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A. Little. Longer than a few minutes later. Six. And a half hours. Later. Today. We, are gonna be traveling to the lake city. As. Promised, I will have another video featuring, the majestic, ballad simcha so stay tuned for my next video but, before that I need to take a shower and get dressed. We. Are now almost reaching, the bus station, and. Usually. Takes 30, minutes to 40 minutes I, usually. Travel there. Today. We. Almost. Make. Things right you just have to pay the fee. Unfortunately. We are not gonna. Get. To our bus station. On time so our friendly, driver here. Is. Suggesting. - we, should take the chair drench the. Bus station. We. Actually missed the bus for nine o'clock a.m., so to remove to 11 o'clock in the morning but good, thing that the, bus station did not let us pay more and because, some of that we just had to move our return. Ticket, from, that city to Saigon. Just. About three hours because we don't have any classes at the next thing right now we were just waiting here in the bus station. We. Have some coffee a. Quick. Drop breakfast. In. Focus we call this a shut. Up. Ticket. From Saigon, to download cities around, 220,000. Dollars in the Philippines debts in. Dollars this. Is the ticket and, it. Says there that type. Of the trip, is 11 o'clock so we have to be there we need to be the bus ten. Minutes or five minutes ten no 10 minutes before the, trip right. Guys so it's a Miss and o'clock, in the morning and that is the bus right there. Bus. And. We'll. Be there in about five, minutes. And. As you can see. Consistent. Analyses. What's. Up here now here in our first of stockholder, here and um night, you. Have to stop here for maybe I think ten minutes and thirty minutes, so. Let's go for a quick, WC. A. Little. Longer than a few minutes later. Welcome. Back here now and second, stuff over here. What's. Up guys we have arrived now in Dalek City and it's. Freezing cold here so I have I cannot, wear like this I have. To wear something yeah, I. Think. I need something, for my neck. Did. You miss something, my. Panda. There. You go so. Tip number one, make. Sure to bundle up is this, place is very cold in the Philippines it's like Baggio city and it. Can be around 10. Degrees Celsius, 287. Teens it's big it's gonna be very cold so make sure to, bundle. Up. On. Our way to the, ballot, market and. We. Are almost in, the. Market to grab something, to eat and as, you can see we're, only paying around, $30,000. Which is not that expensive, you're, going around the city. As. You can see there's a lot of people here I don't. Know Association, today. Around. The. Market, they. Got Pikachu, here. It's. Very cheap. Here, some. Lucky. Like. This. Hello. Guys have known my room and this, room costs. $280,000. But, usually, the hotels, here in that. Life customer. From probably. $150,000. To, 300,000. Depending on of course how. Good the hotel is but, I just chose this room because it's weekend, today and. Most. Hotels are full so I didn't have any choice but, don't. Worry I have a. Small, fridge. And. A, small. Balcony right there and, a beautiful picture right there, not bad right so, I'll see you guys tomorrow, we'll have more fun. All, right guys we are now checking out of the hotel while. Still waiting for the receptionist, oh they, have here some. Services. That they provide they, have, as. A Cassidy here's a city tour which costs about $12, countryside. Tour $18.00. And. Full-day. Canyoning. Is like seventy dollars and fifty dollars plus one free, beer. Water. Bike for me just. Six dollars. Hello. Guys we have our motorbike here. So, it's a decent one and it only costs. $130,000. Some water bikes they have a current for around, $80,000. Or 100. What's. Number all right. At, this moment that he knew he. Fortunately. They. Gave, me. A motorbike, with just. Enough. Petrol. To, reach. The. Petrol. Station but. I. Missed. The petrol station right, there so. It's just a short. Push, maybe but. Still I think, it's a good exercise, so. Tip. Number, two. Always. Make sure that. Your motorbike is, loaded. Among. The famous tourist destinations. In the city is, domaine. De maria church this is a place which Catholic, or non Catholic, visitors, should, drop by to take a deep breath of fresh air. Admire. The lovely landscape, and, enjoy. A view of the hilly city visitors. Often have a sense of peace and relaxation and. The church given, the beauty of the area around the church. Created. By pine trees and a lover's garden in the backyard as.

The Church stands, Futaba hill it. Provides, a good name of the neighborhood. Alright, guys right now it's a back portion, of the church as. You can see. I think. It's a good place for families, to bond. Those, people there learn that they're not Catholics. Things. Here there's a lot of, big. First. Alright, guys we are now in our second, destination. When. We had our motorbike, part here it, only costs, 5,000, um just. Park your motorbike right here. They, call it our easy house so. I'm expecting that it's as crazy as me. So, the tickets, cost. 50,000. Each for adults. If. You have seen the movie hobbits, like the. Sequel, of Lord of the Rings it seems like to have some up hobbies. Let's. Go. But. We know this is quite tiring. For. Me. Feels. Like under 10000 steps. But. It's. Do not disturb. First. I'm the public. Coming. Up next. Watch. The second part of this vlog click the link in the description, click the subscribe, button. Like. And, of. Course don't forget to click the bell next to the subscribe button.

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Hello teacher=))

+Alan Hoang Tu i have moved school, so sad=((

Hello. How are you doing? :)

i came to thecrazy house too :DDD

how was your visit there? did you have fun? :)

ur face look cold (like a robot) "robotic i think XD

i am a robot :)

i traveled the earth :DDddddddDDDDDDDDDD

Thầy thử làm video đi dạy học đi Dạy lớp 6/2 nha thầy

Vào lớp 6/2 thầy bảo cô là có em hiếu đã yêu cầu làm video nhé

Thật ra em là trung hiếu học sinh lớp 6/2 đó


Vậy là đồng ý nhé

ahh... Vâng tôi sẽ.

Là làm video đi đến trường dạy học học sinh đó

Ý anh là gì? :)


Hello teacher :)))

Hello. How are you?


U just passed My school

Which school? which part of the video?

+Alan Hoang Tu Nguyen Du secondary school (near the petrol station)

+Anh Thy Yeah! :)

Sir, ilaag ko puhon diri. Hehe.

Of course, sir! :)

Tôi đã đc bạn dạz học rồi, tôi rất thích!!!

Thank you! :)

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