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Be crying. Hey. Guys so. Here we are we're. Back from Seoul where, are we I don't know who I am who. Always been. So long and are we I don't know anymore, so after. Doing 82. Shows we've found it quite hard to integrate. Ourselves back, into normal, society so. We're, back in our apartment then, everyone's like hey Dan and Phil yeah hit, us with some of those main. Channel videos you know what I'm saying and I'm like no, it's a tough one so I thought we could ease ourselves back in gently because what is the best kind of video to make that, you don't need too. Much for and you can do your favorite thing at the same time whoa eating, that is a good way to learn me into doing it yeah my place like a mysterious animal come on I've got snacks so we're gonna do a mock farm look mcbomb Muk, Muk luk, bang gook. Bang okay. It's. Where you eat food on camera I think it's a boy yeah. But, the definition, is eating, a lot of food on camera see this is the thing I think it's this thing that sexual but I think it's a kinky things like. The, whole thing of mukbang is like the. Asian girl eats. 12,000,000. Noodles, it's absolutely. Okay but the thing is for, us that's just dinner I don't care these thank you like watching your favorite youtubers, have. A little gossip and eat some food it's. Sexual, so I don't think this is the pure mock bang experience. No bye hope is just as kinky as you want it to be and as you can see we are extremely, casual, right now this is my, most casual, outfit, too casual the only can we talk about these. Today. I've. Got Game of Thrones. Pajamas. Right. Now so whenever we've been on some kind of harrowing, journey or. Whenever I've, just been really upset that's, always far away I hate our career, in our competence, but, when anything's, very, difficult. And emotionally, draining yeah we fill the hole when you get back with. Dominoes that's the only thing you can trash. Pizza. In, your I, mean it's nice but. It's la okay. It's not a flirt, right. Artisanal. Experience. Okay, but, for. Us it, does feel like the peak a few minutes it does and it is very sacred we are sharing, this extremely. Sacred down. And filled tradition, with. You yeah so why don't you get your own takeaway and join us for a little chat, and if. You want to see Dan. And Phil spilling, the tea about, their tour how. They hate each other, and. Putting. Food in their mouths and look I've got my feet out oh my god. Wiki. Feet in a minute and we order the PDF ordering, montage. I. Guess, now that we've placed the order we can talk about something. More important. Than Pizza yes. The. Thing that we've been going on about since our this year our state, show, interactive. Inch verts that we have finished touring around the world is now, coming. To DVD. And blu-ray. Yeah that is right and you, can, pre-order it today. Today, I'm, sorry, excited, chair let me sell. It mmm, this, isn't just a film of a show it was. Deep. This is no, ordinary, filming. Of a show okay, we have spent weeks weeks editing. This in a dank editing, cave to make this the ultimate way. To, experience. Our stage show so whether you came to saw our faces on tour in real life and you want to relive it again soak in the matches or if you did it earlier in time because you live in Antarctica, and. Penguin. Watch it in your anti, bows. Now, you can, everyone, in the world can, own it forever and it's not just the filming of the before movie also comes with extras, such as a deleted. Scene, that. Not everybody got to say oh it's very fun for me today and also there's a director's commentary where we sat in a room and we just recorded. Ourselves having. A bear was like a mix of interesting. Who's da da. Da da, country and also irrelevant, banter I minded holidays, and the disc version it, comes with an interactive. Simulation, game. And. You get to like holes oh, yeah. It's. Gonna be on iTunes Amazon video Google Play and you can buy the disc version from, Amazon, or HMV, or dan and Phil shops. Yes. On, Amazon, it has a special holographic. Cover and also comes with a poster. And so, on pass from the photo cards, and then on down Phil shop we have the exclusive. Limited. VIP. Edition, so, all the blue us this. Exclusive. Blue, and white all work that also has a holographic, lenticular, cover and this comes with three, art cards, of never before seen photos and. Two, pin, badges, on, the screen now we'll. Put the links to all the retailer's down, in the description, and. Yeah pre-order, it and I'll be with you in time for Christmas yes shout out to the BBC people. Of BBC Studios who produced it thanks, for believing in us. Thanks. Dudes. It's. Here. You. Have to get. This. Is an argument we have every time we order food it's who is more. Embarrassingly. Dressed, like. I guess I can go I concede. On this particular. In. Your father. I. Don't. Want anyone. To see him wearing, those just go back, I. Can. Smell it coming give.

Me The piece. Yeah. I'm. So excited I, don't know why because I was relating this to having combat so by Christmas, chromatic journey. I. Look at it and I'm like scared. I'm. Not drinking out the bottle. You would you mind having, you. Be. Sophisticated Lester. Serve. It for me waiter. Serve. Yourself. Nearly. Hit me in the balls well. That's, making it kinky no they. Don't want that one of these things is not like the other is it the cookie oh, yeah. New in all of the cookies is like the best part. Boilers. Right, so. Let's, let's approach this money look bar as you can see there's a lot of dips here. Danny's becoming a bigot we've talked, about that it is known, I am only alive when I'm dipping carbohydrates. In, condiments. Yeah I've got all of the day reports. Of like. I. Like the barbecue dip fine or that one I now I'm so basic with my dips I literally just have the barbecue on well maybe some ketchup so I'm feeling exotic, side, one we, have, looks. So nasty, that's. So good. Then. Um we got the nugs. Is. Know you might be stopped. Look. Okay you've got this they make it terrible, right, no and I. Do this, and it's very important, it's the Palisades, yeah exactly it's neat neat, and then you put the lid on the, cardboard you don't use slap. You. Might be wondering why we sat on the floor. Yeah. We, haven't, sold our sofa we just thought it'd be more like a more. Casual. Dining. Table we sit on a sofa but yes honest sofa then you wouldn't be able to see the table food so this, is we're doing it like Japanese, beef I'm enjoying it exactly, I very wide hips for man so this is quite comfortable for me I can, do the the. Wind, bill change. Every. Day in assembly I just used to sit like that for long now, I just have the most open hips you. Could give birth to triplets at the same time good, squeeze, object, to shut, up obviously. Chips. They out fries they're. Wedges you need two wedges yeah they're, just vessels Forks sources. Really care what they are suppose it's fried and probably beige and then the pizza, there is this dance. Who, lived any well this is the. Ultimate, pizza. Order okay we have decided, this over years yeah and we always get this because, it's the best thing I've already offended because they forgot the jalapenos.

Makes. The people always something. This is why we should have a jar of jalapenos, in the fridge yeah also, this one's like New. York there's one slice with nothing on it as well that, can be awesome this, is half. And half large. Original. Crust yeah, Texas. Barbecue supreme. And the sizzler. Texas. Barbecue, barbecue, base chicken. Bacon, grilled, peppers onion. It's, like the sweetest sweetest, like the desserts just sugar this, is literally dessert but then the. Sizzler we have some drives from our spices, and garlic beef pepperoni. Jalapenos. But in our hands chili. Flakes we. Substitute. Tandoori, chicken for. Ground beef. So. Fill your a famous cheese. Foam yeah, easily, people don't think this is weird the, thing with pizza is all of the toppings and barbecue sauce and everything disagree, without the Chaney's what kind of cheese is it. Mozzarella. Mozzarella. It's of air and this is like super plastic, mozzarella, also with. Loads of sugar and feels fine dad doesn't like eating on cameras I'm hoping my father I often, don't like having, dinner on camera yeah because I don't like upsetting vegans, I don't. Think any kind of meat or dairy but you say I am, like, vegan literally. Like six days a week right now it's. Just that one pesky day a week where I'm not I'm an influence and but, you, are, here's. The tea is the first one Phil. Is, a really, bad influence in my life I'm a moral I'm a bad meat fluence. And. I hate the processor why dad why would you order something covered in chicken and beef if that's the case let. Me introduce you to a term called cognitive dissonance that's, why everybody, because I'm weak, yeah, look how fancy this cup is you. Look grateful I could be a sommelier a good whiff of those pajamas smell, yay. Oh, the. Book hey it's. Very, chemical. That. Was always all over the nose, that. Would have been a. Category. A week like, I don't usually get, mad, or, upset. But. That's the kind of thing where I'd like throw stuff around the room lab tubes has somehow surviving. A world tour to, creating, content so, DVDs, and blu-rays and supriya ordering an attractive introverts on DVD and blu-ray so since we've been back. On. The start I'm, just having lost holiday tour this is very interesting the first thing I went for was, a wedge in barbecue sauce you're, a fascinating, guy have you been outside since we've, been, when's. The cinema once so first man it was good anyway I went. To an Art Fair I did some oh yeah go into an Art Fair yeah I was inside like playing. Guild Wars it. Was. Renamed. Myself, Jenkin I saw one of you guys at, the Art Fair another, cultured, person that, watches down and Phil is for the kind of people yeah. Describe to. Dan and Phil on YouTube and she was like oh my god can I have a selfie and I was like yeah sure that's fine we're not there took, a syllable of your thumb that's good took. A selfie, in, front of some I mean that's gonna be our in the background about what you do is offer I look, around we. Stood in front of a giant wall of penises. That. Was the arm now, we be are behind is the art that neither, of you noticed, but you just happened to be walking by yes was like what was it you said it was like an entire wall that was a canvas print of an orgy so I. Take. The artistic. Was a tasteful, with a French I don't know who they were I didn't stereotypical. Thankfully, we leaned to the side and had another selfie, so nice. Avoided. The porn my god, mmm. This is my first pizza buy it I can't believe you're just like talking, if you were a religious, person you would be a food it's. So adorable to me. The. First bite someone said I think what I'm not buying video just thinking here your noise is all you. You. Okay. I'm. Not gonna speak for this video you just gave me. Having. A religious, experience I've, had so many pizzas, this is the best pizza I'm so sorry so different.

Domino's Around the what we've had America in Australia German. Trash, it's gotta be from the again where's the team, well you're, the bad influence in my life yeah I thought the penis wall that was for some good take. A. Poem. By Dan to me food, isn't just about something I have to do to stay alive its I one rest from being, in, pain existing. Moment to moment life to me someone, talks to me or, if my phone was off time is like put your photos Island anything the thing is like Almighty goes away. Is. It I feel like I know. Just, want to spill the tea, therapy. Fill the team for, therapy that I. Thought, it was like the gossip like it's not fair people like I was making it I feel. Like I need to learn to, cope, with existing. Day to day without, something, fried maybe we could replace that with a hearty, game of tennis. Tasty. No we just poke a lot holes in that didn't we I was having a chat with some of my friends from home and they. Were like. And. They were like spell out, all of the people in our friend group we would not have expected you, to, go and do all of this stuff would you think of that and that's what Phil would just be a librarian, now there's anything wrong with being a librarian but, that's what Phil seemed like emotionally. I was she I wasn't like nice, to be a librarian I, wasn't the shyest person ever but I was in quite, an extroverted. Group of people and I was quite quiet yep. So the, thing is I think I, wouldn't, call for, a haircut I had to get my mom to call, the hair salon a lot of people have phon anxiety, but. It's great that you can go from that to perform again I'm 6,000, people yeah but it wasn't just fun it is like if there's a family event like a wedding I would like to read it for three weeks before we happen I'm confident, talking to people I just really, hate. Talking to people I hate talking about myself and, I wanna click that's my. Life the thing is with me I have all of these loops of thoughts in my head they're like everyone's. Gonna judge. You for doing this thing wrong you're not gonna say something funny are you gonna say it wrong or, everyone's, gonna be looking at you yeah but I think going on tours really, helped me with that yeah now I know if I like had a family thing or have to go to somewhere I think. I. Would, be a lot less bothered. I think that's because our audience is so nice yeah you like help you I realize there's video, conventions. And went on tour Ahmet loads of people yeah, and everyone was a dick. Yeah. But Phil goes you know I believe. In myself but also the thing is that I realize. Everybody else has their own emotions, because there's a part of the show where we talk we get, real with the audience oh yeah and nobody. Cares about no one cares about we just care about themselves, yeah no one cares what I'm doing no one's looking at me everyone's thinking like what am i wearing what am i doing what am I thinking yeah and when I started to realize that, I'm, less, worries I feel. Like a breezy balloon. So. That's one of my takeaways, I'm, approaching, this is Allah okay, oh look, at the spices, on this now, you. Saw how much I reacted, to the Texas barbecue I'm ready for this we both agreed, several, times that. This is actually. The. Superior, taste this is, the best one. All. Eyes are on you down a. Silent. Mug bang what'd you just do faces. You. Crying. I. Actually. Learned to weep, it's. Really good it's very unhealthy being on tour we stopped doing exercise we, did you so much exercise before went on this tour yeah we knew that we needed to be healthy so we did like two hours of exercise a day for. How long we're pretty fair four months in, March. Yeah. Like. Back, to everyone six month the pancakes are we gonna get a personal, trainer again I feel. Like I have to I feel I'm like I'm a sore person way if I hate doing something, is not gonna do it yeah and I haven't learned to love exercise, especially hard varied exercise I've. Had gym subscriptions, I've never gone where. Is the personal trainers and they've made, me do and I've done him so we. Did boxing and I was quite good at that yeah but are you gonna go to a boxing gym yourself, no I enjoyed punching, you I think that's. What it was that was terrifying I'm not very good though because there's lots of like left's and rights and I still don't know my left and right the, trainer had his work cut out with valve who's like what's happening right hook and. You. Pay attention left, kick then again thought maybe, I could be the next person the ring, in the YouTube. To. The death hey.

You're Doing well you're eating and people, are watching. People. Don't like being confronted by things they don't like yeah it's wrong about politics if you say you're, doing something that's harmful you need to change your name yeah people just get their, backs up yeah, and they don't do it people don't be like you're doing something wrong oh thank. You for pointing that out I'm gonna learn from and apologize and then I'm gonna tell the people Martin I write a lot about a place if you're gonna be like you're doing something wrong people wouldn't be like what, you say about me I hate you yeah that's. Trait something she only brought it up are you proud of what, we did I'm really proud of what we did yeah there was a moment, I'd say a month before we did it that I didn't, think it was gonna happen in, a way. Dan, was having a breakdown there, was too much work to do like there was so much to do but, we just had to get into full-on. Intense. Work mode and we work we didn't sleep we, haven't slept since April, no but, like that we've been editing, this DVD, because, we had to do it as soon as we got back for it to come out yeah or Christmas because, it's coming out at the start December right hmm if I came out two weeks later people go home and then it would have been 2019, we didn't want that sweet to come straight back from doing the tour and to editing the tour I still haven't slept I'm just astounded that we even had time to make gaming videos while we were on tour I'm so happy that we managed to do that but, people are still like dan where. Is your videos gone that's a really good question where are you videos let me know and you know the answer I appreciate the little things, like. I appreciate, that this. Bit. Of crispy onion. Is. Incredible. Are you okay, no. Yeah I'm sure in a couple weeks I'll be like in the zone I really enjoy being an entertainer. I like making content I like doing funny on social media yeah I like making, YouTube videos I like, performing on, stage I like doing the radio with. You I don't, love being, a full-time youtuber, because. Success. On YouTube. Is all about just having the most views as possible, you know being compared, to everybody and that's stressing you out and it's, like to be a good youtuber. Algorithm. Just make. Content. As often as possible and the kind of videos that I'm used to making on done is non-fire don't. Work like that No so it's very distressing, so. Either I need to think, about fun ways to make some content that's more into giving, YouTube what it wants from me yeah or I just do it as and when I feel like it in the way that I'm doing at the moment I think people just want you to be happy and.

Another. Question. Phil, I think a lot of the problems as often people are like dan what's he thinking what's his reason for doing things what his motivations, what secrets, I don't know. So. You're like a bear and you'll come out the cave when you feel like it totally coming, out of your cave and, you'll feel just fine and you will make weeping. Track of who's Eating what I don't know who's gonna have them you have to have that one holds us to cheesy because there's no topping there is literally no cheese on it cuz all the cheese fell off I'm quite easygoing yeah, when it comes to Mike you're saying that why I make is great it's just that for me to create I have to be very intense that's, fine and you can still see him on the gaming channel. What. Is it about seeing. All our followers in real life that you liked and will miss I think it's when I make a video I'm, on my own I'm far. Removed from all of these comments, yeah all of these people are there all of these tweets it's just it's just nicer, especially, if I'm like saying a joke and I get to see you laugh in real time in the other self-indulgent. No it's more gratifying to hear clapping, no no on an emotional level it's just so amazing to see the joy yeah and there's. The stories that people tell me that they're like I've, made friends because of you guys so I made friends of this tour I had the best time of my life it really changed my perspective on, who, all of them are, going. On this tour I know because, sometimes. People. Like oh wow, Danna fils allow people stand out yeah Danny fells audience, are all this one kind of person no but they're not this first. Lady are, so, old, there's, lots of loads. Of people that stuck with me bias I'm the oldest person here I'm 19, no you know on, a visceral level you know what I'm gonna miss well having. A purpose because, when you're on tour you you were just there, to wake up and do the show hmm now that I'm back from tour it's like what, am I gonna do today. Play. A lot of spider-man that's what you can do yeah, ma'am ps4 spider-man, is my soul mate and I would die for him we were gonna like a candle, and we never did it are we gonna go it for flannel. Filled, by is such, heavy candles, autumn, last, things we got water, oh there's. No autumn, but, anyway things will that's like vanilla, and cotton. And pine, which is not autumn got your handle okay. Right that's good you brought my candle over there. That's. That sexy it's not really, though one, day I will do a candle haul yeah this one is candy corn Oh God this is more oh we're, not ready for that yet Oh. Sweeter. Than that barbecue Pete surface that's like my inside cover glad you forgot to lay the candle because I feel like smelling. Flannel. Bath. And Bodyworks candle, at while we're eating pizza it might be a bummer a fine a sensory, experience I just liked it later are you glad to be back in the apartment no I know despite not having a purpose. Thanks. Yes well I was really undercooked wet living with you is really stressful thanks, you're really messy, really. Messy I'm getting better why I've become, really clean and organized, and Phil's, like a legal cover doors open socks. You're not like. Slaw. Be messy no I don't leave like food anywhere, it's, just clutter, you're a very cluttery, I've got a lot of things yeah but I think everyone, needs a lot of things I just think that's the thing though after. Being on tour I had the same possessions, in a bag for, five months, back and I didn't you know black in a sack, I. Carried. Them in my pants and I didn't miss anything my, head like three, outfits for, like the whole freaky summer because everything else shrunk in the wash yeah and I was like can deal with it honestly do not my dream life would be what, it would be whenever I go to like an event or anything I have like a team of stylists.

Iconic. Like full 20 games like you'd rock up to the event like there's a look you're, serving a look yeah but day to day normal, life falls, like a bug, what am. I a or like soap like three outfits he's so boring to look at every day if he was wearing a black t-shirt but. The stress of opening a wardrobe every day just to choose the different thing along the line, that's. How you end up with them symbols like this hey my friend seizure is lucky, that's great actually it's not a pizza slice what. What. You come. Look. At this like. Me yeah, absolutely phoned. It in like. Are. You. Even trying no, it's not a slice and then. We're left with that something, I've noticed I've got although yeah is I'm more sensitive now, in. What way I cry, more as stuff. Like. 18 I wouldn't cry anything yep, but yesterday, we're like oh let's what's the handmade sale and I was like are you a whore I, can't watch this right Lisa it's horrible, yeah. I couldn't what I was like I'm, not enjoying. My. Tea. And biscuit, right. Now just stop I need to towards the office yeah. Yeah, have you noticed that yeah I'm, a more sensitive soul I don't if that comes with age or Wi-Fi experience, you're, more anxious panic, about why. Are you worried I don't know character, progression hmm, it's, good see. I'm not in a rush to, put, myself out there a lot not, at this point in life currently where I feel like I'm growing a lot as a person all, the time like rapidly. Like I look back at my life three months ago and I'm like so. I'm like happy. To. Be in a cocoon until, I'm ready to be like tada. Jazz, hands would you maybe two weeks, music. Just need to sleep yeah I'm gonna be a jazz drummer full, whiplash good I lied earlier I did, go home I went to go visit my family oh yeah horrible. Not, my family going, to my hometown oh my god I worked, so hard yeah. Escape, from the first 18, years of my life well I bet every I don't hate you if you're all watching this, everyone is still there is a lot of internal, yeah they are and like having to get trained to the same place I'm like if I see a single person that I need from any point in my life I'm like I did something really weird what I noticed. A. Girl yeah, that I may have known from some point in my life in. Really black station, know, you. Like but I went full splinter cell I saw her coming I ran in the opposite direction, hello. There. Was a photobooth against the wall yeah, I, walked. Around the corner and when, she, comes on the corner this, is so exposed so open I stood, behind, I, crawled, alight I stood against the wall and i shimmied behind. The photo no. Spiders. Behind photo booths it's like you're in a broken Wow, for like a good, 20. Seconds. Until. I knew the case was absolutely, clear and then, I just, walked in the opposite direction and, just got a train I was leaving in two minutes cuz, I was like no. Small. Talk. She. Saw yeah probably. Wow. Saw yeah, I. Said really what did I say earlier I said oh do you want something to put you on before we have dinner I was like what, the hell language you speak and put you on has absorbed every language from all the countries on what you on is a northern, thing I found.

Out Which. Is just. A little these are amazing chicken nuggets good nugs better than my wit and raw wet. Is what you say is if you're gonna have your dinner you. Have a little snack before to put you on like, if you're really hungry when you're explaining it make sense yeah but, when you say it to, any group of people that weren't from some weird Valley they're like what you look insane sometimes when I'm sad I miss my old house I go on Google Maps and just sit on the street, Google. Probably has your IP address listed is like weird it's also quite, either I did that yesterday night, do, you like why you're just staring at your old house planning. A break-in I'm getting full because. We've been eating healthy I'm not used to this size. It's. Not a mug back after, rejects, like it's not a mukbang unless you are a tiny girl, in pain, how much. This, boys the Durham they're, like. Low calories. And in my mouth oh. Yeah. That's what they came for mock bang, do. You ever feel like you don't have a personality. What, okay, scratch that next conversation. You've. Got a personality do, i yeah, is it just not one of the many faces I choose to put on ya know if you're just like hanging out with me why. Why would you be putting on a face is it just my fill face that I've learned to be comfortable with maybe maybe, you're actually just a bump iron and nobody knows it a dog was here yesterday. And we've got flea bites now so, I feel like we just got Frank, Lee, Ellis Lee's hopping, around the about on this a spy. And. That fleas gonna be fat, and happy, it's gonna be doing his own mokbang in a flee world system. Please eating. Our ass and they. Are broadcasting. Themselves. On flea tube. And. They've got little microbes, on them they're on I always go say eating. Ass in my living my truth video and I thought it was too crude I never thought that you'd be the first one to say I would say please, actually biting our ass here and you're sitting on his face right now I am I'm gonna get up I think I could live without possessions. Just, in the hole would. You not like miss being soft and warm on. A sofa wormhole. My. Mom's like I'm gonna come see you don't see my parents in ages and, she said oh it's cold up here bring a vest what was, the best what. Why do, people invest. Time. It's like sure I own any vests, mom get, those guns out for, the north. Best. You. Put off would. Not pull off a vest you would in a problem cutter can you finish a cookie right now hell yeah really, yeah cookie. Will then finish the curse slice oh if Harry, Potter and the cursed slice. O8x. We, left behind, their cursed slices see this is the 9 and 3/4 right oh my god -. Does. Mel fix, us two milks, well go milk the cow. Okay. These, cookies they. Are crunchy, chewy warm and gooey apparently. Don't that was that just got this flag they've obviously been put in the fryer with the pizza decipher. Them they make cookies, even try them they're, so good Phil, microwave. Them I'm. Not getting up again I, didn't. Tell you to sit down microwave. Them eight seconds, I've, done ten no, my. Precious Cheers. Mmm. So. I feel like this is kind of this moment I feel that I have what the conclusion, part of the the muck so. In conclusion, what. Your dying words they. Are this, was fun I would, do another one with other kinds of food I just. Like chatting but would it be as good maybe not but, you know so if you enjoyed literally anything about this video you, will probably involve in, full enjoy, indestructible. Introvert. Sleep. Sleep. Now it's, something that is meant to be owned on DVD. To, watch again and again to see all the different layers because I think anyone that's seen it in real life will know is very overwhelming emotional. Rollercoaster yeah. But we really try to make it mean something if this was the last thing we ever did Phil hmm, what do we want it to be what, do we want to do the answer is we just want to make you happy you do we want to give you what you want but what do you want who are you are you all the same do you want different things do. You want good things should we even listen, to you at, the end of the day what. Even matters, what, is that is, what, interactive. Introverts, is about yeah and we want all of you to watch it and to, talk about it and to think about it and that, when I die I'll, be like yeah. 2018. We. Made this not that you're gonna die but. If I did yeah I'd be like 2018, we, made this so if you want to ask for something that's put in your stockings, coming out in December Christmas present there we go put it in your stocking.

Dad. Links. Below. The. Professional, bang. Slammed. A milk muck, Oh. On. That note here's. The end screen. Subscribe. To me oh yeah sorry if you're interested I'm not promising you anything gaming, channel the latest videos in idler ha. Enjoy it, we love you appreciate, you thanks, for watching this you're insane if you are bye. Bye. Cheers.

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Food is Dan's therapy and released from life and existence or thinking is food Mine is constantly moving around doing anything and also running numbers in my head over and over and creating new mathematic formulas to keep my brain busy We both think existentially and I am constantly thinking of it if I'm not doing something (that is not eating, I can totally have an existential crisis with pizza in my mouth) or actively thinking of something else that can be thought on endlessly so i don't go back to the pointlessness of humanity and all that So Dan copes by filling the void with food My void grows bigger the more food I throw into it so I run (winter means Math time cause I can't run as well when there is 3 foot snow all around) And this is why I am fit and Dan makes a New Year's Resolution to get fit so often Edit: also when I was in school, I had practice conversations I might have in my head so I didn't have to worry about it when I interacted with people (and since I am not Dan, I did not say then out loud XD)

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Dan is ME when I meet someone I used to know lmao

I love you guy this is so funny


Dan dipped his pizza in ranch.... have lost all faith. IT'S DISGUSTING

Are you glad to be back, despite not having a purpose? Me lol

This is seriously the _Try Not To Get Hungry Challenge_ I mean what

The two of you are glowing

Are the dvds avalible in america, doesn’t specify on the website. Plus it was in eruos

Dan is talking and Phil just dives right in and he looks so happy eating

Wait wtf DOMINOES IN THE UK HAS POTATO WEDGES????!? We dont have that at all what the flippo

No one... lives in Ant Arctica


I love them so much for being considerate of vegans like me. I’m so tired of dealing with meat eaters who argue with me or mock me even though I’m just minding my own business and I just want to eat my food in peace. I’m not preachy so it baffles me that people are still offended just by knowing that I don’t eat the same food that they eat. Anyway, thank you, Dan, for eating more vegan food. Hoping you’ll watch Cowspiracy and Earthlings documentaries

"german.... Trash" i felt that

this's what you do when you become irrelevant . just admit it , your fans grew up and you lost them

*secondhand embarrassment be a thing*

Lol, I thought Dan was wearing ripped jeans

This video was amazing

my bf is Dan and Phils personality baby. he has their personality. and he has Dan's voice, but he's not british

"hello internet"

Please do another one of these

I want that lava lamp

came back to see y'all after like 4 years of not watching your guys videos aND OMG IM CRYING I MISS YALL SO MUCH SLDKSLDSK

XD is ur family one who dont tolerate words like p*nises poop s*it slugs and words like that at the dinner table?

Of course Phil, 'penis wall tea'. We all love us a good cup of that

I like watching Daniel eat. It brings me happiness...

Now I know what I want for Christmas.

Wow I actually totally feel like I don't have a personality

"What are your dying words?" "This was fun. I'd do it again with other kinds of food."


Still confusing that in German chips = crisps (we call chips pommes)

I’m a soldier and I watch you

I own a dark blue vest

24:28 also known as the reason I wear the same shirt and pants everyday.

I own a vest, they're great!

Now I want pizza at 5am

My irl name is Autumn, apparently i stink

a HeArTy GaMe oF teNnIs

yo the shit is sold out for ppl in germany, please restock

Can you guys please try asmr

I was on diet. WAS :(

*Petition for for Dan and Phil to walk through a haunted house for spooky week*

I love you but as an Italian it's hard to watch someone eating a pizza with barbecue sauce and garlic on it.

*i dont like pizza*

I haven’t watched you guys in a while and I almost didn’t click on this video because of it. But I’m glad I did! Honestly I enjoy a more casual style of videos like this where you just sit and talk (and I guess eat lol). I feel like you have fun making regular videos but it’s also a lot more work and stress. It’s also less genuine and I really just want more of this. More being open and just having a laugh and not caring. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion

I went to the second London show, it was brilliant I’m so proud haha

so no one told you life was gonna be this waayy

*”linkies in the discrizzles”*

33 minutes of dan and phil eating pizza and talking? *SiGn ME ThE fUcK uP*


This would be me. Sitting in my room eating pizza with a Friends shirt on.

i never knew i needed this until now

I’m watching them both eat pizza, whilst craving pizza, and I’m just sipping at my cup of tea

how to make Dan and Phil your best friends: Buy them pizza and answer the door for them.

I remember when my two friends and I went to see interactive introverts here in New Zealand and when y’all came out we just all looked at each other and started crying with excitement. All three of us have been watching you guys for about 5 years and it was so surreal to see Dan and Phil in real life.

i absolutely love Phil's t-shirt and I went to the live show in liverpool.

quality content 10/10 would soft warm hole again

I miss you guys so much!!

The dvd has already sold out!

I actually loved this video so much... It so casual and I just loved listening to you guys talk with each other...

i am a penguin phil.

Fml :)

I should’ve seen this ASAP.. and now I missed out on a Limited Edition


Dan takes things so sexually all the time lol

PLEASE do more of this

i don't know why but I cried!!!!!

Phil lester don't think we didn't see that Friends T-Shirt

Hello here is the angry vegan. Just kidding, don't beat yourself down if you slip up sometimes or do it like Dan. Proud of you if you want to change yourself. Even if it means just don't eat the meat/dairy one time. :) You can do it, tastebuds change.

It's 1 am and I really should be sleeping but I'm just laughing so hard at this

Dan is me when I eat tofu pad thai

I didn't come to your show, not because I live in Antartica, but because I live in Italy and you didn't come here!!

I just came back from a four day intense hike in the Australian outback, camping, gross, sweaty, saw a red belly, and I get to see this video. This is actual paradise and I love how chill this video is. Thank you for uploading this oml

how is it even a mukbang with only one pizza

you think we are here for your feet but i am here for dans hands

This is the most domestic content ever

My biggest fear is that no one cares. My biggest relief is that no one cares. But no one cares.

EVERYTHING DAN DOES I DO I AM SO HAPPY. NOTALONEANYMORE. Tear the lid. Stick sauce lid to that. Make my setup aesthetically pleasing. It IS necessary.

It’s so nice to see you guys (especially dan) showing vulnerability, like, not the “I crave for the sweet release of death” or “I’m a mess” kind of being vulnerable, but genuine vulnerability and I never related to you both só much. I really felt the way I felt when I was much younger watching you. Thanks

*100% spike in dominoes purchases*

why did I need this

Honestly, this was so relaxing and great. Just watching you eat while having some bants, it was awesome. Thanks guys!

I like ur terrarium

*buys every single disc version of interactive introverts*

I was in pain from girl stuff and sad from personal stuff and once their faces popped up in screen I smiled so big

I ate a shit ton of pizza last night and i was fine in the moment but the after math is uhhhh stinky lmao

"Some fleas eating our ass, and posting it on fleatube" - Phil Lester 2018v

fuck sake I tried so hard not to order a pizza but couldn't make it to the end of the video lmao


Ang gwapo ni phil nakakainis!!!

Next in the boxing ring - Dan vs Phil. Phil doesn’t know his left or rights. But Dan spends most of his time eating and playing Mario cart.

I felt like crying while watching this video

"Frank, ya gave us fleas" Me: Goddammit, you dog bitch. Did you get fifteen more dogs? Frank: well, fuck.

Suddenly pizza sales have gone up 1,000,000%

I really enjoyed it! Can't wait for another one.

Dan: this is the best pizza Me: the hallipinios

Oh god... Dan got hotter... and Phil got cuter Kill meh now ( Phil, can you always wear your pjs and eat on videos, even though I’m struggling to breathe?

I worked for Dominos! Yaaay

How can Phil be northern and say dinner not tea

It's 2pm and I eat breakfast and watch a 33 minute Dan and Phil video. that's called enjoying your life.

uk Dom looks gr8

So. I was taking food to watch this video. I wanted to make sandwiches and cereal. I ended up with no sandwich and no cereal, cuz bread had gone bad and the milk had gone bad too. So I ended up with some food... ARH THATS ANOTHER INCIDENT WITH CEREAL. LIKE TWO YEARS AGO WHEN I ATE CEREAL THEN MILK WAS OKAY AND CEREAL WAS SHET. AND NOW MILK WAS BAD AND CEREAL WAS GOOD. AHHHH THIS IS A SIGN THAT I AM NOT ALLOWED TO EAT IT.

This is my fave video ever♥️

It was nice just seeing you guys chat and be yourselves

who else wants to see a dan vs phil boxing match now!!

I didn't know these kind of toppings existed ahhahhhah

we’re just gonna ignore the ghost at around 5:35 ??

"Dan where have your videos gone" Dan: good question let me know when you find the answer

Thanks guys. I’m hungry now.

To imagine this is just one of the many dinners they’ve have together and probably all of them are like this makes me really happy

15:17 Dan double dipped. im unsubscribing.

Man we don't even get dips with dominos pizza here, so even trashier

This was a really cool video :D

I just watched this and not even joking I started crying and was laughing at some points. Why do I relate to dan and Phil so badly


Love this chatty style, exactly what I needed after a stressful week

I love that Dan was about to grab a nugget but just paused and laughed when Phil said "penises"

Worst video to watch while waiting for your own pizza to arrive and slowly getting more and more hungry...

More mukbangs

This is honestly my favourite video put out by you two.

My aunt hates cheese but she'll eat it on pizza. Not that that's relevant or useful information

24:10 didnt expect that ,but i'm glad it happened


linkies in discrizzle

How could you not get twisted dough balls

aaaaaaand im hungry again :(

Because parmasean is obviously the cheese on pizzas

the comfort of watching these two eat their hearts out has managed to make my anxiety go away. thanks, lads



dan and phil really hit a new low

their new low... what, their second world tour? or their latest movie? what are you on about lmao


I absolutely love this kind of video and I'd love for you two to do it again

Phil drinking coke from a wine glass is my zen

0/10 not enough crying

2:11 bouncin on mah Bois dicc to this

I’m hyped for spooky week

I still can’t process the fact that I’ve hugged both of you. I’ll probably be processing that forever...

and we have excloop

This video made me so hungry omg

watched the video and got really hungry. Rewatching it two days later with pizza.

What I learned from this video is; whenever you feel anxious... go on tour!!

I haven't been able to watch the boys as much as I use to, but it's so nice to see them again. The feeling of comfort I get from just watching Dan and Phil is crazy

my dad says if i get 400 subscribers he'll buy me an iphone

I'm not usually super into mukbangs, but I loved this so much

I feel personally attacked by what Dan and Phil think is a massive amount of food

Phil: **leaves** Cupboard: **dramatically opens**

Phil ate those wedges with such elegance.

Did anyone else freak out when Phil pulled his sleeves up lol. I was fangirling over Phils arms what is my life


P- You microwave them! D- *exasperated* fiiiine.... P- Eight seconds! D- *a voice of defiant pride* IVE DONE TEN! P- *mimicking “a knife” vine* NOOO

Phil CARED ABOUT LOOKING BAD in front of a hot pizza guy!

Does anyone ever wonder if their house Is actually a set?

Okay but honestly I think this is the best video Dan and Phil have made in a long time, maybe ever. They are great just being themselves, they don't need to try to force their personas like they often do. This just made me so happy :')

I don't like these two but it's a pizza mukbang... I'm sold

I wanna fuck Dan

I love this video it feels like I'm hanging out & chatting with you guys.

I paused this video and got myself some dominos so I could eat with them haha

this is just such a soft mood and I’m feeling it

This video was so wholesome and real! I could watch so many videos like this. I love how chill this was and how it felt like they were being even more themselves than normal.

My birthday is two days after Christmas (the 27th), I'm counting this DVD as my birthday present from my two favorite people. Thank you guys so much. This has been a really bad year for me and Interactive Introverts has been the thing to look forward to and my reason to keep moving. Keep doing what you're doing because you're amazing at it and if you ever need a break, just take it. We'll understand. Thank you so much, I love you guys!

I got a papa john’s ad in the middle of this, the betrayal

The way they say jalapeños

When Phil asked if he was crying and he just silently nodded I fucking died

It has been 4 days and this still hasn’t gotten 1million views....I’m shook

Rewatching this again, but in celebration of Phannie day and nine years of Dan and Phil knowing each other. Gonna watch all the PINOFS and all the DITL videos as well. Here's to nine years more

I loved seeing you two just interact as people and not as you tubers :)

M o r e M u k b a n g

I’m 25 and I feel like the oldest person when children tell me they just started watching you. I’ve been watching you both since the beginning

8:17 I feel violated. No bueno Daniel

*just another sad attempt to try to say relevant.*


that ad was so long i had time to have a cone now i get to watch the rest high

So is Dan quitting YouTube??

Genuinely, this was so lovely. I'm in quite a similar state to Dan right now, and this helped me feel calm on a rough evening, so thank you

This video was so,,, surprisingly nice. Like I was expecting a casual dip vid and was excited to watch but it was so funny and made me laugh a lot and this is probs one of my favourite videos you guys have made together haha. Thanks for the laughs you guys

“what are your dying words?” “this was fun” *tHiS wAS thE moSt FUn i’Ve EvER haD*

I absolutely loved this video. Like this is possibly my favorite Dan & Phil video. So fun to watch.

a s o f t w a r m h o l e

"ever feel like you don't have a personality?" dan, you've been watching to much Shane​ dawson

Do more mukbang I ❤️ u

thanks for this vid, guys. it's one of my favorites ever. when you feel like it, please do it again! also, i'm so proud to have grown with both of you. you're doing amazing, sweeties. now rest and enjoy your downtime. you both deserve it.

noooo...... phil will be a awkward striper

"Fleas eating our ass!"

What’s up today I broke my hip and this video makes me feel better haha (I’m 14 and it makes me feel 87 help)

Me at Interactive Introverts: i literally am so pissed that I can’t relive this moment every day. Me when I find out about the movie: SWEET GOD MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED AND I HAVE BEEN REBORN TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY

This is the only mukbang video i finished & enjoyed

I ate a third of a cold chicken nugget during this. The rest went to my dog.

With all seriousness and full honesty, At the end of this video, in the end-screen, with two amazing laughing best friends in front of me and food beside me (which I brought for this vid and also didn't finish) I was just purely in the moment and sincerely, out of all my heart said kind of to myself "I love them ". Because I truly do

"If I'm felling exotic" wat

6:27 why not use his vase?

Does dan shave his legs ????

Dominos is trash pizza. We got it once and all six people in my family were puking it up all night after eating only one slice. Still think it's good, Dan?


phil, *opening up about his social anxiety* dan *aggressively shoving food into his face* S U P P O R T edit: honestly it sounds like im trashing danny boy but there is nothing else more relatable than dan in this video

more muks of the bang pls

im sorry but who doesnt order garlic bread

help me im so hungry

"(...) for that one event and its like a look but day to day you got like three outfits" thats just jungkook in a sentence tbh

I'm the same dan hahaha. I'm the most unfit person ever but in highschool we did a flexibility test and I was the most flexible out of everyone including the sporty kids haha. I sit like that a lot hahaha.

Imagine they did the bff buys my outfit challenge

7:34 S O F T A N D N E A T

Waiting for spooky week, Halloween baking, gamingmas or even dilmas this year omg and pinof 10 omg I can’t even

I can't wait

I have phone anxiety because when I talk to people on my phone my mother ALWAYS comments on how I'm so quiet or how I'm not talking properly or something and when I call people nowadays I just feel like I'm being judged so I normally message people instead of calling them... Wow I just vented one of my mental problems on YouTube hah

I am not lying when I say I would very gladly watch a 1 hour mukbang of Dan making faces

This is amazing I Stan omg please do more mukbangs

This was really enjoyable! Have a rest and settle back I guys. No rush for content!!

are we gonna talk about 2:11 or

Ordered your book. Second year in a row I'm getting your tour as my present.

It’s like 10 am and I really want a dominos...

Me writing down the pizza order

I find it so weird when people dip pizza into sauces. I live in Australia and that like isn't thing.

Ii loved this type of content. So refreshing!

They so British

Thank you guys :)

Dan and Phil's dynamic is what I crave for tbh. Hopefully, one day I'll find a Phil to my Dan lmao-

This is the kind of content I’ve been waiting for.

h e r e ‘ s t h e e n d s c r e e n

*Trisha Paytas left the group chat*


I like this.

27:43 *_cronch_*

23:14 _hhh_ *hA*

23:18 hmmmmmmmmm dan put his hand on phil’s leg hmmmmm (also i love this please do it again thx)

candle haul w your pal daniel howell


waiting for the ps4 spiderman x daniel howell fanfics to come rolling in

can’t wait to see dan crying over domino’s pizza

As an extreme introvert you should really not become a librarian, because you will always have to talk to people in person as well as on the phone and you will have to phone people telling them the book they brought back was faulty and tell them they have to pay for it and stuff.

phil wearing a friends shirt is my aesthetic

dan’s wheeze 12:14

dan and phil can make a video of them just eating and talking and we’d still watch the whole thing also i live for dan’s wheeze

The most wholesome video on the internet

welcome home!

Anyone else really happy about Phil’s Mr. Brightside reference????

please film more mukbangs. It's really neat seeing you guys in a more layed back setting.

I feel so connected to them and they have such good vibes ugh ❤️

This is honestly my favorite video in a while. It’s so domestic and casual that it’s really just like, warm and friendly to watch at 1 AM

them in pajamas,,, my heart is soft (・ิω・ิ)

Wait Phil you don't eat cheese? Only on pizza? *I LITERALLY DO THE SAME THING WTF*

Dan and Phil in pajamas is the purest thing ever

Vegan dannnn

8:22 I lost my shit.

I want more of this!!!!!!!!! The super casual conversation was so entertaining!!!

I screamed then cried. Best thing ever since Hamilton.

Yes, I also feel like I don't have a personality. I just react to things others say and laugh when I think it's apporpriate.

I am Bob

Dan: ever feel like you don't have a personality? Me: wait what Dan per wat ERMEGERD WUTUFU IS HE TALIING ABOUTTT PHIL: UHH... DAN: ABORT! WE'RE FILMING! ABORT! ME: *head explodes*

I love you guys so much, and i loved this video, and i love everything that you guys do

I have a feeling that Dan has BPD

"linkies in discrizzle" Thanks Dan haha

someone better mfing post phil's diss track or imma throw some hands

dont worry dan i rip the boxes too


The American “Put you on” is just “Tied you over” Culture is weird

Brits say that too, just Phil is Northern and they have their own slang.

I have huge hips for a man - Dan You could give birth to set of triplets all to once - Phil to Dan about his hips

s o c k s

"I can't go, I can't go, he looks like Zac Efron I can't go."

More mukbangs please, love phoebe

c r u n c h y c h e w y w a r m a n d g o o e y

Did anyone else get a papa johns ad? No.... just me..... ok

Anyone else laugh at the fact that bath and body works still exists?

Anyone else just watch the lava lamp the whole video? No? Just me? Alright.

Omg, I’m watching this and wearing the same shirt Phil is wearing rn, that’s hilarious!

Lol Phil looks so cute here

“Jalapeenos” ?????

Dan, you need to film a what I eat in a week!

19:24 - 19:28 What a mood

DAN IM CALLING YOU OUT, you said there were no cups so Phil had to use a wine glass!!! but then you had cups for the milk!!!! LIES

"In a SACK"

we stan two pizza legends

12 million noodles!!!

Can someone literally just write down what kind of pizza it is? For research purposes obviously.

maybe do this once a week?

Aw I loved this! PLEASE DO MORE!!! Make it a regular thing!!

This entire video is so amazing I love Dan and Phil and I truly appreciate how real and authentic they are.

This is my favorite video of theirs now. It used to be pinof 1, but I loved this one so much, it’s so genuine... I adore it.

I know this video is long but it’s sooo worth it

You guys give me hope, I've been feeling broken lately, I´m not able to interact with people, or enjoy anything, bc everything just makes me anxious and i feel like I'm just a world's mistake since I can't do anything righ. But if you guys were also introverts and just managed to talk in front of lots of people, maybe one day I'll also become someone. And thank you for sharing that with us, I really appreciate it.

I’m the oldest person here right now and by here I mean my room

This was such a lovely video, I enjoyed the honesty and casualty of it. Keep making videos like these once in a while, make sure not feel pressured.Also I really love you and support you both. I´ve would've cried if I had the opportunity to see you.

A papa john's ad popped up before this video

I love this

Dan all those faces you put on make up your personality, you are a multi faceted complex human being.

"someone said they wanted us to make this mukbang video just so they could hear the noises while you eat" me: **hides in corner of shame**

"Theres some fleas, eating our ass, and they are broadcasting themselves." ~ Phil // this really put a smile on my face (the video as a whole, not fleas eating ass) and really brightened my otherwise super lonely day. Made me feel a little less lonely, thanks, :)

Dan and phil together create a pizza, and this is a slice of life.

Me at the Atlanta tour date... I’m the oldest person here... I’m 26

The DVD comes out on my birthday, so I've been dropping *subtle* (not so subtle) hints for my family and friends to buy it for me. Also, I didn't know I needed this video until I started watching with my take away.

Im so glad for 2018 tour

i really enjoyed this just a recap of the last bit of time. you guys could make this like every 2 to 3 months.

I was very satisfied when the lava lamp finally finished heating up


Please make more of these omg I loved it!!!

20:03 we also just love seeing you and enjoy what you do.

Secretely hoping that you'll do a third tour one day so I can maybe finally attend if you guys are nice enough to come to France.


I laughed so hard holy shit


"Not like you're gonna die" -Phil hinting Dan's immortal

After seeing this a few dozen times.. Its confirmed. Dan is my spirit animal

i love the way you guys say halapeenos

Are we not gonna talk about how Dan says “left uppercut” and then uses his right hand

21:57 I feel attacked. Don't talk to me like that young man

I was having a slight breakdown in the dark in my room but coming back to this makes me feel better and calmer, I needed this so much

I wasn’t able to see you guys live because you actually NEVER CAME TO BRAZIL!!!!!

dan r u ok

"he looks like zac efron i can't go" ;))))


Definitely my type of video

14:20 DANS MUMBLING IS SHINING THROUGH!!!!!!! "You have friends from home?"

okay me and my friends are definitely snuggling and watching interactive introverts for my christmas party i'M SORRY

WOW I love them so much :( I saw them in July at one of their shows ( they were amazing!! I cried they’re so sweet and funny ) and I missed them after that because they weren’t really active for the rest of tour and this video just made my whole week :)

I DID make a friend because of you guys

“I still don’t know my lefts and rights” Me everyday, all day.

so basically this blue ray is a fckn kpop album

Quality content. Much food. Very lads.

Got an ad for Papa John’s while watching this

i am smiling so much right now. i love this style of video so much. its almost podcast like? i feel like you two could really rock a jenna/julien style podcast if you enjoyed this and want to have it be a thing with like even less pressure lol

The pizza just gets smaller every jump cut

Oh my god I just realized that Dan is literally my brother But people say I’m like Dan

Like in real life like my older brother

Want both versions

I really liked this!!! I hope you guys do another one of these, it was fun watching you guys be casual.

I just finished dinner and I am already hungry because of the pizza


Jesus I just came to watch this after not watching you guys for a while because of BTS and I miss you guys! I remember all the memories and what made me like you guys. You guys basically raised me for a while. Thank you so much Dan and Phil!

I got a Papa Johns ad lmao

I can't tell if I'm more hungry or horny watching this video.

I don't like your pizza but then again I always get cheese

*just saying, this made my day* :don't mind me

this was so chill, I loved it

Dan is FEASTING!!!!!!!!!!

Im actually gonna cry at how relatable all of this is :,))

me crying because i realized that i have grown up watching them and im so happy they were on a world tour

I wish i still had a domino's near me because this video is making me crave pizza T_T

Someone has 100% paused the video at the start, went and got into there PJ's, ordered dominoes, felt awkward but still got it at the door and is huddled around their screen to pretend like they're there with them. I'm having a hard time deciding if that's terribly sad and depressing, or a goal I need to acheive before I die when I'm about 40.

Fuck it a frozen pizza will have to do... at almost 3am.... why am I like this.


I'm alone

Phil saying hell yes about the cookie was so pure and happy I’m literally blushing

This isn't what the video was for, but I've been struggling with recovering from an eating disorder and it was a lot easier to finish my meal along with you guys ❤️

i still haven't had dinner...im starving.

I love this video! It's nice to watch them interacting casually, I feel like I'm hanging out with friends

I ate pizza while watching this when this video was made. This video is like the best


I love y’all so much

breezy balloon

The part where Dan felt open enough to actually admit he didn't know why he was worried and stuff just is so soft and I'm so dead because of their dynamic

The funny thing is that the flannel candle just smells like cologne

This is the casually soft shit I signed up for

My heart was so happy when Dan said "we just want to make you happy" and then it was crushed with all that came after XD

I love thiiis!!!!!

24:11 " like full BTS"

oof i used to cry almost everyday from the day i was born until around 3rd grade. then i just stopped crying lmao i seriously didnt cry at all from 3rd grade to about 9th grade but things got really stressful in school and i cry whenever im stressed but i dont like crying in public so whenever i get home on a stressful day i just lock myself in my room and sob

The pizza came and then I got a Papa John's ad

I can't decide which DVD I want. Probably gonna buy both.

I joined in on this experience 10/10 would Mukbang again

You guys should make more mukbangs and casual videos! It's so nice to see you guys be genuine, and it would put less stress on you guys for making videos.

"do you ever feel like you dont have a personality?" dan do you listen to my thoughts? cus honestly...yes

Phil had social anxiety.... he just discribed social anxiety

honestly loving this and I regret I didn't click it earlier

Did anyone notice Truth Bombs chillin with the other board games in the back?

Half way through this video I actually went out and bought domino's and then watched the rest of the video eating pizza lol. :D

Dan you remind me of a good friend in this one (also because of the shirt lol) whom I miss a lot Tessi, if you read this: I love you

some fleas EATING OUR ASS

I'm 21 and I've been following dan and phil for a while now.... Who's 21 or 22 either? :)

Have you ever thought about having a podcast? In which you just talk about random stuff?

Couldn’t come to our show because... Phil: live in Antartica Me: because I live in Alaska—which is almost the same. Lol.

I dont have pizza but I have pizza rolls is that okay

phil saying “eating our ass” made me have a coughing fit until i threw up in my mouth hegsjdh

Give me that shirt Phil Please Read more

Hallapeeno lmao

I love your videos. It makes me feel like I'm just chilling with friends. My mates. Your live show was awesome. I was in the audience during the filming of the movie. Did not disappoint. I'm glad you both exist. Sending appreciation all the way from California. The States. I need some pizza now :)

This pure video is what I needed

It took you guys 10 mins to actually start eating

25:50 Phil’s giggle

"best pizza" HUN COME TO JERSEY ksedjlsksksld

I actually loved this pleeeeeaaaaaase do more

Big question?: Pizza Hut OR Dominos? (Me: Pizza Hut I’m sorry, dominos gives me indigestion really badly

I had a pizza ad in the middle of the video ysdjbak

This is so soft and I would definitely appreciate more content like this!

Honestly they aren't even eating that much food. I'm 11 ( yeah I know) and last night I ate a whole pizza and a bag of chips.

This is the best video i've seen thank

Can anyone else relate to this

I should be doing homework but instead i'm sitting here eating pizza while watching two other guys eat pizza at the same time

Dan is meeee Phil: Are you ok? Dan: No

I'm watching this outloud at a restaurant and the whole room went quiet when you screamed "I CARRIED THEM IN MY PANTS." I just sat there in silence as i paused the vid. My parents are still concerned.

this is probably my favourite video out of all Dan and Phil vids and that’s saying something because I’ve seen every one multiple times

Omg I can eat all that by myself y’all need more food for a proper mukbang!

“Are you all the same”? Yes Daniel, we’re all Susan(Chicago ii reference)

I can't watch this i get too hungry

photocards are taking over

Australian dominos is shit

16:46 uhh that laugh could cure cancer

Is it just me that was keeping track of how much they were eating each lmao

I am blessed

I loved this relaxed video style with you guys just vibing off each other being naturally funny, would love more content like this!

I enjoyed every second of this

I wish my Dominos had potato wedges.

I need moreeeeee

Petition for more mukbangs in the future pls

Do you guys call them JoJo's or potato wedges?


this was honestly hands down one of my favorite videos ever

love love love love you guys

That sounds disgusting

"I am only alive when I am dipping carbohydrates in condiments" MOOD

Dan is like David Henry Thoreau

This was really calm and soft thanks guys

this is my favorite video thank you

this was amazing

This is amazing

Next interactive introverts needs to be 5 hours worth of playing sims live

I loved everything about this video. I love feeling like we get to be a part of the family, just sat down for some friendly chats and real-life vulnerability. Thank you for giving me something to get through a rough night, Dan and Phil. This really does make my evening. Good night. Thank you for being open with us

this was the first video of yours I've seen in a while that I've really enjoyed! I love seeing how ya'll have grown and still funny when just being casual

This is the 6th time I’ve watched thiS

What do we want? *HOUSE TOUR* When do we want it? *SOOOOOON*

I am from Northern America and I had no clue what phill meant the he said "Put you on"

i don't know why but a few nights ago i had a dream that dan died

you should collab with Lilly sing after you have rested you are probably jet lagged


I dunno why but people sharing feelings and vulnerabilities really disturbs me and makes me uncomfortable. Still worth it to watch these two though.

Comment to this if you're Emo and you watch Johnnie Guilbert, crank that Frank, and Dan and Phil

XD I feel ya dan who needs a therapist when you have food

me being hispanic, i got hurt when they said "jalapenos"

yess do more mukbangs

Original cruust: bbq, chicken, bacon, pepper, onions.. tomatoes, pepperoni, onions, chili flakes, ground beef... jalapeños.. I'm gonna order it

Dan's disappointed "AALLways something" about the missing jalapeños was the crotchetiest thing I've seen and heard this month.

Did anyone else notice Phil slowly moving closer to dan like every 5 minutes


Me at homework: and I'm like.. *no*

that was a really undercooked wedge

Random time stamp go 2:20

"Do you ecer feel like you don't have a personality?" Same


Honestly this kind of content is comforting. Like the deep conversations and the ability to see you guys chilled out. Really helps me feel and see why I enjoy your content so much. I don't care how often you post or really what it is as long as you guys are enjoying what you create or makes me happy. Thanks for sharing this video with us! Love you so much!

please sleep kiddos

what I want most in the worls honestly is just for dan to be happy 100% he deserves it

okay here me out hear I know you guys will probably ignore this but what’s ur thoughts on the psychic twins and why did u avoid there collab offer


I do agree that the dominos in Australia is actual shit

I'm certainly one of your oldest fans...I'm 34.

adopt me

8:14 he knows Awww 10:09 role model, so considerate, many bunches of thanks. PS vegan cooking on earth day, just an idea! 20:03 29:40 like a hobbit home

Dan seems really sad and depressed, I hope he takes care of himself

Ok the fact that I just saw dans feet has put me off the pizza

Lmao dan’s food orgasms

I love this stuff!! Just do what makes you happy and well love it no matter what.

Ok but is nobody going to talk about the fact that Phil doesn’t want to go to the door because the guy is hot?

More mukbang vids plz!!! Like if you agree

someone look at me the way dan looks at phil in the thumbnail

kskskks its ass eating season for the fleas

after all this time talking about their unseen pj's we actually see them

yesyesyes this was amazing

This was a super chill video and I really enjoyed it. Also, to touch on the "we have all sorts of fans" comment. I have been watching you both since I was 15 or 16, and I'm 24 now, and a mom. It's been awesome to watch you guys succeed and grow together.

that was some of the most truthful, funny and erothic comebacks!

I need more of this. I feel so wholesome after watching this

DAN AND PHIL R MY GODS. If I could make a religion it would be called Dan And Phil R Floofy

Loving the friends shirt


did anyone not hear the sirens at 13:14 to 13:25

no? just me? ok...

I made the same face as dan when Phil said dominos was trash. Srsly WTF ITS AMAZING

Phil's F.R.I.E.N.D.S. shirt is fucking iconic like I dont yall understand how happy I am about it. I have a massive obsession with friends. It's to the point where I'm on my 67th round of all ten seasons


Maybe it's because they're both huge but I don't buy for one second that that's a large pizza It's so little??


ok. so. I am currently watching my favorite YouTubers eat food in there pajamas....what is my life

y'all i'm still not over this video i must have watched it five times by now

The tandoori chicken is literally the best bit of the sizzler, what have you done?


videos without music in the background makes me so uncomfortable lol

Do you still read all of your comments??

yall should play games live on twitch :p it's hella fun


Haven’t been around other British people in a long time this feels like home

I really love this type of chill-just hanging out-talking videos, like podcasts and stuff and it was great to watch you guys

Serious question why are pizza delivery people always hot boys

Watching this while exercising was the worst idea ever, it's literally torture

Gosh I haven't seen these two in probably over two years lol


I love the real talk

i used to watch them alot few years back, but now even though i am not a fan anymore i keep updates on them :(( i feel so happy to see how mature this 2 boys have become

This was so nice, you guys always make me feel happier ^_^

Oh my gosh I have the same shirt as Phil. I can die happy.

23;18 thigh grab


*Hears you pronounce mukbang wrong* *Clicks off*

dans wink about his hips has me like

Phil said MOM

im aroused by those cookies

Why are people watching other people eating food?!

You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for everything.

i tare the box

I love this type of content

i’m from down the road to phil and i’ve never heard ‘put you on’ in my LIFE

"You nearly hit me in the balls!" Me: oh my Lord I didn't even know Phil knew he had a penis he's so innocent

I live on Mars. Next time you guys need to come to my city! It's a big city called 'Zublajingka' and so many of the aliens here are fans!

i'm sorry dan domino's is garbage


"Look how fancy this cup is!" "You look great Phil."

best content we didn't deserve

I feel so bland compared to y'all I literally just get alfredo pizza with spinach damn

Wow I really loved this. It was so chill and funny and you seemed to really enjoy yourselves! I hope to see some more mukbangs from you two!

Honestly, BBQ chicken pizza is LIFE! That's all I order lol

I feel the same way about food as Dan.


You really should’ve been drinking tea in this

Phil looks like he's a lesbian mom

these boys look v tired, they've def earned a rest

Dan is a whole ass mood..

Wiki feet

So apparently Dan and Phil have a secret Xbox cabnet *The more you know*

"you're not going to die" "yeah" Wait, Dan's immortal???

Lol I haven’t watched u guys for ages but today I was having a surgery and was trying to distract myself and my mind immediately went to you two playing sims ?????

does anyone else realize that phil has a rEAlLy deep voice

I absolutely love this! I saved this vid till I could get a pizza to eat and it was worth it!

I love every single second of this thank you ily

This is one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever watched XD


Can I just say "jalapenos"=jalapino

I genuinely think this might be my favourite Dan and Phil video ever

Domino is trash pizza lol If u ever go to brazil, i mean if our conservative wave dies out and we don't beocme a dictadorship in the next year, try a pizzaria here lol You deifnitions of what is a good pizza will probably change

Got my own food out and had dinner with friends...

i couldn’t hear what you were saying over the sound of my stomach rumbling

Although I've been watching your videos for years now, somehow I never commented before... But with this video I just HAD to because I really enjoyed this to the fullest! You get the feeling of sitting across from you guys and just having a completely casual chat. Very authentic and down to earth! I loved it.

Make mooreeeeeeee I love mukbangs, because its very casual and the little banter shows like a side of you guys that I would enjoy seeing moreeee thank you for thissss❤️

dan looks like my brother i stg


Dan said "Do you ever feel like you don't have a personality?" and my heart hit my feet because same.

thank you

Dan is Grey and Phil is Brady

I really really enjoyed this. I've been watching you guys' content for 7 years now (I am but a spry 19) and I genuinely feel as though I have grown up with you in a personal but also removed and non personal way. I guess I never expected to feel so comfortable and warm watching and making comments to people who I've never met. A close friend of mine who broke off our friendship used to watch you guys' videos with me. There was a brief moment when I considered stopping and not watching you anymore because she was my best friend and it was almost painful to watch you because I would think about her. I remembered that you guys were there long before her though and why I personally enjoyed the content and your personalities and I'm glad I decided to stay. I know this is oddly personal, but I guess if there were any time to say this it would be here and now. Thank you two for never giving up and creating a cozy home on the internet of all places for weirdos like me.

I want more mukbang ... maybe like a Christmas foods mukbang?

Dan definitely shaves his legs no mans legs are that fucking smooth with work.

Oh my god this whole video was a mood.

28:37 did Dan just say he was a sociopath?

I showed about ten minutes of this video to my mum the other day and she was obsessed with counting how many times Dan wiped his fingers clean. She asked if he had OCD. My mother's pretty blunt.

*My hearing has to be checked on now, all I heard was:* "As you can see, there is a lot of dicks here.." "Dan is the king of the dicks.." "We've talked about that, it is known I am only alive when I am dicking carbohydrates into condiments.." "So, I've got all of the dicks.." "I like the barbecue dick.." "I want that one, I'm so basic with my dicks.." *I'm sorry*

hey guys does anyone want to be internet friends? i’m 13, female (questioning), im english and live here in england, i love dan and phil, prince, tøp, p!atd, friends etc. so message me on instagram @max.fendt_ :)

Why am I watching this???

you guys drink coke zero with like the fattiest of foods… big mood

Did anyone else get distracted by the Lava Lamp???

So domestic

Dan: WHat are your dying words? Me: THIS IS THE MOST FUN IVE EVER HAD

the fleas are eating our ass

Please meet Garrett Watts you bean ❤️ I would be very happy

dan & phil: eating junk food me: eating a healthy salad whoops

Why did you guys dont provide shipping to Indonesia??

phil singing mr brightside im healed

virey.sirey.pirey.wirey.tirey.direy. Love love love love. you tireus. fired. coolk.hi up.mirey.


I love how they say jalapeños and Parmesan, they say it so funny lol.

lol I'm hungry now

Im eating pepperoni pizza whilst watching this

Phils shirt is gold

"Usually, I don't get upset or mad", lying is a sin _D A N I E L_


This was so cute and so real. I love seeing how you two interact semi-normally c:

1) that pizza looks disgusting 2) dan double dips

6:20 do you mean so*phil*sticated?

I love seeing people be genuine. This makes me really happy.

I think we all just want you guys to be happy too

I would LOVE another mukbang. Yassss

If I saw phil cry I would probably cry 10x harder because he is always such a happy person

Wow its been the first time in years since I’ve been recommended Dan and Phil and i must say I’m not disappointed

I thought Dan was going to start crying when he first tasted the pizza lmao

Omg Phil I love your shirt omg it's a fiends shirt I love it

please do one every week

I loved this so much. It not only made me laugh but it made me genuinely happy. And Dan has like so many things in common with me it's great XD Make another video like this in the future!

Do more of this content


“Living with you is really stressful” *pits hand on thigh* ?!

To Dan: I was pleasantly surprised to hear about your diet and I appreciate you eating plantbased for most of the week. That is really the least everyone could do for the animals and for the planet. But you can’t “be vegan” for 6 days of the week. You’re either vegan or you’re not. Veganism is not a diet, it’s an animal rights movement. And as long as you’re eating or wearing products that come from enslaving animals, you are not in any way vegan. This is the definition of veganism “Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” You could say you eat vegan or plantbased for 6/7 days instead. Being vegan and eating vegan are two entirely different pairs of shoes. By the way, being vegan in London is soo easy. I hope you’ll get there.

“I don’t usually get mad or upset” **flashback to the impossible quiz 6**

i haven't watched any of their content in ages and i'm glad to know they're still funny

If Dan and Phil made a mukbang where they ate a pineapple pizza I would officially unsubscribe.

You guys are mean, now I need pizza

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLove Love Love Love Love Love it

I’m happy

“i enjoyed punching you”

i love how you guys are comfortable just reaching over each other and taking food. one would be talking and the other just wants a nugget or wedge

This was a great video 10/10 recommend in place of therapy :)

Phil I'm loving the shirt :)

this really isn't helping my case, im sick with mono and I really want pizza but I cant eat it so ive been eating ice cream, popsicles, and crisps

my god why did i spent 33 minutes watching them eat and enjoyed it so much and i studied nothing for tomorrows test great

Hearing Phil explain, "put you on" is so funny

I got happy to see that I have the same pj bottoms as Phil but then they both made it seem like they're an embarrassing thing to own lol

Unless you live in Antarctica, huh ?! Or in France, I guess...

it was so wonderful just listening tot hese two simply having a conversation and talking about what they're thinking. It's so great. also their laughter is so soul ...fulfilling? conclusion: a full on meal with a long talk with a good friend revives the soul. Dan asks a question fo what makes me happy. I answer to hear more of him and Phil laughing and just having a good time.

If this whole YouTube thing doesn’t work out (like thats gonna happen 6.5 million subscribers lmao) I could see Dan being a therapist.

You guys should do this more! Love you both and keep up the amazing videos

I waited with watching this till I had to eat too.

“Jalapeeno” smh

"Full BTS" can Dan & Phil please be the British members

if dan doesnt teach phil how to play guild wars 2 on camera i will f l i p

Calling dan out for pronouncing amazon amazOn


Okay but dan I feel you on the personality thing

With the fucking wide hips shit and all

broooo yalls dominos boxes are better than the ones in america

When the pizza came. Dan: da da da daaaaa Phil and Dan: YASSSSSSSSS

Love Phil's shirt. Love your curls dan

Dan is a whole ass mood

Uh, Phil, that's an appetizer...

*Dan and Phil begin with questioning everything* Me: WHY ARE WEEEEE?!

phil looks like such a mum when he's holding the wine glass haha

i finally had the time to watch this and im so glad I did it made me so damn happy its so whiolesome

I met another person who shares my name on your interactive introverts tour My friend were all excited and socializing and like "omg 2 Sophia's !!!" but I just wanted to get away from them (btw this was after the show and I just wanted to leave cause I was depressed that you guys aren't my friends :( )

"It's just dinner for us"

This is officially my "I need cathartic wholesomeness" video.

Seeing them just hang out and talk is really sweet, feels genuine and natural.

Do an unhealthy vegan food mukbang!!

2 Little Beans Eating Food

I need a phil in my life

I'm watching this at 1:30 AM ..... Damn this is so relaxing


Phil is so wholesome and cute

I need more of these in my life! Loved how relaxed you guys were! Loved the chats and the pajamas!

flea ass eating mukbang

These boys can make any Mukbang interesting

Um UK dominos looks bomb af. We dont get wedgessssssss. Plus your packaging looks soooo much better

Can you guys play vlogger go viral please??(its a mobile game).

please make more of these! loved ittt

32:01 you just made me question my entire existence xD

why did dan at 18:08 look like that one gif of Oprah eating the snack all weird

Phil: If you enjoyed anything about this video... Me: I literally enjoyed every millisecond!


I really like this idea, but next time do it as a livestream! That way we can sit down and eat dinner with you guys in real time. :)

Just like everything else, dominos in the UK is better than the US..

They bacc

i relate so much to dan and i wish i could have a phil to calm me down or go along with my crazy thoughts but my best friend is actually another dan so *laughs nervously* but i feel like i can be a phil to them

im just so sorry you didnt come to brazil :c i wish i couldve finally met you


I didn't realise 'something to put you on' was northern, I'm from Yorkshire :P ahaa also my brother and dad wear 'vests' but they're just plain tshirts they were under shirts so maybe that's what she meant? Really enjoyed this video, I've never had anything other than pizza from dominoes and now I wanna try the nuggets and cookies.

i dont have a dvd player :(

freaking love this video

0:00-0:03 I relate to dan so much This is the purest video I have ever seen if there is ever an alien invasion please save these two smol beans



Linkies in descrizzle

How are they so perfect!!! Like they are beautiful rats with everything they do, but even creating a pizza of deams that I would thoroughly enjoy

what’s their order?

I know you probably won't see this but you guys are so amazing. I love you so much and watching you guys be happy is one of my favourite things. I've really really considered suicide so many times. Whenever I felt like that, I would watch one of your videos, because it makes me so happy. Idk how to explain it, and I know it sounds really weird but idc. I wanna hug both of you because you guys have saved my life so many times and idk how I can thanks you guys enough

Have a nice life too guys. I enjoyed every second of this video. Love you so much and can wait for the dvd.

BBQ for life

That think about outfits i felt that Daniel

These guys

I want to try vegan monday stuff but i just cant i am vegetarian by the way and i get Dan so well.

dan in that shirt looks so cute and smol I cant even

You guys are in such an awkward hair phase right now

i totally get it phil! i dont like cheese unless its on pizza too


good nugs! who cut thIS PIZZA that's how you get ensembles like THIS are my favorite quotes from this video

First man was a crap film

"Eight seconds" "I've done ten!" *N O*

Omg i haven’t watched dap in a while mostly because of school and I’m always studying and doing homework and I’m so happy i started watching again

melhor video de vcs mwah

why do I keep getting condom ads when watching dnp

there was a pizzapizza add on this vid lol

I literately have put this video off since it came out because I also wanted to have my own mukbang too, and I'm so glad I waited bc I was genuinely was happy while watching this. it would've of different if I hadn't. this was a wholesome moment and yeah I fucking enjoyed my Friday night.

Oof I really liked this style of video, super casual and chill, and covers some interesting topics

I’m so hungry right now ;-;

I loved this

I'm exactly like Phil can't do cheese unless on pizza rather have Chinese or fish and chips than dominos tbh

Little asian girl eats twelve billion noodles

I was supposed to go to your show, had the ticket and hotel booked and everything. However, I was heavily pregnant and way overdue..... little guy came that night

i couldn’t go to the tour, but i’m making up for it by buying the merch and the dvd so *its all good*

Tag urself I'm the vegan


soft and neat soft and neat soft and neat

Do you ever feel like you don't have a personality" SOMEONE CHECK ON DAN I AM CONCERNED

I saw u on tour in Milwaukee and I bought a sweatshirt u guys r so funny also Phil dont let people judge u just be u

They are so great

Pleaso do giant lobster mukbang next

I love just seeing you guys chit-chat honestly. Also, I'm 28 so, 19 is def not the oldest.

jala pee nos XD

Is there DVD going to be in stores????

Dan of the amazing you are amazing

I still can’t believe I was in the same room as these losers for 2 hours Jesus

I came here to watch a light-hearted video of Dan and Phil eating alot then I was hit with feels and fluffy feelings.

why is this video the most wholesome thing ive watched all year?

This felt like a pub sesh without alchahol

Owww hello i'm a Newell's subscribe, i'm from Spain Andrés it's hard for me yo understand the vídeos, but it's very entertaing

''a soft warm hole'' ok

Phil's got it right; We just want you to be happy

on the DVD. do you trip over like you did in Sheffield

Now everyone will start to tear it off

I'm so jealous?! I work at a Dominos and we don't serve wedges, cookies, nUgS, or even that kind of specialty pizza! Oof, gotta step up our fOoD gAmE

My fave dan and phil video ever

i just want a girl to love me as much as dan loves his pizza

I'm eating a ham, cheese, and guac sandwich and trying to keep my cat from eating it.

This is the most pure video I’ve ever seen please do more I love you boys

i watch this when i eat because i have no real friends :(


“you brought my candle over” “Yah” I could see the love when they looked at each other❤️


Did they mention BTS when dan was explaining something about looking ready in stage or something?

Dan dips his potato wedge an in ranch, I thought I was the only one

i lost my shit when phil was talking about fleas eating their ass omfg i never thought id hear that from him and then dan just being like waaaait rewind iM CHOKINGYGHJU

Oddly enough, I feel as though this is the best meal I've had in a while. Living alone is lonely, but I felt like I had some dinner guests.

Just came from the new spooky week video and need something to make me not scared lol

i ordered pizza just like this and ate it all by myself and i ordered a large one and then i threw up in the middle of the night and then roommate forbids me to order pizza like this ever again so thanks guys

26:52 DAN SAME. Same tho I would do that exact thing

I want this to be a series. I love just watching you guys be domestic and chatting while you relax and eat lol

You should play truth bombs with smosh sometime

Has anyone tried that pizza they ate? is it good?

I’ve missed y’all so much hsjsj

I’m vegan and I’m definitely very upset with you Dan

ya'll need to SCHLEEB

I really enjoyed this, would love for mukbangs to become a regular kind of video you make

i genuinely started crying when things got genuine and the lads were talking about their struggles. i hopped into this vid expecting bants and while i wasn't disappointed i also got a heartfelt time. as someone has said already, make a podcast!!

Ive never watched a mukbang and tbh Im glad this is the first one Ive watched

oi dan, VA LOVES YOU (Virginia Show- July 12) I was there and we clapped for SATAN.


It’s so weird cause I don’t watch them anymore when I used to be obsessed with them, and I decided to just click on this video. Lol it brings back memories and their accents just omg !

I love Dan and Phil I love Dan and Phil I love Dan and Phil I love Dan and Phil

Phil might be the death of me Phil leads me to anxiety

I’m watching this while eating my vegan pizza


Dan: Do you ever feel like you don't have a personallity? Me: *Yes* Phil: What??! Dan: _Owkay!! Scratch that, NeXT QueSTioN!!..._

Not question *conversation whoops

this is just what i needed, after josh dun turned me straight

I'm so ready for full-on BTS Daniel

8:14 *I got chills send help plez*

Every time Dan looks at the camara is like his watching my soul

Also something funny I remembered: around the time you realized you were intolerant or whatever to diary..I started having issues with it as well. My problem is..I love diary, but it kills my stomach.

I'm wasting my few mbs for this. I don't regret it.❤️

This is honestly one of my favorite types of videos y'all have done. This is so good❤️

i guess it's only dominos india that's trash

Well this is probably the happiest I've seen them in a video in 2k18... Quite understandable though.

Me. An Asian girl. *slowly puts away bowl of 12 million noodles* Oh damn.

Vegetarian has left the chat


dan, thouroughly putting his emotions out for everyone to see: do you ever feel like you dOnt have a personality? phil: wut? *dan has left the chat*

the thing with me with the tour, is that i was in such a bad mental state so when i went to the show, on my birthday, mind you, i felt so much happier. i felt so much less alone then i would have sat in front of a cake i didnt want with people who loved me but i couldnt tell. it put me in a better state and position. thank you for that.

I’ve been watching dan & phil since 16 and currently I’m 21. I don’t know, but out of all the people I used to watch (Tyler Oakley, Alfie, zoella, joe, etc..), I’ve only stuck with Dan & Phil all throughout.. really love them and their content hasnt been stagnant - i feel as though im growing & maturing with them.

23:19 Hand on thigh >.> Just sayin' ~

Hey if you feel that the yanky candles can give you a head ache you could get emma’s so naturals candles which don’t have any parabens or chemicals or Pam oils so they are quite could for your health . And smell very nice


This was one of the best content I have ever seen in a long while and I'm not even joking or talking ironically

23:27 socks **screen flies away**

I love that like. Where I’d have said “I haven’t” Phil says “I’ve not” and it’s literally the same thing I mean they’re both I have not but they’re so strangely different I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever said “I’ve not” at any point in my life. It’s neat.

tonight’s been one of my worst nights in awhile. thank you, so much, for being such a calm and stable presence. it’s videos like this that do more help for your viewers than you could ever imagine

I love the fact that Dan uses 2 sauces for the wedges, I'm not the only one

I love everything about this video there's food, there's Dan and Phil, there's bants, there's deep shit, and y'all are just talking about how you feel this is so pure and honest and I love and I love you guys. AND YES DAN we jus want you to be happy! we love you!!

"Do you ever feel like you don't have a personality?" Well if that isn't the most accurate thing I've ever heard...

"do you ever feel like you don't have a personality" oh a Mood


If you need help with boxing I can help I take boxing and karate!!! I just helped my dad out. XD btw im 14. XD


and I was expecting a tesco meal deal SKSKSKS

Dan & Phil, y’all are awesome, sweet, funny,amazing *phil*, and just.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ❤️Love you guys so much

XD I missed you guys

Fucking queens I love you both so much


hay phill BTW in the USA instead of putting you on we call it weening on

i support your emoji pjs more than i support my own existence

The voice crack at 25:50 lol

I demand a dan and Phil mukbang show

can i like this constantly and indefinitely, i dont have enough thumbs

my last 2 brain cells during midterms

19:27 ‘I appreciate the little things’ *phil looks down in between his legs* **NERVOUS LAUGH**

Dylxn. Mxtchell omg no

We need a Japanese food Mukbang

"yOu lOoK gReAt pHiL"

Phil is just like me! I don't eat cheese, because it somehow brings out my eczema, so people always think I'm weird because I love pizza so much. Thank you, Jesus, that someone else has pizza with as many toppings as me!

“The bread is so good” Dan quoting my everyday life


This is so perfect I have been blessed

damn i love them

During Interactive Introverts Dan threw a wig at me...that fateful night i was almost blinded by synthetic hair.

I'm a little vegan beaaaaan

i wish i liked pizza

Fill that hole with bread, dan.

23:17 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phansexual 13 GET OUT AHHH

im eating pizza while watching this

this radiates something i cant quite name but the entire time while i was watching this was the nicest 33 minutes ive had in a long while! its really cool to just? hear you guys talk about your thoughts and feelings and stuff and just whatevers on your mind? its really nice to see you guys and this comment shouldnt have any kind of influence or pressure because having an audience can be!!! extremely stressful! but yeah just! i hope you can do whatevers gonna make you comfortable and happy

Loved this video!

my domino's people always forget to put BBQ sauce on BBQ pizza how stupid is that

I was eating KFC while watching this ❤️

Did dan forget his YouTube password again

id be 100000000% down for monthly mukbangs

I love this, I'm crying because of how genuine this seems. I kinda feel like I'm just having a nice chat with y'all in person.

their dabs extend my lifespan by 10 years

*phil:* we're stood in front of a giant wall of penises *dan:* hhhhhuuuuuuuuugggggggEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEehhhh hahAHAHAHAHAAAA

31:12 Dan: In THiS MommenT I feeL AliVE.

Can I join Dan's style team

The faces when Dan burped killed me

I would love to stand beside Phil Lester with an artwork of penises in the background. I genuinely would.

I got a papa johns add during this


Did ya'll wear the saame outfits for all shows?? I'm just curious.. Also, do ya'll know Pizza Hut's hershey pie thingy? I like that.

Dan: D' you ever feel like you don't have a personality? OH FUCKIN WORM BITCH? this is really wholesome guys

This is so wholesome and real and personal. I love!!☺️

It's a comforting, weird, and wonderful thing for me to realize that a lot of their traditions together involves food. This and also, for example, when they eat burgers whenever The Walking Dead comes back for a new season.

this got me to order pizza its 10 am

italians are screaming in horror

Hi if anyone could get me that exact pizza order in writing I would live to try it and possibly be as happy as Dan is in this video,,,

I like the bird-asteroid art in the background. Does anyone know its name and artist?

I am vegan and want everyone to be one as well

When Dan and Phil are so close (Singapore) but so far at the same time (Malaysia

3:05 TWWEnTy EIghT StAb WoUnDS

Did they show movies they made

dan burping is my asthetic

Saw you live and pre-ordered the VIP Limited Edition! :D :D I'M SO EXCITED! OOO AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT! OOOO

I need more mukbangs from Dan and Phil


Eatin ass lmaoooo phil kills me

When dan cried over the pizza.... I felt that on a spiritual level... mee tooo Daniel, me tooooo

dan's toes like if you agree

This is probably one of my favourite videos on this platform... Does that make me insane? I'm feeling very warm and fuzzy inside, like after a good chat with people you care about. Thank you, really.

My mum rips the box in half lmao

Okay so this is bizarre...I’m a recovering anorexic and literally for the first time in over a year I think I feel genuinely hungry. I have no clue how to feel rn x

we need a part 2 of you guys just chatting & eating this video was really enjoyable and cool to know more about you guys rather than just laughing, I enjoy both but this video was a nice experience.

This video was fiRe

This is the most wholesome video I’ve ever seen in my entire life

I'll have an appointment for my mental health soon. I'm extremely nervous. I've been watching you guys all day. It really helps me feel better, and stop worrying for a little while. Thank you both for making this content for us

i would like a unicorn with 4 tails please.

the dog at 22:20 seems way too close to be in a different apartment


28:32 Dan is me. Phil is my family.

Dan is so touchy in this video; I love it. Also don't freak out at me because I'm not meaning it in a romantic way at all. I just love that they're so close, and that they're comfortable enough now to put their hand on each other's shoulder for example. Because I remember when they were a bit awkward on camera because of *certain* fans. Idk it's just really pure and it makes me happy.

Alternate title: Dan silently has an existential crisis for 33 minutes straight ...which is a big mood tbh

EATING OUR ASS killed me!

Phil said the word “balls”

10:37 Cognitive dissonance (noun): the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

whale i am insane cos i watched this. yeh i know. let's be insane together!

28:33 - sameee - not a good thing,,,

Holy crap. Dan burped. Dan and Phil never burp!!

Honestly I feel like I don’t have a personality a lot of the time.

Phil tell Dan and yourself that the whole (most) of your fans just wanna see you two happy, so just do you

here after they played resident evil 7.i need some wholesome content

This video was actually Gold Standard it's good to see the personal growth xx

this is the wholesome and honest content i live for

Anyone else thinking they're high? No, just me? Lol


I never watch these kinds of videos but this is Dan and Phil doing this so yeah

I missed u guys. Too bad I couldnt go see u guys.

Soft bite, soft chew

Dan chews so daintily

Um no. Condiments are too wet I cant


I'm hungry for Pizza now

I've never heard or seen Dan burp before

Us northeners need to stick together

Dan and Phil's laugh is music to my ears.

I'm compleatly vegan but idm I won't watch if I don't want to and it's your choice

Dan, you're my favorite, but please know that Dominos is Dominos. You saying it's trash unless it's from the UK is like me saying it's trash unless it's from California. Now as a fellow Lefty I won't take this too personally, but please have a Happy Halloween and don't let Phil be a terrible influence. Meat is nice tho. Bye.

another mukbang plz

I'm writing a very important exam tomorrow and this helped calm me down so that I can't actually sleep tonight. Thanks guys.

Hey I work for dominos in America and this shit is wild

this was such a calming nice video, 10 out of 10 would watch another

"I'm the oldest one here, I'm 19" ... *checks ID card* well darn... I'm from '87. Actually really enjoyed this video, not sure why it was entertaining to watch. Probably not because of the food, because that just made me hungry and jealous... but the conversation was fun to listen to. Would watch more :D

These kinds of videos are so fun to watch!

"I don't usually get mad or upset" - Dan Howell 2018 Me: wait is Dan serious lol?

Someone: white people cant handle flavorful food Me: 9:08

this is perfect. 10/10 would watch at least once a month.

24:23 I instantly thought of David Dobrik like that’s literally the exact description of his wardrobe

Phil eating pizza but he hates cheese . Conspiracy!!!!

Can I just say - I loved this ? I'd love more of these :D !

This is so wholesome and I love it and so deep at some points, and peaceful, therapeutic and calming and funny and it’s just them talking and eating Domino’s and banting

Phil: "8 seconds!" Dan:"Ive done 10!" me in foods class

I skip ahead and i heard “the penis war” im like okayy.

I can’t wait to be the Dan to someone’s Phil

Daniel Dip Daddy Howell

its 3am, I'm hungry. this is torture

I love how they have the most unhealthiest meal, but drink Coke Zero Sugar, just to be 1% healthy.

I love this video so much. You can see how much they care about each other, and I don’t care it could be love, it could be friendship, whatever it is it’s amazing that they can share it with us and it’s such a pure and wholesome video.

I once ate lucky charms out of a wine glass

Just imagine that girl who Dan saw at the train station(or tube station) saw him and was like "oh hey it's Dan! Wait where'd he g-did he just go behind that photo booth? Eh whatever..."

dan crying over food is so relatable

I did not know i needed this video but i did

"A soft warm hole" (ignoring the innuendo) Dan is a straight up hobbit.

Dan and Phil are both immortal, they will never die... obviously

Please make another one!!!!!!!

This is so wholesome and nice because they are real and talk about real stuff about themselfs and they are just the realest people on the internet

I love them both and I hope they can keep doing what they love ❤️

"He looks like Zac Efron I can't go!" ........... you right there Phil?? XD


Kat M i was thinking the same thing!

I don’t like cheese but I looooovvveeee pizzaaaaa, I’m glad that Phil can relate ahaha xx

i miss their videos with anything anime related


I did not need Dan winking at me whilst talking about his flexible hips. This is how I'm gonna die.

I was rewatching this video, and forgot last time i watched it i was halfway through. Clicked on the video, the first thing i heard was ' you could give birth to triplets'


The best video on the internet to ever exist ever

5:57 i need that as my ringtone

Dominos has fries?!

dan: hello internet i'm internally crying

You should swap channels for a week

5in1 pizza is superior 100%

I loved this vid so much - I love hearing you guys ponder deep stuff and talk about your emotions and shiz. That's the good stuff right there.

OKay Dannyboy chill out with the "If this is the last thing we ever do- we wan to make you happy" had me in tears and then had to go into a frickin existential void

Got hungry while watching,decided to join in the fast for the rest of the vid.Still eating my chips


I would pay you to make a live just eating pizza and talk. :o

It's 3:30 am.... and I'm watching this after watching a bunch of Kpop stuff and BL dramas.....

i want to click away but i CAN’T

Phil: "Why don't you get your own take-away and join us?" Me, McChicken shoved gollywoggle-deep in my pie hole: Nailed it

what a massively, probably unreasonably satisfying video. its nice to listen to dan and phil just chat about anything and everything. and sometimes it seems that dan and i are so similar its mindboggling. and kinda comforting in a way. but also sad because,, you never want people you like to suffer in the same ways you suffer anyway, great content, i look forward to another mukbang in the future :)

You forgot the pineapple on it

i gotta say that interactive introverts ad overlayed onto the regular video was a really fucken neat way to be advertised to, as far as ads go. like..... soft neon, barely audible audio, it got the point across like a gentle tickle in your brain

The Philly cheese king

15:55 - That is exactly what mental illusionist Derren Brown said. If you just stop, and realise most people do not care about you, what you wear, your hair, your face etc, then everyone would be ten times more happier in life.

The day when these two decide to live on their own will be devastating for everyone.

This was traumatic. I’m hungry and I may just cry.

i’m so happy we got this. bye i’m gonna die happily

Who else is watching this to distract you after yourself and your girlfriend broke up

ok what Dan said about feeling like you don't have a personality.. i relate. I thought I was the only one who felt that way sometimes...

I love this video ! Please do more like this , the way both of you are just chatting is the best ☺

This is the first one I don't think about the food they eat, I'm just listen to Dan and Phil when they talk.

Phil is wearing a F.R.I.E.N.D.S shirt I am wearing a F.R.I.E.N.D.S sweat shirt while watching this I’m scared

this is everything!


Any “The Good Place” fans here? You know that part where Michael says that a person’s soul-mate doesn’t have to be romantic? It can be platonic, romantic, your best friend or whatever? I truly feel Dan and Phil are soul-mates and were meant to be best friends in life

this is Easily one of my fave d+p vids, would love to see more in the future!!

am i the only one that screamed when dan mentioned bts?

"PS4 Spiderman is my soulmate and I would die for him" why is that me?


This is making me hungry it's also dangerous as I live opossite a dominos so

I went to one of your shows and I had a panic attack and had to leave my sister who I dragged along inside

Can I just say I actually ate my pizza while watching this video

this is so calming?? pls make more

Honestly I just want them to be happy, so no matter what they do or what happens I’ll always support them

I am infact buying one for my girlfriend. It better arrive before Christmas lmaoo

phil looks so hot i cant

Yall can do this as a livestream every week and I can make/order dinner and chill with you guys, a dream concept.

I used to live in reading!

"Do you ever feel like you don't have a personality?" jf, i've never related to something more.

I really liked this. Calmed me down so much--college is nuts right now with all the midterms and all the assignments piling up and feeling like there are so many expectations--this helped me just breathe a little and remind myself about perspective and the good little things. Thank you. Will forever be a teeny tiny part of the Phandom. :)

I know this was posted literally half a month ago and that this will get mixed in with a bunch of comments but: this video felt so wonderful. It felt so cathartic in a way and sitting down and just chatting with each other. I know this was filmed in a place of vulnerability but if you or dan were ever comfortable enough again to make a video like this, I think it'd be worth it. Thank you for being open and genuine. I hope y'all are resting especially after spooky week.

now i want pizza

My big sister came to see you in Melbourne Australia


I just want a whole video of dans in depth thoughts like "do you ever feel like you don't have a personality"

Dude the pizza boxes in the UK look amazing

XD everything with Dan is a kink been scrolling through the dark web too much i see

Or maybe instead of Antarctica we lived in western Australia where we get nothing while the eastern states get all the things ever. This is maybe a little too personal lol.

Y’all need to invite Anthony Pa(dildo)dilla over and smoke and do a mukbang, even tho you guys probably don’t smoke LMAO

Everything that Dan says reminds me of the way I, myself, think. Which is... scary but also really comforting. Even when he asked about having a personality, I too feel like I put on some sort of mask to talk to each person and I don't have any personality at all.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one (Dan) that is like this with food that I really love

when dan said "do you ever feel like you don't have a personality?" i felt that

I ate a whole bag of goldfish watching this


Can we talk about the “these are what I wear on a day where I don’t wanna see another human (except for dan)”? 1:36 lads.

I like this video for the honesty and just real talk.

I vomited in my mouth when Phil said "that nearly hit me in the balls" I'm sick so I laughed alot, coughed a lot then barfed


On behalf of Australia; I apologise for our shit Domino's.

Guys you should totally do a podcast

I shaved a hat while watching this

@ 28:33 "Do you ever feel like you don't have personality?" Me: "Fucking tell me about it; I have got a fuck load of emotional confusing shit to tell-" But seriously, if someone asked me this 8 months ago, I probably would have either cried at how too real that question was or bolted because you ain't going to expose me like that outta nowhere.

Next time just let Dan loose on every existential/philosophical topic floats his way

Got so hungry, had to eat aswell

You're very proper eaters.


I just have to say that I really loved this. It was so casual and genuine and just really nice and it felt like I was in the room with you guys just chilling and having a nice time as friends and just talkimg about whatever comes to mind. It was wonderful. This video made me feel so happy ❤

Lmao my favourite kpop group is dan and phil, I'm hoping to get my bias' photocard too!!!

Mukbang is absolutely 100% without a shadow of a doubt A TOTAL KINK.

i think this might be my favorite dan and phil video yet


This was really pleasant


When is your next tour ?!! Haha Its okay, I don't expect one straight away.

This video is something I didn’t know I needed until I got it

Just pre ordered the DVD. Can’t wait to watch it.

Phil singing mr brightside lol

''he looks like zac efron I cant go'' *actually me*

This was so nice to watch,it calmed me down and now I'm like...all zen now XD I had an exam today (and it was the easiest little shitty one: English) this video was something I reaaally needed.

Loved this!

I loved this video it just made me feel like dan and Phil were having a conversation with me and only me they should do another mukbang

this is the best mukbang i’ve ever seen. no exaggeration. more pls

Am I the only one who every time I can eat my dinner upstairs in my room I watch this and eat with them

“just wearing a black t shirt,” -Phil 24:24... *looks at outfit* : oversized black t shirt, black jeans, mismatched purple and pink socks, and paint covered hands......:


This video is so awesome. I need one of these every month. Their chatting gives me life.

ya both are T R I V I N G

When Dan said food helps him with existing, I felt that shit

I know you guys are super worn out from touring but once you get your energy back I would loovee to see a podcast series from you guys or even this style mukbang where you just talk about whatever. I really, really enjoyed this video.

I just came from their older videos and was like *woah* *oh right they have short hair lol*

coming to england in 2019 so stay fucking there

So big that’s like a meal for one

Most couples go to counseling. Dan and Phil go boxing.

My life dream, sit on the floor and eat pizza, wedges and nuggets with Dan and Phil. I'd die happy

so casual i love it

This was so cute. But, I 100% understand the personality thing though. I stopped thinking I had a personality like a year ago and I'm trying my best to develop one but ???????


i would kill for 738927474 more of these

Ive never seen Dan smiling and laughing like this

I watched the whole video with Spanish subtitles and it was interesting ... it’s fascinating to see how the words translate into Spanish. It was funny reading the penis story in Spanish though!


this is so pure


6:26 LMAO




Dan food vids would be cool

I ordered a pizza because of this video... worth it!

Dan's big D is short for Dominos

I avoided this video for almost a month because I thought it was just click-bait. But the universe knew what I needed, when I needed it. This legitimately might be my favorite kind of content from you two. I felt calm. Like I had friends over for a chill dinner. Thanks guys.

DAN AND PHIL do whatever makes you happy! If you don't like doing youtube or certain youtube videos then don't! Except don't disappear from social media because I'm selfish and I want you to say. Also I didn't make any friends at the show because social anxiety... but you do have that kind of bond with everyone where you can just smile at everyone because we have the same common interest,

I actually really enjoyed this video. Nice to see them just relax and chat about random shit haha want to do one myself now

“To watch again and again” Me with this video

conspiracy theory: they’re actually americans bc they eat their pizza w ranch

did y’all miss when phil said anal? just me. ok...

i am offended i always wear vests when it's cold

What was said *some fleas eating our ass* What I heard *eat our ass*

I enjoyed that I felt like I was like part of a dinner table deep discussion also snaps to the the whole personal growth thing and being authentic in this world where not many are

15:04-15:23 me

Dan, I 100% understand the "do I reeeeally have a personality?" fear. like, damn do i get that

"No f that" Philip Lester. Language good sir

I actually... really enjoyed this video. They should do this again.

every time he says ass or hell it's just so pure, and whenever dan says ass or hell its so aggressive

It's funny because they still pronounced "mukbang" wrong

Do one with SUSHI

Im so glad y'all eat the crust, I was about to leave

*do you ever feel like you don’t have a personality*

The ad I got was papa John’s..I see you YouTube I see you

Guys, thank you for existing, seriously

The video I didn't know I needed

Can you guys do a video on your board game collection?

did..... did they rly turn up the sound of dan eating bc...... that is my worst fear.....

Enjoyed this type of video! Would 100% watch more like this!

How does Phil still only have 4 million subs

I may or may not have started crying at the fact that I relate to dan so much with anxiety sjhdjqehiuwf

dan do you want to borrow my melatonin pills lmao

why is dan literally me in this video

dan have a mental breakdown because of the pizza is literally me with anything

i never thought mukbang can actually be interesting

Dan’s a vegan? never saw that coming.

how the fuck do u eat cookies and milk after pizza what is wrong with y’all

I say let’s do this little family dinner every month ❤️❤️


This was such an enjoyable video. Watched it while eating dinner and I'm all relaxed now. Thanks, guys.

I was watching this while sewing my sister's blouse, thank you!!!!! ToT 've missed you guys so much too it's been a pleasure to see you guys to have been chatting with us after the tour we're so proud..... my sister said that Phil looks so handsome with his quiff on like, OMG HE'S SO HANDSOME WITH THAT HAIR so congrats on your transformation phil hehe

Just a note they switched the coke into hamster blood and disguised the glass into a hat

Whenever you have wedges there's always one undercooked one. Always. Bugs me. That is all

Dan's not wearing any socks *has flashback from pinof* Dan: socks are for losers

I love your t-shirts

John King in the is the dominoes boxes are different than the uk ones

Domino's Pizza is an American pizza chain, you must have seen them?

24:09 did he say "full BTS" or am I trippin

Dan and phil uploaded a new video: The video: *self promo self promo self promo please buy our stuff please keep us rich also we are eating pizza look how awkward and relateable we are! also buy our stuff* The phandom: *aww look how wholesome and cute they are! i ship it so hard i love them omg*

Just clocked this came out on my birthday!!!

I actually started crying several times during this video am I okay

where are we? who are we? when are we? but they never asked how are we...

I thought the penis wall, *that was some good TEA*

Hhhh this is the actual cutest shit

if anyone remembers the show in Seattle where dan walked off stage because of someone commenting dan is not on fire, that was my sister

we love a trisha paytas ripoff


Didn’t know I needed this till I saw it

we dont have fucking Potato Wedges in american dominos the FUCK


I knew you guys voiced in the lion guard!

3:24 accent intensifies

8:14 - 8:22 was just a time to be alive

I wish I could post pics in the comments to show you my amazing pizza !

This was the best Video they have ever made, no masks just two friends having a chat.

dan needs to get into feederism

Please do this again

nearly half of phils sub count has watched this, whata youtube king

Guess what....now I want pizza

phil is so adorable I want to actually kill myself

PLEASE do more mukbangs I beg u


This is the third time I’ve watched this today alone

i love this more than i thought i would

Don’t ever get older

I loved every single part of this! ❤❤ Please Please PLEASE do another one!! ❤

I LOVED this!! I loved just watching you guys chill. I felt like I was chilling with ya

This was such a lovely, casual video! I really loved it!

Daniel, Phil is right! Even if I get less videos of you, I just want you to be happy and I'm certain the majority of your fans agree.

I cannot wait to get interactive introverts!! i’m kinda bummed i didn’t get to see it live but that’s ok because i might have gotten overwhelmed anyway...heh....

I was feeling really lonely so I put this on in my earbuds and did normal stuff and I feel like crying because it genuinely made me feel like there are people around and that I wasn’t alone

Charlotte Poppler :(

i love this, so chill. however now i am definitely getting pizza haha

This is the *entire* tea

Y'all should listen to Welcome To Night Vale.

Dan, I will wait forever for your videos. Take your time and continue to grow.


How does one run out of glasses?

I don’t like eating on camera because I don’t want to upset vegans - Dan 2018

I’m watching this when I’m starving bc I literally have only eaten a packet of crisps today but I’m still watching it bc of dan and Phillll!

i really really like how honest and open and amazing this is, thank you for letting us listen to a piece of your conciousness, it's highly appreciated x

Fave vid 10/10

0:07 I'll do you one better Why is gamora

I’m just here looking for the person who took a photo with Phil in front of penis’s

iTS hOLo

I want The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire on DVD too! :(


this is the kind of wholesome content i am here for

Thier taste in pizza is the exact opposite of mine. We got Thin Crust, pesto, spinach, black olives, red onions and artichoke hearts!!!!! It’s the most lit pizza on the planet!! ❤️

I saw them live in Dublin and it was amazing! So want the dvd!

I loved this video!

Why is this so relatable?

My sister is going to see twenty one pilots

I didn’t realize how much I needed this but I did

surrounded by pengwings

"eight seconds" "IVE DONE TEN" *"NO"*

Does your family watch your videos? and is it awkward?

“...now I just got the most open hips **whisper** you’ve ever seen” **winks**

phil: *talks about his life experiences* dan: *can't pick what food to get and what dip to use* uh huh *eats*

this was so gud thx laddies

Honestly I love this so much—it’s so lovely and insightful and interesting.

13:34 Honestly *same* . Lately as I grow older, my anxiety grows as well. I enjoy my solitude (a little too much) and I totally run away from people that I knew in highschool.

i love semi unfiltered dan and phil, please do more of these videos

Love the video. This is my first mukbang video and it’s interesting. I LOVE IT

literally title it grandpas try new trends

"i dont often get mad or upset' danny three thousand videos of you falling off chairs, screaming, and yelling at phil disagree with you EDIT: "i wasnt the shyest, ... i was quite quiet" phil you died your hair florescent orange, did some crazy stuff at uni, and are consistently making strange noises.

My sister and I went to both tours. We learned A LOT from both. Much feels, emotions strong, much connection.

“That is one UNDERCOOKED POTATO WEDGE” -Phil 2018

I just had dinner and now I really want Dominos :( also American Dominos don't have potatoes wedges


S/O to Manda the Amanda and Gabriella Daoud for captioning this video!! It is much appreciated from the hard of hearing and Deaf fans!

5:18 into the video and i wonder what dan is doing... seriously what is he doing. i am so confused as to what he is doing with his fingers

You've experienced more, and you can put yourself in the shoes of more characters/character traits you see in movies, books, etc. If you don't see crying as a bad thing, then yeah you'll cry more easily at these stories. It's kind of becoming more sensitive

Please more?

I feel like this video was one of the best ones they've ever made

“Are you crying?” *Dan smiles and nods* *Phil laughs* PHILS LAUGH THEN OH MY GOD AHH ❤️❤️❤️

The first three seconds of this video will forever remain as my favorite thing ever.

I’m sick as all hell and I’m not convinced this video isn’t a fever dream

i love this sm hdskhds pls do more

Bes frebs

I swear when haid he wanted to dress all iconic, he said like BTS is.

Ok but is no one going to talk about how Dan referenced to bts at 24:10

I loved this video. It felt like a nice chat. When Phil was talking about becoming more sensitive and crying more at things I happy, not cause he’s crying more but because I can relate and it didn’t seem like those around me did. But anyway, it was a nice video and I like the casual atmosphere

this is so delightful and relatable

Food is my life!


Saved this to my highly selective Favorites playlist, for pizza, for Phil's great sense of humor, and for Dan making me pause the video and drift into anxiety when he asked Phil if he ever felt like he didn't have a personality, which is way too often for me. This was wholesome and reflective and I would watch the mukbang series

next time I order dominos I'm ordering exactly what dan and Phil get

Is it just me or are u just staring at the lava lamp in the back round like if u r 2

thank you for blessing my soul

okay dan hiding behind the photo booth to avoid someone from childhood is the most relatable thing in the world

Linkies in discrizzle

I Love this video so much, its so gooood...i need more. I need the candle haul too

16:45 when they're laughing is the cutest thing.

Eating something with watching this video is just perfect.

I’m hungry now. I was thinking before: ooh dan and Phil eating food, honestly: me in my natural habitat. Now I’m thinking: FOOD IN ME NOW. Which sounds sexual. But I’m hungry

I wouldn’t eat that pizza, but I appreciate that they put SOMETHING on it. It may not be my taste but at least they have taste. My friends are always like, so half pepperoni half cheese cause you’re a vegetarian? Sure...

this wasn't even a video about veganism and shit but dan's "i'm vegan 6 days a week" honestly made me re-evaluate my current diet anyways, i'm vegan 4 days a week now love you, dads


This has to be my favorite Dan and Phil video ever

*dan winks* *mom walks into room* Mom: “ I don’t remember you buying blush...”


but I love this anyway

You should do more of these!

24:10 aye Dan mentioned BTS haha, wasn’t expecting that.

I feel like this kind of thing with Dan and Phil really shows how they are like normally. I really love seeing how they are off camera because I feel like this is what it's like. I literally love yall!! Please make another one of these eventually!

I laffed at the eating of ass

I love how the thumbnail is just Dan staring at pHIL

dan eating food is literally me i cant

I've never related more to Dan in my life in this video.

I can’t believe I laughed at a misshapen pizza slice XD

I got the vip dvd literally the day before they went out of stock I felt so lucky YASSSS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this style of video. It's so down to earth and relaxing. I feel like I'm just chatting with some friends.

I watched this eating fruit with honney and cereal. Depressing. I want pizza. I don’t even have Domino’s in my country!

For some reason they seem so much more mature in this video and it’s kinda making me emotional. I really love this.

I loved this.

Phil looks 40 with that new haircut

stop making me choke on my spaghetti

HamsterQueen you DONT want to choke on spaghetti??

the little wink oml stop

is 11:35 dan's orgasm face,, wow the more you know



Nuggets and fries at dominoes? Is that a UK thing or does my state just suck


Hearing Dan talk about food being a coping mechanism for him actually breaks my heart.... as someone who has used food as a coping mechanism. Using food as a coping mechanism truly feels like form of self harm for me. imagine being a kid and getting bullied till he was 17, I ate my feelings for all those years, I only decided to stop comfort eating when I turned 22. and my heaviest was 370 pounds. (26 stone and 6 pounds). I'm now 320 pounds, (22 stone and 12 pounds) I now feel a lot better and rarely comfort eat


Thank you.

House tour: Something you can do at come. Dan: Eh no thanks World tour: something you have to travel the WHOLE WORLD to do Dan: Ok lets do it!

I love you guys so much...you to are just soooo adorable and you've helped me through a lot of dark times

It’s 1:33 in the morning and now I want pizza >:(

I feel like I could have eaten more than you guys did. Maybe because I'm a swimmer and eating is my one talent

I honestly feel like Dan invented existential crisis.

i put off watching this because of the length but i adore this. it’s my favorite video of them in a while it’s very calming and reassuring to relate to them being so real

Put your feet away omg

We need more of this casual wholesomeness

Tiny Asian girl eats a million noodles

Phil: 8 seconds Dan: I’vE DONE 10 Phil: NO WHY DID THAT MAKE ME SO HAPPY

If you want to have less foam attack you when pouring soda, pour it like a beer. Tilt the cup or glass at around a 45 degree angle, and pour the soda or beer at the same degree into the cup or glass, slowly tilting the glass back up to an upright position while pouring. This decreases the amount of bubbles.

I love how the whole time Phil just looks really happy to be eating pizza

Oh, no wonder I've never heard of 'put me on'... I'm a Southerner.

7:31 "no one does it" I do !

La comunidad latina dice holi


My family are very judgemental i watch youtubers, but when it comes to Dan and Phil they have never, ever said one bad thing about them. I'm pretty sure I picked the right people to idolise.

I wish I had a friendship like this but I dont have any friends lmao

8:50 jalapEENO

i love rewatching this video bc its just so REAL and i love hearing about your feelings and opinions lol love u both sm

To me vest = zipped hoody

28:32 yes, I also think I might just be kinda anti-social, but not so anti-social that I don't have empathy or morals or feelings, but just enough anti-social so that life is a little more difficult :)

So proud of Dan being mostly vegan

hey dan what does it feel knowing you're older than kim seokjin

wtf is a stocking?! i'm confused uk are you okay?

Where did you get that geometric plant holder? I NEED TO KNOW.

Can someone please tell me what pizza they ordered? For educational purposes obviously *cof, cof*


OMG I miss you guys

what. I was expecting dad puns with this video but after this video i feel on different level of maturity

Dan: *mouthful of pizza* I was having a mental breakdown Same

24:10 I heard bts, you called?

9 minutes in and i lost no nut november because if how deep dan voice got talking about pizza

Dan: *performs in front of 6,000 people every day for 3 months* Dan: *braves a spider ridden alleyway yo avoid a single person*


Glad ill be able to see the actual show it was meant to be after the shit show that was Greensboro North Carolina, the thunderstorm before the outdoor show *So much humidity*


im eating crisps while watching this i feel so inferior

The British idea of a “large” amount of food is very different from the American idea

Dan when you made the comment about feeling like you don't have a personality I was like thank fucking god someone else understands

I ate pizza while watching this

I just just sat and watched you talk and not realizing how long it was you guys are cool

This is the wholesome content I require and crave.

man this became deep

phil kind of struggling to get a word in edge ways over dan... awkward

THEY DID YOUR KICKERS WRONG! I worked for dominos and you’re not supposed to leave the tin foil around them in the box because they “sweat” and make the chicken damp

can you believe it’s 2018 and we got heart eyes howell in a video thumbnail

Please do more of these!!!!!

why is dan such a big mood in this entire video

this is the type of content i've been waiting for

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