CSUN Commencement 2018: Health & Human Development II

CSUN Commencement 2018: Health & Human Development II

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Oh. You. I. Think. We saved the best commencement, ceremony for last right. Good. Evening my. Name is William Watkins vice president, for student affairs and, Dean of Students, and it's, my honor to declare the, opening of the California, State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony for the College of Health and Human Development I. Ask. That you all now please rise and remain standing while. The CSUN, jazz a, band under. The direction of, Professor, Matt Harris plays, the national anthem accompanied, by Andrew, Crabtree. Whoa. Oh. What's the prize. On. The, road. Go. Home. Thank. You, thank. You and be seated and. Thank. You Andrew, for that wonderful rendition and, how about a cheer for signers. Here who signed. The national anthem. Celebrating. This occasion today. And seated on the platform are. Members, of the. President's extended. Cabinet. Also. For. The college dean, Farrow Webb and. Associate. Dean Marilyn. Fill back. Department. Chairs. Costantino. Argentinos. From. Kinesiology. I figured. You'd have something to say. Rosine. Ditto billion from nursing. Jhana. Billing from physical, therapy. Michele, best from recreation, and tourism management. In. Addition. Faculty. President Adam, Swenson. CSU. Student trustee George Reyes Salinas. Associated. Students president Jonathan. Goldenberg, and CSUN. Alumnus, Steve Goldman. Are joining us as special, guests on the platform. Also. Joining us in the audience is, special guests dr.. Sylvia Oliver provost, and vice president at, Cal, Poly Pomona and former. Dean of the College of Health and Human Development. Of. All the members of the platform party and special guests please rise including, our president of our Alumni Association. Cindy chair now would you all now please rise and be recognized. Thank. You and. Now I present to you our president, dr. Dianne F Harrison. Thank. You vice president, Watkins, and my, thanks too to, Professor. Matt Harris, the Jazz a band and, Andrew, Crabtree. For that beautiful performance, good. Evening everyone, as. President, of this university, it is my distinct, honor to, welcome you to the 2018, California.

State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony, for the 2017. And 2018, graduates. Of the College of Health and Human Development on. Behalf, of CSUN's, distinguished. Faculty, and staff I, congratulate. The graduates, being honored, here tonight, I. Want. To talk to you very briefly about. Making, a positive impact, in the world despite. The inevitable ups, and downs Winston. Churchill said, success. Is not final failure. Is. Not fatal, it. Is the courage to continue that, counts. You. May have experienced. Challenges. During, your time here at CSUN, whether it was in a course or outside, of class, through. It all however you persevered. Working. During the hard times to. Achieve success. And look. Where you are today. Now. I ask you to reflect on that as you move into the next phase of your life, your. CSUN, education. Has, done more than taught, you work, skills, and the. Expertise, of a particular major, it. Has taught you how to think, critically to, evaluate. Processes. Make, improvements. Whatever. Your degree your major your background, you. Have the ability, to innovate and, create, change I. Know. That, like so many CSUN, alumni, before, you you, will be innovators. Taking. The initiative to change things for the better. In your profession, in your communities, and in the world, dream. Big and act bold. Allow. Me to thank the faculty and staff who share in the pride of your achievements. They, played a significant. Role in supporting. Your success and their, efforts, to advance student, excellence. Advancing. Our understanding, of the world through their cutting edge research and, the. University's, mission, make. Them the heart of the University. But. Our outstanding. Faculty and staff, cannot. Do their jobs without, sufficient, funding. Governor. Brown's revised, 2018-19. State, budget, proposal released. Last week still. Leaves the CSU. 171. Million, dollars below, the amount we see to, sustain our operating, funds. Academic. Excellence, students. Support critical. Business, and, community, partnerships, are, all, in jeopardy I take. This opportunity to. Ask each of you to, please, join, me in appealing. To our state lawmakers. To make CSU. Full. Funding a priority. For, 2018, and, 19. Graduates. Much. Of your experiences. Here have been shaped by the generosity of, alumni, who preceded. You they. Have supported, scholarships. Enhance. Programs. Improve. The campus facilities for. Your benefit. This. Year it was tremendous. To, see more than six thousand, three hundred and ninety of our, graduating, seniors, contribute. To the senior class gift and, we, thank you very much, for doing so thank, you. And, finally. I want to acknowledge the valuable. Support of your families, and friends, they've, provided love, sacrifice. And. Encouragement, to assure your, success, to. The parents, families. And friends here. Today the. University, community and I thank, you for, entrusting the, minds and the futures, of, your, CSUN, graduate, with, us, we. Salute, you, and we ask that you now stand for a well-deserved round, of applause. Families. Stand. Up. Families. Friends, stand up. We're. Saluting you. There. You go. Consider. That our seventh-inning. Stretch. And. Now. Please, join me, in congratulating, our. 2017-18. Graduates. I. Would. Now like to invite Edwin. Ocampo. Graduate. From. The college to address the graduating, class and guess. Very. Adaptable. Thank. You so much. Thank. You president, Harrison for the lovely introduction as, well as, I'd like to thank the entire hhc, faculty, for giving me the opportunity to speak up here one last time in front of my peers so, thank y'all I. Also. Would, like to take the time to apologize, to my parents and my family for. Not letting them know that I was going to be speaking up here today. Hi. Voilá. Alright, and to the entire class of 2018. Wash, popping, Oh. Check. Y'all out looking cooler than a polar, bears toenails I tell ya. Take. A nice deep breath, look. Around you I love you too look around you, now. Really look around you and really just take it all in, this. Is our day, this. Is what we worked so hard for. Graduation. Marks. The end of the journey for most of us but let us not forget that, it is also a day of celebration, for, those who have vigorously, supported us, so ensure that we are standing here today. This. One is, for the friends who. Studied alongside us, till 4:30 in the morning when the Sun was coming up and the birds were chirping the. Same friends, who spotted you for food because they knew that you weren't getting your paycheck until next week. They. Say that a person's, character is the, product of the best values, of our closest friends and for.

That We, celebrate you today. This. One's for the little brothers sisters, nieces nephews little, cousins who we had a watch girl up on snapchat because we were here pursuing, our degree. We. Will make, up that last sign of them and we will continue. To be an inspiration, for them to pursue their dreams in the future we, celebrate, you today. Finally. Aw shucks. Finally. This. One's for our parents. Whose. Dream, take. It all in. This. One's for our parents whose. Dream. Of us wearing our caps and gowns today got them through working long hard shifts. At work and for, some gave. Them the strengths across borders. You. Know we grew up so much in college only to realize that we're. Very similar to our parents, but with, a new type of skills. Skills. Like, being bilingual from. Years of being our immigrant parents translators. Skills. Like treating, gardeners, and housekeepers, the same respect as you would the CEO of Apple or Microsoft. And. Skills. Like. Speaking out for what you believe in even if, your voice shakes and you're scared. And. For that we. Celebrate you today mom and dad decided, almost sowing my paw. Years. Ago we. First set foot on this campus not, knowing that we were gonna call it our home. Months. Ago we posted our last. First day of college pictures, on Instagram. Weeks. Ago we click Submit on canvas, for, the very last time some of us in Club OVR right behind me but. Today. Today. We are graduates. Hungrier. And wiser than the day we first stepped foot on this campus but I, assure you today. That's. A day tomorrow. And forever. On, we. Are what's the matador. What's. The matador. One. Last time let me hear it what's the matador. Thank. You and God bless shout out miss TSM. Edwin. That was great. Thank. You and. Congratulations. To you. The. College of Health and Human Development would, like to give special recognition to. Those students, who have demonstrated outstanding. Scholarship, and. Other, special, achievements. While at the University, these. Students, may be identified by.

The Honors medallions. The cords and the sashes they, are wearing, will. Those students, who are graduating with academic or, other special, honors, please, rise and receive our applause. Thank. You and be seated I. Would. Like to remind all of us. That. Every single one of our graduates, here today whether. They are honor students. Matador. Rising, scholars, those. Who are graduating, regardless. Of how long it took. Regardless. Of your GPA. You. Made it enough to get here. So. In my view you're, all winners and you have achieved a, life-altering. Milestone. Your. Families, are proud we're. Proud of you and you should be very proud of yourselves, as well, at. This time I'm inviting, dr., ferral Webb Dean, of the College of Health and Human Development to. The podium to highlight three students, who are deserving of additional, recognition and who, serve as examples, of the excellence, in the, extraordinary. Achievement. That can be found among, csun's, very, accomplished. Student, body. Thank. You dr. Harrison um, I'd also like to introduce one, platform party member who was missed dr.. Liu Rubino, chair, of Health Sciences. It's. My great pleasure to present to you today four, extraordinary, students. Who deserve additional, recognition, students. Please rise when I call your name and, remain standing, on, while, I speak briefly about your accomplishments. Adela. Katz. The. Wolfson. Scholar is, offered, every year to a CSUN, student, who shows exceptional. Academic record, and significant. Contributions. To, CSUN, or to the community through, Coe and extracurricular. Activities, Adela. Cats is, the, Wolfson scholar nominee. From the College of Health and Human Development the. Dalla graduates, tonight with her Bachelors, of Science and Health Administration as, was. Most Wolfson. Scholars. She. Has been engaged in so many things that only highlight, one example of, her exceptional volunteer, service, Adela. Arranged, a bone marrow drive on campus, partnering. With the Be The Match from, the City of Hope hospital nearly. 100. Donors signed, up because. Of her efforts Adal, offered, an intern was offered an internship at, the city of hope to assist, health care educators, and, conduct community outreach. Across Southern, California. Since. Her arrival here at CSUN, in 2014. Adela. Has made the Dean's List every semester. She. Is a recipient of the judge Julian Beck, outstanding. Health science senior scholarship, and the, CSUN, Honor Roll and tonight, she graduates, summa. Laude with a perfect, 4.0. GPA. Congratulations. You guys. Tracy. Henderson. Where. Are you Tracy wave. To me there you go okay good. Tracy, Henderson is graduating, magna. Laude with a Bachelor of Science in radiologic sciences. This evening since, coming to CSUN, she, has maintained, a 3.9. GPA. She. Has volunteered throughout, the Antelope Valley medical. Facilities assisting, nurses, respiratory, therapists. And radiologic. Technicians, her. Activities, include, participating. In an ultrasound, workshop, at UCLA. And presenting. Her work at professional, conferences, her, academic, poster entitled. Contrast-enhanced. Digital. Breast tomosynthesis. Won. First place at. The National Conference for educators, last year this. Was the first time a CSUN. Radiologic, science students, per student, won this award a, few. Days after, coming home her, health began to decline she. Was hospitalized. And diagnosed. With Juliana. A syndrome, an autoimmune. Disorder as a. Result, of her condition she became unable, to move eat. Or for. A time even breathe on her own but. Thanks, for the teams of speech. Occupational. Physical, and, recreational. Therapists, the, same groups of professionals she wants volunteered, to help Tracy. Is back. She. Is focused, on family, helping. Her grandmother, and a senior living facility she. Graduates, tonight with a hard-won, education, a degree, to be proud of and a desire to make life better for others, congratulations. Tracy. Erica. Burke. Okay. There she is, Erica. Graduated summa laude with, her, Bachelors of Science and kinesiology, emphasis, and dance she. Maintains, a 4.0. Grade point average, and has been recognized, by a variety of honor societies. Before. Coming to CSUN, and after, facing, a cascade. Of traumatic life events, Erica strengthened, her resolve to help others she, pursued her degree in nursing when, her son was very young but, when her husband passed away and, eating family more than ever Erica.

And Her son moved across country to, California, for. A brand-new, life with. Her parents helping to restore balance into her life she, has been able to support, herself and, her, son after. Obtaining an associate's degree, in general education for, the biological and physical sciences she. Volunteered, in dance therapy for children with, Down syndrome, later, becoming, a certified therapist. Educator, she. Came to CSUN, to research, the, psycho. Physiological. Stress, effects. Of stress as well as the biomechanical. And physiological, responses. To fatigue on performing, artists, athletes. And people with functional disabilities. And, functional, disorders, something. She has done successfully, erica. Plans to begin CSUN's master's, degree program in kinesiology, to further her research along, with her mentoring faculty, congratulations. Erica. Christopher. Rogers. Hilarious. Okay. Graduating. With a master's, in public health degree this evening Christopher Rogers is one, of two recipients. Of the, CSUN. 2018. Distinguished. Thesis. Project. Competition, Awards his, project, is titled does, health behavior, theory predict, compliance, with emergency, notification, messages, among, college, students, I am. Happy to report that it does and, it also increases the effective, reach of CSUN's emergency, notifications, it, Taylor's messaging, so that confusion, decreases. Clarity. Increases, and lives, are saved the. Results of his research are, poised to serve as a model for other campuses, to follow, congratulations. Christopher, and thank you. Dean. Web is now going to present, the, candidates, for the doctoral degree. Will. The candidates, for the doctoral to please rise. Okay. It's. Just a beach ball okay. President. Harrison from, the College of Health and Human Development I present, the candidates for the Doctor of Physical Therapy, these. Candidates, have completed the, requirements for the doctoral degree is prescribed by the state of California, and the trustees of, the, California State University and. They have been recommended, by the Faculty, of California State, University Northridge. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the authority vested, in, me by the Board of Trustees I confer upon, you the. Degree of Doctor. Of Physical, Therapy, with. All of the rights honors, and, responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. Doctors. And. Please be seated. It's. Now my pleasure to introduce dr.. Ely. Provost, who will present the candidates, for the master's, degree. Thank. You president, Harrison, there. Are four disciplines represented, by. The graduates. In this ceremony today, they, are from the department's. Of, assistive. Technology. Health, sciences. Kinesiology. And Recreation. And. Tourist, management. Where. All the candidates, for the Master degree from the College of Health and, Human. Development please. Rise, and remain. Standing. President. Harrison, I have. The honor of presenting to, you the. Graduate, class of, 2018. These. Candidates, have completed the, requirements, for the, master degree as prescribed, by the state of California, and the, trustees of, California. State University, they. Have been recommended, by the Faculty, of California State, University. Northridge. Candidates. Please remain standing as President, Harrison confers. The master's degree. Upon, you. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the, authority vested, in, me by, the Board of Trustees I. Confer upon, you the. Degree of Master, of, Public Health Master. Of. Science and, assistive, technology, studies and Human Services. Master. Of Science and, Health, Administration. Master. Of Science in, kinesiology. Master. Of science and tourism, hospitality, and. Recreation. Management. With, all of the rights honors, and, responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. And. Please be seated. Now. I will ask Dean Webb to return to present the candidates, for the baccalaureate degrees. There. Are four disciplines represented by, the graduates, in this ceremony today they, are from the departments of Health, Sciences. Kinesiology. Nursing. And recreation. And tourism management. That's. Silly ball okay. We'll. All the candidates. Okay. Students. Let's try this one more time will. All the candidates, for the baccalaureate degree, from. The College of Health and Human Development please. Rise and remain standing. President. Harrison I have the honor of presenting to you the. Undergraduate, class of 2018. These, candidates, have completed the, requirements for the baccalaureate degree. As prescribed. By the state of California, and the trustees of, the California, State University and. They have been recommended for. The degrees by, the Faculty of California State University and.

Northridge. Upon. The recommendation, of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the authority vested, in, me by the Board of Trustees I confer, upon. You the, degree of Bachelor. Of Science, and athletic, training. Bachelor. Of Science. And Health Administration. Bachelor. Of Science, in kinesiology. Bachelor. Of Science, and nursing. Bachelor. Of Science, and public health. Bachelor. Of Science. And radiological. Sciences, and. The, Bachelor of Science, and tourism, hospitality and. Recreation. Management. With. All of the rights honors, and opportunities. Pertaining. Thereto. Congratulations. And please. Be seated. Members. Of the platform party and, department, chairs will, now offer congratulations to. Degree recipients. I ask. That the degree recipients, please move to the platform as, directed, by the marshals please. Come forward as your name is read you, will be congratulated. By a member of the platform, party and receive, your diploma cover and, certificate, afterwards. Please return to your seats as directed by the marshals, commencement. Staff and Usher's I also. Ask that guess help. So that we may proceed in an orderly manner. We. Remind, you that the aisles must be kept open and you're asked to stay in your seats until the end of the ceremony a respect, for our graduates, and the safety of our guests. Noisemakers. Are not permitted. Finally. In our respect, for your fellow graduates, all graduates. Will remain throughout, the entire ceremony until all degree recipients, have been recognized. Okay. And. Now, reading the names for the Department of assistive technology studies and Human Services. Ashley. Murtha Laura. Nemeth. Justin. Vivar, Kristin. Godfrey. Row. Lane James, and, now. Reading the names for the Department of Physical. Therapy. Veronica. Gannon. Erik, Hassan, Jillian. Gianni. Devin. Golf. Dolores. Fe, Jilly. Lewis Watkins. Jeanine, and McDowell. Kenneth. Gardner. Jim. Sue. Scott. Myers. Justin. Fung. Jesse. Clem ik Stacey. Joy, rod. Young. Alexis. Crystal, Heredia. Brianna. Martin. Ileana. Scott Gregerson. Sun, woo Demi. Victoria, de guiya. él. Nos khalili. Catherine. Lazaro's saliba, and. Now. Reading the name for the Department of kinesiology. Lino. Perez Cuevas, histoires. Oh Alvarado. Brenda. Maneras. Jolie, panchetta. Shane. Dan belly. Elizabeth. - Rose Ian Robert. Graves. Ashley. Paige. Jane. Let's Chaman island. Takuto. Fuji. Cynthia. Rody, Michael. Owen's. Stephanie. Booker. Kyle. Christopher, Gary. Crystal. Ooh Alvarez. Ines. Bean. Christian. Garcia. Arthur. Okun Sen. John's. Suraj, Ian, Wesley. Daniel, could say the third, Yahoo. De cachet nian. Adriana. Are gone. Bruce. Cameron, Neil the fourth, Justin. Arevalo. De. La al muted. Rihanna. Avon Rocha. Bianca. That below modest. Jessa, rejoice, Garcia. Avi. Gerty Prem a Jose. Landon. Katy. Gomberg. John. Miller. Armando. Valencia. Kenny. Can lien. Trisha. Pulu good crystal. Gomez, Edwin. Ramos, Megan. Cooper. Debbie. Darden. Crystal. Castro. Jonathan. De Belen rice. Carson. Fenwick. Heian. Jung Chang. Re. Batum. Stephanie. Casanova. Nasim. Came our. Kelly. Kelly pure. RP. Become iam. Eric. Wicker. Ryan. Katsuyama. Hong. Hong. Christopher. DIAC. Brushes. Faith Salazar. Steve. Guzman. Harrison. Tang. Jason. Chu. Daniel. Yemen. Sefar. Colony. Ryan. Tang Hall. Nathan. May. Jeffrey. Tolentino. Christopher. Suarez. Kimberly. Knock Fung. Haut-brion. Vinson, rung sorrow. Cynthia. Antenna. Alejandra. Ida Jimenez. D. Kron Garbett. Marco. Antonio Tapia, Ramirez. Jennifer. Lentz Christina. Garcia. Kimberly. Bermudez. Leslie. Gary animo. Danielle. Jenkins. Adam. Guerrero. Stephanie. Kuchar. Danielle. Oh rock. Carl. Muttering. Victor. Caban say. Jamison. Body Daniel. Padilla Vega. Irene's. Zita Mendoza, mark. Andrew, Moreno. Joshua. As Ali. Haku. Catarrian. Azir. Rio Tudor. Santiago. Torres. Giovanni. Sanchez, Trujillo. Myra. Matt de Haan Oh. Andrew. Velka floor. Belen. Siga Sally. Mark. Arceo. Andres. Cordeen. Adam.

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All Recipients. Of the baccalaureate degree. Move the tassel, to, the left. And, now I ask, all, of our, graduates. To please rise, doctoral, masters and. Baccalaureate. And. Here's my send-off message, go out into the world accomplish. Great things and, come back and tell us about them so we can brag about you. Help. The students, who come after you understand, and appreciate the importance. That they can make in the world to. Officially, close this ceremony I, ask that all of the faculty, staff and CSUN, alumni, rise for, our university. Alma mater hail. To the Matadors under. The musical direction of, Matt Harris the, Jazz a band and, sung, by Andrew, Crabtree, the. Alma mater is in the back of your commencement, program should. You need to follow along, but. I assume, most. Of you know all of the words. After. The alma mater has, concluded, please. Remain, in your seats until the platform party. And faculty, have, recessed, we. Ask that all parents and, guests please remain seated until the end of the recessional, after. Which time you are welcomed to a reception. Being held in honor, of our graduates, in the, juniper Hall patio. Again. Thank. You congratulations. And. Once. A matador. Always. At Matador.

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