been down here and caught all this fantastic fish and he's just cooking for me now. It doesn't get any better than this, really, does it? I'm really quite hungry, as well, so... I'm really gonna enjoy this. Hope you're hungry because we have a whole lot of food and fruits for you.

Oh, smashing! Alright! Respect Jamaican style. It's good. 'Jerome's Rasta raft isn't just a gimmick for tourists like me, it's his philosophy for life.' Rastafari teach us to be humble, you know what I mean? And humility is the key. So we use that to go through life. And that the sky and the Earth creates and gives us things so you get to eat this natural food.

Cos if you have a whole lot of money and in the fast world, you're not gonna go to fishing and grow plants and food. You know what I mean? You're amazing, you are. Thank you, thank you. And such a great cook, as well, man.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. You're very good company, too. SHE LAUGHS She's eating up that food like crazy. It's good. I know.

It's so good. Yeah. Really good. I'm only here for a day, which is a real shame, cos look at it, it's beautiful. Watch that step. Hello! How are you? I'm really well. How are you? I'm alright. Have you got such a thing as a postcard? Postcards.

Postcards are right here. They're all of cricket, yeah? Yes, all cricket, cos that's all we like in Jamaica, cricket. It's either that or that, really. I've got a choice of two. Not much choice. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. I think I'm gonna go for that one.

How you doing, sir? Shoes? How you doing? Yeah, shoes. Come in! Oh! Jane! Oh, it's Jane from the cruise ship! Hello! Oh, my God! How are you? You're the lady that convinced us we only needed nude knickers! That's true! THEY LAUGH That is definitely me! Yes! You were on Loose Women! Yeah! Well, I'm sorry to interrupt. You carry on. Look at that. That's the only postcard I can find for me mother. Dear Mum. Hope you like cricket.

It's the only postcard... ..they had. Today I'm in Jamaica. Lovely and warm.

The only thing missing... you. Hello? Hello! Hello! Good morning! Can I send this to England, please? Alright, so that's 100 Jamaican dollars. 100 dollars? Sounds an awful lot, doesn't it? Sounds a lot. 100 dollars to send a postcard? So I do this. Bit of Bob Marley on me stamp. Right, are you ready? This is going to me mother.

It's gone. 'Next stop, Santiago de Cuba in the far south of the island.' STEEL DRUMS PLAY We have docked this morning in Santiago de Cuba.

Look at that. Look at the beautiful day there. All this... All these things to explore, all these adventures to have. All with you.

So I think I'd like to go off today. Ooh. Summat's just dropped on me head. Oh, are you painting? Hello! Hello! Morning. Are you painting? No, we put the grease. Oh, you're putting grease. Great. Just got grease in me hair. Ooh!

SHE LAUGHS Maybe not... I've just got drenched. 'Santiago de Cuba is the home of Bacardi rum and the city where Fidel Castro began the revolution.' It's like Wacky Races everywhere you look. It's so busy. Get off the road.

See what I mean? Look. I mean, it's just everywhere you look. It's just so busy and so loud! HORNS BLARE It's like... It's like Lala Land in Cuba. It's mad. CUBAN MUSIC PLAYS See, there's probably a party going on in here. Hello! Hello. How are you? Is there a party going on? Yeah, it is a party. Can I go in there?

Yes! Yes! Are you sure? Yes, sure. Right. Wait, wait, wait. Oh, my God, I'm getting stamped! Yes. Oh, it really is like an old-fashioned Yorkshire disco. Thank you! Yes. Thank you! Come on in here! CUBAN MUSIC This is ace! This is ace! CUBAN MUSIC SHE LAUGHS Oh, my God, look at this! Wow! I've just walked into a musical! It's bizarre! HE PLAYS TRUMPET A band in somebody's house.

BAND PLAY CUBAN MUSIC There's people dancing. It's 20 past 12, everybody's drinking rum! Not everybody. Nope. I need to drink some rum! I need a drink. Cheers, everyone! I think we're gonna have to do it all in sign language cos it's seriously loud in here! CUBAN MUSIC 'Santiago de Cuba is the musical capital of the island and the birthplace of salsa. It's closer to Haiti than Havana.' CUBAN MUSIC 'If Havana is hot, Santiago sizzles.'

HE PLAYS TRUMPET No-one knows how to party like the Cubans. HE PLAYS TRUMPET It is amazing! 'Coming up, back in Havana.' Is this for me? Yes, this is just for you! Oh, look at this! 'And I finally get to ride in a pink Cadillac!' All I need now is a cigar. Oh, my God. And a glass of rum. You tell me and we can go to the place.

'We're back in Havana. It's our last day and I'd do it all again if I could. This place has got right under my skin.' Ooh. Ooh, oh, hello! SHE LAUGHS 'It takes a lot to get me up early, but I wanted to see as much of Havana as I could, so I've skipped breakfast and come for a wander.'

This is amazing. I love it. Just the vibrance of it all. It's great. There's all sorts happening. LOUD TROMBONE BLARES Hang on, what's that? Now, that's a hairstyle. I love that. What's this? Screwdriver. Juice of an orange. Sugar cane? Everything's so laidback here, it's like, "You've gotta queue? Who cares?" That's what sugar looks like. I just thought it came in packets. That's terrible, isn't it? I've got pure sugar here.

I don't really do sugar. Ooh! Ooh, I can't have that. Here y'are, love, you have that. That'll keep you going, energy. Bye.

'Cuba's like the sleeping beauty. It's been hidden away from most of us for over 50 years and it's only just catching up with the modern world. Everywhere I look, there are reminders of its revolutionary past and I just hope its future does that past justice.'

Oh! It's hot! I mean, it's not just turn your central heating up hot...'s searing hot! Look over here. Look. Look at these! SHE LAUGHS Hello! Hello! How are you? Oh! Are you hot? Yeah? Taxi. Taxi? Yeah. I like your car. That's a good idea, to just have a nap, yeah, shade. Is this your car? Yeah, my car.

Do you look after it like woman, you know? It's my boyfriend. Oh. It's your boyfriend. Oh. Say no more. OK, thank you very much. Bye! This actual cruise book you in these trips, they book you on one of these amazing cars. So I've booked myself in! Come on, let's go and have a ride! Oh, wow! Look at this! Is this for me? Yes, this is just for you! Wow! Oh, look at this! I'm going round Cuba in this! Oh, that's like... Hello. Are you the driver? Yeah, I'm the driver. Oh, hello!

My name is Alexis. Nice to meet you. Alex. Alex. Yeah, you can call me Alex. Are you married? Er, not yet. Not yet. Whoo!

Whoo-hoo! OK. I feel like a film star! It's great, isn't it? I'm so happy! And you're lovely! Thank you very much. It's so colourful and the people are so alive and it's great, isn't it? This is Cuba. We love music. Yeah! We laugh all the time. I need to live here! Yes. THEY LAUGH

So, where do these get imported from? How do the cars get here? Mainly through America. Yeah. They came from America before '59. Wow. They've all been here since '59? Yes. The revolution in '59. Yeah. Most of the rich families, they abandoned the island.

Yeah. But, of course, they had to leave the cars here. And there's a lot! We don't know the number exactly, but many. Many. All over Cuba. Mainly Havana, but all over Cuba. Wow. These cars, a few years ago, nobody wants it. No. Maybe you can buy it for 2,000, 3,000. Right now, 15,000. Wow. 30,000. Wow.

This part of the old Havana is called Centro Habana. Centro Habana. Yes. The colours are so vibrant, aren't they? Yeah. It's a Caribbean island, we love yellow, orange... Coral, pinks, everything. All I need now is a cigar. Oh, my God. And a glass of rum.

You tell me and we can go to the place. Ohh. Thank you! Gracias. Cheers. Salut. Salut. Whoa! That's like boom in my mouth! That is so good! I'm jealous. THEY LAUGH Poor boy. He cannot drink. It's hot, it's sticky, it's fantastic, it's Havana, baby! THEY CHEER This reminds me of my very first ship I did years ago.

It's typical old-fashioned cruising and I've loved every minute of the charm of it, with the amazing staff, the family-like atmosphere, the fun, and this takes me back to the love affair that I have with cruising. I feel like I've been in a musical all week. Everywhere you went, there was a beat, there was a beat of music, and it was like the heartbeat of Cuba. Cuba is passionate, erotic, sexy... ..addictive. And you know what? I wanna come back.

CUBAN MUSIC # Cuba # Quiero bailar la salsa # You dance to the music like nobody does # The first time I saw you # I knew it was love # Cuba # Quiero bailar la salsa # Cuba # Quiero bailar la salsa # My heart is on fire # The night is divine # My only desire # Is making you mine # You're the one # That I want # You're the one # Yes, you are # Cuba # Quiero bailar la salsa # Cuba # Quiero bailar la salsa # When you're in motion # You seem not to care # You hid your emotions # Your joy, your despair # You're the one # That I want # You're the one # Yes, you are # Cuba # Quiero bailar la salsa # Cuba # What? Subtitles by Ericsson

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