CSUN Commencement 2019: College of Health and Human Development

CSUN Commencement 2019: College of Health and Human Development

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Well. Good evening. This. Is the last commencement ceremony. For this. Season. And. I. Bet you think we saved the best for last right. My. Name is William Watkins vice president, for student affairs and Dean of Students, it is, my great. Privilege to declare, the opening of, the California, State University Northridge. Commencement, ceremony for the College of Health and Human Development I. Ask. That you all now please rise and remain standing as the, Jazz a band under. The direction of, Professor, Scott whitfill, plays. The national anthem. Our. Vocalist, is Merced Stratton, and before. You are CSUN. Students, who will perform. The national anthem using, American, Sign Language. Whose, brats, rides. You. Thank. You and be seated. How. About another cheer from her said Stratton. Celebrating. This occasion with. Us this evening and seated on the platform are. Members. Of the president's extended. Cabinet, also. For. The College of Health and Human Development we. Have Dean dr., phero Webb, associate. Dean dr., Dmitry Tomales, and. Department. Chairs dr.. Liu Rubino for Health Sciences. Dr.. Konstantinos, Rajesh, Tino's for, kinesiology. Dr.. Rebecca child for nursing. Dr.. Jana beelin for physical, therapy. And. Dr.. Michele best for recreation, and tourism management. In. Addition faculty. President Mary Pat Stein and your, Associated, Students president Beverly. In Tago are with, us. Along. With CSUN, alumnus, Jack Scott. I. Ask. That now all of the members of the platform party please, rise, and be recognized. Thank. You and now, it's my great privilege to present to you our president, dr., Dianne Harrison. Thank. You Vice President Watkins, good evening everyone as, president. Of this university, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the 2019. California. State University commencement. Ceremony. For the 2018-2019. Graduates. Of the College of Health and Human Development, on. Behalf of CSUN's distinguished. Faculty, and staff I congratulate. The graduates, being honored, here today. You. Challenged, yourselves, to hone your creativity.

Develop. A sense of teamwork and, solve, complex, problems and, become. A critical, thinker, I know. The path to this day wasn't. Always easy. Long. Days late, nights became, routine, for you but. You expanded, your worldview, and, built, friendships, with other Matadors, who shared your interests, your, struggles, and your ambitions. Through. It all you. Learn to love learning. Each. Of you made a commitment, to educate, yourself and, in, advancing, yourself through, education. You. Will advance your families, your communities and. Your chosen field you. Are Trailblazers, and your leaders, as. Leaders. I, encourage. You to become true, global. Citizens, of course. You care about your home in Los, Angeles, but. You must keep up with the rapidly, changing world, and this. Means that you more, than any other graduating. Class so. Far must. Become, lifelong, learners. Nelson. Mandela told the truth when, he said education, is. The most powerful weapon, which. You can use to change the world I hope. That as you carry on as leaders of your communities, and fields. You, will continue to educate yourself not. Just to develop the necessary, for, economic, success, but. Also to sharpen, your understanding. Of and relevance. In this evolving, world. You. Will be in careers, in your life that. Do not yet exist. We. Will depend, on you to create, to. Innovate and, to solve our global, challenges. Including. Immigration. Solutions. Climate. Change. Artificial. And adaptive, technologies. And yes. Even world, peace and, challenges, not yet known as we. Are here today together. We. Will depend on you when. You return, or. Whether you return to CSUN for another degree or a certificate program. Or attend another University. Today's. World is about continuous. Learning and discovery. We. Are not celebrating. Tonight. The end of your learning, but. Rather we, celebrate, the skills, that you have mastered. To. Educate, yourselves, throughout, life. Allow. Me now to thank, the, faculty and staff who share in the pride of your achievements, they, play a significant. Role in, supporting. Your success and, are truly the heart of the university, and. Graduates. Much, of your experience, was shaped by the generosity, of, CSUN, alumni. Who. Supported, scholarships. Enhance, programs and, improve, facilities. For your benefit, and this. Year it was tremendous. To see more than. 6100. Of our graduates, and, Counting. Proudly. Following, our alumni, example, by, contributing, to the senior class gift so. We thank you very much for that. To. All of our dedicated faculty and staff and most, importantly. To. The parents, and family members who are who, have helped our graduates, reach, this tremendous, achievement, today. Is your special, day as well these. Students, would never have made it without you. Families. Of our graduates, please, stand now. For a well-deserved round, of applause. Families. Please stand. And. Now please join me in congratulating our. 2018-2019. Graduates. I. Would. Now like to invite Dalton. Pena, undergraduate. Student, from the department. From. The Department. Of Health Sciences. To address. The graduating, class and our guests. Thank. You president, Harrison I also want, to thank my family. The. Faculty, and, all. Of you my fellow students, who have, made my college experience. Something. More incredible, than I ever would have thought imaginable I. Believe. It is important, now that we take a moment to reflect briefly on the past. Most. Of you probably. We're. Told you should go to college, some. Of you said. You know what I think college is a good idea and a. Few of you are here, despite, people telling you you can't. Whatever. The reason, you made it and here. We are. This. This. Part of life's journey is over, and soon. We'll move on as we. Set out into the world with. The culmination of our, talents, and skills. Changes. Upon us. Change. Is the one thing that we truly know. Will. Always be there. I've. Worked in various industries, and, in, different capacities both. As a worker and as, a manager and if. There were one thing that I could pinpoint that, has made the biggest influence, on my life it has, been to embrace change and become. A change agent. Most. Recently, when my home burned and my neighbor died from the fire that, in the excitement, that. Occurred. In the fall of this last year it. Was, my biggest semester, 18, units and I. Was. Dealing with the displacement of my family, and, trying. To, get. Everybody adjusted. Despite. The obstacles I, ended, that semester, with five A's and a c-plus. Thank. You now some, might say five. A's oh that's really great others. Would say that C+, really sucks. Now. For me I said that, C+ doesn't define me that. C+, inspired. Me to. Set even higher goals for. Myself after, graduation.

Then. I originally, had planned. Someone. Once said whether. You think you can or you, think you can't you're. Absolutely, right as, a. Track jumps coach at a local high school I find myself sharing, this concept, often with the kids, high. Jumpers, for. Example, need to reach up arch, their back and go over the bar to land safely on the other side, the. Coach they say it's hard and. I say yep it is. But. So, was walking yet, here, we are. So. You have a choice, you. Can either consider it hard or, get. On two feet and start walking. Now. Yes. There have been and will be times when obstacles, may seem difficult, or, impossible and. Maybe, leave us a little apprehensive, to move forward but. Imagine for a moment driving. Down the street looking, in the rearview mirror how. Long would it take before you, got into an accident or, drove off the road so. Why then do we do this where's our lives. Let's. Learn from the movie The, Lion King and the. Words of. Rafiki. Wise. Philosopher. Now. Rafiki, hits symbol, on the head and symbol. Says what was that for to. Wish for fie career prize it, doesn't matter it's in the past. Now. I'm not implying that, we should not look at the past for reference but. That should not be our, primary. Focus, our. Purpose. Should be so much greater than the limitations, of our past. Is. There a greater purpose than pushing. Through boundaries, and opening, doors for others so that they might walk through as well, my. Hope for each one, of you is to, remember. That. And, fuel, that fire within you. Getting. Older. Is inevitable, but. It is your perceptions. That. Will dictate your. Choices and determine. How, your life's experiences. Will be. Life. Is after all this miraculous, thing but. How will you come to know that if you never journey out and never. Explore, it. In. Closing, I'd like to add this one thing, life. Is what happens to you at the. End of your comfort zone and, challenge. You to. Be clear about your goals, be. Purposeful. About your actions and be. Driven to succeed and, know. That, falling, down is part of the journey. And when, it's all over you can look at yourself and be proud of who you become. Class. Of 2019. This. Part of our journey, together. Is over, but. I look forward to meeting you in the field. Congratulations. To. You the future leaders and shapers. Of healthcare. Thank. You very much. One. Last thing. Remember. Once. The matador always. The matador. Wow. I. Could. Hire you as a speechwriter. Excellent. Thank you for your sentiments, and congratulations. To, you as well the. College of Health and Human Development would, like to give special recognition to. Those students, who have demonstrated outstanding, scholarship. And. Other, special, achievements, while at the University, these. Students, may be identified by. The honors. By. The honors. Medallions. The cords and sashes that, they are wearing will. Those students, who are graduating with, honors and, other, special. Achievements. Please rise and receive our applause. Thank. You and please be seated. At. This time I would like to invite dr. phero Webb Dean, of the college to, the podium to highlight three students, who are deserving, of additional, recognition and, who, serve as examples, of the excellence, and extraordinary.

Achievement. That can be found among csun's, accomplished. Student, body. Thank. You president Harrison, good, evening it is my great pleasure to present to you today three. Extraordinary, students. Who, deserve additional, recognition. Students. Please rise when I call your name and, remain standing, while I speak briefly about your accomplishments. Carrie. Campbell, right. Thank. You okay. Carrie. Campbell right graduates, today, laude, with. A Bachelor of, Science in kinesiology he. Is a recipient of unit university's, outstanding. Graduating, senior, award. Mr.. Campbell Wright is a citizen. Of the University, and a, student leader for our College, having, served as a student senator most. Recently, he was a student representative on an executive, search committee and his thoughtfulness, ensure that student, perspectives, would be clear, and in this important, process mr.. Campbell Wright is a generous, in sharing his time and his, talents, he, has volunteered, on a variety of projects, included. But not limited to the following the. Department, of Africana Studies is, a tutor, serving. As a liaison for both Black History Month in black graduation. In the, center for achievement, through, adaptive physical activity, and the Brown Center working, as to improve the health and well-being of people with disabilities, the. CSUN, food pantry, as a panel, member for the high school to, college transition, program feeding. Homeless, families, during the holiday season, and even. Look, around you for, commencement. His. Academic, performance has, been consistent. Steady. And not without obstacles. His. Character. Intelligence, and good, nature have served him well and, CSUN. As well. Congratulations. Carly. Stephen, Vautrin. Thank. You Stephen. Patron is receiving, his master's in public health this evening through the Department, of Health Sciences, his, academic, focus, is applied, epidemiology, and, in, his work he focuses, on ways to prevent health related problems from. Farming, from, forming and individuals, and communities, through. The course of his master's, program where, he earned a perfect 4.0. GPA, mr.. Varon has become a published, researcher, working, with a team of CSUN, faculty graduate. Students and colleagues from other universities, to help children, who are growing up in families, where a family member is incarcerated. His. Data has shown that these children are at greater risk for negative effects, on their, future emotional, and psychological well-being. Including. Risk for substance abuse and mental health issues in later life, because.

Of His painstaking. Level of detail and dedication, to the facts his, work can, pave the way to, a brighter future for children and families where a car serration, has played a role a student. Who quickly became known around the department for his willingness to tutor, other students, or, just lend a hand when, biostatistics. Became unwieldly, mr.. Patron soon demonstrated. That his conscientiousness. Intellect. And willingness, to assume, leadership would, lead to the finding ways to help our communities, flourish now, and in the years to come congratulations. Stephen. Jinna. Gould. Graduating. With a doctor, in physical, therapy degree. Today is Miss Jenna Gould a. 2018. Recipient. Of the, Roy and Roxy Campanella, LA. Dodgers, scholarship, miss, Gould has made it a priority to engage colleagues, and community as, president. Of the CSUN physical, therapy Club she, coordinated, outreach, with local schools and, brought guest speakers to campus she. Volunteered, for the exercise, community, living, in prosthetics, and supporting. Everyone known. As Eclipse, and attended. Professional, conferences, her. Initiation. Of a. Student-run, physical, therapy, pro bono clinic, established. A trial partnership, with, the UCLA, mobile, medical clinic, to provide physical, therapy, services to, those in need including. The, homeless. She, later co presented, a research, poster, at a professional, conference she. Is also world, late last. Year she traveled with the seats at CSUN, physical, therapy, to Vietnam, to, research physical, therapy standards, at, a campus, in Danang in. Her work with patients at, a rehabilitation hospital, here, she, discovered, her interests, in neurological, disorders. She, will intern, at, a balance. And vestibular, clinic, this summer and is, currently working with a patient, who has had spinal, cord injury, a mentor. Through the CSUN Camino, program. MS, goal finds, something to value everywhere, she goes she, even, volunteers, for food forward donating. Surplus, proteins, to local food banks, congratulations. Jenna. Pretty. Impressive, isn't it. Let. Me remind all of us here, that, every, single one of our, graduates. Whether. They are honor students. Matador. Rising, scholars, those. Who are graduating. Regardless. Of how long it took you to get here or what. Your GPA, was. You. Actually are all successful, and you. Are here, and you have achieved a. Milestone. In. Your lives, by. Graduating. With a degree so. Our congratulations, we're, very proud of you your families, are proud of you and you should be very proud of yourself, everyone, here tonight. And. Now. Dean, Webb will. Present, the candidates, for the doctoral degree. I ask. All the candidates for the doctoral to please rise. President. Harrison, from, the College of Health and Human Development I present, the candidates for the Doctor of Physical, Therapy, these. Candidates, have completed the, requirements for, the doctoral degree as prescribed. By the state of California, and the trustees of. The California State University and. They have been recommended by the Faculty, of California, State University Northridge. Please. Continue standing with President Harrison confers, the, doctoral degree upon you. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the, authority vested, in, me by the Board of Trustees I confer upon, you the. Degree of Doctor, of Physical, Therapy, with. All of the rights the, honors and the responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulation. Doctors. And. Please be seated. It's. My pleasure to introduce dr. Stella. Thea dulu interim, provost, who will now present the candidates, for the master's, degree. President. Harrison, there, are three disciplines, represented by. The graduates, for the master's, degree in this ceremony tonight, they. Are from the departments of Health Sciences. Keene, geology. And, recreation. And tourism management I, asked.

That All candidates. For the master's, degree from, the College of Health and Human Development please. Rise and, remain, standing. President. Harrison, I have. The honor of presenting, to, you the. Graduate class of 2019. These. Candidates. Have completed the, requirements for, the master's degree. As prescribed. By the state of California. And the trustees of, the California, State University. And. They have been recommended by the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. Candidates. Please, continue, standing as President. Harrison confers. The master's degree. Upon you. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the authority vested, in, me by the Board of Trustees I. Confer upon. You the. Degree of Master, of, Public Health. Master. Of Science and, Health Administration. Master. Of Science in kinesiology. Master. Of Science in tourism, hospitality and. Recreation. Management. With. All of the rights the, honors and the responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. And. Please be seated I. Now. Ask Dean Webb to return, to. Now present, the candidates, for the baccalaureate degree. President. Harrison. There. Are four distinct. Disciplines represented by, the graduates, in the ceremony, today they. Are from the departments of Health Sciences. Kinesiology. Nursing. And, recreation. And tourism management I. Ask. That all candidates, for the baccalaureate degrees, in the College of Health and Human Development please. Rise and remain standing. President. Harrison, I have the honor of presenting to you the graduating, class of, 2019. These. Candidates, have completed the, requirements for the baccalaureate degree. As prescribed, by the state of California, and the trustees of, the California State University they. Have been recommended for, their, degrees by the Faculty of, California State, University, Northridge. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the authority vested, in, me by, the Board of Trustees I confer upon, you the, degree of Bachelor, of Science, and athletic, training. Bachelor. Of Science, and Health Administration. Bachelor. Of Science, in kinesiology. Bachelor. Of Science, in Nursing. Bachelor. Of Science, in public health. Bachelor. Of Science, in radiologic. Sciences. And. The, Bachelor of Science, in tourism, hospitality and. Recreation. Management. With. All of the rights honors. And opportunities, pertaining. Thereto. Congratulations. And please be seated. Members. Of the platform party, and department, chairs will now offer congratulations, to. Degree recipients. I ask. That all degree, recipients. Please, move to the platform as directed, by the marshals, please. Come forward as your name is read, you, will be congratulated. By a member of the platform, party and. Receive. Your diploma cover and certificate. Afterwards. Please return to your seats as directed, by the marshals. Commencement. Staff and Usher's, I ask. That guests please help that we may proceed in an orderly manner we, remind you that the aisles must be kept clear and open. And you're asked to stay in your seats until the, end of the ceremony out, of respect for our graduates, and the safety of guests. Noisemakers. Are not permitted. Okay. Finally. And out, of respect for your fellow graduates, all graduates. Will remain throughout the entire ceremony and so all degree recipients, have been recognized.

Now. Reading names for the Department, of Physical. Therapy. Alexander. Gore called. Hamelin. Bay. Chelsea. Carol. Camille. Fuller. Tara. Oh York. Kristin, hubs. Melissa. Geiger. Monica. Zack. When. See Chuang. Jenna. Gould. Haley. Fisher. Rebecca. Haas. ELISA. Oh sofyan. Christian. Missy. Roberto. Alvarez. Kenneth. Lim. Gaspard. Sebastian. Eric. James Jumeirah, Evan. Police. Gerardo. Mina. Jose. Perez. Now. Reading names for the department of kinesiology. Danica. Marie, tolentino. Andrew. Takia. Daniel. Azaria. Alexander. Alice, is, about. Lormer. Rachel. Abigail. Jennifer. Rape. Melissa. Katherine, elizabeth. Bird. Frances. Warner. Samantha. Durazo. Cindy. Idea, Michael. Weldon. Joshua. Carlos. John. Got, us, Brian. Morales. Maria. Ramirez. Chanwoo. Kimberly. Bissell. Carlos. Gomez. Alvarez. Christopher. Canelo. Richard. Alvarado. Muriel. Tate. Alejandra. Palacios. Aksha. Alex. Michelle. Laura. Jeanette. Sanchez. Karina. Galindo. Maria. Luis Diaz. Nicole. Perez. Sequoia. Fletcher. Taylor. Car. We. Andrew Leigh. Jamison. Ma, josé. Dominguez, Tatum. Garrison. Gomez. Mayor. Bogosian. Oscar. Gonzales. Miguel. Jacobo. Luke. Or Fosse. Roberto. Martinez. Jason. TV. Louise. Ignacio. Gutierrez. Brandon. Matsuda. Tre. Joe same Mary. Aryan, Annina. Berries. Are garyun. Katrina. Petite acapella. Reina. L cyan't. Celeste. Alcala. Valerie. Korea. Eric. Blum. Michael. Kevin, Cajun. Kevin. Goofy. Jacob. John, menisci. On. Ahead. Maz Manian. Vincent. Martinez. Zachariah. Gragas. Earl. Lopez. Christian. Protect, villa visa, Kathy. Reyes. Jonathan. Pryce. Christopher. Lee. Lorena. Gonzales. Christopher. Reyes. Mayan. Rodriguez. Caroline. Pulido. Tonya, Palafox. Emily. Morgan. Arnold. Jaclyn. Zavala. Yves. Katralla. Edgar. Ortega. Erin. Yates. Mary. Johnson. Naomi. Insert, Oh, Kyle. These, truck, Rihanna. Vargas. The. Wiese torrontés. Nicolas. Cervantes. Michele. Giles. Heaven. Ruiz. Xenian. Key. Alex. Jiménez, de la Torre. Ryan. Sloop. Angela. Verduzco. Yasu. Nigosh. Sarkis. Akoya. Dakota. Henry. Anna. Manzo. Mira. Panag wha, Estella. Rodriguez. Cervantes. Maria. Morphin. Lauren. Mitchell. Brian. Karate. Kristina. Coterra z--. Sona. Ho Vance. Annette. When, askin. Oh. Marissa. Hoffman. Hazel. Fatima, Cruz. Zachary. Dare. Frank. Common haver, yawn. Drove usko. Michael. Jacobs. Hurt. Strangler. Diego. Aguilar, Adina. Soledad. Marcus. Travis. Yamasaki. Justin. Velasco. -. Lasagna. -. No Alvarez. Lucia. Mauro. Francisco. Havilah. Connie. Alicorn. Jennifer. Vega Santa, Maria. Jessica. Osman. Lauren. Hernandez. Just. Abou, Cod. Alec. Kurkjian. Harry. Campbell, right. Aaron. Gomes. William. By a. Christian. Cruse. Casius. Hem. Isaiah. Nunez. Samuel. Porter. Lucas. Tim. McKenzie. Babbitt. Savannah. Poor, Beth. Yesterday. Duran. Lair. Or. Her. White. Ellen. Estevez. Ozzie. Allowed, a model. Alejandro. Rojas. Williams. Nieto, Flores. Carlos. Hernandez. Raymond. De, sisse. Hipolito. Tyler. Wang. Gustavo. Is, a moody Oh, David. Valderrama. Brian. Andrews. 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Please Rise. Those. Of you who aren't already. Standing. Up, in. Academic. Tradition, the student, who, has not yet earned a, degree wears. The tassel to, the right of the mortar board when. The degree is conferred the. Scholar, moves, the tassel to, the left and, joins the select company, of the highly educated in. Recognition. Of your new status all. Recipients. Of the baccalaureate degree. Move. Your tassel, to the left. And. Now I ask all of our graduates, to please rise for. Your. Final message go out into the world accomplish. Great things and, come, back and tell us about them so we can brag about you, please. But. Also help, the students, who come after you understand, and appreciate the importance, that, they can make in the world to. Officially, close the ceremony I asked, that, faculty staff, and CSUN, alumni, rise, for, our university, alma mater, hail to the Matadors under. The musical direction of, Scott Whitfield, and the Jazz a band and, sung, by Merced Stratton, the. Alma mater is in the back of your commencement program should. You need to follow along but most of you already know these words I'm sure. After. The alma mater has concluded, please remain, at your seats until the platform party, has, recessed, we. Ask that all parents and, guests please remain seated, until the end of the recessional. Again. Thank, you so much congratulations. And, once. A matador. Always. A bad, adore.

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