Danish Alone - Season 4 - Ep 3 - Inventive Shelters

Danish Alone - Season 4 - Ep 3 - Inventive Shelters

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It's about being distracted. Come on. Fast, fast. - It's raining, man! - Yes, it does. It's day number two without fish. Now that shit is fucking on me too, man. - Oh my goodness. - You feel like going home.

I feel a little restless. Now just go home. Press that button, man. Welcome to the wilderness. We have been planted in the worst possible place. Of! Jesus, how big it is out there.

Hell, now just go home. Good morning. Day 8. Shut up one night. Are you crazy, it's been raining.

Really heavy rain. psychostore raindrops. You can hear it just rumbling out there. When it rains, I only have two sub-goals. It's yarn in, yarn up.

It would then be delicious if there were just 10-12 fish in the net. The hour of truth. My network is still there. The question is whether there is something in. I can see one little microfish out there.

One that is probably not even worth eating. Well, little friend ... This satan has really gotten entangled. Where the hell is my wife when I have to use her? I'm really trying to figure out which way it came in.

You have entered. Then hell, you might as well get out. Then that shit also shit on me, man. Yes! How important is it! Patience! I have always been the most patient person in the whole world. If I now pull it all the way up into the camera, it will look much bigger. Try to see, man. Four fish and seven fish.

This is completely out of proportion. What the hell am I supposed to do with all those fish? Well ... it's become dry weather at long last. I'm working on an insulation project. This wall ... When it's windy, it whizzes in. So I want it isolated with some moss. I will pick a lot of that now.

It must be used as insulation material. Rockwool ... It works very well. I use a wooden wedge to stop it in. Insulation work is usually done by your apprentice.

Out here, it's me who's the apprentice. My name is Torben. I'm 42 years old. I am a self-employed carpenter. I am very good at using my hands. As a self-employed person, you have to make your own decisions. You are responsible for a whole lot of things. It is something that develops one personally.

You have a lot of iron in the fire. One needs to have an overview. Then I got insulated the worst cracks in the wall. Then it should not pull in anymore. Now Alfred is ready, ready and on his way out to build. The thing about being able to stand upright and stand in shelter is really cool. I will be happy about that in the long run.

I just got them cut for this. I will try if I can put them in. I have decided to be here. Then I might as well spend a little extra time building something a little extra fat. My expertise is that I can build things with my hands.

It's sateme nice. I think I want to get a little bored because I'm used to speeding. I will try to survive long by keeping myself going. I'd better see my south wall done. I've started building the wall down here. And then I want to make it here now.

So now I just have to put a lot of ribs on. The tarpaulin should be over. Then I have a campfire hut. Then I will hang fish around the ceiling. They should hang around in a circle.

I can feel that after a night where it's just storming and raining - - then a door would give me security. It protects me from wind and rain. - Super surf, this, right? - Such. That was cool enough. Come on. Let's drive. And and...

And there came the damn thing. Yes, sir! I'm having a good time out here now. I have fun. In principle, life is actually just not super exciting up here. I feel so alone. I've come to the conclusion that I'm a fucking security junkie. Then the wind can just come on tonight.

Of! It's strange not to have more energy than this. I have only put four sticks in the ground and tied them together. The whole body is just calling for rest now. Now try to see how smooth. Now try to see how delicious, right? Now I can really feel that there is direction to it. So it's a cool feeling right now.

Yes! Then the back wall is done. Then it starts to take shape. I have made a decision to move residence. My first camp in Shadow Bay risked being flooded. Try looking here.

I experience water in my camp. That little stream has turned into a waterfall. Now I must have found another place to live.

Now I'm out of Shadow Bay - - and has found me a much better place on a south-facing slope. I give it the name Sydhavnen - - because Sydhavn sounds more motivating than Skyggebugten. This place does not get nearly as much water as all the other places - - I have been. I can feel that it gives me renewed hope and faith in - - that this will be a fantastic long adventure. Now tarpaulins are needed for my new camp, my permanent shelter.

Then come on. Fat, man. No, how happy I am. It was just what I needed. Getting your clothes dried and feeling the heat from the fire ... It's crazy. Now I'm just going to be right under the bag and see you tomorrow until day 9.

Well, then it was day 9. I really, really need to pee. But as long as it pisses down like it does here, I'm just staying in here. Then I'm gonna have to stay. This is my first night in my new shelter. I'm really happy about that. I've had a little restless night - - because of this heavy downpour that was.

Water accumulated on my tarp, which I had to constantly empty of water. The plan for today is that I should have made some adjustments - - which makes the nights better. I want fish today, and just that - - that I started talking about fish now, it does ...

I can feel that now my stomach is starting to rumble. Can you sense it? You can feel it getting colder and colder in the mornings. There's a lot of water, man! No, how insane. There was a little one there.

Okay, actually three more. Okay... So many fish. Can you feel it? There are fish. It just has to be there. Zero fish.

There's nothing to do about it. Now I just have to have nine hours to go with sitting inside a tipi. It will be fun. Out, hands in side. Okay? My energy level on a daily basis is enormously high.

I train people out in nature. We use the forests in Silkeborg and Viborg - - where we have an absolutely fantastic nature. 25 seconds more. When I use my body, it gives enormous profit, joy and well-being - - and then it gives a mental strength. I forgot to start the time. You get one more minute. I'm very restless.

I'm not good at being in the same place for long. There must be something to indulge in. There must be something to see and experience. Just sitting is hugely difficult for me. So it will also be fun to try to limit myself alone in the wilderness. One ... and a break. It seems like there is a little pause, so I'm getting started now.

I thought I had tightened the tarp tight enough. But that was not the case - - so something must also happen on that side today. This moss here I do not bother to wear. It's too wet. It was also an emergency solution yesterday. See, it fits down here. And then of course I have a completely open page here - which must be closed off.

There should then be an opportunity to shut it down here. I look up at the sky every two minutes. One moment the sun is shining and then it stands down. I must have sawed the rafters behind. The sun is shining but there are showers on the way. Come on.

Fast, fast, fast. It is important that you can take shelter. You experience insanely fast cooling. Now it is closed behind. Now something could well come over me here. Yes, it does.

It's reasonably cold. I'm wearing ski underwear - - wool underwear, I have a T-shirt, I have fleece, I have a jacket. The weather is shit - - and if you then also just need to see further - - then my door is totally smashed. I might as well say that. It is what one might call kaput. So my mood today is shit to say the least - - because I'm getting cock in my head from being alone.

My head is running around like this all the time. There's no one who likes rain, other than the plants - - who must use it for their fucking photosynthesis! And farmers. I just managed to say that now something could come - - and then two seconds passed ... It hails. It's strange weather. Shut up, it's hail.

It is four millimeters of hail. It's pretty stressful to work under such conditions. Shut up now, man, how annoying. I think frustrations for me are more related to - - that I have never really come into place like that. Best as I walk in one of my daily gray holes ... I take myself in walking restlessly around, then the sun comes straight ahead.

So now I have picked up a handful of blueberries. It feels like you've been here an eternity - - but it's only day 9. I have made a small poster where you can see what is going to happen. Week two ... Well still firewood - - and then I will start storing my fish.

It requires me to catch some. And then a latrine. Week three I will build a canoe. In week four, I would like to have made a Viking cabin.

In week five I have been writing hot tub. And then the weeks otherwise just have to go. There I have written "firewood for time and eternity". I had a lot of things I wanted to do - - but in a survival situation you have to save energy. And then it ends in boredom - - which could have been avoided by building a lot. Have you now been misted again? It is simply ...

Power hell then. But I'm gonna get started, right? The cabin does not make itself hell. Yes please! Then we've got to the back wall - - where it should be so far here ...

Oh no, what if I sawed them too long? Ha, way too far. How much should I saw off? Like that. This mash is pretty good. It's just squeezing it, and then the shit holds. Like that. It was the back wall.

Now I'm in the woods again. I 'm going to cut down a big tree - - because I need something thick for my lintel. Then it comes! Timber! I do! This is just so cool. It's simply so cool to make it and see it happen. It's good enough with that one. What a nice front. Then there is sun again.

I'm in the process of trying to get this over with. My home has gotten smaller, but I have almost gotten shut off. I'm okay with that. The purpose of this I'm posting now - - is to build border, water penetration.

I enjoy every second of sun here. I can tell you that. I'm insanely tired now. I sincerely hope that the improvements I have made now - - that it causes the water to collect down here at the bottom - - so it does not drip on me anymore. I have decided to get started with that bed there. I'm really in a bad mood. I just have to do something to ...

Yes, to remedy it a little. I wonder if all the shit is collapsing. Of! No no no! How does that fucking hurt! Ouch! Now I stop with that shit piss. I do not want this anymore.

I just think I'm taking a break. Shut up, how tempting it is to go home. Is it really that important for you to sit out here? Isn't it more important to be at home ... with the family? It takes all the effort right now not just to press the fucking gps - - and then say: "Stop." Fuck, man! Press that shit button. You must fucking not bite me, you stupid animal.

Is not it cute? Now I potentially have a pet. Get away with it. Goodbye, little friend. Now my bed is done. Yes, rod, rod, rod. You can hardly be in there, and then my bed.

It'll be great. Now I must have put a lot of spruce upstairs. Then it becomes isolated and a little soft. From home I had thought a lot of thoughts about - - that I should show that I'm bad ass and stuff like that. I'm damn well not done that - - because I do not do much other than shout and shout and scream - - and be sorry. But I've also tried to show that I have a little humor - - and can figure out how to make a bonfire and build a shelter. It's going to be good. I really think so.

I would like to say goodnight from day 9. I have managed to make a bed. I'm looking forward to sleeping in it tonight. Good night. First round day, 10.

Another rough, tough night. The water has risen again. So it's a slightly different game now. As the water has risen, there are many things - - which is whirled up, and which flows in here.

Then I go and look, and then I find it there: A rubber ball. Rubber ball. I will try to see if there is more. Whether there are more things. I have always liked finding things. I love finding something that can be used for something.

What is it now? Please just shut up... This is simply a lie. Yes! I've found an anchor. I simply think it's an engine. No, it's a damn big fireplace.

I knew I was good at finding things. No, for satan ... I understand damn well if anyone - - who loses the pacifier during such a process here. I was about to lose it myself yesterday. It's completely unimaginable - - how hard such a ridiculous little task is. It is a constant discussion with itself. What is most important? Yourself and your ego or your time with the family? Well, it's the family. So why not go home?

Well, I'm too proud of that. Isn't that more important than your family? No. Why? One can not explain it. It's so weak-minded. Go home and tell them they are the most important. And then she will say that she knows that well. "Honey, I know my daughter and I are the most important thing.

You did not have to come home to tell that. Win that shit. If you come home without anything, then you've been gone for no reason. " Exactly that phrase I forgot the first ten days. I have packed it away. The will I have to write down. "If you come home early, you've been gone for no reason."

So better come home and have something to show off. The plan was that I would go out and wash up now and be a little active. But it has blown up to storm again. You get drenched after a minute. So I'm sitting in my cabin - - and has started carving a small wooden figure.

It's a gift for my daughter Mia, who's turning 13 the day after tomorrow. I do it as best I can and it will be good when I'm done. It's a bit like Emil from Lønneberg-like. This rain must damn soon stop.

Now it has been raining constantly for five days or so. It's so incredible when you have a workday with your work - - where you really have a lot to look forward to ... But when you are alone and need time to go ... It's a little different. In addition to being a master carpenter , I am a trained lifeguard.

I chose to become a lifeguard - - because I thought it was important to help others. At the same time, there is some excitement in it, and it adds color to everyday life. I can keep a cool head even when I'm under pressure. Right around here , it's important for me to win. I want to prove to the family that I can win. Do you think I'm doing well in the wilderness? You have a lot of background knowledge. You are a carpenter, hunting ...

You are very much in nature. - You are stubborn. - Yes. It is important. I am a sensitive person and my family means a lot to me. - Are you going to miss me, Emma? - Yes. I'll miss you too. Then it must be damn good.

It has to be the best find of them all: an old top for a fireplace. And now I'm considering using it as part of the anchor here. And then I line it out ... Bum. And some rocks upstairs and saw this ... I'm just pulling it. Then it becomes the best anchor, and then I have to go out and have it set.

The fishing is going really well for me. I am constantly in touch with the spirit that is in place. I ask it for advice on how to put these yarns.

During my meditations I get a lot of ideas - - and a communication with the place. I can actually go out into the water and then drop my anchor far out - - and I can fish in fairly deep water. I just need to have the mental in place. It is difficult to be locked in a standstill. I know it can be a challenge. I need something to happen. That there is a bang on.

But to sit and look out over water ... I have done this a lot when I have had difficult times. That's what I need to remember now while I'm out here.

When it all looks black, I have to sit down here. I feel a little tired today. It's never been fun to saw, has it? Even when I save firewood, I think . It all becomes a race of thought.

It's so hard to get the negative thoughts out of your head. What annoys me is that up here. That is, to be alone. Many of the resources I have are about being distracted. But here I can not divert my thoughts anywhere. Well, I have to lighten my ass, because otherwise I'll never finish. Then the vices must be drawn, you.

They have to be sawed to fit my crossbar. Like that. Down here by them I've made some picks like that - - which causes them to fall into place down over the raft. Now I must have sawn that side to. It has become too high.

Like that. These are the fine-tunings. They are important, but it also takes time. I've left this open. Then I can make smoke out there. Then smoke can come out. Otherwise, they just escape, the cuts, all the way down there.

Then there's a roof on the cattle, man. Halli-halløj! Then all of a sudden there was a bed or something. The sun is going down so I stop working for today. I wish I had moved in now, but I'm not getting it.

I have been out peeing and the river has become three times as big. That's some shit. I have not taken my fish out of the hut dish. Fuck, man, if I've lost three fish on that shit.

Three fish. Then I'm going to make a cabin dish. There is a lot of power over there, but here there is not much power. I have to make a cabin dish that is kind of mega powerful. Then it's enough. Then they damn not run anywhere, they fish.

It's so powerful I can hardly stand, man. Shit! Right now, it's best to wait a bit. It will not be right now. It's simply too cold and it's raining. I can still see the stones. I hope it lasts. I'm down in the bivouac. I pack my things and move into the house - - simply to have plenty of time to put things in order.

That was damn it all. It's packed and ready, man. Now it's official. Now I'm moving in. Then we'm fucking ready to move in.

Oh, how wild, man. It's so crazy. It's really sour that I'm moving. My name is Alfred, and I live with my parents in Brønshøj. I have a mother and a father and a little sister and a big brother.

It will be exciting to have to move out and not have them with you. What do you think about it? It's a completely crazy idea, but it's cool enough too. I do not know what will be the worst. - That you'll miss me. - Yes it's true. I'm used to being with people. I do not have that base with me. I have to establish it myself.

For Alfred, this is the first time he has to fend for himself. I do it to examine myself in solitude. Then I'm damn moved in, man.

I land right in my spruce bed here. Yes it is... ... a bed that just forms. How good is this? Well ... I got dressed.

And then of course there is nets filled with fish. Like a packed dance floor in Randers on such a Thursday night - - with so many girls. It should be the same in the web. Some of them are filled with roe and some of them are filled with semen.

Please! Be like Crazy Daisy in Randers. Just more and more of my beach is disappearing every single day. It was wild then. Oh boy. Maybe I can spot a single fish out there? And! How important is it! Like that, man! Like that, man! One, two, three ... four fish. Who got some fish today? I did, I did. Who got some fish today? I did, I did.

It is simply amazing. I want to go down and see if the river has gone less wild than it was this morning - - so I can check if my fish are still in the cabin dish. Now must we see. It's in progress.

This should preferably be my cabin dish. So I guess I can find some fish down there. Yes! The fish are there. Yes, there are fish, man.

I really feared this morning that they were gone. There are fish. How important is it.

Velkommen til "Pimp my Crib". Today we are going to look at my log cabin, which is fucking dope. There are some trees at the top, but that 's fine enough. Try to see a sick door. Properly cool.

Then hangs my ... My wardrobe hangs there. And then I have the tool wall. Orn'ligt ill. Then I have my bed down here.

The sleeping bag is there. And then I have extra sleeping bag holsters and first aid gear. Then there's my fireplace, and then there's a lot of firewood. And then I have some little things that I have hung up on a string there.

Now there's that thing about having things up on the walls ... Fuck, that's cool. I'm down in my little manhole here. It's a cool place because I have room for it all. I have room for the drums and string instruments.

I have this cave. That's one of the reasons I live at home. It's a cool way to get rid of some energy. Then I also have a life at the moment where I am not so much at home. And then it's cumbersome, I think, to manage an apartment or something. And then I have my scout uniform. There are brands from different tours.

Mostly from trips from a few years ago, but it has been following me for a long time. This one I'm a little proud of. My student hat from last year. I crocheted it. It's both a memory and a proof that I often succeed in it - - I sit down. It gives a boost. Okay ... then he does. That's the dumbest thing this.

It's raining, man! Fuck! Now we have to get the hell out of that bonfire there. Bowl. Oh, how good it is.

Here on day 12 in the wilderness, the plan is for me to go to the mountains and gather berries. I have to, because I need something to eat. I am missing some solid food in my stomach.

Whoa ... Well, I came up here just as quietly. It's pretty hard when you haven't had that much to eat. But there is a great view from up here right now. Now I have found a place where berries are good. I just have to stop laughing here. Now I want a healthy and nutritious diet of these berries - - so I can get big and strong.

It's day number two without fish, and I can damn well feel it. I think damn, I caught a big fish. What's going on? For satan then too. Just try to see. It's a monster. What the hell ... Are you not dead yet? How insane is it not? That's a fish.

Just try to see a fish I got. Jubi! Just try to see. We keep the roe or semen in. It tastes pretty good when smoked. It's actually a delicacy here in the wilderness. Like that. It's fresh fish when the heart is still beating.

Thank you, Mother Earth. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I also went up here because my daughter turns 13 today. She should not be cheated for a little birthday song. Today is Mia's birthday, hooray, hooray, hooray! She sure gets herself a gift that she has been wanting for years with nice chocolate and cakes for. Happy birthday, Mia. 13 years. You're about to be a big girl. Isn't it nice up here? There is a big difference between whether you have children at home or not.

I think a lot about my family. It's a challenge for me. I hope you have a nice day. It is simply so large that it cannot hang in the smokehouse.

Then you have to deal with fish, you. It's Mother Earth I'm talking to. How should I set the nights? She gives me the answers to how I get the food. That's a fish.

Look, the salmon's heart has just been deep fried here. Slow cooked. Oh my god.

It was like eating the juiciest steak in the whole world. I have not had much to eat today. Energy is not exactly what it has been. I have two nets to fish with. I have tied the two to each other -

- and then pulled across this little bay - - because then there is a greater chance of catching some fish. I feel a little restless. I struggle with that a little. More than I just expected.

Once the daily routines are over, what then? It's not very good. When you start to get bored, you think of the family at home. And then it all accelerates a bit. I have to see what I do about it. Whether I get over it or I do not. I have to see that. It's right there in the foliage.

I just choose to go a little closer. There's my friend, the elk. One with Mother Earth.

Hi friend. Shut up, it's getting close. It's getting close now. This is five meters. Hi. Hi, elk.

Hi. Hi. It was four meters from me in the end. Is it crazy or what? It really is some shitty weather today.

It's really foggy and it's down in bars. It took some time with the campfire hut - - but it ended up being a really good solution. When the weather looks like this, you feel like going home. One moment 100% of my body just wants to go home - - and be there for my daughter and my wife. Now I think the same thought again: "I wish they could just pick me up now."

And in the next moment , 50% of me want to stay. This is a unique experience you will never get again. I'm afraid of making the wrong decision. You just have to write it here. I miss conversations and smiles. Came with it! Take all the desire to be here away from me! Hell, man! Now just make a decision.

Came with it! But can I get more out of being here - - in addition to getting more upset and more and more annoyed? Equal number of leaves, then I am daffet. Odd, then I become. Then your experience in "Alone in the Wilderness" is over. Think about it. One two... I'm so fucking proud to have gotten here. ... 20. Right. We're going fucking home.

No! Ah, it's so down! I had lots of profits. I have food and I have shelter and I have firewood. But it's not fun. I feel fucking miserable 70% of my waking time. Now just go home. Press that button, man! So...

- You want to go home today? - Yes. - Why? - I do not want this anymore. - Why do you not bother anymore? - It is not fun.

I'm starting to get bored. The frustration I have felt has been the isolation. I've had those big questions: Should I go, or should I stay? It was insanely difficult. Then I went down to the water and shouted over - - and threw with a single thing or two. For fuck's sake, mand! But when I'm just having fun and having fun and playing - - then there has been nothing. Knock, knock, knock.

My ego is just not as important as what I have at home. That is my daughter. Then I have to go home and win in something else. The feeling that now it stands on Lili, it overshadows everything. It's a strange feeling. It's mixed. I'm glad I'm going home to my girls - - but I'm also a little ... I do not know what to use words.

It's wrong to say disappointed, but I did not complete what I wanted. But it can not at all compare with what I have to go home for now. Should I do it? It's raining and it's raining and it's raining. I'm lying right up my ass on a swamp, man. Tomorrow is day 14.

Ouch! There I got just such a stomach cramp. There's so much rain right now. If the water rises 20 centimeters, then I have water in here. Then I simply take it as if I should not be here.

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