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Here, in a railway station in Decin my weekend adventure starts.... Of course I don't know how it ends but first step of my plan is to visit our National Park Ceske Svycarsko and its main dominant, Pravcicka brana/gate. and then continue to Northernmost point of Czech republic and ride to Southernmost point of Czechia. We'll see how I'll manage it. It will not be easy. I don't have any supporting vehicle.

So Departure from Decin Railway Station Direction: Pravcicka brana Navigation made a complication for me it led me into a Germany and what on the map looked like bridge was a ferry. Rocks are beautiful, no doubt about it I just hope no EUC-fighter will pelalize me I need to overcome river and get back into Czechia. Amazing... This track was described on the internet like a easy 6km path I can tell you that I cannot ride it even 10 meters And on this track of Death I met fellow of our group EUC Bohemia Riders Ondra Sulc who went in the opposite direction with his mates so he could confirm my torture ☺ Hi riders! Greetings from Northernmost village in Czechia. Next goal is get to the Northernmost point and potentially continue to the Southernmost point of Czechia. I should turn left.

and follow yellow sign to the Northernmost point. We'll check if they don't fool me. One mile over such roots...You're kidding me? Jessus Christ, I'll receive an electrical shock from fence Hopefully it will be OK.

No need for light here. We will save every single Watt... We're on the right way but it is more than kilometer and the dark comes.

Do not know how I will manage this. and then to get back into civilization... Borderline stone I'm jumping hop hop hop North cape - we are still on our way... It is still far away... F*ck, I'm in rush to get to some North Cape over these tons of mud hole next to hole running to some stupid point in the middle of the nowhere Can you people tell me why man are doing this? I could rather watch TV..

and I am carrying Monster over holes instead of this People, I don't know if this is the climacteric or what Why the H*ll are guys doing this? They have to prove something to themselfs or what... I am perspiring like a horse 20 or 30 kilos on my back Never mind. Cheers. Finally got to the North Cape.

The Northernmost point of the Czech republic There is a shelter where I'm drying things now Cicadas are singing, cows are bawling... Complaining how this place is unaccessible, bla bla bla ☺ I will leave this place thru Germany it should be easier than returning in the same path. I just don't want to be penalized in Germany due to EUC Describing the story with GPS leading me to Germany So it should be 2 or 3 kilometers thru Germany and then back to Czechia I don't want to jump this brook with Monster in hand again So you have seen a North Cape And do U know what is interesting in such place? Attention, watch me ... going to the North ... ... and going to the South ... ... going to the North ... ... and going to the South ... I could try it again and again This place has a Genius Loci So I will stay here for 2 hours and only then I leave Here we are a Visitors' book....

I'll write into it, that EUC Bohemia Riders were here. My trip I shared on our FB group EUC Bohemia Riders so more people went virtually with me. so it is always more fun than if you're alone. If you go no long trip like this you can't rely on pubs especially in COVID era so I planned my trip to follow car chargers And more or less I followed schedule as was planned And I followed more or less this schedule.

Goodbye, Germany! Stealing energy on Rumburk Railway station For a long time I do not expect charging possibility It seems to me that I am lost deep in some Ass Arse City Night charging in Ceska Lipa. Next charging next to power station Melnik Advantages of these charger display is that you have exact information how many energy was already stored in your battery, as you could see My charger already have eaten 1 kWh of energy. Daylight comes to us... You probably dont wanna to let EUC to go left or right on this place ... Charging from Melnik power plant This doors are so genial that it wants to push my button and switch off charging So I had to invent this workaround. Port Melnik This is considered as bike path Last charging in Prague, in civilization and from now just Hic Sunt Leones Originally I did not want to interrupt my way with sleeping but inside of dark forest I jumped into worksite so I rather took an accommodation in the pension nearby I had a small party with owners of the pension and their guests, Polish workers working close to this place.

And also our mate from EUC Bohemia Riders come to me to support my Ride. Jarda is a Czechia Champion in East-West direction. My first charging in Sunday could be confirmed by EUCer Honza who has seen me when he went around by car with his girlfirend ☺ It was little bit raining at the morning but now is the Sky full of Sun Bye Bye Cheers We had a fine discussion with this retiree about electric unicycles and now I could go Dude told me, that I will face up some steep hills which his old car is doing so - so but if they were there my Monster hardly even noticed them In this town I spent one year of my life during my military service Going to have a look how it looks like now These were a terrible blocks of flats even they were new so I would like to see if they're still there Looks like they're gone.

So this is venue of my military service. We were singing over there war songs like this: Over Scenes of Fire Over Rivers of Blood Our regiments go ahead unfailingly We have on our side law, heart, ages Etc. So finally it looks quite good.

They revitalized these barracks. They demolished one barrack because we had it closed from all directions. This building was general mess I think. I will go there to have a look because I am really courious about it If you get back 35 years in time ... Funny... They're putting me some obstacles here...

It used to be an another block of flats here. It was a building in a "U" format Hello ! How long you've been living here? Do you remember how it looked like earlier? I have been living here from 2003. It should be a barrack here I think. I don't think so. I just remember that this ground floor building was constructed after I moved here. It was always looking like it looks like today.

I was here as a soldier and these building were our barracks. This was a closed area. These buildings all were in current layout Just this low building was built in 2004. I think they had to demolish one building. Because I was accommodated here May be on the place overe there where now is school and kindergarten Because this buildings were in a "U" format This "U" layout is over there. We had windows leading to the yard.

Aha, I see ! So I was mistaken This store was built later. Because we had a mess somewhere in this place. In some of these big spaces. So I thought it was there. And finally it was a one block lower. So I'll go look down.

Goodbye So may be here It is possible. I would swear that it was higher. I still can't believe that But is more than probable. In this case I lived in this block. We had some assholes and criminals in our regiment so I had to use my fists to fight for living and position in a pack.

First part of my Military Service I spent in Dukovany (other nuclear plant) in an elite platoon as secretary of commander They moved us when the plant in Dukovany was finished and I was moved as one of latest, so secretary of commander job was already occupied. I ended up in a ordinary platoon. So I started here as I hand worker and after a week I found a job as a dBASE III programmer on first PCs (remember, it was during communism) This gateway was of course was not here Comrades were saving us from thoughts about escape So it was interesting touch with the past and present So now I am interest in touch with nuclear plant Temelin This is interesting for me as well Over Scenes of Fire Over Rivers of Blood Our regiments go ahead unfailingly We have on our side law, heart, ages Etc. I remember a visit of a general secretary of communist party Bolshevik Jakes in his big cheese car and with gang of henchmen Nuclear reactor was not here yet when I was here During my service grew up cooling towers I remember giant cranes Potain First week or two I spent here like hand worker Then I asked for a job in a computer centre and got it Over there used to stay giant cranes Potain We were enjoying ourselves by this way that we gave coins to their rails and made them flat Well, so I saw it and I could go further On this place good people let me charge my unicycle and treat me with come sweets and coffee Live broadcasting in group EUC Bohemia Riders So I am currently in Cesky Krumlov city it's getting dark and I am trying to reach this Southernmost point and this is my last supporting bastion Charger says I have about 90 volts in battery I bypassed planned charging in Ceske Budejovice So I rode with awareness of lack of battery power I took that risk to be in Krumlov in daylight but in the middle of nowhere Unicycle started to beep constantly so I asked people from small colony to let me charge they treated me with sweets and coffee So I was able to reach Krumlov. Keep your fingers crossed. Cheers Just finished last charging and starting final part of my road with a goal to reach southernmost point of our country. Hurray!

So this is the famous Royal dam We used to float the Vltava river every year from Vyssi Brod to Zlata Koruna and this lap was one from most beautiful Dam was one from greatest milestones and touchstones of this cruise Dam always defeated me and sank our boat And one of the strongest experiences was following: When I left Cesky Krumlov I came to deep dark forests where was no big reason to film anything because of poor light conditions You are driving accross this deep darkness when suddenly Finally we are here! Ha ha And we are here, dear friends! Hurray! Greetins from Southernmost point of Czech Republic Super, so we are here! We managed it in relatively respectable time under 48 hours In reference to fact that we messed about sleeping, drinking, having fun with Jarda and with a Polish mates I think time not bad. Now we know a lot more about charging We saw a republic from the different point of view Thank you all for follow up, support and watching. Thanks for your fingers crossed Subtitle

2021-01-23 16:12

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