Danish Alone - Season 4 - Ep 6 - Winter is coming

Danish Alone - Season 4 - Ep 6 - Winter is coming

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It must be fun to be out here. We are approaching some autumn. The bathing trips are probably drawing to a close. - We are approaching a somewhat Norwegian autumn. - There will be wind, rain and cold. This is ice cream, this.

- Shit, that's cold. - My fingers are frozen. No, how wild is that! What does my family get out of it? Now I can feel it. - Welcome to the wilderness. - I know this! We have been planted in the worst possible place. That's violent, isn 't it? How big it's out here. Now just go home.

Good morning. Day number 19. It's a fun day, huh? It still smells of the wool detergent it has been washed in. Not there, but ... not there either. It did it just before, I think.

How is my hair? It's medium fat. It will probably never be the very fine, clean hair - - which you should get from swimming in forest lakes all the time. But those bathing trips are probably also drawing to a close - - now that it's getting so damn cold. We are approaching some autumn. Norwegian autumn.

It can get really cold. I hope I have enough energy to work on that door. Where can we set it up? Three days after the flood , I move in again. It's a very cold morning, but do you know what's great? Just try to see here.

The bed. There is no water in here. It is anhydrous. There is a little at the entrance. Then I desert. I have no other choice. The water keeps rising. I have to take all things out and escape into the woods - - to a higher area where I can spend the night. I can sleep there. There has been even more water tonight. 20 centimeters more.

I even think my bed is under water. If it does not become a shelter again, I will go home. The water recedes. It has fallen in one day. It's actually very good.

The bed is half under water. Still flooded. It's just pulled out of my home. But I'm in good spirits. It's cool to be here. I love being here.

That's how we roll. No, how cold it is this morning. Cold ...

Now I'm going up to where I used to live. I have to pick up the last things so there is nothing in two camps. Welcome back to the beach road villa.

It is extremely important for me to have a solid and solid home. I'm not closing it with a door. I choose to leave it open so I am very much in touch with nature. Try looking here. It's the winter coat version of some flower bee.

It's good I'm getting all the dry firewood now and getting it inside. And I get isolated because it pulls in through the cracks in the rafters. It's about me making the right decisions - - and prioritize my time, energy and efforts on the right. I'm a bit like a storekeeper. With the firewood I're picking up now and what's down there - - then I have firewood for maybe three weeks.

It costs effort. But I expect to throttle down on my energy manifestations. Then I can go into save mode.

The same goes for it over there. I have huge respect for the weather. I know how much it controls. So I'm preparing. I equip myself and am always ready. Wow. I've made a bow. Jubi! I have to have so much fun. It must be fun to be out here.

OMG, it's getting hefty, that bow. Shut up, slap on. Such.

I'm going on a wild boar hunt. Going hunting is very important for the way I am in nature. I have a natural interest in hunting - - as I have been with my family ever since I was a little boy. There are two pigs down there now. I can not shoot from here. My experience in the wilderness comes from when I was a little boy - - and lived by a forest. I was out in it every time I could get to. That's quality time.

Shut up, I'm good at playing music too. Jubi! The wilderness arch is made. Being alone has awakened me to come all the way back to - - the experience of being a small child.

As a kid, I used to run around in the woods like I do here. Cool. It's so cool. Jubi. Such a bow here works best with a small arrow to. Now I do not have to wonder about finding dry firewood. There is one less stress factor.

I need to look at some insulation. And there are a few options. There is some moss mixed with some reindeer lichen. I know reindeer lichen from Greenland. And then I have this. It is somewhat more moist.

There are long threads underneath. And then there's this. It is also some moss and it is very moist. Now I just want to test the three different types.

Now I'm trying it here. And the last thing here. It was three different kinds. I take it with reindeer lichen. This reindeer lichen binds the moss nicely together. How to test it.

Type 1 insulation. I choose it. The cottage is a safe and nice place to be. I have promised my wife to take care of myself. I have a lovely wife and boys aged three and six. I have not been on any long solo trips since I had children.

But I have prepared myself as best I can. We have to see how it goes. It may be a bomb, but maybe I can control it. Then came two boys! Pile! Then the east wall is insulated. It looks like this now.

It should probably be felt that the wind is having a hard time getting through there. Now that the moss is in place - - I also know that I can celebrate Christmas here. My coping strategy in the wilderness is to park the family mentally.

Because when I think of my family, I miss them. It's absolutely insane so much I miss my family. It is a constant discussion you have with yourself.

What is most important? Yourself and your ego or being with the family? I struggle more with it than I expected. - You want to go home today? - I really feel very homesick. I did not complete what I wanted. It requires strength. It is not natural for us to be alone. When I miss my family, it puts me in a vulnerable position - - which could potentially end up with me going home prematurely.

That's why I do not think about them very much. I'm enjoying the hell of being here right now. I'm so good! The fish just tastes better and better. I'm just looking forward to tomorrow. That's not true. Yes it does.

The day I look forward to the most is probably the day when I ... ... lands at the airport and my family is waiting for me. I do not have anyone to play with So you have to have a little trouble ' So I fill the living room with a little sunny day Sailing in the red sofa, throwing biscuits to the fish that live under the dining table Shit. There really is something moving now.

Please. Stay stuck. It can also just be a branch scraping towards the bottom. Uh, there's no ... What the hell's going on? I have not caught a shit. On the other hand, it is stuck in the bottom. It's the power down.

There is no shit in the net. I thought I had gotten big bite. It was just a branch that has really taken hold. It does matter to my whole mood.

I'm worried about whether I should have enough to eat now. If I can handle it. Five fish. Plus one on line. There are six fish today. So now I am starting to be able to go to bed full. How insane. Yes, man!

So! How wild it is. This allows me to stay out here for longer. Where am I just lucky. Shut up, how grateful I am. Then I just have to have ...

... my snack. My snack is four small, immature gonads. It's to get as much of the nourishment in them as possible - - that I could not open up. Pis, pis, pis. This is not funny.

This satan had buried himself in the rocks. No! What? No! It's full ... No no no! I have caught ... I have caught ... I have caught the biggest fish I have ever seen! No, a monster! Just try to see here! See how big it is! Now it hits me right in the onions. Then it just managed it itself. Or it just ruined the yarn.

Now you stop. What if it collapses the denture - - when I have my hand inside my mouth on it. Colonormus, two. It's a good day, man! Now my bow is made. A little status on how the savage looks after 21 days.

I still have a lot of pounds to lose. I have. You have to have a little sole on your body. I do not like to be too thin. There has been a very good savage look in it. My hair has become violently ugly. That's violent, isn 't it? It has become violent. Before I worked on shamanism and meditation, I was in the fashion world.

I started as a hairdresser and took a makeup education at Nordisk Film. I lived in Miami and worked with models all over the world. There's a photo here - - where I stand with Cindy Crawford herself in LA Then there's a photo from Italy where I'm down and doing some jobs.

Then there is a picture where I am on a trip with Aqua-Lene. It is a young man with speed, you can see. But then I got enough. I got enough of it being superficial. I got like an overdose of traveling and partying.

I had pulled it so far in running away from myself - - that I came at some point - - where I should choose if I would continue to be here - - or if I should become who I am today. It's amazing here right now. I'm sucking vitamin D. My body really needs vitamin D.

To survive out here, one must give the body what it needs. Right now it's some sun. There will be wind, rain, debris and cold. I know it's coming, so I might as well prepare for it. That was it.

I'm very glad I got isolated all around. It definitely helps on the home in terms of keeping warm. Preserve the food, get a lot of firewood - - get ready and expect the worst. No, look there now. Se nu der! Come to daddy. I am so hungry.

Dinner is served. It's easy for me to catch fish. Yes! One more of the big ones. A bouncy bass of the other world.

"Take home?" This is take home, this. "Eat here or take home?" Take home. I thank Mother Earth for the two big fish I got today. I follow the source of inspiration I get during my meditations. I ask how I get more fish, and get inspired for it.

And then I just get more fish. A big fish ran. It jumps in the same place every night. Maybe I should put yarn on it, but it's a proper clapper. Thank you ... for your gift. I slept pretty badly last night. It's blown a lot, and then my tarp has fluttered.

So I had to get up in the middle of the night. It has been blowing wildly all night. I had two rafters lying around. So I got them put on last night. The two there.

This wind could well herald a change of weather. I'm playing around with the idea that I have 48 hours - - to do outdoor work. I can still see on the leaves of the birch tree that it is fluttering. Is not it a beautiful autumn tree? Is not it a nice picture? I want to drink my morning urine to get vitamins back into my body. It's one of the slightly heavier ones I should have drunk.

It's the night's piss in the pot here. No, it's just a fucking joke. That is a joke. This is my horseradish.

And it's a bit like a hard diluted Pepsi Max, right? It has been standing all day yesterday and boiling. It must be the little horsetails. The big one is toxic. And it should be boiled for a quarter of an hour. The forest acid gives just the last. I'm taken up the mountain to pick berries. A little blueberry, cranberry and blackberry for my pantry.

I must at all times try to adapt to nature. Something I also use - - is target image training. The goal I have trained is that my family picks me up up here in Norway. When I'm very pressured, I play that movie and think about: What do I give my family when they come and pick me up? What do they get out of it? Both my boys have grown ...

And now I can feel it. It's just so strong. It's such a strong feeling. Back to the berries.

I do not want to go down mentally. I'm good at keeping myself going. I am strong and able to control my thoughts. I think I picked four kilos of berries.

They're in this bag. Maybe three kilos. This bag. I probably caught three kilos again. I'm set up that way now, so it's just running. It's just running.

It's almost like going to the supermarket for me to pick up fish. The others run in the smokehouse in here. There are two good ones up here. And one more there.

Then I also have three up here of the little ones. I have so much food. But it does not give me that hunting experience - - to catch fish in a net. Come on. It must not, for God's sake , become a routine. It must not be the way it is ... ... boring. I enjoy being on the go. It's great -

- to feel and see that something is happening on my door. That's damn fat. I'm upstairs. I think that's it for now. I made my door for my cabin. What the hell am I supposed to do then?

Like that. If the cabin was finished, it would be damn uncomfortable. It's the one that has kept me going.

I just need to insulate the cracks. It also takes a few days. I've made a door. Now I want to start my main course. As you say. A feast.

There are some muscles around the eyes. Then I must sneeze. And now to the brain. It is usually possible to suck it out. It's in there. It's completely empty now, the brain box. Brain tastes very greasy. Surprisingly enough.

But that's exactly why I eat it. I need all the fat I can get. The fish decide when I'm going home. Nature decides. You can eat like a predator when you are out here. There are not many pets over eating breakfast this way.

Little spoon, you know. With its cornflakes and oatmeal. Little coffee. No, like this! Such! Where are you, wild beast? Are you awake? Who are you? I'm not going to eat fish ...

... for many, many years after this. 5, 10, 15, 20. 25 days have passed. But the days are also just getting more and more monotonous. It's very routine - - getting up, fishing and eating. That's just what I do every day.

And then I decide what to do that day. And then the day just starts. I've decided to get this bow drill up and running. We take it easy to start with. You have to come up with some fun things when you do not have that much energy. This part is going to run down the board here.

Then we just have to wear the bow. Here is the set to make fire with without lighter steel. Then I just as quietly put a little more pressure on. And a little more speed. Then more and more smoke comes.

I can just stand it. It takes many hours to just walk around. It also only takes hours every day. Maybe later I feel like doing something.

I'm not good at when things get mundane and routine. I am very good at initiating things. Come on. Then it comes. Then you just hit it to loosen the glow and get it free.

Like that. Such. I did it. I did it! Now look here. It's the coolest bonfire made on a bow drill. So what do you say? Is it cool? No, how proud I am. Shut up, it's fun to be out here.

It's so much fun out here. It's truly like being a little boy just fooling around - - and doing all sorts of crazy things. Challenges I come up with, like my bow drill this morning.

I'm just a little boy. It has become ... I have the same laughter inside me all the time. Sincere, deep joy down in my stomach where I am just happy.

I even think the sun has come. I'm going up that hilltop. Up on top. I have to stand there. I was actually thinking about - - that I would try to get out there. My neighbor's rock, as I call it.

It's a pretty beautiful day to go out there. I have been looking at it for a long time. Then something interesting happens today. Imagine if a lot of berries grew wild . I do not think so now. I really do not think I have any berries here at all.

A little walk. I'm just damn breathless about it. It's a little wild. I can not find out if it's stupid. It's a longer trip than you might expect.

But now I have decided to go, so I do. I forgot to eat, but I'm not hungry. And I've got some breakfast, so screw it. I'm eating tonight.

I'm not used to eating in the middle of the day. That's why I forgot. I can feel it in my legs already. But they just have to get started. Get started, legs.

It's tough too. First bow drill and then afterwards go on the mountain. My strategy is certainly not a bushcraft man - - lying in his shelter and just enduring. Whoa, that's going to go up. Experts would think: What the hell is that man doing? He uses all his energy and more.

It almost looks like mountaineering. I was fainting. I have to take it easy. I regret not taking a fish in my back pocket. There's just a cranberry sitting here. Two small cranberries.

There is also a blueberry here. How cool! There are berries up here. No, how insane is that. Oh boy. I thought hope was out for me and bear. I did not think I would get berries. Now it's not my neighbor's rock anymore. Now it's my berry tray.

Shut up, this is so cool. There are so many berries. Delicious. A whole new taste. There are berries all over it! But there is no one right here in front of me.

I'm about to climb a mountain. Hold da on. Isn't it just wild? It's so beautiful up here. Then I'm on top! Then I'm on top.

I live there. Dér. I'm really in the wilderness. Try to see how big it is. I almost get a suck in my stomach. I am as close to nature as I have never been before. Oh, an energy that is here. Absolutely crazy. After all, it is Mother Earth who decides how long I can stay out there.

This is how I go about things. There you give something back to nature. It can be in the form of one's time. A recognition. "You're beautiful." Thank you, Mother Earth. Thanks for this mountain. But I think it pulls up. It's raining out there now. It's down in bars out there. Let me come down. Try to see. There will continue to be berries. It's insane.

Men ... I have numb hands. No, they hurt. It's starting to blow up a bit. That could well indicate rain. So now I just have to go back. Now I'm just a little tired.

I need to have some warmth in my body. I'm simply so ... ... cooled. I have wet knees from crawling around in the grass. And my fingers just burn. They are very cold. Frozen. Hypothermia should not be underestimated - - which quietly sucks the heat out of one. I want a bonfire now. I just need something warm. My fingers seriously do not work. It's crazy.

It just has to be a quick bonfire. I can hardly control my fingers. It's really violent. I have never tried to have such stiff fingers before. I can not ... I can not hold on. I can 't make those solid shots. Fuck, how weird is this.

No, how wild is that! It's uncomfortable. It's dead, man! It goes straight vertically down here. What an experience up there. Now the legs are well enough tired.

I'm about to be hungry for that walk. If I'm going to be out here until it's really cold - - then I have to close that area here. I'm making a wall for the bottom of the bed. There's an entrance here. Then it gets closed off here. About here. Then it is a completely closed area.

It is cold. Autumn is here and it's cold. Yes! Fire. Fire, fire, fire. Please, fire. Burn just a little.

Panikild. It's a panic fire. It's a clear wakeup call. Suddenly I have a markedly lower body temperature. In such a stressful situation , I think about - - being alone as a risk. I have to be able to handle a dangerous situation myself, otherwise I'm done.

Then came the frost and King Winter. You can see the hoarfrost over here. First morning frost. Try looking up there at the top. There's white up there.

Shit, that's cold. I had two large, hot stones in my sleeping bag - - to be able to warm my feet at night at all. It was really cold. I simply need to have some warmth on.

You really have to be careful not to subcool out here. My fingers are simply so stiff. So it's hard to do this. Like that. I'm excited to see if the others can handle the cold. Because now it's getting fucking cold.

A cold night last night. I've really had it cold. Half the night I have been lying and been a little half cold here in the sleeping bag. I'm not chilled, but I have to stay warm all the time. Now ... Now the cold has come. I would rather have it than rain. So it actually suits me quite nicely .

Where is the grease I got fixed the insulation before the frost. I have built a warm, safe and dry home. Now we are entering a new phase where I will very much be able to feel - - that I do not get enough food because the frost has come. And thus the risk of cooling. As I get less to eat, I also have less energy in my body.

There was one there. Nothing to shout hurray for. It is quite slim. I quickly pull them in, because one is alive.

I do not want to lose it. Like I did there. But it's fucking gotten colder. I have much colder fingers.

And I'm here the result. My stomach sucks a little, I can feel. It also wants something to eat now. Soft. I can not find out if I'm getting sick. I hope the hell not. I think I get something like that ...

... heat. As if I'm getting a fever. I damn well hope not. I just think I'm sitting down. It is worse when a man gets the flu than when a woman gives birth. It is roughly the same standard. I think it's because I both did bow drill yesterday ...

... and then I just climbed the mountain. Two energy-intensive things. The body got a shock and there were minus two last night. I go out and put yarn. Something has to happen. The mountaineering I did cost really expensive. There is a risk of becoming so exhausted - and lack vitamins and minerals and the brain does not work properly - - that I can make stupid mistakes that can have fatal costs. It's smooth as hell. Such.

It's really beautiful right now. And then there is just complete silence. Now I'm doing something pretty stupid. But I feel like it. It was right out in the drinking water. Today is a very special day in my life.

Seven years ago, my first boy was born. Ash. Really happy birthday. I hope you have a really nice day. I love you so much. And then I just want to sing for you.

Today is Aske's birthday Hurray, hurray, hurray He certainly gets himself a gift that he has wanted this year with nice chocolate and cakes for Congratulations, Ash. My lovely boy. Just try to look at my boat there. No! That ... It's frozen! This is ice cream, this.

I think that's wild enough. It's getting cold now. My fingers are also falling off.

There has been frost last night. It's actually hot in here. I can simply ....

Now the lens is misting. I can feel that there is a warmer temperature in here. Clearly warmer. I really like that. It bodes well for the cold part of the trip here in the wilderness. Warm socks on for a warm foot. Fits very well.

Nature called. It was the best shit I've done in a month. It tells me something about how my digestion is. And how my body feels. It was really cool. No problem getting rid of it. This is how I look.

Almost flat stomach. That's not how it looked when I went out here. Holy shit. There's still a small layer of fat here. But ... there's not much left on the savage here.

I can well understand my body grumbling a little. Shut up, a emaciation it has been exposed to. That's how it plays. I learned a lesson from that mountain.

Wow, how my body reacted. Stop it. But I have decided to go out to the yarn I put yesterday. I do it to survive. Otherwise I have to go home. That's the fact. But they are heavy, they are legs. They're shaky. This is Bambi on ice, this.

Now I am ready. It's an excellent day. I look forward to going to the mountains again. Even if it costs cash. Then it's time for the ascent. Now it's the Shadow Bay . There are most fish.

It is very strange. This is the first time that there are no fish in the nets. It is highly unusual. One two three four five. Number eight! The seas are fine. So many there.

A frozen boat. Shut up, it's crazy. Come on. Whoa, my fingers are piss cold.

It just looks so nice and nice ... ... and soft and snug, the whole thing. But it's cold. It is really cold. Without noticing it. Then I came over to Skyggebugten. Skyggebugten is quiet.

Then I can come out and check my yarn. The yarn has stuck. It really costs a lot of effort. But I've got some fish.

Not all over the place. No, where I'm messing with that shadow yarn. I'm fussing with my yarn. It is completely flared up. There has been such a big hole.

So big that I can go through it. That's a shame. I fish with smaller and smaller nets. I do not really think it runs for my yarn.

The shadow yarn catches so little compared to I have to cross the mountain. So I have to let it fish for a long time to save energy. I keep a very strict discipline. I will continue to do so. Where is it really necessary for me to use my powers now? It's very unheard of that I do not catch fish at all in one day. It's very special, I must say. Maybe because the frost has set in and they are moving in a different way.

Something is happening there. Without food, it is difficult to get well. Like that. The cold just digs in. Come on, bonfire. You also want to be warm.

It keeps you burning. I'm excited if I can just keep going. I'm feeling that right now. But the goal is to survive as long as possible. Life out here consists of fish. It increases my chances of survival. But there are no more fish than it is fragile. A week without fish ...

... then I'll be pressured. I need to listen to my body. After all, it is he who decides. So I think my days are numbered. Namaste. The gusts of wind are getting wilder and wilder.

No, how exhausted I am. I can feel a hunger. Satan too! Let this not be the end of my adventure. So come on! Congratulations. You have won.

Danish texts: Karl Wagner Danish Video Text Trying to make a door. There must be a door here. I start by banging the shit together. I've been wearing socks last night, but it's still cold at night. But there are some options to make it warmer. I make an inner cross there and an outer cross there.

It gets kind of a bit definitive. When I get it put on, I kind of locked the angle. It's dangerous, because what if it's crooked? Wow! It just fits the way it should. It just says ...

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