Danish Alone - Season 4 - Ep 2 - The first take home

Danish Alone - Season 4 - Ep 2 - The first take home

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It's not too funny that I experience water in my camp. It cascades down from the mountainside. I need to find another place to stay. It is a lie. There are just no fish. I'm not going home today.

The move is going to mean it paints towards the end for me. It really is not easy. You want to go home today? Welcome to the wilderness.

I feel like I've been planted the worst place. Why am I exposing myself to this? Hell, now just go home. Just try to see a nice morning. Is not here beautiful? Good morning Norway! Today is day 4.

It's a little wild. I am proud. I am. It is then an achievement. I have not managed in the wilderness for four days before. The mood is high from the morning and then we take the day as it comes.

It does not look like there is anything on the net. There are some fish that have told their friends ... ... that a disgusting girl puts yarn here. Then I have to eat some berries. Some berries. No, my stomach growls, man. It's absolutely insane. I just need fish tomorrow. It is vital.

Well, now I have to make that back wall here. I can not find out if I use too much force - - here to start with by working as hard as I do. I'm working hard, but I want to build it - to be built, to begin with. Like that.

The tactic is that I put on a lot. Then I could burn the fat off - - build the cabin and manage the rest with what I caught. The belt buckle has already been moved in a bit, so it's going strong now. Who gets next? Argh! Like that. Come on. So drop it though.

There are not many forces now. Oh. Puha. Shit. Oh my god. Shut up ... a head rush I just got there. Fuck, man. It might be too much force I use.

So early. If I want to stay here long. Then breakfast is served. Lots of blueberries. I can feel it's going to be a good day.

Welcome, Ida. As my father would say: "Welcome to the surface, Ida. Then we'll dive again." I fucking miss all those jokes.

Ib! Hi, Ib. I lost my father last summer. That's about a year ago now. I bore this enormous grief after the loss of my father.

I could feel that something was needed to make me happy again. Then I bought Ib to enjoy my everyday life. It means a lot to me to get out to Ib - - because I can walk for a few hours without having to say anything - - but I do something while I go with my own thoughts. He should not say anything. He's just listening.

Now I am a place where I have the courage and strength to leave. I do not think I'm going to encounter anything in the wilderness - - it's getting harder than what I've been through. It's always in the morning I think about him a lot. In a way, it's good out here because the first thing I think about ... I wake up being bitten by an ant and think, "Are there any fish?" And then I start planning my day. So for me, there are many good things about being here. It removes some focus.

But it also affects in another way ... ... that you are just alone. I do not think it's fat, I do not catch fish. In my optics, the fish determine how long I am here.

Fish provides energy and warmth in the body. That is why fish are essential. I have had my yarn stretched 25 m out. I have it because I have succeeded - to build my rice boat so it floats. If I can not start fishing - - it does not make sense to build a permanent home. It's a waste of energy.

I prioritize this cottage building, because the storm comes all of a sudden. It's been nice weather the last few days and it ... It's about taking advantage of it. There is nothing about making it in rain and wind. It's important I live properly.

Then I can concentrate more on fishing. I have not spent that much time on it yet. I can feel I need to see having some food soon. I'm probably not fed up with this one. It would take another 20-25 pieces. Three small fish in four days.

It is not... It is neither to live nor to die of. Now I have been going and been depressed most of the morning on day 4. Because of this fishing. If I do not catch a fish, I must go home.

I have not seen through that yarn yet. Now I have been taken down and have found the deepest place from the shore. If I can not catch fish with hook, I am too confused to fish. Shut up, you're good, man. Your clapper.

It happens when you do not eat for several days. You do weak-minded things. It was not very far. Shut up, how bad am I at fishing. It's crazy. I just found some berries.

I simply think I deserved to eat those berries. What a great way to enjoy the sun and enjoy yourself. It may be, this is where I need to stay. There is a reasonably fine distribution of spruce trees I would be able to use. Shut up, man. Now it's running. No, that is. Try to see. This will be the view in the morning.

Today's project will simply be to cut down this tree in the middle. Alfredo's house. Is here. Yes Yes. I think damn I'm tying a rope in. I could just tie it to something. I'm just tying it ... to ... ... a root. Now I've tied a rope that stretches - - so I think if I save the right way, it pulls by itself. Okay. Now I'm going to something crazy:

I have to pull a tree down in my head . I just want to do that. Woo-hoo! Just try to see this absolutely perfect slice. Shut up, it's beautiful. Now. It was one tree.

It's something of a project. There are just felled trees ... ... helter-skelter. I would like to have my campfire made today . Right now I have this, as you can see ... which is just a few stones. The problem is just that I do not know how I want to do it. It's a little annoying.

I'm getting a little mad at myself - - because I feel it's something I should have prepared for. It makes me sad. I think: Should I have foreseen that I am not mentally strong enough? Fucking shit. We are only on day 4. I want to show I'm a badass and can do this, but I can not now ... ... because I'm not a badass right now. My mood fluctuates quite wildly.

I’ve been naive when I think about how I should handle it. Fucking lortepikkelort! I'm just not feeling very well. I have to get together right now.

When I'm sad, I usually listen to music. I was thinking of something. Because... I've got some headphones to hear if there is sound on. Then I can hear myself when I talk, and then I thought - - that I could sing a song. Then it feels like I'm hearing a song.

One of my favorite songs is "Fi is Mine" with Natasha. Hey, turn it up. Top notch, screw it up, yo. For all the young girls who give it up a little too much, take care of yourself. And watch out for fi. Calm on the little body. Life is long and you will reach it enough.

There's no reason to give it up - - to the first idiot to say you're hot. Cool. Life is long and you will reach it enough. I actually think it helped a bit. It actually helped a little, yes.

Try to see. Uh! What the hell is that for a case? Sure, is that a sting? Fuck, man! See the black below it. I do not hope it lives here. Because then we have to be roomies. If you want to live in the wilderness, you must be able to catch fish. Okay. There was a large insect. It looked like a horse brake eight times. Sick Norwegian insects.

Find the other participants and plug them in. Not me. I'm not doing anything to anyone. I do not know what it is, but it has a sting in the butt.

Then there is bait. There are some proper wasps here. They want in between the beams, as if they want to pupate. They should not be where I sleep. I probably killed 50.

There's damn one more. They simply taste so fine. I'll grab it. It's a big, fat, thick one. It's going to be good. Such a one on a stick. It tastes really good. There is some nourishment in. It should go right over the fire. Bam, bam, bam.

It tastes good. It tastes a bit like ... ... the skin on a good steak. Where they are really branded. I hope they are not toxic. Shut up, I'll get a problem.

Shut up, good day, man. A crispy scales. Hold on then and a beautiful sky. You feel so small and insignificant right here.

It's insanely beautiful. It's crazy. Try to think that our nature and our earth are completely unique - - and completely insane and wild in many ways - - when you think of organisms and how many animal species there are. No, it stings me. It stings me in the eyebrow. Ej. Shit mosquito, man.

Well, I think I'm rounding off the day. I'm just going to see. One can just sense that the floor is alive. I do not know what to do about it. So they are everywhere. I've been eaten by ants all night.

It's done so nas, and it's just been so tiring. I barely got any sleep last night, and I have to. Otherwise the day will not work - - because I'm so hungry and ...

I keep getting hysterical about being bitten so often by those ants. I'm a little powerless. Now I'll see if I can get an hour down by the water. On my beach. Then I'm lying here. Out here, on the other hand, there are mosquitoes. Many of them.

I'm feeling so hopeless right now. There is nothing in the yarn. How insane. Æv, æv, æv.

It is very much a concern that ... ... that I do not catch more fish. It's like when I put it in the deep and fish with 25 m - - then it should just automatically catch fish. Here's a cherry.

Are there any we can eat? No. Try looking at it. There is a hole in it. Then it is not so good. My name is Kim. I am 45 years old and live in Kolding - - with my wife and our boys of three and six years.

Welcome to my second home among the tall spruces and beech trees. Nature is a space for me where the mind gets free play. I can think without being disturbed. Therefore, nature in a way means as much as my family. My wife throws me out into nature every now and then so I can be in the family.

Many of my skills I have from my many years in Greenland in nature. I have lived in Nuuk most of my life. The whole fjord here - - the world's second largest fjord complex, has been my playground for 26 years. This is where I have fished, hunted and helped build cabins. All that about acquiring skills in hunting and fishing - - and find the resources and use them come from my upbringing in Greenland.

I have the skills to go all the way and I win Alone in the Wilderness. I have decided to explore my habitat further. So...

Now I have to see what it looks like up there on top. It's not fat, I do not catch fish. And it's not fat that's not light down here. I also miss berries. Easily accessible berries. So I have to see my options. Whether I should move camp. I'm coming to light.

No, how fat. Now I have come up to half a field almost. Down there ... there's my camp. Then I have to follow ... up the hill. I'm curious about what's on the other side of the ridge.

It could be, it was ... ... an opportunity for me to put the yarn somewhere else. Good morning on day 5. Last night I took a huge chance - - and swam the 12 m out as the yarn is. I fight what I can fight.

If there are no fish in the net, I can hardly fight anymore. I stand on day 5 and have not eaten. I can already see that I am losing weight. My stomach rumbles. These hot trips in the evening. Headache. Fatigue. Sadness. I am prone to tears. And I'm monster hungry. I'm completely smashed. I have absolutely no strength.

It's completely like having the flu. There's a damn fish in. There's a fish in. There's a tiny one here. On day 5, I caught three fish.

Two small and one slightly larger. Yeah! I'm simply so happy. I have caught three fish. The energy goes up and you become totally happy in the lid. So there is no mold on blueberries and the other berries out here.

They have just gotten bad, but look like the others. Berry. Is not it glorious? I think I should cut a spoon. I have to have blueberry porridge tonight. The spoon I made yesterday works fine, but I do not bother washing dishes. Avoid sitting and getting bored, Miguel.

Then it should probably work. And! Blueberry porridge! Fucking lorteske. I'm really looking forward to eating it. Årh. I have never had a fish that tasted so good.

What do you want on the pizza? Ham? I'm an extremely controlling person. I thrive when I know what is going to happen. The pizza cutter, do you take it? I like fixed frames. I can not get that in the wilderness. 460-470. It's one of the things to try yourself and see how you thrive - when I can not predict what will happen tomorrow.

I think you have to set a goal - - it says "now I will be born tomorrow", and then "two more days". - That is a good idea. - Then it's good you're so patient. I may be more patient. I may be learning to be patient.

I will stay until I win. It's insane how much I miss my family. The only thing running in my head ... it's my husband and my kids. Then I thought, "If my yarn can keep me running - - how long can I stay here? " There I think ... There I can feel that I long to come home. It's crazy.

If he heard me say that, he would say, "Stop it. Now you're fighting!" But it is difficult to control the emotions. What we can conclude is that my camera here, it's not a woman. It will neither discuss, talk nor give its effort. My camera is actually just ...

... a 50-year-old man from Struer. He just wants some roast pork, gravy and potatoes ... and quiet. So I'm the bitch in this relationship between the camera and myself. It's probably another landscape to get to - - when I come from the valley of shadows. It's a south facing ... slope. Therefore also more wind.

There are insanely many berries. There is much more lush. Many more different trees. Yeah, then I can have juniper smoked trout. There is everything here: blueberries, blackberries, cranberries ...

That there may well be used for a dwelling. There is a fallen tree trunk. Cool. It is completely sheltered here. A few rafters that way and my tarp beyond. And then make a front here. I would be able to ... No, look there. Shut up, man.

That's damn my chimney. Cool! It can then be used for a chimney. It's not bad at all. Something is taking shape in my head. Then there is sunshine.

Now there are then clouds, but when there are cloudless. Of the question marks, there is ... one big one. That is: Are there fish? Yes, it is something completely different. It is...

There is a small bay of which I can fish in half. Uh ... It's a big decision. I must have figured out where the door should be in here.

It depends on where the fireplace is. I think it should be there in the middle. And a door next door. It depends on where the wind comes from ... Now there's a moose out there.

Just try to see here. It swims damn well. The. I have heard that moose could swim, but never seen it. It looks wild. It's damn something of a trip it's out on. It's just coming over to me.

It was unbelievable. So, now it's coming up. Shaking. Shut up, it's big. Splash, splash. Well tired ... ... it's standing there. Shaking.

Fat, what? Goodbye, elk. What an experience. It is a beautiful and magnificent animal. It was here that the elk came up. There are footprints. Moose heifer.

Shut up, I could eat a whole heifer. A whole moose heifer. I could easily do that. Maybe I'm jumping on it. Then it's damn eaten. Rub and stump.

It is very clear ... ... that we humans are predators. That is a very clear observation. Of course there have been collectors, but let me put it this way ... This is not my true nature. That 's not the bloodline I'm coming from. It may be, someone can, but my bloodline wants meat.

I'm gone looking for some roots. I’ve actually never tasted mess before. But it should probably taste a bit of potato, I think.

I think this is where you can cook and eat. It's a little soft in it. Think about how much you want to do to get food. Then we must hope there is something out there today. The wind is at least promising. Me and my boyfriend, Mads, are going out fishing. It's a bit tight. It may be a tooth too small.

Well I have ... No ... It's sitting as it should. Yes Yes. Damn good. And then the last one. - Like that. - Puha.

Then we'm ready. Then we have to hope there are fish out there. My experience of fishing is relatively good. I have been angling a lot and have now become acquainted with harpoon fishing - - which I do a lot with my boyfriend. Juhu! I feel it's a strength. Fishing life. I know a little about when the trout go into shallow water. Then there's food for tonight. It can be a nice pan-fried scrub.

I'll miss you, of course. Hopefully for a long time. - I bet on that. - We are investing in that. What I'm doing here is also what I call desperate.

Uha. Then it is served. Yes, it was not good. It can not ... I do not think it is cooked enough. You can not eat this. Out here, it's the fish that determines how long we're here.

I'm thinking about what to do. Whether I should stay in the shadow bay. Or should I ... move on the sunny side. Now...

I think we're going to experience the first storm. I just had to hurry down and save my fishing net so it did not run off. I'm so small about being ready to put my yarn out. It's a little windy today. I need to have yarn number two out today. When one has gone so long without getting enough to eat, I must take the chance.

Nice with wind. It's simply so beautiful out here. Whoa, it's windy! It's completely stretched out, my tarpaulin. It tends to be sheltered here when it's windy. Now it's going on. Yes ... Fuck, man. It's wild.

I think I'm getting rain now. I just had to put myself in. Just to gather my thoughts a little, because ... it's starting to blow up now. So I do not know ... I have put both my yarns out now and they are not standing very well.

But I'm also desperate to get something to eat, so I have to do something. I've started putting hooks out. There just needs to be hooks out everywhere now. I can feel I'm lacking food. The smallest tasks, such as picking up firewood or putting out a hook - - I can not overlook at all.

Then come out, man. I know I run a huge risk by having both of my yarns out. Men... There is a greater chance of getting fish on.

If I do not get food soon, I must go home. And it's so tiring, because I really want to be here. Then came the rain.

The advantages of the south port are that there are abundant amounts of berries. There is far more sun. The downside to the south harbor is - - that it is more exposed to bad weather. I would very much like the fishery to run over here - - so I do not have to move camp.

Yes ... Fuck, man. Just try to see here. Oh! There's just water, right? There's actually water there too, and I think it's the sewing - - which is not quite close. Just try to see. It drips the power down on my camera case.

Oh, how tedious it is! That was not the plan. The rain is really in full swing. Are you crazy, man. Fy for satan. I just need to have that cabin finished. Now I have to force them ...

Now I'm getting started. But there is a lot of work. I have felled and branched trees for rafting - - in one go. I have made insanely many. The weather slows me down. You're good, Alfred. You can do this.

You're fighting. You do not give up. You can do what you want. It's raining and raining and raining and it's cascading into my little hut. It's coming from over there. And it runs right here where the stones are laid. It's a small river. I must have done something about that. Another project. This is how it is to be in the wilderness.

Shut up, man. Well, I've got to see if I can divert the water - - in some way. Holy crap. All that water up there is whizzing right down here. I do not have time to go and lalle too much around. Well ... This yarn is at least empty.

Well it does not help to sulk. I try yarn number two. That is simply a lie. That is simply a lie!

There are just no fish. And I just checked two of my hooks. There was nothing on either. Fuck, man. What the hell are you doing, Ida?

I'm not going home today. It can not be true. It had also just been a lot more ... ... acceptable if ... ... if I had not said, "I can catch fish." I can 't damn catch fish. I can not figure out a shit. Shut up, how stupid am I, man. No! Hungry and stupid.

Then there is the first night's net fishing with west-northwest winds. Eye, there's fish in, man. Shut up, it's a big trout.

It's just fucking ashore now. I will not lose it again. Yes, sir! Fat, man. It was the most important fish. It was just going in. Such! There are søreme one trout more. It turns into two fish today. Then it's here, the crab. Shut up, there's a lot of food in such a one. It is awesome. I thank. Thank you very much.

So, now comes the rain. No, it's allowed to be. There is no need to be out in that rain. It is a low pressure that must pass. It may well take a little over a week. But then I just have to save energy that week.

No, no, no, look here. Whoa! My god! Look there now! No, how nice it is. It is the largest. No, how beautiful it is. Shut up, it's big. Oh, for Satan's sake.

Look, that's a fish. Then I have to get full now. Like that. Yes! He's a big male. And I smoke the semen on it too. These semen lungs. They taste absolutely amazing. It could be that one should try them here. I do not know much about it.

But there are reasonably many of them here. They smell good. Then we'll see if I hallucinate later. Hoof. It's hard to have to fight like that for food. But...

I'm getting a little ... I get a little mad at myself because ... ... I just feel so ... so spoiled because ... There are many people in the world who do not get food every day.

I can just ... This is very simple and very easy - - because I can only press the button. Then I have food in a few hours. How privileged am I just?

And then I yell that I'm not getting any food. So I seriously just need to get myself together. But it also gives me blood on my teeth to think about this, because then ... Yes, it just does. The slope I'm lying on has given some water. Try looking here.

It does not work. So it's not too funny that I experience water in my camp. The small stream has become a waterfall. It's absolutely insane. It cascades down from the mountainside.

Now I want to ... Now I must have found another place to live. In the South Harbor, the place I found, I think, presents the same problems. It's so sloping, this terrain. The only place that is high and flat - - is at the top at the end of the acid hill. I just think I'm packing some things. Then I have to take my tarp with me -

- so I have something to hide under the mountain. And then I have to go sometimes to pick up the last one. This is a wild place.

That was also my impression when I came in seven days ago - - that it would be difficult. Yes, it does provide a lot of water right now. I just had to hu-hej make a ditch here - - to divert the water away from ... from my dorm here. Now, I've got it sorted around pretty much. Just try to see what? Then that wall is almost done. Hi there! One wall fucking done, man.

Shut up, this is an upturn, this. I have a damn fighting spirit. I was damn good at winning, actually. I want to be honest. I want to win this. I've been around looking a bit. It is...

Everything sails. Everything is wet. Right here, there is no swamp. I have to make a decision, and then I have to camp here.

I get to go sometimes. I need to bring some of the stuff with me. I need to bring some firewood so I do not have to go around looking up there. I think this move, which was forced and necessary - - it's going to mean ... ... that it quietly draws towards the end for me. So. I feel a huge longing for my husband and my children. I do. I can not get out of it.

It fills my body and my head and is the only thing I think about. Imagine if they could live a life without me. That's probably where it's. The fear of losing what I have. That they can do without me. Because I need them so much in my life. It's been an insane day. I have no idea if this is the place I found - - is a place where I can be. Now I am far away from water.

Drinking water. I'm far away from my yarn. So it's ... And everything's still wet and damp up here. My chances of staying here have dropped considerably. Something catastrophic has happened. It's that I've lost my saw. I simply can not find it.

I'm really upset today. I can feel I've been sad inside for a few days now. Men...

I can feel it's erupting now. I do not know if it's the last day today. I just have to consider that. I'm not just giving up like that. I miss my dad insanely much.

That in itself is nice enough - - because there's nothing to say that I do. But why is it that I choose to expose myself to this ... ... shit ... ... when it's so hard sometimes? I'm so busy playing Superman sometimes - - and show that I'm okay, and show that ... Show that I can tackle grief well.

But deep down , I'm completely devastated inside. That's what I am. I so want ... I so want people to talk to me about it. Here I'm just all alone.

It really is not easy. But he's not coming back if I go home either. He's not coming back. I can feel that yesterday I pulled my teeth out.

It was a hard day. That which means everything is and will always be - - my closest. My husband and my children. It's like I'm carrying a bubble in my stomach - - which is to carry around, but sometimes there is a hole in it.

It really bleeds today. Ha. It's incredible. Now it's raining. But then I'm ready too, you could say. - Hi, Stina. - Hello. - You want to go home today? - I want to go home to my family.

- Why? - I miss them very much. What about your ambition to win? I just really have a lot ... I just really, really ... feel very homesick.

It's beautiful here, and ... I could easily be here a few more days and fight. But I can just feel that I feel like being at home. I'm surprised it came so fast. I really need my husband and my kids.

I'm going home because I'm insanely scared of losing what I have. What matters most: my family and my children. Therefore, I have to go home and check that they are there. That they are still there. It's not rational, because I know they are, but I just have to see them.

That is why I choose to press the button. I've found ... this giant stick. To it I must tie the end of this. Then I have to go out and throw it here.

Then we're just trying. Fuck, man. How stupid can that be? Fuck. I lost all my laces. There is nothing to do about it. I'm not going out there. She's there.

I could just see how it disappeared. - Hi, Ida. - Hello. - You want to go home today? - Yes. I would like to.

I think it's because ... I think I've been through a lot of things, and ... It's hard to go with it alone all the time. I usually have the opportunity to get in touch with those I care about.

And it's hard not to be able to. I can feel that there is no reason to expose myself to more. Then it became the damn south harbor anyway. Sydhavnen, permanent residence. So I'm going home today. I'm going home today.

It's going to be good. I do not know what is happening, but today I have had outbursts of anger - - I can not remember when I last had. But I think the evening has ended well despite ... Yes, despite the sluggish downturns. And now I'm going to bed soon because I'm demotivated by the weather.

Why is it dripping in? Is the tarpaulin not proper? I have decided to move residence. I will try to survive long by keeping myself going. Oh, how good it is. Day two without fish. I can feel it. No, then it's shitting on me! Oh my god.

Who does not want to go home when the weather is like this? I feel a little restless. It accelerates a bit. Now just go home. Press that button, man!

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