Daily Catholic Mass - 2017-12-04 - Fr. Anthony

Daily Catholic Mass - 2017-12-04 - Fr. Anthony

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A. Reading. From the book of the prophet, Isaiah. This. Is what Isaiah son. Of Amos saw. Concerning, Judah and Jerusalem. In. The, days to come the mountain. Of the Lord's house shall be. Established as, the highest mountain and raised above, the hills. All. Nations shall. Stream toward it many. Peoples shall, come and say come. Let. Us climb the Lord's mountain to, the house of the God of Jacob. That. He may instruct us, in his ways and we. May, walk in his paths. For. From Zion shall go forth instruction, and the. Word of the Lord from Jerusalem. He. Shall judge between the nation's and. Impose. Terms on many peoples. They. Shall beat their swords into, plowshares. And their spears. Into, pruning hooks. One. Nation shall not raise the sword against, another. Nor. Shall they train for war again o. House. Of Jacob come. Let. Us walk in the light of the Lord. Let. Us go rejoicing to. The house of the Lord. I. Rejoiced. Because, they said to me we. Will go up to the house of the Lord and now. We have set foot within your gates o Jerusalem. Jerusalem. Built. As a city with compact, unity, to. It the tribes go up the. Drives of the Lord. According. To the decree for Israel, to give, thanks to, the name of the Lord in. It are set up judgment, seats seats. For the house of David. Pray. For the Peace of Jerusalem may, those. Who love you prosper, may. Peace be within your walls. Prosperity. In your buildings. Because. Of my relatives and friends I will say peace. Be within you, because. Of the house of the Lord our God I will. Pray for your good. We. Come. And save us, Lord, oh my god. Let. Your face, shine upon, us. That, we may, be saved. Tomi. Knows for be school. Lectio. Sancti evangelii, secundum. Matteo. When. Jesus entered Capernaum a, Centurion approached. Him and appealed to him saying, Lord. My servant is lying at home paralyzed. Suffering. Dreadfully. He. Said to him I will come and cure him the. Centurion. Said in reply lord. I am not worthy to, have you enter under my roof only. Say, the word and my servant will be healed. For. I too am, a man subject, to Authority, with soldiers subject. To me and I. Say to one go and he goes and, to. Another come here and he comes and to. My slave, do this and he does it, when. Jesus heard this he was amazed and said to those following him. Amen. I say to you in no, one in Israel have I found such faith I, say. To you many will come from the east and the West and Rory, will recline, with Abraham. Isaac, and Jacob at. The banquet in the kingdom of heaven. Era. Boomed, our home Heaney. Advent. Can, be one of the most difficult liturgical. Seasons. To observe, and, yet. The church invites, us to observe, this. Time. This. Beginning, season. Of the liturgical year, as faithfully, as we can. Know. Christmas, parties, for families, and friends. Christmas. Luncheons, at work, begin already this, coming, weekend, and next, week, and. Sometimes. We want to say well you know, we. Shouldn't do this you know we should wait until after, Christmas that's, all nice and ideological. Now, no. One's gonna listen to us. But. I would say don't throw in the towel many, times in our practice. Of our Christian. Faith we. Say we, take the approach it's, all or nothing. But. I would dare to say to you you know if you're on a, given, day and your company, is, observing. Having. Their Christmas party. Or. Your families, are, having their, Christmas party, over. The the. Weekend, or. Some evening. Don't. Throw in the towel and just say well you know forget. About it all. Observe. Advent. Than half a day I, think. We can. Do, this in a common-sense, way. If. Our Christmas, party is in the evening there, the rest of the day to observe Advent. If. Our Christmas, party is at lunchtime, we have all morning, to, observe Advent, and to. Try to do this as faithfully. As, vigilantly. As, possible. So. You say that's nice father, how should I observe I had entered, here on Monday. Of the. First week of Advent we, hear it from the sacred, scriptures, we're. Told in the prophet, Isaiah. To be peacemakers. That. The Messiah that is coming is to bring this reign of peace, and that, we. Are to be cooperating. In. That effort, and so. We're told beat. Your sword into, plowshares. And your, spear, into a pruning, clock. Take. Those things, that. Divide or. Separate. Us and, transform. Them into something. That is, fruitful. So. That's. What we need to reflect upon today. What. Is it that. Separates. Us from our brother and sister. What. Is something that I can change in my life.

To. Bring me closer to. My brother or sister, or something. That can be transformed. In my life that. Becomes, something that is fruitful. So. Example. You know the, obvious. Thing would be, my. Sword, is. Usually. Right here, right, inside of my mouth, I, share. With you a quote. Many. Times from Saint Anthony of Padova who, said that God, and his great wisdom put. A double, gay. Or, double, lock. Upon, our tongue you. Know that we have this gateway. Of our teeth in this doorway of our mouth and, before. We let, this tongue, speak. We, have to open a double, set of doors, you, know, so it makes us what think. Twice before you, speak. But. So often isn't, that our. Our. Sword, or, our. Spear. You. Know harsh words. That. We speak. Sharply. To. Espouse. To, a child to a parent to a friend, a co-worker. Can. I begin to pound. And, reforge. My. Words or my. Of my tongue. Into. Something, that is used for charity, into. Something. That is used for kindness. Many. People, may be a little bit surprised. But. This is something that doesn't happen you. Know immediately. It's something that we grow into, so. This is the transformation, that, the, Lord is asking, of us. Instead. Of killing someone, with my. Sword, or, my. Spear. Can. This be turned into a plowshare, and, to, a pruning, hook. We. Often utter words of detraction. Or. Gossipy. About a friend, or co-worker. Sometimes. Or even angry. About. Someone, that we, love and, we want them to be, different, we. Harbor a resentment. Or unforgiveness, and. To. Examine, that and to say well is this, really being unreasonable. About. 80%, of the time the person that we're kvetching, about, is not, quite, as bad, as, we're. Saying. They're. Different and. They. May have their own hang-up, for their own issue and. What. We have to accept is our, anger. Our. Resentment. Our, words, of detraction. Our kvetching. About, them is not, going, to change that person. And. So. We have to look at this other individual. And say well you know what tough. Let. Him be who he is let. Her be who she is and, I, have, to live my life in, freedom. It. Sounds like a, resignation. Or a surrender. But, that comes, in the, Christian, living. That. Maybe this other person, has their own issues, well it's, for that person, to deal with. Don't. Let them drive. Us crazy. And day out and day in and day out why, because. Were the crazy one. That's. What we have to own it's like I'm, the crazy person, here. If I, let this control, me. And. So sometimes we have to let another person be. Who, they are, for. Good and for, bad and. Love. Them in that love. Them in their craziness. But. Have your own sanity. Have. Your own freedom, and that's what in. Many ways this is what the Lord is inviting, us to. These. Are things that can pit, us against, another person. And keep. Us divided. But. Let's live in harmony, with, one another and. Tolerate. One. Another's, issues. If. I expect, someone to accept, some of my quirks and some, of my craziness.

Well, Maybe I can put up with their quirks and a, little bit of their craziness. Or. Maybe I need to step back a little bit and say I'm, not gonna let that control, my life. Selfishness. If. We. Recognize, this in ourselves selfishness. Can. Separate. Us. From. Another person, can divide us ultimately, without. The, feeling like, we're at war and odds it. Just creates, this. System. At class system, many times, and. To. Break that down by, volunteering. I think. Many times we do we need to do this with our children, especially. Our, teenagers. Is. To teach them well how, do you overcome your. Self-centeredness. By. Being aware of another, person. So. Let's go and volunteer. At this, homeless shelter a lot. Of parents like to say to their child we're, gonna go to this homeless shelter so. I can show you what life is gonna look like for you if you don't appreciate me. That's. Not the purpose it's. Like bringing them to the county jail no. Taking, a tour and then, telling, the the guard now, close the door while, they're in there looking around so, they know that's, where you're gonna end up and that's what it's gonna feel like, happened. To me when I was a teenager, so I'm speaking from experience I, was with friends and we were touring the county jail and all the, parents, went out and then, the guard closed, the, door. Behind us, so it's a little bit sobering. You. Know we realized, we're. Not gonna live in a way that we end up in here, you know now. That's not teaching, us to to change. Necessarily. It was a joke. Upon us by our parents. But. What do we do to overcome selfishness. To. Have a teach ourselves and, to teach young people how. To. Give. Of themselves so like I said go, to a homeless shelter. Go. To a place where food is being food, and clothing are being distributed, to. The needy. We. Come home feeling, so, much better. When. We do this but. Again it's not just about, us, we. Recognize, there's our brother and sister that. We can give of ourselves to. Nearby. Here, in. Irondale. Is, a, place, that this is done but. They've also some, of our friends have created, a reading center, and. So I know a number of people, who. After, school. Is over they go and sit with these children, to. Help them with their homework and, to. Help them to read learn, how to read. So. They can begin to improve, their situation. In life, it's. Putting me aside, and. Thinking. Of this other person. Turning. My sword, into a. Plowshare. Turning. My spear, into, a pruning hook, that. Something, is becoming. Fruitful. Another. Thing that's done, in. Birmingham. And I know around our country that I think is so beautiful. Including. By one of our friends here in the chapel this morning is that. There are little infants. Children's. Hospital. Whose, parents, cannot be with them 24/7. And they. Need to be held, and. So. We see people going and volunteering. To hold babies. To. Just hold babies, and comfort. Them, now, what a beautiful way to give, of yourself. We. Again, we set ourselves aside. And give this time out, of love for another. The. Same thing with the elderly. That.

Sometimes, All, they need all the family, needs, is. For someone to, sit with, their mother and their father. If. We open our heart to look for the opportunity. It will present itself. The. Other thing that I often. Say. A recommend. As you, begin the season of Advent is, to. Again. If you're observing, Advent, just, even half a day. It's. Long enough to, take an evening or, morning. Hours to, open your closet, and to. Say what. Is in here that I have not looked at for the past two, years and. What's. In here that I can give that I don't use anymore. That. Someone, else can, benefit, from this. Is a life, of voluntary, poverty, and when. We embrace this, it benefits. Another, person. SARS. They're close and, it doesn't have to be something from the 1970s. It's still something that is current, but. We say here's, something, you know and I don't have to battle in my head and say well, maybe there's, this one opportunity that's, just gonna come along and I might need this dress or I might, need this suit you know. When. You're looking at these items, in your closet. That's, not only clothing, but, even other stuff, that you say yeah I really, have not touched, this thing for the past year. I have. Not used, this item, for the past two years and someone. Else could, put it to, good use. And. So let me take it out and bring. It to a Center where it can be distributed. Again. This is, in. Our culture, we. Can be divided, against, one another over. These kinds, of things. This. Is what we call a an, appropriate. Redistribution. Of wealth because. It's done out of charity. It's. Not done by the federal, government, and I. Criticize. The way the federal, government tries. To do it that's, not charity, sometimes, the federal, government, needs to be involved but really it, should be coming, from our hearts, that this is done and. So. Then again, our, ploughshare. Is to our sword. Is turned into a plowshare, our. Spears, turned, in to, a pruning clock it's these. Things that cause, division. Or war. Are. Turned into something, that is, fruitful, and. Again looking. At our children, I. Think. One of the greatest things, that, happened. In my home when I was young and small. Is, that my parents would ask us to go, to our. Toys and. Even. To pick out just one or, two things that we could give away and, it. Could not be something, that was broken, or. Missing a piece or, trash. We. Could keep the trash we. Could play with the trash, you know we, could keep something, that wasn't perfect. But. We had to take something that maybe, we really did like. But. That we knew we. Didn't need and. To. Give that knowing. That there is a child, who, could, benefit, from that, what, was that making us mindful, of there, was someone, else than. Me and. I. Would survive. Without. That thing. Because. Someone, it was for the good and the benefit, of another, child, a child. That I didn't, know and. It's. Hard you. Know we all know what it's like to be a little person, we. Look at these things and we, battle, with this as little people. Even. As big people. But. To say which. One, do, I have to, part with. But. Again the freedom, that comes, in, charity. That. I can part with this and give. It away to. Someone who can use it. The. Other thing to, reflect upon today, as we begin Advent, is what we heard in the gospel. This. Encounter, of Jesus, with the Centurion. So again. If you're observing, Advent, for half a day and God willing you'll have some whole, days to live the season, of Advent, but. To reflect on how, strong, is my faith I believe. It's st. Augustine, who. Would. Talk about this. In. The context. Of here. I bring, this servant, before you, Lord the. Centurion, is just coming and asking for, the Lord to heal this, servant, who's paralyzed. Our. Soul, is peril. And. So we asked the Lord you know heal, this it. Is suffering, dreadfully. That's what the the servant, how the sir the, Centurion, refers to his, servant, many. Times our souls are suffering, dreadfully, so we make a recommendation, go. To confession, make a very good confession. During this season. But. More importantly, when do we use these words of the Centurion. Lord I am, not worthy, for. You to come under my roof just say the word and my. Servant will be healed we say that right, before we receive, Holy Communion the, church in her great wisdom knows exactly, what, she's doing in giving, us the words of the Centurion, at that, moment in the mass. Because. Jesus, says I have never, heard.

Faith Like this and. So. As believers, this is what we want to do when we come and receive Holy Communion I want, to have faith just. Like that Centurion. When. I asked, when I say to the Lord I'm not worthy for you to come into my heart, but. You just say the word and. My. Servant, my, soul, will. Be healed. What. Level of faith do I have. How. Do I say that with. The faith of this sentorria. And. So I want to stir up. My. Faith during this season of Advan and I do that, through spending time, in prayer. Coming. Into this, relationship. This knowledge with, Christ, and. To. Reflect upon the, scripture, and, if. Possible to spend time in, adoration. The, last, thing I would say is at. This point in the season of Advent one, of the things that we're very busy, about, is going, to the store and buying gifts, and we're. Wrapping gifts and. To. Put that in the context, of what this is all about. You. Know we, spend, time for. Those that we love and we think what. Is the. Perfect, gift. For, this person. And. It just doesn't come naturally. You know we spend if, we put a great deal of effort and time into that, and, then. We find just the right gift, and we say you. Know now I gotta get this thing wrapped up just to look so beautiful. And. If you don't know how to wrap a gift you find somebody that can mean you say I want this to look beautiful, now. Can you wrap this perfectly. For me and, why. Do we do this, during. This season and then into Christmas. Because. This is what God did for us. He. Gave us he wrapped up this most beautiful, gift of, our. Redemption. This. Most beautiful, gift of his, word given, to us in. Jesus, Christ and. He. Wrapped up this gift in this flash of a little baby one that looks just like us and. What. Do we do when we get a gift were so excited. That someone. Thought, about, me. You. Thought about me it doesn't matter what. You gave me it's. The thought that counts, isn't that what we say but. This darn, well better be. $150, or more you. Know I mean we want it to be this great, expensive. Thing but. We do mean it it's the thought that comes you thought of me, and. Then I want this excellent. Gift and. We realize, that this person thought. Of me and picked out something suited, just for, me. And. So we have this will shape the gift and it's this mystery, what's, inside, of this package. And. This is what we do with the gift that the Lord gave us it's a mystery, and. We. Recognize, he, and his love for us thought. Of me and. That. Gift that he gives us of himself, has, our name on it, you. Know - father, Anthony. -. Man 2, Chris - Dottie, from. God. No. So he did it's just that this mass thing. He. Gave it to each of us and. We. Look at this and this gift that is unwrapped, for, us you know we keep opening. It over. And over, and over to, see, this great gift that has been entrusted, to us. This. Gift of our salvation, this. Light of Christ, that. Has come into the darkness of our world. You.

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A love it and you are right we have to let them be they are and ACEPT our mistakes too. Thank you for your homily for the word of God and may God continue blessing you.

Latria to the Most Holy Trinity! Hyperdulia to the Blessed Mother! Dulia to all the Holy Archangels, Holy Angels, and Saints! Jubilate Deo! Deo Gratias! Amen.


Thank u for sharing the mass nd gdb Wish u all a Merry Christmas with peace love nd Joy with friends nd family.

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